Nikki’s Journal

Daily Health Log:  Ciprofloxacin Induced“ Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Syndrome”

July 29, 2010 – visit to PA Jesse at a medical clinic. He prescribed Cipro 500 mg twice a day for 5 days, said I had a really bad infection as indicated by a urinalysis he performed in office. Started Cipro mid-morning for uti, within an hour or two I had a very watery diarrhea and called doctors office. Was told that the diarrhea could not be related to the rx because it was too soon, that I should continue taking the medicine. I expressed concern and was told by the nurse, who was told by the PA (Jesse) that it was something I ate. I did not eat anything unusual that morning or the day before, which I told her, and she became frustrated with me and told me that if the diarrhea continues, then she could have Jesse prescribe a new RX. The diarrhea did not persist. Later that day I experienced a headache, abdominal pain and a weakness/fatigue that I assumed were part of the UTI illness.

July30-Aug 2, 2010 “ proceeded to take Cipro 2x per day 500mg. UTI symptoms improved, but abdominal pain remained as well as low grade fever and a slight burning sensation when urinating. On aug 2, 2010 Called dr office, they said to continue taking the Cipro for 3 more days and to pick up a lab slip for a urine culture and blood tests the next morning.

August 3, 2010 “ Still not feeling well although urination urgency and most of the pain with urination is gone. Completed lab tests this morning at Quest. Pet my dog this evening, and moments later developed a fine rash on the inside of both wrists, very itchy. The rash looked like small red bumps, like any allergic contact dermatitis and since the aerial mosquito spray had been dumped that evening, I assumed the rash was from the mosquito spray. The rash spread to a large portion of my body, covering about 60% total skin area, within an hour of onset, but was gone when I woke up the next morning.

August 4, 2010 “ took regular dose of Cipro this morning, but late this evening, the rash appeared only now it presented as red swollen skin in large stripes all over my body. We identified the rash as hives which I have never had before, but my mother gets it sometimes although hers are much smaller. The hives are several inches wide and close to a foot long, they spread all over my body within less than an hour and are itchy. It occurs to us that maybe I am allergic to the Cipro, look it up online and sure enough hives is listed as a severe allergic reaction, so we decide to keep a close eye on me through the night, make sure I can breathe normally and make a plan for a visit to ER if my breathing is compromised. Find myself experiencing what I would describe as unreasonable behavior “ pacing and panic for about an hour before bed, then tremors while trying to fall asleep. I have a general feeling of illness, and decide to not take the Cipro that night.

August 5, 2010 “ Woke up with no rash, went to conference, burning a fever, abdominal pain, could it be appendix? Tired, weak. Called dr at mid morning break explained the hives and the ab pain and fever, make an appt for this evening. See PA Amber and Med Center, they are concerned about the fever and ab pain. My urine and blood work from Aug 3 are normal. They take more blood (unsuccessful attempt on R arm, then she finally got it on my L) and urine tonight, everything looks fine, except red blood cells are slightly elevated. Take health history, decide to do a pelvic exam and PAP smear. Pelvic exam normal. Amber is concerned it may be my appendix, instructed me to take advil for pain, and to go to ER if symptoms get worse or do not improve. I leave not knowing what is wrong but that I am allergic to Cipro. I Was there for 2 hours.

August 6, 2010 “ woke up with a huge 5 inch long and 1 inch wide bruise on R arm where the nurse had drawn my blood the night before, went to conference, still feverish and generally under the weather. Abdominal pain still prevalent. Heart palpitations and tremors throughout the day and into the evening, as well as blurry vision and headache, still thinking maybe I have appendicitis.

August 7, 2010 “ abdominal pain improved today, but low grade fever persists and now my hands are achy. Also, I just feel retarded today, like I can’t keep my thoughts straight or articulate myself eloquently. I feel a little grumpy and impatient. At conference most of the day but am feeling not myself. Vision still blurry.

August 8, 2010 “ woke up menstruating, maybe this explains some of my malaise from the past few days? That’s a short cycle, only 26 days. Really crampy, take 2 ibuprofen tabs, go play miniature golf with the family (I feel like crap, but I promised). On our way home about 4 hours later, my joints in both hands become really painful, then that stupid feeling hits in the brain, and then all hell broke loose. Entire L side of body feels weak and unresponsive to my mental commands, and it hurts. I am scared, we go home and I go straight to bed, I am so afraid that I cannot control the L side of my body very well. Should we go to hospital? I don’t want to, then I really do, I tell Japh to take me, he says he calls my mom and she’s not answering, he doesn’t want to take me with them in tow. The nightmare progresses. Brain fogginess, and brain spasm type sensations which seem to originate from the back of my neck which is really hard to explain. Panic, tremors, almost seizure like convulsions, tremors, chills, shakes, fever, erratic pacing, panic, weakness in both hands and left side of body. Am I having a stroke? NO. Weak everywhere, can barely walk, blurry vision, difficulty breathing, difficulty talking, erratic all consuming WAVES of pain, tendons hurt everywhere, stiffness, weak muscle control, fear, hands so weak can’t grasp anything at all. This goes on for a couple of hours, finally so exhausted I literally pass out. When I wake, I am calmer but curious, look online, Google symptoms; find two things that totally nail my symptoms: “subjective weakness” and “peripheral neuropathy”. Then I Google Cipro, both things are listed, and guess what? You are not supposed to take ibuprofen with Cipro, and it takes 3-5 days after discontinuing the use to clear the Cipro from your system. This is the most frightening experience of my life, I thought I would die. I kept telling my kids how much I loved them. I kept saying my goodbyes. How do I articulate that? It’s not possible. Decide to look for a Cipro “cure”, long search, no results, no success stories, just thousands of unhappy mismanaged people who are suffering and looking for cures. Horror stories, suicide, sudden death, etc. Can’t read anymore miserable accounts, where are the success stories??? What kind of doctor do I need? I don’t have insurance. I need to strategize. Who to call? An internist? A toxicologist? WHO? All I read about are doctors giving out pain meds and anti-psychotics. Great. Then I found a guy who got better. He suffered 3 years before he found someone to give him intravenous Glutathione therapy. What the fuck is that? Where do I get it? We are ready to fly to Italy for it if we have to, but no. Folsom, Dr. Raithel. We will call tomorrow. It’s looking like our best option.

August 9, 2010 “ Get an appt for a consultation with Raithel. R knee so weak and popping, can’t think about it. L ankle does not extend backwards, really shaky, brain fog. Meet Raithel. OMG she is so young, set it aside, she had Glutathione and thinks it will help. Made appt for new patient exam for tomorrow and a treatment as well. This can’t be happening. I need to write this stuff down.

August 10, 2010 “ I’m going to start keeping notes every day. Went back and penned everything I could remember while it is fresh in my memory. Had physical exam with Raithel. L Achilles has NO reflex at all. 1st Glutathione treatment, felt heat in both hands and some weakness was improved in L hand. She noted a bunch of stuff but I’m too sick to pay close attention. I got the impression that I am not well.

August 11, 2010 “ R Achilles and heel extremely weak and painful. L Achilles still weak too. Can barely walk, both knees are painful and weak, both knees popping. R shoulder hurts very bad, sharp pain. Neck hurts around C5. Had some panic today again. Tremors. More research, looking for an allopathic dr. but don’t want to call my regular physician because I don’t have insurance, calling UCD, they won’t see me without a referral. How do I get a referral? Called Dr.Keon and Lino Cedros.

August 12, 2010 “ snapping sensations r calf, r heel, r wrist, L neck, L ankle, top of R foot. Strained feeling in both calves, very weak both knees. Walking is very painful. Heels are very tender, brain fog and brain spasm blank feeling. Had a Meyers cocktail today at Raithel’s. Found an MD in Irvine with experience in treating Cipro Toxicity spoke with his son Nick who also suffered serious Cipro side effects, trying to get an appointment but may need to go to a detox center first? Strange things with these people, affiliations, I don’t know, but it gives me hope. Scared the tendons in my neck will snap. Used a wheelchair today at Raithel’s and it was such a relief. Twitching all over my body, but most prevalent in knees, feet and calves. Neck snaps every time I take a deep breath or make the slightest movement. Literally a hundred times a day, it is so scary. The Meyers seems to have cleared my head a bit. Was able to make significant corrections with Yuen Method (YM), significant improvement in tendons.

August 13, 2010 “ Had a Glutathione push today, it felt good, seems supportive. Rest of the day is scary blur. I think I may be in shock. Decided I cannot drive anymore.

August 14, 2010 “ woke up in pain and scared. My husband has had it, wants me to go to ER, called my mom. I took a shower and we went in, got there at 1:15pm. Waited on a gurney in a hallway for 6 or 7 hours before they took me back. The time this week has past in such a blur, same as in the hallway. I am basically hobbling on my feet like they are stilts; I have very little control left. I need my husband with me at all times. When they finally took me back, the nurse Jeremy violently puts an 18 gauge IV catheter in my R wrist. It hurts sooo bad, then he leaves and makes some derogatory comments to who I think is a DR about Cipro Toxicity (“if she’s allergic to Cipro, why did she take it?” like duh- what an idiot), he never said hello or introduced himself to me or anything, what a dick. ER doc immediately shoot down the Cipro Toxicity idea, because “Cipro doesn’t have these types of side effects”, and “if there was a black box label, we would know about it”. So in their minds, it is something else, whatever, I don’t care, I know they can’t help me anyway and they are interested in ruling out the “big bad scary stuff” and I’m kinda interested in that too since I am so scared. They start in about Gion Barre SP????, how it attacks your extremities first, then works its way into the torso until it hits the lungs and the lungs become paralyzed and then you die. Is there a cure? Panic. One doc says yes, if you catch it in time, his colleague had it, and the other doctor says NO. Great. Make up your fucking minds. They want a spinal tap. Scared. Really scared. They think I’m an idiot for being scared. Assholes. They do it 100 times a day! it’s no big deal. TO THEM! Assholes. Neurologist comes in, does his exam, health history, more poking, more pounding on my Achilles looking for responses, there is nothing good going on down there. Neuro doc says I might have MS. Great. Need a spinal. Need an MRI of my brain. Need an MRI of my neck. These exams and conversations take hours. So many people. So scared. My husband called Paul in Chicago for some YM cx to calm me down. Do spinal. Ouch. To speed it up, he taps repeatedly on the needle thingy, I can feel it, so scary. This is not a normal thing to do. Thank god my husband is with me, because I think I could literally die of fright. They think I’m weird. I get MRIs done, they want to admit me. 5am they wheel me into my room, wake up the poor girl next me, she just had a shunt stuck in her brain, poor thing. Ericka, her name was Erica. Sweet girl. Four kids and sick husband at home. Pretty blue eyes. I get settled in, nurse, more blood work, more exams, more doctors. They finally leave, I send my husband home and tell him I will call when the Neuro team comes in the morning, maybe he can sleep for a few hours. We text until he falls asleep. I sleep about 30 minutes before they wake me for “breakfast”.

August 15, 2010 “ I’m in the hospital, just lying here, so weak. Calves hurt really bad, burning, aching. Pins and needles, hot and cold, one sensation after another. The nuero team came in today, head by the chief of neurology (the biggest idiot I have ever met) and guess what? There is nothing wrong with me! I am in perfect health, “the tests say so”! And I have “a little arthritis as is normal for someone my age with a previous neck injury” in my C5 “which would explain the pain and weakness in the left arm and hand”. As for my right arm and hand and both legs, well, that is a mystery because “there is nothing wrong”. “It couldn’t be Cipro toxicity because Cipro doesn’t do this to people and if it did there would be a black box label, which there isn’t.” Ummm… excuse me? Are you telling me that I came in here with pain and weakness in all four extremities and that you honestly believe that my left arm is affected because of arthritis but the other three limbs are fine, EXCEPT for the fact that I can’t walk? Are you serious? Is that all you’ve got? “Well no, actually we think you will need extensive physical therapy to help you regain the strength you will need to walk again”. Oh, ok. Thanks. Later that night I realized that I could no longer wiggle my toes or activate on any small level my calf or shin muscles. I am dead from the knee down. I can feel stimulus on the outside of my legs (like on the skin), but nothing on the inside. I called the nurse who brought a Neurologist with her. She did the poky things and all the shit the other 30 doctors did and said, “Hmmm. That is strange. Well, I’m sure it will get better. Try not to worry about it.” I looked at her like she must be joking, then she got offended and left. What an idiot. And an asshole.

August 16, 2010 “ still in hospital, they are finally coming to realize that I do not have a neurological disorder or disease, they are checking off the list of “big, bad, ugly stuff” and are finally willing to consider that I may have Cipro toxicity, this concession only comes after they accept the print out from FDA website my husband brought in, the information they have claimed does not exist for the past two days. Physical therapy decides I cannot go home without a wheelchair. Now that I may have Cipro toxicity, they would like to do some tests, an ultrasound of my legs, an MRI with contrast of my legs, and a NCS nerve conduction study with something or other, all to determine the possibility that my legs don’t work because of something NOT in my brain. I am then warned that the contrast is dangerous and the NCS will be extremely painful. HMMMM. I ask what they will do for me when they finally figure out that I have peripheral neuropathy, tendonitis and nerve damage, and they confess that the treatment in limited to pain management and anti-psychotics. SO… no thank you. I will go home now, where I can be loved by my family and fed nourishing food. See ya. While lying in bed, I get a call from Dr Yuen, he worked on me for 30 minutes. By the end of our appt I experienced feeling in my calves (I didn’t know how numb I was) and I regained the ability to wiggle my toes. Then the docs came back, and I showed them the change, and they suggested that maybe the numbness and weakness had been caused by stress, and how I seemed so much more relaxed today than three days ago when I arrived. You must be kidding me. Please god, get me out of this hell hole. Went home that evening, so good and scary to be home. They delivered my wheelchair at 9pm.

August 17, 2010 “ Went to Revolutions (Dr. Raithel’s). Started homeopathy today, and had a Meyers Cocktail. Veins in my legs are huge. Ankles and knees are killing me and clicking all the time. Twitches, too.

August 18, 2010 “ woke up miserable today, tired and horribly heavy. Pain everywhere. Called Dr. Raithel to cancel, she suggests a “healing crisis”brought on by homeopathy. I improved into the afternoon with improved balance on my feet.

August 19, 2010 “ woke up coughing. Spinal pain where the tap was done, really hurts. Location of 18 gauge IV catheter from ER is swollen and killing me. Total mental breakdown, crazies. Fear, rash, diarrhea, flank pain. Legs feel a little better. Am I moving backward through my experience? It gives me hope.

August 20, 2010 “ my first day up all day in my wheelchair instead of lying in bed. Then a total psychotic breakdown, thought my family was conspiring against me, even my kids, totally fucking crazy. Thanked god when it was over and asked for forgiveness. Pain improved, mind clearer, more communicative, panic eased up toward the end of the day. R shoulder snapped when lifting a cup, scared me. Getting around pretty good in my chair. A little more energy today.

August 21, 2010 “ Up in my chair, but calves are tired achy all day, suspect the strain on my tendons from sitting all day yesterday, like the blood goes in the legs and doesn’t pump out, causing pressure and swelling. Also, sitting up does put some weight on my feet. I decided to sit in bed with my feet elevated and put ice on the painful spots. Sharp tearing sensations in Achilles tendons, calves, r shoulder. Pain increases. Lunch/visit with Josh and Karla, then wiped out, a little feverish and twitchy legs. Go to bed.

August 22, 2010 “ woke up to excruciating pain in r shoulder. Very weak on my feet. Scared. Panic. I’m getting worse. YM with my husband this morning, mental and emotional outlook improved with that, as well as pain. Evening time YM myself, parasites, fascia, mitochondria glucose, o2 parasitic invasion. Results significant in bringing feet closer together by almost a foot (they were spread beyond hip distance when I walked before) and toes pointed in a more forward direction. Noticing that most critical moments happen early in the day between 1st and 2nd homeopathy dose. Still have less sensation in L leg than R. Noticeable pain relief when walking since YM cx.

August 23, 2010 “ woke up ok after 9 hrs of sleep. Definite relationship between sleep and wellness, the more the better. Mental fog coming and going, it is scary. Physically improved from yesterdays cx still, that makes me happy. Knee and ankle pain still better but painful. Walking is less tiresome (before I would become exhausted after walking 8 ft, now I can go 20 ft or more). Glutathione push today. Consulted with Lino today, he said no ice, movement in pool would be good, no treatment for legs yet, detox first, too soon for ozone therapy. Contacted Dr. Rowen about ozone, contact homeopathy distributor, talked to the pharmacist who made it, she gave me name and number for the Dr. who commissioned its creation, Dr. M, called Dr. M and he spoke to me at length. So many leads, but it all feels overwhelming. Lino adjusted my neck and back and pzoas, it all feels much better. Brain hiccups continue today, and I’m getting fat.

August 24, 2010 “ Meyers cocktail today. Didn’t sleep well last night. Vibrating in my body keeps me up sometimes. Pain does too. Pain increased today in L knee, R ankle, R calf, peripheral neuropathy both hands, spotty brain numbness can’t explain too well, very tired, poor vision that is blurry AND eyes doing this weird fluttery spasm thing. Ordered more homeopathy. Thank god I didn’t have the crazies today.

August 25, 2010 “ took only 2 homeopathy this morning because running out, made a watery concoction with the rest to last me longer, but it makes it stronger. If I am going backward in time, this would be my first day of terror, which makes me nervous because I don’t want to relive that day. R knee, R Achilles really tight this morning. I feel fragile. Scared. Excited for the potential that this could end. My husband went to work this morning. That upset me. I am afraid to be away from him. Sinus discomfort (in line with Aug 7), walking better today makes me hopeful. Throat feels tight tonight, thick. Itchy palms, slight redness rash on throat area. Heavy tired tonight. Eyes are burning and blurry and twitching. I have a headache.

August 26, 2010 “ woke up with a really sensitive CNS, tender tired and weak. Noise is unbearable and light feels like torture. Pain is still improved however, and mobility is more stable. Today I had IV Meyers and continue with liquid homeopathy. Met Marlyse today, she said my CNS is fried and that I’m so sensitive, she’s not sure about even touching me, I agree. I am afraid of brain damage. My eyes hurt and burn. I have a headache. IV location feels very sore from Meyers. Feet swollen and throbbing, veins are large. Tried a cup of chamomile tea tonight. I had a weak cup because I am so sensitive, I don’t even want to chance chamomile. Afraid of chamomile?

August 27, 2010 “ woke up really tired, didn’t sleep well last night. Buzzing inside my body again. CNS on fire, have my blinds pulled and sleeping shades on, two sets of earplugs in each ear, and a pillow over my head, and still I am barely comfortable. Epsom bath with lavender was soothing. St. John’s Wort Oil rub on torso and back seemed to calm me, too. Very weak, emotional, strung out feeling. Afraid to have kids here, afraid I’m making their world like a prison, restricting noise and movement. The kids are so stimulating, I can barely stand to have them in the house, two minutes and I seriously fear my head will explode. Raw. Mad at UCD. Headache. Not moving much.

August 28, 2010 “ Woke up and either my vision was so blurry that I was actually blind or I looked at normal things and my brain couldn’t register what they were. Very scary and strange. Disoriented. Yep, blind for a few minutes. Slept 10 hours last night. Could have slept several more. I never feel like I am well enough rested, not matter how much I sleep. Body getting tight and sore all over. Not moving enough. Spent some time in the sun today, felt like a really normal thing to do, but it was exhausting. Spent 3 hours tonight battling insanity. True insanity. May have been the scariest night of my life. 3 hours wanting to die. Suicide actually seemed raional to me. I had such a good argument for it, it didn’t even feel like arguing, it just made sense and seemed kind of peaceful. Losing control of my mind was an awakening. I’d rather be in a wheelchair than a straight jacket. Being crazy hurts, physically and psychically in ways that are so extreme and frightening, it feels like you will die from it, like it could kill you. I crossed over, but there was this little tiny powerless portion of my mind that was still me. The thing that was in charge of my thinking was alien. I never want to go there again. I don’t think I could survive another night like that. It was like being in prison. All locked up and powerless.

August 29, 2010 “ After such a crazy night, I still did not sleep. Scared. Jittery. Fragile mentally. Fragile emotionally. Fever. 101.9 and 99.6 (ear). R ankle and R knee tender (I stood on something that extended R Achilles last night). Scared to death of the crazies. Skipped my evening dose of homeopathy last night, was too scared to take it. I was crazy. Crazies hurt so bad, so much worse than anything physical. No change in vision today. Spent time in sun today. Have not seen or spoken to friends or family these past few days. Have mostly been in bed, in my dark room. Have been so depressed, no movement makes it worse I think. Need to move, but so tired all the time. SOOOO tired. I’m frustrated that all these words will never really document my experience. There are no words and it takes so much out of me, I can barely get it out, and Ieave out things. Talking out loud makes me nervous. I actually get nauseas when I talk. I’m afraid to talk or nod my head, I get so sick, then I get scared. Scared of the crazies. Bath.

August 30, 2010 “ Glut push today. Slept well last night. Feel better than yesterday. Legs really tired but a little more stable.

August 31, 2010 “ Really tired. Got groggy after Meyers. Meyers made me feel nauseas and light headed. Really slow and grumpy in the afternoon and by this evening, my legs are really super sore and weak. Twitching in calves and ankles burning. Calves burning. Heels tender. Took several baths today to soothe, they were slightly effective. Tried to read out loud tonight and found that I could not do it. When I read and talk at the same time, I get so nauseous I feel like I will throw up. It also hurt my head when I tried, like my brain was straining so hard it hurt.

