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  1. I am so glad I have found someone who can relate to what I have thought was going on with me this year. I took Cipro last spring and since then have had tendonitis in my right elbow, right ankle and both thumbs. I feel as if people think I have gone crazy, but I kept saying there has to be a connection. I have found some help by using therapeutic grade essential oils. I believe they have been what has kept me going. Thanks for all the information on your website.

  2. On February
    For a whole month I’ve been having 2 symptoms ( stomach ache & diarrhea) on & off

    On 27 march 2017
    I did stool analysis and Found that I have E.histolytica (few) and yeast and H. pylori

    The doctor prescribed ciprodiazole , nanazoxide , flagentyl , ornidaz and mycostatin
    After taking them for 7days I encountered the below symptoms :

    Excessive Urine
    Confusion & inability to focus while driving
    Leg numbness
    Muscle pain
    Insomnia (lasted for 1 month ) little improvement now
    Heart pounding causing chest pain
    severe dehydration
    I lost 7 kilos till now

    Most symptoms went away after a week except insomnia & anxiety.

    I went to the hospital twice and visited many doctors, but no one understands what I’m going through as my body became sensitive towards any medications and it immediately worsens the dehydration

    I never encountered such life threatening symptoms in my life and I’m only 29 years old and I found all theses symptoms written on the ciprodiazol pamphlet ( I wish I read them before I took it) yet no doctor admit it.

    I visited a nutritionist and I started eating healthy and following diet plan but I’m not feeling the same, something is wrong with my digestive system
    Stomach hurts & bloating & indigestion & Stool looks different & I’m Feeling weak & cold most times

    I’m willing to do anything for treatment to improve and go back to how I was before taking this anti-biotic

    Your website gave me hope, and it really positive. I would like to request a session to speak to you, However, I’m not located in USA

    Can u help, Can essential oils benefit me & will u provide complete help regarding dosage & where to purchase?

    Please direct me to the right path because there are so many info on this website and many are omitted by FDA and I’m getting lost

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