Cipro Side Effects

In addition to showing you some official websites about the “known” Cipro side effects, I’d like to mention that a comprehensive picture of these dangerous side effects may not yet be developed. Unfortunately, it may be years or decades or lifetimes before adequate studies have been done on the adverse side effects of Cipro and other fluoroquinolone antibiotics (btw – several fluoroquinolones have already been removed from the market because of their known life threatening side effects). One reason that the list of adverse reactions is not yet complete is that many of the more serious Cipro side effects are yet “unknown” and many others don’t reveal themselves until long after the patient has discontinued the drug, resulting in a disconnect between Cipro and the delayed symptoms. This creates problems for all of us. If patients are already taking a lot of other drugs, or have other illnesses, many of these symptoms can be easily overlooked or discarded as the result of other health problems. More often than not, the sudden onset of bizarre symptoms in a healthy person will lead a doctor to diagnose a designer “mystery” disease. In fact, there is suspicion that the fluoroquinolone family of antibiotics may actually be responsible for the sudden and prolific rise in NEW illnesses, such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Crohns Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome and others. How many people do you know who were normal and healthy one minute, and irreversibly crippled with one of these “mysterious” diseases the next? I wonder: how many of those people had taken a fluoroquinolone antibiotic prior to the onset of their auto-immune disease? Perhaps someday, someone will figure this all out and actually do something about it. Until then, it is up to us; to be informed, educated and responsible for our own consumption. It’s a little thing called consumerism.

There are many websites where you can read about the negative side effects of fluoroquinolones (Wikipedia has a good one), but I thought it would be most objective to show you what the FDA, the USDA and Shering (the distributor for Bayer) have published about the popular drug known as Cipro. This is a 38 page document about Cipro, but for some reason, the side effects are not provided for your reading pleasure until the END of the document, and then the information is spread out into different categories rather than being listed in one, easy to read, global picture kind of way. The side effects begin on page 31, but the whole document is worth reading if you are up for it.

2009 FDA Website Cipro Document

And for good measure, this is the medication guide provided by Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals, Inc..

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  1. Thank you for your web site and newletter! I am almost 100% certain that I am experiencing side effects from Cipro and Levaquin. I would like share my story on your website, but I don’t have the time to write it all out at this time. So hopefully will do it soon.

    I tried to click on the link to the article on the vinegar mentioned in your newletter, but it went to your site and said “Error” on that page. Is there any way you could send it to me? I am trying to find natural remedies to help with this madness! I am on my third month on symptoms, and I have to admit the last two weeks I have seen some improvments. I am very hesitant to think I might be on the down swing, but I am trying to stay positive. I have read your blog, and can’t believe all you have been thru. My symptoms have not been as severe as yours, but pretty awful none the less.

    Thanks in advance,

    1. Hi Terri,
      I have been experiencing horrific symptoms after Cipro and Levaquin as well…..I could write a book and have been to 13 different doctors with no diagnosis. I almost lost my feet to gangreen from lack of circulation to my extemeties. The joint and muslce pain, breathing difficulties, fatigue, blood vessel restriction, extreme swelling, etc. have virtually almost killed me. My symptoms have been going on for 16 months. I could not wear shoes of any kind for 12 months due to the blisters and sensativity of my skin, and just recently, I have been able to wear simple flip flops (Try explaining that one to your supervisor at work). I was on Prednisone for 12 months to control the blood vessel constriction in my limbs. It has been a nightmare. I live day to day and constantly worry if I am going to get worse again. I am willing to try ANYTHING at this point! I am open for any suggestions!

    2. i’ve been dealing with the side effects of cipro, levaquin and a couple of others for at least 10 years and every time i talk to a dr they distance themselves as far as possible . but these drugs have helped to ruin my life . so what are you going that’s different . huh?

      1. you might want to read the website to answer that question more thoroughly, but for one thing, I don’t take drugs or prescriptions and I avoid doctors and their shitty attitudes whenever possible and I focus my attention on cleansing and strengthening my body. Nikki

  2. Just a note as I’m doing some personal research.
    However, it seems good to share a strong suspicion that a “pattern” of Cipro use (prescribed by various docs occasionally over a period of years as their choice drug for treating an infection) actually triggered Meniere’s disease symptoms of vertigo, nausea, and others. The reaction was delayed, up to as long as two months–but the pattern seems to be in place.
    As I do more study, I plan to visit with my former ENT-specialists to confer and get advice. While not life-threatening Meniere’s “disease” is quite debilitating and troubling to those of us who suffer with it.
    Caution in the use of ANY drug is wise.

  3. i’ve taken levaquin quite a few times. I’m sure there are side effects, I just haven’t had any. If not for levaquin, my options would be to suffer through pretty awful recurring sinus infections about every 6-8 weeks in the winter; There was a point in the past where I would blow my nose and outcome tablespoons upon tablespoons of red and green and brown nasty stuff. And the infections never went away on their own.

    The alternative is to take a 7 day course of levaquin and it all goes away within 3 or 4 days. I’m damned if I do, damned if I don’t.