September 1, 2010 “ Really weak today. Tender legs, ankles and knees. My first h202 today and it really burned going in. As soon as I got home, I started menstruating this dark blackish colored blood. This is about 5 days earlier than expected. Amazing YM appointment with K, really purged some stuff, felt like she gave me some direction. I am at my weakest now. Dad issues. Low appetite for the first time. K said I store toxins in my pelvic area, which I can’t even feel today. My mom issues really came up today too. The K appt was overwhelming in a healing way. Telepathy. Dr. R added something to the h202 that made me smell like asparagus. My time with K really helped me to center, I am so grateful.

September, 2, 2010 – K called with her insights about my condition (dark energy). I had an appt with Marlyse today but didn’t feel like I could be touched without going crazy. When I get stimulated in any way, my energy changes to a much faster frequency, and it is very uncomfortable. My husband went to Marlyse hoping he could use the time we held for himself, but they ended up talking about her insights regarding my condition and the drug, she said it was “very dark and unusual”. Obviously, we drew the same conclusions about 2 minutes after my first symptoms, but if feels nice to have confirmation from others, and it feels less lonely to have this understood. So I went for a Meyers today, and it went so fast! Usually it takes an hour and half to get it in, but today was 30 minutes. Obviously the h202 has cleared a pathway and I’m really happy about that. Right after Meyers, my mental condition totally changed, the fog lifted, I felt the clearest I have felt in a month. When she removed the IV, it bled a lot, which never happens, so I suspect the h202 may have thinned my blood. I could not taste the Meyers still, but my urine really smells like a multivitamin. I suspect my taste and smell senses are off. Menses very unusual, obviously toxic waste (by product of YM with K? Perhaps accumulated YM cx finally coming out like Dr. Yuen describes?) Blood is all over the map, dark black, dark brown/grey, and bright red. Had a weird hiccup type thing for an hour after Meyers. Legs really weak today, but pain significantly improved, especially since Meyers. L Hand, pinky and index finger numb, L foot pinky and two other toes numb (the L side of my L side numb).

September 3, 2010 “ My constitution feels stronger today, but my legs are weaker. K called, she bailed out of our plan to work together twice a week. I was devastated, I even begged, and cried for her to reconsider. If there was one thing I have been sure about since this began, it was that she and I were destined to work this out together. I know she is making a mistake but she insists that I need to do this myself. I know she is probably right, but right now I feel as powerless and without direction as I have ever even imagined feeling. Carrying myself through this monumental journey seems impossible. She says I need to find god, and re-birth myself. I have never felt so weak and incapable. Even writing this is a major chore. I know she has been working on me all day long because I can feel her. Also, she totally neutralized me to her abandonment. I felt like I might die of aloneness when she first called and told ne the news, but three hours later, I feel totally neutral. That’s K. She is amazing. My legs tingle, and I am exhausted. Rock bottom emotionally. I know I need to own my power, it is big, and I am in fact afraid of it. My hands and brain feel clearer and stronger today. Meyers? Still bleeding the black blood. Knees weak, feel like they will fold in backwards. Breasts have sharp stabbing pains. Performed some YM energy work on myself tonight, very potent cx, we will see if they are as potent as I think, clearer and strengthened my auric field. Very interesting. By bedtime, I am totally over the K thing and actually grateful that she empowered me in this way. Maybe I can do this.

September 4, 2010 “ I see the light. I see my path, my journey, divine messages coming, and I am talking about it. I feel excited about it. I can barely stand on my legs they are so weak. So fragile. So weak. R flank pain reminiscent of appendix pain. R bicep tendon killing me! Sharp pain running down my arm, tendon like a rope.

September 5, 2010 “ so tired, slept until 11am, but really tired and irritable. Ankles burning and weak. This is day 3 of slow digestion; need to get it moving better. C5 constantly popping again, really bugging me and frightens me too. R hand thumb and 2nd and 3rd finger killing me. Have been splinting fingers from time to time because they are so fragile and painful. Flexed feet today, like an involuntary stretch and now my ankles are burning like crazy. R wrist hurts, a painful day.

September 6, 2010 “ Nerves really frazzled today. Pain and weakness in my ankles is extreme. Easy over stimulated today, especially visually. Electronics bug me, phones, TV, computer. Vibrating inside.

September 7, 2010 “ Didn’t sleep well last night, hardly at all. H202 today. Went in really slow and burned the whole time. I felt generally unwell while at Revolutions, and did not like it at all. Raithel decided a b-12 + B complex injection would b helpful, and since I am used to b-12 shots, I agreed. She attempted to inject into my R arm, and OMG, the pain was excruciating. She had to stop. I thought maybe it was because my R arm has been so tender and painful. She decided to wait until my h202 was done, then try to get the rest into my hip. I let her. When the fine needle went in, I screamed a primal scream I have never heard come from me before, the pain was so intense and abnormal. Clearly, my muscles are sensitive in a way that is not normal. A clue? Anyway, I screamed and cried, actually sobbed until the lidocaine she added finally kicked in. There is no logic to the way I responded. It was embarrassing and I felt bad for Raithel, she really hurt me bad, but it wasn’t her fault. I cried the whole way home, just exhausted and sad in general. Took care of myself tonight, heat is soothing, really helps the pain although not the weakness. Soaked my R arm in heat for hours to get the swelling from b-12 to go down. Couldn’t even move my R arm most of the day. R hip pain didn’t get as bad as I anticipated.

September 8, 2010

Could our DNA be reactivating from within us as if it were programmed to do so at this time?

We are walking whirlwinds of stardust memories, beings of fire, windows of light.
Maybe we are the eyes of god opening again on earth.

Slept better last night, woke up feeling less pain that the excruciating pain I went to bed with. My R arm feels a lot better; R hip doesn’t hurt at all where I got the b12 shot. I have a little energy and tidy up the house, but avoid the phone which seems to really wipe me out and degenerate my thinking. I spent time typing my journal into the computer (this journal), which was more productive than I anticipated. Mustering up more courage to love myself the way I was taught not to do, the right way. Heat soothes the pain the most, like a heating pad wrapped around my feet and ankles. Interesting observation, when I apply heat, the most painful areas get the hottest or are most sensitive to the heat. Is the pain and heat just sensitivity?

How did the rose ever open its heart
And give to the world all its beauty?
It felt the encouragement of light against its being
Otherwise we all remain too frightened.


September 9, 2010 “ Headache. Slept less than I need but feel OK, which is a welcome surprise. R ankle extremely fragile and painful to the slightest weight. Had Meyers today, went in 20 minutes. I tasted it! Finally! A clue that he h202 is really making something move. Researching hyperbaric oxygen chambers. 20 min in sun today and visited with Callie. Rode to school to pick up my son, my first time on campus since last school year, very strange. Lots of people came to the car, hugs, felt ok, was happy to see people. I was less overwhelmed than I anticipated and later my daughter screamed in my ear for 5 minutes when my husband bumped her head, and I handled that too. Maybe my CNS is getting stronger or at least adjusting to its new status.

September 10, 2010 “ didn’t sleep in again, up at 7am, bummer. Grumpy but not as bad as I would have thought for so little sleep. Stayed up late last night watching Falun Dafa video, fascinating. This theme of prehistoric civilizations and the shifts to come in the next couple of years keeps repeating itself. I managed some laundry and dishes, and some desk work. I have a meeting here this afternoon with my contractor, I hope it goes well. I am already pretty tired and we have chiro appts later today. Speaking of Falun Dafa, he refers to Karma as black matter. I have intuited black matter in my pelvis and in my lower leg areas. This concerns me in that I have not yet cleared Karma with my YM practice, nor have other practitioners. Are we all missing something? Why, if it is so impactful? I know this. Must balance Dur and karma. Dur increase gong. Upped my dose to 4 homoepathy per dose. After appt with network chiropractor, my feet were the most swollen they have ever been, she said that means the energy is re-inhabiting the area, and that while it is most likely a good thing, it may cause the body to dump a lot of toxins all at once. She said my system is very chemical still, and very fragile, that I could slip back to the worse very easily if I over do it. She recommended that I take GABA by Thorne industries. Makes sense when you research Cipro Toxicity. Will talk to Raithel about it.

September 11, 2010 “ well, I used heat for several hours last night to reduce the swelling and stagnation in my feet. Slept a long time, although not all the way through. Can honestly say that the mobility is a little easier today, not quite as fragile, not quite as painful. Shower made me really tired, but I did manage to stay in and upright long enough to shave my legs. Tolerated 10 minutes in the sun, too hot today. Handled a long and meaningful talk with JV, settled disputes with the kids, opened mail, did a little laundry and even picked up some toys from the chair. Now I’m pooped, but encouraged by what looks like an improvement in my stamina. R calf cold and tingly feeling. Stayed up in my chair most of the day and night, feeling a lot of pressure down there, hope tomorrow I don’t get worse.

September 12, 2010 “ Well I’m much worse today, but not in the way I suspected I might be. My legs are the same as yesterday, which is still encouraging, but my CNS is very fragile. First of all, I tossed and turned all night…again. And I have definitely noticed a direct relationship between my wellness and sleep. Sound for the first 2/3 of this day has been very difficult. TV not oK today. Phone not ok, could only do Falun Dafa video for about 20 minutes before I felt nauseas. Vibrating inside again, all the same CNS stuff. Very emotional. Feeling overwhelmed with sadness, unloved, unsupported. Those feelings bring on my hopelessness, they are my triggers. R Leg burns today. Used heat on back of neck and head for the first time, was interesting to see my CNS respond to that. CNS stimulated by whatever that heat released, but ultimately, resolved the intensity of the CNS condition. Just before bed, L ankle really painful, wonder if upping the HomeoCipro dose is a good or bad thing.

September 13, 2010 – woke up painful R shoulder, wrist and ankle. Slept short time but deeper than the night before, and feel better waking up than yesterday. Definitely calling into question karma vs. negative cellular impact of information, I think Yuen is right, the thoughts and information weaken me. Could it be as simple as letting go of the negative thinking all together? Ditching Falun Dafa stuff, it is really powerful, but Master Li is sooooo negative, and kind of cultish. Considering acupuncture. H202 helps, but effects fade quickly, what am I missing? Went online looking for more answers, need to NOT do that, there is so much negativity, there is that word again, and it really weakens me. My MIL broke her hip last night when visiting us. My husband has a heavy load. The information isn’t out there, it is IN here.

September 14, 2010 “ slept well, but not enough. JB took me for h202 today, went well. Pain almost immediately improved, still concerned that the positive results do not seem to last (story of my life?). Got the green light for alpha lipoic acid 200 mg per day from Raithel, a no go on the GABA, and she claims I am getting adequate magnesium in the Meyers. JB shared an emotional processing technique with me today, helped bring some clarity to the other aspect of my journey. I didn’t get to be “beautiful”. Although the pain is improved, the weakness still exists. Several hours after h202, I feel tingly and vibrating on the inside, it is uncomfortable. A little constricted in breathing. Light headed. Woozy. Eyes burning. Fingers r hand hurt. Weakness in hands. Tendon in neck constantly popping again. Don’t feel well. Dr. R’s office told me I needed to eat complex carbs and protein, but I already did that. Feeling discouraged, but Dr. R says I’m improving weekly. Maybe I just don’t see it.

September 15, 2010 “ did not sleep at all, that buzzing and restlessness took over. Woke up got dizzy and light headed shortly after arising. Reducing Homeopathy to three pellets per dose, maybe my dose was too high. R shoulder getting worse. Neuro stuff today, brain squeeze, mental fog, numbness L calf, tingling R calf. Neck tendon popping. Numbness R calf, then peripheral neuropathic symptoms, twitching pain,  going up r leg into thigh and hip in the evening, very alarming since these sensations have not been in these areas before today. Am I getting worse? Extreme pain in r foot and ankle today, needed ice to calm it down. Elevated legs against the wall today.

September 16, 2010 “ did not take Homeopathy or ALA today, too scared. Very emotional today. R leg aching when I awoke after another crappy night of not sleeping. After Meyers, feet swollen and nauseous. Should I consider swollen feet a good thing? Confirmed with Dr. R and Dr. L that the time has come to discontinue Homeopathy. Done. Took long sweaty soak in bath after YM teleseminar. Felt better after seminar, pain was lessened and mind was clearer, mood improved. Took ALA with dinner. I scheduled a color puncture session with Dr. Larrow for Monday.

September 17, 2010 “ slept 5 hours deeply, woke up dizzy and woozy, laid in bed for several hours not wanting to anger it. Pain not too bad this morning, a little checked out mentally. Appetite strange lately, like I get hungry but don’t really feel like eating.  That’s a new one. I noticed very painful fingers in R hand this morning, including all fingers, which is new. Legs were comfortable while I slept last night. R shoulder creaks and pops a lot. My husband is researching floatation tank therapy. Eating made me nauseas this morning, then felt horrible the rest of the day. Totally nauseas and tired beyond anything. Raging headache. Healing crisis? So exhausted since I woke up, every movement hurts my head, and some abdominal pain too. Walked a bit too much today, ankles sore by bedtime. All day I kept thinking that I would not walk another step, but then I did.

September 18, 2010 “ slept about 9 hours, felt good, I really needed it. Pain manageable today, did a lot of chores this morning and made breakfast for the kids when my husband went to the hospital to see his mother. After chores, rested for an hour on my bed with legs elevated, they were swollen, then showered and we went out for a burger. Earache and headache again today, guess its sinuses. Watched a movie and that was it, nothing incredible or new today. Good.

September 19, 2010 “ slept 9 hours last night, could have slept more, but I’m ok. Head stuffy. Ears stuffy. The balls of my feet under my longest toe (near the big toe) is super tender when I walk on it, has it been this way the whole time? Both feet feel like that and it has been going on for three days that I am aware of. I never know if something is new or if I have just regained sensation in that area. I am starting to really see how long this journey will be, I am on a big long journey, and as long as it may take physically, it may take even longer emotionally and spiritually. Fear, negativity, unconditional love, power. All big ones, and all need to be tackled. Day ended uneventful.

September 20, 2010 “ slept about 6 hours, not enough, but managed just the same, which is refreshing, legs feel stronger, more stable less painful this morning. When I don’t think about it, I stand longer than I should, NS took me to dr today, started with color puncture. OMG. Yellow light, first touch (liver and gallbladder) sensations permeating my skull and feet at the same time. CRAZY. Wonderful, mesmerizing. Twitching in L fingers almost comical. Also had violet light, felt like a blanket wrapped around my soul. Then had h202 and tasted the b vitamins for the first time. Very strong flavor lasted most of the day. Dr L administered today since Dr. R is on vacation. I’m feeling alone a lot, my husband is losing his patience.

September 21, 2010 “ raging headache today, legs a bit weaker and ankles a little sore. A little more fragile and tender and tired. Slept a good 10 hours. Feel wiped out from yesterday? Had Meyers today, took it a little slower but still tasting it. Did YM seminar on structure tonight and also got cx from YM CP Tai Njio today, which were potent. Headache never went away today. Canceled appt with neurologist for tomorrow, what is the point? UCD never called to schedule any of the tests, NCS or MRI or US. What a joke.

September 22, 2010 “ laid in bed today, ankles, and knees feet a bit sore, not like they used to be, but worse than these past few days that were good. Used heat again last night, and it felt soothing. Took a really long Epsom bath today, stayed in for an hour, sweat the whole time, legs up against the wall after. Sinuses still stuffy and ears stuffy too, although Larrow looked at them Monday and said they were clear. Mostly listened to YM recordings and did a little reading today. Talked to Sharon for a long time, then felt wiped out. I think my husband gets mad when I talk on the phone a long time and I wear myself out. 20 minutes of sun today. Headache better today, used the headache salve last night and I was surprised that it worked. Tension headache? Sinus? Both? Right now I am clean and dry and that feels good. The little things that make a person happy. Kids are getting stuffy noses. Hope I don’t get a cold. Not sure how that would be right now. I know my daughter just started preschool and this is when it happens! sick for three years. Cleaning all the crystals and minerals tonight in the full moon/equinox.

September 23, 2010 “ I miss my women. Full moon was tonight and I missed it. I’m so sad. I woke up thrashed this morning. Pain, so much pain in ankles, feet, knees. When will it end? I was so exhausted that I got so winded walking out to the car, I almost fainted. Chest feels tight. Pulse ox ok when I went to Dr. L for h202, it went in really slow and I didn’t taste it. What gives? So frustrated. I feel alternately defeated and inspired. Pain improved slightly by bed time.

September 24, 2010 “ r shoulder sore, bumped into my husband’s dresser, flask fell on my head…bump. L ankle very tender. Unstable on my feet. Pain. Emotional pain too, more than I care to write about. I have to get better. Soon. This sucks. Skin breaking out (toxic or detoxifying?). digestion still slow. missed YM seminar last night. Bummed. Housekeeper here today, house is soooo dirty. Kids are getting sick and the house is filthy, dust and hair everywhere. Makes me feel so frustrated to not properly care for the kids. I do what I can, but I can’t vacuum. I struggle as it is just to get the laundry done. If I get it washed, dried and folded, I feel accomplished, but then it just sits there for an indefinite amount of time, staring at me. My unfinished work, staring at me. Staring at me for days on end. It sucks. This sucks. My husband is unhappy. Today sucks, and its only 10am. I hope it gets better. Went to chiro, she said pain in bottoms of feet were  misplaced metatarsal bones, adjusted them, but pain persists.

September 25, 2010 “ feet really swollen today, almost numbingly swollen, yet achy and uncomfortable, r shoulder very sore and weak. Moody. Depressed. Feeling alone.

September 29, 2010 “ haven’t much to report these last few days, feeling more balanced in the leg arena, getting acne, feet have been swollen when I stay upright for a while. Had h202 yesterday and today, for the first time had h202 and Meyers together, felt really dizzy and nauseas after, but I had to take it fast because of the schedule. Been doing baths everyday and just trucking along. Body throbbing at night from the waist up, disturbing.

September 30, 2010 “ did not sleep last night, low grade fever today, head throbbing. Legs continue to get stronger. Dizzy. Nauseas. Late for my period. Stuffy head, sore back all day.

October 1, 2010 “ had an h202 today, DR. R is back today, she changed it to have glucose in the bag. I felt really nauseas and dizzy on the way home, really sick. Tired.

October 2, 2010 “ big day today, my husband’s birthday, piano, baked a cake last night, surprised him, and went to visit MIL this evening, then dinner then a movie to celebrate. Too much, way too much. Shortly into the movie, feet and legs really hurt. Had to elevate them. Wiped out. Started menstruating today, several days late.

October 3, 2010 “ tried to take it easy today. Elevated legs, bathed. Easy. Watched a movie. No self improvement today, just veggin’ out. Got my period yesterday. Normal. R hand weak and painful.

October 4, 2010 “ trying to take it easy again. Worked. I’m so behind. Bath, elevate legs, standing a little longer than usual. Digestion slow today. R hand weak and painful.

October 5, 2010 “ had breakfast out with JB and JV, nice. Went to Dr. R for h202. Exhausted. After h202 really sick in car again. Glucose? Nauseas and dizzy for rest of day. Bath, elevate. Walking a lot more today, feeling the strain now in both heels and lower calves. R hand weak and painful. Felt sick, starting crying. Cried for a really long time. Detox? Feeling lonely, afraid my husband doesn’t like me.

October 6, 2010 “ itchy spot for last three weeks, thought it was from the baths but just read about how peripheral neuropathy can cause it. Stayed in bed most of the day with feet elevated. Watched movies, another day not for personal growth. I hate the FDA and the USG.

October 7, 2010 “ slept decent the last two nights, thankfully. I have a lot of paperwork to do, but I’ve been putting it off. L knee really weak, R shoulder really painful, weakness in R hand persists and of course, still can’t walk. Headaches seemed to have mildly improved, been sad lately. I am fearful that my condition may persists and worsen or spread. The fear is coming back. The demon is winning today. Going for h202 today. I’ve been slacking a bit on the supplements, just don’t care as much anymore, or maybe I just don’t need them as much. Using three essential oils a day for about a week now, was just using Valor under my feet before, now using Awaken on my neck and temples by day, and Thieves in the mouth often, but I was told to use on neck and temples at night. Metatarsal bones still misplaced and painful when I stand on them, really hoping Dr. Dina DC can resolve it. Physical therapy never called me back. I hate UCDMC too, did I already say that? I also hate that I hate. After h202 I binged big time, was starving. She took the glucose out this time, which meant I didn’t get as sick, but felt starved. Felt like have to burp all day since h202. This evening, put my kegs up on wall, like always, but tonight, got throbbing in abdomen then weird slow heart beat for a minute, really slow and powerful feeling, then my lungs felt squeezed. Head started hurting and ear got plugged up after that too. Scary.

October 8, 2010 “ yesterday was my 4th h202 in two weeks, I feel terrible. Is this good detox terrible, or you went too far and now you are going to pay terrible? I tried to play piano yesterday which made me realize that the reason I don’t complain too much about my L hand is because it is mostly numb and dysfunctional. L shoulder hurts really bad today does that mean it hurt all along but now I have feeling there? Or does it mean the tendon apathy spread to the l shoulder now? What? Tired. So very very tired. Took very hot very salty bath. Cried. Felt fragile mentally like I might get crazy again. Scary. Discouraged. Scared. Weak. Tired. Pain. I’m so sick of this and so mad at myself for losing the momentum. Is it my fault? Would this happen no matter what? When will it change? Will it change? So tired, laid down. Let my daughter watch a little TV just so I could rest my eyes. Legs are a bit weak and painful in ankles. That again? I thought I was past that. Neck keeps creaking along with both knees and both shoulders. Am I getting arthritis? Will I ever stop degenerating? I called the Dr. to see what her thoughts were; I was told she would get back to me. Saw Dr. Dina tonight, she was more aggressive than lately, she said she dug in to release some toxins in my muscles. Is that good? Can I handle more toxins floating around? Is this too much? Cried at Dina’s on the table. My husband bought me some Weleda Arnica Oil today, so I slathered it on tonight. I want a massage. I am just sore all over my body. My back hurts now all the time. I kind of wondered when that might start happening. I hate the internet. I feel so negative now that I went poking around on it again. I am sad. I miss the comfort of knowing that I can do it if I want to. I feel robbed. I’m depressed. Gotta snap out of it. Called UCD for physical therapy since they never called me back, made an appt for next week.

