Apple Cider Vinegar and Toxicity

At some point within my first flox year, my husband came home with his usual armload of kids jackets and backpacks and whatnot, and then I heard a loud thump. I looked over as he slung a gigantic bottle of Organic Raw Bragg Apple Cider Vinegaron the counter and he said, “a gift from Danny”. I had to laugh because the 48 oz size of the apple cider vinegar bottle was a message in itself, and the message wasn’t a gentle gesture to say, “here, I thought this might help”, it was a message that said, “Don’t Even Think About NOT Drinking This Whole Bottle!!!!!”. That’s Danny for you. Well, I have experience with Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and I can tell you that it can be a chore to get it down, but in my past it has helped me evade some nasty colds and flu’s. The idea of drinking that stuff felt like an assault of some kind, so the bottle has been sitting on the counter (it is too big to fit in the cabinet – thanks Danny – lol) unopened, staring at me. Then last night Danny delivered some of his AMAZING wife’s homemade soup, and I was reminded to consider the ACV. I know Apple Cider Vinegar is somewhat wondrous, it can destroy a UTI (hmmm ACV… or Cipro?) but what can it do for floxies? I decided to give it a try and it has remained a part of my regular home care ever since. Thanks Danny, for caring and for the reminder. And for the soup 🙂

Here is an article from Natural News, written by Elizabeth Walling:

The cleansing properties of apple cider vinegar have been utilized for centuries. Eastern medicine teaches us that apple cider vinegar can help stimulate circulation and aid detoxification in the liver. Ancient cultures often used apple cider vinegar to purify the blood. Today we are exposed to more toxins than ever before, so it’s become even more important that we take care of our bodies by detoxing with natural medicinal foods like apple cider vinegar.

Apple cider vinegar is rich in natural minerals, vitamins and enzymes. Supplying these nutrients to the body is crucial during a time of detoxification, when all the systems in the body go into overdrive to purge out toxic material. The unique acids in apple cider vinegar can bind to toxins and help the body eliminate them more effectively. They are also equip to fight bacteria, fungus and Candida.

Another way apple cider vinegar aids detoxification is by breaking up mucus throughout the body and cleansing the lymph nodes to allow for better lymph circulation. A healthy lymphatic system can remove toxins from the cells in the body while improving immune system response.

Taking apple cider vinegar before meals aids digestion and improves gastric health, helping the body remove toxic waste more efficiently. When foods are digested thoroughly and waste eliminated quickly, the body is nourished and toxins are removed before they have time to do damage.

Remember, to get real results you must choose a real product. The ideal apple cider vinegar is in raw liquid form. It should be unprocessed and unfiltered, with plenty of “mother” in it. Any other kind of apple cider vinegar will be far less effective and may provide no benefits at all. In fact, some cheap imitations are simply white distilled vinegar with caramel coloring added!

Take apple cider vinegar in small doses throughout the day. Many people like to take 1-3 teaspoons in a glass of water before meals to aid digestion. Others enjoy adding it to hot water with honey to drink as a tea. You can also use apple cider vinegar to make tasty and nutritious sauces and salad dressings.

A hot bath prepared with a cup of apple cider vinegar and a cup of Epsom salts will draw toxins out through the skin and help jumpstart the cleansing process. This can also help relieve joint pain as well as skin conditions like eczema and acne.

Also, there is an interesting article about Apple Cider Vinegar, including recipes and dosage, I found at BellaOnline, here is an excerpt :

Guest Author – Linda Paul

Cider vinegar is a powerful detoxifying and purifying agent. It breaks down fatty, mucous and phlegm deposits within the body. By breaking down these substances it improves the health and function of the vital organs of the body, such as the kidneys, bladder and liver, by preventing excessively alkaline urine. It also oxidizes and thins the blood, which is important in preventing high blood pressure. This powerful potion also promotes digestion, assimilation and elimination, all the while neutralizing any toxic substances that enter the body. Cider vinegar has been found to neutralize any harmful bacteria that may be found in certain foods. When a mixture of cider vinegar and water is taken before a meal (particularly food served in restaurants or at picnics where the preparation or duration of food left uncovered and not refrigerated is questionable), it seems to prevent diarrhea or digestive upsets… Cider vinegar is thought to be beneficial in the treatment of arthritis, as a beverage or with compresses soaked in hot vinegar applied directly to the joints. It is also thought to be helpful when used to treat asthma, nose bleeds, osteoporosis, cancer, candida, high cholesterol, colds, constipation, muscle cramps, colitis, diabetes, diarrhea, depression, dizziness, ear discharge, eczema, fatigue, gallstones, kidney stones, hay fever, headaches, heartburn, hiccups, indigestion, insomnia, kidney and bladder problems, metabolism, nasal congestion, sore throats, stiff joints, ulcers and weight loss.”

