4 thoughts on “June 16, 2011 PBS News Hour Discusses Fluoroquinolones…

  1. Finally a little media attention. This is so encouraging to all of us who have experienced and continue to experience the horrors associated with fluoroquinolones. Floxed twice, possibly three times and wandering if life will ever be the same. Thanks to these wonderful drugs I can no longer take any antibiotics, not even Keflex. Four days on this medicine crippled me for weeks. My body has apparently had enough of all these antibiotics. I’m asking myself right now how I have managed to stay alive these past 10 months. And I wouldn’t know where to begin or how to describe the effects of fluoroquinolones. This has been the worst 10 months of my life.

  2. It’s hard to really understand how this is all working out. But some media attention right before I go to a doctor.

    1. I just saw this for the first time a few days ago. Extremely beneficial that it was reported by a reputable news organization. I have told two people almost everyday since the day after my injury. That is about 600 people. Where I go for Physical therapy, there have been 4 or 5 different individuals with various injurys, due to Fluoroquinolone drugs. That means that within the first 12 weeks besides me. I was the first. My physical therapist has educated himself about these injuries through all the data I have collected and passed on to him. He now has been asking each of the “injured” that have not been injured in accident, sports injury..etc. “If they have taken any antibiotics within the last 2 years. The patients with unexplained problems of tears in tendons in their elbows, muscle wasting, rotator cusp,…etc have had fluroquinolones within a the last 6months . A microfacial surgeon has had damage to his tendons in elbows. unable to preform surgery. He himself tried to speak with the FDA and they would not speak to him. He is angry, scared, and horrified that he too had prescribed this medication to his own patients. Once again, we can see the glaring immorality, and injustice of the system that favors the profit of the Pharmaceutical Corporations and THE FDA over the safety, and health of all us.

      I am going to attempt to in do an interview on a radio show. When I am properly prepared and have secured the spot I will let everyone know.

      God Bless, Rene

      1. Thanks, Rene, for being so proactive in warning others about the dangers of Cipro et. al. It’s something we can all do, and it can help us feel at least a little better knowing we might be sparing someone else our misery. I put together a large email list and told all my friends and relatives about what Cipro has done to me. i asked that they forward my message to their own email lists. I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear how many people have replied to me, telling me of their own Cipro side effects, or those of a close friend or relative. Though I’m trying to stay positive, it does make me angry to hear from so many others, while the FDA and doctors continue to insist that serious side effects are “rare”. I know your energy is probably as limited as that of the rest of us, so thanks for using it as you are — to help!

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