    1. I’ve long suffered severe sinus infections and was prescribed many antibiotics. We all learned what that causes. Then I started just using nasal saline, yes, salt water. I have been able to avoid major illness in my case and so did the friends and family who actually tried it. I did two sprays in each nostril 3 times a day. Always check with your Dr., I did and he advised me that it was safe to use for me. I have had about a 90% improvement and require very little antibiotic intervention. It is over the counter at most stores. I usually buy a couple store brand twin packs when on sale for under $3. For me it has been miraculous. I wish all well. God Bless!

  4. Hi,i just found your amazing website today! I have been reading a lot of other people’s reply’s and notice that i too have been suffering with almost all of the same symptoms! I have been to neurologists, ENT’s,family doctor,cardiologist’s,chiropractor’s,ect and NO ONE can figure out what is causing my symptoms! I’ve had CT scans of the brain,MRI with contrast,hearing test,blood work,ect! Everything always came back normal! I have never had all these symptoms until i took a few days worth of cipro that was prescribed to me for a sever sinus infection. Day 2 of taking it i developed intense vertigo that still has not gone away from 2 years ago! Is it possible that the cipro is the culprit? How long can it affect you? I have searched high and low for answers but i always come up empty handed,i’m desperate to get an answer! Please help!

  5. I was given Cipro for really bad flu symptoms and a cough 2 and a half years ago following a cruise. I never connected all the symptoms I am having since then until recently. I just assumed I was having trouble because I am getting older, but before that medicine I was extremely active and healthy. I even had surgery for tendinitis of my elbow. I was recently hospitalized for tachycardia, and am on 5 medicines for a-fib. I have seen an endocronoligist because my thryroid is not working. All of my heart tests – CT scan, nuclear stress test, echocardiogram, etc., show normal. My fee swell. I can barely walk across a room. I have extreme fatigue at the slightest exertion, I have anxiety attacks, terrible insomnia, night sweats. I sound like a hypochondriac I am sure, but I have all of these symptoms and many more. Where do I go for help?

  6. Im a 37yr old male. no previous significant medical history. I was on Cipro (supposed to be for 10 days) for 2 days. Took a total of 4 doses (500mg each). My UTI seemed to clear up instantly. Unfortunately it left me extremely weak and lethargic. My InD suggests a probiotic, Super Liquid B, NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), CoQ10 and glycine. I also have to do some type of detox ASAP. I’m hoping I’ll be we’ll enough to drive today as I need to get back to my job. I have been knocked for a loop since I started taking this on 11/1 (evening). It appears to be going away (the extreme lethargy) however my RT knee joint is a little “strange” feeling and I seem to have muscular pains in my back/kidney areas. I hope it’s coincidental. I did note low body temp and severe headaches while on it.

    1. Hey Josh,

      Have you noticed any improvement ? My case seems similar to yours. I have been experiencing tingling and weakness in my arms mainly and some In my legs. I only had 4 pills and noticed the weakness quickly and the tingling came after.

  7. I took cipro eardrops and developed tendonitis in both shoulds. The pain is unbearable. All should be warned about this drug and someone held responsible. It is ruining my quality of life at the momrnt. I am so angry.

    1. Bill, how long have you taken the eye drops for? I took 2 doses and developed ear fullness, eushatchian tube blockage, anxiety, extreme dizziness? How are you now?

  8. I was put on Cipro for all of a 5 days because of a sinus infection I couldn’t kick and had terrible side effects for weeks to come. I would have ‘episodes’ where my shoulders and arms would go weak, my heart would race, my hands would shake and my head felt foggy. After the episodes were over it would leave me terribly lethargic and just out of it. Some nights I fell asleep in my clothes!
    When I saw another doctor at school he linked this to maybe something being wrong with my thyroid, or anemia, or even diabetes since I had recently had unintentional weight loss. I got tested for all of these things, and even got an ekg and everything turned out normal. I am almost positive this horrible drug was making my body do these crazy things. It’s been about 5 weeks since I’ve stopped cipro and I feel almost normal again! But I have been more anxious in my daily life because I am very scared that these episodes will come on at any time. Very bizarre and very frustrating!

  9. I’m so glad to have found this. I’ve been suffering for a month with no cause. Every doctors turned me away and now maybe, just maybe I’ve hit upon the cause. I took about 3-4 doses of Cipro two weeks ago for a suspected respiratory infection, and was asked to quit it. I also went on another antibiotic who’s effects I’ve yet to check up on.. Initially I had horrible chest burning and trouble sleeping, now I’ve developed tingling, headaches, constant nausea, muscle cramps and spasms. I also have difficulty breathing, swallowing and sometimes, talking. I’ve been crying constantly and I’m so scared. Ive gone from being a normal, if skinny, 18 year old to someone who can barely carry out daily activities, in a month. Could this be a reaction to Cipro? Also is there any chance of this being a sign of another disease (I’m having an ALS scare at the moment) ? Any reply at all would help. Also any direction to a cure, if any, would really really help.


  10. Just checking in here. I took cipro for two days in mid December and I am still dealing with the constriction and pain in the chest, inability to take a deep breath, lots of body aches and skeletal issues, sudden spasticity, neurological wierdness and enlarged, dark veins. I’m short on resources so I am doing what I can to detox and gain some ground. It’s good to have some moral support on this forum. Blessings and best to all.

