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4November 2010

In a nutshell, my husband and I are currently surviving a Cipro attack, “a floxing” if you will, of high severity. I took Cipro in July 2010, and since then our lives have been unrecognizable. If you take the time to read my story, you will see that I was an active 39 year old mother of two, regular walker (in fact, I bought a new treadmill while taking Cipro), and generally healthy. Since developing Cipro Toxicity, I spend about 8-10 hours a night laying down and sleeping (when I can), 12-14 hours a day sitting on my bed with my legs elevated on pillows, and 2-4 hours a day, bathing or going to doctor appointments. My husband has hardly left my side in all this time, working the best he can over the phone (not easy to do when you are a contractor), while devoted to my full time care. My children (ages 4 and 9) have been frightened to the point where they both are having nightmares regularly, and all of us have lived in a state of shock for a couple of months now.

Recently, we have all been able to take a deep breath and relax a bit, and that is largely in response to my recent, dramatic and sudden shift towards recovery that came after I started using h202 treatments. My kids love to see me walking for longer periods of time, and my daughter gets particularly happy when I can help her climb onto my bed for a good snuggle. My son has been dreading his math homework, but knowing that my mind is clear enough to help him with it, brings him a lot of comfort. And my husband is finally relaxing enough to make some real efforts to properly care for himself. And although I have no proof yet, I feel entirely convinced that I will make a full recovery. I have seen enough in my own progress to reasonably believe that I will not only heal, but heal faster than the projected time lines for recovery. And this is because of the alternative approaches to healing I discussed in detail under the heading THREE THINGS THAT WORKED FOR ME. From the very beginning of my illness, I attacked the Cipro Toxicity with an arsenal of alternative techniques, none of which were known to my western medical doctors, much less recommended. The truth is this: just because your doctor doesn’t have a cure for Cipro Toxicity, doesn’t mean that one does not exist. It just means that it isn’t profitable… to them.

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  1. I took the pill for 3.5 days and thought i was dying im in calculus and could not think any all to study it scrambeled my brain. My right eye dose not see the same .. i cant lift my arms up all my joints are popping and soar my muscles are burning. Please e mail me with any advice … The doc said he had never seen these symptoms devlope so fast.. but the proof is there my achilies tendons are puffy and swolen. He said he is sure i will feel better in a few days and this is my second day not on it. My brain still feels foggy i cant excercise as i may rupture a tendon .. I have to check back in with my doc next week if i still have pain. I may feel slightly better today but not very noticable. Please e mail me im totally freaked

  2. I surely want to thank you so very, very much for having this site. After 15 out of 20 ciprofloxacin HCl 250 mg pills, I knew that something was terribly, terribly wrong. I started praying. And I kick myself now for not being a better consumer – checking the drug out before I took it as I had just finished an ADR with prednisone which is pretty well known for that. When my daughter asked my asthma doctor why did she give me that drug, the doctor claimed, “It saved her life.” And I do believe it did as my asthma condition lasted my last school year of teaching from Sept. to March 30th when she told me I had to quit or I wouldn’t make it to retirement (in two weeks)! So just getting over that ADR – maybe not quite – i developed a UTI for which I asked for Macrobid to be renewed; instead my Primary Care doctor gave me ciprofloxacin HCL 250 mg. And you know the rest. I love the idea of this being a postive, uplifting site to share our survival stories, because with the Lord’s help I’m a survivor having lived through spinal meningitis at 16 with a 50/50 chance for survival, being in two car wrecks and a dune buggy wreck. I have to say the toxicity of Cipros and the horrendous side effects that are so crippling are the scariest thing I’ve been through! So, your positive site if an encouragement to all of us. And I thank you ever so profusely for that. Right now the pain in both legs, hips, loss of muscle in left leg, unable to come up my own door steps, unable to sleep more than an hour or two at a time, feet going numb and hurting, feet hurt all the time and feel like they are burning, etc. etc–. I and all who are going through this appreciate your taking the time and doing such an awesome job creating this support group and encouraging us as we go through all the devastating Adverse Reactions knowing that you’ve been there, done that. God bless you for this site. We are deeply and forever grateful! Thanks, Alison Lehto

  3. Has anyone gotten LASIK or PRK after having a reaction to Cipro? The side affects of Cipro are simliar to auto-immune diseases. It is recommended people with auto-immunte diseases do not get LASIK.