October 9, 2010 “ am I getting worse? Both shoulders painful today, fingers on both hands painful, legs feels hot flashes and achy and sore. I thought I was over that part, the pain part. Does this mean the peripheral neuropathy is getting worse or getting better? How do I know? Feeling fragile. Itchy. Tired. Low stamina for concentration or company. Eyes are crusty again, like they were a month ago. Sense of smell still off, weak. Really, my feet and calves just hurt again and after a few weeks without significant pain, this is really depressing. My fingernails are really strong and long again. I smell like a multivitamin. I will say that my hands are steadier than they used to be. They used to shake and tremble constantly. Maybe that is the positive thing for me to focus on today. My neck is stiff and sore. My teeth hurt. Still have rash on arm. Feeling a little forgetful on the short term stuff. Legs are weaker and more unsteady today. My doctor never called me back yesterday. Salt bath, sun bath and legs on wall. The usual. Two steps forward, one step back? I hope so. I have to believe it, because it really feels like two steps forward, ten steps back, but I might not have the clearest judgment on this. My shoulders keeping popping, cracking, snapping, and creaking. It is driving me crazy. Preoccupying my thoughts and evoking fear. That fear is really coming back and it is totally freaking me out. Everything I thought I knew feels wrong today.  I am really tired of this. I know I need to stay positive. I know I need to find a way to be OK with my situation, whatever it is. I get caught up sometimes in believing that if I accept this condition, I give it permission to remain. I know that is not true, but I struggle with it anyway.

October 10, 2010 “ day started out ok, spent day with family and Hurd at William Land Park and had an early dinner at Chicago Fire. Came home, felt really weak and sore in legs and feet especially ankles. Started to fall asleep and felt like my throat was constricting, panic set in. then could not feel my heart beating or my lungs breathing.; more panic. Afraid to fall asleep. Afraid to die. Can’t feel my heart or my lungs. Are they numb? So scared to fall asleep. Convulsions. Spasms. Fear. Shoulders rendering useless. Uncomfortable. Can’t lie on my side anymore because of shoulder pain. Back hurts. The absence of pain the void where something should be, is scary too. Twitching in thighs.

October 11, 2010 “ this is all so familiar. I thought I was over this part, that is was behind me. I’m so thrashed. Crying. Overwhelmed. Afraid. Am I dying? My kids are here with me, my husband is gone, this isn’t right. I might die. My heart might stop. My lungs might stop. I’m so messed up. When will end? I’m so scared. I called UCD to get my follow up with that neurologist, he is not available until December or January, but I was offered an appointment with “the walrus” as we like to call him. Of course I declined that appointment and asked for Goldenholtz, he is a stubborn little guy but he is really smart and I think he has the determination to make a good diagnosis, at least that is what I hope. The receptionist mentioned that she could ask his office if he wanted to see me himself or pass me to another neurologist, I asked them to do just that. Found out UCD doesn’t have my correct phone number in the system which may be why I have never heard from anyone in that system for NCS or Ultrasound, MRI, appointments, anything! Called physical therapy, they said the referral came from Wong, the bitch. They said since I am a cash payer, I should go somewhere else, because they are so expensive. Dr M’s office called today, a random follow up. I told her I never scheduled an appt with him because of financial choices, I told her what I have been doing, she said she is scared for me. IV therapy is dangerous. She says she wants me to talk to M for free just to talk to him.  Scheduled an appt. for later this week. Then, to my great surprise, my phone rings and it Dr. G, calling me from home. He said he saw an email that I had called; he remembered me and wanted to check in. He began with falsely remembering that when I left the hospital I was walking fine and almost back to normal. That was not true, when I left the hospital I could barely stand up without assistance and was sent home with a wheelchair. He also falsely remembered that my tendons showed no sign of dysfunction and that I was a little weak in the left leg. He reviewed my test results, they were all completely normal, except AHA was slightly elevated, which he says is not relevant at this time. He also mentioned a slight degeneration of L5 which I had not been told about previously and he said is normal for my age. I reminded him of how we left things and that he was to order tests and that I just discovered my number was falsely entered into the computer. We entered into the Cipro conversation since all tests were normal; he falsely remembered that my husband gave him a printout from the FDA which did not in any way relate to my case. I said that wasn’t true and he decided to go online to the FDA website while we talked on the phone, when he read the info about tendons, he seemed unimpressed and then I asked him to read about peripheral neuropathy, which he said did not exist. Then he found the peripheral neuropathy and I asked him if he would now consider that as my diagnosis. He said, “MAYBE Cipro did this. It might be something else. We need to keep our minds open.” He said in order for him to diagnose Cipro toxicity, he needs evidence in the form of test results showing nerve damage and tendon problems. He said I have two choices, he can order the rests again and I can do them outpatient or I can go back to the hospital and he will admit me, but he will not be my doctor since he is “off” right now. He also said the only sources of information he considers legitimate are the FDA, CDC, and Medical Journals. I don’t consider any of those sources to be legitimate. Hmmmm. He also mentioned to be that doctors don’t know everything, in fact they know very little, and that they know the least about toxicity. He said toxicologists don’t even really understand toxicity. He also reminded me that the female doctor I kind of liked at the hospital was Bateman. I told him to order the tests outpatient. Rest of the day went as expected. Twitching. Emotional. Crying. Is this going to get worse? Am I going to wish for death? I can see wanting to die. But I want to live, to be healthy, to feel good. I want to feel good. Twitching in middle back, used heat on legs, ankles, feet, shoulders. Was soothing and I slept more comfortably although not too much because of children having nightmares.

October 12, 2010 “ had second appt with Dr Yuen this morning. I should have saved the thousands of dollars I have been spending on supplements and IV bags. I should have called him only. In my 30 minutes session he identified numerous weaknesses and corrected them. After appt I could feel and flex with strength all of my muscles. I am able to walk from one end of the house to the other without pain. My mental outlook is brighter and I feel more energized. How many thousands of dollars have I spent on hospital? I don’t want to think about it. Dr Yuen notes weaknesses:

To the medical profession  1000%+, all people trying to cure me actually weaken me by bringing my mind into my body, trying to strengthen or enhance my spirit weakens me and the spirit is slow where I want my body to be fast (DKY says do not turn to spirituality for healing, it slows you down and weakens your body), physical fitness (strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, agility and speed) in all combinations and separately are all weak, physical intelligence weakened by mental intelligence, cellular intelligence less than 10%, physical structure weak, brain and CNS to feet less than 5%, weak left to right and in to out, bones in legs, hips and spine are 10,000x more relaxed than tense, everything coming from the outside effects me, lymphatic drainage has become weakened from lying around so much accumulating parasites, bacteria, yeast, etc., overwhelmed by my thinking experiences about my future “ that I will struggle more in the future because of my present, weakened by fighting “ internally everything is fighting cells, atoms, systems etc as a reflection of external fighting experiences that weaken me such as family, women to women, society, war, children fighting, and anything to do with animals and humans fighting with each other “ weaken=s structure to cells, also, my mind weakens my dog as do all human minds weaken animals. That’s all I can remember from our session, but there was more.

He reminds me that we are here for a human experience, which needs a body, so a physical experience. We do not want a slow spiritual experience while we are here; we want an optimized physical experience. That is why we are here. He reminds me that anything is possible and that illness is unnecessary. Dr M also called me this morning, he says secondary effects are long lasting, I’m not toxic anymore, the toxins are gone, deal with anecdote based on symptoms, Homeopathy works but does should be adjusted and specifically reduced, also need remedy that matches the symptoms, and a weakness to drugs needs to be repaired. Says I am really sensitive to toxins, and that can be changed with a constitutional treatment and the. He is an expert in adverse reactions to medications. Has he ever worked with a Cipro toxic person? Adverse reactions do not mean you are toxic. Secondary reactions are dangerous and long lasting and can happen after one pill. No drug in the body left. For paralysis, start with Homeopathy, but since adverse, would minute the dose, it is electromagnetic field, need to weaken. If that doesn’t work, you may need something else. Homeopathy is safe. And he thinks my condition is reversible. He feels very passionate. Says I took Homeopathy too long at five weeks. Needs an hour and half on phone, after client info, gather medical records to original problem UTI. Dr R still hasn’t called me back since my message to her about my demise last Friday.

October 13, 2010 “ I do not feel as good as I did after my appt with Yuen yesterday, but better than before the appt. I did walk around a lot yesterday, feeling new muscles and I got really weak and tired as might have been expected. I elevated legs a long time on the wall before bed to bring the ankle swelling down. R shoulder more painful than yesterday but still better than the day before. Dr R still has not called me back. Sat up for a bit today, most of the day, paying bills, meeting with contractors, riding in the car, my feet really started swell.

October 14, 2010 “ went to bed last night with some pain and swelling. Slept about 8 hours, although not deeply. Felt a lot better this morning in legs, less painful. Found myself sleeping more comfortably on my side with less shoulder pain. Even woke up once with my arm above my head and no pain. Walking more upright today, still tender in r ankle. Balance improved. knees feeling more solid. Mentally a little frazzled. Called Raithels office and asked how I should interpret not getting a call back after six days of leaving a message reporting worsening of symptoms, illness and fear? I was told Dr. R would call me back soon. She did. She said she sent me an email. I never got an email, and I check spam regularly. She said she would send it again, she did, it went to spam. Anyway… she confirms the worsening of symptoms is the detox process, I didn’t bother to tell her that I am no longer toxic according to Dr. M. She suggested skipping this week and coming Tuesday for h202, slowing down the detox for my comfort. Fine. I also got a call today from UCD nerve study center. I guess having the right phone number changes some stuff. Did anyone consider looking at ANY of my paperwork for a RIGHT number? How many times did I have to write down my contact info? ANYWAY, the appointment will be December 1, 2010. I love the urgency. Hopefully I will have recovered by then and won’t need it. Encouraged by my physical condition, discouraged by mental state and fragility. Interesting note, after Yuen apt a couple days ago, I thought I was using new muscles and they were sore after being used for the first time in a long while, now, with pain in my gluts, realizing that maybe they are being used, or maybe, they were being used, but I could not feel them until YM Corrections. By butt really hurts, of course I have been lying in bed propped up with pillows and legs elevates (all the pressure on my ass) for months, or sitting up in a wheelchair. The only time pressure is not entirely on my butt is when I am sleeping. Would I rather be numb? This sucks!

October 15, 2010 “ I slept 10 hours last night. I woke up several times in the morning and noticed a lot of pain in my finger joints, so I just kept going back to sleep. When I finally decide to rise, it was 10am. I walked to the bathroom, as in WALKED. I did not hobble. Definitely my gait is a bit off, and I have all kinds of strange sensations in my lower legs, but not pain. NOT PAIN. I ended up not using my chair today until dinner time. I walked all around, promising myself that at the first sign of pain or overdoing it, I would stop. I ended up in the wheelchair only because I am tired. I wore myself out. Not moving for so long has taken a big toll on me. I wonder what total rehab will require? After about 30 minutes of being awake, the pain in my fingers got a lot better. I scheduled another appointment with Dr. Yuen for next Tuesday. I probably did ten laps around the house today, and at one point, I got something off a high shelf for my daughter, she looked shocked. Honestly, I was shocked too. Four days ago if I had attempted to stand erect and lift an arm over my head, I would have been in excruciating pain or I would have fallen down, in fact I would not have even tried it.

October 19, 2010 “ I’m totally bummed. Somehow, the last three days of my journal disappeared. I can’t remember every detail, but I’ll do my best. Basically, after feeling so fantastic, I ended up waking the next day with so much pain in all my finger joints, and the next morning after that was the same as well. The pain was unusually bad. I felt really discouraged. Been having blurry and double vision and my shoulder join has been popping loudly with every movement. I also had a lot of pain in my r ankle, and both shoulders, especially the R, so I took it easy for a day. L knee did that buckling backwards thing, first time on that side. I became emotionally overwhelmed. The last few nights my sleep has been restless, a lot of tossing and turning. I think it was yesterday that I noticed feeling pretty good and remembered that this process is really two steps forward and one step back. So, a couple of days ago, I was taking a step back. And now, considering I have not used my chair at all today, not at all, I’d say I’m moving forward again. Today started with a disappointment. I was looking forward to my appt with Dr Yuen this morning, but the time came and went, and he never answered the phone. I left messages and no one has called me back. Hmmmm. Ended up back to Ratite’s for my first time in over a week, I think the break was good. She and I were on the same page, thinking that giving my body a little space to self correct seems appropriate right now. She is really supportive of my use of YM. She mentioned that feeling pain is a precursor to an improvement. So I had h202, took an hour, didn’t feel sick after and didn’t hurt. Tasted it. Good. I had some diarrhea as soon as I got home, which is weird because I don’t get that very often or very easily. Hmmmm. I’ll let her know, she asked me to email her tomorrow. She also apologized for the email snafu last week. I did not use a wheelchair today. After dinner, talked to a dear friend and felt extremely criticized and judged and misunderstood by her. My feelings were really hurt, and I felt overwhelmed with emotional pain. Had to hang up abruptly with apologies. Was it her? Was it me? Am I hyper-sensitive? Was she rude and presumptive? Yuck.

October 20, 2010 -Last night I didn’t get enough sleep. First of all, my dog went outside around 1am and got herself stuck in a hole my son dug yesterday. She let us know by wailing until we came to her rescue. Once I realized it was her making that awful noise, I panicked, thinking her neck had finally broke, and hobbled very quickly outside, on the deck, down the steps and onto the lawn. Came back inside really feeling the pain of that careless movement and uneven ground. Ouch. Then I was startled awake this morning and I added more strain to my R shoulder. Ouch.  Had an appointment with Dr. Yuen this morning. The focus was on my psychotic spiritual experiences from 500 years ago, ancestors, current attraction of psychotic people, psychotic physical reminder to eliminate my psychotic non physical experiences. I could go into more detail, but I’m tired. He also mentioned my carrying heavy load on my shoulders, making the sensations even all around my body, inside, outside, etc, typical YM cx, and they did seem to work. If I had to describe the way I feel right after, I would say that I feel lightened up, levity. Do not sense that ever present past life burden. Physically, pain in R shoulder improved by at least 50%. Anticipating to feel more physical changes over the next few days as it often works for me with YM cx. I will continue to report as I become aware of more, the appointment just happened an hour ago.

October 21, 2010 – Last night I slept like a rock. Don’t even remember rolling over. Was it the YM cx? R shoulder at least 50% improved since yesterday, but still painful. Appetite up today. Haven’t used my wheelchair yet today (its late afternoon), but anticipating it for the evening because I’m a bit tired after such an active afternoon. Stamina better today, have put away a tons of laundry, had a meeting at the house this morning, too. I even took a salt bath, organized the bathroom for the big event (dog gets first bath in 5 months), gave the old dog a bath, rested legs against the wall for about 20 minutes, then took a shower! For a normal person, that doesn’t sound like much of anything, but for me, I may as well have ran a marathon. I’m feeling encouraged by this. Pain in r ankle still present, but bearable. Noticing tension in R hip and lower back, but it may be from picking up the dog and putting her in and out of the tub. The fact I gave her a bath feels like a real victory, but bending over and picking her up is something I could not have imagined doing just 10 days ago. I wondered if she would ever get a bath! Another thing, I accidently stepped on a little toy ball today and it totally hurt but did not disable me. When I consider that a couple of weeks ago I may have fallen over if I stepped on an uneven surface, this is big. Something to note from yesterday was that my right eye got so blurry last night I thought I could actually go blind, kind of freaked me out. I don’t wear glasses, and I’m not sure they would help anyway since the vision problems seem to come and go and change with the wind. My ex-neighbor stopped by today, reminded me of the Chi Machine. My mom has one, I’ll look into it. I’d like to stimulate my liver. Been taking liver detox tincture for a week, but inconsistently, need to do it three times a day.

October 22, 2010 -My legs were so restless last night, not the best sleep, but sleep none the less. Legs are tired of being propped up on pillows, time to move more. Pain when moving still majorly improved. I wonder if I gave up the wheelchair if I would regress? Don’t want to make the tendons mad, better keep the chair. Really hungry again today. Lots of busy work today, but managed well. Tired now. Fingers r hand sore again. R shoulder gave me trouble for a few minutes today, but mostly did pretty good. I used the chair a bit more today to give the ankles a rest, but the shoulder didn’t mind. Good. Vision a but blurry, will have dr. Yuen work on it next time. Too tired to write tonight.

October 24, 2010 -Emotional these past couple of days. I did something stupid last night and now today I am paying for it with increased pain. For me the cycle is Pain ? Negativity ? Fear ? Panic ? More Pain ? Depression. Now my body feels weak, like I’m getting ill. I cry very easily. Am I PMS? Who knows, my cycle is a mess. Last night I heard a loud pop in my right shoulder and one of the tight little ropes was gone and the pain was relieved. Did I rupture something? Tear something? When will I consider myself immune to regression? When will I release the fear? I know I am just down in the dumps, that I’m still recovering, but I can’t believe how easily I get discouraged. I don’t want to go to the hospital again, but what if I ruptured something small? I just feel like crap today. Painful r shoulder, sensitive joints, weak and tired, but I did not use the chair today, not once. Gotta keep my eye on the positive!

October 25, 2010 – Well I had my second color puncture today, large intestine/lung, used yellow and red and OMG! Afterwards, when I stood up, I felt my feet on the ground in a way I had not felt in months, plus I felt really good. Great actually. The red was my favorite. She read the indications to me and I could only think that nothing could be more right on the money. So Dr. Larrow did the colorpuncture, I actually love her, and then I moved into the IV room for my h202 and Raithel noticed how happy I looked and I told her I felt like I had taken a qualude. I’ve never actually taken a qualude, but I felt like it looks it the movies. Its been a long time since I felt that good. The goodness is lasting too. More colorpuncture next week. Raithel, who for good measure, I should also mention that I love, examined my r shoulder since I heard the loud POP the other night. I am still weight bearing, but she said I tore my rotator cuff. I think that probably happened several week ago however, maybe longer. R eye feels numb and unfocused. Makes me angry. I get sick if I have to look at something too close. No wheelchair today.

October 26, 2010 – Spent the whole day working on my website. Such a distraction. Did not touch my chair today. Had a visit with my brother from SB, nice to see him. Walked on the lawn today, DID NOT HURT. DID NOT LOSE MY BALANCE. NO PAIN. Noticed some CNS sensitivity and blurry vision by evening time, but I did spend every waking minute in front of my computer – TOXIC!. Woke up in middle of night, used R arm to push myself up – OUCH- tearing feeling in rotator cuff. Making it worse, need to be careful.

October 27, 2010 – I finally sent a letter today, to everyone I know, sharing a bit of my story and warning them. Practice what you preach, right? That damn letter has been haunting me. If I send it, people will know things about me, private things, but if I don’t send it, someone else might get hurt. Doing pretty good on my feet today,  R shoulder is torn up, not using it at all. Biggest complaint today… my eyes. My eyes feel so weird. My r eyeball gets numb, both eyeballs wander. can’t focus up close, can’t focus far away, they feel strained. I feel robbed. Don’t wan’t to see an eye doctor becaus emy eyes are different from day to day. Because it isn’t my eyes, its my brain.

October 28, 2010 – I know I am getting better. My daughter spiked a fever last night, and had a difficult night sleeping. I got up with her all night and it didn’t destroy me….yet. LOL. Spoke with an old friend last night, actually, two. The few hours I slept, I slept deeply. My eyes bothering me this morning. Woke up thinking about my website. It is scary having it up, I feel so exposed. Last night when I was falling asleep my eyes actually made that difficult because they move and open on their own, also, they are so uncomfortable. Is it nerve damage? Sinuses? I hate not knowing. CNS abnormalities are so mysterious. Mom brought the Chi machine Eric recommended. I will try it if I can figure out how to be comfortable.

November 2, 2010 – This is the longest I have gone without an entry. I have been totally engrossed with getting my website up. It has been up for five days or so. Its more work than I thought. My ideas about it keep growing. There are so many people who are without hope or direction, it kills me. Anyway, it is obvious I think, that I am getting better. Its not just that I am distracted by this website project, its real. First of all,  have not used the wheelchair since October 23, 2010, the last appt I had with Yuen. That is 10 days. I’m not walking the way normal people walk, BUT I’m walking wherever, rest when I need to, and not paying for it with swelling, pain, throbbing, etc. I will say this, I do get tired very easily. Is that because I’m getting better and using my body more? Or is that because I am still so sick? Hmmmm. This past week has been crazy. daughter sick for 5 days and nights, no sleep for any of us. Halloween was going to be my social debut, a thing at the school and then a small gathering of friends. I was excited and thought I could handle it, but my girl was sick, so I stayed home. I did go out of the house for a meeting at school, wiped me out (oh yeah, i took the chair to the meeting because it was a long walk from the parking lot to the school room) and the eye thing happened. The two things bothering me the most these days are my r torn rotator cuff, and my eyes. my eyes are so weird. they go through little phases where it just plain hurts to focus on anything. far away, up close, it doesn’t matter. And they feel like they are changing shape or something, it is so uncomfortable. Other things happening are that today was my first time at Raithel’s in 10 days. It felt a bit too long, BUT i’m glad that I can handle it. I know she is weaning me :). I had colorpuncture today, nothing dazzling, but I like to be with Dr. Larrow. Then I had a Glutithione Push. yes. that is what i needed. I knew I was pushing my liver to the limit and as soon as it went it, I know it was a good thing. My legs got so hot from the knee down. Healing. After, I got tired and moody which is normal after a push. Next monday I’m doing a Myers with h202. Took bath, elevated legs, its been a while since I did that. the desperation is fading. All good things. want to reach out to more and more people with each day. i read a post somewhere about a girl, day 2 with Cipro, obviously got the toxic response, and I felt frantic about telling her to STOP. ughhhh. how many lives will be ruined? By the end of this day, my legs are achy. Have not been achy in sooo long. Glut? Need to check my journal.

