Glutathione and Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome


“What the **** is Glutathione?” That is what I asked my husband the night my floxing kicked in. We were not browsing the internet, we were desperately scouring it for HELP! We wanted to find any one person, anywhere on the earth, who had recovered from this insidious disease. The words were so scary to use Cipro Toxicity, Suicide, Liver Failure, Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome, Peripheral Neuropathy, Paralysis, Death, Wheelchair, Blindness, INSANITY!!!… and then, Glutathione?

Well, I can’t say that I figured out what Glutathione was that night, I just figured out where to get it. I had read an obscure little blurb about a guy who suffered FTS for three years and then finally recovered after taking intravenous Glutathione. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew I wanted it. And two days later, I had a needle in my arm. Ahhhhh. The moment it hit my blood supply my right hand and wrist (which were killing me and kind of numb at the same time – and if you are a regular person you will think that sounds crazy, but if you are a floxy you will know exactly what I am talking about) got hot, then the pain subsided, and then normal feeling. I still felt terrible all over my body, but at least something was happening. I just needed SOMETHING to happen. And this seemed like it might be taking me in the right direction.

So, what is this stuff?

From Sandy Halliday’s article: Glutathione “ The Miracle Detox Nutrient , “Glutathione (pronounced gloota-thigh-own) is a powerful antioxidant and a key nutrient for the detox process. It is found in virtually every cell in your body and without it poisonous toxins that you take in every day would have a devastating effect on your liver cells. Glutathione is made in the body from the amino acids glycine, cysteine and glutamic acid which you get from protein foods in your diet. It is found in high levels in your liver, kidneys, spleen, pancreas, stomach lining, the organs that are most likely to be exposed to toxins. It is also high in your eyes where it protects the lens. Stress, excessive exercise, poor diet and toxic overload cause deficiency of this vital substance.The amount you have in your body gets less as you get older and many diseases including cancer, liver disease, cystic fibrosis, heart attack, stroke, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease, diabetes and HIV/AIDS have been linked with low glutathione levels. Sufferers of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease have been helped by increasing their glutathione levels.”

From Dr. Michelle Alpert’s article, The Detox Drip with Glutathione: A New Approach to Healing From Chronic Illness: “Glutathione is found in every cell in your body. Glutathione scavenges free radicals, detoxifies heavy metals, a remarkable tool to unload the body burden of heavy metals and neurotoxins in both pediatric and adult patients.”

Of course, as with all treatments for Cipro Toxicity or Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome, there have been no studies to prove whether or not Glutathione is helpful in reversing the adverse side effects of Cipro. The only evidence is testimony from other FTS sufferers and their doctor’s accounts. There are many different ways to take Glutathione, but for FTS, it seems that intravenously is the way to go, and it also seems that other methods of delivery may not be effective at all. If you would like to talk to someone about whether or not Glutathione can help you, you should find a doctor who administers it intravenously and get a consultation. You might have more success with a Naturopathic Doctor, since they are more commonly the doctors specializing in this form of treatment. I will warn you that anytime you “detox” you should expect to feel a bit run down for a while. Detoxifying the body takes a toll. When your liver and other flushing organs are busy flushing toxins or waste products, the rest of your body feels heavy and tired, just like when you are fighting off a cold or flu. My doctor would commonly tell me that the worse I felt after a treatment, the harder my body was working to get the poison out, and that helped me stay committed to my goals.


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  1. I hear the bentonite clay helps with detox cause it helps to better absorb the toxins, meaning less will be “floating” around after they are released. I think there’s some truth to this.

  2. Nikki,
    When you get the chance I need some feedback. I tried glutathione a few days ago, and felt the run down experience. Then I got a massage a day after. Now a few days later, my burning and tingling seem to be extreme. I’ve never had trouble sleeping before, but now it feels as if I have a bad sun burn… I only notice it when I’m lying down or resting…. Do you think this is part of the healing crisis? I know it’s just my manic state talking, but I just don’t want this to last forever. I was having such a good week and now this is makin me crazy haha


    1. Good Morning Austin,

      I am very familiar with what happened to you. You did too much. In the state you are in, you need to be VERY careful with body work. You are fragile and body work releases a TON of toxins. The toxins are stored in your muscles. Slow and steady wins the race here, if you move too fast, OH MY can it hurt and be frightening. I know how scared you are, hang in there, keep up your healing momentum, don’t get too stuck on concepts like “healing crisis” that can leave you bewildered, get a lot of support, be nice to yourself, eat healthy, drink clean water (a ton of it) and ALWAYS think three times before you do ANYTHING that will cause detox. With that said, I’ll tell you that I understand the notion of doing a lot to get it over with, read my journal, I did the same thing and I had the same results. The only sensation I am not familiar with is the sun burn thing, are you actually sunburned? Or is your skin just really sensitive? I had sensitive skin at one point, no one could touch me. I don’t know about the skin thing, I would ask your doctor. My suspicion is that you overloaded your system with toxins and the skin tried to release them causing damage to the cells. I know that is a crazy idea, and it is just a hunch, but it is in alignment with how I have experienced this condition, which is different for everyone. Please ask your doctor and let me know what he/she says.