  4. I was “floxed” a few years ago by Cipro. I was in my early twenties and very naive in thinking that prescribed antibiotics were harmless. The ADR from Cipro was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life. It started with severe dizziness and I soon found myself unable to climb stairs from tendon and leg weakness. I was hobbling around like an old man. I felt crippled and was filled with anger and depression at the thought of having to endure this for the rest of my life. I became totally depressed, like I didn’t want to live anymore.
    A friend had encouraged me to visit a place called Medjugorje. I was strong in the Catholic Faith, but was skeptical that anything miraculous might happen to me. I thought that it was something that happened very rarely to people more deserving and I decided not to go.
    I remember one night around 10:30pm I was filled with anger and loathing over my Cipro victimization. I suddenly felt a strong Inclination to get on the computer and look for plane tickets to Medjugorje. I was in total disbelief when I stumbled across a round trip ticket from my home in Honolulu to the major portal city of Frankfurt for $700! (Normal price is around $2000). I then found a ticket from Frankfurt to Split for only a $143. I took it as a sign that I was supposed to go.
    As soon as I arrived in Medjugorje and set my backpack down on a chair, I felt this intense rush of Grace and Peace rushing through my body. I remember being terrified and confused as to what was happening and had to sit down for a long period of time until the experience subsided. I said nothing about what happened for fear that people might think I was crazy. I However, after greeting my friend at his apartment, he asked me almost immediately if I had experienced a mystical Peaceful sensation upon my arrival! I was shocked, how could he have possibly known what happened? I explained what happened and he casually remarked that what I experienced happens to everyone who first comes to Medjugorje!
    Knowing about my condition he told me that I needed to visit one of Marian visionaries named Vicka, who had been given the gift of healing. I said of course and we went to her house very early in the morning.
    When I arrived at her house, there was already a throng of international people who were all sick with various ailments. They were all clamoring for Vicka and calling out to her in different languages. I told my friend there was no way that I was going to make it through all these people to see her. He told me tht we should come on another day and try again.
    We came even earlier in the morning on the next available day and found a similar situation of a giant crowd all desperate for Healing. We left disappointed and decided to try a third attempt on another day.
    I began to get discouraged when the third attempt to see Vicka was met with the same crowd and the seeming impossibility of meeting her and being prayed over. As the giant crowd pushed and shoved, I closed my eyes and began to pray. In a spirit of sincerity I told God that I really wanted to be healed, but that I was not going to be selfish and push and shove all these sick people out of the way to get to Vicka. I realized that most of these people were suffering much more than I was and resigned myself to God’s Will. My eyes were still closed and I realized almost immediately after praying that the people were “randomly” pushing me closer and closer to Vicka! I felt like a pinball as I effortlessly bounced my way back and forth towards the front. I found myself right in front of Vicka and she placed her hands in my head. Although my eyes were closed, I could feel several more people put there hands on top if hers. I felt her push them all away and she put her hands back on my head and began to pray.
    It felt like a combination of water and electricity flowing down my body as she prayed over me. I was overwhelmed with emotion as What felt like Grace washed over me. As a pretty stearn and full-grown man in my twenties, I found it unusual that I began to cry. When she finished praying, I began to help some of the other people get closer to her…I remember a boy in a wheel chair and an older woman with a tumor on her face. At some point I found my friend and told him that I was healed and that I wanted try out my new legs. I actually sprinted through several vineyards to St James Church, something I could not do before the healing. I remember laughing with joy as I realized with utter amazement that I was actually healed from the Cipro burn and was now running without pain and without rupturing my Achilles’ tendon.
    Before the experience at Medjugorje, I would have never thought that anything miraculous could ever actually happen to me…So take comfort all of you who suffer and have Hope in Lord. I am always grateful for what The Lord did for me and I continue to pray for all of you and all the fluoroquinolone victims out there. Peace and God Bless!

