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This segment of my website may be the most important and I hope that with your help, we can find people to post their stories here. If you or anyone you know has experienced a fluoroquinolone side effect and recovered or experienced improvement with any form of treatment, we would like to hear your story. I know it takes time and effort, but you would be doing a great service to those of us who are suffering. There are far too many websites proclaiming “irreversible” conditions and “no cure”, and while for many that may be just the case, I know there are people out there who’ve made it through this and I really want to hear their stories. These are the stories that will bring inspiration and hope to those who most desperately need it. I thank you in advance for sharing your story and for inspiring us to believe that we can get better, too.

Please include:


Your age at onset

Drug taken, dosage and length of therapy

Your story (please share as many details as possible about your illness, treatments, time lines and outcomes)

Words of wisdom

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  1. I took Cipro for a kidney infection (I was very sick; have stone disease since age 14) in early June 09. I was Rxed for 10 days, 500mg 4X day. Age 48. The first pill made me very high, not necessarily in an unpleasant way, dingy, fuzzy, tingly, BUZZY. A few days later, I got a strange VISIBLE painful straw like thing along my groin, I assumed hernia, finished the Rx. Missed the last week of my job I work at a school), summer off, back to work. Hip bothering me worse and worse. I am 49 at this point.The straw was less rigid/pronounced, but not gone. Walking became very difficult, by Thanksgiving I had a funny red almost cirle below on upper left thigh. Oh, my problems with left side for many years. In January, on Xmas brk, I ate some peanut brittle while lying on floor watching TV. WEIRD the top of my thigh stood up (tendon?) as well as a line stood up below left rib. I could not walk. It hurt like hell.
    Took a few days off, weak and gimpy. Went to Dr, assuming urological trouble (stone caught (obstruction), kidney infection. My husband told me DO NOT go in there and diagnose yrself! But when dr heard the cipro and straw event, did exam. He went exactly to the straw, touched/palpitated. EXCRUCIATING. He said you may have had a reaction to the cipro. I said I thought cipro hurt TENDONS, this is not a tendon. (I had done some research) He said ligaments are very much like tendons. Go home and rest and be careful. That night it felt the the straw (now a bubble) was a volcano top, and lava rolled thru my tendons. When the lava rolled…the memory still makes me cry. THE PAIN. Incredibly terrible, and I am no wussy. I pass and grow big kidney stones, I am no stranger to pain, but this, this made kidney trouble child’s play. Beside the searing burning LAVA, which now encompassed both legs hip and pubic tendons and ligaments, I could not function, mentally or physically or emotionally. Twice I believe I almost died of a stroke. I went back, sure I was obstructed. Dr says no, rest, be careful. I pass tissue (new thing) and rocks. It was very hard not to thinkI was having urological troubles. I am online researching, it took days, but finally I found David, my quin story. My email said I NEED ANSWERS. Did I mention I could keyboard but not write with a pen well at all? Very strange. In fact, I muffed my disablilty papers. My fam had to help me with EVERYTHNG. I was an utter mess.
    I still cry to think of it. Anyhow, I would up at UCDavis Urology in April, passed a red worm bloodclot. Actually I was passing tons of stuff. I was on disabilty for most of 2010. Had a surgery in May. By May, before the surg, I was lots better but so far from ok.
    Here is what I believe: I was poisoned. Toxic. My reaction: I refused to take any meds.And flooded myself with water. I have always had trouble with meds. I use medicinal cannabis. When the lava flowed I tried a vicodan and muscle relaxer, HORRIBLE LAVA. Dr said NO MUSCLE RELAXERS!!!!!!!!!!! I said NO ANYTHING, feck the meds. I smoked an enormous amt of cannabis just to combat pain, used tincture of cannabis to flush toxins, and balm I make for topical pain. (ROCKS onneuropathy) I always have to drink lotsa of (bottled water. Oh did I mention I COULD NOT EAT? As in I finally would have spoonfuls of sweetened condensed milk. could not digest. HURT. Was white as a sheet fro MONTHS, then yellow for awhile. Had a CT scan w/contrast in Feb, another in april. Drank just under a gallon of water per day. By August 2010 I was released from disabilty and went back to work. In Sept, I began drinking DISTILLED water, greatly helped the stomach * digestion issues.
    Oh the nightmares, falling thro bed. The sleep problems.
    I lost a lost of muscle (atrophy) but I DID push myself. A shower was nighmare when floxed but i cried my way thru them. I insisted on going to get mail, a two minite chore sometimes took 30 minutes. I was terrified. Now I have my life back. The hip still bugs me sometime, I will always have a compomised ligament there. I get tired easily.
    I was floxed while enormously sick with kidney stones/obstruction.
    I would not wish being floxed on my worst enemy or bin laden. no one deserves that. I tear up to think of it, but then I grin like a fool when I walk – do my job- have a life, care for myself. Make a cake. I was doing that while floxed and my fam flipped YOU ARE GONNA SNAP A TENDON!
    here are things discovered while floxed: I am now RIDDLED with arthritis. cyst on liver. diverticulosis. Ialready had stone disease and IBS. But I can eat now. My recommendation to the floxed: avoid all meds. If you dont know what chelation is, educate yorself. Kidney stones (liek FQtoxicity in my opinion) are from improper chelation (minerals binding together to leave body properly)

    Drink tons of water. Preferably distilled (no minerals) SWEAT, pray and piss the poison out of you. Have faith, have hope. Without them, what is life but sheer desperation? Push yourself a little, stop if it burns. Know your limits but EXPECT them to ease a bit with time. The worst of my toxicity lasted 4-5 months, the horrible acute 2-3. Try to sleep. The nightmares will pass. You are not crazy, you are poisoned. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY. It is the floxing.
    I am now 50. Lessons I learned from being deathly ill? Most of the day to day BS has a way of working itself out, the world can spin with out you for a bit. Clarify everything possible before taking action. (When you can’t really ambulate, every step counts.) I used to think maybe I would only ever be alllowed so many steps per day. Not so now. Know yr limits. If the web info gets too freaky, turn it off. There is always hope. And file a report with FDA. We all need to do that.

    1. thank you so much for this post and for your candor. i have questions for you about the cream you made. like how effective was it for pain? can you share your recipe? sounds like you might be close too, since i was at UCDMC also, maybe you can come for a visit?

      1. Hi I was floxed effected my mental state panic attacks depression docs prescribed anti depressant not sure if it’s gna work I feel better but far from normal Plz help!!??

      2. I will gladly share any cannabis recipes I have with you. write me thru my email. i have not been to any sites for a while but had big down cycle at 2 yr mark ): this past fall. and now my ciproversary (took it june 09) has my ribs wack. I’m home all summer (school employee). I’m in Yuba City, where are you?
        I love UCDavis (:
        btw, it is balm not cream, creams are water based, ointments are petroleum jelly based, balms and salves are oil based (:
        I make an oil as well (unthickened by beeswax)
        Cannabis is very effective, but no magic bullet for the floxxed.

      3. I’m sorry but I think weed might be a very bad idea for anyone feeling panicked, depressed and weird by Cipro. One of the terrible illnesses caused by this AB is schizoaffective disorder– hallucinations, hearing voices, insomnia, panic attacks, major depression, loss of interest in social connections, total loss of motivation. Weed will greatly complicate treatment.

        My 20 year old son took 500mg twice a day for 20 days and it made him psychotic. He had to go into a psychiatric hospital, and now 6 mos later he is still severely depressed. He can’t work or attend school and he was going to be a doctor. Ironic huh?

        His doctor has suggested he have electric shock therapy. Also, that I get him qualified for social security disability and put him in a facility because eventually I won’t be safe from him.

      4. HeartBroken, I am in the same situation as your son. I took Cipro for 14days 500mg 2x day. Please Please Pease tell me he has gotten better.
        Thank you for your response


      5. Could you explain more about your rib pain and how it started?My ribs started lightly burning and then I became stiff feeling like I was ninety years old.

      6. Thank you again, Nikki, for having this site. I see that more and more people are taking advantage of this for a support group. And that is wonderful! I can’t imagine trying to get through this all alone without this support!

        The other day and I can’t find my own post, I asked if anyone had any advice for painful/burning feet? I couldn’t find the post nor any advice and since you read through these I just wondered if you remembered any advice or have some yourself.

        I can’t sit down because the hamstring is so painful; and after standing a while my feet are so painful that the only recourse is to lay down. I’m not going out at all since I can’t sit down and my balance is way off – even my PCP told me to avoid crowds and going out anymore than I had to. He referred me to a neurologist and I’m taking a copy of your site and resources. I took this to my PCP and he now believes that I either have a Cipro ADR and/or some strange disease cause by the virus I got last Mother’s Day when still on the prednisone for severe asthma episodes.

        When I read through some of these I am just appalled at how very wicked this drug is and angry with the manufacturer for allowing it to remain on the market – all in the name of money. How sad a commentary about the ethics and principles of our society.

        Again thanks so very much and I’m sure I’m speaking for all of us who are benefitting from your site.

        Have a very Merry Christmas/Happy Hannukah and many blessings to you and your family.

        Love, Alison

    2. Was there a reason not to take prescription muscle relaxants or pain meds? Was it that you could not tolerate them, or is it more harmful to the floxed condition to take them. I have severe muscle cramping and the only thing that helps is muscle relaxants and pain medication, and I cannot use Cannabis due to regular drug testing for job compliance.

      1. they made it WORSE for me personally.
        and well if someone told you a pill you took 6 months previously was making you sick, and you’d been sickened before by antibiotics (penicillan, but not like floxxed),
        and you knew your kidneys make stones just trying to filter w/out meds…..
        well, my natural reaction was then and will ever be NO PILLS IN THIS BODY.
        That said, sometimes you need em. It’s good to know what yr body can & can’t handle.
        I can take bactrim and keflex safely.
        I’m 3 years out and will use ibu sometimes (o but it muddies my mind ugh)
        My doctors make me PROMISE about rxs. but mostly, i just avoid pharma at all costs.

        interesting aside: there is a website where you can see a kidney stone made of ciprofloxin (in a gallery of pix of kidney stones). one of my own during floxxing was the same crystal white quartzish (: mine are NOT usually that type at all.

        i have used flexeril and vicodan recently, had to. with more success that the ibu, actually. sweetheart, if it works for you DO IT.
        i pay hard for vics, weepy/bitchy ):
        but im 3 yrs OUT. at the time, NO! it made it worse, the burning. i believe the tendons were trying to coil, right? and a muscle relaxer prob just battled w/the dna coil. who knows?
        i personally have set my sights on the 8 year mark. i lost so much muscle etc. just learned i cant walk my dog (my arm is burning 3 days now)
        i literally am falling apart at the seams haha my ligaments are the worse. one must ever be careful & my husband said it was a bad idea for me to have that leash. im 3 years out.
        for the freshly floxxed, i really cannot stress DISTILLED WATER enough. I also believe any meds (including natural ones) are risky, your body when floxxed is BATTLING, so be careful not to add to that.

      2. For the burning muscles try beta-alanine which is an amino acid. I use it
        for fibro as I was on flexoril and my hair started to fall out. I’ve tried most
        dr drugs and ended up with Lupus from them. The only dr drugs I take now are
        hydrocodone, ambien (when needed) and skelaxin which I can never afford for
        the severe muscle spasms. Super Cissus RX helps to rebuild muscles, tendons
        and ligaments. I use this most every day as I have fibro, lupus, arthritis, severe
        spinal issues, nerve damage in legs, diabities and a host of other ailments. I’m
        thankful that I’m alive, walking and still cognitive. Smile

    3. Thank you for your detailed story. I have also had kidney issues since birth. I am 52 years old and started CIPRO many years ago. My kidney doc actually gave me a running rx so I could fill and refill and take it whenever I felt an infection coming on. I had lots of leg pain but was too busy to realize what was going on until my tendons and ligaments in my feet started to tear. I was unable to walk for exactly a year. After that I drank lots of water and was careful about shoes, etc. but continued to take CIPRO. I finally realized the connection between the tendons tearing in my feet and the CIPRO and stopped taking it., however, my legs continue to worsen. I fear I have connected tissue damage. My daughter is a nurse and she says there are many fibromyalgia patients that come into her office with connective tissue damage in their legs and they all took CIPRO. Why aren’t the doctors putting together this connection? One positive thing coming out of this is I am very fearful of taking any drug at this point unless it is life threatening and I am also on the road to completely detoxing my body through large amounts of water and raw diet. Your testimony really helped me confirm a lot of things. Thank you and God bless your recovery.

      1. Hi, you did not say what your kidney issues are, but as you’ve dealt with them all yr life, you prob know how to take it easy on them. ? I’m a chronic stoner , point of major obstruction(s). Do you also make stones?
        When floxxed, my legs (left esp, my left kidney is the most sluggish), pubic area were worse, but also my guts in general were deathly ill..
        Yr girl is spot on re: connective tissues, mine are SHOT.all over. like old elastic in panties, haha – and i do not need a dr to tell me. You need to sweat ALOT, and pee ALOT.
        I am so sorry for your pain. You are right to be fearful of rx meds. My mother is retired RN, prob where i LEARNED to be med leery.
        My theory is that the cipro attacks and lodges everywhere (DNA), but especially where you hadinfection and the areas around it. The chemotherapeutic part keeps it circulating long time ):
        While I understand yr doc giving you carte blanche rx, I think he couldve chosen a SAFER one. I highly recommend distilled water. esp for us kidney people (: Do Hot baths help? I dont know why they releive some of the burning, but I hope that they help you, they alos promote sweats. May I also recommend that you get a graduation cap (it fits in potty and measures urine) and just keep a close eye on yr undiluted urine? also a clear glass to pour it into. You can learn ALOT by this. must let it stand a bit. pus will show, bad gravity will show, etc. just the color is important to know.
        btw if you live in CA and have recommendation, many folks are juicing raw, (high CBD?) cannabis with great results. a good tincture of cannabis will flush kidneys ( nasty business and not for wussies, especially if you are stonemaker)
        I have used bilberry (sparingly of course) with good results for eyes.
        You are on the road to recovery, & I wish you godspeed.

    4. Dear survivors of Ciprofloxacin,

      I am so saddened to hear all your stories and will be praying for survival for you, indeed. “More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.” Alfred Lord Tennyson

      I was coming off a very bad adverse reaction for prednisone for a 21 day period which did save my life with a chronic asthma episode that had lasted all last school year to the point that my asthma/pulmonary specialist told me I had to quit work to survive because of all the continual germs my middle school students continued to bring. My immune system was starting to shut down. One late afternoon I saw what I thought was an angel in my room and I felt that it was my time to go; but again I had this still small voice that gave me a choice. With a daughter working on her doctorate’s in P.T. and a husband who would be lost without me, I asked, prayed to stay a while. (The first tme I was 16 with spinal meningitis.)

      Prednisone caused pain in all my joints,toe became infected with pus and blood running out of it, muscles were weakened, could not sleep more than an hour at a time, different areas of my body would be attacked and very painful. I prayed, tried to eat healthfully, drank lots of water, exercised when I could (I do the Lesley Sansone Walk a Mile and worked up to advance.) I turned 69 on Woman’s Suffrage Day – August 26 this year. My daughter and husband have been a great support and I joined a support group forum on prednisone which helped immensely realizing that I was not alone and not as bad off as many.

