More FQ Survivors

In my search for help with this crazy condition, I was able to find some really nice FQ Blogs and websites. If you are looking for people who’ve had similar experiences, you might like to check them out:

This is David’s site, he is a Levaquin survivor:

This is Lori’s site, Down the Rabbit Hole, she is a Levaquin survivor:

This is Michele’s site, she is a dancer recovering from Cipro Toxicity:

This is John’s Levaquin site:

Topher is a Cipro victim:

There are several forums for FQ survivors. Some are easier to access than others. Some welcome the discussion of alternative medicine and some do not. Please be respectful of each  forum and it’s rules of conduct. We all have different perspectives, so it may be wise to choose a forum that resonates well with your personality and beliefs. But while you are shopping around the forums for a good fit, please be careful not to let the overwhelming stories bring you down. Depending on your own state of mind or resistance at the time of surfing the forums, sometimes the negativity can take a big toll on your well being (see “Staying Positive“). Please consider your own state of mind before you swim in these sometimes murky waters. I think there may be a lot to be gained from the forum experience if you can keep your perspective and maintain hope for recovery. Choose your forum wisely.

If you want to try a forum, I personally recommend the Facebook Forum for general support. While I had a forum on this site as a safe place to discuss alternative medicine in fluoroquinolone toxicity, I have temporarily removed it do to lack of moderation. Please let me know if you would like to recommend another forum, I’d be happy to take a peek. Thank you!

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      1. Ok, I checked it out. It is down. Could be a couple of things: the site administrator is amazing and he might be upgrading, OR he could be REALLY sick as it happens with us floxies. I send him a message to his private email, I will let you know what I find out. He is redirecting his forum to be a chat room that doesn’t focus on treatment too much. Please feel free to use this forum to chat about treatments. Blessings, Nikki

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