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If your initial contact with an allopathic (western) medical doctor goes well, I will be surprised. Of all the doctors I have spoken to, only one has been aware of the FDA mandated box label on Cipro prior to my sharing the knowledge, and all of them have exhibited an immediate resistance to believing the truth. Universally, it has been believed that my symptoms are the result of some mysterious, psychological or neurological disease, and most definitely NOT caused by Cipro poisoning. If you make the mistake of sharing your suspicions or beliefs (about Cipro) with a doctor and back up your perspective with any supportive evidence found on the internet, you may as well start shopping for a straight jacket, because you’ve most likely just been diagnosed as CRAZY. Most allopathic doctors have been completely brainwashed into believing that if it is on the internet, it isn’t valid, and that is the FDA says it is safe, then it is safe. So, if you are like me, you will concede that there is a lot of bogus information on the net and you’ll put away the “unverified” information you got from Google, and produce the prescription insert the pharmacist gave you with your prescription. That should be good evidence, right? I mean we are talking about the package insert prepared by the drug manufacturer, and under the heading “adverse side effects” all of your symptoms are listed, so that should mean something, right? But if your doctors are anything like mine have been, then they will discount that too. In fact many doctors I have spoken to will only validate information found in medical journals (good luck finding those) and information provided by the FDA. I don’t understand why the doctors have ANY faith in the FDA when you consider that more than 50% of the drugs approved by the FDA are later found to be unsafe (for more information on the FDA, go to the section Lawsuits and the FDA). And this is even more confusing to me: Why do these doctors claim to trust the FDA, but when provided the box label issued by the FDA, continue to doubt the validity of your claim? Personally, I suspect that their egos are to blame for this bizarre phenomenon of refusing to believe factual information UNLESS THEY READ IT BEFORE YOU DID. In a nutshell, it has been my experience that doctors know very little IN GENERAL, even less about toxicity, and even less about Cipro Poisoning. So when you challenge their understanding about medicine or the medical profession, you are immediately discounted as either a lunatic or a nuisance, and your relationship will be strained. I could go on and on about this subject, but it takes me off my course.

So, let’s set aside the resistance you meet with the doctors themselves and just look at what the western medical world has to offer you. Well, I will tell you right now, be prepared for tests. Lots of tests. Blood tests of every imaginable kind: general blood counts, organ functions, toxicology, rheumatology, histamology, immunology and the list goes on. If you were generally healthy prior to this event, most if not all of these tests will be negative. I don’t even know how much blood has been extracted from my body, and only two anomalies have been found: my red blood cell count was nominally high and my AHA was nominally high, and both tests were discarded as being irrelevant in value. I did not have an IGE test, not that it matters, because my main point here is: that after all the blood work, all the MRI’s, NCS (nerve conduction studies), spinal taps, ultrasounds and x-rays, even if you are diagnosed with Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome, there is still very little your medical doctor can do for you. The basic protocols of treatment are along the lines of pain management and psychiatric medicine. These drugs can generally prolong your condition and make you feel worse. Don’t take my word for it, do the research. Anti-inflammatories, corticosteroids, anti-depressants and anti-psychotics have really complicated things for a lot of people suffering FTS. In fact, many of those medications are contraindicated and exasperate the condition. As for physical therapy, please be careful. If you are suffering tendon injuries, it is important to note that the treatment for medically induced tendinopathies is different than if it is injury related (see some articles here), and very few physical therapists know the difference. Under the wrong treatment protocol, you can make your condition worse, even permanent.

If you have already suffered through enough “medical” care, you may find yourself looking for alternatives to western medicine or for the illusive Cipro “cure”. When I was floxed, I was already resistant to the western medical perspective for most situations, and I actually turned to a Naturopathic Medical Doctor on day one. Naturopathic physicians have just as little experience in treating Cipro Poisoning as any other type of doctor, but in my opinion, their arsenal of treatment options is more diverse and readily available. I have experimented with IV (intravenous) Glutathione (supports the detoxification process in a BIG way), IV Meyers (offers maximal nutritional support to your blood, tissues and cells of vitamins, minerals and amino acids so that your systems can function in an optimized way), IV h2o2 (intensively oxygenates the blood, theoretically pumping your cells full of oxygen and forcing toxins out), b-12 Injections (I could write an entire website on the benefits of B vitamins in general as well as how they are significant to this particular illness) , homeopathy (including a homeopathic Cipro “cure”), color-puncture therapy (an alternative to acupuncture), hydrotherapy (stimulates your organs thereby enhancing the flushing of toxins), sauna therapy (sweating out toxins), and the list goes on. I can’t report to you the precise effectiveness of each treatment since many of these treatments were taken in conjunction with other treatments, but I do believe that these treatments kept my body in its most optimum condition for surviving this syndrome.

