Water and Other Fluids

In our culture drinking plenty of water is a no brainer, but when you are sick, it is easy to slack. I fill a 64 oz glass (not plastic) jug with clean, purified, magnetized, mineralized, alkalized and oxygenated water every morning and I drink it at room temperature or warm, throughout the day. If you are not measuring your intake and not feeling well, you might be surprised how little you drink. If you do not have a supreme filtration system in your home, do a little investigating about local water stores, co-ops, or internet sites where you can buy great water or a great water filtration system. I use this amazing system by Nikken. The benefits of drinking good water are too numerous for me to list, and again, to do so would take me off my path, so if you are not familiar with the importance of drinking water that is beyond clean, you need to do some research immediately. Additionally, I do not drink anything but water, weak tea (green or herbal) and water mixed with either Organic PURE Cranberry Juice, Organic PURE Pomegranate Juice or Organic PURE Pomegranate Juice (all natural, any organic brand, not concentrated, pure, no sugar, 1 cup of juice mixed with water to make 64 oz., stored in the refrigerator). That means not drinking anything that doesn’t support you, like soda, sweetened juices and alcohol.

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