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downloadURGENT! If you are currently taking Cipro (or any fluoroquinolone such as Avelox and Levaquin) and are experiencing negative side effects, or if you are THINKING about taking Cipro but are worried about the potential dangers, or if you have already taken Cipro and now you need a CIPRO “CURE” or ANYTHING to REVERSE THE HORRIBLE SIDE EFFECTS cause by Cipro, PLEASE read through this website immediately! CIPRO is a TOXIC and extremely DANGEROUS drug!

If you are looking for information about the side effects of Cipro, Cipro Toxicity, Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome or information about a Cipro Toxicity treatments, look no further. In fact, you can read the Cipro package insert  here. But maybe you have already read that. Maybe you read it and it was a bit disturbing and now you are looking for something more useful. Perhaps you are suffering a side effect, many of which are very serious and dangerous, and now you need direction toward a Cipro Toxicity resolution. I’ll tell you right now, the ugly truth is that there is no anecdote or magic formula that will make it all go away. This menacing drug is being excessively distributed, recklessly prescribed, heedlessly consumed, and it is ruining people’s lives. If you are like me, and are now suffering the hideous consequences of taken Cipro or any fluoroquinolone, I’ve created this website for you. THERE IS HOPE AND I WANT TO SHARE IT WITH YOU!

The fact of the matter is that Cipro Toxicity (CT) or Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome (FTS) is a real problem and it is affecting an unknown number of people all over the world. If you have been searching the web for more information about Cipro side effects, Cipro Toxicity or a Cipro “cure” you have probably found more websites trying to sell you Cipro than websites actually offering you any information that is useful to your dilemma. Of course, if you spend some time getting creative with your search words, you will eventually be able to find little tidbits of information that you can piece together into a larger more helpful picture, but for me, that journey has been extremely discouraging. I have found most of the easily accessible information about Cipro Toxicity and Cipro side effects to be extremely depressing and I have really struggled to find websites that offer anything positive for me to wrap my head around. Trying to find information that will be useful to my recovery has made my journey towards wellness rather trying at times. So, for whatever its worth, I have decided to create a place where people can go for answers. Maybe not the kind of answers that are really solutions, but the kind of answers that can help you better understand what is happening to your body and how you might be able to feel better. Basically, I’d like to share with you what I have discovered on my journey and hopefully you can draw some comfort or direction from my story.

Perhaps more importantly, I’d like this website to be a place where you can find some success stories. When I was first “floxed”, I started looking for a Cipro Toxicity “cure” and I got a whole lot of something else. I was inundated with horror stories about people who were hospitalized, paralyzed, institutionalized and worse. People have died and committed suicide after taking Cipro. As it happens, thinking about how many lives have been ruined by Cipro or Levaquin side effects did not do a lot for my positive outlook or mental health, and I quickly found that I needed to get off those websites before I slipped into an irreversible state of despair. Eventually I got smart and set an intention to only search for “Cipro recovery stories”. As it turns out, there aren’t a lot of happy endings to read about, but there are some, and the recovery does happen, we just don’t hear about it. There are a lot of people who have suffered wretched side effects and posted their stories and ideas about recovery treatments on the web. And a lot of these people claim that they will post again to let you know how their “cure” is working out for them, but most of them don’t! I have to assume (utilizing that “glass half full” effect) that they started feeling better and moved on with their lives and never revisited that website, leaving the current seekers of relief hanging. Well, if you or someone you know has suffered any side effects from Cipro or ANY fluoroquinolone and have recovered or found a “cure”, I welcome and encourage you to please share your story here. It will be so helpful to those who are still seeking relief from their suffering.


FDA Committee recommends label changes, warnings for popular antibiotics like Cipro, Levaquin

FDA Committee recommends label changes, warnings for popular antibiotics like Cipro, Levaquin
Dave Biscobing
6:47 PM, Nov 5, 2015

A Food and Drug Administration advisory committee overwhelmingly voted Thursday that one of the most common classes of antibiotics should change its labels to better inform and warn the public.

The Joint Meeting of the Antimicrobial Drugs Advisory Committee heard testimony from drug-makers, doctors and patients regarding the risks and benefits of using fluoroquinolones on some patients with bronchitis, sinusitis and urinary tract infections.

The committee voted that it believed changes to the label should be made regarding the treatment of those three conditions.

At the meeting, representatives for one of the drug-makers, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, said based on their present understanding, no new label changes needed to be made.

More information on the meeting can be found on the FDA’s website .

The committee’s vote serves as a recommendation. The FDA will now evaluate if any changes to the label need to be made and what those changes would be.

Fluoroquinolones are one of the most potent antibiotics approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Some brand names included in the class are Cipro and Levaquin. The antibiotics are prescribed millions of times a year and most Americans will take one in their lifetime, experts said.

In a briefing about the meeting , FDA reviewers raised concerns about a “constellation of symptoms” that are being called Fluoroquinolone- Associated Disability, or FQAD.

People who may have FQAD were described in the report as:

Patients who were previously healthy
Patients who took a fluoroquinolone to treat a urinary tract infections, bronchitis, or sinusitis
Patients who experiences adverse events in two or more body systems, including peripheral neuropathy, neuropsychiatric, musculoskeletal, senses, cardiovascular, and skin.
Patients who had a substantial disruption of their normal life functions.
On page 28 of the briefing, reviewers concluded: “We find an association between oral fluoroquinolone use in previously healthy U.S. patients being treated for uncomplicated cases of sinusitis, bronchitis, or UTI, and the development of FQAD. While the individual components are included in fluoroquinolone labels, a description of the constellation of disabling adverse events is not currently described in the fluoroquinolone labels.”

The meeting comes nearly one year after an ABC15 Investigation exposed concerns by researchers and patients who believe that Levaquin carries more serious side effects than are listed on the label.

Last year, they filed a pair of citizen petitions asking the FDA to add new warnings to the label for a long list of psychiatric side effects ranging from depression to hallucinations, and also something called “mitochondrial toxicity.”

In simple terms, researchers say that means it could alter and damage the body’s cells.

Find the petitions here and here .

Medical experts told ABC15 that fluoroquinolones are important antibiotics because they successfully treat life-threatening infections.

However, their potency has also raises concerns about them being over-prescribed and used to treat minor conditions or infections.

In 2013, the FDA added a warning to fluoroquinolone labels for nerve damage. In 2008, the FDA forced a black box warning because it can cause tendons to snap.

A black box warning is the highest action the FDA can take before pulling a medication off the market.

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