Whether or not you choose a Naturopath, an Allopath, an Osteopath, a Homeopath, an Auyervedic practitioner, a Somatic practitioner, a Network Chiropractor, an Herbalist, an Acupuncturist, all of the above or none of the above, you should have ONE trusted health care provider to manage all of your treatments. There are many benefits to thinking outside the box when it comes to health care, but you need someone who understands how so many of these modalities affect one another with the use of various treatments. Or, at the very least, find practitioners who are willing to collaborate with each other on your case. You can get yourself into trouble otherwise. Finding that right person may take a lot of work, and if you are really sick, I would turn this project over to someone you trust, then interview a few people until you find the person that you resonate with. Also, you should be prepared to travel for good health care, especially if you live in a rural or suburban environment. However, alternative approaches to health care are gaining in notoriety and acceptance by mainstream thinkers, so you might find someone rather close to home. And finally, be prepared to pay. I am disappointed when I here about people who are not willing to spend money outside of insurance premiums for unconventional medical care. If conventional medicine can’t give you the results you want, look somewhere else, even if you have to pay. For me, although spending thousands of dollars on anything (and yes, you might spend that much) is terrifying in certain ways, I can’t imagine NOT spending whatever it takes to feel good. What wouldn’t you spend to get your life back? Would you rather be incapacitated, or in debt? That’s the question where this subject is concerned.

In conclusion, while my goal is to bring attention to the many treatment alternatives available to fluoroquinolone victims, I do believe a common sense warning is in order. In the wake of great controversy over the existence of this website, a valid point has been brought to my attention regarding the use of ANY treatment when healing from Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome. And that point is that because so little is understood about this condition, and because this condition commonly effects the central and peripheral nervous systems, and because this condition can present itself in a myriad of ways and vary immensely from person to person, there isn’t ANY treatment that has been proven to be safe for treating this specific condition. What works for one person may not work for another, and depending on where a person has progressed in their flox or the severity of their flox, a treatment that has had remarkable results for one person may have nominal or disappointing results for another. Please use caution, common sense and trusted medical advice before taking ANY treatment protocol, including supplements. Thank you.


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  1. Hi,I took cipro for 4 days and now iam having severe pains all over my body ,hearts beating like crazy, im having prickling feelings all over my body,i feel out of it ,chills etc. Bad enough iam hypersensitive to drugs,and i recently had a bad accident before i took the cipro. My questions are how long does this last? Also with your treatments where did you go to have those iv’s done ? Iam very desperate here please help me.

    1. Dear Paul,

      I am so sorry for what has happened to you. I know you are frightened, it is very scary to lose control of your body. My first bit of advice is to stop taking the Cipro if you have not already done that. My second bit of advice is to inform your doctor that you are having an adverse reaction to Cipro, and that you stopped taking it. You need medical care immediately. I highly recommend a Naturopathic Medical Doctor. They can give you IV therapy. Ask about Glutithione and h202. They will need to do a health history on you and you will pay cash, but it is worth it to save your life.

      As far as how long this will last, I’m sorry, there is no way to know. One thing you can do RIGHT NOW is to take MAGNESIUM. Take a supplement (if you think its safe, I can’t give you medical advice) and take a magnesium bath. Cipro binds itself to Magnesium and it is then flushed out through your liver. Run a very hot bath, add 6 cups of epsom salts (magnesium) to the water, soak for 1-2 hours. Yes. Hours. Sweat it out. Drink a lot of water. Start taking probiotics, too. You are lucky to catch it early. You are smart to know when your body isn’t right and where to look for answers.

      I will tell you two more things. One, YOU WILL BE OK. I know it is scary and I don’t know how long it will take, but you will be OK. Just don’t give up. And two, you can write me anytime and hope you will do so soon, so that I know how you are doing. Please keep in touch.



      1. i started taking ciprofloxacin on 10/23/14.
        within 12 hours i started seeing red splotches on the left side of my chest and side, and has now spread to my back.
        i stopped taking this medicine on 10/25/14.
        what if any treatment will stop this rash.


  2. Nicole,

    Thanks for your website it has been a tremendous blessing. You are extremely positive. I have a question for you. I took 3 250 mg of Cipro back in April of 2010 and I still have symptoms. The symptoms have greatly improved but it seems sometimes I have relapse. When the relapse happens I feel so discouraged. Sometime I get new symptoms. Do you think because of the small dose I took that I will get better? Also, I haven’t taken any supplements do you think I should take supplements and will they help. I have eye floaters, tendon pain in right knee, and back pain.

    1. Hello Charlton,

      I am sorry to hear of your pain. I wish I had some clearly defined answers for you, but with fluoroquinolone toxicity there are no guarantees that any one treatment will be a success, but there is plenty of hope!

      As for the relationship between the amount of FQ you have taken and how long your symptoms will last, there is no clearly defined answer to that. There are several factors that may play a role in how long you are effected, like previous health history, previous fluoroquinolone use, etc., but at the end of the day it seems more like a crap shoot from what I have read. I think the most important thing is to keep striving for improvement until you are well. That begins with finding a doctor (or doctors) who recognize your symptoms to have been brought on by the fluoroquinolone and who will treat you accordingly.

      Regarding supplements, there are some legitimate reasons to take supplements, like if you are known to be deficient, you are showing signs of a suppressed immune system, or when a particular supplement is created to support a particular weakness you have. For example, when my tendon discomfort is really bad (bad enough to consider pain medication) I take Wobenzym N, which is a supplement created for tendon, joint and muscle health. I take it because it works really well for me. I also take supplements to correct deficiencies that my blood work has revealed, and in the past, when my liver was totally overloaded with the detoxification process, I took supplements to support all of my organ functions, particularly the liver, such as glutathione. If you are considering supplementation, you should discuss the matter with your doctor. There are many supplements that can be contraindicated with various medications or other supplements. I always recommend a NMD to help you choose a supplement, and I also discourage going out to a pharmacy or health food store and just stocking up on whatever supplement sounds good. In my opinion, most supplements you can buy in the stores are garbage…literally. For example, there are iron supplements that are literally made from the iron garbage found on the floors in factories. Another example is taking calcium carbonate (commonly found in calcium supplements or multivitamins) or wasting your money, as I like to call it. My doctor refers to it as “chalk” (calcium citrate is the good stuff, btw). The moral here is to get medical advice before supplementing and to buy the very best supplements you can get which will be pharmaceutical grade (I prefer Thorne), or don’t bother unless you like throwing your money away.