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  1. I am trying to start a yeast free time because another survivor told me that going yeast free helped her stinging burning tendon pains. However, you should not be taking vinegar on a yeast free diet. Do you think I should make an exception?

    1. If she is eliminating yeast, I suspect, but do not know, that she may have an overgrowth of yeast, in which case eliminating yeast may increase her bodies efficiency (particularly with healing). So by eliminating something that is not good for her, her body will function more properly. HOWEVER, the same may not be true for you. Have you determined yourself to be growing too much yeast?

  2. No, I really don’t know for sure if that is my problem. I was hoping if it helped her, it would help me. I have cleaned up my diet dramatically since I got poisoned from levaquin- However, I used to eat tons of chips, crackers, cookies, vodka ( one or two glasses a night), little soda etc, Now I have elimated most of that but I am trying to go yeast free and gluten free to see if that helps with my pain but I have been looking at the lists of foods that you can eat (from different websites) and they all conflict with each other! Is there a good test that I can order that can test whether I have yeast/gluten problems? I heard there was a few out there that I can order from the internet. What do you recommend?

    1. Felice: Tendons are very much related to ph balance in the body.
      please check on that….but al most all of the time it is related to luck of nutrientes, specially minerals….Google… Youtube dr glidden and YouTube dr wallach. They have the best supplement for joints, cartílage, tendons and nones support.
      If You want to go for the real cure learn how to make bone broth. The net is full of Information about it…
      Best wishes for You……

  3. No, I really don’t know for sure if that is my problem. I was hoping if it helped her, it would help me. I have cleaned up my diet dramatically since I got poisoned from levaquin- However, I used to eat tons of chips, crackers, cookies, vodka ( one or two glasses a night), little soda etc, Now I have elimated most of that but I am trying to go yeast free and gluten free to see if that helps with my pain but I have been looking at the lists of foods that you can eat (from different websites) and they all conflict with each other! Is there a good test that I can order that can test whether I have yeast/gluten problems? I heard there was a few out there that I can order from the internet. What do you recommend?
    Also, I just read your answers to my other posts. I guess I am writing in two different spots. Anyway, yes I will be seeing an integrative doctor soon after I get my second set of blood tests back from the nutritionist and after I have taken a yeast test . Thanks again for all the help and info


  4. I was floxed 5 weeks ago. I find that the ACV does help me. I usually feel energized (comparitively speaking!) after taking it. I am taking 2 tablespoons a day. Perhaps the liver cleansing properties help us?

  5. Thank you for the info regarding the ACV. I will definitely try this.

    Hopefully, the following will also help you. I found a couple of sites that mentioned the following:

    For pain relief caused by Levaquinn, take up to 10,000 mg of vitamin C, divided throughout the day (there are 1,000 mg portions available). Also, take up to 1,000 mg of Tylenol, in divided doses). One Omega-3 Fish Oil capsule can be helpful as well. Likewise, a B-complex vitamin was recommended, especially for help with neuropathy. Of course, do not take anything that you might be allergic to or that would interact with your current medications.

    I have taken these, as well as Glucosamine/Chondroitin.

    I noticed, within a short time, that the vitamin C and Tylenol were helping me. I also found that if I don’t set the alarm to wake me within 8 hrs. of taking my last dosage, I will awake with stabbing/burning pain and nerve problems.

    There is non-acidic Vitamin C available to help prevent stomach upset. I believe it is more expensive, though. If the standard Vitamin C is taken, you may want to take an ant-acid one or two times per day.

    I pray this information will be of help to many. suffering from Levaquinn.


    1. Chris-

      Your liver will become cirrhotic if you keep taking the Tylenol. I would discontinue it immediately. Tylenol is one of the most toxic OTC drugs on the market.


      1. As MB aptly cautions, I can be additionally precise after I was compelled to so carefully monitor my aged father who was on Vicodin [combo of hydrocodone [opioid]/acetaminophen [Tylenol]…and can inform that the FDA’s ceiling for adverse event while on this OTC medication is at or over 4 grams per day. In my dad’s case, and likely with Chris…a much lower dose of [only] Acetaminophen [as Tylenol] is safer at 500 mg, two times a day…or for daily total of 1000 mg [l gram].