November 3, 2010 – Is it November? Yep, the Glutithione makes me tired and weak like a flu. It makes my body ache. Went back and read my journal. Dr. Raithel will tell me that the Glutithione is doing its job, that my liver is busy working on flushing toxins and the rest of me has to pay during that time, and I energetically, she is right, so she is right. Two steps forward, one step back. Remember. Had appt w K today, she worked on a variety of things, was good. Think I will continue to do Glutithione, but less often, maybe 1 -2 times per month. Itis beneficial, but I need to slow down the healing process, sometimes healing just hurts.

November 6, 2010 – The last few days have been a disapp0intment. I have had twitching. I thought the twitching was over. like a month ago. And my ankles have been sore since the Glut push. Grumpy and tired. On the brighter side, still not using the wheelchair. Went to the movies for anniversary night out, left the chair at home. Stairs and hills are exhausting, but still moving in the right direction. Having mixed feelings about the Glut.

November 7, 2010 – Its been about 5 or 6 weeks since the twitching stopped, I know the h202 made it stop. But it is back. Is is back because I have not been getting h202? or is it back because of glut? probably not enough h202. i am getting some tomorrow. now that i am spacing out the treatments, i will be able to more accurately determine what is doing what. falling asleep is harder lately, I’m up for many hours then sleeping in really late, another problem that was previously resolved with h202, and seems to be resurfacing. how long since my last h202? almost 3 weeks, i think. my doctor said that permanent improvement would come between 20 and 40 treatments. I haven’t even had 20. this week I want h202 and a YM appt and see how it all goes. ankles sore by the end of the evening, and fingers sore too, both have not been sore in many many weeks. discouraged. tried the hot house chi machine, was soothing. going to look onto acupuncture this week. oh yeah, itchy skin back too.

November 13, 2010 – Woke up surprised to find myself curled up in a fetal position, on my side. I usually can’t bend my knees like that nor can i lay on my sides because of shoulder pain. I was on my left side, which is the better side. Anyway, my knees didn’t hurt. I didn’t sleep very well, or very long, lots going on around here with sick kids and an old needy dog. Pain on standing definitely improved, thanks KC! She worked on me last night and this morning. Beautiful fall day today. It actually depresses me a little that I hardly leave the house, especially in my favorite season. We should be camping. Will I ever go camping again? I have to believe so. Yesterday, my lower legs were throbbing and twitching. Yuck, after KC, all fixed. My eyes are also better. And my fingers are stronger today too. Another day without my wheelchair, its been a few weeks, although I still need it outside the house, I get way too tired without it and sometimes swelling too. And I was thinking the other day how I needed the wheelchair to get from one side of the house to the other, and then when I stop needing it, my r shoulder gets so bad, there is no way I could use the chair on my own. Its as if I am being watched over. It may keep coming, but hopefully one thing at a time like in this case. I’m generally just doing better today, and its so much better than I was anticipating, because I was expecting the worst, like I read about in forums. That is why forums are bad for me, my mentality gets wrapped up in it and I start getting scared that what is happening to other people is going to happen to me. I know they are there to help people, and I think they really do in most cases where people just need to know they are not alone or have questions, in which case I am so grateful it is there. I wish I never went on FB forum this time because it was for the wrong reason. I only went on because someone told me that I was called a fraud. I’m going to try and stay off so I can keep my eye on the horizon, the negativity is so dangerous. So, its back to the basics for me. Taking care of myself the best I can, being as patient as possible as I lay on my bed for another day, staying off the forums for a while, and giving thanks for the many, countless blessings in my life, most of all, my family. I have h202 tomorrow, and in the evening I have an incredible opportunity to be the subject of a Yuen Method certified practitioners practice group. A group of CPs gather on a conference call once a month, and they have offered to work on me, all of them at the same time, for free. I could not be more grateful or excited.

November 15, 2010 – My son still has the coughing fever thing. My doctor told me today that even if I catch his illness, I may not feel sick because my system is so overwhelmed that I may not respond to the virus, that it is the body’s response to the virus that makes you feel sick. That makes sense. Slept like crap last night, hardly slept at all in fact. For about five hours I drifted in and out of sleep like they were one in the same. Nightmares. Barely peeled out of bed in time to make a 10am dr appt. Took a Myers with h202 and b6. Last week I had dark urine after so we are watching that very closely this week to be sure it isn’t liver. I will go in for liver and kidney tests this week just in case. I didn’t eat anything but a banana before the treatment, so I had to go really slow. I wish I hadn’t got out of bed so late. Pain so much better than yesterday, progressive improvement for a couple days so that I am almost as good as before my stress induced set back. Oh, my eyes are doing something new when they are closed, its like the beginning of a film when things flicker and come in and out of focus, but a cross right through the middle. I know its my brain, so freaky. Pain in r shoulder improved today, a little. Can’t wait for tonight. Wish the spammers would stop trying to post on the site, I seem to be attracting pharmaceutical links now. Great! DELETE!

November 16, 2010 – was that sleep or a semi-conscious coma with all too realistic dreams? I don’t know, but it wasn’t very restful. I had to stay in bed until 10:30 this morning before getting up. Long spaces of just being awake all through the night. I hate that. R shoulder a bit more sore than yesterday, but that’s ok, I know its torn and will take a long time to heal. I found myself standing while combing my sons hair. My normal instinct is to sit whenever possible. Then, I traveled all around the house looking for a netflix envelope instead of asking someone else to do it. I’ve been here before, feeling better and over doing. Got to keep myself in check. Had a 30 minute appt last night with a group of 7 YM practitioners. There was about 8 minutes of cx, and it was an incredible gift for Peggy to share with me. I am so grateful. The most profound (in my mind) improvement is in the way of my mentality. Before the cx I said I was struggling to move forward, that I know I can get better quickly, that I know I brought this crazy condition to my life for some reasons I already have identified and worked through, but there are still some reasons I do not yet understand. I have been feeling desperate to understand those reasons because I have believed that if I can understand all of the “whys” then I can face them, “fix” them, and move on with totally recovery. Total recovery being my ultimate goal. After the cx last night, I realized that I had received the profound gift of neutrality, no longer desperate to understand, when it comes, it comes, and I will be ready. It can happen when it needs to , when it is supposed to, and they may not be NOW. The whole experience brought me back to NOW, the power of presence in the abscence of anticipation. Ahhhhh. So much more connected. Again. Thank you Neil and all the rest. Blessings to you all. My daughters hair has thinned by about 50% in the last 3 weeks. I know it is stress and of course I feel guilty. Japh and I had to work on ourselves big time last night to try and feel neutral about it. Still popping away, all the joints popping. Tolerated a bit of massage yesterday, on my legs, first time. Could only take a little before it got really uncomfortable. I assume that is a blood flow issue. Door slammed this morning, didn’t jump, didn’t feel it in every cell of my body, thats a good sign. I’m feeling optimistic that this cycle is not turning into the long haul I was expecting/fearing. I know my treatments, both Yuen and Raithel are making it better/shorter. Another day to survive. Bring it on.

November 17, 2010 – another restless night. pain in r shoulder got progressively worse yesterday and made sleeping very difficult…again. Both of my kids have been sick with fevers and a coughing illness. Last night out of no where, i coughed one time, brought up yuck. SO, does that mean i have the virus and my body is not responding? does that mean yucky could be in my lungs and i’m not coughing it up? could i get pneumonia and not even know it? i have no fever, but my chest burns. I sent Dr. Raithel an email to ask her about it. This is an interesting topic that may need further investigation for my preservation. Besides burning chest and sore r shoulder, I’m about the same as yesterday. I need a shower.

November 20, 2010 – Been a busy few days. First of all my r shoulder got so bad I decided to go to the hospital. I wanted morphine. So I called the neurologist to see if he would admit me like he suggested a few weeks ago. I explained that after three months I still have not had the tests he ordered back in August. Anyway, fearing the need for shoulder surgery I wanted to go in and just get it all taken care of. But my neurologist denied me. He said my lower legs and my nerve issues are his focus, that the shoulder needs to be handled by someone else, but he was willing to order an x-ray. An x-ray for a torn rotator cuff?  So, I called the NMD who diagnosed the torn rotator cuff and she said she would order the MRI. I do not have insurance coverage for outpatient medical care, so this is expensive territory. Looking into it, I decided to call my primary care physician, who I have not seen yet. He wasn’t in, so I talk to the PA. Rich decided to bring me in the next day, and viola, diagnoses me with Cipro Toxicity. I am so glad I talked to him. He ordered 4 MRI’S, which I cannot afford, does suspect torn rotator, and considered Cipro and liver function P 450 and decided to prescribe dilaudid (sp?) for pain, said it would be easier on my liver than Tylenol. I asked for a small amount because I doubt I will take it but was appreciative to have the option in case it gets really bad. In the meantime, Japh went to the health store and found me this new supplement for tendons. It’s called Wobenzym N, clinically studied formula for joints and tendons! I faxed the label to my NMD and she approved the use. The next morning (Friday) I realized I slept with much less pain in my shoulder. Cool. I also added Boswalia to my regimen. Made appts for the MRIs. Then Friday afternoon I had a 2.5 hour appt with KC. She rocked it. During my treatment we used her hot hands to test my sensitivity in different areas. I could barely feel her on the bottoms of my feet. She restored so much sensation to my lower legs, especially the bottom of my feet. The corrections vibrated all through my body, and I found myself sitting upright for the rest of the day and evening without developing swelling or discomfort. When I woke up this morning, I got up before Japh, which has not happened since flox, got some food for my daughter, checked in on my son, made a pot of coffee (I still drink a cup each morning without noticeable intolerance), opened blinds (then I realized my r arm was up over my head), lifted a jug of water with my r arm, then I paused. WHERE IS THE PAIN? I kept doubting the reality, kept testing the waters looking for, expecting, the pain. Mobility is improved about 50% since yesterday, pain improved about 50% and weight bearing is improved about 50%. Considering my r arm was completely useless and vulnerable to pain from the slightest movement, I am thrilled with 50%. 50% is huge! I am second guessing spending the money on these tests now. Maybe I won’t need surgery at all if these corrections “stick”. My brother stopped by today, first time I’ve seen him since flox, he brought us food. He brought us food before, but I was too sick to see him. Nice to have support from family. And now I’m hungry. One more thing, a little eczema showed up on my eyelids yesterday, first eczema since flox. No diet changes, so must be stress about these forum attacks.

November 21, 2010 – I spent the entire day out of bed yesterday. From the time I first arose until about 8pm. I have not done that even one time since I got floxed. Amazing. And more evidence of my angels. The ONE day Japh is not feeling well, catching the kids yuck, I feel so much better. Taking care of kids, him and myself. Amazing. If he got sick one day earlier, we’d have been forced to call in some reinforcements. Amazing how it all works out. Anyway, one kid on the mend, the other having a relapse. Hubby sick. Got a canker sore, did not eat any nuts. The itchy skin thing persists and is spreading. I woke up tender in the r shoulder, worse than yesterday, but not as bad as before, and ankles are sore, I knew that was a possibility from over use. I do this every time, over do it, gotta stop. I’m, committed to taking it easy today. I was up all day, with my feet NOT propped up and I did not swell. That is major improvement, and all thanks to YM cx with KC. She is amazing. Last night took a hot bath, soothed the day away, watched Grease in bed, ate some ice cream, called it a day. Called it a good day.

November 22, 2010 – The whole family is sick. Coughing, fevers in the other three, not me. My doctor says that no fever is indicative of the compromised immune system. Yesterday I had a few breakthroughs. I walked up three steps, one foot after the other, like a normal person. I got to the floor to pet my dog, and when I got up, it wasn’t a 15 point process (as it has been – I roll to my hands an knees, crawl to a chair and the remaining ten points involve my getting into standing position from there) it was more like a 6 point process that almost looked normal. My mind is blown. Today I made breakfast and lunch. I had h202 and myers this morning, extra zinc extra b6 for the PN. I did not taste it. I have no sense of smell today either. I did not taste my meals either. I am coughing and have a minor sore throat. Chest is tight. canker sore, rash, and eczema persist. Pain in r arm and legs majorly improved and in fact the muscles are getting sore (as if they have not been used in a while). Tomorrow KC is bringing in a second therapist, I can’t wait for that. It is spendy though. ears plugged up, definitely feeling like a have a virus without the fever. I wonder if that means i will be sick longer? maybe the h202 will keep it at bay as in the past. we will see. i’m feeling optimistic that i have regained so much feeling in my legs. today i have reflexology with LW, she’s coming to the house at 2, very much looking forward to that. my L shoulder feels about 80% healed. R shoulder is much better than it was, bot still has about 65% more healing in store. Thinking about a visit to Lino. I burned my hair today, about 3 inches on each side. I just chopped the burnt ends off, really looks like crap. I need a hair cut.

December 22, 2010 – WTF? Has it been a month since I created a journal entry? I’ve been sick. Sick in a way that I didn’t think I could be sick. After my last journal entry I had refelxology. BIG mistake. What was I thinking? I wasn’t thinking at all, I was so excited about how great I felt, I just wasn’t thinking. I realized it may not be a good idea when she first started vigorously rubbing my feet. My feet. My painful barely able to carry my weight feet. My fragile feet. I should Have stopped her, but no, I wanted to try something new. As she was working on me, more gently after I explained my condition better, I felt a very tender spot on my foot, and my body began that CNS tingle, vibration thing it can do. She announced that my adrenal glands were “asleep”. My energy worker had told me the same thing weeks earlier, and so had my NMD. My immune system was sleeping. So, she turned it back on. Why did I let her? I had three sick people in the house with a viscous flu and I was somehow managing to not get it. Well, she turned it on, and I paid. First, my feet swelled up and became deformed. DEFORMED. I cried. I was walking up stairs, and now deformed. Devastation. Pain. Misery. SO MAD AT MYSELF. Next morning, woke up in extraordinary pain. Crying. And… a little cough. It was a long day. The next morning, 104 degree fever, full blown flu. The next day, Thanksgiving, the same. The next day, my 40th birthday, worse. Trip to ER, happy birthday. Can hardly breathe, pain in feet unbearable. Fever 104. Misery does not describe my feeling. The pain was unbelievable. I had a rx for dilaudid, but it said it could cause shortness of breathe. I was gasping for air with each and every breathe. This was not like any flu I have had before. Coughing fits lasting until I puke, all day, all night, broken ribs, pain everywhere (thank you Cipro), depression, fever, sweats, pain, pain, pain, anxiety about being able to catch my breathe. I’m sure I can’t remember it all, it was so unreal. The most shocking thing, is that I fevered and suffered to that extreme for 14 days. I could not sit up for more than a minute at a time, just long enough to sip some water. 14 days. I have had the flu before, and suffered, but for like 5 or 6 days. 14 days of feeling like i might die at any minute. 14 days of wishing I was dead because the pain was so out of hand. I tried Tylenol. Bad. Tylenol dropped my fever to about 101, but caused pain in my joints, and just made my CNS funky. I tried cough medicine with codeine for two nights and that was what stopped the uncontrollable coughing. Finally, regular cough syrup was tolerated without side effects. Tried Sudafed, made my heart squeeze so tight I thought I might have a heart attack, it took my breath away. So my conclusion was that nothing OTC is safe, so I toughed it out. Everything was so scary. And there was not much my family could do for me. Tea, steams, tincture (made by my NMD), thats about it. I used ear drops to keep my plugged ears from becoming infected. I coughed as much as I could to keep my lungs clear. I did everything to try and keep a bacterial infection at bay. I didn’t sleep much at all, I didn’t eat much at all. After about 20 days I started to turn the corner. I noticed an increase in appetite, ability to sit up for a couple of minutes, coughing less at night, etc. Now here I am, a month later, still coughing a lot, still puking sometimes, ears still plugged up, still in bed, but as of today, able to write this. I have left the house a few times. Went to the doctor twice, the ER once, and after 3 days of preparation, to my daughters ballet performance (I paid for that with four days of pain and agony). IN the last week, I have gone Christmas shopping, too. I need two days to prepare for leaving the house for any length of time. My family has been cheated in such a big way, I just had to have a hand in Christmas shopping. I can no longer push myself ina wheelchair, so my husband has to push me. My R shoulder has paid a huge price during this illness, the pain at times so unbearable that I have literally prayed for a quick death. Of course, after waiting four months for the NCS and the MRIs (four of them), they were scheduled during my illness, so they have all been cancelled. I couldn’t talk, walk, write, nothing. A total fucking nightmare. I’m not sure there are enough words to express how this has been, but I think the big picture here is, don’t rush your detox, don’t take OTC, and if at all possible, don’t get sick.  KC and my NMD both claim that this illness will speed up my overall toxicity recovery. I quit all supplements, anything that detoxes because it is too much too fast. Too tired, will write more later.

January 21, 2011 – I guess it took longer than I thought to get back in here. Things have been changing quickly. I found myself receovered from the flu by the new year. I took forever, and if I thought the Cipro was chnaging me, the flu excelerated that by 100. It was crazy. nothing I could have imagined. Anyway, as I regained some srtength and stamina I found that I needed to just catch up on some life stuff. One day at a time I have been doing little things that I have wanted to do for several months. Purging my daughters closet, reorganizing the linens, putting away Christmas (okay, I just finished that today, embarassing), feeling embarassed (a month ago nothing coulod have embarassed me because I only thought about living and dying), doing some dishes and laundry, changing the sheets. Today, I went outside and put away summer stuff, sevral months too late, and a lot of it bcame trash, but I did it. About two and half weeks ago I bit the bullet and went to see Lino Cedros. I was terrified, not because I don’t trust him, but becauase I trust that I will feel a lot of pain in his office before I get better. I know its worth it with Lino because he is the smartest, most intuitive, most fearless body worker I have ever known. I have a friend who flies clients from the other coast just to have an appointment with Lino. Anyway, he didn’t hurt me. He knew I was scared to have anyone touch me. I sensed that he really had an idea of how fragile I am and how much pain I endure. He worked on me for a long time. Said myb hips were a pivotal place, but I wasn;t ready. My shoulder area got worked over a lot too. He did my feet. Integration would be slow too come, come back in 10 days. After my appt. major progress. Walking more upright, walking longer distance. Less swelling at the end of an outing. Stronger. Mobility in arm the same, but less pain and stronger. Happy days. Mental and emotional clarity. I even taught two childbirth classes to a friends family. Good stuff. Had a massage. Decided to go with Stephanie, she offered, I needed it, I trust her and I intuited that she could touch me and I would be okay. It was amazing to be touched, to lay on my stomach, to integrate more. I was light headed for almost 2 hours after and had to sit on her couch, but she tolerated me and my family invading her living room well. Two days later, second appt with Lino. Brought my husband and my son for appt too. Pain. Yeah, it hurt. And I haev been really tight and painful since then. Almost constant pain in the arm. Mental emotional burdens, sadness, anger, yuck. Low back pain. Sore ankles, stiff neck. I’ll be interested why he thinks this happened. KC says all the body work has put me back into a detox phase. Yuck. Daughter got sick, gave me a cold. Nothing compared to the flu, but I would do wothout it. Saw Raithel today, been moer than a month. Said I’m anemic. Of course. She had waited to discuss since iron can cause opther problems for me. She decided against more IV therapy for now. Instead we are doing some really explorative bloodwork to identify what I really need now. I’m doing the labs next week. I’m seeing Lino next week too. Been soending lots of energy with my son. He has PTSD big time. He needed my focus, still does, I need to balance it all. Overall, I am getting better, balance, strength, coordination, agility, speed, endurance. All better. Still using the chair for long distance, but still better. Mental faculties almost %100, just kidding, 100%, although I tire in that arena. Emotional balance mostly good with a bad day here and there. Physically, just a slow steady improvement but all my health team is amazed at how quickly I am recovering. If not for my r arm, I could drive now. Oh how I miss my independence. Oh how my husband does too 🙂

January 30, 2011 – I’ve been sick with a head cold for a bit more than a week. Thick phlegm, coughing, sinus pain, headache, sore throat. NO FEVER. Night sweats, but no fever. So… I was terrified of getting sick ever again for the rest of my life after almost losing my life to the flu. I know my body can’t handle illness like a normal person. But it’s not true. This cold has helped me to realize that I am getting better with the FTS. Mt body is responding to this cold exactly like everyone else I know with one exception, I ended up with laryngitis. Laryngitis? That’s nothing compared to death. I’ll take it. I HAVE A COLD AND I AM NOT HAVING A CYCLE. Is it because I just cycled? Is it because I am recovering on a very deep level? I guess only time will tell, but I am curious to see what happens the next time I get sick. A couple of things about getting sick: I can’t take OTC and I freak about infection. So I live with some nasty symptoms. It sucks. I never thought I would miss my Sudafed…but. So physically, head cold aside, here is my status: I had a thrid appointment with Lino two days ago. My r arm mobility improved immediatelty. My knees and ankles improved too. He says I do not have peripheral neuropathy. In the last week, while sick, I have done some things that have surprised me in a really good way, I went shopping at Barnes and Noble with my family without a wheelchair, I kicked at a ball to move it without pain, I lifted a full tea kettle with my R arm, I shook out a wrinkled pair of jeans using both arms, I clipped my hair back using both arms, I twisted my ankle on the pathway at my house and did not fall or feel unusual pain, I helped my daughter off the bed, bearing most of her weight, I negotiated two leases over the phone, and I did a ton of chores. I did not plan to do any of these things, they just happened. They happened because I am feeling better and getting stronger. I still have some vision issues, but they seem to be improving. I still have constant R shoulder pain and I get really frustrated and want to cry a lot. I still can’t bend my knees without tons of pressure behind the knee. I still have some instability in ankles and swelling and pain, too. my feet don’t feel like my feet at all, they are still pretty jacked up. My hips, especially my R hip still feels tight and painful. My joints still hurt but there is improvement happening there. I still have dry eyes, nose and mouth. My skin still hurts. I still have depressed days, but fewer than before. But overall, I am improving. It is almost hard for me to remember how horrible this has been because I mostly am enjoying the experience of doing things I have always taken for granted, like using my toes for balance, or getting the mail. Its been hard, but I am surviving and so are other people. I love to hear about the other people.