      As for the relapses, I have a theory about that and am currently working on a new article. Check back next week (I hope to publish it this weekend). The relapses, or cycles are common. The rule of thumb is that each time you cycle it gets easier and easier. And in a nutshell, I believe that with each cycle comes a deeper level of healing. I know it is inconvenient, but hopefully when it is over you will be in much better shape than when the cycle started. Also, new symptoms are not uncommon. I got a new symptom today too. It is discouraging to get a new symptom, but try to stay positive and to remember that healing can look like two steps forward, one step back. Take it one day at a time and look for reasons to be grateful.

      I wish you the best of luck with your healing, and to answer your question: YES! I do believe you will get better!

      Please post in the forum if you have any other questions.

      Thank you!


  3. Hi, you have my deepest sympathies, this sounds awful. I’ve been prescribed Cipro for an unconfirmed but possible UTI. I’d read some horror stories before and am really unsure whether I should take this or not. Do you think I should ask my doc to prescribe an alternative?



    1. Hi Al,

      I’m sorry you are not feeling well and I’m sorry you are faced with taking a fluoroquinolone. I am not a doctor, so there is no way I can tell you what to do. However, I am concerned about ANYONE taking a fluoroquinolone for an infection that can be treated with a less toxic medication and I am also concerned about taking a medication with potentially serious side effects when you haven’t even had a diagnosis (which is common). Personally, I would have a talk with your doctor and ask some questions about alternative medications and waiting until the urinalysis comes back before medicating. It is possible that the doctor prescribed the FQ before the UA came back in an effort to make you feel more comfortable, so you can discuss your options around that as well. I hope your doctor can help you make a good decision, and I also hope that you have a good doctor. Many doctors are willing to explore options, but some doctors don’t want to take the time. You may want to seek a second opinion or a doctor with a different type of philosophy.

      Best of luck with this difficult choice,


  4. Hi Nikki,

    I was prescribed 500mg 2x per day for 3 days. I read the warning and did not want to take this medication however was assured by my doctor that I would not get any side effects. Well I did and continue to and no one is listening to me. I have a burning sensation at the base of my skull, pain in the back of my neck, pain in my neck, extreme fatigue, anxiety, extreme fatigue, not sleeping well and something new seems to happen each day. I am extremely sensitive to medication. I do not know what to do. I am a single mother of 2 and am very scared of what is going to happen to me. I do not know who to turn to for help with this. Currently I am taking amoxacillin for a supposed sinus infection. Please help.

    1. I’m so very sorry for what you are going through, this is a frightening experience. I know it’s easier said than done, but try not to panic, and enlist some help. Call close friends or family and just see who might be available in case you need them, and get to a NMD right away (today) if you don’t have a good doctor already. There is a link to NMD database on my links page, find someone close. The single mom
      thing is scary, I know, but with help you can get through this. You don’t know how bad it will get. But it sounds like you are getting more symptoms regularly, so I would do what you cam to stop it in it’s tracks. H202, glutathione and energy medicine are three things I suggest you look into immediately. You will detox fast. Please let me know how else I can support you. I’m here if you need me.



  5. I’m 42, I have 3 children, 2 stepchildren, and 2 grandbabies. This has stolen almost everything from me and I want my life back!!!! Please keep me informed on anything that might help. I don’t know what kind of doctor to go to first and I don’ t know how to join the lawsuit and what lawyer to trust!!
    Thanks for getting the word out that we’re not crazy and we’re not alone!

  6. I just took ciprofloxacin for a uti (which i didn’t know i had) and within 48h developed severe dizziness (even when lying down), nausea, stomach pains, lower back pain, severe headache, tingling hands, and bleeding gums. I called both the dr and my pharmacist and both say it has nothing to do with the drug and I probably have a “virus”. I was totally fine and healthy one minute and now can’t even stand up. How long should i wait before contacting my dr or hospital? Will they even do anything? I know I’m not crazy but am scared to call them again as they’ll think I’m crazy and tell me to stop complaining about a “virus”.

    1. Dear Emma,

      You are not crazy. Your physical symptoms are very real and there is no reason for you to feel hesitant about getting medical advice. I hope you will find a doctor who will listen to you and validate your experience right away. Until that moment, please be easy and calm. Take support from a loved one. I will be sending light and love, Nikki

    1. Hi there,

      I have been working with colorpuncture therapy which is frequency specific and I have had incredible results, specifically with working in my endocrine system. At this time, EMF regulation, frequency healing and diet are my primary wellness tools. I hope that helps, and if you try something new, please report your results (positive or neagative) back on this site. Thanks,

      Surviving Cipro

  7. Just to support diet as a wellness tool. Research just this last year found that foods such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains maintain their RNA even after we eat them. RNA, in a rough sense, is the translator for DNA. My understanding is that sInce fluoroquinolones are mutagenic and alter our DNA, fresh fruits and veggies help mitigate and direct our mutated DNA, as well as provide nutrients. My grandma used to say that the earth is our mother and can nurse us back to health. Grandma was pretty smart! 🙂 Joanne