  11. FDA is not doing its job. It is supposed to send warning letters to all physicians. The physicians I talk to don’t know anything about all of this. We all have to be informed.

    My suggestion is to keep calling CNN at 404-827-1500 and ask them to do a story on this.
    If enough calls come in, I think they will do more reporting on this.

    If we are to survive Levaquin and the CIPRO family of antibiotics, physicians and all of us have to be educated.

    I am so upset that I have problems because of Levaquin, I am ready to join a class action suit. There are several lawsuits as a result of these antibiotics, but Johnson and Johnson has more money and more attorneys. We need Eric Brocovich.

  12. Hey everyone,

    I too have a ciprofloxacin related story. I went to the emergency room of my local hospital due to severe pain in my scrotum and left testicle, the attending doctor suspected I had epydidimitis and gave me a script for 500mg of cipro to be taken over ten days, twice daily. Within a half hour of my first dose my mood changed, I was short tempered, lethargic and slept 16 hours a day. I had terrible brain fog and numbness in my face, loss of sensation in my hands and extreme loss of sensation in my penis – this was the worst part. Having intercourse is a joke, I can’t feel much at all, I equate it to having intercourse while wearing SEVERAL condoms. I stopped taking cipro after four pills (one issued in emerg, three taken at home) and no longer experience the numbness in my face or loss of sensation in my hands (it’s only been five days) but I still have brain fog, though not as intense. My penis still feels as though I’m wearing condoms…I can feel pressure, but I can’t feel temperature change (I tried pouring cold and hot water on it) or even wetness, which makes having intimate relations difficult. My immediate thought was vengeance and suicide…violent all around. To be honest, I’m still considering it…all my readings have been extremely negative and hopeless, until now. Your site has definitely given me new hope, it’s nice to know that this isn’t 100% completely damning and that takes the edge off, a little. I’ll keep you all posted, keep fighting the good fight. I’ll hold out as long as I can.

  13. My problems started right after being on Ciprobay 1000mg XR for 7 days (10/7/2013 to 16/7/2013) for kidney infection and includes the following:

    – Excruciating joint and muscle pain (whole body and worse in shoulders and kidney area)
    – Headaches
    – Insomnia
    – Tummy aches all over
    – Dark mood (suicidal so to say) and crying easily
    – Clicking noise on walking (to the amusement of my kids while I wanna cry the way it hurts)
    – Dry and itchy skin
    – Visionary disturbances
    – Dryness of eyes
    – Swelling with darkening of veins
    – Urinary retention

    Ciprobay has altered my whole persona and did not clear up my initial complaint – only made it worse. Its not the nicest feeling to go to bed and not being able to sleep because of pain, I really dont know what to do and pray that their are someone out there who can help.

  14. My story will seem strange. I don’t have any of those symptoms. When I’m given Cipro or Levaquin… I get a breakout of abscesses. My doctors that I’ve gone to don’t believe me, but… the only time in my life that I’ve ever had a boil or abscess (not counting your average pimple of course) They act as if I might have MRSA or Staph. But as soon as they clear up, nothing comes back. My doctor slipped me the Levaquin for a UTI, and within two weeks, the cycle of abscesses break out on me again. Another one to be leery of is Bactrim. I took that and pain started in my urethra and didn’t go away for almost a year. I can’t have acidic food anymore and I was diagnosed with a form of IC. Going to the doctors now is like going to a circus. They may look at you like you are a fruitcake, because Cipro is “such a good antibiotic” but our bodies are rejecting it with everything they can. I believe all of you.

  15. I have been dealing with these side effects for almost 7 years, for me it hasn’t completely gotten better, although things have definitely improved, I attribute some of it to a compound of bad lifestyle choices (diet, cigarettes, not regularly exercising) my main issues are that I get twitches, and ALL of my joints/muscles ache, pop and crack, its ridiculous really.

  16. I just turned 26. I have always been athletic and in good shape. Last summer I would routinely bike 20+ miles at a time and run 10k’s and now I can’t even go for a walk. I eat healthy too. I took cipro in August of 2013 for a UTI that I got while vacationing. I have had and MRI of my brain, and MRI of my cervical spine, a CT of my chest, a barium swallow, an endoscopy, ECG and EKG, pulmonary function tests and enough blood taken that I have built of scar tissue in my veins that is hard for them to get through now. I have had a positive ANA blood test but everything else has been negative and I have experienced documented hypoxia. I have researched and researched and RESEARCHED. I have had extensive allergy testing and I am allergic to nothing. I have pressure in my head, panic, palpitation/arrhythmia, tachycardia, shortness of breath and difficulty breathing, tinnitus, extreme neck pain and fatigue, muscle spasms and twitching, numbness and tingling, intolerance to heat and cold, extreme and constant burning in my throat, difficulty swallowing, muscles that are tight and will not relax, extreme pain in ribs and diaphragm, knee pain, swelling in feet in hands upon waking up in the morning, blurred and double vision, feelings of “craziness” or just that I cannot take anymore. I wake up and feel somewhat normal other than being super stiff and having extreme flank and hip pain. Is it possible that cipro is the answer to my illness? If it is how do I tell my Dr this? How do I recover? This is hard to wrap my head around as I have been so set in believing that I have an autoimmune disease because of my positive ANA. Has anyone else had a positive ANA with cipro toxicity? Could cipro lead to an autoimmune condition?

