Three Things That Worked For Me


When I first started surfing the web looking for a Ciprofloxacin “cure” to treat my Cipro side effects, I was directed time and time again to websites where victims report their suffering. I found myself scrolling through the stories and relating myself to the heartbreaking accounts of lifetime disabilities, ruined careers, devastated families, irreversible conditions, suicide and death. The more I read, the more desperately I needed to find the happy endings, but the happy endings were not there! As the cloud of depression and hopelessness washed over me, I began to imagine the long and painful road ahead. Then I simply wanted a miracle to make it all go away. I wanted to turn back time. I wanted to wake up from my living nightmare. If you are suffering the frightening side effects common to fluoroquinolone antibiotics like Ciprofloxacin, I’ll bet that you can relate to those feelings, and I’ll bet that in your darkest moments you have even considered looking for a witch doctor (or maybe an exorcist…???), considered traveling to Brazil to see John of God, or some other extreme scenario where you toss all of your core beliefs out the window in exchange for a “cure” for your Cipro side effects. When your life as you know it is hanging on by a thread, it is perfectly understandable to feel that level of desperation, but fortunately, we don’t need to let it continue.


I would like to bring your attention to three specific treatment options that I think have a LOT of potential to improve or reverse your condition, and that may not be noted on other fluoroquinolone side effect websites (I have not seen ANY of these treatments on other websites, but I haven’t yet looked at all of the 2.2 million websites that come up when you Google Cipro side effects. Just to be clear, these treatments have been particularly helpful to me, but that does not mean they will work for you. Only you and your doctor can determine what is safe and effective for your particular condition. I am someone who is willing to try almost anything, and as a practitioner of energetic medicine, I am open to the corrective potential of alternative medical modalities. Furthermore, I am a believer in many things that cannot be easily or scientifically understood. With that said, YOU do not need to be an “alternative” thinker, or have any particular faith or have any faith at all for these treatments to work. You just need to be willing to seek them out and once you have determined they may be appropriate, you have to be willing to try them.


The first treatment is Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide Therapy. I only mention Ozone Therapy because there have been reports of floxed individuals experiencing significant improvement after such treatments. I have not personally had Ozone Therapy, however I have had intravenous Hydrogen Peroxide (h2o2) and experienced significant improvement after treatment. Most notably, I experienced a substantial change in my mental condition after the very first treatment. Prior to h2o2, I suffered greatly from brain fog, blank spots in my thinking, articulation of my thoughts, slowed fine motor function, confusion, mental fatigue, focus, disturbing brain sensations, slow mental functioning, speech impairment, sensitivity to light, sensitivity to sound, sensitivity to visual stimulation (such as TV or even my kids running through the room), brain squeeze (inter-cranial pressure), a variety of other symptoms, and a general sense of being overwhelmed. These symptoms were considerably improved within 24 hours of the first treatment. The day after my first treatment, I woke up feeling very clear minded (for the first time in weeks), articulate and mentally energetic. Over the next few weeks of receiving h2o2, I found that all of the mental symptoms I described above were either eliminated entirely or reduced to a very manageable level, and my physical pain was substantially decreased.

With my suggestion that you investigate Ozone or Hydrogen Peroxide therapy as a possible treatment, I even more emphatically suggest that you find a qualified individual to administer any treatments you may decide to get. This is critical to your health. When administered correctly, these oxygenating treatments can be extremely effective, but they must be delivered properly. Please be a smart consumer before you let ANYONE put ANYTHING into your veins.


The second treatment is something very few people know about. It is a homeopathic product specifically designed to reverse the adverse effects of Ciprofloxacin! For those of you who have been suffering a long time and doing a lot of research on cures for this condition, you may be surprised that such a thing exists. I first heard of this product from my N.M.D., who heard of it from her mentor, who used it on her sister in-law, who was suffering from Ciprofloxacin Toxicity. Whether it was luck or a fluke, I will never know, but this product was prescribed for me, and it had a big impact on my condition. When I first began taking this medication, I immediately started experiencing what is referred to as a “healing crisis”. During this process I literally went backward in time from the day treatment began, almost to the beginning of my illness (for details on this experience, you can read My Cipro Journal). As it turns out, this product was created for the purpose of completely reversing the negative side effects of Cipro. I know this, because after a lengthy fact finding mission I was able to speak to the doctor who commissioned this Ciprofloxacin “cure”.

His name is Manfred Mueller at Homeopathic Associates. We had a couple of conversations during which the severity of my condition was explained, and he said to me (on 10-12-2010), “I think your condition is completely reversible”. Has anyone ever said that to you????? He also explained to me that reversing the adverse effects of medications with Homeopathy is his specialty and his passion, which is why he created this cure for Ciprofloxacin Toxicity called “Homeocipro” (available by prescription only). Unfortunately, the doctor told me that I took the homeopathic Ciprofloxacin cure for too long and at the wrong dose, but that it probably isn’t too late if I want to start over. I wish I had known about him before I took the remedy, but alas “would have, could have, should have” the point here is that the product exists and it is available to you! You have the opportunity to find a specialist to prescribe and administer this Ciprofloxacin cure, and perhaps other homeopathic medicines that may offer you a 100% recovery from your symptoms, even an inability to walk! In hindsight, I would have consulted with this man from day one had I known about him. Not only does he specialize in reversing the adverse effects of medication, but he created a Ciprofloxacin cure that is safe, affordable and effective!!!!


The third treatment has by far been the most effective for me, and for some of you, it will be the hardest to wrap your heads around. It isn’t voodoo, witchcraft or magic; it is Chinese Energetic Medicine as created by Dr. Kam Yuen. I have had numerous experiences with Yuen Method prior to getting floxed and have seen this method perform what you might think of as a “miracle” time and time again. This method works with a person on a quantum level and offers very quick and very transformative results. From “The Yuen Method is an energetic technique that has taken years of ancient Chinese Shaolin temple healing and combined with western knowledge, The Yuen Method is a blending of anatomy, physiology, structural analysis, energetic technique, quantum physics and Qi and Shen Gong training. Dr. Kam Yuen D. C. developed this technique after a lifetime of study in the martial arts as well as being a structural engineer, doctor of chiropractic and studying nutritional therapy and homeopathy.” Even as a trained practitioner, I still can’t easily explain HOW it works, but I can tell you that of everything I have tried and of the thousands of dollars I have spent, this has been the most effective tool available to me. After one appointment full sensation returned to my lower legs and I regained the ability to wiggle my toes. After two appointments, my pain was reduced by more than 60% and since my third appointment, I have only used my wheelchair twice!!! Obviously, more appointments are on the horizon, and for now, this is my primary Ciprofloxacin cure. For updates on this progresses, check out My Cipro Journal.