      The last dose of Prednisone was when I caught the flu over this past Mother’s Day and just about didn’t make it. Then it was fightng the ADR on prednisone; still fighting it when I had a UTI for which I asked my doctor to renew Macrobid which I had never had a problem with. Instead he gave me a 10 day, twice a day, 25 mg of CIPROFLOZACIN HCL. After 6 and a half days, I thought I was going crazy. All my ADR’s on prednisone were starting all over only much worse. My left leg lost its strength and to this day I can only use my poor right leg which is still in pain to get up any kind of stairs. Everything hurts; my feet are messed up again and numb again so that at night I almost can’t feel if I’m walking to the bathroom. I had to buy a high toilet seat because getting off the low one was excruiating to my legs. I’m drinking lots of water, took vitamin B, plus a bunch of other vitamins, eating healthfully, exercising even when in pain. Both drugs escalated the Restless Leg Syndrome that I already have making the mirapex that I take seem to do nothing. Sometimes to get relief I would do 4 miles with my Lesley Sansone work outs. My balance is shot. My nerves are shot; I cry easily. People in church are praying for me. I cannot go out except for a short duration. Life has totally changed from the 42 years I enjoyed teaching those busy, fun middle school children.

      I apreciate any advice and I did let my doctor know that I will never take Ciprofloxacin again! Please continue to keep us all posted with your survival stories; praying that we all survive as this drug is scary and I can see how it can be life threatening. Thanks and God bless each of you and help you overcome and survive this horrible drug. I will always research any prescription first before I ever take it! My best to all, Alison

      1. You might have Pheriperal Nueropathy in that leg. Cipro caused Pheripheral nueropathy and permenant nerve damage in all 4 of my extremities (pretty rare, just my luck) as well as insomnia, short term memory issues and anxiety attacks. One thing that has helped a bit is a drug called Neurotin. Perhaps you could ask your doctor about it. I’ll write my whole story once I get done with work.

    5. I have just read your article and went wow that’s what I am feeling. Hot n cold. Sick to stomach can’t sleep confused at times. I was only on it for 2n half days. I feel like burning inside. Hips r sore and lower back. Maybe this is what’s happened to me. It has been 4 days since I took it. I am taking gravel 100 mg. to try to feel better. I guess I should be drinking more water. Is there a test to find out the damage done?? Please reply. Irene

      1. Irene, I am so out of it with this ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction) that I have not been on this part and did not see your post. Sorry it took so long to answer. And I’m not sure if you are talking to me or to the site in general as my mind is not up to what it was. At any rate you are in my prayers and positive thoughts. It is taking a long time – to me – over 6 weeks now and has worsened as far as leg pain and loosing muscle in left leg and feet hurt all the time plue neuropathy. This is a rough road, but together, Lord-willing, we can get through this. Prayers for alll on this site/positive thoughts along with a cheerleading stick-to-it-ness on thinking yourself/meditating yourself whole and healthy again! Keep us posted, please!

      2. Irene, I am so out of it with this ADR (Adverse Drug Reaction) that I have not been on this part and did not see your post. Sorry it took so long to answer. And I’m not sure if you are talking to me or to the site in general as my mind is not up to what it was. At any rate you are in my prayers and positive thoughts. It is taking a long time – to me – over 6 weeks now and has worsened as far as leg pain and loosing muscle in left leg and feet hurt all the time plue neuropathy. This is a rough road, but together, Lord-willing, we can get through this. Prayers for alll on this site/positive thoughts along with a cheerleading stick-to-it-ness on thinking yourself/meditating yourself whole and healthy again! Keep us posted, please!

    6. Katie,

      Great advice for someone who has been through so much. I can understand you wanting to cry when you even think of the pain that you had to endure. My, you are a trooper and what wonderful advice and guidance for the rest of us. We need to have hope and keep on keeping on.

      Thanks so very much! God bless! And Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah. Happy Holidays.



    7. Katie,

      Great advice for someone who has been through so much. I can understand you wanting to cry when you even think of the pain that you had to endure. My, you are a trooper and what wonderful advice and guidance for the rest of us. We need to have hope and keep on keeping on.

      Thanks so very much! God bless! And Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah. Happy Holidays.



  2. I am a 33 year old mother of two whom was floxed on April 2 2010. I took Cipro 500 mg 2x day for 2 days when i had an acute horrible reaction that woke me out of a dead sleep. I had no idea what was going on .. My arms were shaking, heart palpitating, hallucinating ( seeing things out of the corners of my eyes that weren’t there and animals in my room), my vision was off as if i was drunk… and many more. The worst was the jumping out of the skin feeling.. like an adrenaline rush.. as if i was being chased.. Muscle jerks, couldn’t move my arms or lips.. I went into the ER 7 times in 2 weeks as this ” reaction” kept happening and i didn’t know why..
    All the tests.. scans.. MRI’s came back negative and i was told over and over that i was having panic attacks and sent home with meds which i did not want to take. I had burning skin that was very painful to the touch.. the nurses all believed something was going on but i wasn’t ” dying” so they couldn’t admit me to the hospital. I have never been so scared in all my life. I was never much of a pill taker as i seem to be very sensitive to meds.. i once reacted badly to Chantix and also many birth control pills. Antibiotics i rarely took ..
    Over the course of the next 4 months or so i had a ton of ADR.. My vision was still a mess and it showed i had lost my peripheral vision, my field of vision was all messed up, i had adrenaline rushes all the time.. I couldn’t watch any tv shows besides the ” golden girls” for the longest time for the longest time because i would get dizzy and anxious beyond ones imagination just from the story line, i was severely depressed thinking about death all the time and what these drugs were doing to my body.. i just wanted to run in the woods and just die.. anyone going through the first couple months of being floxed can relate.. noone can understand what you are going through.
    i had to wear arm braces on my arms for my tendon pain, had horrible muscle jerks, nightmares ( slept on the couch with my husband for months.. didnt want to be alone still convinced i would die in the night), horrible back/kidney pain, loss of feeling in toes, arm and feet would fall asleep all the time, horrible tremors( couldn’t even feed my 6 mo old), muscle weakness all over ( almost dropped daughter down the stairs when arms gave out)..Dry mucous membranes ( eyes rendered 1 on strip test and mouth so dry my teeth were rotting), Loss of appetite and huge weight loss ( dropped 30 lbs first month and 20 the next couple months.. total 50 lbs), my temperature would go from 101 to 97 in a matter of 20 minutes.. i would be freezing one minute shaking and sweating the next., extreme head pressure and eye headaches that felt like my eyes would pop out, sore spots on scalp and tingling on head…
    I am sure i am missing a ton of ADR’s but you get the point.
    I did alot of research since i couldn’t sleep or watch much tv..There is a TON of negative feedback out there and in a floxed state can be very harmful.. I truly believed i would have to live in this nightmare. what if i never got better.. i couldn’t live in this mind frame much longer.. Every day seems like an eternity and if your lucky to get some sleep, you awake to it all over again..
    I just want everyone to know IT GETS BETTER>. i did not believe it but it does.. Everyone i talked to that had been floxed had assured me it would and i just didn’t believe them!!.
    I started on herbal supplements and detox however i was taking everything i read that other people had tried.. i was taking 100 supplements a day..
    Finally, i had to go stay with my family 4 hours away where there was better health care and found some things that really helped..
    Accupuncture- totally got rid of my tremors after about 10 sessions
    Neurofeedback- Helped with the adrenaline rushes but only when they were minimal..If they were really bad.. the session did not help
    Theraputic massage- helped with my back pain
    But i have to say.. doing it on my own, i was detoxing way too fast. faster than my body could handle thus the kidney/back pain..
    i began working with a natural path whom looked at all my supplements and put me on a regimen.. She saw the toxicity and said my adrenals were hit hard.. she used most of the stuff i had and added a couple detox pills and i have not had and adrenaline rush since.. as a matter of fact.. i have been working with her for 3 months now and getting colonics and i actually feel great!> perhaps better than before i was floxed with the exception of my vision which is still a work in progress. It was getting better before i took an antibiotic eye drop for pink eye for my daughters 1st party and the vision went horrible again.. I have been working with a specialist on my vision for about 4 mo now.. i am told to stay away from antibiotics from now on till my body can handle them again and he has me on vision therapy but at least i am able to drive and watch movies again..
    This is a short version of my story but i wanted to share asap as i know every min is an eternity to someone who was floxed and i need to give people hope. I have been talking to a few online whom are doing better too.. there just seemed to be nowhere to post.. i have been waiting to get onto the FQ toxitity group for 8 months and my acct hasn’t been approved due to the number of people trying to get on there. This is the first time i am posting my story and i sure hope it helps someone.
    I was a horrible case.. my symptoms were pretty consistent at times worse but always there and i really to this day cannot believe the nightmare bestowed upon me.. It seems like a dream now as everything seems pretty back to normal except my vision. I did try to take the xanax a couple times in desperation in the begining however i was getting a mania effect on it where i got horribly angry.. Nothing worked except Valerian root and passionflower for me to calm me down taken every 4 hours.. i still take it with st johns wort 3 times a day.. I still take stuff for detox every day.. slowly my body is healing.. Do i still get anxious.. at times.. depressed.. at times.. horrible brain fog.. at times.. but i believe it will get better as my body heals..
    My doctor after 6 months stated she believed me however did not know how to treat me. She suggested the naturalpath and i am so blessed and glad i found her..
    It has been 8 months going on 9.. and i NEVER thought i would have come this far reading all those other stories..
    God bless all of you in your healing.. you will all be in my thoughts and prayers!. Stay strong.. believe in yourself and your bodies healing capabilities.

      1. Hello Audrey,
        Sorry about the late post.. Have been very busy getting my life back in order…
        I only slept on and off the first 4 months or so.. I would usually jerk out of a sleep and would wake with my heart pounding. Melatonin helped ALOT. I would take some Melatonin every night along with my passionflower/valerian root and it worked enough to give me a couple hours.. gradually i was able to take less and less and now don’t have a problem sleeping at all..
        I did try a bunch of herbal stuff for sleep at first.. catnip, lemon balm, inositol, and vit b5.. any nerve tonic that i found but i really responded to the valerian/passionflower and melatonin.
        Now when i have an ” episode”, my natural path has me on mega doses of inositol and b5 and it works great!.
        Hope this helps and if you need anything else.. let me know.

      2. Hi Lynn, I am 17 years old and I am 2 months and 2 weeks post flox, I was very healthy before all this but I took cipro 2x 500mg for only one day and my life has changed, all the denial and negligence from the doctors calling me crazy saying this was brought on by anxiety, but here’s my question on the 2nd week I took 6 80mg baby aspirin over the course of the week and on my first night of floxing I took a benzodiazepine to combat the major panic attacks that shrouded over me, and also after 1 1/2 months I started heavy benzo use which now I regret knowing what I what i now ,but I’m now over 2 months now and I’m expirencing a very tough relapse of symptoms after the all the improvement I made I am so disappointed because now for a week now these symptoms are happening again:zapping sensations,fluish like feeling,fatigue,neck squeezing and head prusseure (very discomforting) nausea,nervous and shakyness , twitching and the crawling sensations , sever depression, anxiety/panic attacks came back! The legs pains and feet pains came back , and general off and weak feeling came back,everywhere goes numb and last for two days so far whic started again the other day, so at this point I’m trying to figure out of this a simple relapse or if I maybe aggrievated the side effects some how, I try to eat as healthy as I can and I take a number of supplements along with some pro-biotic yogurts ,here are some to name a few: two days ago started taking cell food,Been taking magnesium 500mg,1000mg calcium,15mg zinc,vitamin A 5000 I.U & vitamin D 400 I.U, acetyl L-carnitine 800mg,alpha lipoic acid 400mg, omega 3, B12,B2,B6, and one thing is my tendinitis has been bothering me in my left Achilles and left hand, did you still have tendon pain? Are are these occurrence of side effects common with the whole cycle effect? Or is something up? I will be getting H202 I.V. Therapy next week Tuesday. One last questions is does stimulant use such as Ritalin (I have ADHD) make things worse even if I only used it a few times? Bad insomnia too

      3. I know this is an old post, but I am wondering how you are doign now? I to was given benzodiazepines after being put on Cipro when we had no idea what was causing my muscle cramping and anxiety attacks. Now and going through benzodiazepine withdrawal and just now becoming aware that my Cipro has likely been the cause of a horrific year of illness.

        Is there recovery? When there is peripheral nerve symptoms of twitching and muscle pain/spasms?


      4. Good question! I know we are supposed to try for 10 hours of sleep, but I can’t sleep. Once I fall asleep in an hour to hour and a half my feet hurt so bad and are cramping and/or my restless leg syndrome kicks in or the arthritis in my back along with all the painful ADR’s – leg pain (expecially right ham string – can’t sit down and get up very well, foot pain, some swelling and discolorationg (soaking feet n epsome salts nightly has helped), and general malaise, and loss of muscle sin left leg, hard time doing any kind of steps, etc. I’m sure most of you have experienced these effects all at once, too, or in stages. May we all keep encouraging one another with positive thoughts, success stories, survival stories, and lots and lots of prayers. Thanks everybody! Will try to get some of that precious sleep now. Hope you can, too.

      5. Audrey, (my moms name) I just read your post and Valerian did not work for me because it gave me Nightmares. Anything that does that you need to stop taking. At the health food store you can ask for ‘Coffea Cruda’ that in a vile about 2 inches long and its filled with small white pellets. You take up to 5 a night. It puts your body back into a cycle of sleep.
        I took the Ciprofoxacin and boy do I have tendon problems now. I plan to complain to the AZ Medical Board about this and what I will tell them:
        1) it should not have been given to me since there is a warning for people over 60.
        2) the doctor did not put on the bottle how long i was to take it (when i went back to Next Care this other doctor said ‘usually you only take for 3 days’). As I’m leaving her office she said if my problem comes back, just pop another pill. So this PA is telling me to self-medicate myself!
        Do Not use weed to help this condition.

      1. Lynn and Felice – I love that the two of you are making a connection, I just want to suggest that the forum is an easy way to communicate. Just start a topic and there you go. You can get notified when other people respond. It might be easier to keep track of than these comment boxes. Blessings and thanks to you both – Nikki

    1. I know you have probably 100s of people reaching out to you for hope, which is sad. I was wondering however, if I could communicate with you on my behalf but also on the behalf of the 1000s in the facebook page I am part of. I would like to be an ambassador for the group in a way.

      I’m what they call a “Baby Floxie” as it has been less than two months.
      I would like to ask some advice and like many others discuss it if you can find the time.

      I would for sure, if I were to recover do the same in return for others.

      1. Hello Guy,

        Yes, there are hundreds of people in need of hope, and it is very sad. The purpose of my website is to inspire hope in those who are suffering very deeply. I am familiar with the Facebook group, friends with the administrators and a member as well. I am not sure how I can help you, but please fill me in and I am always open to ideas.