  8. I have had great success with magnesium sulfate baths, increased magnesium from foods, CoQ10, Vit E and natural cod liver oil. I will say I think it is the baths-(both times I tried to skip a day, I ended up miserable – the first time with a newly stiffened knee, the second time, this am, almost a month since my first symptom while on the 3rd day of a 7 day, 500mg/2x prescrip., I couldn’t sleep due to excruciating pain in my right shoulder, elbow, and thumb joint. Some exertion, the first in a month may be at fault – does using muscles more than usual cause pain that makes you cry? It was more intense than any other so far – a deep burning pain that made me nauseated. It went away slowly as I went about my morning. ANY pulling of the joints was awful, I could only lay on my left side and place my arm in a right angle, aligned with my left. For some reason, that helped.

    It’s been a two-week push for me now with the nutrients…had bone broths at first, and will be restarting those, and have been drinking coconut water and whole raw milk. I gave up on the doctor, but made sure to restart cod liver oil, which I had dropped for surgery a couple of months ago, as he said the only recommendation he had was to supplement (D2!!! 50,000 iu/week!) – I declined, and went for the cod liver oil.

    Anything else I can do at home? I wondered if nightshades might have a neg effect, as I had eggplant the night before the worst of it.

  9. My MD, on my second visit (a different doc at the same practice gave me the Cipro, and a third doc dismissed me when I went for my first visit during the beginning of the fixed drug eruption/purpura blisters) asked me if he could copy the Mayo clinic article I read to guide my self-treatment. He told me that he had labeled my reaction idiosyncratic (or was it atypical) Cipro reaction, so at least it is in my file.

    He was kind of serious, and made it clear that he really had no knowledge of what to do, but would call me this Tuesday after he did some research. One thing that was very hard to explain to him was that , no, I was not just being careful with activity and movement out of fear, but because I can literally FEEL my tissue giving way and that is very scary.

    I’m very in touch with my body/my muscles and joints. I’ve run about 1500 miles barefoot with no pain, no trauma, no injuries, and no soreness beyond a couple of days after 10mi + runs.

    I’m just lucky I had the nasty blister eruption – I believe it may be the only thing that made them take me seriously .

  10. Dear Nicole

    I have been taking cipro thrice a year two times a day with other supplements for the past 4 years because of gut infection. That is mixed with tinidazole.

    Last week i was on the same dose and relapsed due to unhygienic food and again was put on a 3 day course of cirpo-tinidazole. What i find today is that some kind of a pain 1 finger breadth to the left of the lower sternum as if my heart has skipped beats. I happens pretty infrequently. I see it is yet to be flushed out of my body

    I am an avid exerciser and could it be due to exercise. Could it be due to gas pains owing to the gut infection and antibiotics, or could it be cipro causing these irregular rhythms or such.

    If i have to avoid cipro for gut infections, what else can i take. Pls advise. Regards

  11. My nightmare started last wednesday. After I became ill with gastroenteritis, went to Urgent Care for IV fluids, antinausea, pain medication. Was discharged with a Cipro prescription 500mg/5days. I took 6 doses. I do have a history of generalized anxiety and was at the somewhat relapsing from the anxiety. But I was sleeping well, exercising. i started feeling a deterioriating feeling. Severe anxiety, panic attacks ( i never really get them), severe depression (suicidal ideation), my mental stability was non existant. Insomnia too became a problem. I started looking at the internet, which brought me down even more. I have never felt like this. It was like a living nightmare with no coping mechanisms left in my personna. I also felt extreme fatigue to the point that it felt like I could not move my legs, I was tired.

    I finally found this website which brings the light in my dark tunnel. Thank you. You are saving my life. It’s been so horrible the last week. I’m currently abroad in south america, I just started taking Magnesium 2grams orally. I will go to the sauna therapy and i had one session of accupunture here already. I can’t wait to get back stateside, find a doctor and start my treatment in 7 days. Any insight, please share. I will thank you greatly.

  12. Nikki,

    Thank you so much for this site. I had to take a 500mg x2 course of Cipro, combined with a NSAID for 6 weeks!! for a chronic prostatitis issue. I am 38 and have been healthy except for the prostatitis, (which was caused by kidney stone removal). During week 5 I quit taking the NSAID and noticed pain in my legs, and by the second day off the NSAID, the insomnia and mild tingling on the feet and hands have kicked in. I work in the oil fields in NM, so this not very good for me especially since I just started a new job…… I think there is a naturopathic center in Albuquerque, but is run by a PA, not an MD.

    I too have experienced the dismay, and severe depression that comes with realizing that you are about to embark on a really long journey in which you really don’t know the outcome….

    I truly am grateful you have this site here, and offer hope to the thousands of victims of this horrible drug. It has truly allowed me to breathe and realize there is hope for a cure and we need to care for ourselves and take time to take time for our healing.

    1. Hi, my name is Sergio. I hope you are ok now, because that would give some hope about myself. I had the same experience as you but Just 1 month ago. Prostatitis and took cipro for 30 days. Now i am suffering tingling, needles all over my arms and legs. Please reply to me at and let me how are you doing now and what treatment you have had to get better.

