Nikki’s Story

THE SHORT VERSION (written 10/14/2010)

I am a 39 year old woman who lives a healthy lifestyle. I eat good organic food, I get restful sleep and I walk regularly as a form of exercise, I care for my home and my two young children, and I own my own business. My husband grows a large edible garden and we raise chickens for their eggs. Between the two of us, we are practitioners of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Reiki, Ayurveda, Herbalism, Yoga, Meditation, and other forms of healthy living. We have an active family lifestyle and in July 2010 we were working with a real estate agent in Costa Rica, where we were planning to buy property in a beach community. On July 29, 2010 against all my usual protocols, I decided to take an antibiotic for a UTI and possible kidney infection. I took Cipro 500mg 2x per day for 6.5 days before the early signs of cipro toxicity first became noticeable . Three days after I discontinued use, I made another unusual and desperate decision, and took one dose of Advil for pain. Four hours later, my life was hanging on by a thread.

The week after the early signs of cipro toxicity was the most terrifying week of my life. I would lose my ability to walk, my ability to drive, my ability to see, think, and communicate clearly. I watched my life fall apart as my ability to rationalize and my ability to care for my family and myself was taken from me. Over the course of the next couple of months my family would endure a living nightmare while my body and my mind degenerated before their eyes. I was physically, mentally, and emotionally incapacitated. These are some of the symptoms I have experienced to date: peripheral neuropathy, numbness, dizziness, convulsions, seeing things out of the corner of my eye that are not there, acute tendonapathy (in both ankles, both Achilles, both knees, right bicep, both shoulders, both wrists, neck, right hip, both thumbs and 8 fingers) torn rotator cuff, tremors, anxiety, fear, fright, nightmares, headaches, ringing in my ears, ear pain, confusion, depression, paranoia, hives, rash, irregular heart beat, irregular breathing, chills, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, pain, burning, tingling, tremors, weakness, a brain spasm/squeeze (wait, did I already say that?), difficult speech, brain fog, blank spots in my thinking, creaking joints, popping sounds when I move, loss of smell, vibration throughout my body, persistent twitching, loss of words, momentary blindness, short term memory loss, inability to walk, fatigue, extreme sensitivity to light, sound and movement, nausea, inability to raise my arms above my head, inability to grasp things with my hands, terrible body odor, loss of appetite, muscular atrophy, loss of control over my bodily movements, weight gain, blurry vision, irregular eye movements, and among other things that my messed up brain can’t think of right now. Also a condition I can only describe as “the crazies”. None of the symptoms I mentioned have been mild. They have all been profound in their incapacitating, annoying, painful or frightening character.


Currently, I am still suffering from about a dozen of these items, but generally speaking I am more stable mentally and physically thanks to the use of “alternative” medicine. During this acute phase, I have experienced drastic improvements followed by slightly less drastic setbacks, but overall I’m slowly and sometimes quickly improving. My tendons are still acute, my right shoulder rotator cuff is torn and painful, I still have nerve damage, and I have no idea what my future holds. On the bright side, I am alive and I am doing the best I can to keep my spirits up. One thing that helps is hearing about peoples success stories, so if you know any, please post them here on my website. We can all use a little direction, inspiration and hope.

I haven’t yet prepared A LONG VERSION of my story, but if you are interested, you can read my daily journal here. This is just my journal, its pretty boring and there are spots where I rant and rave, but it is all there. The spelling is bad, the grammar is bad, and the language is bad, but I can’t say I ever intended to share it. It is really just something I started the day after those early signs of cipro toxicity because I was already experiencing horrible memory problems and I was afraid I would forget something important, or maybe I would end up in the hospital unable to communicate, so I figured a journal was a good idea. The journal started off as scraps of paper in a pile next to my bed, but one day I needed a project that did not include self reflection, so I transcribed it all into my husbands laptop. Since then, I have done my best to write something down everyday since the early signs of cipro toxicity so I could track my progress. Maybe you can find something useful in there, or maybe reading through it will remind you that you are not alone.

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear Cipro is still out there! I’ve been suffering Since September 21, 2009. Constant nerve pain in my feet & ankles, tendon pain up to my knee’s. Shoulder & elbow pain. I’m really starting to give up. I take a ton of vitamins. Any new drugs they give me now makes me break out in sores! So I live with the pain & try my damndest to do what I have to do everyday & hope one day I will wake up and have my life back.

    Funny thing is my Dr. asked me if I could take Avelox and I said NO, then asked if I could take Leviquin, and I said NO. Then he gave me Cipro & I not knowing it was the same thing, took it for 2.5 days. All it took was 2.5 days to bring me to my knee’s, which also hurt!

    Feel free to email me & I will tell you some things that have helped me. It took me 8 – 9 months to be able to drive again & even that is still painful. If my husband hadnt gotten layed off, I would have lost my business. (He drove me everywhere) Anyway, enough complaining. If I dont hear from you, I wish you luck. Please do not publish this on your site.

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Michelle, great to hear from u about ur story! I am a newly cipro victim, just more than two weeks when i finished my medicine. And it was only a week past when i started feeling pain in my right leg, arms, and tendonitis as well, but i am thankful that its not worse unlike others feel, its an on and off pain, this time my palpitation heart was high 98-100. and the moment my head started to get pain includes ear also sometimes. My proble is its been 2nights that i didnt get my sleep well. could u please update me on what u have done. only problem now is my hearbit palpitation which is high, ear, sometimes disturbance in my eye, and my head. Shall i go for acupuncture?pls do advice me, where to go and which doctor to go? i am leaving in dubai,UAE..many thanks..

      1. Hi Leilanie,

        I am also living in Dubai. I have been on Cipro for only 3 days. It has been prescribed to me as treatment against a mycobacteria I caught in India (pretty serious). I am getting insomnia, knee pains (actually, it is like a warm burn). I am disoriented, anxious and restless.

        I am treated at the American Hospital in Dubai. The doctor has told me to stick with the medicine, that my symptoms will disappear after the first week (I’ve been prescribed this for 28 days – 4 times the average on this post).

        Unfortunately (?), Cipro seems to be working against the bacteria. I am not sure what to do, as the myco can kill me if it is not treated.

      2. Eye problems. Cipro caused dry eyes, concretions which are small chalk deposits in the eye and under the eye lid causing grittiness of the eye and a red eye. These can be removed under th slit lamp. It is a painless procedure.

        Dry eyes cause hedaches, eye pain, sensitivity t ight especially sunlight and OH in my case te cipros caused a posterior vitreous detachment. Drs examined the back of my eye to check the retina for any retinal tears. I had uss and retinal photography plus MRI brain scan all because of that horrendous fluoroquinolone drug! BTW I believe that ANY antibiotic is dangerous. Pls google antibiotic toxicity.

        Big Pharma so I am told will not invest any money in researching new antibiotics. Why not?

        In Britain we have the bribery act which prevents drs and hospital bosses from accepting bribes from Big Pharma. Anyone found guilty faces unlimited fines, the sack and up to TEN years in jail.
        I would be quite happy to see them in jail for life.


    2. First, Cirpo and Levaquin are NOT the same thing. I react heavily to Levaquin, but not to Cipro.

      While I understand how you feel about Cipro (feel the same about Levaquin), Cipro is still very useful for plenty of people who have infections with multiresistant bacteria. What is wrong is doctors who use it as their first line of antibiotics without trying other things first.

      I very fortunately don’t have sever side effects from Cipro and I am very thankful for it because it’s the only antibiotic that can be used against my chronic lung infection when things get bad.

      So I hope it remains “out there” because I know it sure as hell is useful and life saving for many people. All people with cystic fibrosis need it at some point in their life.

      1. What is wrong is also stupid people who carry on with their treatment instead even though it’s giving them sever side effects, instead of contacting their doctor. I don’t mean you, I mean other people who do that. When I realized that I was having severe side effects from Levaquin, I stopped taking it immediately. I had all the very bad side effects, like tendonitis, joint pain, even brain fog and paranoia, so I stopped it. So it didn’t take me months to recover from the side effects.

        I’m thinking that the severe side effects that you get from any other drugs now are caused by the Levaquin you took in the first place that really screwed you up badly and that you never really recovered from it.

      2. Nobody needs Cipro for ANYTHING, EVER!! It’s like saying that sometimes a person needs arsenic. People who say otherwise are DEAD wrong!

      3. for the one who said levoquine and cipro aren’t the same thing. they are in the same family. it is just that levoquine attacks the achilles tendon more often and cipro attacks the neck and shoulders more often. I have been affected by both of them and been suffering for the past 8 years.

    3. On Cypro for 2 days and pain all over body, especially pelvic area and femurs. Diagoised with kidney infection. Why is this drug still on the market? Does it kill the bacteria? Had no pain in pelvic area prior to this. We must get message out DO NOT TAKE CIPRO

    4. Michelle, I was given levaquin for almost 3 weeks after an injury in 2011. Many of the side effects you experienced match mine. Getting better is getting further and further from my grasp. Do email me if my comment here is posted.

    5. I too was floxed by taking cipro. It took five days to render me a nervous wreck. I started with severe headache, a stabbing pin in my right eye, severe sweating at night, loss of appetite, severe anxiety and depression, a fear of being left alone in a room even though others were in the same house. A complete disconnection with the world and people. Light headedness , dizziness, palpitations, extreme fatigue but initially unable to sleep for five days and five nights. stiffness of the legs, back, ankles, knees, spasms in the soles of the right foot but now in both feet. peripheral neuropathy, sciatica, constipation alternating with diarrhoea. Lack of concentration, unable to relax long enough to watch TV or do a cross word, indecisiveness, restless legs syndrome, later an inability to relax, unable to read due to severe headaches and stabbing pain in the right eye, dry eyes, concretions, tingling and tugging sensation all over the scalp particularly on the crown of my head and stiffness of the neck muscles.
      Severe headache from DECEMBER 4 2013to the end of May 2014.

      Also suffered a dislocated shoulder and rotator tear..
      The muscular stiffness has gone worse as had the burning, backache, saddle numbness, seizures preoccupation with death, inability to do daily chores or even have a bath. Disinterested in food albeit have to plan meals.
      Intolerance to foodstuffs and a lot of medications Unable to get comfy. Feel as though I am sitting on rocks.
      nkles feel stiff and are throbbig, burning pains down the front, side nabili6y to lead a normal life thanks to the fluroquinolones. Why haven’t the mitochondria damagers been banned/
      Headache after washing my hair with tugging sensation of the scalp. also have a Posterior vitreous detachment and black floaters.
      Unable to take any antibiotics now or clexane.
      Can anyone advise me please?
      Thanks Lucy.

      1. I am using magnesium oil on my skin and drinking alkaline water. Taking baths in bath salts contains magnesium. Multi vitamins and no excessive straining. My main issue is muscle, tendo, and joint pain, spasms, cramps, burry vision, mental fatigue and a great fear that it may never get better.

    6. I was injured by Cipro Feb 2, 2016, it is now 4-14-2016. I went to a natures path in Spokane WA, she is now my full fledged doctor I will never see hospital doctor again they are as deadly as Big Pharma who trained them. I have had three Bowen therapy’s done, soaked my feet in Epson salts for 15 mins day and night then coated my feet with caster oil put on socks since caster oil is sticky. I woke up the first day and the pain in my feet , the knife stabbing pain that woke me up out of my sleep was gone, I notice though after going out side working in my garden with glee all day that the pain came back but is not as strong from a #9 pain to #6. I keep at using the oil and it helps a lot though it isn’t a cure all.

    7. Michelle, I have a dear friend who was given Cipro a bit ago and is suffering terribly with side effects. If you have any suggestions of things that he might do that would help I know he would be so grateful.

  2. I’m currently 5+ weeks post-flox. Though I feel I’ve been through hell, I realize from reading posts on this forum that I’ve gotten off relatively easy. I had pre-existing knee conditions (already have a knee replacement scheduled for next January and have had ongoing patellar tendinitis in the other as a result of compensation). I’ve had to work very hard to try to separate what I already had with what happened after Cipro. Like all of you, it hit me so suddenly and so hard that I was caught completely off-guard. Feeling so awful, it was hard to do any meaningful research and it took me a full week after completing Cipro to find the connection between my many varied symptoms. I initially thought I had the onset of an autoimmune disorder, which Cipro toxicity closely resembles.

    I began taking SAM-e within 3 days after the end of my Cipro (taken for UTI – 5 days, stretched to 7 because I still had bladder cramping, probably Cipro caused). I had learned online that SAM-e was helpful for joints, and debiitating joint/connective tissue pain was my initial and worst symptom. As the last several weeks progressed, I experienced a broader array of symptoms: Extreme muscle fatigue and general fatigue; tingling/crawling sensation in lower legs and feet; resurgence/worsening of arthritis pain in hands and wrists; heavy, warm achiness in arms and kidney area; anxiety/panic attacks; sudden onset of extreme sadness/crying; overwhelming depression; pinpoint rash on ankles; foggy mental processing. I found this website, but I continued to research (when I felt strong enough) to try to understand the mechanism by which Cipro might cause all these symptoms.