        Thank you, Nikki

    2. Hi Lynn
      What did you use specifically to detox? I’m both poor (a student) and in WV (not many options for naturopaths) and I’m poor (just emphasizing it). I am going to try to slowly do it myself. I am 8 days since I first took those poisonous pills.
      I’m so mad, it was given prophalactically after surgery, I wasn’t even sick.

      I’m 24, normally healthy, used to play soccer (until this started happening), my muscles and tendons hurt, and have adrenaline rushes in my legs, random numbness
      I’m afraid every day will be worse.

    3. Hi Lynn,
      I took the same amount. 500mg twice daily for 2 days. I have burning (sometimes) feels like tendonitis (sometimes), dizzy occasionally, but probably from losing so much weight. And my joints pop. If I’m anything like you, hopefully this will all go away or at least lessen within the next couple of months. It’s been almost 4 months now and my days are good and bad. Somedays like you, it feels worse or as if I’m going backwards in recovery. I’m only 24, so hopefully I have that on my side. Not sure how to tell if the stuff is still in my body, 2000mg doesn’t seem like very much, and hopefully the magnesium I’m taking will help to pull the toxins out. I’m also trying bentonite clay which is supposed to be good for drawing out heavy metals and stuff. Is there any other advice you’d have?

      I’m basically trying to eat healthy, but I want to gain weight so I don’t want to over do it. Seems like everyone is different. “No sugar” “no carbs” “no dairy” etc. If it’s not going to set me back I want to eat it. I’m 130 lbs, and am usually about 150… and mostly, just be able to be active again.

      Been living off eggs, vegetables and meats (free range, no antibiotic)… but it doesn’t seem to be helping me put weight on. I know peanut butter helps, but I’m torn between eating it or not.

      I’m taking vitamin C,D,E, magnesium, CoQ10, and fish oil. Did one colonic and had some accupuncture, too. Not sure if it helped. Maybe it did, I don’t spasm a lot anymore, and when I do it’s after I have detoxed, so maybe it’s my body trying to heal itself.

      Any advice would help.


    4. Just wanted to say that I shared almost all of your symptoms, what a terrible time- It has been 2 years and i am almost completely healed, although if i take ibuprofen or even tylenol (more then 2 doses) I will flare up again,mildly. iI have been on citalopram for the past year and it has tremendously with fog, anxiety, panic attacks. Thank you for sharing, one more reassurance for me that it wasn’t “manifested symptoms by anxiety” as my Dr. thought- thank you so much!

      1. I agree Caitlynd!!. BEWARE NSAIDS and also Antibiotics.. the past couple months i have been tinkering around with Nsaids figuring that i was about 20 months out and ” safe to take them” as well as some antibiotics ( amoxicillian) for a tooth infection and within days the HORRIBLE panic attacks returned.. this is a total learning experience!!. I have not been on in a while but only do to the fact that i am trying to get myself out of the ” episode” i was in from the antibiotic and Nsaid. .. I also react negatively to Sam E, 5 HTP and Saw Palmetto.. So just watch what your taking as some will create a worsening of mental symptoms.. I have found MUCH relief using Buspirone for the panic brought on by the NSAIDS.. i have stayed clear from antibiotics and have used Silver and Oil of wild oregeno to kill infections with no problems.. I do have a procedure being done in a couple months where i am hoping to god they do not use antibiotics during it!!> so scared to feel the panic again.. especially since it was under control for so long..

      2. Hello. Thank you for providing info about concern of using anti-biotics in the future. I was thinking I could use anything other than in the Levaquin “line.” Please tell me more about the Silver and Oil of Wild Oregon – how to determine dose for various infections, etc.. I’m so glad you are doing much better. Did you find something to help with brain fog? Thank you.

      3. I, too, am sooo grateful to Lynn for sharing her experience. I learn bucket-loads from other floxies and would love to know how she is doing now.

        For myself, I would be a bit careful with ingesting silver. It is antibacterial, but also a heavy metal; so it’s difficult for the body to remove… harder than fluoride. Oil of wild oregano is a natural antibiotic as are many other foods. Some foods which are powerful and natural antibiotics are: plants from the allium family such as garlic and onions, mushrooms, coconut oil, and berries to name a few. Tumeric and ginger are VERY potent antiviral spices. Probiotics crowd out harmful bacteria. I work everyday with little children and have my own children at home. Kids are darling and precious but also little germ factories. During the past year, while working on recovering from being floxed, I have had more than my share of exposure to sneezes, coughs (including Whooping Cough), and vomit. I ate a variety of antibiotic and antiviral foods everyday and have not been sick yet. Because SJS was part of my charming flox experience, I can never again take NSAIDS or antibiotics of any kind. I am also banned from any further immunizations. Even though I rarely took medications prior to this, I was scared knowing I don’t even have the option now. I’m not scared any more. Food sources seem to be keeping me healthy… Knock on wood. However, that said, I do know that Vicky reported taking antibiotics recently with little problems. So we are all different. For me, never again unless it is life or death, not just because I can’t but because even if I could, I would not. Still holding you all in my warmest of thoughts! 🙂 Joanne

      4. takes time I only toke 2 500 mg , a week ago and still feeling sick , some panic attacks , getting better not the ones before running to the every 2 hours , I drink 6 to 8 8oz of water mix with cranberry juice , vitamin c , and some multivitamins , eat better my stomach still weak , and pray to god , I hope everybody gets better , from my heart this change my life for bad but for good 2 I never was this close to god I never care about what I eat ,i do care now .I enjoy my life everyday more , im only 35 , yes I still feel sick , i have a beautiful wife and kids , don’t let the bad ruin ur good things in life , hold Jesus hand he will guide u , love everybody we are here to be happy , nothing else

    5. What supplements did you take. I have horrible anxiety, crying fits, panic, and that adrenaline rush that won’t go away… Can’t watch tv either… Have the back pain as well. Adrenals shot… What did you do?

      1. Dear Chad, I went through what you are describing in late March of this year ~ 2 1/2 months after my Floxing began. Honestly, the only thing that may help you is taking Klonopin or Xanax when the anxiety and panic attacks get out of control, in addition to keeping your mind busy. I could only watch comedy on TV and that is what I did to keep busy. I only took Xanax about 3-4 times—I limited its use to minimum. I went to the pool every night after work to keep my mind busy, and came home to sleep it off until the next morning. As for the crying fits, don’t resist them, let it out, trust me it helps. Overall, It took about 2 months for me to feel somewhat better, and by the 3rd month, I was having good days, and by the 4th month I was feeling 90% back to normal. I am at the end of my 4th month since the psychological symptoms began, and I feel almost back to normal. Tough it out and realize that it will get better with time, as I was reminded 1000 times by others.

      2. Dear Chad,
        I agree with Cipro Poisoned. The insane mental anguish is the WORST. How we live through it, I simply don’t know. But we have and you will, too. If extreme crying was a sport I would have been the world champion last year. I was nutty as a fruit cake. Currently, I still have some physical issues, but I am NOT depressed or anxious. Time is the big thing as has been said. I do credit eating impeccably well with somewhat faster improvement. We can’t really sleep or exercise at the beginning of being floxed to take care of our bodies. And, although I had a hard time absorbing food (and for a while had food allergies to almost everything), I tried to make sure I ate as much thyroid and liver friendly foods as possible: broccoli, spinach, kale, onions, garlic, beets, etc. Supplements I take: flax seed oil, milk thistle, probiotic.
        I also credit having a great support network with making it through the depression/anxiety. My husband held me for hours everyday. This helped release endorphins and combatted the “crazies”, as Nikki calls them. Wishing you all the best! Keep letting us know how you are doing. Love, Joanne

      3. Joanne, so you got through the anxiety and crying fits 100%??? If so you just gave me sooo much hope. I am in HELL. I always ask my wife to hold me (so unlike me) when I have a breakdown. She usually refuses because she doesn’t understand. It really hurts my feelings 🙁 So no more anxiety right? 🙂

      4. You mentioned THYROID. I have felt that since the beginning I have all the symptoms of hyperthyroid. What is the THYROID connection? Also, I feel like I have a complete inability to relax (can hardly sit down, couldn’t take a nap if I had to) does that go away? How much time did it take for the anxiety, crying, restlessness, panic, hopelessness, etc. to go away? Do you feel emotionally like yourself again…. I feel like I never will.

      5. Joanne, can you tell me more about your thyroid situation and what you did to fix it. I have full blown hyperthyroid symptoms and I am wondering how much of what I am feeling is because cipro put me in hyperthyroid. Anxiety, panic, sadness,, a complete inability to relax, no joy, no fun, crying for no reason…… Hyperthyroid or something else from cipro toxicity?

      6. Hello Chad do you still have anxiety and panic problems?
        I would really like to know as I still have this problem 4 month after being floxed.

        Kind regards,


      7. Chad, because our bodies are a complex system and Cipro has damaged all parts of this system, it’s hard to pull the thyroid issues apart from the gut, brain, peripheral and central nervous system, and other damage we sustain. I think the thyroid issues are actually among the least critical of all the damage we endure. I did go to an endocrinologist (thyroid doctor) because I wanted as much of the damage documented as possible. She said time is the best healer of acute hyperthyroid. (I was not planning to take thyroid meds anyway. As mentioned, I just wanted the plethora of damage documented.) She was empathetic and said,”This amount of thyroid damage would make anyone crazy.” Along with the other foods I mentioned, seaweed, kelp, and miso soup may help a little with the thyroid, but as I said, a messed up thyroid is not a great thing, but it does not even scratch the surface of all the injuries that negatively impact our mental health. We are rooting for you! You will make it!! 🙂 Joanne

      8. Chad – Cipro and other fluoroquinolones disrupt seratonin production and seratonin receptor function. Seratonin is a neurotransmitter that helps us feel happy and calm. This is the root cause of the depression and panic experienced by fluoroquinolone users.

        There’s considerable documentation on mental problems caused by the drug Lariam, another fluoroquinolone, which is prescribed as an anti-malarial. The Peace Corps and other groups and agencies which send workers into tropical locales have used Lariam extensively, and have had to bring volunteers home in real mental crisis and hospitalize them.

        I would encourage you to seek psychiatric help if your mental issues are not abating. Don’t wait and mess around with herbs and spices when your mental health is in jeopardy.

      9. Joanne, could you talk to my wife sometime? She doesn’t understand what I am going through when I have breakdowns. We are constantly fighting because she doesn’t understand I need her to be kind, sweet, and understanding when I am not feeling good. The conflict spurs a meltdown. I am just losing hope and the will to fight. I don’t have a support system. HELP

      10. I see alot about the extreme mental anguish (which is not as severe for me) but I don’t read much about the severe tendonopathies (which are extreme for me)
        Background info:
        5’7 115 lbs
        500mg Cipro 2x day for 12 days in early June 2013

        Squatted down to pick up something back in June, stood up and felt sudden sharp pain on the left and right sides of the knee. Knee stiffened up considerably. Never really noticed any swelling, although I did ice it in case it tried to swell. Finger probing around the knee never revealed a painful spot but was unable to put weight on it or straighten it for several weeks.
        Tried to start putting weight on it again in late July and early August with some success but re injured it (same pain on outside and inside of knee) trying to walk across the room on my walker and continue to reinjure with almost any movement. Still unable to put weight on it. I have been in a wheelchair pretty much exclusively since the beginning of July. Atrophy in my legs is pretty severe as well as the muscle cramps and spasms. If that wasn’t enough, I was a professional accompanist (Piano) and the tendonitis in my arms has prevented me from playing. Out of work for nearly 4 months, wheelchair bound and extremely depressed. I’m desperate for some encouragement.
        Thank you to anyone who might be able to help me through this.

      11. Joanne- Are you feeling better now? I know it has been a while and you are probably not even on here any more. I feel like I am having the same problems with absorbing foods and allergies to certain things. Did that get better? What helped? Thanks!

      12. It is so hard to realize all the anxiety and crying will end. It feels like I will never be myself again. It is so amazing, I only want to watch comedies and cartoons. For a while I couldn’t watch tv at all. I couldn’t even watch the program guide. I still don’t watch much. What supplements are you taking? Thank you for the hope. PS (I don’t want to take drugs) but I have to admit I think about killing myself about a dozen times a week. Don’t know how I am still here…. I guess because I would miss my family so much.

      13. Yes. I am 100% past the anxiety, panic, and despair. I still have other issues but I am HAPPY again. The drug-induced depression is gone. My thyroid was hit hard along with everything else. Look up “silent hyperthyroidism”. It takes 12-18 months to heal from silent hyperthyroidism if everything else is healthy. Between that and the absolute destruction of our gut, it’s amazing we remain as sane as we do. (Look up Vicky’s info on the gut that she has posted here.) Do hold onto your hope. Hope is healing. All my best, Joanne

      14. I know this is directed to Joanne, but can’t help say something. Dear Chad, please find friends, family, co-workers, or even neighbors that you trust and interact with them as much as you can. Interacting with others decreases the psych. Symptoms. That is what psychologists and psychiatrists call talk therapy. Believe me it works! I called the people I trusted to visit me on a daily basis. Once I became suicidal and the only relief came from a friend who came over and distracted me. I continued to have their company for the first 2 months and eventually things began to settle. You will improve! Please look at my notes on this forum in late March of this year and compare it to my tone 5 months later.You will get better! I am not back to normal, but I am 90% better.

      15. It is so hard to realize all the anxiety and crying will end. It feels like I will never be myself again. It is so amazing, I only want to watch comedies and cartoons. For a while I couldn’t watch tv at all. I couldn’t even watch the program guide. I still don’t watch much. What supplements are you taking? Thank you for the hope. PS (I don’t want to take drugs) but I have to admit I think about killing myself about a dozen times a week. Don’t know how I am still here…. I guess because I would miss my family so much.

      16. Chad – Hang in there. I (and many others) have been where you are now, “thanks” to Cipro.

        I had deep depression, depersonalization, I felt like there was a gauze curtain between me and the people I love. I binge-cried several times a day. I dreaded night-time, because that’s when the anxiety was the worst. And the insomnia! I was so dangerously depressed, and my husband so frightened by my references to suicide, that I went to a psychiatrist. He gave me lorazepam, a mild anti-anxiety drug. I took it for a short time at very low levels, and it helped right away. I have since taken it on isolated occasions when I feel the nighttime anxiety building. After the anxiety was under control my doc prescribed Lexapro for depression. I don’t “like”, or advocate, drugs either, but when your brain chemistry is messed up you’re basically non-functional. I’m 100% mentally now. Maybe I would have been fine eventually without taking the drugs, but I was unwilling to endure the paralyzing anxiety and depression — too scary. I also knew I couldn’t deal with the physical aspects of Cipro poisoning in that state.

        Maybe if you showed some of the comments on this forum to your wife she could start to understand that “you are not you” right now – you’re in the grip of a very real brain-chemistry disruption caused by Cipro. It’s very frightening, and we need all the love and support we can get. Good luck. You will get better.

      17. Chad, hang in there. I had the very same situation and it completely went away. Actually it come quickly and went away quickly as well. You will need time. Patience and Patience.

    6. Hi Lynn,
      Your vision issue sounds a lot like mine. Did your vision get better over time or did you need surgery to correct it? I visited a laser surgeon who said I will need laser surgery to fix the retina tears I got due to the Cipro. Do you know if that is what you had?