February 3, 2001 – Just looking for signs of change, improvement, things to be grateful for. Also seeing some new developments that are a bit alarming. I read about painful skin and I have had that for about a month, it is a weird symptom. Also, I know some people have sensitivity to the sun. I was getting regular sun before the flu, but not lately. Yesterday I exposed my lower legs to the sun for about 10 minutes and they got burned. Alarming. Membranes still really dry and uncomfortable, like eyes, nose, mouth.  Need a humidifier all the time. Vision a lot better. Discovered that riding in a car at night is very uncomfortable. Freaks out the CNS. I want to try and drive to the corner store soon during the day. I wish I could grocery shop, but no. Too much time on the feet without a place to sit. I have to sit every now and then. Hands are so much better. They ache and get painful but the strength is about 80%. Ankles really sore these last few days. Toxins? Stress? Overload? Walking funny like back of legs are dead, but I know its not true this time, just a temporary set back. Been thinking a lot about the new business I want to start. Is that really on the agenda? Or is it just a distraction? Hard to tell. Hard to not implement my ideas now, to wait until I am better. I need to wait until I can drive to make any changes. Realizing how impulsive I really am.  Husband reaching the end of his rope with all the chauffeuring, time to go back to his life, he needs to work more. Things are about to get hard in a whole new way. Money, time, space, relationships. Reality. Yuck.

February 9, 2011 – I saw Lino on Monday. He has been talking about something he wanted to do behind my heart for a few weeks and on Monday I had progressed enough to be “ready”. He worked on what at first felt like a rib, but when it finally “went”, I felt startling sensations shooting from my left to right side all through my torso. What the? He said he was breaking up the scar tissue that has somehow developed between my heart and my liver. Of course. LOL. We discussed my hormones changing and the high estrogen levels I’m facing, which he says is good. He worked on my pelvis and my feet. Then he worked on my neck area, c3 specifically to loosen up my diaphram. At first my breathing was totally irratic, but once I integrated all the corrections, I must say that I feel substantially better. Back on my feet. No neck pain. Breathing normal. On Tuesday I went to Raithel’s for some blood work, they couldn’t find a vein, has to draw it out of my hand. The idea is to do this intensive bloodwork, NMD style to figure the best course of action going forward. Had dinner tonight at J&K’s. Kids running around screaming, no problem. Walking upright like a normal human being, no problem. Being tired and overstimulated, no problem. Life is getting better. A lot better. I have Kea, Lino, JDA and Michelle to thank for my recent progress, Thank you. I research frozen shoulder today. Bad idea. I wish I could turn back time and take that one back. I am dreading the day we deal with this. Dreading it. It hurts already.

February 19, 2011 – I love that I am not writing in here everyday. A sign for improved health in this case. I am finding more and more of my time devoted to “normal” tasks rather than my health. When you are healing, it is so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and to lose sight of how far you’ve come. I have bad days of course, when I panic and fear that I am getting worse or that I will never fully heal. But mostly I have days that are good enough to see how fast I am healing. I saw Lino again yesterday. He discussed my shoulder with me. He will take his time with it, and he says that he won’t be forcing it to move. I need patience. He also feels that the dysfunction in my legs is NOT permanent. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF (that is how much I trust his judgment). He adjusted my feet, pelvic area, back, chest and ankles. Better. BETTER. In fact, as KC noted, I have progressed from 2 steps forward – 1 step back, to something more resembling 5 steps forward – 2 steps back. Progress is coming quicker than ever before. On another note, my son has the flu again. I assume it is a different flu from the last, but the second in one season. I have been using, very liberally, the thieves oil (orally, topically and as a cleanser) everywhere I can think and as often as I can remember and so far no one else has fallen ill. He has been sick for 5 days now. I did have the homeopathic flu vaccine a couple of months ago too. I”m not sure why I have not become sick, but I am so grateful. We are going to attempt our first getaway since my flox. My brother has offered us his vacation home in Napa, so we are hoping for a few days away from all our responsibilities. I hope everyone will feel up to the light travel, especially me. I have recently noted an extreme discomfort when riding in a car at night. I become very tense and easily overwhelmed by the speed, movement and lights with normal driving behavior. During the day I have graduated to only feeling that way if the driver is driving fast, thoughtless or tailgating. As for my vision, I have not experienced erratic vision problems for some time. I am mostly afflicted by a general condition of blurry vision up close (is that far sightedness?) and occasional burning and dryness (not together). Strength continues to improve in hands, legs and feet. Mobility in R arm has improved by approximately 3 inches going forward, and 2 inches extending to the side in the last 6 weeks. It isn’t HUGE, but it is significant. I have not had an energetic healing session in months, and I am still waiting to hear from my NMD about my test results and where we go from here. I have recently gained approx 8 lbs (in the last 4 weeks). It is shocking to see myself so heavy. Lino says it is because my estrogen has finally started to kick in, which I can say is true for other reasons. My vanity would like resolution to this hormonal imbalance sooner than later. Since seeing Lino, I do find that I need to soak and elevate as before, but not as often. My wheelchair remains in the car and is needed less and less, but I am dependent on the handicap placard to get to my destinations without pain.

February 25, 2010 – Returned last night from a getaway to Napa. Handled the drive very well. In fact, the next day we went to SF for the day and spent the whole day at Academy of Sciences and then spent the evening at Pier 39/41, no swelling or extra pain at all. Spent the following day at Petrified Forest and Calistoga’s Geyser. Again, no pain or swelling. Walking on the concrete floors at my brother’s house was the most painful thing for me. I found the impact to be a bit painful, and one time my husband hit the back of my achilles with the wheelcahir, and that caused my L foot to hurt but once I got over the initial pain in achilles, it was gone for good. We did Jelly Belly factory too, that was kind of lame in a wheelchair because I couldn’t see very good. I walked into restaurants and most shops. I only used the chair for long distance. Overall, the trip was really good and I feel like I can handle car rides now, which causes me to question if I might go for treatments a bit away from home now. I didn’t consider them before because of the travel, but now the door is open. In fact, the ozone doctor is in Santa Rosa, which is just a short drive from Yountville, so maybe I could stay at my brother’s house while I get treatments. Something to consider. I plan an energy appt for next week with KC. I have some big expectations for a large leap in recovery after that. We will see. BTW – still drinking coffee every morning, no side effects. Curious about alcohol. Can I drink alcohol? I sure was craving some wine in Napa. Eyes burning and itching this last week. Speaking of Cipro eyes, I was devastated to read ab0ut the dancer Michelle, and her Leukemia. What a blow. Her strength however, is inspirational. Mentally, I’m working past the thing where I hear about other floxies developing this condition and that condition and fearing that I will get it too. It sneaks up on me, but mostly, I have reigned that in. Still no supplements, waiting to hear results from NMD. My nutrient evaluation is not in yet, but allergy panel is. Still working hard to not overdo things, I don’t want to jinx this rapid progression. Oh yeah, and I did not get the flu from my son this round, which may be because of the homeopathic vaccine, or maybe the Thieves Oil, who knows?

February 27, 2011 – I got the results of my IGE Food Anitbody allergy panel. I’m allergic to just about everything except the things you might expect: soy, gluten, dairy and wheat. Hmmmm. Of course I am allergic to many of my favorite foods: LETTUCE (I could cry over that one), chicken, lamb, chocolate, lemon, grapefruit, tuna, garbanzo, rice, tomato, spinach, grapes, coconut, string beans… the list goes on. I wonder if I was allergic to these items prior to flox? I haven’t actually met with my doctor to see how we will handle this. These results need to be evaluated with my nutrition panel. I’m sure Dr. R will have something brilliant to say about it all. And, as with everything else, it is my intention to cure these deficits with alternative medicine. I don’t see myself eliminating all of my favorites on a permanent basis, that doesn’t sound like any fun at all! On another note, legs burning today, don’t know why. Feet running hot then cold. Little black spots in my vision. Need to see an ophthalmologist. Still too freaked to do the NCS, I still don’t see the point unless I plan to sue someone. I’m giving the wheelchair back soon, it is too expensive through Apria. I will look into buying one online.

March 2, 2011 – Yesterday I saw my DC for a re-evaluation. She was not too happy about my shoulder. She did a work up and a treatment, tried to break up the scar tissue. I do love her, she’s a dear woman and I trust her implicitly. I wish it wasn’t so hard to get around, or I would try to see her every week. I may ask some friends for help with rides. After my appt. I went to the DMV for my handicap placard renewal. It took forever, even with an appointment. I later ordered a wheelchair online so I can send this really expensive rental back. I wish I could just let it go, but I still need it often enough to warrant the expense. I have an appt with the optometrist tomorrow, but I cancelled it. I don’t feel confident that an optometrist will be qualified to deal with my eyes. They are soooo dry and my vision is getting sooo bad. I’m going to work on it. Last night I finally got into the spa. I have craved the spa and last night I went in. Getting in was easier than I thought, but getting out was slippery and a bit dangerous. I decided to do some leg kicks. I haven’t exercised in forever. I did 300 kicks, it took about 3 minutes, and totally wiped me out. After the spa, I generally felt better and my legs didn’t hurt as bad. My lower legs have resumed burning for the last three or four days. I knew things were getting funky, but the burning freaks me out, thinking about PN and fearing irreversible conditions, etc. By the time I went to sleep, I was burning pretty bad. Did I overdo? Should I overdo and push through the pain? Who knows. Anyway, this morning i was really burning and my eyes were really dry and I was really unhappy. For the first time in I don’t know how long I had energy work with KC. She got me moving a lot better and the pain improved. But more improtantly she got my persistent thinking about PN straightened out. Its like a broken record up there, and she helped a lot. We discussed my using PanAway for the legs, I am really excited about getting it, it sounds exactly what I need right now. I have a great feeling about it. Also, add blue-green algae. Thank you KC.

March 3, 2011 – MY EYES ARE SO DRY! This sucks. Every second sucks. I called NMD to see what steps I should take. In the meantime my mother got me some homeopathic eye drops for dry eyes that are supposed to encourage your eye to make its own tears. They feel better in my eyes than the other two drops I have tried. I pray that they work. So, am I detoxing more, in a cycle, falling apart? PAin in my feet pretty overwhelming and equally overwhelming is the thoughts that follow. I have not had this type of pain since the early days of my flox. Am I getting worse, is this a cycle? OR Am I getting better? Is it possible that this pain is actually a symptom of improvement. Could my body be releasing more toxins, overloading my organs, and subsequently causing pain? That is the theory of all the peeps taking care of me. Tell it to 5000 times a day because I’m having trouble getting excited about more pain, especially pain that reminds me of the worst days of my life. I even have pain in middle finger R hand. ON A POSITIVE NOTE – my shoulder pain is getting better. The torn tendon pain is better, and the mobility is improving. Keep in mind that the improvements are almost negligible, but steady. I’ll take whatever I can get. Also positive, I my cycle, if it is a cycle seems to be focused on tendons and nerves in legs. The CNS stuff hasn’t really attacked since it went away after the H202. I may need to revamp some of my web pages. Mouth dry and so is skin. Headache. Trying to remember that I need to drink more water. I have not been taking very good care of myself. Time to snap out of it.

March 5, 2011 – Yesterday was a significant day for me. I went to see Lino Cedros for my body work. If you have been reading my journal then you know that I trust Lino implicitly, a fact based on his proven track record as a miracle worker, my numerous personal experiences AND my intuition. Seeing Lino is a faith based experience to some degree because he is pretty much going to do whatever he wants and there isn’t a lot of chat time. You go in, you lay down (if you can) and you breathe until its over. I always try to pin Lino down with some questions, in truth I need about 6 hours to interview this man, but I just slip in a questions here and there. I don’t always understand his answers (he’s got a big vocabulary) but I know he is right in his answers. Yesterday I asked him WHY the tendons are effected by the fluoroquinolones. He gave me a good explanation which I will add to my tendon page on this website. I asked him about my eyes, and the same answer as to the tendons. I asked him if I would recover, he said YES. This is not the first time he has said that. After that question, he wandered off to treat one of his many other clients. While he was gone, I realized why that answer never sits well with me, not that I don’t believe him, but because I want to know WHY he says YES and WHY I will recover when so many people do NOT. So when he came back, I asked him why I will get better, and he said because I knew what was happening right away and did the right things from the beginning, coupled with the fact that I have gotten the appropriate care during this time (IV h202, glutathione, rest, rest, rest, heat, nutrition, and him once I was ready). I asked him why some people do not get better and he said it was because they get bad medical care. I asked if it was too late for the people whose tendons have been affected for years and years and he said, sadly, YES. It makes me sad. He said that the key to healing those tendons is the oxygen, rest, and then when you are ready, proper treatment, like what I am getting with him. All of us need a Lino in our lives. I know some people fly from all over the country (maybe the world) to see Lino. I know at least 100 people who have seen this man for one ailment or another (usually people facing surgery for knees, shoulders, hips, back) who’ve been saved agony and expense from his services. He really is amazing, but don’t tell him that, he is too humble to accept it. Anyway, it was an aggressive treatment compared to what I have had with him since flox. I loved it. I needed it. He moved bones in my feet and thumbs, he worked on the scar tissue in my shoulder, my pancreas, my thighs, ankles, neck, adjusted my jaw and I think he moved my esophagus. It all needed to be done. I need to be put back together like that. Moving on to a new topic, I came to the painful and frightening realization today that my hair is falling out. BUMMER. Hair line is receding, I think. Did some research, and I don’t feel any better about it. This is a wait and see type of issue, and I pray for the best outcome and to not be too destroyed if things don’t go my way. My eyes continue to be a source of real anxiety for me and discomfort, however, these eye drops I have been using are AMAZING. They really soothe my eyes. At first I had to use them every few minutes, but eventually I needed them less and less. I am so grateful to have them. I will discuss hair loss and visual problems with the Dr on Monday. Today we went to Home Depot and bought some flowers, just some annuals and some cala lily’s, but it felt like such a normal thing to do. On the way home we got some Sunflower Drive In which was just what I needed, and then we came home at ate our lunch in the garden. After lunch I felt so energized, got busy planting and weeding. Of course I was fairly uncomfortable, and feeble, but I stuck with it for a good hour or more and I feel like I really accomplished something. I am impressed with my stamina today (thank you Lino) and I hope that tomorrow I can finish the job. I did have to stop when my feet turned purple and swelled, but I knew that was coming, also, the mosquitoes were awful and I was getting bit. I figure getting bug bites is a chore my body doesn’t need to deal with. Skin still tender. Ears ringing. A slight twitch last night in my L thigh, may not have been anything related to FQT.

March 6, 2011 – Last night I got into the hot tub again. When my feet first touch the water, it feels scorching hot on my feet, but it feels good on the rest of my body, and a few seconds later the feet feel fine. The weird sensitivity on the skin of the feet has been like than since flox. I did not do any kicks because I wanted to compare how I feel the next day to the last time, just in case the bromine may be effecting me. I won’t know yet (its still early in the day), but I suspect that the tenderness/swelling was more related to the 300 kicks. I have been meaning to mention how well I have been sleeping lately, so deeply. I haven’t been waking up unless my daughter calls for me and I feel like I’m pulling myself out of a coma when she does. I’m going to bed earlier and waking up earlier, which is so good for me. I hate looking in the mirror, I have aged so much these past 7 months. The fingernails had become brittle a couple of months ago, and a bit yellow with vertical ridges, but I’m noticing how smooth the newer nail is. That must be a good sign. Still not taking supplements. I know that will change tomorrow, and I plan to pay very close attention to how they effect me. I feel that about half the supplements I take are ineffective, maybe a quality issue, maybe an issue with failing to identify a true deficiency prior to taking. Now I will know (because of the nutrition panel) what I really need. I’m looking forward to taking this next step.

March 7, 2011 – Was disappointed to have some significant swelling in feet last night after visiting MIL. Woke up this morning with more flexibility in foot and ankle area, so when I walk, it feels more natural. Usually when I walk, it is without bending at the ankle and without flex in the foot, everything is flat and stiff. Dry eye symptoms continue and pain in R shoulder has been acting up a bit more than of late BUT I have greater range of motion, so it seems like a fair trade. Ate some foods on my do not eat list and had itchy skin and sneezing after. It was a little chicken broth, like a tiny amount, but my MIL has a cat, its actually my husbands cat, and I’m allergic to her, so it could have been that. It was weird, throat swelled too. See doctor today.

March 8, 2011 – Lots of good news from the doctor yesterday. Adrenal glands back in the game, no severe food allergies, just a long list of food sensitivities which is not surprising you factor in the extremely low glutamine levels. Low folate, several B vitamins, choline, glutamine, zinc, ALA. All of these deficiencies can be treated orally with supplements. One supp is powder, one granules. I’ll boost with these for a month, then taper off. As for diet, staying away from the offenders for 52 days. OK. Eye exam revealed streaks on the arteries. She will treat for one month and if there is no improvement I will be referred out to an eye doctor. Vision test reveals weaker R eye than L, not surprised. Bummed, but she thinks it will get better with proper treatment. So far, she has been right on the money except with the homeopathy,  so I feel confident in her care. Having some allergy symptoms last few days, and the sun has caused some blooms, so it is most likely my annual allergies. Continue to gain weight at a rapid pace, another 2lbs this past week. Bummer. Since my nutrient panel was so good, I do not need IV therapy unless I want H202. I will think about it. It has done a lot for me, but I suspect it has run its course for the time being, OR I may be tired of riding out there for treatments. In one month I will go in for a follow up with Dr. Raithel and she will re-examine my eyes, and re-evaluate my diet and supplements. Drove one of those carts at Target today, was able to use my R arm for a little while. I really want to exercise and to get really strong but my tendons are clearly not ready. I’m itching to do SOMETHING. Cabin fever I guess.

March 10, 2011 – Drove to the corner yesterday, I’m talking a block away. It is my second time behind the wheel since being sick. There is a mechanic and a hairstylist in the same parking lot there, and I needed services from both. Dropped car for oil change and got my first haircut in about a year. Driving did not bother me while I was doing it, of course I managed without using my r arm hardly at all. After I drove, my R lower leg was really tingly. This morning I realized that I am allergic the eye-bright eye drops, probably allergic to eye-bright, had KC work on it, now I’m fine, no allergies. The eye-bright has already made a difference in my eyes! I did not use my dry eye eye drops yesterday or today and I have not had the eye strain and focusing issues I normally feel plagued with 24/7. I didn’t expect such a fast improvement. I didn’t expect much noticeable improvement at all, as a matter of fact. I hope the allergies don’t come back. Anyway, my PanAway oil came today, it is supposed to work wonders on tendons and joints. I was surprised to open it and find that it smells like Ben Gay. LOL. I’m so used to Young Living Blends smelling like a dream come true, this one was obviously made for therapeutic applications only. Anyway, I applied it this evening and will try to remember to do it as often as possible. Used about 1/8 tsp olive oil to 2 drops of PanAway on each leg (ankle and knee) and on r shoulder. Of course it ended up all over my hands too, so i just rubbed it in. I’ll be interested to see what a difference this makes. Had some digestive issues late afternoon and early evening, very unusual, must be the supplements. Left message with doc.

March 11. 2011 -Just a quick entry. Last night, after using the PanAway about 2 hours earlier, I looked at my feet and they looked so weird, they were kind of wiry looking and I finally realized how skinny they looked. I asked my husband to look at my feet, and he said, “wow, they look really skinny, you can see the muscles and stuff”. Anyway, the swelling was drastically decreased. This morning they were same as usual. And another thing, since the elimination diet, these awful bumps I have had on my arms since the 90’s have completely gone away. It is so unexpected and great. Saw Lino today, he did some stuff I was not fond of, but I walked out a lot better than I walked in, as usual.

March 13, 2011 – Yesterday was horrible. I should expect these bad days following treatment, but I often forget and then get really disappointed or depressed. Anyway, it was horrible, really jittery, breathing was off, heart rate was off, body temperature dropped to 96.0, and just feeling like shit. I went through the normal checklist: am i sick? is it a cold? a flu? am i detoxing? did I eat something I’m allergic to? am i dying? It will drive a person insane. Anyway, I handled it by hunkering down for the day. Stayed in bed, kept the computer off, just tried to get through it. Rested, drank a lot of water, ate food. By evening time, I felt a lot better, but it was a rough day, filled with tears. Really chemical feeling, really depressing. Late evening I got my head on straight: I’ve been using these new oils, I’ve eliminated irritating foods from my diet, I’m taking proper supplements, I saw Lino on Friday and he moved some body parts he hadn’t moved before, and I have been using the hot tub… all of these things are going to combine for a new level of detox, and in the acute phase of detox, life sucks. One more note, for the last week-ish, I can’t stay awake past 11pm. I get exhausted and go to sleep. This is not my usually MO. I’m a night owl, always have been. I know this is healthier for me, but I am noting it just the same.