    I got a clue from my acupuncturist when I pointed out the cracked sores in the corners of my mouth. I thought early on these might be caused by yeast, which might have overgrown as a result of antibiotic use. She told me those are a symptom of vitamin b deficiency. It was a week before my brain worked well enough to begin to try to connect that to Cipro. I found a short paper by a doctor in which it was pointed out that Cipro causes vitamin b deficiency or sudden depletion. I didn’t know what vitamin b does for the body, so I went on to research vitamin b. I learned that the b vitamins support joints, cell/tissue regeneration; mental/emotional health via proper function of seratonin receptors; DNA/RNA production and red blood cell production (muscles depend on both of these); and sleep. Vitamin b deficiency can cause fatigue, muscle aches/fibromyalgia symptoms, joint pain, depression, anxiety, peripheral neuropathy and tinnitus (ringing in ears),

    For lack of any other advice, I’ve begun taking a potent but balanced vitamin b supplement, heavy on the niacin and b12. I’ve also begun taking high doses of vitamin C, which is essential for collagen production in connective tissue, and general healing. All of these vitamins are water soluble, so the body quickly excretes what it doesn’t need.

    I would love some help investigating the Cipro-vitamin b connection. I’ve learned that you don’t actually get b vitamins from supplements and food. What happens is this: You eat vitamin b rich foods/supplements, but it requires bacteria in your gut to actually process and release the vitamin as something your body can use. Cipro does a great job of VERY QUICKLY eliminating gut bacteria. Because they are water soluble, b vitamins are not stored within your body. It’s possible that the sudden elimination of the good bacteria has a connection to the sudden, dramatic onset of many of our symptoms. And since gut bacteria takes a while to regenerate, the effect can persist for some time. MANY people have insufficient/inefficient gut bacteria all the time, meaning they have a low-grade b vitamin deficiency all the time, without knowing it. Could they be the ones hit hardest by Cipro? Dont know, but this would suggest that taking probiotics could be another essential tool in relieving symptoms.

    I’m feeling a bit better as the weeks pass, and hope the same for all of you, too.

      1. Chad — I’m very sorry to hear that you’re not finding relief from the anxiety. It can indeed be crippling. I can only reiterate: If after this length of time you’re still having severe problems, it might be appropriate to consult a psychiatrist — a medical doctor trained in the intricacies of human brain chemistry.

      2. Chad,

        Hon, if you don’t have the light sensitivity problem look into a light box – it really helped me with the Cipro blues (and they weren’t mild). Marshmallow root caps or tea, burdock tea bind to cipro and help flush it out. And I too believe vit B is key to recovery. If you can get a b-shot it will help with the mental & physical problems. Check out Florajen, it’s high potency acidophilus. I just got off Cipro, was unaware of the risks, took it for 7 days for year long battle with UTI. The first few days I could barely move my arms, wrists and ankles. I also had an epic mental meltdown. I am doing all of the above and am much much better. Started walking the dog again.

        A little warning about Marshmallow root, it lowers blood sugar so if you are diabetic I would not use it.

        Hope some of this helps.

      3. Chad, I forgot to mention another thing that has helped – 5-htp, I have been taking it for sleep and mild depression for the last two years. I use the “now” brand, it keeps my anxiety under control. You may want to get your hormones checked too, the cipro causes imbalances to male and female hormones. I would try a Naturalpathic MD for the tests, salivia tests seem to work.

    1. I too suffered from a Cipro reaction approximately 10 months ago. I had already been diagnosed with a B12 deficiency prior to the Cipro reaction. It was horribly debilitating. I laid in bed for a week after just one 500mg dose. I felt at times as if my body had been plugged into an electrical socket and current was pulsating through my body. I suffered from severe nerve pain the first 7 months. I survived off of rice cakes and apples the first month after it happened because everything I ate made me severely nauseous. I don’t know how I made it to work, but I did.

      About 5 months after the Cipro reaction, I became very ill again. The onset, I deduced to consuming a lot of oranges (Vitamin C). Once that cleared from my system, I felt better, but it took a week!

      Because the pain would be worse on some days and better on others, I began the process of elimination of different things from my diet and hygiene regimen. I did a lot of research and determined that the FOLIC ACID in my B12 supplement was causing the vast majority of the nerve pain. In my research I found evidence that if you have a B12 deficiency, you should not take folic acid as it damages the nerves even more. I have not had folic acid in three months now and the nerve pain has decreased significantly. I am back on an exercise routine and can eat a meal without feeling like my whole body is going to explode. Take a look at your vitamins and B12 supplements and see if there is folic acid in them. Elimination of folic acid from your diet may help.

  3. Hey Vicky, you sound just like me and all the other floxies, I would recommend you join us on facebook if you want, or you can talk to me about anything, I have experienced every symptom of this syndrome, I was floxed April 7th of this year, i was on Cipro for 10 days

  4. Hi Vicky,

    I am about 3 weeks post-flox and I have been having a lot of muscle twitching, fleeting pain in my joints, and muscle weakness. I’m also having problems with my left knee. Thank you for your info about the B vitamins and intestinal flora. I’m going to start taking B supplements and lactobacillus in addition to some of the other supplements I have been taking.

    1. Hi Cheryl — I’ve found a great doc since I posted June 29. (This was after the typical clueless response from my family physician.) This doc practices “functional medicine”. He understands that Cipro attacks the mitochondria, a part of every cell that produces energy for the body. When mitochondria are damaged or destroyed, as Cipro can do, cells lose function and start a chain of oxidation damage to other cells.

      My doctor recommends powerful antioxidants like Resveratrol, as well as nutrients which are essential for mitochondria, particularly CoQ10, L-Arginine and Alpha Lipoic Acid. Of course, vitamin C is also an effective antioxidant, and can be taken at levels of 10,000+ mg a day; You can’t overdose on it, but if you take more than your body can use it may cause diarrhea. Keep taking probiotics, as the gut is where vitamin B and neurotransmitters are synthesized. investigate appropriate levels of B, especially niacin and B12. Magnesium is also recommended, although it’s difficult to supplement efficiently. Fresh, raw vegetables are the best way to get many of these nutrients in a form the body can use, complete with all the enzymes. There is a test that can be run to determine how well your cells/mitochondria are functioning and what nutrients are deficient. It’s called an organic acids test.

      I’m 11 weeks out now. I’m actually starting to have two or three “good days” in a row now. I’m hoping that trend continues, but constantly remind myself that this is an up and down process. Until a month ago I had to wear a brace or wrap on one or both knees at all times, and I used a cane on the worst days. I haven’t worn a wrap on my knees for two weeks now, but my legs still feel “empty” a lot of the time. Tingling and numbness in my feet has come and gone twice — it’s gone now, but some mornings getting up on my feet is a very gradual process. My achille’s tendons ache some days — some days not. It’s impossible to know what is helping, how much of it just depends on the individual and the passing of time.

      I quit acupuncture, as it didn’t seem to have any effect. I got help from a psychiatrist for my initial severe depression and anxiety, which is now very manageable. I haven’t used any other practitioners or therapies. I’ve been swimming and using pool therapy as a gentle way to exercise, and it really feels good. It’s a little hard to get on my bike, but I try to spend about 20-30 minutes just spinning around the neighborhood a few times a week. I have to make sure anything I do is gentle on my knees, but I think movement is important.

      I sure hope you find things that help and that you Please don’t expect any overnight cures, and stay positive. This is a real challenge and I think getting well can take many months. Good luck.

  5. Hi Vicky,

    I went to my mother’s doctor yesterday and was shocked when she said that it was possible that the cipro might be causing the problems! She did blood work and also referred me to an orthopedist. I also made a consultation with an alternative doctor who does glutathione therapy. I see him next week.

    Like you, I have to wrap my knees. My left is worse, but today they both feel unreliable. I am so afraid that my legs will give out on me. I am a teacher and I am supposed to go back to school after Labor Day, but I’m not sure I can do this the way I feel now unless I get handicap concessions. Even then it might be difficult. I do have quite a few sick days saved up, however.

    I also started taking GABA to relieve my anxiety. I’m having difficulty falling and staying asleep. I know it’s a long recovery process, but sometimes I feel very depressed, and I often wonder if the worst has manifested yet.

  6. I took Cipro for 3 days for a UTI….I quit taking it once I realized how terrible CIPRO was making me feel….2 days later I’m feeling worse. Severe depression, I feel like I can barely move my body, my muscles ache, severe stomach pain and I’m so scared this is going to continue for months like all of you guys…..Do you have any advice what I can do to get better? I already battled depression and I feel like I will go nutts feeling like this much longer.

    1. Hi Cheri,
      I Seriously recommend that you get some Magnesium Glycinate take 400mg 2x’s day. Also find a integrative MD immediately who does the Glutathione IV PUSH.! This is not painful by the way, and takes about 15 minutes or less. You could do it 2x’s a week for the first month and then see how you feel. This will absolutely help detoxify this drug. Please Stay Away from any “anti-inflammatory drugs” NSAID, or steroids if for some reason they are offered to you! i(american college for the advancement in medicine) a great place to find MD’s, Naturopaths, who do Glutahione, Vitamin C,..etc intravenously….GO Online, put in your zip code, at lower top of web page, and you should be provided with list of Physicians.

      There is no way of telling how this will manifest over the next weeks, months….But you do have a head start to begin to do some meaningful things that without a doubt can help you. Please understand that all of us have been through it on this website. I only took 3 tablets of Cipro too. Glutathione has helped me recently. I wish i had started that back 10 months ago.

      God Bless, and You can print out the article from about these injuries to give to your doctor as well as email the PBS NEWS HOUR STORY to your new Doctor.

  7. Hi Cheri,

    I would go back to the doctor who treated your depression and tell them what’s going on. My GP gave me Elavil for depression and insomnia. It helps me sleep and deal with the anxiety that this problem gives us.

  8. This is my Cipro story, I am 14 months out. I’m writing some personal history, Cipro effects, and recovery..
    History: I’m a 34 year old male, previously very healthy. I played football in high school, and was relatively active in my 30’s (weight training, skiing, etc). My only known allergy was penicillin. I probably took a prescription antibiotic once every couple years, (I don’t have a good medical history of prescriptions recorded, but the last antibiotic I’m sure I took was a one week course of Avelox in 2007, with no known side effects). I’m married, and have a three year old son (2 at the time I took Cipro). I have worked in the aviation field for the last 15 years, and have had no major medical problems. I consider myself independent in most of my philosophies, and probably “old school” when it comes to matters of health. One thing I find very ironic, is the amount of “illegal drugs” I consumed in my youth with no permanent side effects, and now I’m faced with life altering side effects from a prescription antibiotic. I have found my life has permanently changed from taking Cipro, some for the worst, and some for the better. You see, in the past I was running through life on autopilot, I had no patience for anything, work, money, and insignificant problems consumed my life, and in basic terms you could have called me an a$$h*le.