      Thank you!

    7. Lynn, Thanks so much for sharing and being so positive after all that you went through. God will bless you for reaching out to others to help them after what you’ve been through. Great advice as there are times day after day when we want to give up.

      So thanks for reaffirming our belief in God and in healing; we were”beautifully and wonderfully” made; the body is an amazing creation to take such poison and come through. Thank you God and thank you Lynn for giving us the hope that we will be survivors!

      God bless and Merry Christmas or Happy Hannukah; Happy Holidays. What a gift you’ve given to all of us. Thank you so much!


    8. i been having the head and face tension for a year now ringing ears red eyes seem to be reacting to food too weird feeling in all my joints and body burning mouth and eyes what helped with the head tension mine gets so bad i cant think and i get confused i wont live my life like this much longer i took ciprofloxacin

  3. Hi Lynn:

    I was floxed in Aug 2010. Everyday I try convince myself that this was caused by the cipro and that I do not have an autoimmune disease. So far all my tests have come back negative. I still suffer from ADRs muscle twitching, headcahes and pain in my back. My really dark days I hope are in the past. I have scalp tingling and this symptom really scares me. How long has yours lasted? Andn are you doing anything to help ease the symptoms? Thank you for posting your story!

    1. Hi Stella,
      I know what you mean when you think you have an autoimmune disorder. I am going on a year and at times still wonder if i have ms or something even though all my tests came back negative.. I am so much better though but think it is still so overwhelming to think a pill can make you feel like you have some deadly disease.
      I also have scalp tingling from time to time.. actually had it today while shopping and then my vision gets a bit off. It happened a couple times this week and i still get pretty bad migraines/sinus headaches that i attribute to the CIPRO. I read that the tingling is from migraines or even from swollen muscles/nerves of the neck which i have. This for me is new. I did not have the tingling until now but did have the migraine headaches since taking the pills.
      My ADR’s have lasted really badly for about 6 months where things were unbearable.. then little by little things got better.. I still get what i call ” episodes” but they are so minor from what they were even 6 months ago that i started to think maybe i do have ms.. but then i remind myself that it has only been a year and that this is a normal part of the healing process.
      I take a bunch of supplements depending on what is going on.. if i find my hands and feet falling asleep or feeling like there is a loss of blood flow.. i take some l arginine. If i am feeling emotionally unstable, i take some inositol ,b5, valerian root/passionflower, if my stomach seems uneasy, i take herbs to support my stomach.. you have to see my medicine cabinet.. For the muscle pain and headaches i take msm and tumeric/bromalein and flax seed oil. If the headache is really bad.. the only thing that works is excederin tension headache and i only take 1. I irrigate now to keep my sinuses clear and have been taking epsom salt baths with baking soda and benonite clay to detox.
      It does seem that whenever i try to detox though, my symptoms come back hard.. My doctor does not think my body is ready for a strong detox so has me on some easy detox that i take twice a week. i also get back and kidney pain when i try to detox..
      but i can honestly say that i never thought i would be where i am today. But at a year out i can only believe i will be 100 percent in no time which i never thought possible. I do not know how bad a reaction you had but mine was so severe for so long and i am finally living again and it is wonderful.
      It is scary as i have never been so scared in my life. The only advice i can give is to see a natural path if you can.. if not, i got alot of information from my local natural store.. I have kept them in business this past year and through them found the doctor that began treating me..
      Things will get better slowly..
      If i can help in any other way.. please let me know

  4. Hi Lynn, It is now 3 months after taking the worst pills of my life. I felt so much like you- especially when you said you didn’t think you would live through the night- me neither- but many times I wasn’t sure I wanted to live through the night anyway! Well, now I am used to the pain, so I am not so suicidal. I didn’t have all the nightmares, vision problems, but I have EXCRUCIATING pain in my tendons and elbows and stinging pain, burningpain all over. I found the arm braces hurt more- especially the nerve pain- did you have burning in your arms? What braces did you use? I have been taking all types of supplements for 7 weeks now that a nutritionist gave me and ones that I have prescribed myself due to the tons of info I am reading- I feel like I am doing research for a thesis!!! Anyway, a woman on one of the sites, who I spoke to said her burning pain went away after eliminating all yeast and sugar. Did you do that? I am trying to hit everything from all angles but am getting overwhelmed- almost saw a naturopath but decided I am taking pretty much all the correct vitamins for my problem and detoxing the best I can. The nutritionist is pretty good- but I will see- going to start bone broth too. Anyway……. did you find anything in particular that helped with your tendon pain? I can’t take it anymore and can’t imagine having it the rest of my life- however your article gave me soooo much hope! Please get back to me when you can. Thanks so much

    1. Hello Felice,

      I have just read your last three posts and although you addressed Lynn (who may also want to respond as she has been helpful to other visitors to my site) I wanted to respond. You have described your condition and it sounds very serious to me. I am concerned that a nutritionist is treating you and that you are self treating. From the symptoms you are describing, and please keep in mind that I am not a doctor, it sounds as if you have severe toxicity. You need a doctor who understands the delicacy required to treat a human with compromised CNS. This is a dangerous situation if not handled properly. Self prescribing vitamins and minerals when you are floxed may not be the best course. TO BE CLEAR… I advocate the use of natural and alternative remedies with my whole heart, but not blindly and not without medical advice when medical advice is needed. For example, when I want to try something new, like ACV, or Fish Oil, I check with my doctor or at least tell her what I am doing. She keeps records of what I am doing and checks regularly to see if I am staying on course. It is amazing how many supplements counteract each other or can combine for an unwanted outcome. When you are using supplements to detox and to support damaged organs, you need a doctor to help you, in my opinion. I know it is a lot of research and a lot of chasing leads. Stick with it and share your findings with a doctor who cares enough to work with you. I might suggest a Naturopath. My doctor is a NMD. She is amazing and she knows how fragile my body can be and works with that. Remember that supplements can be toxic too if taken in high doses and incorrectly, so please get medical advice. When I first was floxed, I walked into my DR office with a bag full of supplement bottles, tinctures, floral essences, essential oils and homeopathy. She eliminated 75% of my stash and said “not now” or “not safe for you in this condition”. This condition is mysterious, serious, dangerous and unpredictable. Please find a doctor who recognizes it as so before you self prescribe anything else.

      As for ACV, I don’t know the answer to that question. Are you having trouble with yeast? Is the person who gets pain relief from eliminating yeast having an overgrowth of yeast? Why would someone eliminate yeast from their diet unless the yeast was overgrowing? I don’t have a yeast problem, so I would never think to eliminate it. But if I had a yeast problem, and then eliminated yeast, I would not be surprised to find that my body was able to function at a much higher capacity, particularly with healing itself. You can take a simple test to determine if you are growing too much yeast, and if you are, I would start with a very high quality probiotic and diet modification. I don’t suspect (using energetic medicine here) that you have a yeast problem, but I also don’t suspect that you need ACV for your condition. My intuition tells me that you need a doctor and a lot of moral support.

      Regarding Bone Marrow Soup. This is a classic eastern recipe as part of a “building” diet. It will build your strength for recovery. Its a good thing for anyone and especially useful for building the constitution of a floxy. I hope you will report back here any positive results.

      Regarding tendon pain, I take Wobenzym N for pain, it works for me. Heat is soothing, warm chemical free baths are soothing and when the swelling is too much I lay with my feet up the wall and my back on the ground or bed. Take it easy on your tendons. Love them. I never used braces on my arms, too many things going on, but I did use braces on my ankles for a month or so. I liked the braces for stability and immobilizing things, but mostly I thought they were itchy and sweaty and uncomfortable. Necessary evil. The burning pain was relieved with H202 and wobenzym N.

      I hope this answers your questions and doesn’t create too many new ones. In a nutshell, I hear that you are not well, you are trying a lot (maybe too many) angles on your own, and I would love to hear that you found a good doctor who will help you sort it all out. You will need proper bloodwork (if you haven’t had that already) including a nutrition panel, cbc and whatever else the doctor orders, and you will need to spend some time with the doctor discussing your notes. You might consider a doctor who specializes in IV therapies. Let me know if I can help.

      Many blessings and good luck to you!


      1. Thanks for all the advice. I am going to find a doctor to go over everything I am doing. What dosage did you take of the Wobenzym? Did you take it before a meal or with food?

      2. I take Wobenzym on an empty stomach and usually I take 2 capsules as my doctor recommended. I hope that helps and you will let me know about any improvement with your pain.

      3. Hi Nikki. I took your advice and saw an integrative doctor yesterday who seems wonderful. Took away a couple of things I was taking and added a few others which he thought were key. Gave me some relaxation and breathing techniques to increase the oxygen into my cells and to try to get my mind off of the fear/flight mode so it can recuperate better. I am eating great now. Still extremely skeptical as I am in sooo much pain but will try to keep the hope up. I will share with you and others anything I found that helped. Thanks for the advice
        Hope you are doing well.

    2. Felice- sorry for the late response. I only check this site every now and then. Yes .. my pain and burning was pretty extreme in my shoulders and arms.. The only thing that got rid of it was about 7 sessions of acupuncture. This also got rid of my horrible tremors. I am a year out and still have swelling from time to time during a flare up on my shoulders and forearms. I notice i cannot hold my hands up for any amount of time as they shake horribly .. However they are MUCH better than they were at the beginning. I began slowly stretching those muscles however like most say.. when the cycles come .. there is not much you can do.. they do get less and less but are frustrating. Mine especially since my nervous system was hit so much worse, i still get the feeling of doom. paranoia and dread along with my cycles which actually make the pain less of an issue for me than trying to get a grip with myself for my family. I did take many natural anti inflammatory’s like MSM, glucosomine, vit c, bromelian, tumeric, evening primrose oil.. etc.. I hope this helps.. and i hope your doing better!.

  5. my wife had a bad reaction to levaquin, hives and rash, about five years ago, and that medication was on her hospital records not to give again, because is is cumulative, on jan 1 2011 she came in to read the paper and dropped the paper and could not pick it up, then tried to put on her glasses and put them on upsde down, i called 911, and was sure she was having a stroke, at hospital she was diagnosed with UTI, no mention of stroke though her MRI show stroke and ataxia, was released without telling me of TIA was given medicaation for UYi, was to call her new doctor who had not seen her yet to see if the medicine was working and it was not so he prescribed levaquin 7 doses 500 mg, i gave her two doses and she got worse and worse called the doctor and his nurse said it would take a few days, i helped her to the bathroom all night she could not walk with the walker alone, i fell asleep about 4 am and she called out in a panic i won’t go into the details but back we went to ER. she was admitted, lost control of arms, went partially blind in one, the in both eyes and lost the ability to speak she suffered till the 18th of january, was taken to hospice and died dthe next day, i blame the hospital for releasing her, the doctor for giving her levaquin, i have all the MRI’S, CAT SCANS, DOCTORS NOTES, NURSES NOTES, AND DICTATED DOCTORS READING S OF ALL OF IT, am going to meet with an attorney who specialzes in malpractice thursday april 7, am going to make sure noone else gets this drug

    1. John,

      There are no words to express my profound sorrow for you and your wife. Your story has deeply touched my heart and reminded my husband and I of a time we hope to one day forget, when we were almost in your same shoes. Your passion to create change in the world of medicine is admirable. Please know that you have our support. Again, there are no words that I can use to express my deepest sympathy.

      I can however, offer you my blessings, for you and your family to find the peace that has been taken from you and to fully awaken to the eternal love that surrounds you always,


  6. I was floxed a little over 3 weeks ago….. I actually was on a course of Cipro for Epididymitis (500mg 2x day for 5 months) dating back 8 months ago. I had subtle side effects that I thought nothing of (easily sunburned and tingling in my feet when standing for long periods). Fast forward to March 17, 2010 I was put on Cipro again for the same thing and by March 20 I felt something was off. I stopped the Cipro and by march 22 I couldn’t get out of bed. I felt like I had the flu but no fever or other symptoms. Doctor thought it was a virus and it would pass. A little over 3 weeks since my last pill and I have had the following symptoms: Profound malaise, muscle weakness, especially in the legs, numbness in the feet, ringing in the ears, butterfly sensations in my spine and legs, tremor, weight loss (8 pounds) pain in my heels and knees. Blood tests all normal. Seeing a neurologist next week, but don’t expect anything profound. I’m pissed at myself for not catching the signs the first time around and can only hope that this is not permanent. I am feeling better than I was 3 weeks ago, but I’m not progressing as fast I was hoping. I am taking 1.5 grams of magnesium, selenium, co-q10, b12 sublingual (10mg per day) vitamin e, vitamin d and 3 grams of fish oil per day. I have also taken oral glutathione from lipocuetical (available from It’s expensive, but most other formulations will not absorb through the intestines. I’m pretty sure it worked when I took it (1 teaspoon in water) because I felt terrible and flu like an hour after ingestion and for the rest of the day. I was told that is how you will feel when the glutathione detoxes your body. As I said before, I just pray this is not permanent. I have 2 young kids at home and my wife is a stay at home mom. I am used to working 60 hour weeks and can’t imagine being disabled…… I won’t let this damn thing beat me.

    1. Hang in there! You are on the right track! It is true that the glut will make you tired after while it detoxes, if you haven’t read my article on cycles, this would be good for you too. Try to be nice to yourself too, it is NOT YOUR FAULT that this happened to you, so there is nothing to be angry with yourself about. How could you know that the innocent little pill was going to turn your world upside down. Also, try to remember that this condition effects everyone differently and for different lengths of time. It sounds like you have been doing some alternative medical research, so my money is on you for a quick recovery! Don’t forget epsom baths for pulling the toxins out! Please stay in touch and let me know how you are recovering! So many people can benefit from knowing your story!


    2. Hey Brian,
      Just curious as to how you are doing now. I was prescribed Cipro for the same condition, but felt off after 2 days (4 500mg pills). All my joints now ache and muscles feel weak. I’m in my late 30’s with a family and was doing 34 pull ups a few times a week until this week. Now I’m afraid to stretch or do anything physical. Oh and the original issue was not fully resolved (since I only took 2 days), so I feel like I am really screwed over now.

  7. I can sympathize with all of you. About 5 years ago, I got a severe sinus infection and was given Levaquin for a week. At first I didn’t feel any side effects, but then I started to feel an overall malaise and insomnia. Thinking that the sinus infection was not gone, the doctor put me on an extended regimen of Cipro and the longer I took it, the worse I got with the malaise, depression, and insomnia. The doctor (family MD) thought that I was depressed and started me on different SSRIs that didn’t work.

    None worked and after I had been on the Cipro for about two weeks, I landed in the psych ward at a local hospital. The doctor diagnosed me as bipolar and put me on Effexor, Seraquel, and Ambien (for sleep). Thank God it worked! After 5 days I went home and slept well and began to feel better. After only a few more days I was able to return to work. Under the care of a psychiatrist, I did get better fairly quickly.

    When I first started on the psych meds I asked the psychiatrist about how long I would be on them and he said basically that whatever had caused this episode had possibly caused damage to my brain and that he thought these meds would basically be a crutch for a while while I healed.

    I never thought of myself as bipolar and with the approval of the psychiatrist I very slowly reduced my dosages to no Effexor and only 25mg of Seraquel at night (and I mean slowly, as in over the period of 2 years) .