March 14, 2011 – I hope that anyone taking the time to read this doesn’t mind my typos and bad language…I’m just sayin’… Anyway, yesterday was interesting. Early in the day, a total turn around from the day before. I even went outside and planted some more annuals and a few Cala Lilies. Then last night my allergies kicked in again and I used some RC oil again, and I got a little jittery again. Bottom line, essential oils are powerful, and RC is just too stimulating for me right now, so I’m going to avoid it for a while. I went to my favorite DC, dear Dina, today. I woke up feeling like shit, swollen sinuses, stuffy head, runny nose, malaise, dizziness. I considered not going afraid that any more body work might cause more detox and make me feel even worse. But time has shown me that the more I push with the treatments, the more I detox, the worse I feel, and then the much better I feel. So, sick or not, I went for it. She worked my shoulder big time, really digging into that scar tissue and breaking it up. I could feel a chemical reaction happening to my nervous system, but I just decided to endure. It will pass and the reward should be more mobility in my R arm. If I can get far enough with the frozen shoulder, I can drive, I hope, so I figure it is better to suffer when I am already suffering anyway, and just get better. Besides, I trust Dina to warn me if she’s going to drastically alter my condition. She is really awesome, I wish I could get rides to her office more often. I want to see her every week. Anyway, after the appointment, I felt better. Walking better, pain in arm better, head and neck felt better, just better. As I sit here, my sinuses are filling up again and my headache is coming back, could be detox, allergies, or a head cold. Who knows anymore.

March 16, 2011 – Battling with mouth sores. Could be several triggers that caused it, but my mouth is bleeding rather a lot. Bummer. Last night I got some potassium iodide from my NMD. She is recommending it for her west coast patients for the next 15 days in response to the Japanese Nuclear Power Plant Crisis. There is a lot of controversy over the whole issue, but it is really hard to know what is true and who to trust. My gut tells me to trust my doctor in this case. First, the media reported to take the iodide, then the stores all ran out and the public started to freak out and so the media reported that we don’t need the iodide. Yet, on the CDC website, there is support for taking it. I think they ran out and didn’t want people getting violent, so they may have said we don’t need it. It is really confusing. Anyway, we are all taking it for 15 days. Yesterday was a great day for me. I moved well and my mind was so energetic. I got a lot accomplished and even went to a cancer talk at a dr. office with a friend. I got a little buzzy after inhaling some RC. When will I learn? Then didn’t sleel well last night at all. Tonight I am going to attempt attendance to my son’s Spring Concert at school. And today I experimented with some driving. I drove the to pool supply store and just cruised around the neighborhood. I had to drive slow and defensively. If I had to make a sudden movement, I don’t think it would feel good, and I don’t think I would react appropriately on a physical level. Driving without a R arm is very difficult. I do not seem worse off for having done it with the exception of cold tingling in my feet, whatever that means. I don’t think I am generally ready, but in a pinch, I would feel comfortable taking myself somewhere close to home. It was good to try. Anyway, I hope I’m not trashed tomorrow after no sleep, two late nights in a row and a little driving. We will see! Toes on R foot (the two closest to pinky toe) are sore the last three days off and on. And when my daughter sits on my lap in the wheelchair, my knees really hurt. I need her to stop doing that. Had dreams about doing yoga and being scared.

March 17, 2011 – CRAP. Had swelling and numbness today. Caused by stress? Driving? Detox? Then I ate foods on my DO NOT EAT list. Just a crappy day. Did a little crying. Did a little sunshine. A weird one. I ate tomato and lemon juice. My throat feels swollen and my head feels swollen. I am very uncomfortable. Also, I am getting fatter by the day. I wonder if my thyroid is messed up.

March 19, 2011 – Yesterday my E3Live arrived! YES! I Love it. It tastes good and its energy is AMAZING. The whole family will take it daily from now on instead of a multi-vitamin. I’m really excited about it. Ran some errands yesterday, starting my cycle a little early, had loose bowels. Swelling and numbness much much better. Been trying to get the forum going. Feel some hot/cold sensations in feet and bit limpy. Went up a ladder to the craft room, getting down was painful and scary.  My kids are amazing, they blow my mind, thats all I’m going to say about them. Have a little rash like broken blood vessel thing happening in my armpit area on L side. Eyes continue to improve. I know the eyebright is helping, or working wonders more like. I forgot to take it for two days and my eyes were really struggling to focus again, then I resumed the eyebright and within a day the eye strain went away. Awesome. The allergies have seriously improved since I stopped using all the oils. I only touch PanAway with my hands, and Valor or Joy with the tips of my pinky. I think Peace and Calming is the allergy (possibly patchouli). I will know when I try it next time.

March 21, 2011 – Saw Lino this morning. He moved my lungs, my knees, my pubis, my clavicle, my jaw, my ribs, un-kinked a small intestine kink he found, and separated my colon from the peritoneal wall. He mentioned to another practitioner who was shadowing him that my sympathetic nervous system functions normally, but my parasympathetic nervous system is not working, which is why he says that I am still sick. Interesting. I’ll have to look that up. I actually woke up today in better shape than all week, so I walked into his office pretty well and walked out even better. I ended up getting in the hot tub this afternoon and doing some kicking. Then I could feel pain in r knee, l ankle, hips tight, but whatever. I hope I didn’t over do it. I’m just so tired of wasting away into a big blob. Still loving the E3, I might write about it on my website soon. Everyone should take it. I forgot to tell Lino how swollen my knees were this past week. I asked him to write an article for my website, about tendons, he says he will. I know he will when he has time. I just can’t say enough about Lino, he is a lifesaver. Have had to back off on the e3 because it actually stimulated a detox cycle in me, which I was not up for, so I backed to 1 teaspoon a day, same as the kids. Teeth bugging me, but all the sores in my mouth are healed. Eyes continue to improve as well.

March 23, 2011 – Yesterday was great. I slept like a rock, again, was on my feet most of the day and did not have swelling until late into the evening. I had energy and optimism and my body felt upright and good. I had slept in until 9:30, so when midnight, last night rolled around, I was exhausted and decided to go to bed. I think I finally fell asleep around 3:30 am. Got up at 7:30, and now, an hour later I’m getting ready for an hour of Chinese Energetic Medicine with KC. I have not had an appt in months. I’m ready. Only problem is that we only have an hour. She has been generous with corrections over the last few months, but a few minutes here and there, we have not had an appt. I’m excited.

March 24, 2011 – Well, she worked on me for a bit, but we were kinda chatty and then we went to the movies. LOL. It’s all good. Getting out of the house is therapeutic too. Anyway, knees are hurting lately, I know it is because I am walking so much differently now that it is all shifting. Dina or Lino can work on it next appt. Must make a note here about the energy levels. HIGH. Don’t know if it is the E3 Live (I suspect it is) or if I am developing a caffeine intolerance. I’m kind of wired lately. I’m going to cut out caffeine and see if that helps. I am happier too, a lot happier, and so are my children, so I am sure the E3 Live is to thank for that. I’m excited to get off the coffee anyway because it is so bad for you anyway. I think the E3 Live will give me plenty of energy. Body hair is thin and LONG. Weird. L ear pain again.

March 29, 2011 – Saw Dina DC yesterday. She worked on my r clavicle being really high and really forward, plus all the usual. She shares my suspicions about my thyroid. I see Dr today and I think she will be running some tests. My concern is that this hormonal imbalance seems to fluctuate very quickly. What may be true one minute may not be true another. Make treating very complicated. Unless I use energy work. Last few nights I’ve had a horrible time going to sleep. I am exhausted, but feel a crazy energy running through my veins, can’t shut it down, takes hours to get to sleep, then I sleep in very late in the morning. I don’t like it. I suspected caffeine intolerance, and cut out the coffee and the cost of a headache on day one. KC said its not the caffeine, it is the universal life energy changing and effecting us all, which sounds right to me, things are weird for everyone right now. I did fall asleep easier last night. Once I am asleep, I’m dead asleep. I’ve experienced this early on my my flox, and again, suspect that the new diet and use of oils may be detoxing me on a whole new level. Might be hormones. I need the test. Anyway, did some light exercise in hot tub last night (150 forward kicks, 150 back kicks, and 20 scissor kicks), when I got out my feet were swollen, when i woke up this morning, I was tingling and a kinda numb in places from the waist down. It is in my pelvis, the source to my legs. I can feel it so clearly now, all the energy workers and Lino said it from the beginning, but now it is clear to me. Suspect kicks in hot tub are going to come at a price, but once I got out of bed and started moving around, I realized that I am better than I thought. A little muscle burning in arms and legs. I have actually been thinking that an h202 might be a good idea soon. I feel like I have released a lot of toxins, and I think h202 could push them through. If I do it, I am going to try and anticipate feeling like crap after so I don’t convince myself that I’m getting worse. If I accomplish that, it will be a first for me, I am so weak on this topic. Weight gain persists. Hair continues to fall out. L ear ringing, R fingers tight. R bicep tendon tender, feel achilles loosening. finally.

June 14, 2011 – WOW! Its been months since I updated my journal! Obviously I can’t recount the last few months, but things have definitely been changing. For starters, I can drive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that changes EVERYTHING! I am not a prisoner anymore, at least I’m not locked up in the house waiting for a ride. I have to say that learning to drive after such a long break was terrifying, primarily because all that soul searching and meditating caused a state of absolute presence, which is a not a good state for driving. I quickly discovered that the only safe way to drive is completely checked out into lala land. Anyway, with driving has come some responsibilities, like driving kids here and there. I practiced driving for about 6 weeks before I took my kids in the car with me, but now its all over. I love being busy and having something to do besides sitting at home hating Bayer. LOVE IT. I have other things going on too, like opening a new business in the fall, more to come on that later. My body is improving slowly, but surely. I can’t say I detect improvement from day to day, but I do from week to week. As long as I know I haven’t plateaued, I am happy. I still have a way to go, but things are changing. My stamina is improving, my flexibility is improving, my sensitivity is improving, etc. My R shoulder, ankles, knees and heels have improved the least amount, but they still improve none- the- less. I am not exercising or stretching yet, but I do have days where I am up and about and largely on my feet for the day and I do not pay a huge price, yes, my feet get sore and swollen, but I do not cry myself to sleep and wake up the next day unable to walk. Recovery from long periods on my feet comes quickly these days. I have noticed that when I walk a lot, my achilles seem to shrink. Also, the bottoms of my feet, near the ball of my foot get really sore. I use oils for pain. They work well. I saw a Russian doctor of iridology and abdominal massage, he said my kidneys are trashed. I also noticed needing more alkaline food in my diet. My shoulder is crackling and popping as the scar tissue is finally giving way. I test my range of motion regularly and see slight improvements. As for medical care, I have hardly seen the NMD in months, she is basically regulating my gut at this point, no IVs. I see my body worker, LINO, every week, and my DC as regularly as I can but not as often as I would like do to scheduling problems with the kids and she is closed on the best day for me to see her. I haven’t seen an MD since last year, what is the point? I won’t take drugs, and that is all they do. I have had a lot of energy work lately, both with Kea and Paul, and they are both making a huge difference in my wellness. I have loved treating myself and my family with therapeutic essential oils and I am still high on E3 Live. I have been neglecting my supplements, I just don’t feel a real difference with oral supplements. I take them from time to time. I am eating good food, but getting fatter and fatter by the week, which is awful. I have gained over 20 lbs since flox. I am getting stronger, I lifted my dog today and gave her a bath. She only weighs 23 lbs, but still, considering I could barely lift my own head not that long ago, I’ll take it. I have started several new articles for the website, but haven’t finished anything yet.

June 16, 2011 – Oh, the irony. For the first time in months I am experiencing a setback today. Incredible amounts of pain in my feet, can hardly walk and really needed a lot of help today. This is very disappointing. I know what it is, it is temporary. I know I am detoxing from an aggressive appointment with DC yesterday. She moved a lot of tendons, muscles and bones. Today I pay. I cried today as well, for more than one reason. A friend is dying, I’m in pain, I’m really fat and getting fatter (vanity – yes and no – I worked really hard prior to flox to get the pregnancy pounds off), PBS aired a story that made me feel a bit sorry for myself, and I am detoxing so therefor depressed!!!!! I ate a lot of really healthy food today and tomorrow I’m going to get back on the supplements. I’m not going to let this thing win. I’m back on the warpath tomorrow.

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  1. hi i just wanted to say i admire your courage and determination. I too have been floxed by this awfull antibiotic and i know exactly what you are going through. I have the added bonus of cervical dystonia aswell as most of what you describe. Its 4 years on and i can work still but not like i want to but im still standing and getting around. I only found out about 6 months ago that it was because of this antibiotic and here in england the doctors will not accept it. I have found improvment through magnessium and a few supplements and also making sure my diet is organic. My mental sate is good and i am mostly positive although it gets me down when its bad. I guess my life has changed alot as i was very fit before i recieved this antibiotic for a kidney infection and they gave me 6 courses of it in a period of six months. It will get better over time. Im not as bad as i used to be but still along way from normal but since i found out what this is i have improved by 50% and im looking into more treatments. would like to get intouch with you if thats possible?
    bec xx

  2. hi thanx nicole, Its nearly 4 years on for me now and ive just managed to convince doctors that its because of this antibiotic although there still not doing anything apart from not trying to send me to the looney bin. I have a appoitment on weds 6th jan for the bristol homeopathic hospital that seems my only hope. My balance has become almost unbeariable and my neck is pulling although its not turning to the left as much. I dont seem to have had any tendons torn but pain and buzzing and muscles moving to the extent they can be seen by others. I also have noticied in the 4 years i have had these problems they seem to migrate around the body. I have had every test under the sun including 2 brain and full body mri and countless blood test all of which indicate im totally normal. ha ha what a joke. I really cant understand what this stuff has done apart from damage cells or changed dna . I found that taking a good form of magnessium has helped my legs and i dont feel so tired or feel so sad all the time but my balance is worse again at moment. Would love to hear from anyone who has overcome this or any remedies concerning it. xx

    1. If you go to a homeopathic hospital, ask them to prepare a Homeopathic Cipro (if thats the fluoroquinolone you took) and bring all your medical records for the last 10 years. Very important. Research reverse tuatopathy. When looking at your posts, I would highly recommend a NMD and a somatic body worker, too. Let me know how it goes?

  3. hi. Just read your last post on how you are feeling. I know im far from recovered but i think i am alot better than i was with the weekness and pain. My mental health is also near enough my normal moaning self ha ha too. the balance shit just really gets me down and i have dystonia of the neck through this stuff but that has improved to the point i can turn left better now. Try not to push yourself to much and dont let anyone pull or push muscles ie chiropractors ect i tried all that in begining and found it agravatited my problems. Just try gentle stuff for now. Dont use pain reliveving gels ibrufren ect they seem to make it worse later too. try wheat bags on painfull limbs instead. You must keep moving too as much as you can even if it means just stretching on sofa. Sorry my spellings crap wasent my strong point.

    1. HI Rebecca,

      I like your advice to take it slow with treatments and to listen to your body. When you are in the acute phase everything is so fragile and you can definitely make things worse. It took me 5 months just to have my muscles rubbed because I found it to be so over stimulating. I did use a NETWORK chiropractor around month 2 or 3, but she moved really slow and easy and really tuned into my body and CNS. She is a trusted practitioner for me. I have found stretching to be a scary endeavor, but am trying to do it more and more each day. Thank you for these great suggestions, I hope your healing continues to move. ‘

      I’m not sure if you read about me, but I am a practitioner of Chinese Energetic medicine. I can tune into a person’s energy fields and get a read for what they need. Sometimes it just comes to me without any intention, as it has in your case. I feel compelled to mention that you test very strong for oxygen therapy. This is not true for everyone, but very true for you. I hope you will look into it with a well reputed practitioner.

      Blessings and best wishes,


  4. Hello, I am a homeopath and a new client of mine pointed me to your website. I would very much like to know if you were given a homeopathic remedy made from the drug Cipro to begin with. What was the potency – was it an LM? How often did you take it?
    Also, the second homeopath you saw seems to have been advising that you have your specific “whole” case taken and then be given an remedy appropriate to your totality of symptoms- is that right? I would ilike to be able to contact him if possible to consult. You may give him my name and info and let me know if he is willing to communicate if that would be best.
    Carol Kautzmann
    Homeopathic Consultant-15+ years experience
    Phone: 360-539-1791
    Thank you for your assistance and all the best on your healing journey,

    1. Yes, the remedy I took was formulated in a lab from the actual Cipro drug. I don’t remember the potency, but I took it four times per day. I have contacted the creator of the remedy, he has not returned my phone calls or emails. I am disappointed. I would like to quote him and refer to him on my website. I will let you know.

  5. I kept a full log from day one as well.. the day I was 25 and took cipro… I have it all in a notebook, every test, drug, doctor, you name it.. I must transcribe it for my site as well.. we are so very very similar.. this is so unreal… thank you so much for building your site, it inspired me to make mine..

  6. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for putting this blog up. Just a little bit about my story:

    Back in 2004, I partially ruptured my right achilles tendon. At that time, I could not figure out what I could possibly have done for that to happen — I didn’t make the connection, my doctor didn’t make the connection. However, last September, I went to the doc with a urinary tract infection for which I was given Cipro. By midnight that same night, after only two capsules, my feet, ankles, knees, elbows and hands were swollen beyond recognition. Now, of course, we know that I’d had a reaction to Cipro back in 2004. My doctor believes that this second round of Cipro just touched off a problem that was already lying in wait in my body. That said — he also unfortunately believes the literature from Bayer that says this stuff should be out of my system within a week. I’m not really getting any help from him and so went on my own journey to figure out how best to work this through. I’m now entering my 4th month with Cipro toxicity.

    I’ve experienced a multitude of joint and balance problems as well as muscle weakness (feels like your body won’t do what you brain is telling it to, sometimes — really weird). Honestly — it has just felt like anywhere a muscle attaches to a bone, it hurts. But things have been slowly improving (and oddly moving from body part to body part). I take a whole list of supplements — most especially magnesium. Magnesium oil applied to sore spots, and soaks to pull in extra magnesium transdermally are extremely helpful. At the moment, my main troubles are wrists and just for the last week or two extreme headaches. I thought at first they were migraines, but because my jaw is so doggone sore, I now think that it probably due to the toxicity ad is just plain old tendonitis in my face, head and neck.

    I’ve discovered that, for me, gentle exercise in a warm pool at the Y has been a life saver. While I do experience some extra pain the day after, I also get the advantage of gaining back some muscle mass and strength which really helps. As scary as it might seem when you don’t feel good, the weightless kind of exercise is beneficial. Just take it easy if you’re in a class. You don’t have to keep up with everyone else. If something hurts while you’re doing it, go slower, or just don’t do that particular thing. When this first started, I could barely get out of a chair. Last night, I was able to stand up from being seated on the floor with no help. That is only after going to water exercise classes four times! Again — I would advise leaving a day or two between sessions (or at least the amount of time it takes for your joints to recover). But do give it a try.

    The other barrier I’ve had with this is feeling quite depressed about the loss of my abilities to get things done. My vision is blurrier than it had been (that comes and goes, but it especially bad right now because of the headaches and jaw pain). I’m a graphic designer and it is sometimes hard to work a stylus all day at the computer like I need to. But again — this is just a time when I have to go easy, sleep more, eat well, drink lots of water. I’ve just got to give myself permission to get well. If you are having extreme problem with depression, you might want to consider getting an anti- depressant from your doc. Attitude is a big part of getting better, too.

    There’s not a day that I don’t see someone else with bigger problems than I’ve got right now. That’s not to discount my own challenge — but this could be worse, for sure.

  7. Oh — and I forgot to mention — ICE!! At first, my ankles and feet would swell up so much I actually dunked them in ice water. (In some part of the country right now I guess you could just walk barefoot through the backyard for a few minutes. 🙂 ) That was the only way to get the swelling down fast, fast, fast.

    Also — chiropractic does work. Your tendons can get so swollen and tight that they actually jerk your bones out of place. My chiro fixed the back of my hand by popping those little bones back in where they were supposed to be. Also, my spine and neck were way out of line and after a visit to him, I felt amazingly better.

    1. Hi Karen,

      Thank you for your comments, it is so helpful for people suffering this illness to read about others who have improved. I also appreciate you sharing your ideas. The more ideas we can discuss, the better. Please post some of your ideas in other places on the site if you get a chance, since not too many people have the time to browse my journal :))) I agree about the Chiropractic care for putting those bones back in place, and I usually recommend a network chiropractor who will use maximum caution with our tender nervous systems.

      I wanted to comment on your ICE idea, in that ice can be very helpful for some people, and not so much for others, depending where you are at in your recovery. For example, when I first got floxed I turned to ice for that outrageous swelling, it just made sense. I found a decrease in pain and swelling, but found I needed to repeat after 20 minutes or so. Using the old rule of thumb, 20 minutes on, 20 minutes off, I would ice several times a day. I didn’t think any harm would come from it. Then my very trusted body worker, Lino Cedros (he’s a magician with a scientific explanation for EVERYTHING) explained to me that ice is great to treat acute pain, but to only leave the ice on long enough to ease the pain. Since the tendons don’t have regular blood supply, and they need blood flowing to them to heal, the ice actually slows down the healing process because it constricts the blood vessels. So, he actually recommended heat to increase blood flow to the affected areas. Once I switched, I found the heat to be really effective. I actually used a heating pad and foot soaks (with Epsom and essential oils by Young Living). For swelling, my practically-a-yogi-friend recommended laying on my back with my bottom as close to the wall as possible and my legs up against the wall. Of course I could NOT have laid on the floor at the time, but I accomplished the same thing in bed with my bottom up against my headboard. This works extremely well and does not constrict the blood vessels.

      I don’t want you to think I am dogging your ice idea 🙂 I’m thrilled that ice was so effective for you and I hope it will be equally helpful to others, so I am grateful you mentioned it. I just wanted to put an alternative out there since the opposite worked for me. Since we all respond differently to treatments, I think it’s great to throw out as many ideas as we can and to talk about what worked and why, so thank you for starting this conversation!

      Also, about the warm water movement. YES! My magician Lino, my witch KC, my NMD, and my husband all urged me to move in warm water. Unfortunately, warm pools are not easy to find in my neck of the woods and I had to settle for little leg raises in the tub. But my body has really craved that kind of movement and I might look into it again now that I am feeling better, so thanks for reminding me. It seems like sound advice for anyone who is immobile. I’ve heard Easter Seals and YMCA and YWCA all offer these pools.