    Cipro effects: In August of 2010, I visited a “family doctor” for a lower abdominal pain. I was concerned as it had lasted a couple weeks, and my profession involves exposure to high intensity radiation such as aircraft weather radar systems. The physician immediately prescribed two weeks of Cipro (500 mg per day, X2) for two weeks, suspecting a UTI. He also scheduled tests to confirm testicular cancer. I started the Cipro on 8/31/10. By the 3rd day I started experiencing side effects from the Cipro, severe anxiety, paranoia, brain fog, loss of appetite, fluctuating body temperature, and a general feeling my body was being poisoned. I was unable to contact my physician (as it was a holiday weekend), and because of my lack of judgment, and ability to reason, continued to take the prescription for another four days. I stopped seven days into the two week prescription, met with another doctor who confirmed I did not have testicular cancer, and told this doctor of my new symptoms. He said my original abdominal pains (which were now gone), were probably caused by a “tweaked back” and was “glad I had stopped taking the Cipro on my own, because it was poison”. I contacted my original physician back about the side effects, and he basically blew them off, and as you all have heard, said “Cipro could not cause them”. After 8 days (one day being off Cipro), all of my joints were extremely inflamed, cracking/popping, I had severe shooting/stabbing/pinching pains throughout my legs and arms, my ribs felt like they were being ripped apart by hot fish hooks, severe brain fog, anxiety, numb hands/feet, severe muscle aches, “electric shock” feeling in my legs, burning hands, stiffness, tendon pain, tinnitus, and was not able to walk without help. I missed the rest of the week of work, and when I went back, wasn’t much better. I would say my initial symptoms had me at about a “2”. (On a scale I use, 1 is your at the emergency room, 5 is severe symptoms effecting every part of your life, and 10 normal health). The first couple weeks were a complete blur. I am fortunate to have a lot of say in my daily work schedule, which afforded me the ability to keep my job. My severe symptoms lasted four months, and were a complete hell that only the people reading this can understand. I found myself unable to do common household chores, or pick up my 2 year old son. The mental effects of knowing your body is destroyed may be harder than the physical effects themselves. I am a very intense, and “hard nosed” person, and these side effects were destroying my life, my marriage, and my mind. I am not an “internet person”, (the only reason I have a facebook page is because of this), but thank god (and I’m not a religious person, but very spiritual) there is now information out there about these side effects. I spent countless hours researching everything that was ever written or put online about this. At first it scared the hell out of me, and I thought I would never recover. I do suggest to the newly “floxed”, research a ton, get all the info you can, make a plan, then turn your computer off. Four months in I actually talked to my wife about our future. One of my thoughts was to do something so drastic, that it would force the press to cover my story, and at the very least bring attention to this, as I seriously thought my life was over, (and I if I couldn’t raise my son, what is the point). Thankfully, I have the greatest wife that has ever lived, and she convinced me to keep fighting. If anyone gets to this point, and doesn’t have family to turn to, please call someone, anyone, me @ 303-956-7520. There is always something left, and something you can do, even if you are one of the people that has the most drastic side effects. I then reported my side effects to the FDA (Medwatch) which I recommend everyone do. I got a medical I.D. dogtag (stating severe “allergy” to fluoroquinolones). I’ve read the “Flox Report” too many times (which has very good info, but remember, all cases are different). I bought the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution book, and every other thing most of you have probably done. I did start taking Magnesium, and protein, one month in also. One of the best things I remember reading in my first three months of research was someone posted online, “If you can’t walk, roll out of bed, and crawl”. After talking to my wife at the end of month 4, I started a rehab workout. When I first started, I would do a few minutes on the treadmill, and my knees were so hot you could fry an egg on them, all of my muscles and joints hurt. I actually started working out with the bar with no weight, (which is a major blow to your mind). I worked out slowly, and carefully, with wrist supports, knee braces, shoe insoles, and anything else that would help my joints not come unglued. Within 8 weeks I noted a major improvement (60 or 70% recovery). In the middle, I did have a one week severe relapse of symptoms, but worked through it. Five months in I noticed my eyelids started uncontrollably twitching. They still do on and off to this day, not very noticeable, but very annoying. At 8 months I had a major 2 month relapse brought on by a cold?, which dropped me back down to about 50%. (I have had two colds in the last year, and both brought about a severe relapse of symptoms). Note* I have not been back to a tradition M.D. since the symptoms started, and have not even taken an aspirin, (just my philosophy now). I had seen a naturalist doctor about four months in, but they really weren’t much help, (they did confirm good liver and kidney function, and did a complete metabolic panel, which I do recommend doing at least once). After a year of hell, I now consider myself about 75% recovered on a good day (about 50% on a bad day or relapse). I have been fortunate to not have the complete laundry list of symptoms, but it is still a living hell. The brain fog and anxiety are a lot less, though my memory isn’t what it was. Most of the neuropathic pains are gone, and the muscle aches are a bit better. Still have the occasional numbness in my arms/hands. I still have the popping, cracking, sore, and weak joints, inflammation, twitching eyelids, and those occasional random pains. I still plan to try acupuncture, possibly ozone therapy, and plan to find a good homeopath. I consider myself fortunate. I have made a “to do” list for the future. I am still working out, and plan on running the Bolder Boulder (10K) next spring. I am not fully recovered, but am a little better, and know someday, I’ll be better than before.

    Some of the things that may have helped my recovery: tanning bed (if your not having skin issues), eat organic meat (not treated with antibiotics), only drink organic milk, juice, and natural spring water, drink Muscle Milk protein, drink plenty of Probiotics (Good Belly), stretch @ least once a day, work out (carefully), get a massage, meditate (positive thoughts)…. I never thought I would say that. Some of the supplements I have taken: (disclaimer, I’m not a physician, so I can’t recommend you take anything, also I have a soul). GABA, Cell Food, Magnesium, Vit D, Osteo Bioflex, Cherry (inflammation), Fish Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cinnamon, (helps w/ circulation), Theanine, Cayenne, Bilberry, Garlic, COQ10, Lutein, Cranberry, Ginko, Amino Acids, Protein (lots), milk thistle, Topical Magnesium, copper, Biosil, Wobenzym N, Tumeric & (valerian, melatonin, and St. Johns, for rest).

    I would like to thank countless people that I don’t even know for your support. Even if you haven’t had much recovery yourself, know that you are saving lives, take solace in that. Thank you Nikki (Surviving Cipro), Jen, David, Lori, Bob, Dr. Cohen, Bill, John, and others, I don’t know you, but I thank you, my wife, son, and soon to be 2nd son thanks you.
    Other than the supplements, workouts, and things I have mentioned above, the most important thing I can suggest is patience, recovery is very slow, and there will be “cycles”. Also, take this horrific experience, and better yourself, in any way you can. Believe me, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger. Take me… I’m not fully recovered yet, but I’m not such an a$$h*le anymore. Good luck, and “God” bless.
    Tom Olmstead

    1. Thank you, Tom, for your wonderful post! My favorite part was hearing that you and your sweet family have a little one on the way. I told my husband and he said, “You’re as happy as if it had been our own nephew announcing a new little life was coming.” I guess it’s just because it reminds me that life is still so good even with this tremendous weight we are carrying. Cyber hugs to you all! 🙂 Joanne

    2. Tom, I am heartened by your sharing and your attitude, and very glad to hear you’ve had some improvement. Congrats on the 2 boys and the great wife. My husband is also a godsend in this.

      I’m Erica, 58 y/o who has been floxed many times, taking Cipro for UTI’s and for travel diarrhea over the years, never making the link between the drug and the ensuing tendon and nerve problems because symptoms tended to show after the course of meds was completed. I kept blaming it on travel conditions, my active life, and a case of “shingles” I once had, which in hindsight was probably Cipro induced neuropathy. 5 mos ago, I took a 3-day course of Cipro, 1000 mg per day and got knocked on my rear with extreme tendon, nerve, muscle and skin reactions. The Cipro link was undeniable. I’m still adjusting, trying to put in a few hours work so as not to screw up our family financially. My life now is all about disability and pain management. Yesterday I told my husband “I’m not going to let this condition steal my joy.” I put on music, lay on the bed and danced with my hands and feet. The sun shone in, birds chirped outside and I let myself feel the joy. It’s good to seize it in those moments and bask in it heart and soul!

      The good news in my story for you younger ones floxed for the first time is, there are light cases, and there is recovery. I was floxed and recovered many times without even knowing what hit me.

      Blessings on all you good folks. We shall prevail.

    3. Thank you for your very positive optimistic post here, something I am not finding alot of from those of us having taken this antibiotic. I’m still figuring it all out since the reason I was given this drug was for 3 different drug resistant Superbugs in my lungs and blood that also cause pain, enormous fatique and just feeling ill most of the time. The doctor gave me just a 30% chance of it working and gave no other options all the while knowing I had RA and fibromyalgia which should have warned him not to give me Levofloxacin in the first place. I was left with too many horrible,painful reactions to list here as my hands are painful, not to mention my mind being not too swift this late at night.

      I am grateful for this site and others as a support system I can learn and share with others like myself suffering with what hurts, what works and what hope there is for the future. Right now, for me, it’s looking pretty grim. But, then, I am beginning to see it as an adventure in conciousness, I think, a spiritual journey that requires alot of grit, imagination and humour, Doctors have been of no help with this. I have had to be my own doctor. Too many have forgotten their oath and commitment to “first do no harm”

      I wanted to mention the homeopathic remedy Belladonna has always been very helpful for my nerve pain throughout the years, spasms and twitching and RLS I get mostly at 3-4am, if not all through the night. As Belladonna works on the entire nervous system, it might be helpful to you all as well.

      Every kind wish,
      Liana Kelley
      (please excuse spelling errors, no spell check here)

    4. Dear Tom, I soooo appreciated your testimony. You shared so much about yourself, your experience pre and post, your loving wife, a protocol you followed to survive and moving into living again even though still on a roller coaster with progress, the slap backs, getting back up. Your offering your contact information for those with no support…oy vey…thank God, you have no idea how many have no one anymore…due to the “Craziness”.
      I had a polypropylene mesh implant for my bladder…yea…between that and the anti-biotics for chronic infections has taken a toll on me, my behavior is completely incomprehensible to me. I believe Cipro was the first line of defense after my 30 minute procedure. I have definitely taken it a few times for diverticulosis, UTI, Bladder…just recently I added it to my allergy list with statins.
      Your story was written very tastefully…I will pray for all of you as I pray for those of us with “Mesh Madness”.
      One quick note about the St. John’s Wort it can act as a blood thinner, it is an anti-viral, and has anti-inflammatory properties. In addition, you can buy it in homeopathic sublingual form for nerve pain and nerve injury!
      Hugs and Prayers,

    5. Hi Tom, thanks for sharing your story. I’m in the Denver-area too and have recently been subject to Cipro poisoning. I took Cipro for a potential prostate infection early Feb 2016 and about 3-4 days into it, I started getting anxiety/anxiousness. Something I’ve never felt before. I thought it was a little odd, but didn’t think too much of it. Slowly the anxiety was getting worse and eventually I knew something was wrong and probably caused by Cipro but going against my intuition I continued taking it for 10 days (10 days into a 20 day course). I finally called my Doctor and he told me to stop taking it and take Bactrim DS. Anxiety continued and about 3-4 days later I stopped the Bactrim. It’s now mid-March and my symptoms are anxiety/anxiousness, numb arms/hands/feet, cold/clammy hands/feet, sometimes tingly top of head and lips, trouble sleeping. I’m concerned about the nerve issues … any supplements you think might have helped specifically with this? I’m concerned I could have nerve damage? Hopefully not and they are anxiety related. Any doctors or eastern medicine folks in the Denver area that helped you? My doctor denies that Cipro could be causing any of this and claims that it’s completely out of my system and could not be having any effect. I have started seeing a TCM/acupuncturist and have started taking Wobenzym/Preotexyme, HistDAO, Magnesium pill (250mg), and Chinese Herbs. The results are mixed…at first the anxiety seemed to calm down a little but my numb/tingly hands and feet persisted. And now my anxiety is coming back.

      Anyhow, since you’re in the Denver area I figured I’d see if you saw anyone that helped you with this or any supplements that might’ve helped with the numb/tingly hands and feet.

      Thanks for your time,

  9. Thanks so much for this site and the wonderful information y’all have posted.

    I acted against my better judgement and took Cipro in early October 2011 for “suspected” kidney infection and am now experiencing a plethora of nightmare symptoms. Had I not been aware of the connections beforehand I’m sure I’d have allowed myself to be bullied into taking steriods and NSAIDS.

    In addition to supplements and increasing magnesium, drinking a minimum of 4 liters of filtered water daily has helped. Heat always helps. Its the episodes of waking up at 2 am with an entire side of my body, from feet to face, burning as if on fire and all muscles twitching that I’m having trouble dealing with. Any advice? I still am trying to decide if this is a good sign or really horrible sign.

    Also, has anyone had issues with gaining and/or maintaining their weight? I was petite beforehand (5 ft 4, 115 lbs) and have lost almost 10 lbs and am unable to gain or maintain weight.

    I’d like to add the key point that disgusts me most about this experience. Doctors are prescribing Cipro/floxins for “suspected” gram neg bacterium that have not been cultured as such. My suspected kidney infection was not an infection at all. Nothing cultured. I can’t imagine why a physician would prescribe something so strong as a first line choice for something suspected, regardless of bacterial resistance.

    Good luck to all!


    1. Emily,
      I’m so, so sorry you were hurt. My thoughts are certainly with you.

      I wanted to respond to your question about weight loss and peripheral neuropathy. Glutathione is used for many other people who are “wasting” (uncontrolled weight loss) from assaults on their systems (cancer, HIV). Several people on this website have reported good results from glutathione but I have not found a good practitioner to help me with this. So I have never tried glutathione, though I do take vitamin D and go out into the sunshine. (Vitamin D helps cells create glutathione.) After losing 25 pounds while desperately trying not to (I, too, started my Cipro journey fairly thin) I did find that olive oil helped a lot with slowing the wasting. For me, the wasting stopped after the first couple of months. I have not yet been able to gain back weight (I’m six and a half months out), but I am not losing either and the weight is shifting, meaning that my spine, hips, and collar bone aren’t sticking out like they were.