  13. Hey Nikki, I’m 19 and took cipro for 3 days and am experiencing awful side effects (hands, feet tingling) trouble walking muscle spasms, tendon pain), I don’t know the first step to take! I can’t go to college now. Who do you think I should contact? I’m scared and my Dr. Is like “I don’t know what is wrong”.

  14. Hi Nikki
    My wife was floxed 5 months ago.. things are not going well as u might imagine. I read your comments on IV Glutathion thoroughly and we are goign to investigate with a naturopath. But you also mention h202… what exactly is that. There seems to be a pleathora of oxygen therapies out there and I am wondering which one that is. Thanks so much for this website.

  15. Has anyone had Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for this? I did HBOT for AVN and was successful in stopping progression. With so many joints involved besides body systems, this may be a treatment. I am trying to head in that direction.

  16. I have taken a few courses of Cipro over the last ten years mainly for chest infections. The last course taken about 3-4 years ago for an ear infection.Three days after taking Cipro I started to get burning sensations in both arms,face, neck,head and legs.I stopped taking Cipro and after a few months the burning settled down but did not go away.i now have torn tendons in both arms, a slight numbness at one side of my face. Any antibiotics that I now take cause the burning sensation to flare up.It now appears that any medication that I take causes the same burning problem. MD doe’s not seem to think it is caused by Cipro but has not given me any alternatives. I have visited a Neurologist and also a skin specialist, to no avail.

    Has anyone in Australia suffered from the same or similar problem /

    Would love to hear from you.


  17. I recently was given Cipro to take twice a day due to a kidney stone problem with e coli. I was in IC for 3 days not knowing if I was going to make it. Since then I have been having pain in my left leg all the way to the bottom of my foot into the heal. Thinking it was just from laying in the bed and being sick with this infection, I had no idea it was from the medicine I was taking. I had problem with my hands swelling from the infection, once again thought it was from the infection leaving my hands and joints sore. As I am going through my papers for Aflac, I see all of it was side effects from the medicine. Who knew it would save my life but leave me in pain every hour of the day. What do we need the FDA, if the test or there is no cure for the side effects?


  18. I’m reading that the FDA fast tracked the normal vetting procedure for this drug. Did the fact that Bayer is a huge corporation with a lot of influence in Washington have something to do with this? After taking Cipro I feel like a switch was turned on in my body that made it start to self destruct.
    Nikki, you are showing such amazing compassion and giving hope to people who are in dire need, Thank you for giving sufferers a resource to begin recovery.

  19. I took three 500mg Ciprofloxacin pills. I was supposed to take the pills for 3 weeks. All my muscles just melted away. Every joint hurts, even my jaw pops. Its been a month since I took the Third pill. I am so frail it is disturbing. Has anyone made a documentary about this film? This is absurd, more exposure needs to exist! I am shocked at the toxicity of this “antibiotic”. DO NOT take this medication. I was prescribed it for an infection that I didn’t even have. How crazy is that? It has ruined me. I am going to have to try the magnesium bath, I will try anything. I played basketball, I played tennis and I jogged. I wouldn’t dare do any of that now but pray I can again one day.

    1. I’m really sorry about your condition. I was floxed multiple times and suffered horribly. It has been 4 years now and I’m happy to report things are better, but I will never be the same. To this day I slap transdermal oil on my body every day! I travelled to indianapolis to see dr. Flockhart and he recommended taking 2 tbs of milk of magnesium every day to leech out fluoroquinolones. I was already using magnesium so his advice was nothing new to me. Anyway, hang in there. You will get better. It may not seem like it now, but you will. Lots of good people on this site that can help you out.

  20. I was prescribed Cipro (500 mg) twice per day for five days due to a gum infection. Immediately after my first dose i starting to feel a burning sensation and tightness in my muscles. I didn’t think too much about it and continued the antibiotics. By the fourth day i had to stop because of the severe side effects i was experiencing. Naseousness, burning, chills, pins and needles in my hands and feet, tightness and spasms, tendonitis,nightmares,joint pains and anxiety. I visited a GP who conducted a number of tests but couldn’t find anything abnormal. He prescribed Tylenol for pain and told me to drink lots of water. He basically dismissed that the cipro may have been the cause. I visited a second doctor six days later who ordered more tests. He told me my health was perfect after he got back the results. I am continuing to have severe joint pains and tendonitis. I don’t think anyone is taking me seriously. I should mention that i live in Guyana (South America) so my hope for a proper diagnosis is dashed. I’ve been reading about cipro poisoning on the internet (not much info out there) and it is very scary. For what it’s worth…i started to eat clean, drink lots of water and coconut water, use a magnesium supplement and try to get as much rest as i can. I pray that my condition improves. Not sure if any of the alternative medical treatments are offered here.

  21. I have had permanent and long lasting problems from cipro and several other antibiotics. Ihave muscleand tendon damage in my arms and legs and must use a wheel chair. The only thing that has actually helped the pain isacombination of Tegretol and neurontin and making sure my magnesium levels are not low. I have severe allergies and get infections easily but there are so many other antibiotics that work . Always check to see what other antibiotics might be used instead. I am much better now but no one at the time realized what the problem was. All medications and even herbal supplements can be dangerous investigate what you are using, why, and if anything bothersome occurs immediately call your physician. Hives one day can turn I to not breathing the next. You know your body better than any one if something isnot correct go back until it. Is or get another opinion. I have called other hospital advise lines when I have been worried. There are doctors today that still think that this doesnot happen.

