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One of the most difficult aspects of suffering severe side effects with a fluoroquinolone is the rejection and denial from the allopathic medical community toward the patient. When I was hospitalized at UC Davis Medical Center in Sacramento, California, NONE of the physicians believed that my symptoms could be caused by Cipro. Not only was the possibility that Cipro could cause these severe reactions thoughtlessly rejected, but the fact that I had gleamed some of my information about Cipro from the web totally discredited me and my claims in the eyes of my physicians. Generally speaking, the web is regarded by the medical community as offering unreliable (even bogus) medical information and the doctors I spoke to at UCD refused to validate ANY information that did not come form the FDA or a reputable medical journal. I have a few things to say about that:

1) Just because it is on the web, does NOT mean that it isn’t true.

2) Just because it is published by the medical journals does not mean that it IS true.

3) The FDA is a reliable and comprehensive resource? Are you kidding me?

4) And finally, although the more severe reactions to fluoroquinolones are rare, THEY DO EXIST. Once you can wrap your head around the realization that a patient (generally healthy and of any age) can take an antibiotic and then suffer unimaginable and mysterious disabilities, you are on the path to being a better doctor.

If you are a physician and interested in helping one of my fellow floxies, please consider browsing this sample of articles. It is my hope that you may get a clearer picture of the documented and potentially fatal adverse reactions thousands of people are suffering from fluoroquinolones. And if you feel inspired, perhaps you will consider writing a case study of your own. The more material we can get published in the medical journals, the more validity this condition and these patients can receive.

In conclusion, thank you for thinking outside the box and for seeking insight to your patient’s suffering. I wish there were more doctors like you. Please share any useful perspectives in the comment area below, or if you are feeling generous, you could regularly post on the forum. And, if you are aware of any journal publications about FQ Toxicity, I would deeply appreciate your sharing them with me. I will happily publish them here or offer a link if one is available. Thank you.

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25) new March 2011:






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