  17. I was prescribed ciprofloxacin almost a year ago. Within a month, my tendons of both Achilles nearly ruptured. We knee it was a side effect and within four months I was lucky enough to find a doctor to use my own blood in a procedure to actually fix it!

    I am writing today because, like everyone else here, I feel liked a total hypochondriac. I have constant pain for which I am not being treated. My arm feels like I am wearing a blood pressure cuff. I am exhausted all the time and never sleep. I have skin accesses. I have swelling on my face so I look like Jay Leno. The swelling lasts for two days tops. Then usually within a week, the swelling starts somewhere else, my arm, my leg, my foot, my knee. Repeat. Right now it is my left eye and I look like quasi Moto.

    The doctor has tested for lupus, Lyme, and rheumatoid arthritis. All came back negative even though I have terrible joint pain and the little bumps that indicate RA. I have had a low grade fever for three months, to our knowledge, it could be longer but that is when we began tracking it.

    I am supposed to see a rheumatologist but can’t until the end of May. I am sick now. I am sick, everyday, and I understand how people with undiagnosed illnesses kill themselves because I have never been so frustrated and I cry all the time.

    If anyone knows anyway to get a doctor to definitively declare that ciprofloxacin did this to me, or better yet, can get a doctor to HEAL ME, I would be most grateful. I will go wherever I need to go and see whomever I need to see. I have already spent so much money on copays and medicatons and missed work that we lost our home. A plane ticket wouldn’t be a big deal in comparison.

    Before this happened, I was a slightly overweight, 44 year old, hardworking, middle school teacher. I was happy. I was active. I had friends. People liked to spend time with me because I was funny. I really was!

    After taking ciprofloxacin and being poisoned, I am a barely hanging on to the life I once knew.

    Please help me.

  18. I am a 30 yr old man who took 3 weeks worth of moxifloxacin (same family as cipro) in December for a prostate infection. I had panic attacks, tinnitus, excruciating tendon pain due to going to gym most days, eye floaters, joint pain, muscle spasms, headaches on each temple and base of skull, vertigo and more. It’s been 5 months now and I’ve been into a walk in AE in a London hospital twice due to falling over with the vertigo. Blood tests all came back fine and discharged twice.

    Since then I have seen a neurologist who did a MRI of the brain. Results came back negative. Have an appointment for an EMG to see what is causing all the muscle spasms and leg vibrating.

    On the plus, my headaches have gone, my leg tendon pain has gone but my wrists hurt occasionally due to work. Tinnitus has gone but have crackling in the ears when swallowing. Vertigo has got a lot better, may be one mild episode a day. I know now it’s not a deseise and it’s all been caused by the antibiotics. Pretty sure it’s down to a neurological problem which will hopefully get better with time.

    Things have got better since February where I was in a terrible state it very frustrating as I work away in war torn countries where medical care is not great and I have to wait 3 months a time to see so called experts in the UK who haven’t got a clue.

    Also went to an eye specialist for the floaters and eyes are fine and the brain should get used to them. I find exercising does help a little.

  19. Hello

    I am presently taking Cipro for over 4 weeks now for a prostatitis infection. I have taken it for a 10 day course in Oct. 2013 with no side effects, took it again for a 3 week course in December 2013 with no side effects and am now on it for a scheduled 3 month course.

    3 days ago, I developed eye floaters which was quite scary and made be go seek an ophthalmologist immediately. They told me that it was very unlikely to be due to the cipro. Also, I got tinnitus after a real loud concert in Feb 2014 yet none of my other friends got it that night, which makes me wonder if the Cipro courses I took before the event made me vulnerable.

    Now that I am 1 month of of the 3 month course of Cipro, I noticed my base line tinnitus to be much worse and I cannot help but wonder if it is due to the Cipro or simply base line stress levels.

    When I spoke to the pharmacist about this potential side effect, they informed me that tinnitus development is very rare and that less than 1% of people on cipro get tinnitus symptoms.
    I also know if I go and see a medical professional that there is a slim chance any one of them will be able to definitely say it is the medication. I am also concerned what will happen to my prostatitis if I were to stop taking the medication.

    I tried to contact my Urologist in hope that he would be able to switch my medication for one with no ototoxicity but I have had no luck.

    What are your thoughts and has anyone else found themselves in the same situation I am in?

    Thank you for your time

    1. After my first dose of Cipro, my ears felt plugged up. After the second dose, my tinnitus was much louder than normal and still hasn’t gone back to its baseline a week after going off of Cipro. I’ve read the Magnesium (which I’m now taking) helps with the tinnitus and am hoping that it will make the ringing go back down.

  20. I was on cipro for 15 days but I didn’t have any symptoms until about 1-2 weeks after I stopped. My tendons on my feet really hurt and my previous neuropathy has gotten worse. Is a delay in reaction normal? NO ever told me about potential risk or that it has a high concentration of fluorides. I hate flouride and have my water filtered to remove that toxin and only today I learned it has it. Can someone share their experience if it was delayed rather than during. I was bed ridden for most of the duration so being on my feet was limited which could explain it for me.