        “However” even when using lower dose, this should be on a temporary basis or, not over the long haul [like for chronic pain]…due to real potential for accumulative toxicity to the Liver, our major detoxification organ. Intravenous NAC [N-Acetyl Cysteine] is what is used in the ER setting to counter adverse event of an Acetaminophen ‘overdose’…and for proactive prevention to protect on an ongoing basis, I like to use both NAC and Milk Thistle [Silymarin] as two excellent dietary supplements for best Liver health. Needless to say, if there has been any Cipro [fluoride-derived] assault, these are definitely worth considering to perform a similar assistance so the Liver can [even] better purge such poison. Be well, everyone.

  6. I’m floxed, I’ve taken apple cider vinegar (along with every other supplement you can imagine) and I’m still completely disabled. Thinking a supplement is going to get us out of this nightmare is way, way too optimistic unfortunately. If only it were that easy.

    1. As far as floxed goes look up borax on internet. Boiron makes pharm. grade. Borax used to be used
      to preserve food. Look up the Borax Conspiracy I was totally blown away that it helps the body excreat flouride out of your body. Also mentioned is iodine for Cipro poisoning.
      Good Luck.

  7. hello,
    i was just reading about teasel, in matthew woods book. Teasel tincture is known for its quality to work on Lyme disese. there are some good vids on youtube about it.
    In woods book, he mentions that teasel is know to strengthn kidney and liver chi, which in turn strengthens muscle tendo and joints…
    so this is just a thought for those of you suffering from cipro, that this could be a tincture to help.
    Teasel is actually a thistle that grows plentifully in the east usa.
    the tincture is made from the roots of rosettas of teasel,
    normally, only a few drops a day are required.
    i am taking it and i can feel it working and abating the lyme.
    whether it will do it in total for me is as yet unknown.
    the tincture is available on line.
    and as i say there are some good vids on youtube.

  8. Thanks, everyone! I used to take ACV to help with high blood pressure because a friend at school said that it had kept his blood pressure in the normal zone without medication. Then over the years I got out of that habit and ended up with high blood pressure and arthritis – getting older happens. 🙂
    This past year as many of you know I had had such a severe asthma episode again and again until my immune system started “crashing” – could have been the prednisone that it took to “save my life” accordng to my pulmonary specialist. I beleve her, because without the prednisone, I don’t think I would have made it. But then I had a really severe bout worse than all the rest and I was on prednisone for 21 days – that did it – started an ADR just like CIPROS. Wasn’t quite healed from that when an UTI comes along and instead of renewing my Macrobid which usually worked fine, my primary care gave me CiprosfloxacinHCL 250 mg. twice daily. After 15 pills, I knew I was headed for an ADR worse than prednisone’s. It’s been over 6 weeks and my doctor doesn’t really believe that ADR’s can last that long. He also did what the emergency room doctor gave me for frozen shoulder and when she X-rayed said I had some bad arthritis in my back and to continue taking oxycodone and loranzapel (SP?) which I do (minimum dose daily).
    So I started ACV this week and think it is helping – at least – the asthma and arthritis. Thanks for the info, too, about a pure ACV which we didn’t get, but I still think it’s helping and will get the pure kind as soon as I can.
    My best to each of you and may we all be strong survivors! God bless. Prayers and positive thinking help, too.

  9. I don’t know what to put in the “Website” field, as my computer skills are very limited. I was floxed by Cipro in May 2009 and now fear the damage is degenerative. I felt when it happened the pain was in my veins and not my tendons. It was and is a burning sensation and a severe ache. My veins have become more prominent all over and I experience strange pains in them throughout the day. So I wonder if damage to our circulatory system is causing all the harm we are experiencing, that one system nourishes the entire body. I fear either the structure (veins) or blood have been alterred, compromised or damages in some way that is causing all the other deterioration. Several people have posted that they were recently diagnosed with Leukemia which has me terrified. I wish I knew where research not funded by Bayer is ongoing. An MRI did reveal damage to muscles in my legs but of course could not say it was secondary to Cipro. I also have blood in urine, enlarged pancreas neck with high enzymes, painful crack in left jaw and constant tinnitis in right ear and cracking in joints. Then there are the odd skin formations. I have found no help at all from medical field. Love this site and will begin the Cider Vinegar today. Will try anything at this point to save my life.

  10. Please! When say apple cider vinegar say the proper hethy brand, which is Braggs with the “mother” otherwise people will just go start drinking grocery store type of vinegar such good town and get no health benefit and more than Limey do more damage to themselves unwittingly. Try to be thorough and conscientious when mention something that has helped you.