      I will love to hear more ideas and comments from you, and thank you for your positivity.



  8. Hi Nicole, I haven’t touched base with you in a while. I still can’t drive for long distances. I can drive for a very short trip to get my daughter to her school, but that is about it. The painful skin could be small fiber neuropathy. I have this too. The large and small fiber neuropathy seems to be my largest problem, but the joints are starting to flare now. I have an appointment with a Rheumatologist in March. Sorry you are still having problems. I think only time is our healing factor unfortunately. Take care,

  9. Hi,

    I emailed you a few minutes ago and then read about the hydrogen peroxide therapy. Where do you get something like that? And is it useful a year and a half after the fact?

  10. Hi Nikki,

    I writing in to say that I am yet another victim of the effects of Cipro, and you all have my support. I only stopped a week ago after getting some pain in my fingers, joints, and tendons, and this account absolutely TERRIFIES me about what is to come next.

    I now have tremors in my fingers and have been feeling weak and malaisy for the last several days. My left leg really hurts (not the tendon exactly, but it runs from my hip to my heel). Last night was much scarier as I kept getting burning hot flashes for no apparent reason–which then induced a panic attack. I was sure I was going to die. No idea if my symptoms will resolve or this will become a lifelong disability.

    I’ve noticed I’ve been craving a lot of vegetables (feeling unremittingly hungry in general). That, and craving Cheerios. Before that, I craved fish, then beef. Guess they must contain something my body needs–I want to reaffirm the person above who said to listen to your body. I also need to stretch a lot–guess my muscles need more oxygen. Anyone else have these symptoms? The body always knows.

    You are right when you say positive thinking is best. Otherwise, as I am discovering, you are trapped by your own fear, and I am convinced this exacerbates the problem. You have my support as a fellow floxie. Doing my best to cope, and I will continue to follow your progress. It goes without saying, but please recover!

    All the best!

    1. Hi Liz,

      Thank you so much for your support and sharing. I wonder how you are feeling these days? I was reading your post and I thought your comment about the food was particularly interesting. I was a regular meat eater before flox. Just recently, I discovered that I am now allergic to meat! Interesting that you changed your diet naturally, by listening to your body. Good for you. You might consider an IGE food allergy panel. Also, as for the hunger, I too felt really hungry at times and would scarf down two full plates of food at a time. Anyway, please let us know how you are doing when you get a chance.



      1. Hi Nikki,

        Wow, glad to hear from you!

        The long and short of it is that, yes, I think I am better. Maybe.

        I went to the doctor shortly after writing in to you–I quickly became so sick I didn’t have a choice–and he diagnosed me with hyperthyroidism. Apparently, its a temporary inflammation of the thyroid, which may be the reason I got Cipro for a suspected bladder infection: the inflammation increases your metabolism like crazy, so I just had to “go” all the time and felt generally lousy.

        The problem is, the blood test came back normal, and my symptoms are still lingering (mostly extreme fatigue and shaky fingers) probably longer than they should. The doctors laughed me out of the office, and one of them went so far as to call me a drug addict (which I am not). I was in a state of terrible anxiety at the time, so of course, she prescribed me “another” drug, the highly addictive bromazepam. I think if my brain fog hadn’t been so severe, there would have been a massive uproar about this.

        I’m HOPING it’s a thyroid problem and not actually Cipro poisoning, but the symptoms are both VERY much alike, and I don’t have any evidence that it is my thyroid. I see you mentioned your thyroid above; it might be worth looking into in your case as well, especially if you’re getting puffy and your throat and ears are troubling you. Just a thought.

        Anyway…in conclusion…I don’t know quite what my problem is–but either way, I have completely lost faith in the medical establishment.

        I’m going to keep listening to my body and eating healthy foods.


        PS Get better!!

      2. Thanks Liz,

        I am actually seeing the DR tomorrow and I think she will order the thyroid test. I’m sure you’ve been doing exhaustive research and already know that thyroid problems following a floxing are not uncommon. I hope you will get some relief soon. I love the idea of healing your body with food! LOVE IS IN THE EARTH!

        Blessings – Nikki

  11. hi im 4 years post cipro and im still having major problems. I have cervical dystonia or atleast thats what i think where my neck pulls over to left, but now im having terrible vertigo type syptoms and feel like my mind is being scrambled along with wierd unreal feelings like i have been hit over head and cant control my body. They seem to be getting worse again. im eating a organic diet not drinking tap water and trying to keep a very healthy life but this has got worse again so bad i think im going to die or something can anyone help me with this

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      The first thing is that I want you to know that you are not alone. I would love to speak with you about some ideas I have for you. If you feel up to it, send me a private email with your phone number, or I can give you mine and we can have a chat. Hang in there!


  12. i went to homeopathic doctor they have given me kalium ferrocyanatum but i have been on it about a month 1 dried powder on tongue per week but i dont think its helping seems to make me anxious

    1. Hi Rebecca,

      I’ve never heard of this remedy but I would use caution with anything causing anxiety unless a trusted professional can explain it to you in a way that makes you feel comfortable with that side effect. Remember that the choice is ALWAYS yours!

      For example, when I first started using h202, I would experience extreme fatigue on the day of treatment and I would feel really frazzled (you know, the CNS stuff that feels really unstable) for a while. I don’t know how many times this happened, and every time I would convince myself that I was getting worse after the treatment and become almost panicked with concern. I would share my fears with my doctor and she would always remind me that detoxing is unpleasant. Your liver gets overloaded and you feel extremely fragile and sick. She would also remind me that I would feel better within a couple of days. Sure enough, she was right. The first time, trusting her was an act of intuition and faith on my part, but after that I trusted her and she has continued to give me solid health advice since then which has furthered our trusting relationship.

      Do you trust your health care provider? Have you established a relationship with this person that allows you to feel confident in their choices on your behalf? This is just something to think about. And depending upon your answers, it may be something to act on as well. Homeopathic medicine is often unregulated. I was recently contacted by someone who claimed to be a doctor of Homeopathy and then I learned that this person was a lay Homeopath. Homeopathy is powerful medicine and should be taken seriously. Only trust a well experienced and very well educated physician. My preference is to work with a MD specializing in Homeopathy whenever possible.

      Best wished for great health and great medical care,


  13. Hi

    I am sorry to read your story but it is amazing to see someone struggle through amidst such suffering. I have been poisoned since mid Nov last year – I posted my testimonial at FAVC forum.
    Will come back to read about you soon.

    Stay strong on this hardest of journeys.


  14. I’m another victim, suffered for years but only found the connection to the fluoride antiobiotics couple days ago.
    I was ill in my early twenties, they called it chronic fatigue, and post viral syndrome. Neck, joint pain, fatigue brain fog, night sweats, temporary blindness attack that left me to this day with problems focusing. I gradually got better over the years, occasionally would have a paralysed leg thing going on but I was otherwise fit. By my late twenties I even started mountain biking, it was very hard going but I was trying to get my fitness back yey.
    Then when I was about 29 my hip started going out place, terrible tail bone pain – it’s been eight years or more and my expensive bike is in the shed still. I used to take voltarol for the flare ups as I called them. I started walking for exercise instead but would need and antihistamine for exercise induced allergic demographic urticaria. I would get “sugar shakes” where I would feel shaky, sweaty, faint, and slur my speech, and then found out years later that it was caffeine induced. Next at 36 felt I’d pulled a muscle in my back at work, it wouldn’t get better, next I had stomach trouble and Dr put me on cipro, all of a sudden hell ensued -my joints have been popping, and are very unstable and weak, my sacroiliac joint sent me crazy, and for 2 whole days I couldn’t sit on my tail bone, my bones hurt like hell, and I couldn’t sleep. I paid to see a rheumatologist privately as I was so scared for my joints, she was unsympathetic, said it wasn’t arthritis, and that it’s probably due to lack of exercise ! – I was furious I’d been up walking up Snowdon (highest mountain in Wales),and I went kayaking, but now I’m a cripple!
    My Dr was thinking fibromyalgia, but I kept pushing for more blood tests etc
    Only realised all this was when I saw an article linking fibromyalgia to fluoride poisoning, and drug info on “Cipro” 2 days ago, And then it dawned on me I’d had antibiotics previous to each of these attacks joint pain. I dug out the box I had from my last antibiotics- and found yes they were “cipro”.
    Went to GP with the info – and asked for the name of the antibiotic I’d had back in my late twenties. she said I’d had “flucloxacilin” – but she didn’t know if that had fluoride in it. I asked for a blood test to determine the amount of fluoride in my blood she hadn’t heard of it and didn’t think I’d be able to get it, but she’d write it down, at which point I gave her a handout l’d printed off the web, but I doubt I’ll get any help or acknowledgment off my GP surgery.
    I have read that if I avoid all fluoride and chemicals like sodium lauryl sulphates, consume enough iodine to combat fluoride, and up my magnesium intake, and vitamin D and C that the fluoride should eventually go from my system. I just hope I haven’t been too late in doing so, that I won’t be permanently damaged.
    You mentioned glutathione, which increases oxygen at the cellular level, my iron was found to be low recently and I can only surmise that is why my recover has seemed to go backwards since Christmas, since this would lower the oxygen available to my cells
    I have felt so alone battling all of this, and would love to be able to email or phone one of you for moral support each way.

    1. Annie,

      I am so sorry for everything you have been through. I hope that finding our community will bring you comfort and companionship. Knowing what is happening to your body may bring you some peace of mind as well… mystery solved? I can’t imagine going so many years without knowing what was happening to my body. I imagine it was very frightening. Please know that I am here to help you in any way that I can (you may send me a private message using the contact form), and I am sure there are many others who will enjoy a mutually supportive relationship. Oxygen, in my opinion, is the key to recovery and I am happy to discuss this with you if you want/need. If you haven’t read it yet, start with my article on Ozone and H202. Many blessings to you, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!


  15. Hi. I have terrible burning stabbing and tendon pain all over but mainly in my arms. I may try glutiothiane of dehyrdated whey. However, I read most of your journal but I still can’t seem to find the homeopathic medicine that you said helped alot. What is the name of it? Please email me

  16. hi i have had some pretty positive results from taking ginko bilbio quality supplement for my vertigo and it has helped quite a bit. Just tried some accupunture for my dystonia and pains in my legs and problems with my left knee. felt really rough for couple of days very tired and pains seemed to hit the roof along with increased cns problems. Not sure why this has made everything worse plus giddness seems to have come back. Im going to try to persevere with some more just to see if eventually it calms down. Im also trying homeopathic route. There going to try the cipro homeopthic remedy. Im a bit scared about this and would love imformation as to anyone who has tried it asap. xx

  17. Dear Nikki,
    I am so glad I found this site and yet saddened that after 5 years I am still having symptoms to look for this site..I too was floxed severely by cipro in 2006 (750mg 2times (1500mgs per day!!!) per day for 13 days mixed with sudafed, tylenol, advil u name it…then went to the Emergency Room before I realized it was the cipro to be given a z-pack on top of all of that.. I was chemically on fire! u name it I had it and the weird thing is I was affected more on my left side then right…from floaters, tinnitus, shock & vibrations, buzzing feeling everywhere, achilles pain, suicidal thoughts (I actually wrote a letter to my boss in why i no longer can be the General manager.. Thank God I never gave it to him!) anxiety, insomnia, brain fog, depression the works..Over the years I have been to several doctors, tried numerous vitamins, detoxes, cleanses my cabinets look like a vitamin store!..for 3 years I felt like an actress playing myself and only left the house when i absolutely had to..and still suffer from some sort of “I don’t want to leave the house syndrome”.. I just recently went to a homeopathic doctor that suspects a mild hypothyroid condition due to my low temp, inability to lose weight (although not terribly overweight), dry skin, still terrible gastro issues, constipation and still major anxiety. Today I felt like I was cycling again and wondered what it could potentially be.. and I had 3 glasses of very potent green tea only to google and find that green tea has a high fluoride content! Now I know I need to have an allergy test to see what food I should not be eating! and that upsets me because prior to floxing I had the stomach of steel! Now I am constipated and feel like my digestive system is lazy & my intestines hate me! I get a terrible gassy vibration all the time! Its funny how this happen so many years ago yet I can ramble on and on (and my memory for most things is terrible) yet this still haunts me to this day that our bodies can react in such a way! once again I thank you & admire your courage! Peace & many Blessing!

    1. Thank you Hannah, I hope you find some hope, inspiration and guidance on my site. I was like you, stomach like steel, now I have leaky gut, but I’m fixing it with Glutamine Powder. No big deal, just a little inconvenient. I never wanted to leave the house either, until after the h202 kicked in and I started blue green algae, now BAM! I’m outta here!!!! I hope it lasts. Anyway, thank you for your compliments and for your support. Many blessings, Nikki

    2. oops – I forgot to mention that I just had bio-energetic feedback, determined low functioning pineal, thyroid and pancreas. Lots of Floxies get over active thyroid, but I’m like you, it slowed way down and the weight packed on in like 8 weeks and it won’t move.

  18. Thanks for your quick response! I was definitely hyper now slightly hypo. In regards to h202 treatment, do u think the drinking protocol or inhaling method would have the same response? I have a homeopathic doctor that does administer it hat way but not the chelation method…Additionally, I read on your blog about people giving up methods too soon and I wondered if the potent Green Tea either had some sort of die-off effect as opposed to a small fluoride reaction.. (i hate to think 5 yrs later I am still sensitive to certain things!!) Blue green agae? Vitamin capsule? is that written somewhere on your site? Leaky gut” Can u explain what your symptoms are? I was diagnosed IBS-C but refused to claim Sorry for so many questions!

  19. hi im experiancing really bad pains in my calf muscles both legs raidiating into my back and loss of balance with painfull kness so bad i couldnt walk. Seems to get really bad and then subside again. Its been 4 years since i had cipro last and i just wondered if this is normal? Went to neuro on thursday as i have cervical dystonia where my neck pulls to the right which i never had before this antibiotic either. The mri results reveil that i have a poss cyst or break in membranes on the t7 section of my spinal cord which my neuro thinks my not be anything to do with my syptoms but as im finding my legs are getting more painfull they are going to do a test which involves putting dye into the spinal cord which comes with risks. I guess my question is wether to go ahead with this test or just put this down to cipro induced problems. Cant seem to get the doctors or neuro to connect this with cipro so im going round in circles. many thanx bec x

  20. Hi Nikki, thank you so much for posting these stories, I took Cipro around 5 separate occasions before I had a severe reaction to it 15~ months ago. I thought I was ‘healed’ until I have recently gone in to another cycle of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, depersonalization etc. I would love to receive more information about the h202 and how you found a doctor to prescribe this for you.
    Please e-mail me at your earliest convenience.

    1. Hello Caroline – I am so sorry about the cycle. Please look on my links page for a directory of American Naturopaths. You can scroll through the ones near where you live and find one that lists h202, oxygen, and the like. If you need help finding someone or choosing, let me know. Blessings~ Nikki BTW – I think some H202 might be just the ticket for you, but do expect a little down time after the treatment as it causes a detox cycle. Very powerful, fast results. Stay Strong, we are all here for you!

    2. Do not mess around with serious depression, anxiety and especially suicidal thoughts. Consult a psychiatrist immediately. Cipro and other fluorquinolones can severely impact your mental state in several ways. First, many of the neurotransmitters and receptor sites responsible for mental stability and pain regulation are actually in your gut . When an antibiotic wipes out your gut flora as Cipro does, it can plunge you into depression and anxiety. Additionally, receptor sites for neurotransmitters in the brain can be damaged or impaired by Cipro’s action on cellular function. Restoring you gut flora and brain cell function takes time, and if you’re severely depressed/suicidal, you don’t have time to waste. A good psychiatrist can get you the help you need immediately — and then work with you down the road to take you off the meds once your gut flora and brain function is restored, healthy, and sustainable.

      Many people commenting on this site and others spend a lot of time with “hit-or-miss” self-medication (herbs, oils, and supplements) for these very serious mental issues, Your mental well-being is not a place to experiment. I’m all for alternative approaches, but when it comes to my mental health, I’m going with the sure thing first. My VERY SEVERE depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts resolved literally overnight with the help of a psychiatrist. Once I had that under control I could focus on investigating and finding real help for my physical issues. You cannot move forward if you’re imprisoned by depression and anxiety. In addition to the danger of suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety have actually been show to be linked to the way we perceive pain. In otherwords, we experience more pain when we’re depressed or anxious. Don’t mess around with herbs, supplements, crystals, energy workers, or shamans when your mental health is on the line.

      1. Vicky,
        I believe that of all of the forums and websites dedicated to FQS, this one IS primarily discussing homeopathic remedies, and natural solutions. I respect your opinion of what you think may help with certain symptoms. but you may also want to respect most of the floxed people who frequent this site, that are fully supporting “herbs, supplements, crystals, energy workers, or shamans”. You may want to join a facebook discussion.

    3. Some information about H2O2 “therapy” you won’t fiind on this website:

      “Taken intravenously, hydrogen peroxide can damage blood vessels at the site of injection, produce bubbles in the bloodstream, and lead to life-threatening allergic reactions.

      It’s obvious that some people will try to sell anything to make a buck, but it’s hard to believe that purchasers can be so gullible. It seems now that nothing short of an FDA warning will dissuade some consumers from ingesting lethal doses of hydrogen peroxide.

      For some time now I’ve been aware of Internet ads for pills containing oxygen and for bottles of high-strength hydrogen peroxide. I hadn’t paid much attention because I thought it unlikely that anyone would be dumb enough to buy them. Apparently, though, enough people have bought high-strength hydrogen peroxide to prompt the FDA warning not to purchase or use these products.

      For many years low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (3 percent) have been applied safely to the skin as an antiseptic and antibacterial agent.

      Now advertisers promote ingestion of 35 percent “food grade” hydrogen peroxide products such as Oxywater and Oxylife as a therapeutic agent to fight cancer, AIDS, and other conditions, as well as to maintain optimal health. Some ads state, correctly, that “35 percent concentrated hydrogen peroxide is densely packed with oxygen molecules.”

      Unfortunately, those oxygen molecules do not get into the red blood cells that carry oxygen to body tissues. Rather, hydrogen peroxide leads to the formation of dangerous free radicals – which many of the same comsumers, ironically, are probably trying to control by taking antioxidants like vitamin E.

      One argument to justify taking supplementary oxygen comes from an article in The Idaho Observer. “Due to the burning of fossil fuels and the reduction of our rain forests, the oxygen levels in our atmosphere have been depleted to the point that it is absolutely necessary to supplement our diets with oxygen products if we are to achieve vibrant health.”

      In fact, there is still plenty of oxygen in the air and breathing it into our lungs is the only way to supply our bodies with oxygen.

      One “expert” often cited in ads for hydrogen peroxide therapy is the same person who first gained fame for his treatment of the nonexistent disorder systemic candidiasis.

      Yes, people can have a dangerous systemic infection with candida (yeast), but he championed aggressive treatment of intestinal yeast infections because he claims they cause a multitude of systemic symptoms. Now based in Mexico, he also claims to have treated thousands of cancer patients with intravenous hydrogen peroxide.

      Another promoter is William C. Douglass, author of Hydrogen Peroxide: Medical Miracle. One advertisement says that “interest in the oral and infusion use of hydrogen peroxide heralds one of the greatest advances in the treatment of the ailments of mankind in recent history.”

      According to one site, “the normal dosage (of 35 percent hydrogen peroxide) is 1 tablespoon on arising and 1 tablespoon at bedtime on an empty stomach. The dosage can be doubled or even tripled with complete safety.”

      The FDA warning states that high-strength hydrogen peroxide products can cause serious harm or death when ingested. Ingestion can cause ulceration or irritation of the gastrointestinal tract. Taken intravenously, it can damage blood vessels at the site of injection, produce bubbles in the bloodstream, and lead to life-threatening allergic reactions.

      The American Cancer Society has stated that hydrogen peroxide does not help to cure cancer. Promoters of ingesting hydrogen peroxide use the usual dodge to explain such opposition by medical associations as well as by drug companies to the use of these products: that they are unpatentable, inexpensive, and can take the place of many other medications.

      I don’t know how they will explain away the FDA warnings, but I’m sure they will continue to advertise these products, and I’m fearful that many people will continue to use them.”

      © 2007 Johns Hopkins University. All Rights Reserved. This article from Johns Hopkins University is provided as a service by Yahoo. All materials are produced independently by Johns Hopkins University, which is solely responsible for its content.

  21. I see in your journal that you haven’t seen a medical doctor in over a year. I empathize with that reaction, as I think we’ve all been put off medical doctors by our Cipro experience. Most of them only know how to do one thing, which is offer more pharmaceuticals. Mine offered prednisone for my joint pain, and gabapentin or neurontin for peripheral neuropathy. He called them “quite effective”, just as he called Cipro “a very effective antibiotic.”

    BUT, you do a disservice to those medical practitioners who can help, few and far between as those may be. First of all, early on I had very serious psychiatric problems (severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks, even suicidal thoughts). I’m sorry, but sometimes naturopathic supplements just aren’t enough, and these are dangerous psychiatric problems. My psychiatrist prescribed an antidepressant and, initially, an anti-anxiety medication which I no longer need. I still take the antidepressant. These changed my brain LITERALLY OVERNIGHT. Cipro wipes out neurotransmitters, and they are your link to sanity. Without them you can have insanity! Please don’t discourage your readers from seeking appropriate psychiatric help in favor of herbs. You can’t start healing physically until you’ve got your brain chemistry under control.