I am fortunate to have access to great health care, and I am blessed to have been in a mindset to implement these remedies early on in my floxing. From what I understand, my allopathic prognosis for recovery is not good. Many of my symptoms fall under the “irreversible” category, and many of my other symptoms have a projected recovery time of 6-7 years. For me, this is unacceptable and from what I can tell at this point, I have already beat those odds.

If there was a database of all the people whose lives have been destroyed by this drug or another prescription medication, I’d reach out to them all and do my best to convince them that there is hope! So if you know someone who is struggling with this relentless condition or any other “incurable” disease, please encourage them to check out my website, or other websites where they can educate themselves about different approaches to medicine. Approaches where commonly known “incurable” conditions are cured everyday because the modalities are not dependent on a broken medical system where cures only exist if they can be patented.

In conclusion, if you have read through this article and felt inspired to seek out a new treatment regimen for your condition, I will be deeply satisfied. It is my goal to reach out to as many sufferers of FQ toxicity as possible and to restore their hope that a cure exists. We just need to start looking in the places where we don’t usually venture. If you find a cure or improve from your condition, please remember to revisit my website to share your story. There is nothing that will keep the motivation of suffers alive than the knowledge that “it” can get better!


UPDATE 2014 – Wow!!!! Things have sure changed since I wrote this article in 2010! Well today is January 16, 2014 and I was FINALLY updating the links on this page when I read the page for the first time in a REALLY long time. A lot of feelings came up for me. I can remember when this was all fresh and scary and how certain I was that I would die! It was those scary websites that were so prevalent back then (fortunately this website, which brings a positive message, and others like it seem to be taking the place of the dark and gloomy pages of the recent past)! When I think back on how much Dr. Yuen and Dr. Raithel helped me recover from Ciprofloxacin toxicity, I could just cry. They saved my life along with my husband and my friends and family.

And while H202 and energy medicine certainly got me through the thick of it, my work didn’t end there. I have learned so much these last few years, trying this remedy and that one, discovering how much CRAP is out there, and discovering some really amazing products too! If I was creating this page today, knowing NOW what I did NOT know back then, I think I would add some very important content, and I would probably edit the Homeocipro stuff. Homeocipro may very well work if you take it as directed by Manfred Mueller, but I will never know if it could have cured me because I took it the “wrong” way. If anyone invests the time and money into working with Dr. Mueller, I hope you will please let us know by posting a comment at the bottom of this page. I love homeopathy and I am an avid user so I see no reason why it wouldn’t work, but I have yet to hear a success story related to its use. The primary reason I mentioned it in the original article was because it is a remedy almost no one had heard of and I wanted everyone to know that it exists and that there is no reason not to hope for a cure! With all of that being said, I think its time for me to write some fresh content! I have so much to share! Blessings to you all, ~ Nikki

Update January 29, 2014

Ask and you shall receive… I have received a success story from someone using the HomeoCipro…

1:08am Aug 26

I read your entire website and journal about a year ago. My husband had a very serious reaction to a short course of ciprofloxacin two years ago given for bronchitis, and he has not been the same since. I will write much more about this to you later…as it is late and must get to bed. It was truly a nightmare….and the only hope i found anywhere was on your website….I want to tell you I do have some REAL hope to share with you also….and I want to tell you in detail later so you can, if you like, share with others. My husband did have a snapped tendon….I heard it…actually, it is a long story….and he was in agonizing pain and unable to move around for months…and we could not figure out what happened….I looked into everything and he saw orthopedic dr…had MRI, saw acupuncturist, chiropractors etcetera….no one could do anything…to help. I finally looked into his BP medications to see if there was some problem there that could have caused it….finally after much research, one of the CVS pharmacists finally said, well there could be some problem with the ciprofloxacin he took for a week, three months before this problem occurred….(he had been given ciprofloxacin the previous year as well, for the same reason) so that is when I started researching ciprofloxacin…and then the real medical sci-fi nightmare began….your site was the only place, after wading through the entire nightmare your detailed in your journal, that i found even a glimmer of hope….and that was HOMEOPATHY.

I have studied homeopathy years ago, with one of the top homeopaths in the world…..and I also have a great homeopath who is an American who lives in India….all that is part of the long story….short version, I contacted the naturopath I studied homeopathy with 30 years ago, and he still teaches in the US and has written a Reperatory and Materia Medica used by homeopaths all over the world. Anyway, i contacted him and he was aware of ciprofloxacin toxicity and had an entry for treating ciprofloxacin toxity homeopathically in his Reperatory. But when I contacted him, he also recommended to my husband homeopathic cipro….and prescribed ciproxin 30c three times a day….which my husband took religiously, and the bleeding out /discoloration in his feet, and the large round deep blood red skin area on his leg, which the dermatologist said would never go away, have disappeared almost entirely, and the pain in the leg which prevented my husband from even being able to walk or get in and out of car, or sleep, went away! He kept taking the cipro 30 for months, and as happens with homeopathy, at times a remedy loses its effectiveness, at one potency, and one needs to move to a higher potency….And that happened to my husband,and the pain after months of improvement, started to come back….he also got pains in the rotator cuffs and severe pains in hip ….and again for another 6 months was in trouble….because my homeopath did not have a higher potency of ciproxin….and I did not know where to get it….

By the Grace of God, several months ago, I had the idea to try a Homeopathic Pharmacy in California, called Hahnemann Lab, named after the founder and Father of Homeopathy, and they have potentized ciprofloxacin….homeopathic ciprofloxin in varous potencies… It has to be obtained with a doctors prescription, when sent across state lines….and we have a friend in our town who is a homeopath and and MD, and she was kind enough to order this medicine for us….it had to be delivered to a doctors office….so she did this for us….and within two days of my husband taking the higher potency of homeopathic cipro….ciproxin 100c, his debilitating agonizing mysterious pain in his hip that his dr thought initially might be bursitis…or some disc problem, but no disc problem was really evident…yet he did not improve…but within two days of taking this higher potency of ciproxin, his hip pain went away!

Now he does still have some minor sciatic pain, and he had definitely been severely floxed….and I believe it may be a lifelong problem with him, but I believe with the magic and blessing of Homeopathy, that his symptoms and pain can be managed, and he is getting his life back, and feels hope that he can walk again (took his first walk today in two years) and is beginnning to believe he can live again, and function again… I am sharing this with you so you and others can feel this hope and find this same hope and near miracle of some real recovery….so you and others too, I hope and pray can get your lives back as well. I am happy to share all of this with you in greater detail…as I am writing late at night…If you would like to know more about my husband’s case and recovery, or dramatic and unmistakable progress and improvement, I would be happy to share with you and others.