    But here is the kicker, I never attributed the symptoms to being “floxed” until recently when I had another sinus infection (early March 2011). At first I was taking Amoxicillin but it didn’t seem to help the infection, so I called the doctor and he prescribed me Avelox and I started going downhill the first day with depression, anxiety, insomnia, and slight back pain. It wasn’t until I had been taking it for a week that I started to search for Avelox side effects and found that I was probably one of many who were victims of floxin side effects.

    I stopped taking it immediately and the next morning I felt better. I have good days and bad days and have found the following helps.

    1. Eat regularly. Your body needs it to heal.
    2. Magnesium and calcium supplements will help because the floxins bind to them while you are taking them.
    3. Fish oil. I don’t know if they are helping, but they aren’t hurting.
    4. Chamomile tea to help with the jitters and sleeping.
    5. Keep a positive attitude! You WILL get better. Nothing lasts forever except the everlasting God.
    6. Avoid stressful situations.
    7. KEEP BUSY! If you aren’t in so much pain that you can’t stand it, do something to distract you from what is going on NOW.

    Thanks for the helpful inputs from all of you.

    1. Thanks David! Great advice and wonderful insight. I am so sorry this happened to you again. I wonder if you feel a little validated knowing that your “crazies” were medically induced.?When this first happened to me, I told a friend, who told her husband, who had an “AH-HA!” moment. Many years before he had a psychotic episode that landed him in the psych ward shortly after taking antibiotics. He always wondered why that happened, and, I do believe he was harboring some harsh judgement or embarrassment from this blemish in his health record. Anyway, I’m so glad you are managing to survive and hopefully you now have the needed insight to avoid it from happening again. Many blessings, Nikki

  8. Thanks, Nikki. The literature lists depression, anxiety, and insomnia as a “minor” side effect affecting “1% or less” of people who take it, but floxins are so heavily used that 1% of the people taking it means tens or hundreds of thousands of people have been floxed and have suffered from mild to severe side effects.

    My point is that don’t be afraid of seeking professional psychological help for the mental problems caused by the floroquolones.

  9. Is is possible to have symptoms start several weeks after completing a course of cipro and have them steadily spread and get worse? I had numbness and tingling start in my toes and spread up my legs, then start in my hand and spread up my arms and now in my face. MRI’s etc. have ruled out MS, etc. I took Cipro for a UTI starting on Jan. 17th and remember mentioning the numb toes to someone (after they had been going on for a few weeks) around mid February.

    1. Yes! Absolutely! One of the most challenging aspects for victims of fluoroquinolones is when the onset of symptoms is delayed by weeks, months or even years! I suspect you have FQ Toxicity and you may benefit from detoxing soon. Your symptoms are serious, although mild in comparison to others, and I do believe you make a full recovery if you tackle it now before any damage becomes permanent. Best wishes ~ Nikki

    2. My first reaction from Levaquin was almost 1 month. Five months later I was given Cipro. The reaction was once again delayed, occuring 2 weeks after ingestion. The symptoms got progressively worse over the next 3 months. I still have relapses, but nothing in comparison to the pain from before. I don’t know if I am out of the woods yet, but sure doing everything I can to avoid them. Oh, I did try drinking coffee a few months back and it cost me three days of horrible and crippling pain.

    3. I am so sorry so to read about what a majority of everyone here has experienced due to this drug. I hope you all continue to recover as best as you can.
      My reaction is pretty mild compared to what I’ve read on here.
      I was on Cipro Jan 19th of this year. Three days into it I experienced occasional itching, numbness/burning lips & the tip of my tongue was tingly/numb. Initially I thought it was something I ate, etc. The rest of the symptoms of an allergic reaction didn’t start until 3 days after I finished the medicine & continued up until 2 days ago (Feb 20) .

      I’m a pretty healthy 34 year old, but all of a sudden my vision began to blur, I felt very disorientated , my speech was slurred. I couldn’t really hold a discussion with my son’s doctor. I felt anxious all the time, restlessness, easily irritated. Developed facial hives on my chin, nose and cheek, had bleeding gums at times, my facial skin began to yellow a little, developed leg/foot cramps often. My nerves were shot. I wasn’t urinating much at all, swelled up, kept feeling out of breath. Even walking up the block to my house from the store felt like a chore. Finally my blood pressure shot up to the point I had to go to the ER. It literally felt like my body was shutting down on me. For all I knew I was probably diabetic because it looked like a lot of the symptoms. But I’m not. Finally after looking up all my symptoms, I realized it had to be the Cipro I was reacting too. Since my symptoms didn’t happen all in one shot, the doctors really didn’t have much to say.

      I started detoxing myself right away by drinking A LOT of green tea and water, continued taking my vitamins, eating as healthy as possible, and sleeping whenever I felt tired. 4 days ago it felt like all my insides suddenly kicked in again. The first time urinating it was as if I was peeing a gallon of water. I feel sore in the midsection/lower back a little, but I’m no longer swollen. My skin is back to its normal coloring, vision is fine. I can sleep, think/talk clearly again & my blood pressure is normal.

      It may have been mild but it was a pretty scary experience.

  10. Hello everyone, I just want to tell you that there is hope at least the psychological side effects of the floxins. Keep calling around to psychiatrists until you find one who HAS seen what floxins can do to a healthy young person. I have a friend who is a clinical pharmacists at a psychiatric hospital in Georgia who works closely with a psychiatrists who sees floxed patients often. They are out there. I know that many of you are resistant to the idea of psych meds, but if you get the right one, it will work.

    Just keep calling the doctors and you will find one who can help you.

  11. The first time I was floxed was around 2001. Unfortunately that is hind sight,for at the time, I never made the connection between Cipro and the horror I was experiencing. My doctor at the time, diagnosed me with everything from hypocondria to chronic anxiety.

    This leads me to my second floxing 10 tears later in June 2010. I was given Cipro once again for prostititus. After taking just two pills, I experienced such violent shooting pains in my spine, I discontinued taking the medicine. I went back to the doctor and he then put me on Doxycycline and a heavy dose of NSAID (Nuproxin). I later found out that was the knock out punch.

    I was on the Doxycycline and Nuproxine about a month and I spiraled downhill. I had shooting pains in both legs and intense deep bone pain in my upper legs. I repeatedly discontinued using the NSAID’s only to have my syptoms intensify, so I would go back on them. Then one day I began to lose feeling in my arms, starting at the elbows. The over the course of three days, I lost complete sensation in my armsfrom mid bicep to the wrist.

    I finally went cold turkey on everything. I felt better for 2-3 days and then all hell broke loose. I experienced all of the symptoms that everyone described here and some I have not heard mentioned. It started by attacking all of the soft tissue in my body. Any place there was cartilage, it became swollen and sore. Joints, rib cage, nose, ears. That was quickly followed by painful and inflamed joint in the hands and feet. They were stiff to the point that I could not bend them. I then began to experience severe muscle pain and weakness in my legs. After walking 200 feet it felt like I ran a marathon. That was then followed by shooting pains in my brain, brain fog, severe insomnia. Sleep was rare and 1-2 hours at a time when it happened. Two weeks later the twitching began. The muscles in my arms began to twitch. Within 2 days it progressed to violent tremors the minute I laid down. Panic attacks and irregular hearbeat followed, lasting several months. I also developed severe pressure and pain in my left eye, and on 2 occaisions temporarily lost vision in that eye for 30-seconds to a minute.

    It has been almost a year now since I took those 2-3 pills of Cipro. I am 50 years old and feel like 80. I have been improving but at a slow pace. I have experienced the cycling that has been mentioned here. But there was progress. Then in February I caught a cold. The cold seemed to trigger a major relapse back to the place I was six months before. The cycling continues still, however the cycles seem to be shorter and less intense.

    Here are some of the things I tried. After making the connection, I began to take heavy doses of vitamin C. around 1500mg/day. I had read it helped with coligen production and could help rebuild cartilage and tendons. I also started some gluecosomine and Conjointine for my joints. I stopped that after a week because my blood thinned out to the point that if I cut myself shaving it took a day to stop bleeding. Now I take a multi-vitamin and separate B12 & B6 pills. The B6 & B12 pills I have to take on an every other day regiment or my symptoms intensify.

    I also tried accupuncture. I was fine until about 4 hour after the treatment, and then I lit up like a christmas tree. My nervous system went wild. It was the most terrifying night of my life. However the the following day I felt considerably better. I have not been back yet, but thought I would try again after I made more progress.

    I am trying to exercise now, but I am experienceing sever tendonitious. However I am ignoring it as much as possible and doing my best to stay with it. I am pretty strong willed, I am not going to let this beat me

    1. Scott,what did you do to get your arm pain better. My entire arm including my hands are now numb, stinging and burning to the point where I actually had to try morphine (and I can take a lot of pain) That didn’t even touch it so stopped after 1 pill. Is there anything you recommend?

  12. I have to say that the cycles of this syndrome are the most frustrating part of healing. I am now 5 weeks post-floxing and thought I was on my way to 100% when this past weekend I took the four steps back route. Extreme malaise and extremely tired quad muscles. Thankfully, that is all that has rebounded. I’m feeling better today, but can’t believe how frustrating this damn thing is. The good news is that the more research I do, the more I find that time is what heals better than anything……

    1. I just wanted to say, sorry for all you have gone through. I was “floxed” by Cipro 2 years ago,and am now almost completely healed, but do notice that ibuprofen and tylenol will bring back the sweats, numbness, and aches- just something for you to try to keep record of when you do actually have a flare up-get better soon,Caitlynd

      1. Caitylnd, did you have any deep burning pain in your body?I have it all over and it hasn’t gotten any better. I am now 5 months out and it has just gotten worse but some people say things can be worse around these months. The burning pain is now in my sternum sometimes which makes it hard to breathe. My hands are numb and have neuropathy type symptoms. Also all my tendons hurt everywhere. I am on numerous vitamins, eating well when I have an appetite and trying acupuncture- all with no relief. I cry all the time. Did you experience any of this? Thanks

      2. Hi Caitlynd- what were your symptoms and how long did they last? I am still in major pain and I am going on 6 months, numb hands, burning bone/nerve pain through whole body, trouble with breathing. Did you have any of this and what did you do for it Thanks

  13. I started out with some headaches, dizziness and muscle cramp that progressed into tremors, numbness in feet and fingers, tendonitis , and overall exhaustion. I had been poisoned and my body was fighting it – I think I was suffering a healing crisis/detoxing. After about a week and 1/2 my symptoms subsided and I thought the worse was over. However, they all came back again in the following week. I started to feel better again, but again I had a relapse. However, this time it was different. I was getting a lot of tingling/numbness in my feet and hands and headaches. I became really depressed as I was getting worse. I discovered this web site which gave me hope. I had been taking a lot of supplements vitamin B1, B12, magnesium, alpha-lipoic acid but I needed something more. I looked into the oxygen treatments that seemed to help people and I started taking drinking diluted h2o2. This really seemed to be helping. After some more research, I switched to a product called Cellfood over h2o2 as it was safer and easier to deal with and was highly recommended. You just add 8 drops to a glass of water and drink 3 times a day. It give your body added oxygen that your cells need to battle toxins and your body heal itself faster. Since I have been on this, my headaches have gone and I have been feeling much better. I also started taking Garden of Life antfungal defense for candida and threelac which is also used to combat candida. I thought that I had some symptoms of candida and read where it could be triggered by antibiotics. I also used a homeopathic detox by Dr. Yuen. I only took it for about 3 days and after that it seemed to trigger symptoms so I stopped. I think it really helped me. I also talked to a Yuen method practitioner, too. I am not sure exactly how the healing method works or what it did for me, but I know I started healing better after speaking to her and she gave me some great encouragement and healing advice. I am now taking NOW liver detox among other vitamins. I think the detox is very important in getting the evil cipro toxins out of your system for good. I feeling better and better every day. I can now feel my feet and the numbness has subsided. The leg cramps and tendonitis is subsiding. It been about 3 months but I think the worst has passed and I will soon be functioning close to normal. I recommend that everyone do the oxygen whether it be cellfood or some similar product – it will help you. You will be cured!

    1. I have a question about the homeopathy. If you said your symptoms came back ( i know that homeopathy puts the “bad drug” back in your body at a much smaller dose so your body can fight it) , you said your symptoms came back-but did the symptoms go away after those days- I assume they did because you then said you thought it really helped. Please explain. What did the Yuen practitioner do? I am still deciding on that . I read how it helped Nikki- but I am skeptical when I don’t understand exactly what they do. Today I am going to an integrative doctor to discuss all I am doing. I have so much info for him that I feel like a research scientist! I have been doing a lot of people’s suggestions, but not any improvement yet. Hope he can oversee everything- however at this point I probably know more than he knows- but hopefully not! Hope you are continuing on an upward path today.

      1. After a few days it seemed as if the detox homeopathy was causing symptoms, so I stopped. Those symptoms did subside by the next day. The Yuen practitioner was via a phone call and she was trying to put my energy back into neutral. It’s hard to explain and I didn’t feel any instant cure like some do, but I think it did help. It puts your energy back on where it is switched off. Check out these youtube links:

        Thanks, and I shall pray for you Felice!

      2. after the symptoms subsided though, did your original pain go away? because you said it really helped

      3. What homopatic remedy was taken? I keep finding mention but not exact name of the remedy.

    2. i agree with the cell food.. I took that for the first couple months and will probably start that back up now.> Detox also made me sick.. My doctor said your pulling the toxins from everywhere but until you heal your gut which is also damaged from this medication, the toxins have no way out and it puts it all back into your blood stream.. Made sense which is why i am gently detoxing.. Probiotics i have been on for over a year and Candex to kill fungal cell walls . I am taking Oil of Wild Oregeno, 4 drops per day which also kills fugus, parasites, and candida.. I believe once we heal the stomach.. we give the toxins and outlet to leave..

  14. Another thing I did is I did a colon cleanse. I took MagO7 (ozonated magnesium oxide) to clean my colon. It is important to clean out the colon of toxins, too. Accupunture has worked great for tendonitis. I also found that prayer and faith are very important. I know my prayers to the Blessed Mother and Jesus definitely helped me. Healing will take time, but we all can heal if we have faith.

  15. okay, I am in so much pain that I can’t take it. Started Wobenysme 3 pills 3 times a day. Not working yet. Does it take time? Been on it for 3 days. Will it really hurt to take an advil or two when in extreme pain? tylenol doesn’t work- acutally, I am ready for morphine!!

    1. I’ve been there Felice! Hang in there! I found that Tylenol made my pain worse. The best thing I can recommend right now is to support your liver which is working like crazy to dump those toxins, support your gut which is reabsorbing those toxins, and REST! Go to bed, shut the blinds and sleep! When you are awake, soak in a really hot tub of water with Epsom, pray, meditate, cry, whatever it takes to ease the tension. And breathe! Hang in there, it will get better! I know it doesn’t seem like it will, but it WILL!