      My neurologist said that peripheral neuropathy, especially during the night, it normal as your nerves are trying to regrow. He knows I cannot (and won’t) take any medications, but he did say that a good quality fish oil or flax seed oil helps with the regrowth of nerves. He also said that nerves often regrow at a rate of 1/2 to 1% per day. So hang in there. Your body is working hard at recovering. It will get better!

      Best of everything to you! 🙂 Joanne

    2. I was just prescribed Cipro for a suspected UTI. As it turns out, I did not have one. I took it for 3 days before they told me I didn’t have an infection. Unfortunately, I had to wait this amount of time to find out due to the Christmas holiday. I have encountered 4 different people who have taken this drug without any side effects. I feel I am very lucky, so far, though it’s only been a couple of days. I was well aware of the side effects the first pill I took and I should have gone with my gut instinct and not taken it.


    3. Hi Emily!! How are you doing? I am suffering from Cipro side effects too. I have lost a lot of weight and I am really worried. I am petite like you. Did you have any special diet that helped you to maintain your weight?


      Any comments will be really appreciated.

      1. I lost weight too. It really scared my family, the weight falling off me. I was too sick to notice or care.
        Statistically (flox report), we will only gain a FRACTION of it back.
        Bad news for us lil bony maroneys.
        I’m 3 yrs out and I find that fact very accurate.
        Eat what you can and eat what you want. I have very little appetite 99% of the time, so that is my motto.
        Try to eat SOMETHING, anything. a few bites is better than nothing. I also try not to feel bad when I throw plates of food in garbage.
        That said, occasionally, I will really be truly hungry and eat entire meal. This happens every few months. I lived on (refridgerated) sweetened condensed milk the first few seriously floxxed months. My gut was SO BAD I could not digest. NO lumpy stuff!

  10. I’m taking Cipro supposedly for at least 3 months. I’m two weeks in now. It took me 4 1/2 months and two wound explorations to get a diagnosis of a gram negative mycobacteria. For any others with this diagnosis normaly treatment is two antibiotics for 9 -12 MONTHS. I was so relieved to finally have a diagnosis that I didn’t ask any questions about the treatment.

    1. There’s no such thing as a gram negative mycobacteria. If someone told you that’s what you have I’d go back and question their diagnosis.
      Although quinolones could be used for mycobacteria, they usually only partly treat them and as such would not be a great agent to take if that’s what you have.

  11. I was prescribed Cipro for an infection. The doctor told me to take two 500mg doses twice daily for ten days. I noticed some burning and slight joint discomfort after taking my second dose of the first day. So, I stopped taking the poison pills. I’m only two days post consumption and I’m experiencing joint and tendon discomfort, joint popping, weak muscle strength, muscle twitches, muscle/tendon stiffness,foggy head, some head pains and insomnia. I already have a past of joint problems and being 23 years old, I’m completely and deeply scared. For the last couple days and nights, I’ve been regretting the decision I made to take this horrible “so-called” medicine. Especially, when I found out what it does to people and their lives. I’m hoping I can detox the cipro toxicity out of me, but can’t really find any pertinent info on what works. I have a consultation with a local naturopathic doctor this coming week. Hopefully,he can help me. Is there anything I should ask him in particular?


    1. I would ask if he believes your symptoms are entirely caused by Cipro. If he says yes, then ask the other questions, if he says no, ask if he would be open to changing his mind. Best wishes, Nikki

      1. Thanks Nikki. I have a few more questions, if you don’t mind answering.

        I’ve read that fluoroquinolones can’t be detoxed, but one person stated they saw a naturopahic doctor who detoxed them from Cipro and that seemed to work. I don’t know if they did a chelation detox or something else though. What do you think?

        Do you know if there’s a correlation between amount taken of said pills and severity of symptoms? I’m hoping since I’m not in complete pain (not really pain, just discomfort) this is due to the fact I only took 1000mg of Cipro. I’m hoping my body can naturally dispose of the toxicity, but want to get rid of it faster before serious damage starts to occure. I hope further down the road I won’t become “crippled” and riddle with pain like most victims of this vile pill.

        And do you know anyone or heard of anyone being completely cured of this?

        Thanks in advance,


  12. Thanks Nikki for the advice.

    I do have some more questions about this elusive condition. If anyone is willing to oblige me…

    Do you think it’s benifical to detox? I read that flourquinolone can’t be detoxed, but someone on another firmed stated that a naturopathic doctor detoxed Cipro from him and he’s doing much better.

    What exactly are we suffering from? Flouride poisoning?

    Is there a point, where you’re actually healed fully? Any full healed survivors?

    Thanks in advance


    1. I have about the same exposure as Daniel. I took 2- 750mg doses this last week along with 2 doses of prednisone…..and spent several hellish days. Christ is the great physician so I advocate prayer and meditating healing scriptures. My approach was to start an aggressive detox. I immediately began doing everything I know about holistic and natural detoxing….including but not limited to:
      CILANTRO PESTO (Be sure to include kelp or dulse in your recipe)
      TAKE LECITHIN (helps protect nerves)
      BORAX ( 1/32 teaspoon to a liter of water)

      1. Hi i know your post on surviving cipro is old but i would really appreciate it if you could let me know if you got better. Its been one year and im still suffering mental crazies and joint issues. I pray you are better. This is totally unbelievable! God bless

  13. Hello Everyone,

    I am so glad I came across this site. I was prescribed Cipro last Tuesday for a suspected UTI; 2 pills a day for 3 days. I took the full prescription, finishing it on Friday morning. Then, on Saturday afternoon, my right ear started to feel funny, and immediately I began to feel confused, delirious, and afraid. My legs started to feel a bit numb, and I had no idea what was going on. I was out at the beach when this happened, and immediately went home to rest. The next day I took it easy and didn’t leave the house in fear of having an attack while driving. Well, that’s exactly what happened on Monday morning on the way to work. I now constantly feel dizzy, confused, kind of like I am constantly on drugs, or have a few drinks in me. I have seen two urgent care doctor’s, one who performed an EKG to check my heart, which they said was fine, and also recommended an MRI. They prescribed me Meclizine, which only makes me extremely tired, and does ot cure any of my symptoms. The second doctor said my right ear looked a bit hazey, and prescribed me 10 days worth of Amoxicillin, which I am now on my third day of. I have an appointment with an ENT in 2 weeks since at first I was not thinking the Cipro had anything to do with this, and I assumed I had an ear infection/equillibrium issues. But now I know what has really happened! I do not feel the joint pain, and pray that It will not soon begin. Today is Friday morning, so it has been exactly one week since I stopped taking Cipro. Does anyone know if I can still acquire other reactions to the medication this far out? I am terrified already of the constant dazed and confused feeling I have. I’ve had a horrible memory the past week and can’t speak fully clearly anymore. I hope that taking the Cipro for only 3 days will not ruin my life forever. Thank you everyone for your stories, and I hope we all get through this.

    1. HI Heidi,

      real quick note here…

      1) DO NOT freak out, if you can control it, but yes, symptoms can appear months after taking the FQ, however, that DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL GET WORSE!!!! MANY people do not.

      2) You are showing very clear signs of toxicity, I suggest you find a doctor today who understands toxicity and how to detox you, possibly a NMD.

      3) If it were me, knowing what I know, I would get a dose of glutathione IV, then H202 IV mixed with a meyers cocktail, heavy on the C, and I would have your doctor call my doctor for advice. My doctor has had more floxies to work with of late, so she has a bit of experience. I would prioritize this over everything else in your life, including your job.

      4) Right now, jump in the hottest bath you can handle with 6 cups of epsom salts. Stay in for 90-120 minutes, reheating the water as needed. Sweat is good… NO, its great.

      5) Go get a super probiotic today. Get the best quality you can buy, and take the maximum dose every day until you see a doctor for better recommendations.

      6) Get support, from friends, family, strangers (like us), lovers, whoever. You need emotional support. This is overwhelming.

      7) BREATHE. This is a temporary, although frightening, setback. You will recover. You will be ok.

      I am so glad you found my site. When I got sik, this site did not exist. The stuff that did exist freaked the hell out of me. I hope this site is being found first, before the scary ones. That is my goal, to reach you guys with a message of hope before you find the sites that speak of, well… the unmentionable.

      Hang in there, sorry I have to run, I am so glad I checked the site this morning!


      1. Nikki,
        Can you send me info for your Dr. that you mention, would like to have my ND get in contact, I am 4 wks post avelox and following many of the suggested protocals, including the IV’s.

      2. Nikki, how can I contact your doctor? what info you need from me? or my doctor? Floxed. need help. thank you

      3. thank you, Nikki. I emailed them. How do you feel after 2 years, are you fully recovered? if yes, how long did it take? Could steaming help also?

    2. Go to a naturalpathic doctor. I can recommend Tillotsen Institute in Delaware which will do phone consults for a fair price and also procure all the vitamins and minerals you will need to heal. It worked for me.

  14. Hi! I am happy and relieved to have found this site tonight, after thirty minutes of searching and searching and coming up with the same, irritating web page trying to sell me Cipro….I took Cipro for 14 days back in 2009 for a possible UTI. At the end of my treatment, my knees began to ache like crazy and I had burning at the point of attachment behind my knees. It became harder and harder to walk or to use stairs. I also have general weakness.

    I would like to say that three years later I am much better, but I am not. When I can afford to take a supplement called Vitality from the NuSkin company, which I sometimes get from one of my neighbors most of my knee pain stops, except the burning behind my right knee. But I am just not myself. As soon as the supplement runs out, within a week I am a mess again.

    Is there any permanent healing from the effects of this drug? I also found out after I was having trouble that my father, in his 80’s took Cipro and suffered the spontaneous rupture of a tendon in his hand. OUCH!

    Does anyone return to normal???


  15. I am so glad I found this website. I have been terrified out of my mind since I put the connection between cipro and tendon/joint pain. I had no idea, nor was I informed by my doctor or pharmacist that this was a possibility or I’d NEVER taken it. My pharmacy didn’t even include any literature with my medication! It was prescribed for a simple boil for heavens sake. I took approximately 3 500 mg cipro before I did not feel “right”. I felt completely drugged and out of it. I also noticed a very deep pain in my right shoulder one evening that nearly brought me to tears. I quit taking it and contacted my doc office. Three days of calls to them (frustrating) only to finally be told that “he said the medicine would not be causing your symptoms.” Then later after I went up there, it was determined he prescribed keflex 3x day 500 mg, NOT cipro 3x day 500 mg.

    It came down to a he said/he said thing between him and the pharmacist. My doctor called it in so how would I know. Actually, I don’t know if he even told me what he was prescribing…just a simple “we’ll get an antibiotic to help clear it up.” Stupid is me for being so trusting. Never did I think such a strong antibiotic would ever be used for this. I mean, I’m in worse shape now than before. (And the boil is about gone even though I stopped all medications) Anyway, when I went up there, the nurse went next door to pharmacy and simply changed my bottle out for the keflex and offered a simple “sorry.”

    I only took three doses of my keflex when four hours after a mid day dose I started experiencing severe burning sensations all over my body…chest, neck, shoulders, and calves mainly. I also had tingling and twitching all over. Three hours of this and I was headed to the ER only to be diagnosed with parasthesias and anxiety. Next day called doc office and told them only to be told again…IT’S NOT YOUR MEDICINE.

    So as of now, two weeks later I am burning in chest, stomach, neck, calves, and shoulders. Popping like a bowl of rice krispies. Knees and heels hurt when I walk. I went to walmart yesterday and walked like a toddler in need of a diaper changing. I have daily headaches that nothing seems to rid of, it will ease only to come back. But I also have a low temp. My “normal” temp always runs about 97.5 (I am 5’4″ and 110lbs) and now it goes to 98.8 then back to 97.5. I have officially fired my doctor but feel like another doctor will say the same thing.

    I am rambling, I know…but I am seriously concerned for myself. I am glad, however, I found this site to interact with others who have been affected. I would just like to know how I will be. I hope I have just been “bit” and not “broken” by cipro or keflex. I pray a lot for healing, and I will certainly pray for all of you who have been afflicted this horrible pain. God Bless.

  16. Hi,

    Did cipro make your hair fall out? My hair has been falling out in hundreds for the last 1.5 weeks so much so I have only 50% of my hair left 🙁 I feel so depressed.


  17. Good morning, Lynne and Leah!

    Yes, people can and do recover! I am 12 months out from floxing and was hit very, very hard. Liver, kidney, heart damage was paired with all the neuromuscular stuff we face. I also had Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome and a long list of other problems. I could barely crawl to the toilet which was only a few feet from my bed for the first few weeks and had multiple, larger, partial ruptures of tendons along with that constant burning that comes from all the micro-tearing. I am only about 70-75% healed (my organs still give me some problems), but considering that I was told multiple times that I would die, I think I’m making a pretty good comeback! 🙂 I am only giving this background because we DO get better! LOTS better!