By the way, I naturally thought of some kind of lawsuit against Bayer….two years ago when we realized what happened…or against the well known pharmacy who failed to inform us that ciprofloxacin is a “black box medicine”… Which I only found out by accident when I called the pharmacy one day and a substitute person was on duty, and she said, “you don’t know it is a blackbox medicine???!!” I said, “No, what is a black box medicine?” But we never pursued any lawsuits, as frankly my husband was too ill, and I just was trying to find out what was wrong and how to help him get better….but since then, my husband ran into a doctor who knew all about ciprofloxacin, and she told him he should sue Bayer…I don’t imagine it would be very successful anyway….David vs Goliath….but in ways thought at times of spearheading a class action lawsuit….BUT MORE than that, I wanted to get the information out, perhaps write a book….as I want people to know about this insidious problem and that there IS something that can help.

I meant to write to you months ago….as I felt it was my responsibility to share with those of you who are suffering that there may indeed be, by the Grace of God, something that can or may be able to help….and I was distressed to read of the person tonight who did not make it, and those others whose lives have been destroyed by ciprofloxacin….Ours has been for two years now….but he is so much better, I want you and others to look into geting this homeopathic medicine prescribed for you, potentized ciprofloxacin, and see if it helps you as well. I believe many sufferers will see many of their severe symptoms reduced….dramatically improved and possibly healed.
This is the good news I want to share with you….that at the very least, many of the most severe and debilitating symptoms can be managed or dimished with homeopathic doses of ciprofloxacin.

I am of course, not an MD, or even a homeopathic Dr. I am a lay practitioner and lifelong student of homeopathy and am sharing our experience, with the Hope that this information will be useful to you and those who contact you for information on your website….what I am telling you is real, and my husband will attest to all of this.

Wishing you and others suffering from ciprofloxacin and other similar medicines Hope and Healing…from this medical nightmare. I will be happy to share in further detail on your website later on if you like. Wishing you all the best and many thanks for the work you are doing…to help others suffering from this medical nightmare.

Sincerely, Anita D., wife and caretaker of one who was severely floxed and negatively impacted by the debilitating side-effects of ciprofloxacin.”

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  1. Hi again Niki it’s been awhile I am about to hit my 5 yr mark since being triple floxed, it’s been a challenge to survive but I’m still here I was so hopeful seeing the letter regarding the homeopathic Cipro. I had contacted Dr. Muller years ago after we talked but could not afford the near 6 thousand dollars he required to treat me. If there is anyway I could make contact with this fellow survivor and try to get to this I would be forever grateful as would my husband, children and grandchildren . I live in the Midwest &’it’s very hard to find homeopathy Dr. There is one I went to several years ago she said she was unable to get the Cipro treatment ? 🙁 Thank you for any help .

    1. Both Anita and I got our HomeoCipro from the same lab in San Rafael. It has to be ordered by a doctor. Can you discuss this with one of your doctors? Also, check back here soon, I have invited Anita to discuss this publicly with you so that others can benefit from any information shared. Please post any questions you have for her here and I know she will do her best to answer them… Nikki

      1. Hi, Nikki, i’ve been surfing through your site since yesterday. My sister has been floxed after taking just 1gram of this medicine almost one month and a half ago. I’ve read almost the entire Flox Report. I was wondering if there has been any update since 2005. We live in Italy, and here the awareness about how dangerous this med is is below zero! Thankfully we know english well enough to be able to read and collect info, but we just don’t know how to proceed. Homeopathy could help? How does it work? Thank you very much!!

  2. Thank you for your response!! Would it be possible to email me detailed information regarding the product and the Pharmacy so that I could try to get something started? I would be very grateful. I am afraid I’m running out of time:( I’ll be 56 and this has stolen 5 yrs of my life I can’t work, haven’t had a nap in 5 yrs or slept much, no more yoga I can’t even walk through the grocery store from the foot &’back pain it’s robbed me of the years that I should be embracing with my husband of 38 yrs and my precious grandchildren. God Bless thanks for the hope it came at a perfect time

    1. The product is HOMEOCIPRO, and it is manufactured at, but you need a prescription. As for Anita, she is on vacation but will be in touch within the week to answer your questions. She is sorry for the delay and said to tell that the dosage can be worked out later. Now, you need to find someone who will work with you. Nikki

      1. I just recently stopped taking Cipro after noticing almost all of adverse side effects. Trouble sleeping, brain fog, pressure behind left eye, popping from almost every joint, blurred vision in left eye, trouble focusing, pain in knees, ankles, hips, depression. Unfortunately I took 50 days of Cipro at 2x a day 500mg for suspected prostatitis. I stopped when I figured out this was hurting me, but now i am fearful I will never recover. I was completely active before a week ago when these symptoms set in.

        I am 26 years old, a veteran and I am about to have my first child, I am scarred of the long term effects this will have on my body. I have VA health insurance and wont be seeing tmy doctor for a couple weeks for my appt, though the symptoms seem to be getting worse. I am curious about using Homeocipro, how would I go about getting my doctor to order it? Can I order it? Is there anything I can do right now to help my body get rid of cipro or has what damage been done be permanent? Its been approx 72 hrs since last dose.

        I’ve been taking epsom salt baths regularly to help, increased my multivitamin, cleaned my diet up, I really need some help. Feel free to email as well. Thank you for your time.

      2. hey man did you ever get over this? what did the va tell you? kind of going through the same thing.

      3. I just read about the HOMEOCIPRO, do I need an HD to prescribe the dosage, or start with 30CC 3 x day. Can it be prescribed by and MD? Thank you

  3. I am 55, March will be four long very painful years! Cipro followed by Levaquin. Third night of Levaquin, I had just gone to bed – within five minutes I had pain in my wrists like I had never experienced. Twenty minutes later I was in the ER. An hour later the physician on duty said I had carpel tunnel. I argued with him, carpel tunnel does not appear in five minutes. He gave me pain pills (that I did not take) and told me to see a surgeon asap. I knew he was wrong. I went to my pharmacy the next day requesting all available info on Cipro and Levaquin. There is was – Tendonitis, rare but possible severe side effect, sometimes tendons breaking.
    I didn’t take anymore of the meds, the tendons quit hurting after five horrific days and the real pain began. My feet and hands were on fire! It felt like needles, hot, millions of them poking my feet and hands. Unbearable pain. Physician after physician had no answer except for Fibromyalgia that I had already for 14 years. I knew they were wrong. I could barely walk, couldn’t wear a shoe, couldn’t stand a sheet touching me, my daily two mile walks down to getting out of bed. A few months ago I accidentally ran across research on peripheral neuropathy! Then the research on floxies! I will be looking for the above named Homeopathic Docs above. I don’t care what it cost or where I have to go. This is the first complete information I have found. I’ve lost four years. Unbearable pain 24/7. I will report back after I find help and get treatment. I have HOPE again. Thank you for sharing your stories. Bless you!