  21. Hello,

    I can definitely tell you that I developed severe tinnitus after taking two Cipro tablets. This was at the age of 40 and having had no hearing issues whatsoever throughout my life and not even being aware that there was such a thing as tinnitus when first taking Cipro. Unfortunately, 8 years later I still have the tinnitus but it has subsided to the point where I am able to live with it.

    As for the prostatitis, my medication was changed to a different antibiotic after two weeks on the Cipro. The second antibiotic (Keflex) did not affect my tinnitus. I was told that Keflex would also work but it would take months to do so. Had I know that Cipro would have effected me like it did, I would have been more than happy to put up with the prostatitis for several more months.

    I will be telling my fully story on another part of the website so look out for it if you are interested.

  22. I started cipro for what I thought was a uti.. By the second pill I was having all the symptoms. It’s to soon to tell how bad tomorrow will be. I’m a young 45 year old male with two kids… I’m still in the first 24hrs of taking this poison. I started detox, and started talking borax for the fluoride. .. It feels like fluoride poisoning.. … My head is not as foggy.. But let’s see tomorrow … Good luck guys…

  23. I took 4 cipro 500mg tabs for a severe cat bite ( I work in animal rescue) because the Nurse Practitioner suggested it when I mentioned I took cipro for a similar animal bite a couple of years ago with no problems. This was In Oct 2014.I stopped taking the cipro because I developed nasty raised rash in my back in addition to a swollen, incredibly painful tongue which stopped me from eating or drinking anything. I cautiouslly took 50mg of benadryl that night because I was worried the swollen tongue would block my airway. Within a few days the tongue pain forced me to seek medical care with my primary care physician who sent me to an oral surgeon. This second doctor told me my salivary glands were atrophied due to long term use of the antidepressant Pristiq which I had successfully taken for 5 years without a problem. It has been 7 months now since I took that fateful dose of cipro. I was seen walking into walls where I work.I was extremely confused, dizzy, not aware of not recognizing coworkers and family. That night my sister took me to the hospital where they admitted me for a possible stroke. I could not walk a simple straight line. Brain MRI with and without contrast was normal. EEG and CT scan of brain normal as well. No diagnosis since everything was normal. That was Oct 2014. It is now May 2015 and I have had nothing but suffering and plenty of emotional and physical pain. About 2 wks ago I did not have the muscle strength to raise myself off the toilet back to a standing position. I had to fling myself off that toilet ending up flat on my back with my legs suddenly paralyzed. I had to drag myself by my arms to a room with a phone so I could call for help since I live alone. Then followed disbelieving looks by my physician who was now forced to order Physical Therapy for me. I was using a walker and very unsteady. That lasted about a week or so. As of yesterday I was walking unaided, back to driving my car.I spent 16 hrs one day about a week ago coughing violently a dry cough with no sputum at all. When I coughed it was sudden and continuous and excruciatingly painful. I had to splint the area that was so painful because otherwise I could hardly breathe. The doctor said no cough medicine because my lungs were clear! Then I had a 10 minute coughing spasm as he was listening to my clear lungs. Obviously I wasnt making this up so he finally relented and ordered cough medicine which only lasted one night and he refused to renew it. So today Im still out on sick leave with no paycheck coming in, worrying if Ill ever be well enough to work or if I’ll lose my house. This is two days in a row with no new significant new symptoms and I’m hopeful things will continue. Someone on FB must have read my complaints and fears because she told me to check out the website. Does anyone have any active progress? Anyone feeling hopeful? Im looking for someone who’s hopeful, who sees a light at the end of this tunnel. Does anyone recommend any particular readings that are helpful? I intend to pursue this discussion with my Physician but dont feel he’ll be as hopeful as I am. Hes not a victim. He still wants me evaluated by another neurologist to see if I have MS because it runs in my family. Well if the MRI he had done in early March was truly normal it would have shown lesions. They dont grow overnight. I dont have MS.I am afraid to wake up each day and have terrible insomnia. But I dont get sleep meds because they’re addictive. Any comments or suggestions from fellow sufferers greatly welcomed. Im taking this very seriously because its destroying my life and I feel helpless. Have a good day tomorrow!

