Who is Effected?

When I first read any insert that accompanies a prescription drug, my first reaction is to quickly and efficiently convince myself that none of those awful side effects will happen to me. In fact, I always let my thoughts drift to the assumption that if the drug in on the market, it must be mostly safe, with a few obscure and unlikely exceptions. I now know that this is simply not true, particularly where Cipro is concerned. Anyone can suffer a negative side effect from Cipro. You don’t need to be really old, diabetic, really young, generally unhealthy, rich or poor for these debilitating Cipro side effects take over your life. Honestly, Cipro side effects are so dangerous, that doctors don’t even prescribe it for children anymore. Cipro side effects have literally killed children within moments of their first dose. So when you read through the “possible Cipro side effects”, you might want to consider that if it is “possible”, it may also be “probable”. And when you read about the “rare” Cipro side effects, you might want to consider what “rare” means. Does “rare” mean that it happened one time, to one person, who was otherwise really weak or sick? Or does “rare” mean that it happens to less than 30% of the people? Less than 1%? Who decides what “rare” means? Be careful that you don’t make assumptions about some of the subjective language commonly used in these drug inserts. With Cipro, the percentage of people who will experience side effects varies with different information sources, but I have seen reports that claim over 50% will experience a negative Cipro side effect and 9% will experience a severe or “rare” floxing, requiring hospitalization. The reality is alarming.

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23 thoughts on “Who is Effected?

  1. I took only one pill today, cause I was encouraged by family to take the prescribed drugs (the other being Metronidazol) for symptoms of Colitis, possibly Giardia, but still with no real tests ran to determine what it is that has caused my pelvic pain. After just one pill, I became dizzy and had the worst head ache of my life. My whole body still feels weak, several hours later and I’ve been having random shooting pains in my lower back, ankles and even in my finger joints, which is why I’m here reading this. It’s very unsettling and I’m waiting for this uneasy feeling to go away. Hopefully, since I only took one pill, this will only be temporary, but I’d highly discourage anybody else from taking it. I don’t understand how it could be prescribed by doctors when know this is the potential outcome. I’m actually afraid to move now.

    1. I’m so happy you stopped after one pill and started investigating. I’m so angry that, once again, a doctor gave someone Cipro for “symptoms of Colitis, possibly Giardia, but still with no real tests ran to determine what it iss that has caused my pelvic pain.”


      Again Cassie, good luck and hope your discomfort is minor and resolves quickly. But be very tough with your doctor. Insist on a firm diagnosis, backed up with testing. Make your doctor do his/her job, and don’t swallow one more med until you’re satisfied that your doctor knows what’s causing your problems.

  2. I’m back and extremely upset. Last night my knee started hurting so bad I couldn’t sleep and this morning I could hardly walk on it. I had to call in for the first time in 71/2 yrs and returned back into my doctors office this morning. I’m a pet stylist, on my feet 8 hrs. The doctor argued it couldn’t be from the Cipro and sent me for an MRI of my knee, which cost us $450 to find out looks fine. My blood pressure was 150 over 102, cause I’ve been in so much pain. I’m angry at myself for taking it.

    Thanks, Vicky and I agree with you about giving pills to treat without knowing for certain what they’re they’re treating. I’ve been so frustrated, but that seems pale in comparison now to my new situation.

    1. Unfortunately, you are experiencing what many of us on this forum have experienced. Not only do doctors not understand how Cipro works, they refuse to acknowledge the damage it can do. I don’t know if it’s arrogance or ignorance. When I told my doctor how my knees had been affected he responded, “Oh, well Cipro only affects the Achilles tendon, not the knees.” What an idiot! Cipro can affect ANY tendon in the body. And much more.

      The only doctors I’ve found who have any understanding of Cipro are Sports Medicine doctors. In the meantime, please don’t be mad at yourself. It’s a waste of time. We’re taught to trust doctors to take good care of us and to “do no harm.” It’s bad enough that doctors prescribe drugs irresponsibly, but when they refuse to accept the harmful side effects that patients report, that’s insulting and infuriating.