      1. I have been floxed at least 4 times. The last two nearly took my life. Of course like most of us it took some time to figure out what was wrong and it was not a doctor. I have been doing MSM,, Glutathione, Hydrogen Peroxide and Ozone Iv’s for the last 4 months. In addition to these treatments, I had a stem cell enhancement infusion. When I walked in for the stem cell treatment I barely made it to the office. I had to pay a taxi to drive me because my legs were so tight and painful. I had the infusion and was driven home. Within a few hours the tendons in my legs and arms released. The vice grip just let go. Then I began to experience tingling and those strange sensations we all feel all over my body. It started targeting all the areas damaged by the fluoroquinolones. It woud be a very strange and unusual feeling for a healthy person, but for me it was nothing like the pain I have been subject to for almost a year. I had forgotten about the tendon pain in my ribs, shoulders and fingers because my leg, stomach and neck pain was so severe. I could feel the nerves targeting these areas. I am now walking without a limp and just about all the pain has subsided. I rarely ever feel any tendon pain in my forearms anymore. I can pick up objects without worrying about rupturing a tendon. I am on the road to recovery and will return to work soon. I will be receiving another stem cell infusion soon. I do believe this procedure has helped in my recovery.

        These are the symptoms I experienced from Cipro and Levaquin: severe abdominal pain, intracraniel pressure, headaches, blurred and double vision, ear itching, dry skin, tendon pain all over the body, crippled, joints popping and crackling, ear pain, tinnitus, vasculitis on the buttocks, pale stools, involuntary twitching of left eye, insomnia and then fatigue, painful gastric mucosa, hip pain, dry skin, nervousness, chills, sweats and just overall misery.

        I was hospitalized 8 times for the adverse reactions to these fluoroquinolones. The only treatment they could provide was pain medication. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to give up. To this day I don’t know how I survived. I am one of the lucky ones and feel blessed to be able to share my story with all of you who suffer from this horror. The ND I am seeing is Stephen Danielsen. He is located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Phone 805-375-1155.

      2. Dear Linda, That is just wonderful! I am so happy to hear that you are making progress, and significant progress. I appreciate so much that you have shared your good news, and that you have triumphantly stayed faithful in spite of the doubts, fears, anguish, and moments of hopelessness. God bless you Linda, thank you for your decision to believe in the face of darkness. That is what we must all do in life, keep our eyes, heart, and words in line with God. So be it, you are well. You have a testimony of what faith is all about and grace of just how powerful that is in all things.

      3. Dear Linda, That is just wonderful! I am so happy to hear that you are making progress, and significant progress. I appreciate so much that you have shared your good news, and that you have triumphantly stayed faithful in spite of the doubts, fears, anguish, and moments of hopelessness. God bless you Linda, thank you for your decision to believe in the face of darkness. That is what we must all do in life, keep our eyes, heart, and words in line with God. So be it, you are well. You have a testimony of what faith is all about and grace of just how powerful that is in all things.

      4. Hi Linda, My question to you is about the procedure for the Stem Cell Infusion. Was it painful…or uncomfortable the actual procedure. I know just a little about it. The patients blood is drawn and then after being “spun” it is somehow separated, then the useful part is then infused back into patient. Any details or information you are comfortable sharing, please do. Interested in the process for you as far as the procedure went.


      5. Hello Rene,

        So sorry about the delay in getting back to you. No the stem cell infusion, which is cutting edge, is not painful at all. Believe me, after being floxed, nothing can compare to that pain. Your blood is drawn, about 18 vials. After the blood is drawn, you return to the office 4 days later and receive your own blood infusion. Painless unless you hate needles.

        I just had my second infusion last week. I did not experience the same tingling and zapping sensations I felt following the first infusion, but I did notice tingling in my legs and rib area. Since I have made great progress, I’m sure there weren’t as many areas to fix. The first time my whole body needed repair.

        To me it has all been worth the thousands of dollars I have spent trying to recover. Like you, I want my life back. Slowly but surely I am recovering.

        I pray you will have the same results as I have had. I don’t think I will ever be the same, but I am sure am thankful and blessed to be where I am today.

        Let me know if you have any more questions. I can tell you the stem cell infusion works on the tendons and cartlidge by repairing the damage. New cells are activated and go to work on your damaged body. It also works on the CNS.

        So let me know how it goes Rene if you go see Dr. Danielsen.


      6. Hi Linda I came across this article and have contacted Dr Danielsen. I would love to able to talk to you about your expierience. Please if you can call me. Thank You.


      7. Hello Joseph,

        I just discovered your request. Have been busy and not go on this site like I should. I will give you a call.


      8. Linda, I just read your note about the stem cell treatment. I had seen Dr. Danielson in Thousand Oaks and did the Myers Cocktail, Vitamin C, Glutathione but still am very ill. Could you possibly call me at (626) 759-2409 as I would like to talk to you more about the stem cell treatment.

      9. I need help finding one in Chicago or the state of il. Please help me. I am willing to travel out of state. Where did you go. I much need please help. Is there a phone number where I can reach at. Or a chat room email,ect. It seems that the only body that got cured is you and a couple of people thru this thearpy.

      10. Alex – I too have been floxed and live in Chicago – was trying to find someone who could give me an IV drip. I saw this on a site:

        So I looked up drip bars in Chicago and found this:

        I’m not sure what kind of IV’s they do – but, it might be worth a call.