  22. My boyfriend was prescribed 2 rounds of cipro and then we both were prescribed a generic cipro and hibiclens for a mild skin rash they called folliculitis. This was a year ago since taking the medication. But we both immediately had nausea, vomiting, dizziness, and I broke out in a horrible rash all over my chest and back. Since then I have developed perioral dermatitis and we both continue to get rashes and red bumps on our bodies. We have had skin tests and biopsy’s taken to make sure we didn’t have a severe bacteria. Nothing was found. A year after this we continue to feel helpless with our skin conditions and gut health. I am in school for Chinese medicine but do not yet know enough herbal wise to prescribe myself something. Would you recommend herbs to detoxify the liver for the rash. Or do you think Ozone or hydrogen peroxide therapy would be good? Or something else? We need to stop the skin breakouts/rashes/hives as well as build our gut bacteria back up and help with fatigue, body aches, nausea and dizziness. I found this site through Dr. Mercola and am so grateful to have stumbled upon it.

  23. Like Kate, I was a mountain barefoot runner with no pain. Now I can barely walk with feet tingles, rigidity and this odd feeling of loss of being “in touch” with my body’s whereabouts. Is that from peripheral nervous system? It’s been only 5 days and 1 Levaquin pill. Starting to interview doctors tomorrow.
    KATE, how are you now? Will we ever run barefoot again?

  24. Hello,
    Thanks so much for this website and info. My mom is 87 and was prescribed cipro for a bladder infection. When we went to pick it up I asked about tendon issues and he said “I have never seen that happen”. OK, great! After ONE dose she became dizzy and thankfully read the entire pamphlet about it. Aside from tendon issues, it said it should NOT be prescribed for anyone over SIXTY. She didn’t take anymore. Even after ONE dose she is having severe tendon pain at night. The only thing that has relieved the pain is a topical combo of arnica and cannabis (no, it doesn’t get her high). I’m so worried it is going to get worse. She lives with me and my husband and has always been very active, walking etc. I think I will order the bionic band and we have upped her calcium and magnesium. In a few she is talking to her naturopath and hopefully she can start building her strength and immune system up. I am angry at myself as well as the urgent care that recommended the cipro for someone 87. I would look into suing but since the information was there I doubt that would go anywhere. I am SO glad she only the one. Thank you for the opportunity to vent! Any suggestions or word of hope would be appreciated!

  25. Hello, i have to explain my case, give me levofloxacine EV by 9 days, after two days start synthomas pain in achiles tendon, and ligaments, 3 months ago i dont walk, i am so sad, i am only in my bed, if i start to walk few steps, the pain is terrible and i scared my tendon broke, i have to seen doctors by they dont understand this toxicicty that produces this medicament
    Please help me i am 29 years old and i dont walk
    im so sad 🙁

  26. I took several different antibiotics fighting a prostate infection amongst them were Cipro & Livofloxacin. Now I have horrible headaches associated with depression and anxiety and it feels like my tendons are going south. Also I’m feeling exhausted from just a little exorcise. The VA diagnosed me with ’emotional dissorder’ and they prescribed anti-depressant medications I’m on ‘Miratazipine’ now which is not working on the symptom and has it’s own side-effects. What should I do? Is there any known treatment for Flouroquinolone Toxicity?

  27. Now I’ve got to get off the Mirtazapine before I can start working on the original symptom with alternative medicine methods. Problem is . . .what are they? What the most accepted treatment for Flouroquinilone Toxicity and how do you spell Flouroquinilone?

  28. Had a mild (compared to others) reaction to Cipro in Oct of 2013. I only took a gram, two 500mg over 12 hours for an infection that didn’t exist. Sensitivities and weakness that came and went. I’ll pinpoint things that helped and still do with flare ups:
    1. No meat eating. Fish and eggs are generally fine. Beef especially causes flareups within 24 hours, noticeably. Perhaps organic would be ok.
    2. The only supplements I found worthwhile. B12 for low mood energy. Alpha Lipoic Acid and Glutathione, Magnesium and/or Potassium supplement, all seem to dial down flareups and pain.
    3. Fruits, Veggies and Water (3 liters a day at least). Diet is important for this because if you have fibro symptoms you have to give your muscles the tools to contract and release properly. If you’re dealing with cramps and muscle twitches, eat tons of bananas that are spotted. Perhaps in a smoothy.
    4. Gentle stretching and keep moving (if capable).

    Time does provide for some relief but these things can quicken that.

  29. after a week of stomach cramps and diahroea my doctor has given me 500mg Ciproflaxin twice a day for 5 days. 10 500 mg tablets in total. Plus codeine for the pain.
    The improvement was almost immediate. But reading your article scared me.
    Should I take magnesium now? While I’m taking the medication? Which type of magnesium since there are several types.
    Thank you.