      I’d recommend not taking NSAID’s like ibuprofen right now, and certainly no prednisone or other steroids. (Many doctors try to give those for tendon pain. They can intensify the damage to tendons.) Try warm Epsom salt baths, as well as ice for possible inflammation. Buy an elastic knee support at the drug store to help support your knee. Good luck, Cassie. I hope you can find the source of your abdominal problems. In the meantime, I hope that the fact you only took one dose of Cipro means your problems from that will be limited and short-lived.

  3. Day 4 after just one pill. All my joints have been affected. My neck, lower back, fingers, knees and ankles are not only very sore, but sound like pop rocks when I move. It feels like the antibiotics that were sent in to destroy nasty bacteria got confused, deciding to attack ME instead and it’s on some scary mission that hasn’t stopped just yet. Been having a warm sensation down my forearm since yesterday, where my veins are and I keep looking at it to see if the poison has become visible yet, cause at this point, what I need is PROOF? I’ve taken 3 days off work now, without reasonable explanation, even in my own mind. I have to return or we’ll go broke but I’m afraid my job which is extremely physical will cause me to also rupture a tendon. I’d like to pretend this isn’t real, but I’m really REALLY scared now.

    I will sue my doctors if this doesn’t get better or if it worsens, because I asked her if it was safe and she told me “YES”, without any kind of hesitation or warnings. As sweet as she is, she’s not licensed to practice medicine, real or otherwise in the state of Missouri, because Missouri doesn’t recognize alternative medicine and she’s a Homeopath who works under a licensed physician who pre-signs scripts, so she can prescribe medicine. I started going to her because I have an underactive thyroid and she’s the only doctor I’ve read about who prescribes, Armor. Natural thyroid replacement, instead of synthetics, like levothyroxin.

    Thank you, Vicky, for listening to me and trying to help. If there is ANY way I can help get this drug off the market, I will. You just let me know what to do. I’ve put complaints in to both these sites, but they haven’t shown up yet. http://www.consumeraffairs.com/rx/cipro.html


  4. Vicky can you please remove my above message. I hate the way it sounds now. My pain has gotten better and I was just angry. I still like my doctor who prescribed it. It’s not her fault.

    1. It’s been over a year now, Gabriel. I still suffer from joint/tendon/muscle pain, that comes and goes. It seems to get better at times, then hits me out of nowhere. As an example, last month I went out for my brothers birthday and he tried to teach me how to swing dance. By the the next day both my ankles hurt so bad, I could hardly go up the steps. That lasted for almost an entire month. At the same time my left knee started hurting again, my shoulders and lower back.

      I’ve learned during the past year, I can’t sleep with my arms over my head, or when I wake up it feels like I’ve injured my rotator cuff. Since this first happened, I’ve started sleeping with extra pillows, between my knees, under my legs and to my side in case I roll over, since it seems to help with the random pain.

      With all of this however, I’ve really improved a lot and am grateful, having read other people’s stories, that I’m still able to function and to go to work. It’s really hard to describe in full detail how this can hit a person mentally and physically. Going from being someone who never asks for help and who can lift half their own body weight without a problem, to someone who has to ask themselves “can I, should I and will I recover if I do”? Not wanting to mention you’re feeling incapable of certain tasks, cause then you might be looked at as wimpy, while knowing that if you don’t, you might be looked at in the same capable way. It’s very humbling. My ego took a huge beating, having to admit that this drug hurt me, but because it DID, it’s become a very relevant mission to inform others and to hope that the same doesn’t happen to them.

  5. Hello, this is so scary. I have just been on Cipro for several weeks and was walking across a room when I suddenly felt a “pop” sensation in my right Achilles tendon with a sudden excruciating pain.

    I couldn’t put any weight on it and the next morning I simply could not walk. I had to wear an ace bandage and stay off it for nearly 48 hours before it began to improve.

    Now I have pain in my right jaw and i can’t open my mouth far enough to eat. I have to cut the size of the food way down and slip it between my teeth, which I can only open about 1/4 inch.