  24. Unfortunantely I’m learning that after being diagnosed with fibromyalgia 15 plus years ago and then rediagnosed with fibromyalgia after moving to Wetern Washington where it rains so much and my doctor and specialists all said to get out of the area. I have yet to look back at records to see if maybe I was given one of these antibiotics back then because after the move from Eastern Washington to Western Washington it was a matter of months before I went from lighter Fibromyalgia symptoms to severe, many of the symptoms the same as after being give Cipro just recently for a UTI. All the doctor said about it, knowing I had Fibromyagia with awful symptoms that I haven’t worked for over 3 years, can no longer play sports or do anything much due to chronic fatigue, IBS, Migraine headaches, Vision problems plus many more symptoms, also knowing that I have horrible muscle weakness and pain due to Fibro (or ?), all she warned me was that I could have diarrhea… but having IBS i don’t put a lot into that because it’s been years since I’ve been able to use the bathroom without medications, or OTC meds, etc. I have researched and reading and hearing that since I have had a few UTI’s that other antibiotics have worked in the past that Cipro should not have been the first antibiotic to put me on, especially with my list of illnesses and medications that I take now. I have had a court case going for 3 years for my Fibro and not working because I was also in a car accident in Dec. of 2010 where I was rearended by drunk driver and have had awful back problems and worsened Fibro since then. I may have to call and find out about Cipro and find an attorney for this. I thought my Fibromyalgia and car accident pain was life limiting with all the pain and symptoms and how it effects my life daily; with my husband and my children and daily activities, but now add that I took Cipro for 5 days 500 mg every 12 hours and noticed more pain and headaches and fever, stomach pain, muscle and ligament pain all over, eye problems like twitching in my right eye which i’ve never had before and vision changes, and so much more that I am shocked. I don’t know what I have or what to do. I took all the antibiotic because I was told not to stop til it was finished. I did get a call from the doctor to tell me to stop the morning after I finished the last antibiotic pill. She said stop it due to the fact that my labs came back from my UTI with no growth. What? I called a close family member who has knowlege of these antibiotics and she freaked on me for taking it. I didn’t know nor had I heard and with the meds I am on I read the pamphlets and they all say a list of what can possibly happen. It was just another antibiotic. I had last talked to her and was on Penicillin for an infection right before a root canal and she was fine with that antibiotic so she didn’t even think about the Quinolone family of antibiotics. I feel like I never should have been given this antibiotic in the first place, others have worked for my UTI’s in the past and the doc had knowledge of my illnesses. I have been so irritable and angry and acted in ways just not like me and I haven’t understood why I’ve acted these ways along with thoughts of suicide or running away cause I can’t handle life or letting down my family. It’s awful. I try not to complain but I have older and younger children and the older one’s work, my husband started his own business a few years back to work hard and support the family without my helping out financially and we had adopted my beautiful neice, not by blood, because of her bio using meth and her being a meth baby and was given to us by the courts and upon moving back to Eastern Washington per doctors hoping I would feel better and my symptoms would get better in the not so much rain or Western Washington and once there it rained the most ever in the history of Spokane and we decided to listen to my Rheumatologist and head for Arizona, which is where we’ve been for 3 years now and I’m thinking that I thought I felt better in the summer but not monsoon season or winter, but not much like I thought would happen….. but before we left Spokane we were given custody of my 6 month old nephew due to his parents using meth and him being a meth baby and them not ever getting him back. So I have a 23 year old, married, and 18 year old that was homeschooled and starting college and have a 9 year old and 4 year old who both have issues from methamphetamine and I had to pull the 9 year old out of school due to her anxiety and I have anxiety and somehow I have to school, take care of my family and a active 4 year old lil boy and all my responsibilities and I was struggling so much with Fibro and now have increased symptoms and added symptoms and I already wasn’t myself and now I don’t know who I am now, just what I need to do. I feel like I’m going to lose my mind and my family, my husband because of the guilt I carry for being this way or because sometimes I act abnormal and they don’t know what to expect from me. I love my children and husband of 25 years with all of my heart and I am not going to lose anyone I love, not even myself, because of this. I will look to the Lord for strength and healing and pray that a doctor will listen and understand and admit and not treat me like i am a problem. I have already had a local pharmacist admit that in 10 years only 2 people in my area have had bad adverse effects from Cipro and the other antibiotic family members. She was so sympathetic but did tell me after the fact that years ago they didn’t prescribe these antibiotics as often due to issues but since bacteria is harder to fight they are seeing it prescribed more than others on a normal basis now. Her explanation to me was that it’s probable that Cipro had adverse effects on me, not all of them even known yet, due to the muscle weakness from Fibromyalgia… it preys on muscle weakness as a sign of weakness and that alone can make it attack my system. This is scary stuff and I’m sorry if I have written so much but if anyone can learn or what has happened to me so far can help someone question diagnoses in their life and look into the past of antibiotics like I am and it helps, then I am happy to share. It sounds like all of us were strong, physical, independent, outgoing individuals prior to Cipro, etc. and I know how I feel every day and the desires of my heart to be normal and do things that I used to do and not have the guilt I live with every day. I pray that from adding my story it just gives proof to one more person going through this with no one giving any information on the antibiotic, Cipro, given to me. It’s morally wrong and I have to find a way to quit being a “victim” and be one that stands together and holds the makers of these antibiotics responsible for what they’ve done. Do you think Johnson and Johnson warns their own family about these things? I wonder how many of them have needed a antibiotic and knew not to take these certain ones. I used to purchase products from this company and I no longer do. I’m not funding them to hurt people like myself and the others on this sight and the many who haven’t even come forward or whom have taken the antibiotics and haven’t felt the adverse effects yet… and praying that people won’t, but it just seems like we are all unique and our stories are different but our symptoms and pain are real and the same for the most part. I pray that anyone going through this will be healed, keep hope alive in you and please don’t let the ugly thoughts steal your life or the people around you lives by losing such a special person all due to the greedy, lazy, uneducated doctors, good or bad, who have made the call to give you the medicine and therefore are responsible along with the drug makers. God Bless to all.