  4. I have been floxed badly after several courses of Cipro and Levaquin. It has now been18 months since my last pill and the neuropathic symptoms continue to worsen, (the symptoms didn’t start until several months after I took the last pill i.e. very delayed). Just wondering about the theory behind the homeopathic remedies and specifically the HomeoCipro being discussed here. Is it too late? Has too much time passed by and the damage is done?? I’ve been lead to believe that the toxic drug has long since left my body and the damage is now done. Thanks.

    1. hmm, don’t believe everything you hear and definitely don’t give up hope. i don’t think it is ever “too late” to try something that might heal you. delayed responses are very common, in fact i think delayed responses are exponentially more common than immediate responses which is why I suspect there to be 100’s of thousands of people, if not millions, suffering from degenerative conditions of unknown origins, like arthritis, degenerative disk disease, damaged knee cartilage, tendon ruptures, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, etc. etc. etc.

      I am almost 4 years out and still trying this and that in attempts to reclaim 100% of what I lost and I can honestly say that I am still improving, slowly, but surely.

      1. Hey Nikki, I’m 19 and took cipro for 3 days and am experiencing awful side effects(hands,feet, can’t walk hardly). I’m scared and don’t know the first step to take! Who should I contact? My Dr. Is just like “I don’t know what is wrong”

      2. Yes, you can be happy again! Start with detox, slow and steady. A good beginning is Epsom Salt baths. If you can afford Ancient Minerals salt, it is the purest. Drink clean water, eat clean food, get a ton of rest, ask for help. I would look into ASEA, (check out the products page) I know a guy who reversed his condition using ASEA. Use magnesium supplements (transdermal is best). Best wishes, Nikki

      3. Nikki!

        I got Cipro 2x500Mg a day for 10 days.
        I’m 26 and was an athlete before.

        2 days after the last pill my Achilles tendons started to hurt.
        Now it has been 5 weeks since and the pain is still there mixed with occasional pain in my back/shoulder/etc, depending on what I’m doing.

        I started applying Ancient Minerals oil twice daily 30 sprays, am taking ReMag, MAgnesium Citrate 450Mg and a footbath once daily with about 2 cups bathflakes.
        Further I got Relyte, Nutricology Liposomal Vitamin C and ReAline (which I didn’t use yet).
        Do you have any thoughts about those supplements?
        Something missing? Something bad for me?

        And can you tell me if this is going to get worse?
        Up to now the pain was mainly in my Achilles and good enough for me to “walk” very slowly.
        Can it still get worse or only relapse back and forth between healthy and like it is now?


  5. Thank you all so very much. I certainly will contact the homeo-pharmacy first thing in the morning. I have been like you desperate for some success cure/ remedies stories. So funny that I also contacted and made an appointment (coming in few weeks) with a previous student of Kam Yuen. So I will see what happen. In the meantime would you still recommend energy work Nikki? God bless

      1. I would love to try it over the phone with you. Just e-mail me and I will submit my phone number. How soon would I be able to see results?

  6. Does anyone have any guidance on the dosage for the HomeoCipro? Is Anita coming back on that? I can get it from Hanneman Labs, but they have no idea on the recommended dosage. Neither does my ND who they will send it to. Dr. Mueller wants to charge a lot of money for advice (the remedy itself is not expensive) and tries to convince people his way is the only way. Maybe it’s best just to take the remedy and see how it goes. Not to sure what to think…

      1. so what potency did you take? for how long? and the protocol you went on as prescribed by Dr. Raithel was the one that you mention Dr. Mueller said was all wrong?

      2. yes, the protocol used by my NMD was wrong according to Mueller, because he uses a method called reverse tautopathy. i have no regrets, but I do think the potential for homoecipro was not fully realized for myself. it had an impact, but i can’t define it for you. nikki

  7. Has anyone tried Flor Essence tea to detox? Just found out about it. I am not sure I want to try it. But the reviews are pretty good. Please let me know.
    also has anyone tried Dr Jay Cohen? And what was the outcome? Any help?

  8. I would love to see about getting in touch with you. I live in Truckee CA. I was floxed just over 6 months ago and my life is living hell. I haven’t found anyone that can help. The pain is absurd 24/7. I have checked out tons of websites, doctors, Levaquain Manual etc. Like most it’s a long(ish) story. I can’t sleep, am still on crutches and have neuropathy and other issues. Ankles are still swollen, though slightly less so. I had a tonsillectomy in July at 41 years of age at UC Davis and I thought that was painful… until now. In retrospect that was nothing. Any info, advice etc that you might have would be massively appreciated. Mentally I am all over the place. I am/was an athlete and can’t really do anything at this point. I can do small parts of my work and not a ton more. I am desperate and looking to get in touch with people that have actually dealt with it instead of read about it. So few understand the pain and suffering. Thanks.

  9. Mid-January 2014 I took 4 tablets of generic Levaquin as a third round of anti-biotics for a resistant infection. I’m 68, with PsA, asthma and chronic bronchitis, not the best candidate for fluoroquinolone. My doctor knew about FTS but had no treatment to offer me so I began reading the boards online for help. After a few rough weeks, taking magnesium, iodine, liquid zeolite and other supplements I was able to begin to believe I was improving, took less supplements and felt more like myself again. Every two weeks or so I would feel the floxie ghost knocking on my door, reminding me the battle wasn’t over, and I’d pick up the fight again.

    Three months out now it’s flared back up again almost like the initial phase, but in some new locations as well, first my chest caught on fire and my heart started racing. I ran back to my GP who did some tests that came back negative, saw my rheumy who says I know more about this than she does, and will face my pulmonologist this week for an asthma checkup. I self-medicated with 10mg/day prednisone and the pain stopped, but I think it triggered the tendonitis and the wet-brain symptoms I had in the beginning so I stopped. I’m laying low, back on mag, iodine, etc. and know I will probably get more tests and a new inhaler but no help the AMA.