    2. hey, my symptoms got worse over the course of about three weeks, all symptoms different from the first neuropathy, twitches, numbness, sweating, and simultaneously cold chills, I went from being a healthy 30 year old who ran 4 miles a day to an eighty year old with aches and pains. After three years now, I am much better. I still have the aches especially after exercise (not your normal aches) as well as flare ups if I take Advil or tylenol. You will get better. Vitamins would cause me pain and cause me to flare up so I still don’t take any. Probably not the best advice, but I am on Celexa for the anxiety that started when this all began. but yes the nerve pain, numbness. All I can suggest is to try to not take anything at this time and see how you feel in a week; than at least you can be sure whether or not you’re experiencing flareups from vitamins. Please believe me that you will get through this and you will be amazed at the number of people you will help with your experience. So many people are suffering and are unsure as to what is happening to them. You will get through this!

  16. Thank you, Nikki, for the website. I am greatly inspired by survivors. Your advocacy will get this drug removed from the market. You have made great strides already. I am only 8 days out from being “floxed”. I will not go into the hellacious experience I am having. If you are on this website, you know. What I do want to say is that there should be First Aid protocol for individuals who have been floxed. This is what I believed helped within these first several days in case someone is coming to this website looking for what to do immediately.

    When I first developed symptoms, it was like being run over by a semi-truck. So, there is no way that I could even get to the bathroom or drink on my own, much less advocate for myself. (I am still flat in bed and only able to type with one finger while experiencing brain”vapor lock”, but this is a great improvement.) My husband called Poison Control and asked if this could be a side effect from the 6 days of Cipro I had taken (250 mg x twice a day). The pharmacist at the Poison Control Center responded, “Oh yeah. Definitely.” So my husband asked what he could do for me. The response was “Tell her to stop taking the medicine and if she ruptures, take her into the ER.” To stop taking the medication was a no-brainer. So this information was not very helpful to my poor husband who could see that my body had been turned inside out.
    So my husband called our regular doctor for advice. It is important to note that our regular doctor is not the one who prescribed Cipro. I ended up with a kidney infection over the weekend and an on-call doctor prescribed it. Upon hearing that I had been prescribed Cipro, our own doctor said, “Oh no. That is a life or limb drug. Now she’s lost her limbs.” I actually lost a lot more than that. Anyway, although our doctor said he had never dealt with a Cipro poisoning before, he would recommend the following First Aid. There should be standard protocol, but I think our doctor’s gut -feeling was fairly right on. None of this is proven and I’m not a doctor, but I thought it was helpful for me.
    1. Flush with filtered water and cranberry juice/orange juice mixture. This should be 100% juice blends and not some “cranberry juice cocktail” that is mostly high-fructose corn syrup. Drink as much as possible.
    2. Give the “Floxie” 2 magnesium-containing antacids twice a day in an attempt to bind the remaining Cipro.
    3. Give to 1 capsule of good-quality fish oil twice a day.
    4. As soon as possible, check the liver and kidney function of the Floxie through a blood draw.
    5. As soon as possible (I simply could not move the first few days) have the Floxie get into 20 minutes of sunshine, morning and evening so as not to have too much UV exposure, and take apple cider vinegar baths twice a day with good quality, unfiltered apple cider vinegar.
    I would add my own number 6 to the list, and that is prayer or meditation, whatever your belief system is. I happen to be a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormon), but I have had friends of all faiths praying for me and I believe it helps.
    I feel awful, but I think I could feel “awful-er” without some sound First Aid. Obviously the drug should be removed from the market, but until that time, there should be a protocol for this poisoning.
    I also am grateful for a remarkable husband and my two young children who have waited on me like a queen this week. They make jokes, sing to me, read to me, and pray with and for me. We pray, as well, for all other Floxies and your peace.

  17. I’ve been doing quite a bit of research on how to get over this mess and have found some strikingly similar ailments between the floxing and candida overgrowth. On that notion, I saw a holistic toxicologist last week who was actually an M.D. (rare find). He has treated others who have been floxed before by starting with attacking candida. I’ve been on the program for 4 days thus far and I must say my energy level is improving and my muscle fatigue is as well. I’m taking an anti-fungal as well as cutting ALL sugar and yeast out of my diet. I’m also taking a probiotic called Syntol and have added Threelac. When you do research on overgrowth of candida, the symptoms are very similar to being floxed. According to the Dr. I saw he said that candida is so opportunistic, that once the good bacteria that keeps it in check in your gut is compromised, it can multiply in a matter of hours and have serious systemic consequences. It may not be the answer to the entire story, but it may be a piece of the puzzle (and possibly why several people have had a great response to ozone therapy because ozone kills candida). I;ll keep you posted……..

    1. I couldn’t agree more with this. I’ve been researching more and more on candida and it seems like the symptoms are very similiar. I’m now wondering if it’s been candida causing my prostatitis, which in turn caused me to try the cipro in the first place. When I take a close look at all the things that have been going on with my health in the past year, coincidently after trying cipro for a couple of days before about 1.5 years ago, it seems like my health has been on the slow decline since then. The intolerance for alcohol, tiredness, nagging back pain, irritability. libido problems, which can all be symptoms of candida.

      I’ve been seeing a naturopath trying to eliminate all possibilities, and the next thing to try is to do a detox cleanse along with a candida cleanse. I haven’t started it yet, been taking some time to think about it, it’s a major undertaking. Completely changing the diet. It is really going to be hard going without coffee and the occasional drink (patio season is here), not to mention no diary at all, but I think it has to be done.

      Brian, please do keep us posted. I’d like to know if it’s possible to make a full recovery using this diet. I have noticed that the muscle fatigue and joint pain does SLOWLY get better with time, but it is a very slow process. It’s been 2.5 months. This is such a pain, totally disruptive to say the least.

      1. Is there a way to gain weight on the candida diet? I tried the MEVY Meat, Eggs, Vegetable and Yogurt, but I am losing so much weight. I want to gain 10-15 lbs. but also stay healthy and not head backwards. I’m not even sure I even have a candida problem to begin with. I wonder if there’s a test.


  18. Have any of you torn your achilles? Mine ruptured this morning. Not completely. Doctor says 3 months, but I know he is working from limited information based upon healthy tissue, not poisoned tissue… Only 11 days out from floxing.

    1. Thankfully no, no ruptures. I think if I would’ve taken it any longer I probably would have. The week following getting sick was the scariest, I think if it’s going to happen it’s going to happen then. My calves and thighs were really tight and sore, shoulders were really bad as well. But, to reassure you a little, in a week or so your really bad muscle pain should start to subside. I would get on some supplements right away if I were you. I did almost immediately after I started having symptoms, like, a week and a half after getting flu like symptoms. This is because I had taken it previously 1.5 years earlier, started getting sick, went online, read the reviews, and then stopped immediately. So, 2.5 months ago I knew what I could be getting myself into taking it again. I was so distraught/scared about the prostatitis issues I was having at the time I just wanted to try it one more time to see if I would feel better, if it would make it go away. I told myself, well, what’s the worst that could happen? Just try it for a day or so and if you start to feel sick, then stop. No harm, no foul. Which may have been true, if I hadn’t done something really stupid, like take a workout pill the next evening. I really think that may have been the catalyst that set off my symptoms. But then again, I might’ve gotten sick two months down the road, from what I’ve heard about this drug. Worst thing is I worked myself into a panic for nothing. I think it was probably just a cold down there or something.

      I kind of knew what I was getting myself into trying it again. Guess I wasn’t cautious enough. I asked the doctor: “is this drug 100% safe?” Yes. Ask the pharmacist: “Can you drink alcohol on this?” Yes, it’s okay. No mention of caffeine or alcohol to avoid on the healthwatch slip. Then I read all this stuff online like it’s complete poison to mix with alcohol and caffeine! Unbelievable.

      Anyhow, that’s my rant. I’m back in the gym again, slowly. I’m confident I will make a close to full recovery. Of course, I only took it again for a day and a half the second time, so, maybe it depends on how long you took it for. The most worry some thing now is the sore bones. My feet get sore really easily. Still have weird balance issues, very subtle, but still there nonetheless. The anxiety and depression I think is the worst thing to deal with. Just knowing that I did this to myself needlessly really eats me up sometimes, but, gotta try to put that behind me and remember better days will be ahead. If you’re interested in supplements, I roughly follow the Levaquin Tendonitis solution. I think it’s been mentioned here. It helps a little, but nothing earth shattering right away, it takes time. Hang tough. Try and remember that you had no idea this would happen. Antibiotics should be harmless, they are meant to help, right?

      1. Thank you, T. Actually, thank you again to all of you who have shared your stories. It gives me strength. At this point, everyday is a new adventure in side effects, but I draw strength from the courage you all portray. 🙂

      2. Wheatgrass juice helped with quite a bit with the diarrhea. I am guessing it is the chlorophyll. Don’t drink a bunch at one time. I drank about 6 teaspoons at one time and all my symptoms flared, but felt much better within a few hours. Anyway, my diarrhea is MUCH better at this point. Seventeen days out from floxing.

      3. I wonder if your “flare” could be a sort of “healing crisis”. I’ve heard when you’re body is getting what it needs to finally repair, you sometimes heal backwards, which gets you feeling all the old pains again, then slowly getting better. No pain no gain, right? Hope you’re feeling better.

      4. Hey T,
        I took mine for 2 days, I think 2000mg total, hoping I’m in the same category as you with the recovery time. Been 3.5 months now, and I have good days and bad. I can’t imagine it getting any worse, except for the ‘healing crisis’. It helps to remind yourself that its a back and forth recovery… and interestingly enough, my ankle’s hurt, but the MRIs show no tears, Either its a nerve thing I’m feeling, or the tears are so small that they can’t be detected. Hoping I’ll be better in 3 more months, just want to surf again.


        ps-which parts of the Levaquin Solution do you follow most?
        I’m doing the Vit D, E, C, Magnesium, CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, NAC and b12. Also melatonin to sleep better.

        My muscles still cramp up a little, I want to work out so bad, but I think I need to not push it. Swimming helps me a little.

      5. where did you read that it was so terrible to have caffeine? was this a a documented paper or from some floxed people?

      6. Felice,

        A lot of floxies suffer terrible caffeine intolerance. Some don’t. When it happens, it is awful, the caffeine accumulates in the system and doesn’t flush out, making you really sick. I thought I had it for a short while, but it turned out to be my frequency speeding up. Once I adjusted, I was fine and I can drink caffeine in the morning without side effects, although it is really acidic and not good for you! Hope you are doing better today!


      7. can you tell me if it could cause severe chills and pins and needles all over plus extreme gerd.. I used to be a 6 cup a day, now down to half a cup and all these things starting 7 months after muscular system damage.

  19. Hi Brian,
    Thank you for the alkaline diet tip. I am a “newbie floxie” as noted in my previous comments. (Twenty-four days out.) I can’t even calculate the amount of fluorine we as floxies have ingested. It seems to be equal to hundreds of tubes of toothpaste. (Doesn’t fluoridated toothpaste come with the warning “Do NOT swallow”?!) True, the Cipro as an active antibiotic is out of us in a few days but the more “inert” fluorine is obviously leeching out of us for some time. (My husband says I smell like a swimming pool each time I wash my hair.) Your advice of making my diet more alkaline to counteract the immense amount of acid in my system does relieve a lot of the pain and many of the symptoms. The added iodine that naturally occurs in low alkaline foods is most likely protecting my thyroid as well. Incidentally, I can walk a bit now and my upper body is all but healed. A million thanks to all of you, but especially to Nikki for starting this website and for her positive attitude!
    P.S.– Don’t forget those early morning sunbaths. Your liver will love them! 🙂

    1. that is too funny- after i come out of soaking in a bathtub, I smell like chlorine too. I have been wondering what that was all about. I was chalking it up to the epsom salt that i put in my baths or maybe the chlorine in the water. Very interesting. I think I am going to go on a higher alkaline diet.

      1. Yes, it does go against my initial cranberry juice tip somewhat. Sorry about that. I’ve learned a lot in one month since being floxed. I can only say what has helped me, but this may differ from person to person. Look up alkaline foods on the internet. Calcium carbonate/magnisium tablets (like “Tums” but get them from the health food store so you don’t get all the other garbage like dyes in them) also helped me in the short term while neutralizing my chemistry with diet. The reverse osmosis alkaline water that Nikki suggested has helped a lot as well. I was hit really hard by Cipro but I am now walking and the Stevens Johnson Syndrome and acidosis is under control. I’m still very acidic but ever so much better. My best to you, Sam!

      2. When your pH is too acidic, this is when you get sick, disease, etc. When you are alkaline, disease can’t live in your body. Trace Minerals added to water helps to alkalize your body, keeping your pH above 7. (You can buy pH test strips to keep track). Eating greens like spinach is also the way to go. There’s an iPhone app that keeps track of pH and acidic foods.

        CoQ10 and Alpha Lipoic Acid (among other antioxidants) can help detox your cells. Magnesium is also good for this, which is why they say not to take magnesium with Cipro because it makes the antibiotic useless… so up your mag intake (not oxide, it’s the least absorbable). It’s been said, don’t quote me, you can take up to 1000mg/day of mag safely.

        Limit sugar and alcohol intake, too. 😉

        Deep breathing exercises help to get oxygen into your body… breathing is an overlooked remedy for just about everything.

  20. Interesting comment about the fluoride. Do you know if there is any validity to that? I originally thought that might be the case, fluoride poisoning. But, when I asked my naturopath if that could be a possibility he said no, that I would have to practically be eating the stuff as meals to have fluoride poisoning from it. But, if it is designed to be concentrated and the fluoride binds into cells, maybe it makes sense. The symptoms are almost exactly the same. I bought some fluoride tea for this, but I only tried it once after talking to my naturopath. Maybe I should try it again…

  21. Hi T!
    As we all know, Cipro poisoning has not been well studied. So this is a theory, but the toxicologist working with my doctor said,”It’s a fluorine poisoning with something even more insidious happening.” Fluorine is processed by the kidneys. It strikes me how many of us were treated for UTIs, kidney infections, or prostasis when we were floxed. My guess is that we could not get the stuff out of us given our illness at the time. (Not that anyone necessarily can entirely and I realize ANYONE is vulnerable.) Although I don’t think anyone knows for certain the exact nature of the Cipro poisoning, I agree with the theory of my toxicologist. Cipro poisoning is not just a “simple” fluorine poisoning but something even more insidious. The professionals who have worked with me only knew how to treat the fluorine portion of the poisoning, not the “other insidious part”, but at least they did this. Because of the advocacy of amazing floxies before me, no one ever questioned my symptoms. I was always treated as if I had been poisoned. (It was not given the tidy term of “a reaction” or “an allergy” nor was it credited to my imagination but the accurate term of “poisoning” was used, which I appreciate.) I was given supplements of chelated magnesium and calcium as well as fish oils with vitamin D and plenty of filtered fluids as if I had a fluorine/fluoride poisoning.
    So, I don’t know for certain, but what I do know is that I have gone from almost total paralysis, tendons bursting spontaneously, swollen brain, vision impairments, burning, insane diarrhea, hallucinations, vertigo, deafness, near heart shut down, and, and, and….. To being able to use my hands and arms completely and hobble around a bit in just 24 days. Do I still have some other symptoms? You bet. I wish the lesions that go from my mouth to my stomach would heal. (I’m still so acidic.) I wish the tinnitus would go away. I want to stop cracking and popping every time I move, but the difference in this short amount of time is unbelievable and the pain is greatly reduced. I don’t know where I will be in six months but I think a lot of my quick recovery so far was from being treated as fluorine poisoning victim from day one. I believe early, accurate care makes a big difference in the long run. So where is the validity and reliability to the theory? I don’t think it’s been established yet.