  30. Hello Nicole, I’m sure all the horror stories you’ve read, heard or even discussed, tear at your heart. I can tell that you care by the wat you answer many of the poster’s on your site. I’m one of many that’s suffering and have for more than 7 years and it”s more complicated than most. Many, many surgeries since 2006. I’ve taken Fluoroquinolone’s for 9 different times to treat infections mainly in my lungs or sinus’s. Many times had steroid injections, steroid packs, 20mg steroid pills, nerve blocks, neck and spine injections, MRI’s,(some w/contrast) CT Scans,(some w/contrast) meylograms, Diac-O-Gram (which I never want to experience again) and spinal Epideral’s (?). I’m sure I’ve missed other procedures and meds that react with the FQ’s. I have alway’s been a very active person that never gives up at anything. I was taught a work ethic beginning at 8 years old. To me work has always been playtime. I enjoyed it that much. (forgive me for getting off point but when I first read the saying “I work at my play and play at my work”, I knew it fit me to a T). Now, I’m disabled (not by choice), wearing down and have to force myself to do everything. I’ve just turned 57 and have kept myself in good shape. The worst habit I have is I smoke cigaretts and Vapor E-cigs. I take 3 prescription but only 2 on an everyday basis. Kolonopin 2mg at bedtime and 40 mg Adderall when I first get up. Lyrica only when a nerve pain in an area after a lower back fusion that only us men have. I don’t do the pain meds. I chose to have a Spinal Cord Stimulator implant, for my upper body and I cherish it. It does help to a point. The pain, frail or fragile feeling, muscle fatigue, joint inflamation, tendon’s rupturing and the tearing away from the bone is taking a toll on me. If I allowed it, it would win. I live with my dog and I know I can’t keep going like this. Please help.

  31. Hello everyone. I’m so glad this site exists and thank you Nicole for helping shed light for people who otherwise wouldn’t know where to get answers from.

    I was diagnosed with prostatitis in the beginning of February and given doxycycline. I was found to be allergic so then I was given Cipro. I took one pill at 9pm and by 11pm I had every conceivable symptom: muscle weakness, pain, and spasms, chills, anxiety, acid reflux, nausea, nightmares, extreme mood swings, among others. In the morning I went to use the restroom and my leg completely gave out, I collapsed on the floor and blacked out. I stopped taking Cipro after just the one pill.

    It’s been about a month and all I’m really left with is the muscle pain. If I stay still or walk slowly isn’t too bad, but if I try to lift anything over 10-15 lbs. or gently stretch everything from the sides of my abdomen, all up and down the legs, back, calves, and arches of the feet get inflamed. I’ve seen several doctors and emailed with several others and no one seems to have a solution other than to wait and use warm compresses. The worst part is a urologist later diagnosed my prostate problems as a reaction to a vasectomy and I didn’t need antibiotics in the first place.

    So needless to say I’m itching to get back to being active and pretty frustrated than a month of waiting hasn’t fixed things completely. Does anyone have any insight? Thanks so much!

  32. Took cipro for two weeks for prostatitis, very very distressed. I already have Asperger syndrome. Looking to connect with anyone who can help me through all this. I live in the UK. Thank you for your time.

  33. Hi Richard,
    I was floxed in September 2014. Today I am 90% better. I am 72years young. I had tendonitus , a ruptured tendon, chronic fatigue. At one time I was in a wheelchair. Now I can walk reaso able distances. I bought the book “The fluoroquine toxicity solution, by Kerri knox. In the book is a protocol of vitamins and minerals to follow. It’s been a long haul for me (probably because of my age) but I am getting there and improving every day. I have done tons of research and the consensus seems to be you WILL get better it just takes patience and time. I also recommend the web site Floxy Hope as there is a ton of good information there from other recovered floxys.
    Hang in there and good healing to you all.

  34. Hi! I am so happy that I came across your site! I took Cipro back in July 2015 and my life has NOT been the same sense. I am hoping that it is not too late to try and take control of my life again. Meeting with a local Dr. M.D/ H.M.D that I hope can help me. I have literally been going crazy and been diagnosed with Occipitial Neuralgia because I have such terrible headaches and have had over 15 medications prescribed to me since July!

  35. Hi. I came across something on facebook tonight and decided to do some investigating on google. I too have problems. I was on cipro for a month after going to emergency with a blocked bowel and purfurated appendix. (Nov. 2010) They told me I was so full of poison and almost didn’t make it. I didn’t have any problems then. Then I had appendix removed (March 2011) Was on cipro again for another two weeks. I have had all of the above symptoms with the tendons breaking in both legs with swelling in ankles and a permanent bursa in left leg. (2014) I spent months going to every specialist possible. This happened just by walking fast on the treadmill. The doctors said there was no way this caused the problem. Had physio, massage, etc…. In 2014 I went for a left knee scope and he said I needed one on the right leg. Then I was going through brain fog, memory problems, insomnia, major fatigue and lots of inflammation and weight gain. I just thought maybe this last part was part of going through menopause but I always knew something was wrong. I also get weird flare ups and the doctors want to keep putting me on anti inflams. My recent flare up was in January 2016 with face pain, jaw pain, neck pain. Again I went to the dentist to make sure I didn’t have tmj. Went for cat scan and am scheduled for mri. I have had all of my blood work done and the docs say I have the blood pressure of a teenager. I have also become dizzy over the past two weeks. Now I am doing a very natural detox (supplements), Epson salt baths, lots of water, watching what I eat. It’s very scary and I am so glad I found this website. If I discuss this with friends, they think Im nuts so I don’t discuss anymore. Now I get why the doctors here do not prescribe antibotics anymore. Just a little too late. When I was on them at the hospital, the doctors did warn me about side effects and said if I was on them for a short amount of time, it should be okay. NOT.