  11. Hi. I am new to the forum an was floxed just about 7 weeks ago. Right now I have pretty bad joint pain in basically every joint an bad back pain which tend to come and go, horrible stomach issues (although improved from last month), brain fog, anxiety, trouble sleeping, a red dry throat and horrible tinitus in both ears. Ive been taking a good multi vitamin, vit d3, about 400mgs of magnesium, acv, and just threw wheat grass in the mix. Some things seem to be clearing like the brain fog which now kinda comes and goes but im extremely depressed, angry at myself for not researching cipro before I took it an still have pretty bad anxiety and just dont feel like myself or feel like ill never be me again.I had some thoughts of suicide and crazy moments about a wk ago but also had been awake for 3 days strait n this was pre supplements. I feel a little more at peace now after the supplements and being able to sleep even if its only 3-5 hrs a night. The joint pain is bothersome but I can still get up and walk, not to standards but im not bed ridden by any means just very sore and the back pain is def the worst for me. I also tend to wake up in the middle of the night and be sweating very badly which just seemed to start a few days ago even though throughout the day im usually cold. I would like next week to attempt to at least get out and drive even if just for a few mins. I have a wonderful fam an gf but I would rly like to hear from some ppl who have been thru this bc I feel as though my soul has been stolen from me an what remains is this person who I dont even know anymore. The very first couple weeks I did suffer bad migraines everyday which seem to be diminishing over time an ive also noticed that my mouth has become much less dry as well as my nose so im hoping if those things have come around everything else will follow suit but I have no knowledge of this cipro toxicity thing and would love to hear any success stories to keep my mind from going off the deep end.

  12. Hi Owen, glad to hear you’re having some improvement. I only looked up ciprofloxacin adverse side effects due to pain when standing, felt very sick on day 6 of taking it so stopped. Two days later I have tingling and pins and needles all over, headache, dizziness, I am frozen and scared to death. I have been to a & e twice this week, kidney function is ok but I have flank and back pain, I am going to the health Store for probiotics, clean food and anything else that might help, peace and love to all having to face this, we can get better x

  13. well..ill try to shorten it..bu there goes..floxed with cipro for a uti and took two bottles…till i stopped..32 500mg of ciprofloxicin…results..tendons in heels feel like they are goint to explode..muscles in legs so weakened that i cant walk except for litlle baby steps..bottom of they are on fire yet they look normal..whole body has been hurting but legs completely destroyed..buzzin in ears and it goes on and on, wound up in E.R. had brain scans..mris with and without the injected dyes..drank the barium sulfate redi cat 2 for more tests and on and on and they basicly kicked me out of the hospital, al the while two doctors telling me cipro didnt cause this and i know it damn well did.Before this i was very healthy..mile on the beach scuba diver etc…now im good if i can stand up more than 5 minutes…very very floxed and it doesnt stop when you quiit taking the pills ill post the only things that have helped in the least…and doctors is not one of them..i have had thousands of dollars worth of tests for naught.One cheap thing that helps..and theres no scientific basis for this to work but it hot hot baths with epson least three cups and at least once a day…second biggest help as the pain is way to much to sleep is a drug called very careful and ONLY take one After you have gotten into bed ..make sure your in the damn bed when you take will sleep and a benefit is it will kill the pain for about six to eight hours AFTER you wake usually kept me pain free till noon time..and only when used once for and WITH the dont try and use it any other way..and dont use it for more than about eight weeks and NEVER use it for any thing has helped me with this horrible pain.join and tylenol 500 mg no more than two a day..and the b12 vitamins and a magnesium pill…the doctors have been totally useless and deny this even exist. WELL thats my experience and so far ive improved about 20 percent in 8 weeks of a freaking hell caused by this drug. GOOD luck to all.

  14. hi everyone! i just happened upon this site as i was researching how to get better after suffering from cipro poisoning. i was on 2 weeks of antibiotics due to an infection. a week after, i developed uti, and i was again put on another round of antibiotics. the pain cause by the uti didn’t stop after taking that round of antibiotics. my doctor wasn’t available that time, and i was referred to another doctor and i was advised to take cipro. after just taking ONE dose of 500 mg, i woke up the following day with a severe headache, body aches and numbness in my hands. i just knew i had to stop taking cipro. i felt better a few days after.
    then a couple of weeks after, i noticed the insides of my elbow and the back of my knees were swollen. i took advil to ease the swelling and the pain.
    gradually, i noticed my feet and hands are swelling. the swelling is more visible in my ankle area. i’ve been tested recently for liver/ kidney functions and everything turned up good.
    i don’t know what to do, and i just want to feel better again. i get really severe anxiety at times that makes matters even worse.
    it’s crazy how one dose of cipro taken in april can do this to my body. any help (suggestions) would be very much appreciated!

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