  22. im not so sure its fluoride poisining. I think the link to why some people get this reaction is a stress factor. When people get stressed chemicals are realeased and this allows certain substances like cipro to enter through the blood brain barrier alot more easily. Now cipro induces anxiety and also for someone who already is a bit more inclined to anxiety or stress reactions i think are more inclined to have a reaction to it..Then the damage begins by interupting cells gabba transmiters inturn effecting calcium signailing which leads to cells being damaged then it effects the mitrochdrail which is are car motor engine providing engery to all other cells. This when damaged leads to a whole hoist of conditions like ms ect now are systems have been chemically poisned so its not dengenritive in nature but does take along time to heal if all can be healed. This is just my take on it so im no way a leading doctor or anything. I think the best way to try and deal with this is to find a special diet plan to help the body heal the damage. I also think you have to get someone who understands how this works wether it be a nautralapath or doctor as self admistering as i have found is not the way to go and costs loads of money. I have a whole cupboard full of vitamins and many i cant take without reacting to. Not saying they wont help its just getting the dose right. I truly believe it can be helped and i have been asked to the unversity of bristol nauralpaths to be studied so will post everything that i find helps.

    1. I agree with you Rebecca. It seems like many people are experiencing a severe reaction when there has been a great stress in their lives. I took 1 dose of Avelox in Feb of 2009 and it took me 6 months to recover 80%. I used magneseum, organic foods and juices, and probiotics, and a general multivitamin. When I backed off on the B-complex mega vitamin, I felt much better. Prayer helped. A therapist and accupuncturist helped as well. I resumed exercise gradually and am pretty much back to baseline.
      I had just encountered a period of great stress in my life and was able to make the connection with stress and floxing. Now 2.5 yrs out I am feeling ok, 90% better, but have numbness and creaking joints for no apparent reason. Life does get better, try things in small amounts since too much of a good thing can make things worse.

  23. Hi Rebecca! I absolutely agree with you that there is something much more sinister afoot than “just” a fluoride/fluorine poisoning. (As if this alone would not be bad enough!) I think the the success of H2O2 and glutathione, etc. mentioned in this site help substantiate that the poisoning is much broader that just fluoride/fluorine, although I am dealing with these symptoms as well. I appreciated your post and I look forward to hearing what you learn in Bristol!

  24. I would like to add that I have taken a single dose of 400MG of Avelox (Moxifloxacin)

    That was enough to put me out of work had to send my wife back to work and could barely walk.
    I saw people saying that they wish they caught onto it sooner, It would make little difference trust me..

    I was lucky in the sense that the side effects started 1 hour later, as hard to believe as it is its true.

    developed pain in right Achilles and jaw tightness, things got much worst from there on.

    Accepting the periods of weakness for what they are and fighting back whenever up to it is the only way to do it. and from what I’ve seen Naturopathic assistance is the way to go.

  25. Hey guys,
    I’ll spare you from the explaining of my symptoms, sounds like most of everyone’s on here. With that being said, I have been following a lot of similar protocols that a few on here have. I was poisoned 3 months ago, and I think I am finally starting to have a “healing crisis” which I thought I was getting worse, but after I feel the crisis, I feel better afterwords. Been treating it similar to a candida diet. Been juicing carrots for a flavored beverage (but don’t over do it cause it can be a lot of sugar). The MEVY diet: Meat, Eggs, Vegies, and yogurt (probiotics are probably better w/ less sugar).

    Other than that, magnesium helps to neutralize (stop) the quinilones, also helps to repair the tendons by pushing the calcium out and into the bones where it belongs. Wheat grass (basically green blood) also has magnesium and chelates heavy metals from the body.

    Vitamin b12, lots, to help with neurological problems.

    For pain: turmeric (pain) and ginger (for inflammation). I don’t have any swelling though, so I’m not sure what that means. Stay away from pain killers if possible, they only toxify your liver. And in that case, milk thistle to clean up after the pain killers.

    Omega-3s fight inflammation, but also help the body absorb other vitamins.

    Lately, this goes against the ‘no dairy’ section, but Colostrum has been shown to regenerate basically the whole body–specifically connective tissues and nerves. When taking the b12 and colostrum, I have been getting more energy and also a ‘healing crisis’ which means it’s working.

    If you can, the pool is a great place to get a little movement. You want to be cautious, but movement helps keep the body and blood moving. Don’t let yourself stiffen up.

    I had an MRI on my right ankle, where most of my pain is, and they found absolutely nothing wrong with it. Which makes me think I have more of a peripheral nerve damage–inner thigh cramp, calf cramp and occasional (yes, not always) pain in my ankle. Weird. The B12 really helps this. Nerve damage can feel a lot like tendon damage, and nerves can heal, too 🙂

    To sum it up, eat as healthy as possible to give your body a chance to regenerate itself. Everyone heals differently, but don’t believe for one second that you can’t get better.

    Oh, sorry more… an alkaline diet keeps your body from being too acidic and better able to heal. Trace Mineral drops help with this, along with vegetables. You want to keep your pH level above 7, and this will not only help you heal, but also helps you fight off any other disease out there.


    Jeremiah 29:11
    For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

    1. In addition: sleep produces human growth hormone, which will help you heal. The best sleep and healing a person gets is between 11pm and 2am… a three hour window. If you are having trouble sleeping, melatonin works wonders, and best in small doses. Do not take it for more than 2 months in a row though, just because natural sleep is the best sleep. Like Nikki posts, rest.

      Again, try to stay as natural as possible when “medicating” this will spare your liver and reduce further toxicity. Melatonin/Valerian > Ambien, etc.

  26. Started Ciprofloxacin on April 7, 2011 and ended on April 17, 2011. it is currently June 13, 2011 as I write this down, and I continue to suffer from side effects.

    While I was taking it I noticed tingling and burning pains inside of my abdomen and legs and skin all over my body. I didn’t think anything of it, I thought it would pass when I was finished with my time on this drug. The first day after my last dose, I felt as though I had the worst flu ever, terrible pain in my bladder and genital area, sore sensitive skin, loss of appetite(which I still struggle with, over 3 months later), irregular heartbeat, Feeling feverish and having high temperatures occasionally for no reason, having a “rug-burn” feeling on my face and arms, numb skin, terrible pains and extremely senstive skin patches on each of my arms, numbness on belly and thighs, leg muscles cramping up, nausea, a dizziness that still just comes and goes, SEVERE ANXIETY AND PANIC ATTACKS CONSTANTLY,(I’ve had severe anxiety and ocd my whole life, it got worse than it’s ever been after I took Cipro). Insomnia, night sweats, only having an appetite at night, (usually for sweets only), chest pains, delirium all the time, constantly on the brink of freaking out and crying, which I end up doing anyway, almost everyday. Vision problems are hard to really describe, as I already suffer from really bad eyesight and floaters and a migraine-like aura that I get most days(which ive had long before ever taking cipro), but I did notice it causes an illusion of the room being filled with smoke, terrible gas and intestinal pains at night, ulcers that make me nausceas at night and wake me up early in the morning, uncontrollable tremors and shaking that can last for days on end, and inhibit me from sleeping, extremely fast heartrate that skips beats constantly, total loss of ability to concentrate, fear, slurred speech, weakness in all muscles, feeling like I’m in a dream all the time,total loss of libido, a condition that I somehow got called “Hard Flaccid”(visit which seems to be related to nerve damage. My delirium and feeling of being in a dream got so bad once that I totally lost my ability to speak or eat or really even move(I felt like I didn’t weigh anything, Like I was on the moon, and that I was going to die at any moment). My OCD has gotten so bad that I find myself talking to objects and clocks, looking for signs from god that I am going to die or not, looking at my stool because of fear my stomach pain and loss of appetite is from cancer or parasites(ALL OF THESE THINGS ARE NOT ME!!! NOT ME!!! I WAS NEVER LIKE THIS!!!!) Unsteadiness along with the dizziness and floors usually seem like they are slanted/tilted and I find it hard to feel like im on level ground. Motion sickness, itchy backs on hands and fingers. The list goes on and on and on and on and on. I started taking it on 4/7/2011 and I write this on 6/13/2011 and I still suffer from alot of these symptoms. They seem to come in cycles. Right now I get prescriptions for Xanax(Alprazolam) which has been a life saver at keeping me from wanting to kill myself, because at times I’ve felt borderline schizofrenic thought I was hearing voices and was frightened beyong imagination. I Have to take it everyday just to keep from laying in bed screaming and losing all control. I suffered from Panic attacks, meltdown and Anxiety since birth. But, after taking Cipro, I have felt worse than even the VERY WORST that it had ever been in the past. I’ve read now on so many websites that people at risk are younger people(I’m 19), people with psychiatric conditions(that’s me 100%) people who have a little irregular of a heartbeat already(that’s me, and 2 of my siblings have it also). The doctor was aware of all of those things that put me at higher risk, I was not warned whatsoever, nor did she inform me not to take Ibuprofen and it excerbates then damage done to the central nervous system. I feel like a victim of a huge crime and I guess my choice was die from and infection or suffer from the effects of this antibiotic. I WOULD LOVE E-MAILS FROM ANYONE AND EVERYONE WHO READS THIS AND WANTS TO EXCHANGE THOUGHTS AND EXPERIENCES ABOUT WHAT THEY’VE GONE THROUGH AND MAYBE ALL OF US TOGETHER CAN SUE THE MAKERS OF THIS HORRENDOUS DRUG!

    So far Xanax has been helping me, and i’ve already took Melatonin for years to help with cluster headaches and insomnia, I’m going to be going to doctors, I’ve been to 2 already who want to do bloodwork and an EKG(Haha, they said the EXACT same thing) and they both gave me prescription for Xanax as I guess it’s obvious to the world I am just on the edge all the time.

    I am not cured but I know Anxiety is probably my worst enemy in all of this. Xanax seems to help with my appetite loss, my sleep and my anxiety attacks which are always outside the gate just trying to climb in if I didn’t have any medication. I can’t emphazise enough how much over these past months that I’ve felt completely like I was losing it, everyday feels like my last, I was convinved that I had every single disease in the book, then I realized this all came after I took Cipro, I was not unhealthy before this, I worked out, I weigh 152-160, I eat a good diet, and after this I’ve felt like a dying 88 year old man. Anybody, and I mean anbody can contact me because we NEED to get the word out. Any more info you wanna know about how I’m doing just ask.

    Peace to All, everyone is in my prayers.

    1. Thanks so much Cal, why do you reccommend I get my testerone levels checked? Just curious, and by the way, I’m currently going to have a complete physical. 2 doctors I went to(when I didn’t have insurance, reccommended a blood test and EKG and could see my tremors, they all seemed somewhat by my wide array of symptoms, that I never had before taking Cipro. I think most doctors have no ideam infact, the last one I asked said “It is POSSIBLE, but I really don’t know who would specialize in that”. I think most doctors think I’m just having anxiety that’s caused by my own mind, granted, I was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disoder, Severe O.C.D., Panic Disorder along with 10 others at age 8 at the Harvard School of Psychiatry(Boston, MA). So It’s true I had a much different reaction mentally than probably most of you considering my already severe Mental problems, but for the past 10 or 11 years, I had them very well under control, to the point where I felt I didn’t even have them anymore, after I took cipro, the nightmares of my childhood came back to haunt me, and now I feel weak, so weak and hopeless, I depend on XANAX to even make it so I can sleep and eat, where as I had built up about 16 years of experienced and trained my mind WITHOUT ANY DRUGS prior to this. Cipro is ruining my life at the moment and I want to know there is a possible way out, I don’t want to be taking Xanax for the rest of my life. Are we allowed to leave our e-mails here? if you guys wanna contact me

      for the website MOD, if giving out my e-mail isn’t okay, it’s alright, just remove it, I have no problem.

      Peace to All, Let’s make it through this

    2. I’m just reading this today but decided to respond because I had a very similiar experience with Cipro. I think this has something to do with sensitivity to a strong anti-corticosteroid effect which I think Cipro produces. Definitely there’s something to do with the stress response and the adrenals…but the “hallucinations” ,fear and feelings of death seem absolutely outside of a purely physical response. I think the Cipro switches some gene on or off because if you have noticed in medical literature, cipro interferes with bacterial DNA as wel l as human DNA (eukaryotic) That’s what scared me the most, most other antibiotics only target bacterial DNA, it seems awfully dangerous to give out a drug that a lso affects eukaryotes. My heart felt awful and irregular, i felt the tightness of neck and shoulders that is commonly described. The feeling of death is fearsome…not even a feeling of peaceful passing into the yonder, but a terrorizing feeling of lurching into an abyss unwantingly. I wondered if this is the body’s response to poisoning or DNA toxicity…just kill yourself because your body is ruined??
      I have taken Xanax ,but I’m not happy with it, anxiety is still there but I’m knocked back into an uneasy sleep.
      My other theory is that if Cipro poisoning is not just the sole reason for feeling horrible, but perhaps another gut microbial population that is allowed to take over due to wiping out other organisms by Cipro. Maybe the worst sufferers have been exposed to some bad pathogen and cipro gives it a chance to proliferate and cause the worst symptoms. My guess is that it’s poisoning and a stealth pathogen combined to cause ruin. My life has been basically destroyed by this. i question the existence of humankind with all the horrors here on earth that we are so easily subject to. sure, the Earth is beautiful in some places, but if you’re too sick to experience any joys of life, what the hell is the point even…to suffer? I ‘m leaning towards the theory of some alien plan happening here on earth because the suffering is unreasonable in the context of just surviving and living. Put down to the simplest terms , we are here eating, surviving everything else subjected to human life…but where do these hallucinations and terror come from. Purely biologically, it does make sense that the body would react in terror and extreme stress to poisoning ,but some other reactions are unexplainable. If death was truly imminent and DNA rendered dysfunctional shouldn’t opioids or endorphins should kick in and let the soul release from the body less horrifically. I really think there’s an alien interference and those with the psychological systems have already been intervened with DNA -wise. The cipro allows something to take over more easily because the lack of some protection. I suggest yogurt and probiotics , which have helped me somewhat.
      BTW, your childhood sounds like mine…high anxiety, OCD occasional nightmares….so something is happening here and I don’t really like it or how the hell is a DN manipulated person supposed to survive the earth ?? Leave us alone aliens if you don’t have a guidebook for us and do nothing to help.
      Anxiety is not in the mind. The adrenal is upregulated and it’s very uncomfortable.