    Lynne, your hair WILL grow back. My hair fell out by the handfuls. I had lots of completely bald spots. Really gross and pretty scary. Your body is concentrating its efforts on maintaining your vital functions. So, hair is not on the priority list. It DOES grow back. Mine grew back somewhat straighter and a bit darker, but it is just as thick and healthy as ever now.

    Leah, as a point of encouragement, it took about 4 months for me to be able to hobble through the grocery store holding onto the basket for support and resting periodically. I am hoping that the fact that you can do that already is a really great sign. I am walking about 5-6 miles each day now. I still cannot to any percussive movements such as skipping or running, but I will gladly take the improvement. I would avoid any more meds, if you can help it. It’s like running heavy machinery over a fragile or broken bridge. It can cause collapse. I was prescribed Bactrim and Keflex when I was only a couple of months out from floxing because my kidneys were infected from the Stevens-Johnsons Syndrome. One pill almost did me in…. literally. I stopped the meds and the infection cleared on its own, but I am still affected by the damage caused by the additional antibiotic. I am guessing the headaches are from your liver being hit. Often floxies feel a burning across their diaphragm or “stomach” which is their liver dealing with the toxicity. Drinking lots of water helped me with the cranial pressure and headaches. Fish oil or flax seed oil helped some with the headaches as well.

    Please keep in touch, both of you. II think we would all love to hear about your progress. Have a better day each day and keep healing! 😉 Joanne

  18. Darn computers, I just typed a reply only to have my computer freeze up on me so here I go again. 😉 Have to keep the humor through all of this…good for the soul.

    Anyway, Thank you very much Joanne for the encouragement. I know patience is the name of the game but boy its hard to not sit and cry. I am happy to report that the burning sensations have lessened some. My ankles, knees and shoulders are my worst. Still popping and today I noticed my left ankle slightly swollen.

    I went into a local urgent care facility and had a CBC done just to check for infection (low grade fever sill present at times)… My white blood cell count is a little elevated. Would my body do this while fighting the toxins? I was offered amoxicillin (I have taken without incident in past) but I’m not too sure my body wants that right now. So confused… Of course the PA said my meds wouldn’t have caused this but she was aware of the fda black box label warning. Even said her mother took cipro and by then end of antibiotic course, she walked with the help of a walker. Not to be alarmed though because after three days when it was out of her system she was good to go. Huh? The PA was nice but why no one wants to link symptoms like this to cipro when it spells it out is concerning.

    So far I have been taking omega3 fish oil supplements, Flinstone extra c vitamins, vitamin d/calcium chews, incorporating spinich, raisins and cashew nuts to diet. Drinking lots of water and doing the epsoms salts bath. Only been doing that for about a week though. What would be a good measurement in mg for vitamin supplements per day? Would a vitamin b shot help?

  19. I took cipro for about a week when i started feeling weakness and pain in my right arm(lower arm area) I stopped taking my 2 times a day 500mg dose right away……. went to the dr and he told me oh it was too soon for those kind of side effects to start thats usually after taking the pills for a while, well its been over a month i still have no strength in my arm and still have pain when i use it, also the past two days i am having trouble walking, with my right leg the area like between your pelvis and your hip, not able to bear any weight on it and not able to move it……. I am starting to really get worried about this, im 41 and feel like im 61 It makes me so mad and sad and all other types of things about medication and drs and who to trust and who knows and tells you the truth!!!!!

  20. Took cipro 1 year ago September. I was an extremely active 68 year old. Worked out at the gym 3 times per week and golfed 18 holes (walked) at least twice a week. After taking cipro could hardly walk and was in constant pain from stiff joints. My doctor would not admit it was cipro because she said I did not have tendonitis in my achilles. First time in my life went to a naturopath. He prescribed Wobenzym PS and Meriva-SR. I am now feeling 90% better after taking his medication for past 2 months. I will continue to take this medication until I am completely recovered.( Quote)

    1. Thank you for your positive reply on this forum. I am four months out from five 250 mg of cipro. I haven’t experienced much in terms of tendon issues, mine has been all nerve related. Currently, I am experiencing a rather bad cycle and I saw your post. Did you have any nerve issues? If so, did the supplements help with that? Thanks so much.

  21. My grandmother who is 102 years old had never taken antibiotics, vitamins or pain relievers her entire life. Here she is and she was prescribed Cipro 250 in April, Being she never took medications I thought that she should just take one does each morning for the course of treatment. A week following the completion of medication she was confused I assumed that the medication was not strong enough. In May 2012 she was prescribed 500mg and again I was careful and gave her one tablet each morning. I am a nurse and have taken care of my nana for over 15 years. Normally she is alert and oriented at all times so this confusion puzzled me. Was it a UTI? I knew for sure after day 6 of the stronger Cipro that it was the medication. She was in bed which she usually sleeps on her back without difficulty. She was completely crooked all the way to the left , I added pillows and moved her around the clock, I couldn’t figure out why she was so crooked and when she was in her wheelchair she was still crooked. Everytime I would go around her neck/back area to fix her she would say “oh that hurts” mind you she is not a complainer at all STRONG lady. I didn’t get any answers from the Nurse/Doctor and after being off the drug for a week now she is no longer crooked, but still fogged even her eyes looked strange. Feel free to contact me if you have any information based on this event. Thank you

  22. Thank you so much for this site Nikki. I found this site recently and it is so encouraging to know that I am not alone. I hope my story helps someone. I started taking antibiotics over a course of 5 months to alleviate a chronic sinus infection. In lieu of surgery, I agreed to take Cipro. I did not realize that the absorption of Cipro is hindered if one is also taking magnesium or calcium (those instructions were buried in the paper info given with the prescription, but not mentioned by the pharmacist). I took two rounds of Cipro(500mg for 14 days) at the same time I took the magnesium and calcium, getting better each time, but having a relapse of the sinus infection (CT scan indicated I was a candidate for surgery). An ENT put me on prednisone to try to resolve the sinus infection without the surgery. I reacted to the prednisone with insomnia and stopped quickly because I work full-time and have to sleep (that caused horrible shin splints and muscles cramps). The next ENT suggested surgery or Cipro again (because no Dr. had kept me on a six week course of an antibiotic which she felt was appropriate for the chronic sinusitis). Again, I agreed to take Cipro because I thought I had not reacted to it. This time I saw the insert about the conflict of taking magnesium/calcium with the Cipro and discontinued those supplements. Within two weeks I was at the Dr, with severe tendonitis of the elbow with radiating pain up and down my arm into my hand. It was so severe I couldn’t sleep at night (I had worked out for years at the gym and never had a problem with tendonitis and had done nothing to aggravate my arm. I continued to use the treadmill at the gym, but limited upper body workout) I asked the Dr. if the antibiotic could be contributing to this tendonitis. He emphatically said, “No antibiotic causes tendonitis.”

    Five weeks into the last round of Cipro, I found the medical insert again, and read it thoroughly. I had ignored the black box warning previously because I had never had tendon problems. Now I realize that it applied specifically to me–I am in my 60’s and had taken prednisone just before taking the last 5 weeks of Cipro. I stopped it immediately and called the Dr. to alert them to the need to inform patients who fit this description before they take Cipro. That was in June of 2011.

    In August, 2 months after stopping Cipro, but with continuing arm and joint pain, I fell. I don’t remember tripping–I just fell. Although the fall was minimal with no bruising, my left ankle swelled horribly and has not healed since then. After using crutches and a boot for weeks, X-rays, physical therapy for months, and specialists; Drs. can’t explain why I have not healed. I have also had stinging nerve pain going up my legs, around the Achilles tendon on both feet, and up the backs of my arms. My left Achilles tendon constantly feels like it is being “stretched” after a tear and I can’t stand to have any shoe or strap touch that area. I have been diagnosed with neuritis of the feet and arms and peroneal tendinitis. MRI shows abnormal increased signal surrounding the extensor digitorum longus tendon in the same foot. The last podiatrist thinks there is a tear in the peroneal tendon…BUT because my problems do not involve a rupture of the Achilles tendon or the rotator cuff in the shoulder, they deny any connection to the Cipro! Of the eight Drs. and five physical therapists I have seen throughout this year, only one podiatrist and one physical therapist had any idea that there was a black box warning on Cipro tying it to tendinistis. These Drs. are all with Kaiser Permanente.

    Now, a year since the first sign of tendinitis in my right elbow, it is much better. The muscle strength is improving; I can lift things again. I am still afraid to work out after pulling the connective tissue in my ribs while brushing my dog–it feels like a bruised rib . The left arm is still partially numb on the back above the elbow. My foot and nerve pain is maybe 60% better. Physical therapy and ultrasound might have helped my arm, but not my foot . Acupuncture helped with muscle spasms (I needed to relax) but not healing of the tendinitis nor nerve pain–it did sooth my emotional trauma. 🙂 I still keep my foot wrapped with an ace bandage whenever I need to walk. I am allergic to most anti inflammatory and pain medication, so I use 2 Tylenol 8 hour-long acting 650 mg. throughout the day because I am a teacher and on my feet all day. It helps. I ice my foot at night to stop the pain–I am so grateful for cheap ice packs bought at Walmart–better than bags of frozen peas and corn. Several topical meds. were prescribed (lidocaine and castiva), but I prefer the over the counter Sportscream (active ingredient:Trolamine Salcylate) at the end of the day so I can sleep. The other prescription ointments are no better and seem to irritate my skin. I can’t wrap my foot if I put an ointment on it. It starts burning.

    The last Neurologist asked if the sinus infection was eliminated. I admitted that the Cipro finally solved that problem. Then, he asked if I was glad I had taken Cipro. I almost screamed at him, “No, this has been hell! I would take surgery over this any day. I have lost my mobility, my ability to work out at the gym, my love of hiking, and I can barely do my job–not to mention spending hundreds of dollars on co-pays for Drs., physical therapists, tests, and medicine.”

    Blessings to all of you who have taken the time to write your stories. This summer I am going to try swimming at the gym and follow-up on some of your alternative med suggestions.

  23. I took Cipro for 4 days for an intestinal bacterial infection along with Flagyl. Stopped after 4 days because I read the pamphlet that came with the prescription and realized I was suffering many of the side effects (brain fog, anxiety, blurry vision, could not sleep for more than 2 hrs at a time, strange vibrating sensation while lying in bed, anxiety, etc). As soon as I quit taking it my anxiety level came way down, and within several weeks all of the side effects went away. I spoke with several neighbors and friends who took Cipro for a UTI and had absolutely no problems with it Mabye it comes down to your liver, if it can break it down and excrete it?. Maybe taking bovine colostrum would be beneficial (probiotic). Do a google search on bovine colostrum, it is touted as a miracle food that will strengthen your immune system. I am currently taking it in my morning smoothie (1 TBSP) and giving it to my dog because she has a poor immune system (1/3 TBSP). Supposed to be excellent for healing the intestinal tract, for people with IBS, colitis, etc. Many athletes take it, Hope this helps.

    1. Linda,

      I had those same side effects along with ringing in the ears after 3 or 4 doses of 500mg tablets. You said it took several weeks to go away. Could you be more specific. I am on week 5 and still have some of the symptoms. On medication for anxiety and nervousness. Was not on any medication before I took the cipro for prostatitis and no prior health issues. I am 52 years old.

  24. THANK YOU to ALL of you. Like so many, I took literally 3 500mg doses of Cipro for a bladder infection before suffering the beginnings of a line of symptoms……severe burning skin, after the first two doses suffered incredible nausea, woke up the next morning and felt as if I had been beaten in the back of the head w/a baseball bat,,,,,,the muscles in the back of my head right above my neck buned and hurt so bad…..I like all of you trustingly took one more dose before relizing I was having a reaction….after 3rd dose…..broke out into a terrible rash on chest…..went back to dr. only to be told the same……wasn’t meds…….told him he could throw that medicine away….he prescribed amoxycillin…..that was almost a week ago…..never went and picked it up even though I have taken that antibiotic for years w/o any issues……….since stopping the cipro almost a week ago muscle pain in back of head is manageable, not as sore…..mild anxiety……..stiff joints and some days r harder than others pain wise………still have burning sensation and feel like I am having hot flashes ALL the time……..after only 3 pills is it possible my symptoms won?t be as severe? I am scared……but a woman of faith and am praying Gods healing power on us all……God Bless……..

  25. I am relieved to have found this site!
    Here’s my story (abbreviated version). I’m 30 years old and have suffered from chronic sinusitis/rhinitis for the past 10 years. I’ve had two surgeries, constant infections, and chronic sphenoid head pain. I truly believe that my primary care physician, ENT, and allergist all have my health and best interest in mind. That said, all have prescribed Cipro to treat my recurring sinus infections. And truth be told, a long-term course (nearly TWO MONTHS) has finally helped to clear up my latest sinus infection.