    What is going on with this drug? Can someone tell me if this is all just inflammation, or is the DNA damaged and tissue damaged? I understand Cipro prevent the replication of bacteria by preventing the double DNA strand from wrapping. What does that mean it’s doing to my own DNA?

    Can someone tell me why doctors are so insane as to subscribe this??? If I knew about even one case of this as a doctor, I would refuse to prescribe it because it’s like Russian roulette — any patient who takes it could be the next one devastated by it.

    I didn’t see any black box warning? And the only warning I did see seemed so highly improbable that I couldn’t imagine it would happen to me.

    It’s recommended that it only be prescribed in life or death situations now — so why are doctors using it at all for “living” people?

    Does this mean I have a chemical time bomb in my body now that can cause huge tendon problems at any moment this year or next — or…..as I heard from some people….makes teeth calcify and break off at the gum?

    Please let me know if I am now done in since I took 1,000 mg for several weeks. I’m really scared. For years I never even took aspirin in order not to abuse my body — now it seems I have just ingested one of the most toxic and deadly substances I could possibly have been given as an antibiotic. What’s it going to do to my body in the long haul…?

    1. I know you are frightened, but please do not let your fear get the best of you. you can get through this. your life may be altered for a time, you may rethink how you will live your life from this point forward, but you will get better. for now, clean food, clean water, clean air, LOT OF SLEEP, stress maintenance and lots of loving support. ask for help. hang in there, let us know what we can do to help. Nikki

  6. I am so scared I have so many things going on in I just took one 500mg of this meds in I’m in pain. I’m have shoulder in chest pain. Under my finger nails start turning blue I got really hot in my heart rate went up.

  7. I was misdiagnosed 3 times at the hospital for severe pains in my side. They determined that i have a kidney infection and a uti, so they put me on cipro. I explained that i couldn’t swallow pills and that i have a heart rythym disorder. They said ok, heres some cipro just take it. Im also on hydrocodone for my arthritis, and an aspirin regiment.

    Heres some truth that i discovered 3 days, 6 pills, into my cipro:
    -chewing or crushing cipro makes it completely ineffective, wasnt told this by the doctor or nurses.
    -taking cipro with ANY narcotic pain reliever, is LETHAL and can cause respiratory arrest
    -and if you have a heart condition, you should never be prescribed this.

    I have such severe pain in my jaw that i can’t sit still or get comfortable. I cant eat or drink, i took a hydrocodone because the pain was freakin intense.. And it got hard to breathe..

    I didn’t have ankle pain, but severe pain in my legs and hips.. Im gonna finish my last four pills, but ill tell you, ill never take this crap again!!

    And I’ve had plenty of people telling me its all in my head.. Im reading too much.. But are we all liars?

    1. We are not liars. I am sorry for this pain you are dealing with. Hang in there! It does get better! Cipro is poison! Stay away from quinolones for the rest of your life unless life is threatened! Nikki

  8. I am a 33 year old woman, mother of a 4 year old. My life was ruined by ciprofloxacin.

    I have been a healthy child and adult. After a traumatic event I was fearful (for something that was indeed scary) and was prescribed antipsychotics and benzo’s for sleep. Withdrawal actually caused a first psychosis!

    Last year I recovered, withdrew from all meds and I was enjoying life again!

    My doctor prescribed cipro for 1 week for a bladder infection plus NSAIDS. This immediately led to many problems: physical (joints, heart palpitations, breathing), cognitive (brain fog, memory) and emotional (fear, depersonalisation/derealisation and another psychosis). I was brought to a mental hospital and responded extremely bad to all psychotropic meds that were forced on me. On one dose of antipsychotics or benzo’s I was a total zombi, could not think anymore and had all sorts of sensory and motor problems. Nobody listened. Everyone said it was in my head. But I seem to just respond really badly to medications.

    Only later I found out that taking Cipro was the worst mistake of my life. I hate my doctor for prescribing me this… the combination of just being recovered of fear/psychosis + benzo withdrawal + cipro + nsaid is about the worst. What was she thinking?!? I so regret not looking into it better… I just trusted my doctor. I have lost all my trust in doctors.. how can they possibly prescribe harmful substances like this?

