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The End of my Wheelchair

In July 2011, just about a year post flox, I found myself at the California State Fair being pushed around by my husband in my wheelchair. At the time, I didn’t need the wheelchair all the time, I pretty much only used it at home and for events that either required a lengthy time on my feet or a great distance to travel. The fair qualified as both. It was the end of a long day and we had just decided to call it quits. Between us and the parking lot however, were the giant exhibit halls that are customarily filled to the brim with vendors and exhibitors selling their “revolutionary” products that you really can’t live without (lol). As we were cruising through the exhibit hall, looking for the most direct path to the parking side of the building, my intuition started pushing me to travel down a rather lonely looking corridor. Fortunately, my husband trusts my intuition and often humors me with my odd requests to change course. As we entered into this area, I was approached by a rather aggressive and seemingly desperate Bionic Band salesman talking about electromagnetic fields and earth resonance. I tried to shrug him off and keep moving, especially when he started asking why I was in a wheelchair (I was not in the mood to waste my precious and limited energy explaining FQs to a salesman at the fair). But his genuine enthusiasm and kind face caused me to pause and as he was explaining the damaging effects of EMFs, he mentioned “cellular communication” and our bodies ability (or inability) to heal, which really demanded my attention.

At this point Mitch, the salesman (who now seemed to be more sincere and genuine than a second earlier) had captured my attention with his talk of cellular healing, and he had captured my son’s attention with his talk of enhancing learning and concentration abilities (an area where my son had been struggling). I looked over my shoulder and saw that my husband was chatting with someone, so figured I may as well see what this guy is peddling. He did some muscle testing with my son that was pretty interesting, the end result being that when wearing the Bionic Band my son could stand on one foot and not be pushed over. I was intrigued, but when Mitch asked me to stand up out of my chair, I totally panicked. I explained that my ability to walk was limited, that I had NO balance to speak of and that I was afraid to rupture a tendon if I were to fall. He promised to be gentle and must have thrown in a dash of witchcraft because he somehow coerced me out of my chair. My stability was so poor at that point that I didn’t need to stand on one foot (not that I could if I tried) to lose my balance when he pushed down on my arm, so proving my weakness was really easy for this guy. Then he had me hold a Bionic Band in my hand for a few minutes and sit down.

He then spent some time speaking to me of amazing success stories he had witnessed first hand, and of a local man with Parkinson’s Disease. He had given the man a Bionic Band earlier in the week and his wife had since called to thank Mitch for bringing her husband back to her. Yeah, yeah, yeah (ok, I was in a very cynical mood, no question). Well after Mitch and I chatted for a few, he asked me to stand up again. I went through my usual 45 step process to get of the chair, stood in my usual “stable” position which meant my feet were spaced about 18 inches apart, I was bent ever so slightly at the waist and leaning forward a pinch, and looked up. Mitch looked at me and with absolute confidence said, “ok, now lift up one leg”. I probably could have killed him with the look on my face and said, “are you kidding me? I can barely stand up and you want me to balance on one foot? You REALLY don’t understand what I am dealing with here.” He looked mildly amused by my exasperation and said, “Just try.” I felt like I was totally wasting my time and energy, on a good day I still had no sense of balance or agility, but tried none the less. To my surprise, I was actually able to shift my weight to one foot and life the other off the ground by about an inch without losing my balance. With a second attempt, I was able to lift my foot off the ground by about 6 inches. I looked at my husband and my children and they were just staring at me in awe. We all left the fair with a Bionic Band. Actually, I left with two, one for each ankle and both of mine were gifted to me by Mitch. Thank you Mitch!

That night, as promised, I slept like a baby. I woke up early, as usual, and needed to use the bathroom. It wasn’t until after I returned to my bed that it dawned on me. I had woke up, stood up, and walked to the bathroom and back without hobbling, limping, or gimping in any fashion. And I had no pain or stiffness. Its been over two years since I met Mitch at the fair, and since then I have never gone a moment without wearing my Bionic Band and I have never used my wheelchair! My quality of life has improved exponentially ever since, and it has helped my children, too. Both kids sleep like rocks and my son’s concentration/ attention abilities have improved so substantially, we don’t even discuss it anymore .