  3. Hi my name is Rene. Injured October 11th 2010. After 3rd tablet of 500mg of Cipro. Right lower leg, & foot severe peripheral nerve damage. Crutches & wheel chair for 10 months. Last 8 weeks using one crutch. Physical therapy too.
    Just began GLUTATHIONE push. Have had one per week for the last 3 weeks. 1200mg (6 or 7 cc’s). Each time I feel pain diminishes the day of Glut/push…..then following day I can have some aches in other areas. Specifically limbs, hands, other foot can have fleeting jabs of nerve pain. Burning forearm, and hand, rigidity in hand, finger tips. These sensations are present anyways but are more pronounced day after Glut/push. I decided to go very slow, and cost prohibits me too. Once a week. Gentle is my approach even with favorable response feel uneasy to proceed quicker. Introduce slowly, watch and see changes as they occur over several weeks. To see pattern,

    Also, a couple days after the Glut/push I use LIFEWAVE GLutathione patch daily. I place on my Spleen 6 meridian point. This helps my pain, and overall sense of wellness. It is a relief that is noticeable quickly and sustains through out the day. LIFEWAVE was a happy accident. It is a patch that helps the body produce glutathione by itself. NOT transdermal! Skin temperature heats patch causing energy signal to body. Unexpected relief from pain! Easy instructions come with patches. Can be used in between Glutathione Push. Only do not wear patch to more than 3-4days in a row using some location points. Adhesive will irritate skin. Then have to wait several days before using same location point. Bought it on line. One more thing the sensitivity of the skin alluded to from Austin…..the autonomic nervous system is effected. Temperature, in skin, and sensitivity all are expressions of the autonomic nervous system having a disturbed conversation if you will. God Bless all of you, Stay Faithful and believe that you are healed. It is done.

  4. Linda, Thank you for reply. Gosh that is a lot of vials…umm were you weak after and for how long? I am very petite. Only 113 lbs…5.5. I am sure there is a reason for the volume needed so as to be able to get the process facilitated effectively but jeesh. Feel faint thinking bout it. Probable need to be driven there and back home. I will read up on it. Let you know any news to tell!

    God Bless, Rene

    1. Linda, I did talk to Dr. D about the therapy. He seemed very confident about it, however the answers to my questions were vague and a bit confusing. I really have little to offer as explanation to my family who would help me with cost. The description given was that it was PRP platelet rich plasma.(but PRP….is an injection) This is a transfusion. I still really dont know what is involved in the “treatment of blood” so that it is then prepared and ready for transfusion. If you have time and willing would you contact me directly to fill in some of the blanks. I sense that because this is not mainstream that Dr. D may not be able to share much information. My hunch. You yourself may not know either. If you do and are comfortable with it you can contact me at Decision is yours of course and either way I am thrilled about your progress and sharing what you have.

    2. Rene, Yes it sounds like a lot of blood, but it is not a plasma draw and so no weakness involved. Since my last two fluoroquinolone incidents, all the veins in my arms have disappeared. It’s amazing what these drugs due to the body. Skin changes, no collegan and no veins. Dr. Danielsen has been the only person able to get a small IV needle into my hands. He is very knowledgeable. You may also want to consider MSM, Ozone and phosphatidycholine infusions. I use to get one IV at a time, but now, due to the long drive, I usually get 2 or 3 treatments.

      If you decide to check him out, you can always just get a consult and then make a decision. I don’t think you will be disappointed. It sounds like you have been through so much. Oh, aquatic therapy is also helpful. Fortunately for me my ordeal is worker’s compensation because it began with pneumonia last August. After 2 crippling months the insurance finally approved the aquatic sessions. I really think it helped. I couldn’t drive at the time and had to have a company take me there. Once in the pool I struggled for weeks, barely able to move around. Your body does not feel the resistance in the water. After 12 sessions, I noticed improvement.

      You hang in there Rene. You are a fighter and you will recover. I can’t count the number of times I wanted it all to end because it was so painful. Never in my life have I had such thoughts. But the Lord gave me the strength to endure the pain and to deal with the mental issues. It sounds like you are making steps to recovery and this is wonderful news. Of course it is not happening as quickly as you want, but it will happen. You are the courageous one Rene.


      1. Linda, I did talk to Dr. D about the therapy. He seemed very confident about it, however the answers to my questions were vague and a bit confusing. I really have little to offer as explanation to my family who would help me with cost. The description given was that it was PRP platelet rich plasma.(but PRP….is an injection) and This is a transfusion. Anyhow looking up J Wong was helpful but I still really dont know what is involved in the “treatment of blood” so that it is then prepared and ready for transfusion.
        If you have time and willing would you contact me directly to fill in some of the blanks? I sense that because this is not mainstream, that Dr. D may not be able to share much information.? My hunch. You yourself may not know either. If you do and are comfortable with it you can contact me at Decision is yours of course and either way I am thrilled about your progress and sharing your experience. Be Well, & God Bless. Rene

  5. had cypro side effects but am ok today, to be the glory.take lots of water to stay hydrated ok and take blood capsules or liqiuds, eat well,take vegetables,antioxidants like apple, plenty of milk,u might be urinating arbnormally its good, cuz ur body is floshing it, have enof rest, take b complex and folic once a day…practice this and u will get well.i knw exactly hw u feel buh u will be fine.avoid misture of magnesium for custipation.u are fine ok believ cuz i knw exactly hw u feel.peter .recovered cipro me if u have a question +2348091955451.

    1. Peter I’m suffering from cipro toxicity my symptoms are muscle pain all over, burning pain in muscleall over, joint pain all over, blurry vision that comes and go, burning sensation on my head and skin all over, muscle twitches all over, pain all over, muscle numbness and weakness,dry eyes, and it feels like electrical shocks all over my skin. When it first started the symptoms were really bad but,it’s getting better I think and then it hits me hard. I’m taking vitamin D, B complex for nervous system, and multivitamin. I would like to talk with you about this and what u did to get better? Plzzzzzz contact me at my email at I’m a mom of three and I need my life and sanity back plzzzz I need ur help!!!!!