    Now for the problematic part. I’m currently on vacation with my husband, having finished the 2-month course about a week ago. Around the last week of the Cipro course (again, I have taken Cipro before without problems), I began experiencing the sharp, lightening rod pains in my joints and muscles that so many of you har described. They’re nearly debilitating. Very short-lived, but incredibly intense! As I’ve thought more about it, I’ve also been experiencing periodic fatigue (I’m very fit, and on a beach walk I asked my husband if we could take a few breaks, sitting down to catch my breath). The joint pain hasn’t let up, but my energy has come back.

    I’ve emailed my PCP, with whom I have a great relationship. While I am relieved to be sinus-infection-free for the longest time in 3 years, I cannot believe the level of pain I’m experiencing in my joints!

  26. I am experiencing pain, numbness, tingling. I have been taking viatmins, eating yogurt and drinking coffee which are on the warnings to lessening effectiveness so thought I’d try another dose as most of the warnings refer to stopping early and developing bacteria resistant to drugs.
    I have also taken aleve the past two days for joint/tendon pain.
    I have only taken the full 2 doses on 2 days and a total of 7 500 mg tablets. Stopping now that I do not think I am crazy- even though Doctor says that it is unrelated to the meds….

  27. It is COMPLETELY related to the meds. You are wise to stop. I wish I had at the first signs. You should avoid caffeine and NSAIDS. They will aggravate your condition. All the best, Joanne

  28. I have been on Cipro for 9 days so far, for gram neg Klebsiella pnuemonaie, an infection in a lump on my face, a culture proved which infection it was.. thats worrying enough, I am on cipro 500mg every 8 hours, for 21 days. Oh no, already I have been laid up on my bed for 2 days, 1. Totally full of cold, started with sore throat, 2. When vacuuming, my back went, sharp pain in back sudden and very very painful, havent been able to walk properly since, cannot straighten up, arms are so weak, so maybe its the cipro, oh what do I do now, i feel I have no grip, no strength, this site is a god send, so worried, i need to clear the klebsiella but cant suffer these effects, I wasnt like this at all before taking them

      1. Dear Nikki, after over 2 years, how are you doing. Are you back to “normal” ? Can you run? Can you do weight lifting?

  29. My husband was bi-polar. The doctor prescribed Cipro for a lung infection. About 5 days into the treatment he became anxious, confused, worried, paranoid, completely restless. I did not know that Cipro could affect you like that. I had no idea!!. He committed suicide after a 10 day regime of it. I had to have an answer as to why. He had NEVER been suicidal before. I started doing research on his meds and was horrified to find that Cipro could affect you like that. It should have never been given to a bi-polar person in the first place and we could have at least been warned by our doctor about it interacting with the other meds or worsening of bi-polar episodes. He was retired only 2 years. We had sold our house to move to a smaller place so we could do a lot of traveling. I am just in the middle of a nightmare. I have to finish moving, close my house, close the house I am buying, take care of all the other business associated with it. I had been married to him for 49 years since I was 16 years old. He was my perfect beloved, my soulmate, my whole life. Cipro should be taken off the market or at least monitored more carefully. It is all about profits for the big guys..

  30. Hi Nikki! My name is wale,am 22 yrs old.I was suspecting that I had an STI,so I went to the doctor.I did a test and while waiting for the result of the test(cause there was a holiday) I took 2 200mg tabs of ofloxacin at once for a day! 3hrs later I started feeling pains on my right shoulder,pains in my tendons,ear pains and the feeling as if my ears where blocked.I couldn’t walk long distances.its been 11months now since I stopped the mediction,without any medical help,most of the effects are gone or subsided.but I still feel as if my ears is blocked.pls what do I do to recover I expect more symptoms or have I experienced all.want to no if its gone for good or may experience any in the future?WALE.a

  31. I took Cipro for a bacterium and the doctor told me there are rarely sideaffects and so did the pharmacist.

    I had two other problems before taking Cipro. An injured right hand that affected my right index finger, and an injured lower leg from a metal wedge skimming my shin. I did not realize that Cipro attacks your body. The healing of my finger and leg were affected byt he Cipro and joints started tingling and hurting. I took it for ten and half days and noticed problems after five days. I stopped yesterday morning. The swelling in my finger started going down immediately. My achilles ached on and off. And I hit my left ankle and it should have not bothered me, but the Cipro seemed to keep the ligaments in my ankle from not healing and that immediately stopped after not taking Cipro.

    I would not recommend Cipro for anybody unless they were going to die from whatever else they had.

  32. Advice for those taking protein: Great Lakes Gelatin. This is animal based and full of necessary admins, though unfortunately doesn’t work for vegetarians. it is “collagen hydroxylase.” Very good for tendons and joints, easily assimilated by the body. This kind, it’s in a green container, does not congeal and can be added to juices easily.

    I took cipro a couple weeks ago and my main reaction seems to be thyroid related, it’s enlarged, but i started taking magnesium, probiotics, vitamin b pretty quickly. Great lakes gelatin is recommended for those with thyroid issues as it is animal not soy based.

  33. Oh my goodness, I am so happy I found this blog! I am a healthy 32 year old woman ( other than a treated thyroid disorder) who is currently taking Cypro for a sinus and lung infection. I have been on it for 3 days and have noticed that my respiratory illness is subsiding but I feel worse than I did before taking the drug. I have absolutely zero energy, but can’t sleep…I call it “tired and wired,” accompanied by severe headaches, nausea, diarrhea and dizziness. I took to the internet to find out more and am completely blown away….here’s where my story gets crazy:

    This time last year, I was on Cypro for a similar respiratory illness and had the most severe side effects, but didn’t realize it until reading this blog.

    I have spent the last year being poked and prodded by several “specialists” who were convinced I may have all sorts of diseases ranging from RA, Lupus and inflammatory osteo arthritis. I have spent hundreds of dollars on blood tests, ultrasounds, x-rays and tissue samples but all the results came back normal. I would wake up every day for months with such severe joint pains, I couldn’t even hold a cup of water or turn a door knob. I even woke up one day with a torn rotor cuff and no explanation for the injury…it still acts up almost a year later. I have been suffering from severe anxiety, paranoia and insomnia and have been completely confused by it, I have felt in this last year like I have been losing my mind. I even sought psychological help for fear that I have developed an anxiety disorder or worse, schizophrenia.

    I am so utterly relieved to have found this blog. I feel like everything I’ve suffered through in the last year could be a result of having taken Cypro and that gives me hope for a return to normalcy.

    Thank you for putting your stories out there.


  34. Nikki, thanks for helping so many of us, and I really hope that you and everyone else is making good, relatively steady, recovery.

    I’m a 54 year old who likes to play and work in the mountains. I do all of the usual backpacking-skiing, hiking games. In January 2011, I was referred to a urologist to double check my prostate and PSA. Both were fine, but when the urologist heard that I’ve had a long-term history of mostly mild prostatitis, she suggested a 21 day, 1000 mg/day prescription to “just give it a try.” I told her that I’d had a number of Cipro courses before, to no effect. But she said it couldn’t hurt, so I went along with it. I actually don’t remember if I had any minor effects with that course, and I don’t think I had any previously. About two months later, I developed some bilateral hip pan, around the superio-posterior greater trochanter, while backpacking firewood up a hill over several days (don’t ask why I was engaged in such foolish activity). A steep hiking trip made things even worse, and not long after that I developed burning in my hands and feet and fasciculations. I also had some secondary pain in calf tendons. The big thing was the hip pain though, and pretty soon I was unable to do anything but be sedentary for a few weeks and then graduate to mostly road biking on the flats for about a year. Little by little I was able to return to all normal activities. The hip pain flared up when hiking, but stretching would allow me to hike along for another 20 minutes or so before more stretching. Mild fasciculations persisted.

    I never connected any of these problems to Cipro– I thought that there might have been some relationship to some (fixed) hypothyroidism. I was thoroughly examined by all of the usual specialist suspects, and over the year was given a prednisone dose pack and cortisone hip and epidural injections. The general consensus was that I had myofascial pain, which is likely true. Interestingly, the neurologist thought that I might have had chemical poisoning, but I assured him that I hadn’t been exposed to any chemicals (!).

    Two days ago I was back at the same urologist, and she recommended another 21 day course of Cipro. After reading the insert material, I was concerned, but decided to take the first pill and then do some more looking around online– a very bad order in which to have done things indeed! Within 20 minutes I realized that my musculoskeletal and neurological problems were due to delayed Cipro toxicity. I had apparently reached some sort of threshold after a number of other Cipro courses. But I had just taken that first pill. I was pretty much done with this urologist for a variety of reasons, so I called my very helpful primary physician to tell him that I wanted to discontinue the Cipro because I thought I had been affected by toxicity, and asked for a different antibiotic (doxycycline was prescribed). My main concern at the time was actually that I would develop Cipro-resistant bacteria rather than a relapse of toxicity symptoms– what could one pill do if I stopped right now after all? He told me to shorten the Cipro dose to three days. I thought about that and decided that I would risk resistant bacteria instead of a return of toxicity, as I never planned to take this family of antibiotics again. But, alas, the damage was already done. This time, instead of delayed onset of symptoms, I got all of my original symptoms back within a day. Two years of progress gone. If I had just done my research a few minutes earlier, I would have been fine. Now, I’m worried about rupturing tendons while kicking myself.

    After that long-winded story, here is my question: Any guesses as to my prognosis given that I had had a prior floxing with mild symptoms remaining (bad) but with only one new pill on board (good)? Will this likely clear fast given the low new exposure, or am I likely to end up getting clobbered worse than before given the earlier floxing. I know that this is difficult to predict at best, but perhaps someone has had a similar path.

    I feel somewhat guilty posting this, because so many of you are courageously fighting much worse effects than I have experienced, but I thought I would join in. Again, my sincerest best wishes to you all, and I will be thinking of you. Thanks, Jeff