    I do have the name of a homeopath and can get acupuncture, I do live in CA where I can get the homeocipro easily, I’m just afraid of it’s name, afraid like with Mueller the dose won’t be right or the timing will be off. You’re right about all the confusing symptoms that come and go for who knows how long, vulnerable and afraid that what I don’t know will hurt me. I have to keep trying to get better, and am so grateful for all of your posts, information, courage and inspiration I swear I won’t give up.

    I’m on disability, losing my job, my social life, my friends, who I knew as myself; but maybe there are new parts of myself to discover, new friends to have, retirement to look forward to.

    Thanks dear people. You’ve helped me a lot today just being here with me.

  10. Has anyone had their symptoms kick back up after taking a different drug? I had severe muscle pain and burning, anxiety, insomnia and migraine headaches a year ago after taking one dose of Cipro (500mg). Thankfully with magnesium I was able to recover from most of the side effects within a month. A week ago I was given the drug Versed for an endoscopic procedure. I am now suffering the same debilitating side effects as I had with Cipro. Just wondering if this has happened to anyone else as I’m not sure if the Cipro was somehow lingering in my tissues and was reactivated or if this is a separate reaction to the Versed.

    1. Hi Jill, it’s been a long time since you made this comment, but I did have a similar experience. Back in 2006, I had a toxic reaction to Levaquin that left me with many, many problems that took approximately two years to improve. I was feeling great again, even better than before, because I was exercising and eating healthy foods. Then in March 2014 I took Lamasil and almost immediately had many of my Levaquin symptoms back. I went off the medication immediately, and I was better in about a week. I hope the same happened for you!

  11. Anyone here have tinnitus as a result of cipro?

    If so, anyone have any suggestions with cipro toxicity reversal and if neural changes can be reversed? Im desperate and open to anything and everything at this point!


    1. Hi Debi,
      I know it has been a long time since your post, but figured I would answer for you and others. I had really bad tinnitus from lyme, before I got floxed and I found a doctor who he himself suffered tinnitus. He healed it by taking wobenzym, 10 tabs 3 x daily. I did the same. My tinnitis is there but very low and livable. Also you can google rick simpson, he used cannabis oil to heal his tinnitus. I would also like to know how floxies do on cannabis oil.

  12. Thank you so much for this website. My girlfriend who is an RN recently figured out that being floxed is what was causing her many recent health issues. You have offered her some hope to find a road to recovery. We are not sure which, if any of her symptoms may not be reversible but she refuses to take a victim mentality and just give up. She is going to fight to win and see where it goes but so far in all of my internet research to help her, your site stands out.

    1. I’m so sorry this happened. It is horrible. I am glad you are finding some comfort here. It is the only reason I made this website. Blessings to you both! She is lucky to have a friend like you! Nikki

  13. Is there anywhere for parents of adult children who suffer from Cipro poisoning to get peer support? My son will be 27 in a week and has been suffering severe 24/7 connective tissue pain and mental illness since taking Cipro 18 months ago.

    He lives on painkillers. Getting him to accept consistent household help or to ask for help when he really needs has been a real hurdle. I’d like to talk with other parents.

    I don’t want to take away any of his autonomy but I want him to receive the help he needs so maybe his mind and body can be turned to healing rather than just dealing.

  14. I stumbled on this site today, looking for something to help me. I first took Cipro in about 1993 when I went traveling to Costa Rica – given to me by a doctor to prevent “travellers revenge”. I was advised to take one tablet a day and if I even thought I was getting sick, to increase to two a day and was assured I would not get sick. Well, I did not get Montetezuma’s Revenge, but a few days after starting the Cipro, my feet hurt so badly that I could hardly walk – I thought it was because I had walked a lot on the sandy beaches there and it was muscle pain. But it never went away. Since that time I have taken Cipro probably 20 or more times – also Levaquin and other flouroquinalones for infections. I am only recently putting this all together. I have bad tendonitis in various joints (ankles, wrists, fingers) and have torn two tendons (that I know of) in my shoulders from a small fall. I have had times that I felt normal, and times that I felt miserable for long periods. I have had all the tests for inflamatory disease markers and all are negative. Yet, I have definite swelling and terrible pain that brings me to tears – unrelenting. I have been diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy in my feet at Mayo Clinic – no known cause – I am NOT diabetic. I have gone on elimination diets – sometimes I feel a little better, sometimes not. A year ago I felt great and thought I was over whatever I had. It’s back with a vengence.

    There is one thing that has helped me tremendously with the PN – low dose naltrexone – you can check it out on Yahoo sites. It took a while to get to a dose that worked for me. I have been on 3.0 mg for about two years and also Cymbalta. I recently decided it was time to go off the cymbalta because of some bad side effects. I have since increased the LDN to 4.5 mgs. and it pretty much keeps the neuropathy pain in control. But nothing seems to touch the joint/tendon pain. So if you have PN, please do yourself a favor and do a little research on LDN – I believe it is approved for PN treatment in diabetics. I’ll be happy to answer anything I have experienced with this drug.
    This could help some of you. I understand it is hard to find doctors to prescribe it, but I had 2 doctors who suggested it.

    I want to know more from anyone who has had any luck with the joint (tendon) pain. Meanwhile I will try to do some investigating into the treatments mentioned above. Thanks to all of you have sharedl Diane

  15. I am so so scared.

    O.k. I am begging for some input. So many remedies, so many possible solutions, don’t know which way to turn. A month ago I had a kidney stone, was prescribed cipro 500 twice a day, for a total of ten days, I took it for 5 and then stopped. I go to a free clinic as I am unemployed and haven’t worked for awhile, I complained to the nurse practitioner about weakness in my arms and legs, extreme fatigue, night sweats, and severe anxiety. She did a blood test for iron and b12 both came back normal.

    Two days after my kidney stone, I completely changed my diet, to nothing but fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Started to have stomach problems, and thought I had diverticulitis so I took a 3 half tablets of Cipro for a day and a half before I started researching the toxic effects of Cipro. I immediately knew after reading this website my issues were due to this drug.

    I stopped taking it, it’s been a day and a half since my last dose, and I can’t stand it. My skin feels like it’s on fire, I have pain in my arms and legs, yellow stool or diarrhea, and extreme anxiety. I am 46 years old and so scared now, it’s unbelievable, I am overweight, and take metoprolol 25mg twice a day for blood pressure, I’ve been reading some horror stories about it also. but if I lose weight I can try to wean myself off it.