  6. I took eight days of cipro about two weeks ago and I have terrible headaches, especially when I lay down and sleep. also have sore throat eye pain, all on left side of face and head.
    I have had five or six years ago mercury toxicity, and I drank a GSH glutithione powder drink from Nutraxis, along with the AOR brand of selenium. After two years I reduced the mercury and got well.
    This protocol is from Deb Baker,at
    I am depending on you guys for some help to get rid of this terrible reaction to this cipro.
    I have been taking methpredisone ( helps with inflamation) with the five day pack from my regular family doctor. It has helped alot, but this cipro effect is going to outlast the methylpredisone pack.
    Thomas, Please help me all you guys, I want to get rid of this cipro side effects.

    1. I just came to the conclusion that I have levaquin tendonitis since about June of this year. I have taken it many times over the years for a gamma globulin deficiency (a type of immune deficiency). I also get blood transfusions every two weeks with an IV steroid premed to prevent an infusion reaction. The steroid, which I never had a problem with before the onset of levaquin tendonitis, is devastating in terms of the increase in tendon pain and, I believe, further damage. I also found this with anti-inflammatories and dairy products. I generally feel very little pain if I avoid them. In terms of dairy products, I think it’s because the milk proteins are so large that they get trapped in the tendon tissues, because of a decreased blood flow, and choke off the already limited blood supply to the tendons. In all the time I’ve spent researching I’ve never come across anything about dairy, so I hope this helps others as much as it helps me. It may not be a cure, but is a great relief from symptoms.

      1. I took cipro for nine days in september 2015. A year and a half earlier I also took cipro.I noticed muscle loss,collagen depletion,skin wrinkling,but but not much else from the first time and not sure why until the recent episode.Cipro has a black box warning that I was unaware of for tendon injuries.The second one caused severe tendon and muscle soreness.The effect is cumulative.I am now taking Recancostat,a newly developed oral glutathione pill that is effective with 12 ounces of water on an empty stomach.Also organic whey protein can facilitate glutathione production.A third way is N-acetyl cysteine which causes the body to produce glutathione.They can be bought on Amazon.It may well help,but should not be taken long term or the body then will rely on it.The other healing methods can be cissus quadrangularis,which heals bones and tendons very quickly,or aloe vera juice,2 tablespoons of it,1 or 2 times a day.These are known natural healers that are powerful.They also cause weight loss of fat as a side effect.The glutathine should be first,then only later the others after the detox.Vitamin A,B,C,D,E and Enzyme Co-Q10,magnesium,turmeric and astaxanthin are all helpful throughout. Jeff

  7. I just wanted to share a recent experience. I’m 15 months post-flox.

    I’ve had significant improvement since last fall, though I still have weakened tendons from hips to feet, and painful knees. Bending and stooping is difficult. But I’ve been doing quite a bit of walking and gentle cycling. All things considered, I’ve been pretty comfortable. I decided to start a series of massages, with the goal of smoothing and easing muscle and tendon structures, in the hope of gaining a bit of flexibility. (I haven’t had a massage since I was floxed.)

    I’ve now had four massages at about 10-day intervals. All I can say is, they’ve literally made me sick, but hopefully in a good way! I’ve experienced fatigue; dizziness; nausea; loss of appetite; lighter-colored stools (sorry if that’s Too Much Information, but it’s pertinent); all-over itchiness; red, itchy eyes; eczema; increased pain and stiffness in feet, ankles, and knees; stiff, tight calves. I also felt pretty bummed, but just figured my mood was a response to the increase in physical discomfort after feeling so much better for several months.

    I looked at the nausea, loss of appetite, and lighter stools and thought: “Liver”. Upon some investigation I found a lot of information to suggest that ALL of my symptoms can be caused by a struggling liver. From one source:

    “Liver Disease Symptoms – An Alternative View

    Other signs and symptoms that suggest Liver disharmony from an oriental medical perspective include:

    Skin problems and disorders
    Tremors, Spasms, Ticks
    Red, itchy eyes
    Irritability, easy to anger
    Hypochondriac pain and mid back tension
    Tight, inflexible tendons and ligaments
    Depression and mood swings”

    Wow! Everything I’m experiencing attributable to a struggling liver! I can only assume that the massage work has dumped a bunch of bad stuff into my lymph/blood, and my liver is screaming “help”. I’ve gone back on milk thistle and of course lots of water, and intend to take a break from the massage until things settle down. Has anybody else experienced a response like this to bodywork?

    1. Hi Vicky, the exact same thing happened to me. It is certainly the bodywork either too much too fast or it’s still too soon, slow down until you find a more comfortable pace. Your diagnosis is perfect, the liver is overloaded. Massage was too much for me until about 2O mOnths out. Best, Nikki

      1. Thanks for your feedback, Nikki. I’ll take your advice but rats! Those massages sure feel good while you’re having them!

    2. Dear Vicki, I think the massage and your new symptoms are coincidentally related. I have noticed we are afflicted with some form of an autoimmune disease rather than direct toxicity. It appears that we will suffer and then have some relief, and then some new symptoms. 2 weeks ago I met someone that was floxed 4 years ago. It took her 2 years to feel back to baseline health and was symptom free for 2 years, until a few weeks ago. She described recurrence of the night sweats, right knee stiffness, and low back pain all recurring within a few days. Unfortunately, this may be a life long phenomenon, unless the response it like Tetanus vaccination which needs re-vaccination every 10 years, whereas, Hepatitis B vaccination is life long. I hope we fall under the Tetanus category. Not much information out there to help us.