  35. My husband was poisoned by Cipro…tendonitis pain in both arms and shoulders, a torn rotator cuff, hip and knee pain and eye pain and floaters. He was diagnosed with tendonitis and given Cortizone in both shoulders. They wanted to operate on his rotator cuff. He woke up with all of these injuries, he did nothing to cause any of this. He had taken Cipro 3 times, 500mg. twice a day for a month each time, for a supposed prostate infection, Then major pain in his upper arms and in his shoulder, the doc said it was tendonitis., so he got the cortizone shot, he felt better, but….then another prostate infection and another course of Cipro and all the pain came flooding back and that’s when he had an MRI and found not only tendonitis, but the torn rotator cuff. We started researching the Cipro and were shocked by what we learned and of course none of the doctors believed us…He also had to go on Pred Forte drops for his eye pain. Anyway we found a protocol to help him heal…and after several months of following it, he is 100% better. He will never touch a fluoroquinolone antibiotic again!!!!!
    Cipro depletes your body of magnesium at the cellular level, and magnesium is needed in over 325 biochemical reactions in your body and is crucial for every muscle, (your heart), tendon, ligament and joint in your body….So we were advised to begin a regimen of magnesium, D3, B12 and now K2.
    Magnesium Oxide is no good, it is poorly absorbed and will cause diarrhea if you take the amount your body needs…So we began ordering from Jigsaw Health in Arizona, their Jigsaw magnesium. And he started taking 4 in the AM and 4 in the PM. D3, he started with 10,000 iu and 2,500 mcg of B12 and now we found out the K2 is very important to take with the D3. Also we bought transdermal magnesium oil and rubbed it into his tendons and muscles… after first putting ice packs on his tendons and then heat packs…we did this twice a day. He also took epsom salt baths and foot baths.
    Very important is not to eat any meat of any kind that has been pumped full of these antibiotics, only grass fed, free range and cage free meats, organic eggs and organic fruits and veggies.
    We ordered a freezer full of grass fed beef. Next thing we learned was to put the beef bones in a crock pot with water and let it cook for a couple of days and then use that bone broth, which becomes a gel when refrigerated, in soups or in other dishes, You need the collagen to help you heal too…NO meat that has antibiotics in it or you could have a relapse after you get better…
    You can find antibiotic free meat at various stores, or go online and find a farm nearby that raises only grass fed animals and buy direct..
    Since you have been damaged at the cellular level you need to heal at the cellular level, so physical therapy will only cause you to do more damage while you are replenishing your mag. levels. We told the 2nd doctor who would have done the rotator cuff surgery our story and he said “Wow, now you are educating me, I’m on Cipro right now!” I said you better do some research and if you operate on my husband, aren’t you going to do more damage to his tendons etc.? and he said
    “Yes, and I have several patients that chose not to have the surgery and they do just fine,” So we left and continued on with the protocol and never looked back. Now my husband is bowling, golfing and working again, and he never thought he would ever be able to do any of those things again, because of the amount of pain he was in….and he now has a 203 average and he is 77 years young.
    And he still lays carpet.
    Now if you want to see this protocol that we followed, it is called the “Levaquin Tendonitis Solution”
    And you can google it, and it is an e-book, but the site that we got it from is amazing. Kerry Knox, is a nurse and her husband, Josh is a tendonitis expert and they wrote the book together and here is the link to her site… We feel really bad when we see that most people who have been damaged by this poison have no idea what to do……..They answer all your questions and give lots of information and how to help yourself heal from this.
    We also take lots of other supplements and always have for years, But never knew how important magnesium is to the human body and that it’s important to take the other supplements along with the magnesium…and NOT magnesium can google Jigsaw magnesium or Jigsaw Health.
    It is Magnesium w/SRT and 4 in the morn. and 4 at nite is for advanced cases of cellular magnesium deficiency, now we both take 2 in the morn and 2 at night…along with the D3, now we are taking it at 5,000iu. We get that and the B12 at Sam’s Club, great prices. If you did order the Jigsaw, it is $39.00 per bottle, but if you order 4 bottles at a time,(I do) it is only $26.00 and each bottle lasts 2 months if you take 4 per day, so 4 bottles costs us $104.97 which for one person is an 8 month supply…We have been ordering it for 2 years and I have had 16 orders of 4 bottles because so many of our friends, kids and neighbors want it, so they keep calling me for another bottle…I can’t keep it in my house, it goes out as fast as it comes in…My girlfriend asked me if I would be her drug dealer, she is taking it because she has kidney stones and it is great for you if you have that issue. so she is on her 3rd bottle and doing well.
    My niece had migraine headaches, I got her the mag., B12 and D3, she calls it her miracle, she won’t go a day without it, no more migraines!!!!!!!!! It is amazing how important and needed it is for your body. She ran out of it once and didn’t call me, until she got a migraine and that was it, she met me at my work and got 2 bottles and gave one to her mom, I asked why? She said because I told her about my miracle and she has a lot of the same issues, so now her mom takes it too and her sister. So I should start getting a commission from Jigsaw Health….ya right. $13.00 a month isn’t too bad considering what it can do for you, especially good for your heart health. And one more thing, both my husband and I were pre-diabetic before we started the mag. and now neither one of us is!!! It is a miracle mineral…it truly is…and the epsom salt baths help your body absorb more magnesium and are highly recommended or just the foot baths. One more thing you do not want to take the B12 cyanocobalamin… need to only take B12 methylcobalamin, I have only found it at Sam’s Club and it and the D3 are reasonable…400 pills ea. D3 is $10.00 and B12 is $17.98 That is over a years supply of both..
    And if you have kidney disease or are on dialysis you would want to check with a doctor about the magnesium, because it is an electrolyte.
    Here is a phone # for the magnesium if you want to give it a try…1-866-601-5800
    And that’s our story and we’re sticking to it!!!!!! Good luck!
    …we do take a lot of other supplements too, and CoQ10 is an important one for cardiovascular health, we take way too many vitamins, but we always did, just not all the right ones that were needed to heal this cellular depletion of magnesium…..You can google the transdermal mag oil too.
    Here is my story and the site to go to…

  36. Hello
    I took cipro 3 days. 1week later had pain in arches of feet, then ball of feet and wrists. Now my calves feel tight and my ankles are sore, though my feet and hands are almost better. I was good this morning but in the afternoon my calves started to get sore. It has been two weeks since my symptoms started. I have been taking coQ 10, magnesium, and basic detox nutrients by Thorne. My question to any one is, since my hands and feet are improving, does this mean I Am really getting better? I am very worried it will get worse, but I am hopeful that I am on the mend. Blessings to all of you!

  37. Hi all. This is a great site! I am floxed. I think maybe twice. My story. Basically, two years ago I had a routine urological investigation under a general and was given an anasthetic. The doctor told me I was also given a ‘propholactic’ antibiotic IV. I told them before I went under that I was allergic to all penicllins and related drugs. She assured me they didn’t use those for the uro ops but something else. I ‘think’ but can’t be sure she said ciprofloxacin. I paid little attention, just relieved not to be getting a penicillin which nearly killed me and gave me probable Steven Johnsons Syndrome.

    After the op I was soooo ill for about five weeks. Could NOT get myself going, despite being told recovery would only take a couple weeks. When I finally did get back to normal I began to try and build up to my daily walks and after a few weeks noticed heel pain and ankle pain. Then it got worse and I developed swelling and then a hard lump on my achilles tendon. A physio diagnosed achilles tendinitis which they said was ‘odd’ because I am not a big exerciser due to having ME. I just walk daily and do pilates.

    Over time I got better but my tendon still played up a year and a half later. Then six weeks ago I got a drug resistant UTI. there weren’t many options for me, with being allergic to a number of drugs and the UTI being resistant to others so they gave me three days of Cipro. As soon as I read the insert and saw the stuff about tendons I hesitated. But doc told me ‘is a low dose for just three days and millions of scrips are given out a year. You’re more likely to get seriously ill from a kidney infection than suffer effects from this.’ So… I took it.

    First dose intense intense nausea. And the only thing I can describe it as is that my body felt as if it was being poisoned and wanted the stuff out of me. Second dose things got a lot better (ha ha if only I knew). I was fine on it -except for major anxiety and very odd dreams – until the final day. The morning of I felt hot and cold pains on my feet. Then after my next to last dose I noticed my heels hurt to put down, which was the tendon pain I’d initially had after my op! I panicked and rang my GP who said I really had to take last dose as one more pill wouldn’t do anymore and I couldn’t risk making the bug resistant to cipro as well. I took it and prayed. And that night felt okay. the next day I awoke and felt like I’d been in the ring with Tyson. My tendons hurt. My heels too. My toes were hot and cold and my arms and back killed.

    Now six weeks out I have some good days and then a few bad days if I do too much. But the tendons are just getting worse and worse and I literally have to lie about all day not to flare them up! If ai am not utterly vigilante the other symptoms come back. Like if I do anything like eat sugar, drink caffeine or alcohol. (Last night I had one glass of wine and my whole body hurt for hours!)

    I also have bladder pain!! Go figure. Its daily, as if the drug going through my bladder system has made is sore!

    One question I do have and I would love if someone could answer this is – is it possible for some of us floxed people not to be able to tolerate magnesium? Everyone says it is a huge help but I notice whenever I use it I develop really horrible heart palpitations. I am stuck between wanting to help my ankles and feet and not waniting to irritate the palpitations!

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  38. I could not read all the posts, but the ones I did read made me so angry! What can be done to educate the public to these horrors? I came so close, but luckily dodged the Cipro bullet,. But the circumstances under which it was prescribed border on criminal. I was vacationing in Hawaii when after a few days, I began to urinate almost hourly and felt like I had to the rest of the time, so I went to a walk-in clinic to get tested for a UTI. The initial test was negative, but the doctor did a second test which had to be sent to a lab. The doctor prescribed Cipro and told me to start taking it while I waited 3 days for the results of the lab test. I got the prescription filled, but hesitated to take it, thinking that I had heard something negative about Cipro. Also, the last UTI I had had, many years before, had come on suddenly and painfully, while the symptoms I was experiencing in Hawaii, although annoying, were not debilitating. I called my doctor at home and he said to go ahead and take the Cipro, no problem. But when I told him it did not feel like a UTI, he said he had heard of people who were not used to tropical fruit reacting to the irritation with urethral spasms, which could also cause my symptoms. I decided not to take Cipro right away but to wait for the lab test and in the meantime, stopped eating tropical fruit. By the time I got the negative lab test result, I was feeling much better. Reading other people’s stories, I am horrified by how close I came, and how cavalier the doctor in Hawaii was to tell me to start taking the Cipro, “just in case” I did have a UTI.

    1. Everyone affected by this drug (or other drugs) sue the CEO of the company in his/her personal capacity, through a common law grand jury (no lawyers involved, and judge is merely administrative). They need to be held personally accountable. Along with damaging drugs, GMO foods, flouridation of the water, chemtrails, etc…the plan is for mass depopulation. This is the big picture. Project Camelot Interviews George Green

  39. I left my comments but didn’t know they wanted to hear the whole story. Mine started when I had a mastectomy and needed something for an antibiotic. That’s when I was given Cipro, as I am allergic to penisillin. My mind loss of words to speak correctly. I was given cipro off and on until 2005. I am still that way, groping for the right word that I know I know. To this day my ankles feel like they are going to break when I stand up. I bought some socks that made my legs break out in a speckeled rash as they were wool and I didn’t know it, allergic to that. My feet, ankles, calf up to the knees hurt all the time. Sometime it is so unbearable, especially at night under the covers, they hurt my feet, have to keep them out from under the covers. My life is all messed up, from my language to being able at times to make dinner. It’s hard to stand up and cook. My husband is a blessing as he helps me in any way he can. I developed peripheral neuropathy in 2008, and was told it was permanent. I won’t bore you all with the many problems I have, but hope you all get well enough to enjoy some life again. Susan Weyand

  40. I had no idea how bad this drug is. I had major back surgery in 09. They gave me cipro twice a day for three weeks. I became really, really sick but thought it was due to the pain meds. For the next three years I experienced all of the symptoms listed in Nikki’s story. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome. Then a few weeks ago I ended up in the VA ER were a doctor told me I had a kidney infection. They gave me Cipro. I have been on it twice a day now since the beginning of March. This last week I have been getting sicker and sicker. Then this morning I woke up with that medicine smell you get. It took a while for me to figure out that I am experiencing this sickness due to the Cipro. I took my last dose at noon today. I have been bad sick. I don’t trust going to back to the VA. If someone could tell me how to detox this nasty stuff I would appreciate it. This is something terrible that so few know about. Thank you for giving information, sharing your stories, and I sure as the devil am going to raise a piece with the VA. Looking back I now wonder if what I have been going through all this time hasn’t been fibromyalgia at all but Cipro poisoning.

  41. I took Cipro for three days..and ended up a cripple, my entire right leg swelled up and is still swollen…my ankle look like grapefruit……two weeks later, I still need to walk with a cane….my doctors blame it on gout…I blame this flare up on Cipro….nothing really hurt on me, until I took this poison…..It has a Black Box Warning !!……Using this, is like shooting a fly with a cannon !!

  42. Hello my name is Dustin and Im 31 yrs old. I was seen in the ER for severe abdominal pain. I was told my CT showed inflammation of my upper-lower intestines and blood was in my urine. The ER Dr told me I had a probable infection and I would need antibiotics. She told me due to location of other internal organs infections like that can spread and cause issues like life threatening sepsis. Basically she put the fear in me! I had previously, 2wks prior, been told (same hospital) that I had a sinus infection and was given Levaquin, steroids and told that taking my low dose asprin was perfectly fine. As we all now know thats not correct at all. But back to the story… Fast forward a couple weeks I told the Dr this. She told me she would percribe me something from another family of antibiotics, something starting with a C. Of course the morphine had long since kicked in at this point but she had “heard” my bad reaction story and told me we would use the same “antibiotic family. Not 5 minutes later the nurse came in with a script for two antibiotics and pain medicine. One antibiotic for intestines and one for a UTI due to the blood in urine. I saw that one started with a C and being extremely medicated and having LITERALLY just explainef this felt we had solv ed d the problem. So I went to the pharmacy and picked up my pain pills Flagyl and my CIPRO!!! The pharmacy said nothing about these drugs and just sent me on my way. I waited an extra day to start the medication (except the pains meds due to the extreme pain) since I had a GP appointment the day after I did start them. This was just in case I had a bad reaction since I thought I was intolerant to antibiotics not knowing these specific ones are poison. I was perscribed 2× 500 for 10 days. I got thru 3 pills before my heart dropped to 40 bpm and my blood pressure crashed. I ended up in the ER the next evening having my system flushed with fluids. Now I am 3 days since ER and I am having: Headache, dizziness, anxiety, depression, full body neuropathy (body on fire), pins and needles, tearing sensation in most muscles including legs, arms, back and chest. Im also having tooth, jaw and eye pain. There is not a single part of my body unaffected by this floxing. Im a single dad of a 7yr old and I have no idea my next step. I started taking Magnesium, tumeric, Omg 3 fish oil and NAC 600 for livwr cleanse. But Im getting worse by the minute. Any advice for someone so aware of the problem so soon? Any sugestions of detoxing this early? Im all my baby boy has and if I cant function he cant survive! Any help would be appreciated and possibly life saving!!!

  43. not for sure the author’s name for this website, but as i read your symptoms, they can also be caused by lyme disease. I was being treated for chronic lyme when i was given levoquin and cipro. Now I have all of the symptoms for the damage those antibiotics cause. I hve been miserable for several years over the continuing symptoms and damage.

