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After hours and hours of searching the web for USEFUL information about recovering from Cipro Toxicity, a potential Cipro cure, Cipro Toxicity treatment options and stories of recovery, these are the websites that I ended up visiting the most because they had the best information. Hopefully you will find some of them to be helpful too:

The Flox Report is perhaps the most comprehensive document I have read about Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome. It is not a medical document, but it was prepared by someone studying more than 50 sufferers of SEVERE toxicity. This detailed report covers everything from projected outcomes to diet, supplements and physical therapy. This paper does not cover any of the remedies I have had success with, and in my opinion lacks in certain perspectives, but overall, I found it to be helpful. Use caution when reading it because the author can be very negative and he himself cautions you about using the paper as a way to definitively project your own outcome. This is a “must read”if you’ve been floxed.

This article was written by a Toxicologist for the benefit of ER physicians:

Drugwatch keeps an eye on pharmaceutical companies. This advocacy group educates families on the dangers of prescriptions and medical devices that are defective and harmful. You can find resources and up-to-date information on the latest drug recalls:

If you would like to learn more about Homeopathy, this is a good starting point:

Public Citizen is a non-profit organization that has played a big role in pushing the FDA (by lawsuit) to ad a “black” box label to the Cipro package insert. There are some interesting articles here, but this isn’t about recovery from Cipro side effects, this is activism:

This is a great article called “The Poisoning of America: The Rise of “Mystery” Illnesses Including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia and Gulf War Syndrome”. I thought it was particularly interesting for the fact that it got me thinking about all the people I know who’ve been otherwise healthy then suddenly contracted a mysterious illness:

This is the article I read the night my most severe Cipro Toxicity symptoms first appeared, the onset of the devastation. It discusses a case where am man recovered using glutathione therapy:

If you are considering IV therapies similar to the ones I have had, you may want to use this link to find a doctor in your area. I used this link and found a doctor in my area that listed glutathione as a treatment she offers:

This article was interesting to me because it discusses peripheral “neuropathy secondary to drugs”, which is important if you have a neuropathy because neurapthies are different in their characteristics depending on how you developed the neuropathy, for example, if was drug induced or illness created:

This is an excellent article by Dr. Cohen wherein he discusses some conventional and alternative treatments for Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome and his observations:

This article is about intracranial hypertension, a Cipro side effect:

Okay, so I know this isn’t a cancer website, but if you or someone you know is currently being “treated” for cancer, you might check out the guy who has been curing cancer since the 70’s. He is in Texas and the FDA has tried to incarcerate him 5 times (can you guess why?), but if that makes you pause, then you might also like to know that after years of duking it out, the FDA is now working on a clinical trial with him:

Here is an article by the NRDC explaining why antibacterial soaps are dangerous and the FDA finally agrees:

If you have been taking anti-depression or anti-psychotic medication and you would like to detoxify your body and mind from these incredibly toxic chemicals, you might be interested in this detox center in Arizona

This article was interesting to me because it discussed some differences in treatment when dealing with tendon problems induced by fluoroquinolone toxicity vs. injury induced:

Another article related to tendons destroyed by fluoroquinolones:

Another technical tendon article specific to Cipro induced tendinitis:

An easy way to read and sign the most recent petition regarding Cipro Toxicity and Cipro side effects:

This letter was written by J. Cohen, MD, a doctor in San Diego who has studied Cipro Toxicity:

This is a forum entry discussing in detail a severe and lengthy case of fluoroquinolone poisoning and how the patient recovered using Ozone:

This website can help you find a doctor in your area who specializes in Ozone treatments. The most experienced North American doctor is in California and his name is Dr. Rowen:

An article about distinguishing the different peripheral neuropathies

This article was sent to me by a Homeopathic Practitioner who is treating a Cipro victim, it is regarding homeopathy:

This Facebook page can be interesting and I like that it promotes activism:

If you know of an article that may be helpful to people trying to recover from this devastating condition, please let me know in the comments area and I will consider posting it here. Thank you!

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Links

  1. I was thinking about it. Looking into it right now. I tried a glutathione IV this morning with some other stuff as well, waiting to see how it works. So far I am a little nauseous and have the flu-like feeling, as was expected (Nikki said this would happen). And also like her, I think it’s good to feel this because it means something is working in your body. People feel sick when they are starting to heal (with colds, flu, etc.) so this should be with everything. Again, I am not taking any pain medications to mask these feelings either. Just like this site mentions and my own self understanding, medications toxify your liver, etc. (not against them or saying don’t take it) but I am trying to go about this as naturally as possible. No pain, no gain right?


    Also, it would be interesting to see what scientists think when they look at the structure of the fluoroquinilone (the pic Nikki posted) it seems that everything is either positive or negatively charged, and if someone could only figure out what the opposite of the FQ is, maybe this could be a cure or at least stronger chelater.

    One more thing, I am also taking bentonite clay in the morning and before (at least 30 mins) I take any supplements that may detox. The clay does not get absorbed in the GI tract and will bind to toxins and such and aid in flushing them out. This should make the detox experience a little less intense as it won’t be re-released into your body.

  2. I read this when I first joined, but reread it and even more appreciate all the countless hours of work that has gone into presenting these sources. I read very carefully the first one that is considered non-medical, but it is so complete and so understandable, I highly recommend everyone who has had an ADR to read it carefully. I found it most helpful. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart! To know what we are fighting is sometimes half the battle.

  3. HI, I have been floxed for about s month now and more symptom coming more. I am really interested on finding more information about the gluth… treatment on that link but unfortunately the link is not active at the moment. Please advice me. Thanks.

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