Treating Toxicity with Ozone and H2O2

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20 thoughts on “Treating Toxicity with Ozone and H2O2

  1. Hi Nikki,
    Here in Ecuador is very diffiicult to find H202 to drink. The ones that sell in here are for antiseptic purposes. What I found is something called SINERGY O2, It was told to me that it was liquid oxigen, here is the webpage:
    Have you heard about this? and you know if this can be used in replacement of H202?

    1. Hi Marcela,

      I have not heard of that product and I do not know anything about the benefits of ORAL H202 for treating this condition. I am aware that for oral use, you need a food grade h202 but in any case, you should be under the care of a doctor before, during and after using H202. You can buy the appropriate H202 on the internet once you find a doctor who can prescribe the correct dosage.

      Just to be clear, I have only experienced improvement with IV (intravenous) H202 and I have been told by my doctor that putting H202 into my digestive tract through oral consumption of H202 will not help me with my condition. The problems I have suffered have required me to take H202 into my blood so that it can take effect in my blood, tissues, cells and organs. I am not a doctor so I cannot recommend a specific treatment for you, but I can suggest that you find a doctor who can help you and that you may need to travel a bit from home to get the help you need. I hope that is not the case, but sometimes it is necessary. Do you have friends or family you can stay with in another community or country where you can get help? I hope so. I think there is an ozone doctor in Lima, Peru.

      I admire your courage and fighting spirit. I hope you find the resources you need very soon. Please let me know if I can be of assistance and check in to let me know how things are going. Keep up your strength!

      Many Blessings to you for health and wellness,


      1. hi there Nickki im living in michigan and im dealing with the same condition you guys did .Do you have any idea how i can fin a practitioner in my area thats familiar with this condition ?i ve seen seen so many doctors but unfortunately since they dont know much about this they think its all in my head and they all want to treat the simtoms not the root of the problem .thank you !

      2. Hi Nikki
        What is the difference between h2o2 and oxygen injection in the blood? Is the latter the same as taking blood and injecting oxygen into it and then re-injecting that?

  2. Hi Nikki, I was wondering what benefits you received from the H2O2 therapy. I am wondering if it may help me. My worst symptoms are the brain fog, gaps in thinking, slowed thinking, derealization, and depression. I have had some bouts of anxiety, but not very often. Most of my problems seem to be cognitive. Did you notice improvements in this area with the H2O2 therapy? Thanks for your time!

    1. Everything you just named was corrected by H202 therapy in me. I used IV H202 administered by a doctor. It causes detox symptoms, so unpleasant after treatment but with the benefit of exponential improvement between treatments. I would plan for 20 treatments. Please let me how it goes, most of the symptoms you described improved for me after one or two treatments. Blessings, Nikki

  3. Hi Nikki
    Thank you for writing such an informative and detail article.
    I’m in CA and a relative of mine has been suffering from the side effects of Cipro for over 2 month now.
    She started with difficulty in breathing and ended up in the emergency room. She suffers from the inflammation and sourness of her gums, throat and lips. Also depression and mode swings. She is under a doctor’s care at UCLA now. In your research have you come across these particular symptoms? I’ve not been able to find a helpful literature.
    Thank you , Mahvash

    1. I would take her to dr sosin in irvine. I’m so sorry your family is struggling with this very unpredictable condition. Also, you might contact dr jay cohen in Sam Diego, he has done the most research on fluoroquinolone toxicity that I am aware of. You are lucky to be in southern California. Let me know if I can help. Blessings, Nikki

  4. Buy an ozone generator.. and ozonate your water. The ozone lasts for only a few minutes after the water is infused so ozonate it as you consume it.

    It is excellent therapy.

      1. I haven’t heard that it helps, but I would imagine it must help on some level. it would be a diluted administration of ozone compared to IV, I imagine. Let me know if you try it… Nikki

  5. Nikki, God bless you for providing this uplifting and wonderful site. First, re ozone generator: I’m using one; combined with nutritious foods, lots of water, more sleep/rest, and most of all prayer/meditation, I’m improving. It took about 18 months of excruciating pain/swelling/numbness (all of which were reported to my primary with no mention of possible cipro-induced neuropathy) before I found your site and others where I read of others with reactions/symptoms that mirrored my own. Since then I’ve spread the dangers to everyone I can in hopes of averting their having to suffer as we have. We must continue to get the word out, so count me in for a donation to keep the site available.

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