Food, Rest and Body Odor


During the process of detoxing from Cipro side effects, (for more about my journey, read my Journal) I have noticed a direct relationship between the way I feel, and my intake of food and sleep. The more I sleep, the better I feel. In fact, sleeping 10 hours or more a night is not unreasonable if you are trying to recover from FQ Toxicity. It is my recommendation that you covet your sleep and sleeping space like nothing else. For me, this has meant having my husband get up in the morning with the children, feed them, and keep them quiet until I wake up. I also appreciate it when he keeps the blinds closed, and the doors shut so that I can’t hear noises that might wake me. I have often used earplugs and they really make a difference, allowing me to sleep deeper and longer.

Now I realize that many of you are not sleeping well at all, and possibly suffering from insomnia. This is something I have battled with from time to time, but luckily, not every night. I am a firm believer that you need to sleep to be well. Your body regenerates while you sleep and if you have been doing your research on this condition, you must know by now that this illness is a degenerative process. If you have insomnia, get help. There are many effective remedies for this condition that are not toxic and I suggest you find them. The longer you go without sleep, the longer you will be sick. Rest is essential, DO NOT push yourself beyond what your body is telling you is too much. Listen to your body and give it what it so obviously needs. In this society we are commonly conditioned to ignore our bodies messages, especially the messages concerning rest. We are taught from an early age to push ourselves harder and to do MORE with our time and our lives. Well that needs to change if you are suffering from fluoroquinolone toxicity. You need to do LESS and to be nicer to yourself than you have ever been before. It is not selfish or lazy, it is necessary and imperative.


As for food, the longer I go without food, the worse I feel. This has been evident from the beginning, but as it is with sleep, we have also been conditioned to mistreat ourselves where food is concerned. Some of us already have issues around food before the floxing, whether it be over eating, eating too little (dieting) or eating erratically. Whatever your unhealthy habits, it is time to let them go and move into a healthy eating regimen. One of the cipro side effects is loss of appetite. If you are like me, you have been immobile for a long time and are not burning as many calories as before the floxing. If your tempted to skip meals, don’t. This is a bad idea. You should eat regular meals , even if you are not hungry. You will most likely find that after you eat a meal you were not hungry for, that you feel better in many ways (improved energy, improved mood, improved pain, etc.). I can’t tell you how many times I have told my husband, “I am not hungry”, then sat down and devoured two whole plates of food. I eventually realized that I was hungry, but that my stomach and brain were not communicating very well.

Not only must you eat at regular intervals, you must eat proper foods. For starters, you should eliminate all foods that may be treated with antibiotics, even if the antibiotic is not a fluoroquinolone antibiotic. This is particularly notable with meat. Most meat, in most places in the world, has been exposed to antibiotics. There is some evidence that when you consume this meat, it can flox you again. This results in sending you back several months in your recovery. It is not healthy to eat this meat and it is not worth it. That means you need to buy your meat at a reputable store or ranch and that it should be antibiotic free. It also means that you might want to think twice about eating meat at restaurants. In addition, you should eat the purest, cleanest food you can buy. That means 100% certified organic (not USDA certified, which is not 100% organic) produce, food with no GMOs, and little or no packaged/processed food, and no caffeine or refined sugar. Simply put, eating otherwise will put an unnecessary strain on your body and prolong your condition.


Regarding body odor (is it weird that I am writing about my BO?), it has been my personal experience when recovering from Cipro side effects, that the days I feel worse, the more unbearable my body odor. When I get really stinky, I run a super hot bath, add 6 cups of Epsom salts (magnesium) and some essential oils (I have been using lavender, rosemary and white camphor at my husband’s recommendation), and I sit in the bath until it is cold (I have stayed in for well over an hour). I find that this helps me to sweat like crazy (note – in the early days of my floxing I did not sweat at all) which is a great way to release toxins, and let’s face it, when we are immobile, how else are we going to work up a sweat? Also, since sweating is good for you, I do not wear antiperspirant anymore (I’m not going to address all the other reasons why antiperspirant is bad for you, but it is worth investigating if you haven’t already come to this realization). I do use a natural deodorant, but I have to admit that it doesn’t work very good. So I am a bit stinky these days, but I live with it, and so can you.

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  1. Nikki!! Thanks again for such an awesome website. Could you describe how your appetite progressed and how you approached your diet throughout your recovery. I understand the focus on raw fruits/veggies and how crucial they are. How much protein did you eat and what kind?



  2. i have all the above problems, and have been living with this for several years with the aid of accupuncture etc.,i also suffer pains in the bottom of my feet that feel like hot needles being pushed slowly thru the bottom of my foot. i experience this alot when i’m driving and can do nothing about it, anyone else?

  3. I would like to know if there is anything I can do for my main symptom. Neurally mediated hypotension. My blood pressure and heart rate both plummet and I pass out. Happens less frequently now. I am 17 months out from levaquin. I have toxic levels of b6 snd vit k so eating healthy doesn’t work for me! Im afraid to take epsom baths because of blood pressure issues. Any suggestions? ???

  4. I have just the opposite problem: No body odor at all. I’m assuming this is due to the destruction of my microbiome in which the butyric acid producing microbes were wiped out. I actually envy those of you who smell like humans. I am 3 years out from being poisoned by 7000 mg ciprofloxacin and can’t see an end in sight to all of this misery.

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