  8. I took cipro back in May for a minor bacterial infection. As always I didn’t question the prescription, filled it out and took it for the course I was directed to. In June I started to experience light headedness, brainfog, fatigue and digestive problems like constipation and diarrhea. I’m a 32 year old male that was fairly healthy, went to the gym and played tennis regularly. I found this website a few weeks ago and I guess I convinced myself that my symptoms are as a result of the cipro but any doctor I try to ask about is quick to dismiss the theory. I had my first of nine glutathione IV treatments yesterday and I feel so fatigued today, not sure if it’s because as mentioned above my body is fighting hard to detox or because of the regular fatigue I was feeling before. It’s been about 4 months since I felt normal and for the first time in my life I am scared when I think about my future and if I don’t get better.

  9. Hello…. Please help me…. I was not cipro poisoned but doxy and Plaquenil due to Lyme treatment.
    My symptoms are very similar to what I read fro all of you.

    I need help … Total photosensitive – living in a basement for last 5 months…
    30+ MDs and no help….peripheral neuropathy and lots of pain.

    Pls … I live in Ky but will travel anywhere.

  10. What type of doctor (speciality?) will do the stem cell infusion? I will try to find one here in north Florida. The thought of it scares me though. Everything related to the medical field scares me now.

  11. Still not sure what kind of doctor (specialty) to go to for stem cell infusion or glutathione intravenous or the patch, don’t know what a DMD is. Also how do you take hydrogen peroxide and how often?

  12. I am not real familiar with IV Glutathione but I consider myself very knowledgeable ot “The Master Antioxidant” from research I did while treating Hepatitis C and then the long recovery process from Interferon treatment. It is found in every cell in the body. The best way to get it is to give the body what it needs to produce it, those 3 amino acids from which it is made. I know oral supplementation is not considered to be effective if you use a Glutithione supplement. The best way to get it is through Organic Whey Concentrate which provides the amino acid V blocks necessary to produce it. I use Organic Whey which I purchase from Dr Mercolas website and here is his literature on the subject. The main thing to remember is Whey Concentrate and not whey isolate. That is why I use organic, well that and all of the nasty stuff in regular whey that is not organic grass fed. I also found some whey from organic sheep as well, but have not tried it. Just remember if it is not organic then it contains growth hormones and antibiotics that are fed to these animals that produce it. There are other brands out there but you have to find them, I can’t find the one for the organic sheep Here is Dr Mercolas site I hope this helps you. I spent many months researching this online . I don’t have any interest in where you get it, I just think that this is the best that I have found myself.

  13. Is the glutathione treatment mainly for physical toxicity problems or does it work for the cognitive problems too? All my cipro poison issues seem to be brain related, pn, brain fog and dizziness and I’m looking for the most suitable treatment!

    1. glutathione and h202 helped a lot with those symptoms for me. oxygen therapy is so very important and fast acting. mentally, i did not recover until h202. then it was fast. best of luck, nikki

      1. Hi, please explain what the difference is between H2O2 therapy and ozone and oxygen therapy? I guess there is no-one in the Uk that does it? Thanks.

      2. there are some great sites that explain it well, but here goes… h202 is 2 molecules of hydrogen and two molecules of oxygen, ozone is O3 or three molecules of oxygen. in other respects, h202 is milder than ozone. nikki

  14. You guys should really consider CANDIDA THRUSHantibiotics kill your good bacteria and youll need antifungal to get it back if not horrible for your immune system and entire body since its the strongest Didnt realize i was floxed till i read on the internet myself , its a shame how these doctors ignore it but its so widespread just pure ignorance im gonna do anything to stop any shot i run into

  15. glutathione can be 15 dollars for 2g vial and you give it to yourself at home if find the right doctor .
    Also you should all research LDNinfo
    I am an RN that finally recovered.

    1. Marina

      I’m a RN who just finished a course of cipro for UTI. Didn’t think anything of it because I work for Urogyne and we prescribe it all the time. Well I took 500mg BID FOR 7days and then stuff started happening. I actually went to Ortho because I thought I had a torn rotator cuff but did not. THEN I started reading and found out about being “floxed”. I believe this is happening to me. Don’t know where to start to feel better.


      1. The best place to start is with a major detoxification of the system, lots of rest so your body can realign and heal, lots of clean alkalized water, and lots of positive thinking!

  16. My wife is set to get Glutathione IV’s next week (6months out from taking cipro).. I was wondering how many sessions of Glutathione you underwent (also how many per week?).. and how about the h202? We plan on doing h202 right after the Glutathione.

  17. Hi all,

    This website is being so helpful!! I am so glad I found it! It gave me hope. Thanks for all the information, Thanks GREG! I was just thinking how could I come up with money to have Glutathione IV. After a bit of research I do believe that high quality whey protein concentrate is a good choice.

  18. Nikki or ????

    I sent a reply ~ a week ago and got no response.
    I really need a mentor to get started.
    I have ordered the 2 books recommended.

    Could you or someone contact me to set a consultation time?

    Please respond somehow !

  19. I want to post here about liposomal glutathione. Many with Cipro damage are being helped by the glutathione IVs, but liposomal glutathione is newly developed, much cheaper and maybe even more effective. The glutathione is encased in fat, which is what enables it to be absorbed by about 90%. Be sure to avoid the kind with hydrogenated oils. Good luck everyone. 🙂

    1. I was wondering how long you have to take the liposomal gluathione to get the cipro out of your systems and relieve the side effects. I, like others am in awful shape after only 4 pills. Also, can you recommend a brand? Thanks

  20. Dear Nikki,
    If you might call me at 610-462-7781, I could really use some support/info. I have been on IV Glutathione since August. I am somewhat better but still quite debilitated. I can guage how I am doing by how much I cry. I start crying uncontrollably when I am weak. Any ideas? I have been working with an alternative doctor.