  25. I took Cipro for a few days in mid April 2015 for UTI. I then developed Afib and thought my heart was going to beat right out of my body. I called my doctor who prescribed Bactrim which I had taken off and on my entire life. After only one pill of Bactrim I had a life-threatening reaction–severe itching and throat swelling to the point I couldn’t breathe and ended up in the ER where they immediately began treating me to counteract the reaction. Now I’ve read that taking Cipro can cause a person to become allergic to other drugs they have taken in the past. I believe that this is what happened to me when I took the Bactrim. I am a 72-year-old female. In May my left ankle started hurting and burning so much that I could hardly walk or sleep at night. Finally I went to a foot doctor who x-rayed it and also the right foot because I was also having pain in that foot also. He diagnosed me with Achilles tendinitis and prescribed a topical compounded medication which did little to ease the pain and the severe burning. In one month, the doctor prescribed an air cast boot, physical therapy, and continue topical compounded medication. After one month, there has been very little improvement so the doctor prescribed another month in the air cast boot, continued physical therapy and topical compounded medication. I am still not improving. When I go back in Sept. 2015, he has set up an appointment with another foot doctor in his group that administers PRP injections (platelet rich plasma injections) which will cost me $500 each and are not covered by insurance. I am so severely fatigued that I have to rest after just taking a shower. I have developed a scaly rash around my eyes which is a pinkish color. The brain fog is starting to get to me as I’m having extreme difficulty concentrating on the most menial tasks. I had none of this before taking this round of Cipro. I’ve just read today that the negative side effects are more likely in people over 60 years of age and I’m wondering why the doctor did not take this fact into account when he prescribed this life-changing antibiotic to me. I keep my feet propped up a lot during the day and use ice to try and quell the severe burning pain. Some one or some company must be held accountable for what Cipro is doing to people’s lives.

  26. My mom was relatively healthy woman of 82 years until January of 2015. She had taken Cipro for UTI and developed slurred speech shortly afterwards. Since then, doctors have diagnosed ALS because they don’t know what else it is.
    Please add me to your newsletter…

  27. I went to the ER for a diverticulitis attack this week and was given cipro and flagyl in IV after a CT then sent home with prescriptions of both. The vertigo I am experiencing is so severe I can barely walk. I have stopped taking the antibiotics and am hoping to clear my system soon. The diverticulitis infection was a cakewalk compared to the side effects of the Cipro.

  28. I have also been going through pain issues and tendon problems since about the time I took Cipro for infection about 7 years ago and things are or seem to be getting worse and it is very scary not knowing what it may be. It started in inside of my knees in tissue area then under rib cage now in my arms, shoulders, upper back, just recent in my hips. Now I have numbness in thighs and in one calf. Having pain everyday and not knowing what or where it will be next will really get on your nerves and makes working very hard but can not afford to stop. Can anyone tell me what kind of doctor I should see I’ve been to my regular Dr. I’ve been to rumatologist and I have been to see a Lyme specialist. But I still feel I’m where I was in the beginning. Thank you much Mike

  29. I was given cipro 500 mg to be taken for a uti on January 2nd. 2015 by a !nurse practioner at a local clinic because my regular doctor’s office was closed.
    After ingesting a total of 10 tablets my feet swelled and turned shade of purple. It became extremely painful told walk. I had to crawl on fours to get to bathroom. Severe fatique encompassed my entire body. Severe back pain set in and I became bedridden until end of March 2015.
    My doctor was of no help as she had never heard of such a reaction with cipro.
    It has been over a year and I made progress with feeling better muscle strength and energy levels did improve however good diet plus some vitamin supplements have helped me regain my strength.
    Ciprofloxacin comes with a black box warning so read it carefully!
    Unfortunately, I did not read the drug warnings very well.
    I reported my drug reaction to the U.S. Federal Drug Administration.

    I am 65 years old and physically active all my life so I attribute my improvements to a good mental outlook and a good diet.
    Fatique is still an issue! Pain in chest muscles: hip joint and right knee still exist but manageable with acetaminofen.

  30. Over 10 years ago my urologist said I had prostatitis. I received 3months of this antibiotics on 4 different occasions…

    I have been struggling ever since with: Depression, anxiety, muscle/joint pain, back/neck pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, lethargy and totally screwed my life up!

    I dunno what to do?

  31. If you get joint, insomnia, and anxiety symptoms a day after stopping Cipro (took 2 500 mg doses) what are the chances the side effects will disappear within a couple weeks? I have only heard of things progressing, whereas some articles seem to say symptoms disappear soon after discontinuation.

  32. Hello – I was given cipro 500×2 /20 days for a suspected UTI / prostatitis. About a week after finishing cipro, I had sexual relations with my wife. I recall having severe burning and tingling sensation on my penis and burning and tingling on my scrotum. More over, my penis has no rigidity in a flaccid state. It’s rather limp and lifeless. It seems as if I have lost some tissue under the skin in the shaft. It also feels detached at the base where the shaft meets the pelvis. I know cipro causes peripheral neuropathy and connective tissue damage, is this possibly a side effect of cipro? I have seen multiple doctors and no one can diagnose it and I can correlate to cipro after doing a thorough analysis of everything I have done and taken recently. Before all of this, I was a healthy, successful husband and father. I am 40 years old with no history of any health problems but the last five months have been a struggle. Can someone please weigh in? Also, I have no stds, there is no merit to he argument that it could be stds, moreover, I have been tested and every test was normal.