So what is a Bionic Band? Well it is a bracelet, anklet, pendant or other object that remains in contact with your skin and it has been imprinted with the frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is the frequency of the Earth and also known as Schumann Resonance. When we are in contact with the Earth’s resonance, our cellular communication improves substantially. Back in the days of yore, we were connected to the Earth’s frequency all the time. We didn’t wear shoes, walk on pavement or spend most of our time indoors. We were connected to the “mother” frequency (have you ever wondered why we call her “Mother Earth”?) which stabilized our own body’s frequency and allowed for proper cellular resonance. Without resonance, cellular communication breaks down and our body loses its ability to perform as designed. This is when disease takes over and we find it difficult or impossible to heal and regenerate. In fact, the cellular communication breakdown, or loss of cellular resonance is entirely responsible for every degenerative condition in the human body. If you can restore cellular resonance, cellular communication is improved and cellular health becomes possible again. Bionic Bands are imprinted with the earth frequency and thereby simulate on a cellular level a connection to the Earth, and help to stabilize your cellular resonance so that communication between the cells can be enhanced and healing can occur. The results are enhanced cellular communication, which can quickly lead to better health, agility, strength, balance, energy, flexibility and sleep.

Interestingly, there is another major component to wearing a Bionic Band that every single person on the planet should consider, and that is the stabilization of your cellular resonance in the face of dangerous EMF’s coming from cell phone towers, TVs, tablets, computers, cell phones, microwaves, etc. The world is absolutely polluted with EMFs that DIRECTLY IMPACT YOUR BODY’S ABILITY TO HEAL. Your cell phone alone can resonate at a frequency up to 2700 mHz. When your body is exposed to these insanely high frequencies the cells begin to vibrate in an erratic manner and are commonly unable to communicate with each other, which stalls or diminishes the body’s ability to heal. This is very important information for a floxy who wants to regenerate healthy cells. If you want to heal… UNPLUG!

Or… get a Bionic Band. Ideally, you will do both.

This is the band I originally wore on each ankle:

Original Bionic Band with adjustable velcro closure

After some time, I started to care about my appearance again, and chose a titanium metal anklet. I only wear one now. This is the one I wear most days:

Eventually, I went through a phase when I had difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. Mitch advised me to try the Sleep Band, and I am so glad I did! Now everyone sleeps like the dead around here! It’s awesome! This band resonates at a much lower frequency that the Original.

And further down the road, when I was finally ready to start exercising again, I started wearing a Sports Band during my workouts. This band resonates at a slightly higher frequency than the original and the result has been a longer and much harder workout than without it. I love it. And my son likes to wear one when he is playing sports. A lot of professional athletes wear these bands.


And finally, for those of you that have kids…


If you get a Bionic Band, I’d love to hear your feedback about a week after you start wearing it. A special note: if you have crazy dreams the first night you wear it, switch it to the other side for the next night. I wear my Bionic Bands on the right ankle (or wrist) for peaceful sleep, but you might prefer the left side. This advice was shared with me by Mitch. Best wishes to you all!

3 thoughts on “Bionic Bands

  1. Google search “bionic band scam.” You can see a link where a man shows how he demonstrated the magic of placebo bands via fake balance tests. Someone else stated they could perform the same tests using a half-drunk soda can after watching a Bionic Band salesman.

    Discovery News reported that a representative from Power Balance from Australia said they basically have no evidence the bands work and that they had misled others.

    You can also read reviews on Amazon for Bionic Band and find several unhappy customers.

    I would say this is placebo/mental.

    1. I totally understand your skepticism. I shared it. All I can tell you is that they work for me, my family, my friends and my clients. I can’t explain why and neither can the creators. But for many, they are a highly effective tool for enhancing cellular communication and ultimately strength, stamina and balance. I could not stand on one foot before the bands. Within one day, and every day since, I can. For me, the proof is in the pudding. I personally don’t care what the naysayers contribute on this because I have personally had tremendous success with this product. This is EXACTLY why I suggest thinking outside of the box and trying new things. Lots of “scams” are not scams at all. Lots of very valuable products and treatments have been considered scams or witchcraft in one age, and a gift from God in another. As we evolve as humans and expand our consciousness to accept things we can’t explain or don’t understand, we enrich our human experience to include “miracles”. I thank you for bringing attention to the fact that these bands have been criticized. Of course my suspicious mind wonders who has the motivation to “debunk” a perfectly harmless product and why. What if mastering and regulating our frequency is one of the secret keys to health and vitality? Who will be damaged if the secret gets out? One suggestion I have for you is to keep an open mind, find a money back offer on one of these bands and give it a try. What do you have to lose?

    2. BTW- I have performed those balance tests on some major skeptics and they cannot argue that the results are real. we even used non charged silicone bands and the results were clearly in favor of the bionic bands. there may not be proof, but that does not mean they don’t work. just sayin’…

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