  21. I took Cipro last month and had Severe Anxiety after one pill. I stopped and after a few days felt a bit better with Magnesium. Then it all came back a week later. I have anxiety and nervousness during the day. Hard to sleep at night etc. I only have these symptoms. I thought about doing Homeocipro from Dr. Mueller or IV Therapy. I can’t decide what to do. Has anyone on here just had Anxiety as a side effect and how long it took for this to subside? Dr. Mueller said he could reverse the effects but I’m a little nervous about doing it. IV therapy seems good but I don’t want new problems to come up from that as well.

  22. Please help me!!! I’m; exhausted, hurting, depressed and foggy headed so I am unable to write very much, but I need to know if there is a blood test that can be performed, or any kind of test for that matter, to determine Cipro’s havoc! I need to know that it’s not in my head– everyone looks at me like I’m crazy! Please tell me what to do???? I keep reading symptoms over and over and over and well, that just doesn’t help me any more!!!! I need answers!!! I’m in Houston, TX if anyone knows a doctor that can help me!!!

    1. Kristen, I am curious if you ever found a doctor. I am also in Houston and experiencing the same thing you went through. Please let me know if you found a doctor, cure, anything?
      Thanks so much!

  23. please help i have been disabled for 2 years my rheumatologist actually put cipro toxicity as my diagnosis and it took two years for a diagnosis. i had no idea it was from the mega doses of cipro i was given in 2012 and 2013 but he actually asked me if i every took that drug and coincidentally i did and thats when this happened. i have severe tendon problems and nerve damage.

    where do you get the glutathione

  24. I was taking ciprofloxacin and it almost killed me and I’m not out of the woods yet. Basically after about 5 days of taking this drug with no side effects I collapsed at work. I was sitting at my desk and felt a twitch or flutter in my heart. I can remember thinking this is not right next thing I wake up on floor. The guy next to me helps me back into my seat then I pass out again and I am told I had some kind of fit. Which I now know was lack of oxygen to the brain. They call an ambulance and by the time the paramedics get to me I am more or less ok they do and ECG and can see nothing wrong. I then got taken to A & E and got another EGC still I’m told there is nothing wrong. So I accept this and go home I never thought it would be the ciprofloxacin so dont mention it but I stopped taking it that night since they were almost finished anyway.

    about 4 days later I was at work and I felt as if I was going to faint again but it never happened but I went to an emergency appointment at the doctors anyway. I am not sure if it was just a panic attack or not but I have been feeling gradually more anxious for the past couple of days even though its been over a week since I stopped taking the ciprofloxacin. The doc took blood which came back totally normal and I am to go for another ECG tomorrow to check for drug induced Long QT syndrome.

    This Long QT syndrome’s symptoms completely fit the bill for what happened to me. There is no warning you are just sitting there then you faint or die. I feel like I am lucky to alive as no body in my office knows how to do cardiopulmonary resuscitation and the time it took the paramedics to get to me I would have been long dead.

    I just hope that if this drug caused some kind of heart arrhythmia or god forbid Long QT syndrome that it will now be resolved as I am no longer taking the drug.

    The Symptoms I have had recently are:

    ringing in my ears,
    extreme nervousness and feeling of dread
    mild tingling in face and head and sometime limbs,
    mild heart palpitations
    slight headache
    mild nervous shaking

    Not had:
    any fainting since the initial attack,
    no real dizziness,
    no shortness of breath
    no severe chest pain

  25. Hi everyone,
    I am not in an area where I can get the glutathione IV therapy. Has anyone had any luck with the liposomal glutsthione (capsules)? We are desperate!

    Also, has anyone had luck rebuilding muscle mass/energy post glut. therapy?

    1. Kalee,
      I would definitely give liposomal glutathione a try, as glutathione is helping many damaged by Cipro, and the liposomal is absorbed up to 90%. It’s much cheaper than the IVs and possibly more effective as well. I don’t know about capsules, but you can buy the liquid form on–just be sure to avoid any brands that have hydrogenated oils in their ingredients. Also, many have found relief with magnesium–these two seem to be the keys to improvement after floro damage. God bless you. 🙂

  26. Hi. I’m an 18 yr cipro survivor who just happened upon a semi-cure and I wanted to know if any of you can explain why it worked. I took gelatin/collagen powder (Greak Lakes brand) to help with peripheral neuropathy and all of a sudden my insomnia cleared up. I found myself sleeping beyond 10 hours and weaning cold turkey off of my sleeping pills (temazepam) because of it. My hands have been helped as well. I know it has amino acids with glycine, but how does it compare with the IV therapy you mention?

  27. Thanks EVERYONE, 1st website giving hope!
    Appreciate all the detailed posts AND follow-up, which is very important to newcomers. All I can share is Epsom salt foot soaks seem to be loosening the tendon rigidity somewhat and providing relief cumulatively. I take CALM brand Magnesium Citrate drink powder which is very well absorbed. Helps constipation too. Between that and the Epsom soaks I feel my magnesium levels are good.
    Will report on other bits as I try them.
    I took only 1 levofloxacin (Levaquin) pill 5 days ago and have MANY symptoms from tendinitis (felt literally like it was “eating” arches of both feet) and rigidity to tinnitus and major brain issues as if I had a concussion. Eyesight, equilibrium, and skin changes on my face.
    This crap should be banned!
    Keep the faith, everyone, there is a way to heal ourselves. Positive mindset is part of it…

  28. Thank you for this site, it is so encouraging to find this after reading nothing but hopeless stories.

    Are the oxygen and glutiathone treatments safe for breastfeeding? My baby really needs my milk so I cannot consider stopping but I am desperate for help. These pains are making me crazy.