    I am so worried about the months to come, and I don’t know what to do. I’m afraid to put anything into my blood by iv, I’m afraid to take any medication now, including pain pills and or sleeping pills.

    I am poor, with very little cash coming in. Is there anything I can try that is reasonable. I’ve read a bunch online about the Gerson therapy, and how it’s supposed to help with a lot of chronic diseases, but I don’t think it applies to Cipro toxicity.

    Please I am begging for help. What are some of the best cost effective helpers out there? Any and all advice will be deeply appreciated.

    Do cleanses help at all?

    I thank you all for your time, God Bless. Andre Jarre,

  16. I was poisoned by Cipro about 2 years ago. Have been suffering the side effects ever since. The first I heard about Cipro toxicity was a week ago. I recognized the symptoms immediately. Doctors around here have not heard of these revelations. My GP was interested, when I showed him some info.

    More importantly to fellow sufferers, my rheumatologist has had me on anti-malarial drugs for months. I have steadily been getting better. I will be heading out this afternoon to hunt upland birds – a passion of mine that I recently thought I would never be able to do again.

    There is hope, folks. I’m turning 60 this year and I was beginning to think my life was all over but the slow slide into infirmity. After approximately 8 months on these meds, I’m 70% back to normal.

    1. Please let us know the name of the medications you’re doctor was giving you which you think may have caused your improvement. Also, did your doctor prescribe these meds specifically due to the cipro poisoning, or was it because you had developed rheumatoid arthritis?

    2. RAy, did the anti-malarial drugs help with tendon pain? I’m 3 months post Cipro and have elbow, hand and knee tendon pain. Looking for help so I can get back to my once healthy lifestyle. I’m 59.
      Can you tell me the name of the drug that helped?

  17. Hi I need some help. I was given ciprofloxacin 500mg take two a day for a mild uti. After finishing my first day and about to start on my second day of dosage which would of been the third pill I felt maybe I shouldn’t take it because my jaw, throat and gums on the left side of my face were in severe pain. It has been two days since I have taken any of the meds but I still have this pain and my throat feels worse like it is closing up. I started taking magnesium vitamins and was wondering what else I can do? I am 23 with tons of student debt so I don’t have a lot of resources. Has anyone has this kind of side effect?

    1. i’m sure your side effect has been experienced by others. drink plenty of water, cut sugar out of your diet and try a gently lymphatic massage. those are my best “free” resources at this moment. Nikki

  18. I just stopped taking cipro 6 days ago (after a full 500mg/10 day round). I’ve got a list of symptoms like the ones above and am so so scared. I’m spraying on the magnesium, taking Q10, and a liver cleanser recommended by a pharmacist. I live in Europe and can’t find a doctor here who has any experience with FQT. Can anyone refer me to someone who can work with me via phone or Skype? Many thanks.

  19. I had four sinus surgeries and an appendectomy all in the same year. I know I had avelox at least twice, levoquin at least twice, and I’ve had cipro an uncountable number of times. During that year, I developed a head tremor, followed by a full body tremor to the point that I went to the ER. They claimed it was anxiety and panic attack. However, I was cracking jokes with the paramedic and with the doctor, so I know that wasn’t it. Was talked into changing my antidepressant, to no avail. Many doctor visits, to UVA, NIH, and other doctors. Finally, I was given the diagnosis of fibromyalgia. It’s been almost 8 years and now I’ve found the culprit.

    There is a class action lawsuit for floxxed people. Look into it! It might not get you your life back, but it may give you finances to deal with the symptoms.

  20. Wow, after reading about the horror stories that people are living due to Cipro, wondering how is this stuff still even being prescribed? How many people with Chronic Fatigue and vague, undiagnosable health problems can trace them back to taking a course of this, if side effects don’t show up for months or years?
    I started taking a 3 day course for a UTI on Thursday and by Sat started having pain in the large tendon in my neck so that I can’t comfortably turn or hold my head up. My daughter also had a bladder infection and took Cipro and feels that she has knots in her neck that just won’t work out.
    My occupation is fairly physical and I’m afraid now that I will injure a tendon doing my normal work.
    I know two people who inexplicably had a tendon snap in their bicep muscle while doing a fairly non strenuous activity that required surgery to repair, now I’m wondering if they had been taking Cipro at some point.
    Reading as much as I can, hopeful that taking additional Magnesium and avoiding over exerting my tendons might help them get back to normal. Best wishes to everyone who is suffering from these symptoms.

  21. This does get better, but it takes a long time. I have been accidentally floxed again, and just spent a day in an emergency ward. I took Cefuroxine Axetil, and would never have taken it if I had known it was related to cipro. Theses drugs are in a class called Fluroquinolones or FQ antibiotics, So if they ask you if you have any allergies to any medications, you can just say FQ antibiotics to avoid being prescribed these medications. Some of the other names are Levaquin, Floxin, Noroxin, Avelox, Factive… look them up and carry them around in your wallet. it will help when you are talking to your physician. I so wish I had known this, as I thought my reaction was only to cipro.

      1. Nikki, is there a list of doctors anywhere? I live in the Bay Area near Berkeley.
        Also I just sent the homeopathic remedy names to Dr Morrison in Pt Richmond. He’s the one who started the Hahneman clinic and was the director there. He has me on Arsenicum Album right now but I’m going to talk to him more about the Levaquin connection. I don’t know that I knew about the connection to my symptoms when I last saw him.

      2. Hi wendy, there used to be a list of doctors on the links page, but if you are in N CA you should be ok. I would recommend an NMD and you should be fine. Let me know if you want my DRs info, she can consult with your DR. Also, I have found that Kaiser is pretty great. Nikki

      1. RE: homeocipro
        Does it work.
        Have you tried it?
        I am currently in agony after taking Cipro. Multiple torn ligaments in one ankle, and my Achilles tendons and surrounding tendons are on fire. Joints are hurting badly. Can barely walk. Cannot work. Extreme depression over this.