  36. Need advice on how to detox my mother from the damage that Cipro has done to her. She is 78 yrs old and has been in two geriatric mental hospitals over the last two months due to panic/anxiety attacks and suicidal thoughts. She has always been fairly healthy and was given the Cipro for UTI and sinus infection. She probably took 3 to 4 pills before we noticed it was making her feel terrible i.e. weak, dehydrated, dry mouth, now sore mouth, sensation of coldness in legs, nausea, and insomnia. We have seen various doctors and ER rooms over the last 15 months and all tests come back normal. She is now depressed and can’t focus on anything but her physical symptoms. Doctors are hopeless and don’t believe the Cipro was the catalyst. She is now being treated with anti-psychotic meds and Xanax but they have seemed to make her more depressed. Any suggestions, we are running out of options quickly. We want our old mother back!

  37. I saw a commercial for toxicity from this drug and literally a lightbulb went off. When I did a quick search it was a total Ah-ha moment and suddenly everything made sense. About 4 years ago I had pneumonia and was given a 2 week course of this drug. Before that I only went to the Dr maybe once a year for checkups/routine stuff. After the first dose I felt very paranoid, agitated and I had insomnia. It kept me awake for 24 hours and I actually called the Dr. and asked them to switch me to another drug and they said no. I was very ill and followed their advice and just took it. After I finished the course, a few weeks/month later I first noticed numbness in my scalp which would come and go. Then I had numbness in my feet and hands. I started having little odd sensations + balance issues pop up. I started losing words and having brain fog and severe fatigue. Then about a year later I had a sensory seizure and after that the floodgates opened on my symptoms. In addition to the other stuff I now had seizure episodes, vibratory sensations, out of body sensations, panic attacks (partly due to the symptoms), flushing for hours, I developed constant ear ringing, numbness in my tongue/face, muscle shaking, muscle twitching, muscle weakness. After a year or more of dealing with those symptoms now I mainly deal with the numbness, odd sensations, balance issues, the vibrations, slight anxiety, ear ringing and flushing. I honestly have learned to deal/ignore them. I have had so many blood tests, several MRI’s, CT scans, EEG’s, nerve tests, been to 3 neuro’s and the only answer I got is peripheral neuropathy and sensory seizures. One Dr even thought I was being poisoned and did a heavy metals test on me! Another Dr. thought I had carcinoid syndrome and that I had cancer! All negative on those tests. Little did I know I was actually poisoned from this drug. I am praying that I can find a Dr. or a treatment that will help me recover from this nightmare! I will say to anyone out there if you have an instinct like I did, not to take this drug, please follow it. Although I have gotten a bit better this last year, my health is vastly different than it was 4 years ago and I feel like I am fighting a daily battle of the unknown.

  38. My husband was floxed in 2007 with Levaquin and Cipro then again in 2012, 5 weeks on Cipro 500 mg 2/day…Dec 2013 his world was turned upside down…we had no idea what was happening, it wasn’t until the new black box warning in May, that we were able to connect the dots…he can no longer work, drive, ride his motorcycle(the love of his life), he can only eat certain organic foods, he has so many aches and pains, has developed POTS and the list goes on….and he is only 52…no Dr. will listen, they all think he is crazy…..we are looking for any help, suggestions…anything…..

  39. Nikki,

    Thank you for this site. I left a message earlier but I wanted to give you more details. I have been on Ciprofloxaci for 13 day (500mgs X 2 a day). Just got off Wednesday this week and it sounds from reading the faster you attack this the better possibilities. When you say detox what type of detoxing are you saying? I.E liver I workout and very active should I stop lifting (due to tendon issues that I have been reading) and being active? I am going in on Wednesday for a procedure on my hip which they will be injecting steroid and anti-inflammatory. Could this be an impact / reaction? Any thoughts. Any help on start a process or people to help me (as yourself). I am very anxious to get something started.

  40. I believe you live in Dallas, TX, as do I. I’ve been having a lot of unexplained problems after being treated for an ear infection. It turned out to be viral, but my GP initially treated me with a # of antibiotics, with Cipro being the last. He told me if the Cipro didn’t work, to go see an ENT … it didn’t so I went to the ENT. He immediately put me on high doses of Prednisone, which did clear up the ears, but the day after I started taking the Prednisone, I had deep depressions, high anxiety, tight chest, etc. I had so many symptoms, I went to the Baylor emergency room during the middle of the night after taking Prednisone for 5 days. Oh day 8, I was a basket case, so my GP gave me Xanax. I finally finished up the Prednisone, and while on the Xanax I felt pretty good … until I started becoming tolerant. To cut to the chase, I only took the Xanax for 1 month, before I started tapering, but it’s been hard. I’ve down to 0.125 mg x 3 a day, but I’m having a little trouble with that last steps. I don’t have a history of depression or anxiety, and I’ve used lower doses of Prednisone before, but after reading this and other sites, I suspect the Cirpo took me to a cliff, so to speak, and Prednisone pushed me off … both deplete Magnesium, and that is the only supplement that actually reduces my anxiety, besides the Xanax. My question to you is, can you recommend someone in Dallas that I can work with on this? I have a nice doctor, but based on previous conversations with him, he’s puzzled with what is going on with me, and I don’t think he’ll be very helpful.


  41. Oh, and there is always the down regulation of GABA receptors by the Cipro, which is what Xanax puts a band-aid on. That’s probably why I’m having such a hard time totally eliminating the Xanax quickly.

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