    Is anyone here in Austin, TX? Desperately seeking resources.

  29. 4.5 yrs ago I had surgery then had infection took Cipro had a reaction After three days of being on it. I slowly got worse with different symptoms stabbing nerve pain in my legs. tingling arms, legs. Dizziness , tinnitus , heart racing, insomnia. Now since June 2014 I went totally down hill having heat intolerance, can’t stand or sit for too long because of dizziness. I have been diagnosed by a neurologist at Mayo here in AZ that I have autonomic neuropathy. He suspects Cipro Toxcity but says there’s no test to prove it. He has ruled out with much testing that I don’t have an underlining autoimmune disorder. I will go get those IVs from a naturapathic doctor here in Scottsdale that I know. I have found that alpha lipoic acid is repairing some nerve damage. I get some relief by getting acupuncture as well. Hopefully with the IVs that you mentioned and oxygen I can get better. I hope to report back in several months that it’s all working. Thank you for taking the time to keep up with your blog even though you’re better. You’re a lifesaver for the rest of us.

  30. Hi floxies

    I’m desperate for help. I’ve been suffering from severe side effects from cipro. Damage to nerves, tendons etc. I’m afraid I will end up paralyzed. It’s been over 4 months. I’m trying to find a peripheral neurologist in Canada preferably BC to help me with nerve psin in back and stomache under my ribs. I’ve been off work Andy life and body are going to hell in a handbag. This debilitating pain has taken it’s toll. If anyone has a name I can contact please email me. The only doctors or neurologists I can find are in the states.
    Thank you

  31. I know the answer about the collagen powder. It contains several amino acids that are essential and anti-inflammatory, but they are not present in muscle meats or other proteins because they are found in animal cartilage — just like our own. The most interesting amino acid in collagen is glycine, which is not only one of the peptides that make up glutathione, but it it also binds to GABA receptors and can have a calming and sedative quality on its own. You can order simple glycine in bulk. Before the advent of the wonders of Modern Murder Medicine it was also prescribed to myasthenia gravis patients with successful results. For some reason MG patients can not assimilate the entire collagen complex through their digestive apparatus but can assimilate glycine; which often resulted in a functional cure. This makes sense in another way — GABA is the neurotransmitter that promotes neuromuscular relaxation ( the opposite of contraction) and therefore is responsible for the “other half” of successful nerve to muscle transmission — the part of the transmission that tells muscles to *stop* contracting.

    I take glycine because collagen ( and gelatin) are too hard on my stomach and I don’t think I absorb it well. I notice a number of positive effects when I take glycine on its own.

  32. I am currently suffering from being floxed. I actually do believe I have been suffering from this for many years and have been misdiagnosed with several autoimmune diseases. The last time I was floxed was actually twice in a row. In February 2015 I was given Cipro at the ER and then immediately after that my primary care Dr. gave me Levaquin. At that time I was also on a low dose of prednisone as well as methotrexate. I had been weaning off the prednisone for over a year. I was off the prednisone by March and the Methotrexate by April or May, but all the damage was done. I just want to say how much I appreciate all the information all of you have provided. I now have hope. The only way I have survived, and I am actually just basically existing now, not even surviving anymore, but it is God who will see us through. That is Who has kept me going and led me here. Thank you so very much!

  33. Dear Nikki,
    Thank you very much for your article here! I had ciprofloxacin last week for a kidney infection. I took four pills of 500mg of this and already noticed firing nerve pain in my legs and then neuropathy set in a few hours after. I am very worried and wondering if it is possible to get this drug out of my system and also reverse the breaking down side-effects that it apparently does on our cells DNA over long periods of time (affording to my research). You mentioned that these amino acid injections helped you, and this makes sense, since these molecules are the building blocks of proteins and thereby our cells. Perhaps they can repair tissue or nerve damage from neurotoxins? I also noticed that you mentioned that naturopathic exotics typically give them. How would I locate one of those in NYC? My zip is 10023. Thanks ever so for your time and help! I’m exceedingly grateful! Kristine

  34. The worst part is that there are no known effective treatments for fluoroquinolone toxicity. People who sustain severe and long-lasting reactions to Cipro, Levaquin, or other fluoroquinolone antibiotics find themselves abandoned by the very system that caused their life-altering adverse reactions.