    Also, I found a doctor (M.D.) who practices functional/integrative medicine — there are more and more of these doctors every day. I know not every community is as progressive in this field of medicine as mine, but look hard, call the nearest medical school or teaching university. My doctor understands how Cipro works on mitochondrial DNA. This requires very deliberate, targeted nutritional/supplement support for healing, using things like CoQ10, L-Arginine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, and glutathione. The damaged cells unleash a chain reaction of free radicals, and it requires boatloads of antioxidants from fresh foods (get a juicer) to stop that chain reaction. Body work and various other practitioners can make you feel better temporarily, but the real problem is damage to mitochondrial DNA. Only a well-trained medical professional with a deep knowledge of cellular chemistry and physiology can help you address that in a meaningful way. And it’s going to take time.

    1. Vicky,

      I appreciate your concern, however I must correct you as you have made some errors in your assumptions. I have been under the care of a well trained doctor who holds a deep understanding of cellular chemistry and the damage Cipro has done to my mitochondrial DNA since day one and I haven’t even hit my one year anniversary yet, so your statement about my not seeing a medical doctor in over a year is absolutely false. Further, I have never discouraged my readers from seeking “appropriate psychiatric help in favor of herbs”. Please use greater care in making such accusations. Furthermore, thank you for the suggestion that I get a juicer. I agree that eating a diet high in alkaline and fresh food is essential to creating an environment for cellular healing. I juice twice a day, and I have had a juicer for 15 years. I hope other readers will follow your advice as well.

      Thank you,


      1. I finished reading your entire journal. All I can say is, anyone who takes the time to chronical every ache, pain and twinge needs to consider what her motivation is for this website. This is clearly all about YOU. Many of us have been hit hard by Cipro. But I can guarantee that if we spent as much time as you do recounting every symptom, real or imagined, we’d never see improvement. We’ve all felt your desperation, but frankly some of the treatment team you’ve assembled sound like charlatans and flakes. Maybe you should explore whether you’re, in fact, reluctant to get well. I know how this illness can preoccupy every waking hour, if you let it. You’ve spent most of the last year defining yourself as a “Cipro survivor”. It may be time for you to let that go and move forward. Honestly I think closing down this website could help you a lot, and it doesn’t appear to be providing much of a service to others who are determined to recover and move forward, even if that takes longer than we’d like.

      1. Hi, Chris. Just today, an article in the Wall Street Journal:

        I have written here many times regarding Cipro’s devastation of gut flora (bacteria). As this article points out, every day medical researchers find more evidence that a healthy gut environment is vital for good mental health. As this article states, 95% of our seratonin is produced in our gut, and inadequate levels of seratonin result in severe depression and anxiety.

        Your local health food store will have probiotic formulas in a refrigerated section. Find a formula with as many different strains of probiotics as possible, at very high levels. (Yogurt alone is insufficient.) It takes time (several months) to reestablish this flora to pre-Cipro levels. Some people start out without a very healthy gut before they ever take Cipro, but you can renew your gut flora and that will help your mental state tremendously. Good luck. I know how terrifying the mental effects of Cipro can be.

    2. Hi Vicky,

      I really need to find an MD who,practices functional/integrative medicine. Just typing this is killing my wrists. I was floxed mid Feb. I’ve seen 3 docs including a rheumatologist I’m seeing for the 2nd time this Wed after he put me on a 12 day tapering predisone ( didn’t really help much) and of course blood work for the 3rd time in 5 weeks! It all started with the nerve tingling/burning in my hands and feet and progressed to Tendon pain and inflammation and joint pain.

      I’ve read alot on this subject in the past 6 weeks and am doing supplements, I just cant type everything, it hurts too much.

      I reside in North Carolina and desperately need help finding a doc that will address how Cipro works on mitochondrial DNA and how normal blood work won’t show what’s really going on.

      I’m losing it right now at the thought of going thru this hell.

      Please help me!



  22. Additionally, this could go under “things that help”. The thing that’s helped me the most is getting outside of myself. I swim every day, which is in itself very soothing and therapeutic to my damaged connective tissue. But the real benefit has been the people I’ve met at the pool: The 35-year-old mom with MS, another woman with fibromyalgia, a man who has been in recovery from drug use for 15 years. These people struggle every day.

    The woman with MS has no idea from one day to the next how she’s going to be feeling. She does know that MS is a progressive disease, there is no cure. She just got back from a week in Europe with her husband, a teacher, and 12 high school students. She said she had to sit some things out, she spent most evenings and one full day in her hotel room, but she wouldn’t have missed it for the world. Her focus is on what she can do, not what she can’t do.

    The woman with fibromyalgia, for the record, has never taken Cipro. She had a bad case of the flu ten years ago and the fibromyalgia came on after that. She hasn’t found meds that work reliably, or that don’t have side effects that are almost as unpleasant as the fibromyalgia. I know she’s uncomfortable a lot of the time. But she also focuses on what she can do. In her words, “Do I look like someone who’s just gonna hide in my room?”

    The recovering addict had made his life a living hell and virtually ruined his health by the time he sought recovery. He’s now grateful for every day, and it shows in every interaction he has.

    The woman with fibromyalgia suggested I take a knitting class with her at a local shop. I met another woman there who uses a wheelchair much of the time due to a serious leg injury she sustained in a car accident several years ago. She’s had seven surgeries, but she’ll probably not improve beyond where she is now. She’s so happy that they were able to save her leg.

    The woman with fibromyalgia has real problems with her hands. I had arthritis in my hands before Cipro, which has only worsened the pain. But nobody in this knitting circle cares how fast we can knit. They don’t care that I’m knitting simple little face cloths and hand towels as gifts, when many of them are knitting elaborate, complicated pieces of clothing. They’re happy to help if I have questons. I’m sure all of them have difficulties in their lives, probably even some physical issues which they don’t feel the need to share. They know that some days I show up with a cane, and other days I don’t. They always ask how I’m feeling, and they’ve welcomed me into the group.

    Focusing on what you have, not what you’ve lost, helps. Focusing on today, right now — not that “something awful” that might happen tomorrow — helps. Surrounding yourself with positive, happy role models helps. Gratitude helps.

  23. So the more thought I’ve given to Nikki’s journal and her first-hand advice to those who come to this website, the more concerned I’ve become. She’s told her readers about everything from a “chi machine,” to a Chinese energy worker, to color puncture, to various oils and potions, to H2O2 treatments — it just goes on and on. It’s like she throws a wad of spaghetti at the wall to see if any of it will stick. When she feels a little better she ascribes it to her most recent “therapy” session. When she feels worse, it’s always a new cycle, or toxins released by a “therapy”, or some such fuzzy rationale.

    The thing is, if this is the way Nikki wants to deal with her Cipro problems, that’s her business. But people who find websites like this are in a very vulnerable state, and for her to pass any of this off as a legitimate avenue to recovery is very irresponsible. Also, most of the “therapists” Nikki sees probably charge a pretty penny for their “services”. None, or a small percentage, of the interventions she describes are covered by most insurance companies. To even vaguely intimate that people should spend money on “color puncture” when they could spend that money (time and energy) working with a competent physical therapist in a pool is irresponsible. Or hell, spend $35 a month on a membership at your local 24-Hour Fitness and take advantage of their all-ages water fitness classes. Or buy a high-quality juicer and start powering your system with fresh, organic nutrients scientifically proven to work within our cells to promote recovery.

    The fact is, most of us are going to get better to some degree just with the passing of time. But there are two kinds of recovery: passive recovery and active recovery. In passive recovery, you just wait, or you put yourself in the hands of various practitioners of unsubstantiated “therapeutic” arts, with the expectation that they will help you “create wellness”. In active recovery, you take control of your life nutritionally (a good nutritionist or naturopathic doctor can help). Then you take control of your life physically (a competent physical therapist or physiologist can help here). A well-guided physical therapy plan which incorporates gentle, well-tolerated movement requires daily work — but it will improve the rate and extent of your recovery and most importantly, your attitude.

    Expect bumps in the road. Remember that every new twinge is not necessarily from the Cipro you took months ago. Do not let others describe for you how your recovery will look or feel, or how long it will take, or how many “cycles” you will have. And don’t waste your precious money, time, and energy on quacks.

    1. Vicky,
      Would you please take your negativity, and “odd” hostility elsewhere. You seem to vale your anger behind some sort of “savior” or “all knowing teacher” facade. But please, just go away, your messing with my chi.

      1. Tom — I’m neither angry nor hostile. I certainly don’t consider myself a savior or an “all knowing teacher.” I am concerned that this Nikki person is giving out bad information and advice that could actually harm people. At the very least she may persuade some people to spend their precious money and energy on hoax remedies and treatments, offered by posers and charlatans with absolutely no clue regarding Cipro damage. That could actually prevent some people from getting treatment that helps; treatment from qualified, knowledgeable people with a thorough, scientific grounding in how Cipro damages the body and how to repair the damage.

        Sorry about your chi. I think there’s a machine for that.

  24. Vicky,
    I wish you strength on your journey, happiness in your life, and healing on your spiritual path.

    “The true secret of giving advice is, after you have honestly given it, to be perfectly indifferent whether it is taken or not, and never persist in trying to set people right”. ~Hannah Whitall Smith

  25. I took levaquin for two months starting in May of 2010 and have been fighting the side affects ever since. I was at my worst in October of 2010 and have been getting better ever since. Of all the remedies I tried….lympattic massage and vitamin C IVs breathed life back into me. I also have gained weight….30 lbs. Cytomel helps speed up my gut so that my food actually moves through me but does not give me any energy as they claimed it would. I also take FiveLac probiotics which I think help. I noticed that you didn’t mention anything about Candidemia. I had it bad…you should check out the below site:

    I could also write a novel about my journy and all the thousands of dollars I have spent on remedies. But of all of them…I swear by Vitamin C IVs.

  26. took cipro for 7 days 500mg twice a day….got hit pretty bad….took me two years to recover…things that helped….melatonin and sleepytime tea with magnesium chloride for sleep, probiotics with chlorella for stomach damage, organic veggies as muchy as possible, lentil soup with avocados, boiled eggs for breakfast,etc….

    stomach damage must be adressed first,

    Lost 40 pounds in first two weeks….nausea, brain fog, fatigue, etc.

    this medicine doesn`t hit everyone….

    but if it does hit you….it will send you to hell!….no questions asked…..

    flouroquinilones are extremely potent and hence extremely dangerous….

    should only be used after exaustive testing to see if you are allergic to it….

    these drugs damage liver detox pathways and when those pathways are damaged the drug then goes into your bloodstream burning everything in sight….

    your cappilary system is the first to go (microscopic blood vessels)….these blood vessels provide oxygen and nutrients to your entire body…

    by damaging this system your entire body goes into a freefall….

    in other words….your whole body is burned by this drug,,,,

    all of it….brain included!

  27. I have taken Cipro for 8 years, treating diverticulitis and my last time on the Cipro was the last few months and now I am experiencing popping of all my joints, toes, ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbow, shoulders, neck. I feel very sickly. I had a chem panel and c reactive blood test and nothing came out wrong but I feel like crap and no energy and I have diagnosed myself as cipro poisoning. Does the popping of joints ever go away? Right now I am drinking lemon water and juicing organic fruits and veggies.

    The other day, I had tingling/burning in lower extremeties where tendons are. Also heart palpatations.

    Can someone help me with advice? The popping of joints is really freaking me out, does that go away.

  28. Hi Nikki,

    It’s nice to see you on your site again. This is your first post since July 27 2011. Some of us are new here and have just gotten hit by this awful Cipro thing.

    Glad you’ve gotten the worst of this behind you. Hope you will pop in again to help the newbies more. And yes, I’ve spent painful hours reading your site and your journals and wrote you an email and never heard back.


  29. Hi Nikki –
    Thank you so much for sharing all your experiences. You mentioned in a responce to a homeopath near the top of this section that you had not been able to speak directly with the developer of the Cipro homeopathic remedy. However, on your site you do say you were able to track him down and speak with him. Can you please tell me either where I may contact this person, or the contact info of a homeopath that is experienced in working with this remedy?
    Thank you so very much.

  30. This will probably be way longer than it needs to be, but I have to get it off my chest. I have no one else to turn to about this.

    On Sept. 3, I came down with a UTI (the first in my adult life). By Wednesday, I was seeing blood when I wiped (sorry for the TMI) and I was feeling miserable, so I called my doctor. I wanted to be seen, but the weekend was approaching and he couldn’t get me in before then, so he went ahead and called in an antibiotic. The prescription was for Cipro, 500mg twice a day for 10 days. I had never heard of this drug, so I sat down and thoroughly read the insert that came with it before I took the first dose that evening. As I was settling down to sleep, I was messing around with my iPad when, out of curiosity, I decided to look up Cipro. I was pretty shaken up by some of the horror stories, but I figured these were worst case scenarios that only happened to a select few. Other than some cramping that night, I was fine by morning and took the drug as directed the next day.

    Friday was when I began to notice that a couple of things were amiss. From the moment I got up and started moving around the house, the joints of my right leg made frequent popping and snapping noises, something they did not do often. There was no pain, just more noise than usual. Then, on and off throughout the day, I felt a mild burning and tingling sensation in my right foot and ankle. My foot got cold easily (the left was not affected) and would sometimes get numb. Using my space heater only brought partial relief. I was a little concerned after all the crap I’d read about Cipro, but I figured it was all in my head and continued taking the medication. However, the terrible stories lingered in the back of my mind all weekend.

    By Sunday, those symptoms had not abated and I finally decided I wasn’t willing to go any further. I took my last Cipro pill that morning and called my doctor’s office to report my symptoms. I had taken 4 days’ worth of my 10 day prescription. The on call doctor called me back and said if I was feeling better (and I was- all the UTI symptoms were gone), I was probably fine to go off of it. I had a little more cramping the next morning, but a day after I went off the Cipro, the burning and tingling went away and have not returned since. However, I am still having the joint popping.

    Tomorrow marks my first full week off Cipro, and I don’t think I’ve ever felt so much anxiety in my life as I have this past week. Not from the Cipro, but from the sheer terror that I might be too late and any day now, this drug will begin destroying me like it has so many others. I’m only 27… I still have a great deal of life ahead of me. I don’t want it to be ruined by one foolish decision. My family and friends think the drug is safe and my symptoms are all mental. I am beyond terrified and I have no one to comfort me… so I am turning to this place. Please cross your fingers for me that I don’t end up being the next one to be “floxed”.

    I see my doctor on Monday. If I can make it through the appointment without breaking down in tears, I’ll be shocked.

    Thank you for this site. I’m so sorry for everyone on here who also trusted their doctors and are currently going through hell for it. But I am glad you shared your stories… because of you all, I MIGHT have dodged a bullet, or at least kept things from getting as bad as they could’ve been had I taken the full 10 day course. Rest assured, if I make it through this without any severe reactions, I’ll never be taking another quinolone again and I’ll be discouraging others from taking them too.

    Good luck to all of you, and thanks for letting me vent.

  31. I suffer from severe Cipro toxicity (got Cipro to prevent infections twice and not being warned at all!!!) after heavy abdominal surgery and botox from interstitial cystitis, have neurological disorders which are getting worse, nerve pain, ringing in ears all day, night mares and severe pain in elbows, knees, back, achilles and feet. Here the knicking sounds in my joints. Was not able to walk at all for weeks, very slowly progressing, at least I hop so….. My symptoms started weeks after Cipro, did’nt notice them at first so good because I was using opiates, but pain started getting worse in 6 weeks……
    Since I had problems with my stomach and small intestines before, not sure, but have the idea Cipro made them worse. Also still nausea and headache, first thought it was from getting off opiods and lyrica, but problems remain.

    I take a high dosis antioxidant (Colladeen), vitamine D3, Silicea, milk thistle, vitamine E Transdermal magnesiumgel and liposomal glutathion 2 a day a tea spoon (we don’t have glutathion IV in our country (Netherlands), it is very expensive my opinion, but works better than glutathion pills. I have Soundwave therapie at my feet and achilles, as well as some massage twice a week and take Epsom Salt baths 3 times a week.
    I now use Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) for my interstitial cystitis and immune system, which is bad because I had a total colon resection. Hope LDN helps me with me being “floxed” too as well as it helps boost my immune system.
    oday I got my second Vitamine B12 injection. After the first injection I had the feeling it was getting better with my feet, so I will report if they keep helping with the Cipro toxicity!
    I a few weeks I will see an orthopaedic doctor for ABC Blood therapie, see it that helps. They will produce more red blood cells from your own blood and inject them into the painfull areas. Since I have pain in many joints and tendons, hope they will try with me, at least with my feet and achilles!

    But maybe for some also important to notice this;
    What keeps me on my feet in and around the house are my fitflop shoes. I got this tip from a person who’s tendons are swollen because of chemo therapie and these were the only shoes se could walk on in the house. So I bought these expensive shoes and serious: without my fitflop I am not able to walk at all. Still not able to walk my dogs, but they take away a lott of pressure on the feet. And no, I am not a seller of this shoes ore have invested in the firm that makes them, but hope this is a tipp to maybe get these persons who are not able to walk without severe pain, a little bit relief for standing and walking around. At least you can try, maybe buy them second hand on Ebay if to expensive.

    I won’t read the horrible stories anymore, because the make me very afraid of the future. I try to focus on the hope of healing and also to not stay depressed. But sometimes that is more easy said or written, than done. It’s hard to handle this disabling toxicity then my other diseases do…..

    Sorry, for writing sometimes wrong, my English is not the best……….

  32. Nikki. Youre timeline was almost like mine. I got floxed in May 2010 and my 18 month journey to recovery began. Except I didn’t know I had been floxed. I had sinus surgery a few weeks after taking Cipro and 10 days after that my world changed. It was horrific and almost mirrored youre journey. I however, not knowing what happened didn’t take anything.. just got through it somehow. I really don’t know how but I did. So it leads me to believe that wether we are on this journey taking supplements or not we are resilient and get better. I believe time and rest is key.
    I did see more doctors in the first year than I ever want to see and everything was fine test wise except low B12 and Vitamin D but after that they started wanting to give me anti deppresants because it must surely be all in my head. That’s when I gave up doctors and havnt seen one since.But I had several great years after getting through it
    I do think we always have to battle with this. I started a workout program earlier this year and obviously moved toxins out of my deep tissue etc and started a flare up. Its exhausting of course and depressing but I got through it once so why not again. Like you mentioned. You just have to have faith..hard sometimes but what else can we do. Love youre website. Ive read all through it. It brings me much calm.Now that I know what it is I,m much more equipt to tackle it. Good food. Plenty of rest. Clean water.

  33. Hello Nikki,

    I’m a 39 year old female who works for a gym. I live a healthy lifestyle, eat clean, exercise regularly, multi- vitamins, doesn’t smoke, etc. On Feb 17, 2015 a doctor prescribed me Medrol 4mg ( 6days) and Cipro 500mgs ( twice per day for 10 days ) for an ear infection w/ cough and a stomach bug. I did not start taking this till Feb 23rd. If I knew the horror of what I know now I would’ve never ingested that poison!!! On the 2nd day of being on this I felt light headed and my ears felt like I was under water. A couple of days after EVERY JOINT in my body hurt/burn. This was unusual because I never had joint problems. I’ve been having trouble sleeping awaking in the middle of the night drenched in sweat and my house is at 72 degrees?!? I also have experienced a sharp pinching sensation in my chest which freaked me out that I went to a different doctor and had an EKG done and it came back normal. This is really freaking me out because I’ve now felt light headed 3 times, and that pinching pain on my chest comes and goes. I don’t understand why the FDA has not pulled this off the market and why this doctor would’ve prescribed both Medrol and Cipro together. I even called her to ask if it was safe to take together prior to taking them and she said YES!

    Any advice for someone who is new to this & extremely scared ?
    ~ Martha

  34. In reading your journal and the nightmare you have been through is very similar to my symptoms of Lyme disease and being treated with cipro. The cipro was being used to treat a coinfection of lyme called bartonella which produces “scratches” all over your body as the antibiotic is being administered….as well as every symptom you have have so meticulously archived. Have you ever been tested for Lyme? I apologize for suggesting this, however, I have been bedridden for 8 months now and am deeply concerned you may not have known the Lyme was present….many people are not even aware they have it until you have a crisis which never goes away….you must find a Lyme literate physician to get a correct diagnosis. The Cipro caused extreme toxicity and I will not even go into that hot mess except it has worsened the symptoms of Lyme and I stopped under the advice of my physician. You will remain in my thoughts and prayers. Please reach out if you have further questions. PLEASE research all the symptoms of Lyme…..

  35. Nikki,
    Can you tell me the name of that movie where the young girl stabbed her Dad, a Pharma Industry bigwig, with a syringe, full of FQ’s? It came out within the last two years? She was anti FQ, etc

  36. Im a 16 year old girl and i two cipro pills and since then i have had pain in my foot and leg,anxieyy attacks,cant sleep,pain in both arms, i dont have money to get intravenous treatments and i dont want this to keep getting worse. Please someone help me im scared

  37. Well many are lucky enough not getting to the point of my condition total and complete inability to sleep 25/7 from Cipro. Its not regular Insomnia, Sleep deprivation etc. Neither Fatal Familial Insomnia or Fatal Sporadic Insomnia. If you are never experient not sleep 24/7 for 3 days i.e, you will never know this tormenting suffer. I am sure many of will say that I am already die by now. Not yet but I am dying. I just want to explain that detox its always good, I still do that not because the Cipro still stay in my body, But it because my damage body is not capable anymore to self detox our self from never sleep that deteriorate immune system. Some people have different reaction and many depend of the protocol doze and their condition when they take Cipro.Let’s keep in mind that Cipro is not like accumulating its toxic fluoride and it other neurotoxic ingredient in our body. It just damaging and kill cells b and CNS and circuits and leave. Its a hit and run thing. Rules the, adverse b reaction have not yet damage CNS and mitochondria and cellular, the the body might still able to repair some tissues outside of CNS. There is s hope from some but not for others. Most people that has reach the point of complete inability to sleep from Cipro had decided to end their life. But me I my last breath still hoping for one more hope in stem Ford neural stem cell therapy and trying to find a find Find raiser. This how FLUOROquionolon such Cipro terminate the cells:

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