  22. I am desperate for help!!! My 66 year old mother has been damaged by cipro. We are in Fresno Ca, but would absolutely make the drive to Sacramento to see someone who could possibly help…please any info on homopaths you can give me would be great.
    Thank you

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  24. I took cipro for a uti about 6 weeks ago. I started with tendon pain about 3 days into it. On day 5 i randomly read a story on Facebook on how antibiotics can cause nerve damage and checked my meds and stopped immediately. Besides the tendon pain I had no other symptoms for 2 weeks. Then suddendly this panic/anxiety attack came on while on the phone with a client. I Could not connect thoughts to words, felt extreme anxiety, racing heartbeat and difficulty breathing. I did not connect the 2 issues until after I self ordered complete labwork. I googled flouride toxicity symptoms and everything I had was there. I took my lab results to my regular dr. (Not the one who prescribed cipro) and I told him my theorie and said that on avg 15% of people have these adverse reactions. Its beeb about 3 weeks that I have been cleaning this out of my system. One thing that has really helped is borax. 1/8 of a teaspoon in a liter of water. Boron binds with flouride and you can flush it out of your system. Google “borax flouride detox”. I Have also added magnesium both supplement and dermal. Apple cider vinager and baking soda. Zinc. Lots of water. I feel better but still have had a couple anxiety attacks, although not as bad as the first. I think I now have a gluten sensitivity and will a more restricted detox. I have given up coffee and tea. The tea plant absorbs flouride which can make sypmtoms worse (found out the hard way) and drinking distilled water as your drinking water could also contain flouride. I am not a doctor but have spent hours researching as I believe we can detox our bodies back to normal. I have read about dmso but not tried it yet. Hope this helps some of you.

  25. Hi. I have been reading your website for days. I have taken Cipro several times a year for about 7 years for UTI. I am allergic to penicillin and sulfa ABs so I am very limited. I started to have major panic and anxiety and heart palpitations about 7 years ago. I have Hashimotos thyroid problems and adrenal problems as well as celiacs disease. I am now wondering if this is all caused by heavy use of Cipro. I have also been on a lot of ABs for sinus infections although I cannot recall which ones I took. I am always taking AB for chronic infections. I just finished a 10 day round of Cipro and noticed extreme anxiety and panic while on it that I thought was caused by my thyroid meds. I have been researching the effects of Cipro more and more. I have constant lower back pain and a little tendon pain in my heels and my joints pop so loud during yoga that everyone can hear it. Could this all be due to Cipro? I also have a constant heartbeat that I can feel/hear all day long. I would love some feedback. Thanks

  26. Nikki, do you still a Yuen Method practitioner and still in the Sacramento area? I’m in Vegas but go to Sacramento to visit my brother. I took 1 500mg Levaquin pill and for the past 3 weeks later have been experiencing the tendon pain & tightness, vision problems and an overall feeling of anxiety and feeling of brain fog. Would love to connect with you regarding Yuen if you are still practicing.

  27. Hi I need help please! I am so scared and I don’t know where to turn. Can someone help me please!! I was on Cipro for about 6 days started experiencing anxiety, pain in my arms and legs to the point where they got numb. I ended up in the hospital with really low blood pressure. I was released after two days. Now I am experiencing some sort of anxiety still, feel really tired to the point where i can barely wake up in the morning this is causing me to get depress. have some problems focusing and concentrating. Please help!! I want to be ok again I want to go back to my family and my two small children.

  28. Oh my God! I was already dealing with candidiasis die off, or so II thought and then doctor saw I had a slight urinary infection and the joint pain is hell! For years I could squat and roll around on the floor NO MORE, can barely bend over……I am almost 80 and I fear I must be dying??

  29. i only will reply briefly, to the long success story of homeopathic cure with dr. mueller. this is not a success story. he’s a very nice, professional sounding and confident, man, i had no great belief but no great skepticism and know this is a method used in europe as a primary treatment for illnesses.
    I found him through one of these postings on the net somewhere, after being rendered almost totally helpless by oct. 2014. he gave me, intentionally, as i have had allergic reactions to many drugs, a weaker version of several potions and to sniff, only. i couldn’t tell if i was getting better or why, it seemed that pain was lifting in various spots, and i was also taking supplements such as COQ10 and magnesium, other items, but not an outrageous amount. a month or so in, my hands and fingers, ,wrists, swelled up like bratwurst, painful, unusable. Mueller thought at first it was “chinese food.” After a couple of weeks, he asked if i was allergic to poison ivy, i said yes, and he said that one of the mixtures was similar and to stop it. he didn’t ask first???!! He said we need to adjust, i ordered other items, i never used them. over several months, my hands became functional, but are still not right. I developed dupuytrens, which is also a possible allergic issue and ordinarily not possible in that short time. my feet swell also, and my dr who is sympathetic, careful, and has given me a lot of tests and probably by now more of a believer than not, thinks it was/is synovitis, something of mysterious origin, often allergy. I resorted to advil for pain, it seemed to help the inflammation and pain, i decided to see if it outweighed what were now vanishing earlier floxed symptoms. needless to say, i had immediately stopped all homeopathic treatment after the poison ivy question, and haven’t touched them since. I was ready to try many things, and had torn rotators, upper arms, pains everywhere, etc. i’m now, a year later, able to function at a lesser pace with great care and sheer force of will. I am in pain a lot, feel damaged and aged, and have good and bad days. physical therapy has done a lot, helped hands, and my shoulders. While I can use a leg press machine at far less than previously, my knees still don’t really function if i want to kneel, i can’t. i can ride a reclining bike on 0 for 20 min but 4 blocks of walking exhausts me. I was physically fine before, not overweight. i think i’m simply lucky. I think the fact my tendons seem not to regenerate totally damaged as straw is incredibly lucky, maybe coq10 and magnesium. body cramps come back when i let up on those.
    the symptoms seems to leave in the order they appeared, but are now erratic and far, far less. blood tests showed the level of inflammation i had last year to be gone, mystifying the dr.
    i believe supplements of 200 mg daily coQ1o, magnesium, brain on, a greens capsule, chlorella,msm,D3, selenium b6, lots of B12, collegian and electrolyte mix, and general vitamins have helped greatly. i had taken levaquin with steroids for 4 days for bronchitis a month before severe cramps and torn shoulder, and same the year earlier for pneumonia. i had subtle problems for a year and thought my hip joints were going. the combo is deadly, and a year ago after mentioning these perhaps levaquin related symptoms was derided by the dr and then was prescribed steroids for a couple of months for breathing issues, and took advil, until i read on the net, stopped, got some good info, and was rendered so disabled a month or two later i had to hire an aide. i could barely move, and 24hr pain. then called mueller. so, my suggestion if you use dr mueller is to keep a precise daily journal, ask a lot of questions as he is very patient, but be careful. don’t not take supplements, he’s not really into much of them, and I think I don’t really believe he can permanently cure the flox, but am not willing to try it again to see. maybe some later point. i kept the cost down by ordering strictly only what i needed. when i forgot to take the chlorella i think the detoxing was working but it wasn’t being removed from my body. my suggestion is to move as much as possible, have someone come to move your limbs if needed, but of course carefully if you’re at the brittle tendon stage, mine went away eventually. heat and cold i alternated and sometimes one would help and sometimes the other, sometimes worse. 24 hr, sleeping only about half hour at a time. a year ago, when the tendonitis in my arm increased before being totally out of it, acupuncture helped the first day, excruciating the next, from a master i’d seen for a couple of years.i’m left with pn, getting worse, in one forearm. so anyone with suggestions on that, please offer. i’m now going to take my ala, which i keep forgetting! and check the company for real or synthetic. i was helped greatly by a daughter in nutrition and her friends in physical therapy, so don’t let your body just sit, even though its painful to move. use heating pads and ice packs. now i’m working on strength as well as mobility, and i see this as robbing me of probably 10 years enjoyment physically of life, and i don’t have much left to spare. any suggestions on joining a lawsuit would be appreciated. good luck, keep moving. terry