    1. I have been given Levaquin no less than 35 times since 1997, and Cipro 12 times in this same period, for Pneumonia, Sinusitis and other. My symptoms started coming on, that are documented by my medical Dr’s, in 2004. Through the last 13 years I have had multiple symptoms which include Peripheral Neuropathy, of which, the Dr’s kept saying they had no idea what was causing it, all the while still prescribing Levequin and Cipro. I am disabled and have not worked in years. I do not think I have slept through the night since 2008. My central nervous system is shot. I have tremors and attacks, with sweating and cold, at precise intervals round the clock. I have been in hospitals many times especially through the night so Dr’s can see whats happening, and no one, I mean no one, could make a conclusion as to what was going on. It wasn’t until last year when I went to a Dr. to see if I had Sinusitis again and needed to get the Levaquin that I read about the new information coming to light on it. I quickly called my primary care Dr. that had treated me for 12 years on this. They refused to see me anymore. Luckily I requested all my medical records and everything is documented in there, but no diagnosis on what the causes are. The insurance company in 2011 refused anymore tests or MRI’s or anything claiming Pre-existing conditions, but never stated as to what. They pulled out of paying for MRI’s they authorized and had already been done. The Dr’s office cut me off from all my medical correspondance asking for records of conversations and authorizations between them and my insurance company. I called the main pharmacy I used for the last 16 years and got copies of all my records of prescriptions. The Levaquin and Cipro prescriptions are all on there. It was only me, last year that read something about the Levaquin problems that put 2 and 2 together. The Dr’s continued to prescribe these medications to me yearly, all the while I was becoming more crippled and in pain, and many other effects from the drugs. I encourage anyone that has taken these drugs, or think you were given them in the last 18 years, to get all your pharmacy records quickly. The new laws are making it so that they only have to keep records 7 years back. I do not blame my Dr’s for what they did, I blame the pharmaceutical company that made these drugs and not informing the Dr’s properly for detection of problems associated with it. My Dr’s obviously didn’t even know what was happening and kept prescribing while trying to figure it out. At this point, I do not think I will get better. I have been getting worse yearly. I would like to know if the two people that asked for Dr’s in the Austin and Houston Texas areas that specialize in FQAD, ever found Dr’s there. I think it would be helpful to disclose their names.

      1. Well Jane, the best option is to interview as many doctors as you can, looking for someone open minded and able to assist with strengthening your lymphatic and endocrine system. Perhaps an iridologist or a naturalpath. I wish you the best of luck, Nikki

  35. I’m not sure if this site is still active. I was floxed this past August. Yesterday I had a iv vitamin push and iv glutathione this morning. It is now 7 pm and my legs are killing me like I ran a marathon. What are your thoughts?

  36. I’m nearly six months out and will be starting taking Liposomal glutathione on Monday when it arrives. Will this be beneficial for my Achilles problems? I’m prepared to feel a little worse initially but have been told to hang in there as I detox.

  37. Nikki, liposomal glutathione is 90% absorbed by the body and is much, much cheaper than the IVs. Before spending thousands of dollars on IV treatments, it might be extremely helpful to at least mention this idea in your article for people to try? People desperately need to know about it. I have mentioned it above in a comment, but I’m concerned people in need will miss my comment. 🙁 There are many good brands–people just need to choose one without hydrogenated oils.

  38. Nikki, here is “great” article of a lady’s recovery story, and she mentions the importance of liposomal glutathione and how it helped her–along with many other great supplements!

  39. I originally took Cipro for a stubborn UTI in 2001 at 18 yrs old. I had experienced anxiety as a child and teen but nothing like what Cipro caused. I had a massive panic attack. I stopped the med after the first pill and the attacks continued…non stop. I never got a normal moment again. My life was one long panic attack. After trying anti-anxiety meds, a doctor put me on Paxil. It helped tremedously. I became me again. I switched to Lexapro 3 years later and have been on it since. I’ve tried multiple times over the last 15 years to come off but I return apmost immediately to 24 hr panic mode. So bad so that I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy (if Ii had one). After trying internet searches trying to find others that could possibly relate, I’m beginning to believe that I have permanent damage in my neurorecptors or something of the like caused by Cipro.

    1. I have been taking a mood supplement the last few months, to get me out of fight or flight, and it has helped tremendously, I have been taking MOOD BLISS, but there are others, essentially a B vitamin formula, with ashwagandha and 5 HTP. Hugs, Nikki

  40. alynn,
    in alberta we know of a pain clinic, Innovations health clinic , Calgary providing “alternative”/mainstream support from a collective of health practitioners incl prolotherapy (paid by our system) PRP(plasma enrichment of patient blood, reinjected to painful sites eg joints -both knees costing $1000 canadian=about USD750; excellent clinic)canadian insurance will pay some $220 towards this in my case. perhaps these FQ drugs are activating chemtrail nanotoxins in everyone more or less!? Had surgery in Panama 2010, weak(lost 3/4 of normal energy) and sick and very sore since then, can hardly walk sometimes. just found the clinic. hopeful.

  41. hi everyone, experiencing tendonitis in any joints I over use. My wrist and carpal tunnel soreness are very frustrating as I work on the computer. One thing I tried is l-glutamine , this seems to help me alot, and had lead me to glutathione, are these guys related somehow? I’m going to try glutathione to see if it helps.

  42. I was floxed February 2016. Been through a roller coaster of mental and now physical effects from 10 day cipro for a uti. Still deal with anxiety ad depression and brainfog. Until recently bad joint pain, spams and serious join popping. I’ve seem 2 rheumatologist, one seems to think I have RA and the other not quite sure because I don’t have all the markers based on multiple labs. Saw an endocrinologist, became borderline hypothyroid and have very high cortisol levels. Im only 32, with 2 young kids. I need help. The only doctor that was able to confirm i had adverse reaction to cipro is my obgyn, my rheumatologist seems purplexed but acknowledges that cipro can cause tendon damage. I saw a naturopath dr. But he didn’t convince me. I live in Houston tx, we have the best medical center and yet doctors here are not helpful and deny cipro messed me up. I made a report with the FDA and the pharmacist I spoke with said there was so many people calling everyday with the same adverse reactions.

  43. I was floxed in July. After reading how glutathione had helped so many people i thought I would try it. However today I feel AWFUL! My stomach hurts so much. I feel like my body os burning up and brain fog and extreme anxiety. I’m terrified at this point. I’m contemplating whiter or not I should go to er. If anyone has had these symptoms please tell and how long they lasted. This may sound dumb but I’m scared it permanent damage. Help please

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