  5. Buenas tardes,

    Este es el primer correo que escribo con respecto a este problema, voy algo perdida con todo el asunto, así que voy directa al asunto. Me llamo Laura, vivo en Barcelona (España), y tengo 47 años.

    Hace un par de meses, en una revisión rutinaria me detectaron una infección de orina, para la cuál me indicaron que tomase el antibiótico Ciprofloxacino. Me recetaron un tratamiento de 1 pastilla diaria durante 5 días.

    Desde la primera toma empecé a sentir molestias en codos, brazos, etc… que fueron aumentando tras cada toma. Dejé el medicamento tras la 3ª toma. EL resultado ha sido tendinitis en ambos codos, lesiones en la articulación de un codo, tendinitis en dedos de las manos, bursitis en ambas caderas, dolores lumbares que no permiten que me agache o que ande y dolores en las rodillas.

    Desde ese día, ha pasado por diferentes médicos. Unos no asocian a que este medicamento pueda afectar de esta manera. Otros me indican que es debido a las quinolonas, que pueden generar lesiones y roturas en tendones, y que por lo tanto debo de evitar cualquier medicamento de este tipo, pero no me dan solución alguna. Finalmente me están realizando un tratamiento de rehabilitación sobre las lesiones que tengo, como si hubiera tenido un problema puntual en una articulación, pero no me dan un tratamiento conjunto. No mejoro.

    He estado navegando por internet y he localizado que si hay en EEUU una visión de este problema, en diversos foros se habla de mejoras mediante la ingesta de Magnesio, vinagre de manzana, etc… Incluso se habla de un producto homeopático que está específicamente para este problema (Homeocipro;, pero no se si esto es correcto. Tampoco estoy encontrando casos en España.

    Por favor, ¿puede ayudarme?, ¿Existe algún contacto o asociación en España), Si ese producto homeopático es real, ¿dónde lo puedo conseguir en España?

    Espero agradecidamente sus respuestas y comentarios


    Laura Ferrer

    Good afternoon,

    This is the first email I write about this problem, I’m a bit lost with the whole thing, so I’m going straight to the subject. My name is Laura, I live in Barcelona (Spain), and I am 47 years old.

    Two months ago, in a routine check I was detected a urine infection, for which they told me to take the antibiotic Ciprofloxacin. I was prescribed a treatment of 1 tablet daily for 5 days.

    From the first tablet I began to feel discomforts in elbows, arms, etc … that were increasing after each tablet. I left the medication after the 3rd tablet. The result has been tendonitis in both elbows, injuries in the elbow joint, tendonitis in the fingers, bursitis in both hips, lumbar pain that does not allow me to bend or walk, and knee pains.

    Since that day, he has gone through different doctors. Some do not associate that this medicine can affect in this way. Others tell me that it is due to the quinolones, which can cause injuries and ruptures in tendons, and that therefore I must avoid any medication of this type, but they do not give me any solution. Finally I am under a rehabilitation treatment on the injuries I have, as if I had had a specific problem in a joint, but they do not give me a global treatment. I do not get better.

    I have been surfing the internet and I have found that if there is a vision of this problem in the US, in various forums we talk about improvements through the intake of Magnesium, apple cider vinegar, etc … There is even talk of a homeopathic product that is specifically for this problem (Homeocipro;, but I do not know if this is correct. I’m not finding cases in Spain either.

    Can you please help me? Is there any contact or association in Spain? If this homeopathic product is real, where can I get it in Spain?

    I gratefully await your answers and comments


    Laura Ferrer

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