    After half a year I still did not recover. My physical and motor problems went away, but they are not important to me. But I am still on antipsychotic meds, without them I have strong fear and psychosis. I have extreme anhedonia, depersonalisation and derealisation and feel completely disconnected from myself and others, even my son. I think it was the combination of cipro with psychotropic drugs causing this.. please never take this meds!

    If this does not get better soon I don’t know how to continue living. Anyone with hopeful stories or words?

  9. I am a mom of 5 and accidentally burned myself making porkchops almost 2 weeks ago for dinner. One of the grease burns was a huge spot on my right ankle. Well that caused an infection which landed me in my doctors office 3 days ago. At first they were going to prescribe bactrim which I don’t like cause while taking it makes me feel so sick. Instead they prescribed cipro. Took my first pill Thursday evening, yesterday was Friday and took one this morning so that is 4 pills total. Yesterday was horrible I was exhausted my 11 year old basically had to go above and beyond to take care of his younger siblings and me. I’m normally very active and run circles around my kids even the ADHD one! All I have done since starting cipro is lay on the couch. This i not me. my jaw hurst so I can barely eat, occasional stomach cramps, sleeping on and off all day, I’m so achy.. After finding this page and a couple other pages with reviews I have decided to stop taking it!

  10. My doctor prescribed cipro because I had a strep throat, with the first pill I took I felt drowsy, dizzy and all I wanted to do is lay in bed, today is the 3rd day ( I’ve taken a total of 5) pills and I won’t be taking them anymore, I am now bleeding from my urethra, yes from my urethra!! And cipro caused it, now I have this whole new issue to deal with! Stay away from cipro please.

  11. I am a 20 year old female, I was 19 when I took Cipro. I called my gynecologist because I thought I had a UTI. The doctor asked me how long I had it for and I probably felt the burning sensation for a little over 2 weeks. I was concerned of the infections development and explained this to the doctor and that’s when he decided to prescribe me oral Ciprofloaxin. The first time I took it, I IMMEDITALY felt anxiety to the point of panic, heart palpitations, dizziness. I just wasn’t feeling right. Being in nursing school, I know how discontinuing medications can’t hurt your body and progress the infection. I took the pills another two times before I developed shortness of breath, dizziness to the point where I almost passed out and couldn’t stand on my feet, the feeling of someone pouring gasoline in my veins and setting it on fire, the absolute worst panic attacks I have ever had in my life (which I never had before). Today I am writing being it will almost be a year since I took Cipro in December and I am, STILL not the same. Everyday I am dizzy to the point where I have skipped so many college classes and feel so horrible, my head is constantly inflamed and feels like an elephant sitting on it, I developed this new disorder where I just pass out out of no where, I see floaters in my eyes everyday, I can no longer exercise, I no longer enjoy life. Since the initial ER admission after Cipro made me so sick ( in which ER staff told me I was having a panic attack and nothing was wrong with me …. My heart rate was 130, I was trembling profusely, I was pale as a ghost ) I have been to the hospital countless times since being I almost pass out, shake terribly, dizziness to the point of no return. I have gone for a brain MRI (inconclusive), every lab tests; CBC’s, EKG’s, Eye doctors for the floaters, all inconclusive. I’m now currently ongoing to a cardiologist and endocrinologist. Does anyone have any further studies on this drug? Everyday I lay devastated on how my life has changed from a normal 20 year old college student to a 20 year old who has become depressed from physicians looking at her and saying there is nothing wrong, a girl who faces so many challenges daily just to fight off these Heath problems that no one can seem to diagnose. If you have any of the same issues I am so curious how and why this drug causes this?? I don’t have any muscle pain like others are saying though but definitely am not the same.

  12. Hi, I have taken Cipro for uti and IC. What is the safest antibiotic for uti? I start bleeding when I get one but don’t want to take Cipro anymore.
    Thank you,

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