  33. How many member of the group have had disappear or pass away from the terminal adverse reaction also from debilating total insomnia that making them end their own life?

  34. I took 5 x 1000mg Cipro for suspected prostatitis. It was supposed to be 30 days, but I stopped after 5 days as I couldn’t handle it any longer. I almost didn’t take the 5th one, but I did and regret it deeply. I drank as much milk as possible on that 5th day to hopefully have the calcium attach to the Cipro and render it ineffective, so that that last dose wouldn’t do as much harm. That night I had great difficulty and pain walking up and down stairs, and driving my car and lost fine motor skills of my hands and feet. I can still walk slowly and for short distances, but 5 weeks later the pain in my Achilles tendons remains when I am not careful and pivot quickly or put to much strain on my feet. My wrists and elbows and one thumb were all painful for a few weeks, but this has finally gone away, as I’m hoping the rest of the pain will too . I hope for anyone reading this to stop and not take your medication if you have any doubts. Bayer got its 107$ for my lengthy prescription for which I only used 1/6th of, and now I am left trying to figure out how to rehabilitate myself if it is even possible. My doctor did not know how to deal with me, nor did the emergency staff at the hospital . I’m quite disgusted in how this happens in the year 2016 for a drug that has been on the market for as long as I have been alive. (I’m 33 years old, 27 years younger than the high risk age group for these “rare” side effects). My thanks goes out to the Urologist that prescribed this crap without warning me even when I point blank asked you about what side effects to look out for. The internet is a wonderful place to share these experiences, I wish I had taken the time to read everything that people such as myself have written about the drug before putting them into my body.

  35. Please help?
    I am 41, relatively healthy with no health issues. I took 500mg 2x a day (Cipro) on Sept. 7 for ten days for UTI/Kidney infection. After 2 days, I felt great. On day 4 I believe I got abdominal pain. It wasn’t bad pain, just there. It just kind of ached. It was very lower right abdomen. Then it radiated to my right testicle. After a week, the ache moved up into my right upper abdomen. After a few more days it moved across to my left upper abdomen. (Almost like it was passing along my large intestine?) Then back to my right lower.
    During this, my Dr. re-tested my urine for a culture and it was negative. The ache moved into my prostate area for about 4 or 5 days, then I went in for a stool sample and it was cultured and was negative. The ache went away all day, and started a little at night. Next morning back to my right side lower. But very hazy ache. I don’t know what the heck to do?

    Has ANYONE had this at all?? It has been a month since I ended my Cipro course.

    1. unfortunately, your symptoms of FQ toxicity are not at all uncommon. As for what to do… clean your body out with stringent diet protocols and while pushing the toxins out. I would go hard on it to avoid further damage, but do pace yourself to your own comfort. I am writing a book about how to detox right now. it should be published by the end of the year (fingers crossed). best of luck to you!

  36. Hi Guys, I took Cipro for 3 to 4 months (2x500mg) per day from Sept 2013 for Prostatitis. I then took it again for 3 weeks later in 2014, so quite a cumulative dose overall. In March 2015 whilst at work the left side of my face went numb and my hearing loss dropped (I already used 2 hearing aids, it dropped from 50db loss to 70db loss.). I was sent for an MRI scan by Dr which returned normal. Since that time my health has been on and off will mild infections and feeling tired. Suddenly in March this year my knee twisted and started popping as I walked, the pain was incredible and could only get up the stairs on all fours. I now notice several joints pop in my body, I notice clicking when I walk from my left leg and sometimes my right knee and toes. Soon after taking the drug I noticed severe pain in my right should which now “grinds” when I move it. If I walk a lot I have hip joint discomfort/aching in the sockets. Further, in June this year my calf became very stiff and as did my right one to a lesser degree, at the same time muscle twitching started in the calfs which has now spread over my body. I notice some changed in my sight as well and some days have a brain fog. I also have muscle bulk loss on my leg and forearm. I only noticed that last week and was sent to hospital by my GP on the spot. I was only alerted to the mega toxicity of Cipro 3 days ago, on some forums I noticed people said Magnesium and Vitamin D3 helped. I went straight to the health shop and started taking the vitamins, much to my surprise 3 days later the twitching has stopped to a point where its twice per day rather than twice every second.

    How long does it take for the toxicity effects to show up after finishing the course? For some people it seems like straight away while others it seems many many months later.

    If you have the muscle twitching try Magnesium!

  37. My son, age 28, has been dealing with Cipro Toxicity x 2 years. This is insane! I am an RN of 30 years, and an FNP of 3 years, and never was I advised that this drug could do this to you. He has had psychiatric symptoms, and what is almost like a chronic Lyme Syndrome. His tendons are ruined, he has what feels like chronic UTI’s, tendon pain, not bladder.
    I brought him to one of the most reknowned MD’S who practices with Naturopathy. He is on tons of supplements, and I am able to administer him Glutathione IVP 3x a week. Sometimes he can only tolerate this 1 x week. He recently was bit by a tick, and tested, but it wasn’t addered for more than a few hours. He goes to acupuncture x 3 times a week, at the pop of 85.00 a treatment.
    Because of this, he lost his job, his fiancé, ……. his life.
    please we need a new remedy.

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