  30. Hi,

    I took cipro in August and connected the dots of strange health effects from the last four months when I was diagnosed with clinical depression just this week. As you can imagine, my world has been turned upside down and I can’t believe I took this medication without knowing there were so many who experienced such negative, permanent side effects. I spoke with my doctor yesterday and she denies the laundry list of side effects are linked to the drug and thinks I’m just depressed and overreacting.

    I am mostly afraid of the cognitive damage I have received as I am a business owner whose primary function is consulting (ie. Relying heavily on memory, brain power, and other cognitive functions).

    I am interested in the section of your post that mentions h202 and ozone therapy, but have done some research on it and it seems to have some pretty severe side effects, including death. Can you tell me how you stumbled upon this therapy and what the risks outlined to you were?

    My side effects include… Clinical depression, depersonalization, memory loss, blank spots in my thinking, articulation of my thoughts, confusion, mental fatigue, trouble focuing, slow mental functions, hip pain, lower back pain, constant headaches, permanent eye floaters, anxiety and panic attacks, weight gain, tingling in my extremities, among many other smaller effects.

    I just want my life back. I’ve worked so hard to be who I am today and I’ll be dammed if a medication like cipro will take that away.

    Thank you!

  31. Thanks for posting this and reaching out to all of us who suffer. I was floxed three months ago and I had experienced all of the usual symptoms with the muscle loss, brain fog, shaking, horrible tooth aches, weakness and tendon pains etc. I am still looking for a cure myself some of my pain went away on its own but I am still suffering with the tooth pain, and I believe I am still infected finding no cure for that either. Doctors think Im making it all up, my friends deserted me, I lost a great job, and now I am broke and on the verge of homelessness. I pray that all of you recover, and I hope that you can afford some of the treatments listed above because I am in a very bad situation. But even with everything falling down on me I refuse to give in. Fight the good fight even if you feel like a loser pick yourself back up and remember that its not your fault. Jesus is still in the miracle business.

  32. Nikki,
    I just got off Ciprofloxaci on Wednesday this week having burning in my arms and legs. My hands were bothering me but have gotten better but my arms and legs burning right now have pain off and on. I am a very active person. I went swimming yesterday and felt good for awhile after but it came back. If I am moving around the pain seams to be less. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated so that I can get ahead of this problem. Will this process get worse as I go forward as I have read on this forum?
    Thank you for any support and having this forum.

  33. I have become a convert to the horrors of Cipro…

    I was prescribed it by a trigger-happy dispenser of medicines, a Urologist, for a suspected prostate infection and I resisted (initially) taking the drug combo that he had doled out.

    I succumbed, after symptoms worsened, a week later and had only taken the damn toxic tubes of terror for two days when my age-old nemesis tinnitus returned. I initially put it down to my symptoms worsening and then did my research and was singularly horrified, shocked, angered, distressed and riddled with anxiety upon reading the distress caused by this nefarious drug which, as we all know, worsens when combined with NSAIDs of the very kind the irresponsible imbecile who handed me my trio of terror suggested I took!

    Mercifully, I took just the Cipro and nothing else. On day three (when I stopped taking it) I had awful pains in my feet and legs which then subsided once I stopped. The tinnitus settled down a little but occasionally flares up (one week on from stopping) but the pain in the soles of my feet worsened a few days after coming off Cipro. This settled down and has been usurped by tightness in my calf muscles.

    I have found the following remedies to be effective :

    Magnesium supplements twice daily
    Magnesium oil rubbed on the offending muscles three times daily

    Gargling with coconut oil (organic) in the morning, after cleaning teeth, for ten minutes, and then spitting out the residue. It is an Ayurvedic technique that helps ‘pull’ toxins from the body.

    Likewise, for cleansing the system of toxins, try a Boron supplement as Boron does bond with fluoride and will help eliminate the swine from the body. At the same time, try some Green Clay (oral form).

    Am contemplating bathing in Borax to see what that does.

    What I do know is that the faster one acts, the better one’s chances for nipping this catalogue of misery in the bud and preventing further damage down the line.

    I am based in London and am an active writer and former freelance journalist who is now more motivated than ever to put pressure on the UK Government to:

    1) Make it compulsory to offer a black-box warning with all prescriptions of this kind.

    2) To have this drug removed from the market, at best, or to dissuade the medical fraternity to offer it as the first line of defence/attack against a UTI or URI.

    3) To bring about raised awareness in the general public about the horrific dangers these types of antibiotic FQ drugs cause in an effort to spare others the indignities we have endured.


    Feel free to comment me should you wish to be included in what I hope will become a petition to present before the British Government:

    My email:

  34. I was on cipro for a UTI and had a lot of problems from taking it. My question for anyone is I need advice on what to take when I get a UTI, I’m afraid to take antibiotics but my UTIs won’t go away without one and I have just developed another UTI unfortunately. Any advice would be appreciated. I’ve tried the natural way and it didn’t work. I really need an antibiotic but I’m scared. Is there anything out there that has worked for someone who has been floxed? Thank you

    1. i wonder if you have put enough good bacteria in your system. intuitively, i suspect that you need A LOT more probiotics! I would try 3 different sources of probiotic per day (i.e. more than one supplement could be used, homemade yogurt, kefir, kombuscha, etc)

  35. I was wondering if you could talk more about your experience with the homeopathic remedy I’m 3 months out and I’m actually doing pretty well but my natural md ordered 4 different types of dosages of homeocipro I have a 30c 100c 200c and a 1m he wants me to start with a 200c once and take 8 pellets to see what happens since he’s had a lot of success treating patients in the past with 200c remedies. He doesn’t know much about this remedy and I’m skeptical of taking it.

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