    I currently am trying to get over the mind fog and tendon tears that keep occurring. Recently was also diagnosed with candida sepsis that almost killed me on top of everything else. I just keep trying day by day. I found out about magnesium glycinate that helps better than other magnesium.

    I can’t find out on here what floxing is… still reading the article. I am furious about the drug companies being exempt from suit for the drugs when FDA and the drug companies know they are destroying people’s lives. I have had to retire and stop working on a phd in counseling because i have such severe symptoms and brain problems. I am thankful my dr believes me and is trying to help. … i don’t understand why we can’t take muscle relaxers. that is the only relief i get along with some pain meds. But pain meds usually don’t help much. But I take zanaflex and it helps relieve pain some so i can sleep.

  44. Nikki,
    My urologist prescribed me cipro 500mg tablets twice a day for prostatitis. I took 3 doses. On day two I began to feel nervous, extremely anxious, scared, borderline paranoid, restless,foggy head . By day 3 or 4 I lost my appetite and have ringing in my ears.I was going to go to the emergency room , that is how bad I felt. I went to my family doctor on day 4 (they were closed over the weekend) and he put me on clonazepam . That seemed to help with most of the symptoms. I have been off work for 4 weeks and still have the ringing in my ears although some days it goes away. It is a high pitched constant ringing. Tried once to wean the clonazepam and symptoms started coming back. Any thoughts on how long until symptoms go away, especially ringing in the ears. I am eating very healthy , no caffeine or alcohol. I am 52 years old and was not on any other medication prior to taking those three doses of cipro. Thanks for any insight I can receive.

    1. the ringing in the ears is the most difficult for many to resolve. i tell my clients here in california to flush their urinary tract systems and it will often help or resolve the issue. best of luck!

  45. I took cipro for 5 days last sept and have had numbness and tingling in my feet and legs ever since. When was on it for 5 days my whole body became numb with shoulder pain. call the pharmanist was told to stop taking it. I still have this in my feet and legs. Also have just recently found I now have blood disorder. something to do with free light chains & kidney disease. Has anyone had a problem with their blood after taking cipro???

  46. I have sever pain in both elbows and arms. I was diagnosed with tennis elbow, but I couldn’t figure out why my left arm got so bad with only using a mouse for less the a week. Also , physio was just making it worse. I just realized that back in July i was on Cipro for a UTI and figured out the link to tendinitis Just found your site can this be a side affect of the Cipro? The pain in my right arm is moving higher into the outer muscle. I have gone to my GP and a specialist and they are stumped. Any advice would be appreciated

  47. My heart goes out to all who have been harmed by fluroquinolone antibiotics. My story has points of similarity with most of us and since being “floxed” three months back, my life has been dedicated to rehabilitation and de-tox.
    I was prescribed ciprofloxacin for a mild UTI and for an infection of Dengue Fever; not that an antibiotic would have any effect against a viral infection… Within a day of the six day 250mg twice daily prescription, I was having screaming nightmares, vomiting and diahorrea, severe weight loss, hot and cold and was effectively bed ridden. No motivation and no energy at all. Ended up in hospital for re-hydration to help with the recovery from Dengue and made good progress in 4 days. Was fit to fly home to New Zealand after this but still really weak and still taking the cipro… If only I had known.
    A day after arriving home, was in hospital ER with severe urine retention having a catheter put in, and a whole lot of grief from the doctors about the possible state of my prostate. Seemingly they don’t read their own lists of side effects… Got the catheter removed after two days, couldn’t stand the thing… Took a lot of threatening and posturing to get them even to do this. They then wanted me to take alpha receptor blockers to help my perfectly OK prostate… Brain fog, diahorrea, lots of sleep and total exhaustion were my major symptoms and now hair loss…
    To cut a long story short, I cut off the medications and advice from doctors completely and detoxed using homeopathic ciprofloxin 30c, also to try to get fluorine out of my system, I am taking iodine at around 1000mcg per day. The biggest difference I have noted is from Enzacta PXP Royale which supports and “feeds” every cell in the body and allows one to heal naturally. Lots of water, lots of organic food, and lots of excercise are helping. I’m looking forward to complete recovery but am very pragmatic about the time scale. Could be a few more months…

  48. Does anybody know of a homeopath doctor that they have used in the Southern California area? I believe I was floxed 3 weeks ago after taking Cipro. I have been to the ER two times (they diagnosed me with peripheral neuropathy as a result of the antibiotic), have been suffering from: panic attacks, sensitivity to light, noise, touch, brain fog, migraines, sharp pains in my head, electric shocks, feeling overwhelmed, crying daily, laughing uncontrollably, pins and needles all over body, burning feet and hands, cold intolerance, and agitation. Thank you!!!

    1. Kariann,

      I don’t know of a homeopath in Southern California, but wanted to share with you that I was floxed about two years ago. I have found great relief through a naturopathic doctor who administers TBM or Total Body Modification therapy. It is non-invasive and does not require you to ingest or put anything into or on your body. Many of my symptoms were the same as yours. I can also say that I found that natural glutathione from eating avocados and using avocado oil as a moisturizer helped significantly. I also found great relief from drinking 4 oz. of organic, unsweetened, tart cherry juice in the morning and 4 oz. in the evening for about a month. It acts as a natural antioxidant and allowed me to eat again without feeling nauseous. Also, avoid folic acid – I found that it increased my nerve pain.

  49. I had been floxed after 3 500 mg pills of Cipro. I am now at week 3 and getting worse. I FINALLY figured out the cause and from what I’ve read in other’s comments, the cause for you too and it’s HIGH OXALATES in the body. You have to go gradually on to a LOW OXALATE DIET.

    I was just hoping to find someone else who has realized it’s oxalates and maybe how they’ve gone about a cure. I’m slowly working my way into what I think is appropriate treatment, but they say if you go too fast you can really mess yourself up. So I’m still suffering with SO MANY of the same symptoms others list here.

    This is absolute HELL.. but I’m very hopeful that this new information will make all the difference.

    If anyone wants to talk I’d be more than happy to go through this healing journey WITH others so we can help each other with information and experiential learning.

    Godspeed to us all in our healing process.

  50. Hello my name is Louis. I am 18 years of age & have been cipro poisoned:( i have taken 500mg x2 a day for 7 days for a SUSPECTED UTI! My symtoms never kicked in until a few days which i brushed off thinking it was from to much rest but i was so wrong! I have muscular pain, heart pulpitations, tendon inflammation. My Joints are absoloutly killing me, my neck is really hurting followe by chest pain, stomach pain, pelvic pain, pins&needles, Numbness, my head hurts, spine hurts also muscles around. literally i have pain everywhere. constantly tired eyes sting constantly. i cannot move at all!!! after takeing severel trips to the hospital they say they cannot help me & i am a hypercondriact! I NEED HELP!!! My family do not beleive me & am by myself on this. i cant seem to get any scans, checks or anything i feel completely neglected by the NHS & am very worried for me present/future especielly ecause i am so young, im worried about my joints & organs. i am not a stupid person & know of my body. can anyone. ANYONE GIVE ME ANY ADVICE

  51. Hello my name is Louis,
    i am usually a person who has had no setbacks other than the odd cold/cough. I am 18 years of age a smoker and i taken 500mg of cipro X2 a day for a SUSPECTED UTI. i was given by my doctor a 14 day course of ciprofloxacin and started to feel bad around day 3 but brushed it off thinking it was too much bed rest. i continued to take the ciprofloxacin until i realised i was experiencing side effects, i have taken 7days (7000mg) and i am very unwell with joint pain in my neck, back, arms, wrists, knees ankles, fingers and toes. my tendons are very painful in my arms, legs, wrists and ankles. I am experiencing muscular pain everywhere along with stomach pain. i am experiencing pins and needles in my arms and legs. i have chest pain here and there at the sides and straight down my chest plate, very dizzee at times, my eyes are constantly tired/stinging & have a sharp pain at the top off my head. My stool is darkish & i do not know what to do:(. I have seeked medical help at hospital but they basiclly said it is all in my head as i have no visual symptoms. I seen my GP he said basiclly the same but to get some exercise but i literally cant. I feel completely neglected by the NHS. i refused to leave the hospital i am that bad and they called security. My family think it is all in my head so i have no help physically or mentally. I seem to be getting worse and am very worried about my well-being & my future. i have things i have to do especially being 18 years of age but have said screw that for now. I NEED HELP I NEED TO GET BETTER. Can anybody help me, give me some remedies as i dont fully understand the medical terms stated in others stories, i do not trust tablets/medication nomore. this has really affected me majorly. When/IF i get better i am takeing legal action. i will use my age as a advantage as i feel i am being neglected because of my age. I will be looking at this site regulary for updates and for anybody that will take the time to help me.
    Thanks in advance,

    1. I’m sorry, it’s me. like i said in some previous posts, I am having trouble moderating this site. I am so sorry to you and everyone else that may feel neglected by my actions. i love you all and hope you are all detoxing and recovering.

  52. I was placed on Cipro for the first time a few months ago for a severe Ecoli infection. I was unconscious when treatment was started, but my mother signed off despite knowing of the possible side effects, dismissing the long list as funny due to it’s length. I had been grateful because it saved my life after 2 other antibiotics failed, but I am now noticing problems I previously assumed unconnected to Cipro.

    I have pain in my feet, especially my heels when walking. I feel dizzy, get migraines, and developed breathing issues similar to asthma. I often feel nauseous and even vomit sometimes.

    I assumed it was damage from the infection or dismissed it as stress. But 4 days ago I developed a ear infection and the 1st antibiotic they gave me failed, so they put me on Cipro this morning. In just 1 day every symptom has multiplied and my muscles ache. Like the last time I was on it I am suffering from delirium and anxiety while actively on the drug.

    I am young, very healthy, extremely active ( I have 8 hours of sports practice plus a game scheduled this weekend), and have had no health problems before the big infection.

    I want to discontinue the meds but I am still only 16, and have to do as the doctor says if my parents sign off. Does anyone have tips to relieve my symptoms while still taking the full course? I have no choice. I am afraid this will impact my future, and I have a lot to look forward to both as a student and athlete.

  53. I believe I may be suffering from latent Cipro side effects. I was given Cipro for a UTI that would respond to my normal Bactrim. The doctor then proceeded to write it for me take for three days, prn every time I felt UTI symptoms!!!! I had no idea of the severe side effects. So I took several pills approximately 4 months ago. A little over a month ago I was prescribed Birthcontrol and had a terrible response after 12 days, so I stopped taking them. 2 days after I stopped, I started having the worst panic attacks. Then severe anxiety ensued. I have been to the ER four times and everything always comes back normal. Now the doctor has me on Ativan and Wellbutrin. The panic and anxiety is still there along with me have chest pain and chest/back/neck stiffness and pain. A few months ago I suffered hair loss, and now I am just exhausted all the time. Can someone offer any help, please? I have 4 little children who depend daily on me and this is terrible the way I feel!

  54. On 6/16/16 I took one 500 mg levaquin, had nightmares that evening and felt off the next day. I’m also tapering off of benzos and someone from a benzo forum told me I shouldn’t be taking levaquin. Ever since, I’ve had diarrhea, no appetite, tingling in arms, hands, shoulders, head and neck – off and on…and major anxiety. i read the book and am mapping out my plan. Can’t wait to get started. Will keep everyone posted….

  55. I’ve faced same cipro problems too….but here in nigeria, herbs are superb….I tried everything, but to no avail…..the wonder I tried was lemon…. Nd it worked complete….squeeze a lemon in your drinking water….make it wat u drink everyday for a month…..nd Dats it….give it a try nd inbox me

  56. Cipro is worst than cyanida, at least cyanida wont let me in nonstop years of torture that I can’t escape. So I am looking for the other one for best solution.

    took 13 days (26 pills) = 13,000mg

  57. It’s been a year of complete inability to sleep from VLPO CNS damage, mitochondria depletion, tendon rupture/damage (just happened), tinnitus, organ ruptures, nonstop headache, Sounds and light hypersensitivity, flaky dry face and scalp, south breath, hypnotic jerks ( myoclonic seizure), whole body neural constriction, temperature sensitivity, tremor, you name it

  58. I have been a patient of tinnitus ringing ears since 5 years. I had tried a lot of anti viral meds prescribed to me by doctors over the years but I could not see any improvements in my symptoms. One day while going through the internet, i got to know about American tinnitus treatment where they cure people suffering from tinnitus with powerful drugs made from Africa roots and herbs, quickly i contacted them and they prepared the drugs for me which i received and used as instructed. After few weeks the improvement were very visible. Outbreaks has stopped and the sores started to heal. I would recommend this to all my friends,families,around the globe suffering from tinnitus ringing can contact them through their email on Best regards.

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