    3. You likely have a body wide yeast/fungal infection. I had all your symptoms and even considered demonic possession and exorcism. Forms of Candida can excrete 79 mycotoxins that confuse endocrine receptors and we all know how hormones affect us. I had slightly lowered thyroid,I had my testosterone checked at age 24 and had the levels of a 70 year old man; also had the lowered libido, and hard flaccid syndrome and overall genital shrinkage…i also got horrible arthritis type pain and my exercise tolerance was slashed by 65 percent or so, and when i would exert myself at all my genitals would nearly ascend into my body…as in almost totally. Personally, I am blaming chemtrails and GMO foods for this…look at the cialis commercials….the men get younger and younger every time…and sperm counts were double what they were 50 years ago.
      A stool test showed an unidentified yeast/fungal pathogen…no not Candida. I also was not absorbing any minerals despite vigorous supplementation. I was the most health conscious person on this forum i guarantee…but all of this happened to me while I was at my healthiest….when the lid blows off this thing…it will be HUGE

  27. I have had a similar experience. I took 12 days worth at about the same time you did. Xanax does get me some rest. I have had numerous tests done. One thing I think gets overlooked is the health of your gut. I think it has to be fixed first. I was very active and in great health. I have talked to numerous people who have went through this. Everyone I have met personally are at least 75% healed within 2 years. You may want to have your testosterone checked. This will give them a place to start. The prayers and support of friends will carry you through. Swimming has helped me a lot. If I can help you just let me know. You can get through this.

  28. What a Godsend to find this site, even though I think I’m on the upswing in terms of Cipro effects. Was prescribed Cipro for the 4th time in 5 years for UTI. Never had any problem with it before, at least nothing that really hit me hard or got my attention, and I was always just so relieved to be rid of the UTI, so I’d never investigated Cipro. Doctor never mentioned any side effects, except for possible sun sensitivity. This time was different. I was on vacation in Mexico and took a travel supply of Cipro with me, as provided by my doctor “just in case”. I have one knee that I’ll be replacing at the end of the year (wear & tear), so I’m used to weakness and some pain with that. But several days into the Cipro BOTH knees were so painful I could hardly walk, had to lean on my husband’s arm to walk a short distance and to get up the three stairs to our cabana. (I’m 59, but previously competitive cyclist, always very fit.) This was accompanied by headache, elbow, wrist, hand pain, racing pulse, warm ache in my kidneys. My knees and hips got so bad that I had a hard time getting through the airport to get home. I felt like I’d aged 20 years overnight or been hit by a truck, with continuous transient muscle and joint pain that I described as “heat lightening” flickering randomly throughout my body. I was so scared. Got home, began to have major psycho/emotional issues: anxiety, panic attacks at night, depression. One afternoon last week I dissolved in sobs on my husband’s shoulder, I was just totally overwhelmed. He was so freaked out, I think he was questioning whether he needed to call a psychiatric professional. Fatigue was overwhelming, along with depression and general mental confusion. I would wake up in the middle of the night and dread morning, knowing how hard it would be, physically and emotionally, to get out of bed. I questioned why my family and friends would ever want to be around me again, whether I wanted to live like this. After a trip to the supermarket last week I thought I was going to have to get a walker just to get around. (Again, very fit, 59-year-old, ex-athlete, skier, cyclist, etc.) But between the worst bouts of pain, fatigue and depression I started to piece things together doing research on the internet. When I realized I wasn’t going crazy and that I didn’t have a terminal illness, that it was Cipro toxicity, it was actually a relief. It’s one month since my last dose. Much of the psycho/emotional paralysis and confusion has lifted (but I now have a rash on both ankles). My emerging increase in energy is enabling me to devise a plan of attack. I’m using nettles, flax seed oil, and digestive enzymes to combat inflammation, as well as drinking ginger tea. I’m trying to support liver function with SAM-e, milk thistle, and Chinese herbs Si Miao Wan, which I got from my acupuncturist. She’s “needling” me in an effort to generally support my nerves and muscles. I’m trying to keep my diet clean and simple, get plenty of sleep, and not take on anything but the essentials. I started going to a health club to gently spin on a stationary bike. I’ve been so fatigued and sedentary — I’m hoping that gentle exercise will promote the cellular processes and move toxins out. My bad knee is still bad, my other knee isn’t doing that great either, and I still have lots of pain in my hands and wrists. But I feel like I’m coming out of the fog of fatigue, depression, and despair so I have hope. Thanks to everyone for sharing you experiences. I know how hard it is to do that when you’re in so much pain, and so many of you are so much worse off than me.

    1. Vicki- how are you feeling now? I have burning pain all over my body still and tendinopathy all over- my hands, arms and feet joints hurt too. I am at 7 months

  29. Carl, I was wondering how many people you talked to that have been floxed? Im just trying to understand that 2 year recovery comment.
    Also I am doing vitamin c/myers ivs with glutathione. Thursday will be my first H2o2 iv. Its crazy how my symptoms go from none to several multiple times a day.
    My doctor says they can make me a homeopathic remedy from a levaquin pill and will be trying that.
    It seems to me that we have a problem breaking down the quilonines and they stay in our system causing damage. It just doesnt make sense that our symptoms would come and go as they do.

  30. Just thought I’d send some more info out to you guys. We all have been effected differently, but there’s a lot of similarities in the healing.

    Ps-you don’t need to read the first half of the blog, just reminding you of what you already know, but skip down to “Here is Her story” and check it out.

    Another side note, magnesium deficiency has a lot of the same symptoms as FQT, and fluoroqunilones have been proven to leach on to magnesium and rapidly deplete the body of it. While this can happen over hours and days (especially if a person was low on magnesium to begin with, it often takes time to replenish the magnesium stores in the body. Good news (I know it sounds like bad) but when I expect something to occur slowly, a la magnesium replacement, I don’t get discouraged when it doesn’t happen over night. Here’s to positivity and healing.

    God bless,

    Ps-stress and other factors go into magnesium deficiency, too. So when we have good days, followed by a cycle, we may be on the edge of replenishing our magnesium stores, some days it’s lower because of outside factors (we feel crappy) some days we feel good (maybe our levels topped the required levels). Maybe we just need to keep supplementing until it’s at a manageable level. All guesses, but the science behind FQT and magnesium deficiency is a topic I have read on numerous reports of the stuff. I guess you’re not even supposed to take magnesium with FQs because the drug would be ineffective…

    1. Check out the symptoms of magnesium deficiency. As said before, it may not be the whole solution, but part of it. I have a lot of these symptoms and again, FQs cause magnesium deficiency. Best way to counteract these symptoms… replace the magnesium.

      Also, B12 supplementation (along with other high doses of b vitamins) have almost completely eliminated any nerve problems I was having. Just takes time to kick it… don’t give up if you don’t get fast results.

  31. Sorry, posting more. I get excited when something starts to work for me and hope it does for others, too.

    On the magnesium website, some things I have been feeling were confirmed:

    “Continuing with the symptoms of magnesium deficiency, the central nervous system is markedly affected. Symptoms include insomnia, anxiety, hyperactivity and restlessness with constant movement, panic attacks, agoraphobia, and premenstrual irritability. Magnesium deficiency symptoms involving the peripheral nervous system include numbness, tingling, and other abnormal sensations, such as zips, zaps and vibratory sensations.”

    I noticed a lot of people on here having trouble sleeping…

    “People with magnesium deficiency often seem to be “uptight.” Other general symptoms include a salt craving, both carbohydrate craving and carbohydrate intolerance, especially of chocolate, and breast tenderness.”

    “…one may experience twitches, cramps, muscle tension, muscle soreness, including back aches, neck pain, tension headaches and jaw joint (or TMJ) dysfunction. Also, one may experience chest tightness or a peculiar sensation that he can’t take a deep breath. Sometimes a person may sigh a lot.”

    No two people have the same symptoms, or severity either… I have/had breast tenderness, muscle soreness, twitches, cramps, aches, and on and on… since supplementing with magnesium (I think up to 1200 mg/day is safe, or until loose bowels) I have seen “mag”nificent results… sorry… just saying it’s worth a shot. The more severe the FQT symptoms, maybe the more severe mag deficiency… I dunno… nobody knows exactly what’s happening, but I think we’re getting close.

    1. Austin,

      I tend to hypothesize the Floxing with Magnesium deficiency as well.

      Personally, I don’t think one drug (whether be it poison) should have so much adverse effects on nearly every part of the body, it doesn’t make sense! The main effect of this poison in on CNS and neuromuscletal system. All the symptoms originate from the disfunction or disruption of these 2 systems.

      And what does the magnesium deficiency point out? The exact same symptoms!!

      So I think these drugs in essence drain the magnesium (possibly with other minerals) out of your body and bring it to very low levels. This also suggests why it takes some time for the symptoms to kick in.

      If the symptoms are more severe, the reason is probably those individuals are either exposed to higher volumes of the poison hence more magnesium is drained from the body. Or those individuals also had lower levels of magnesium to start with.

      I started taking Magnesium (and B vitamins) and seeing improvements even after 2 years! I recommend Magnesium, I think we are getting close as you put it rightly!

  32. I’m thinking about visiting a neurologist but I have a few questions.
    1) Are EMG & Nerve conduction tests safe? Has anyone issues with the tests?
    2) Is it worth it to go to a neurologist?

    1. HI DAVE,
      I was injured October 11th, 2010. I took 3 tablets (Cipro 500mg). Crutches and Wheel Chair for distance as needed. Currently use one crutch but limited time and usage of left leg/foot.

      I did have a Nerve Conduction Test and EMG just 2 months ago in June. Pressured by my family to do it…..Ruled out any sign of serious damage to Tibial or Peroneal Nerve damage in my lower legs. Does not test peripheral nerve damage as these are small fiber nerves. Too small, to test…..However you know you have Peripheral Neuropathy because of the burning, tingling, prickling, jabbing….etc. Non diabetic neuropathy.

      The test is tolerable, but unpleasant at moments. i had my lower limbs tested, both Legs. It ruled out any problems with muscle motor function.

      Based on symptoms, was told I had an unclear case of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. That meant i have some symptoms of it but not enough to be formally diagnosed w/title. For instance I have color changes in my right foot when showering. The appearance of my foot changes when exposed to the warm water. Darkens in color then fades back to normal after drying off. This is an indication of the Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction. But I would need more symptoms then that to be diagnosed for Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. I am not sensitive to touch, or simply a breeze and temperature…..yes Autonomic Nervous System is messed with, but i dont get the fancy name for it.

      I must say there was no interest at all about the cause of my injury. Simply tested, 45minutes later told Peripheral Neuropathy and the Doctor was out the door. So it may be a bit like a stop at Jiffy Lube. Rule out some things, which is good….and then stay focused on your healing from there. Also be sure to get copies of all tests. You paid for them, and you should see them and keep them for yourself.

      Expect progress, and Healing no matter how things appear.
      God Bless Rene

    2. Dave,

      One more thing, I ached after the test for a few days. Not the day of the test….but next day. It aggravates your nerves. Probably vary from person to person. For me it was tolerable but I didn’t care for it.
      Hope this helpful.

    3. Last does of Cipro 5/24/2011

      My initial debilitating joint and muscle pain were made even worse by severe depression, panic/anxiety. I was totally unable to function. I learned that Cipro destroys intestinal bacteria, and then that B vitamins and neurotransmitters are all synthesized utilizing those bacteria. This is very bad news for our nervous systems – central and peripheral. I got nutritional counseling in the hope of beginning to restore the intestinal flora, but in the meantime I also saw a psychiatrist who prescribed meds that almost instantly brought me out of the depression and ended my anxiety problems, enabling me to think much more clearly about this situation.

      Rebuilding intestinal bacteria to pre-Cipro levels can take months, even with the consistent supplementation of probiotics. There are actually hundreds of different kinds of good bacteria in our gut, and even the best probiotic supplements contain fewer than 20. Our nervous system and muscles rely heavily on those bacteria to produce what they need for repair and growth. It takes time.

      For the first 7 weeks after floxing I had to wear supports or braces on one or both knees at all times, even while sleeping. My feet were numb and tingly. I used a cane for about ten days. After a few weeks my hip pain subsided quite a bit, and then about three weeks ago I had a significant improvement in leg strength, knee pain and the neuropathy in my feet. I haven’t worn a brace for more than an hour at a time since. Also, I had a significant increase in energy and could stay on my feet longer.

      In the last week or so I’m sorry to report that the neuropathy is back, although not as severe as before. My knees have also taken a bit of a downturn, my hips are sore again, and I have mild cramping in my calves and one achilles. BUT, none of this is anywhere near as bad as it was 5 or 6 weeks ago, and my general energy levels are good, considering. Maybe I’m just getting used to the idea that this is going to be a long process of “two steps forward, one step back.” But I have seen improvement, and I believe it will continue, even if (much) slower than I’d like.

      More good news is that I finally found, within the last two weeks, a doctor who practices “functional medicine.” Please see this site: to learn about the approach of functional medical doctors, and what they treat.

      This doctor really gets what Cipro does. Cipro is intended to kill “just” bacteria. But evidently the mitochondria in mammal cells are thought to have evolved from bacteria, and over time they were incorporated into our cells in a kind of mutually beneficial relationship. Because of this, it’s thought that Cipro can destroy mitochondria in the same way it destroys bacteria. Mitochondria produce energy for every cell to do what it’s supposed to do: nerves, muscles, brain, every part of our body. At the most basic level, our recovery depends on repairing as many mitochondria as possible, and promoting growth of healthy new mitochondria. But at another level, many whole systems may have lost function due to this cell damage: adrenals, thyroid, synthesis/absorption of nutrients in our gut, manufacture of neurotransmitters, etc. Many of our ongoing symptoms are probably due to this collateral damage after the fact.

      There are a number of tests that a functional M.D. can run that your typical doctor doesn’t know much, if anything, about. The results of these tests can reveal where an individual is hardest-hit, and what to target first for repair. Unlike “traditionally trained” doctors, functional medical doctors don’t just treat individual symptoms (usually with more pharmaceuticals). They look for fundamental underlying causes of symptoms, and when possible use nutrients (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, etc) that are the building blocks of the cells. This is very different from homeopathy and other “alternative” therapies. It is “science based” medicine that deals with things like:
      Hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances
      Oxidation-reduction imbalances and mitochondropathy
      Detoxification and biotransformational imbalances
      Immune imbalances
      Inflammatory imbalances
      Digestive, absorptive, and microbiological imbalances
      Structural imbalances from cellular membrane function to the musculoskeletal system

      I’m still prepared for this to be a long ride, but I’m encouraged to have found a knowledgeable M.D. to help guide my healing. There are still more unknowns than knowns regarding Cipro damage and recovery. I expect that, even with the results of testing and resulting treatment, this will take quite a while. Based on what I’ve learned, I think the following are important areas of focus:

      – Get the advice of a good medical nutritionist. We have to give our cells the nutrients they need.
      – Movement is important, whether with a physical therapist or on your own, particularly in a pool setting. The only way to get oxygen and nutrients to our cells is via exercise. That can be very difficult when you’re in pain and suffering from fatigue, but evidence shows it speeds healing and recovery from just about any illness or injury.
      – Good sleep is important, as our body uses REM sleep to perform repairs.

      And last, do whatever it takes to find a doctor who has an understanding of Cipro, and who is willing to do the hard work to uncover all the areas where Cipro may have caused you harm. This is much more than requesting a standard blood panel, which really doesn’t reveal much about a Cipro sufferer. Ask about tests for all your thyroid levels (not just TSH); adrenal function (all your hormones); an organic acids test (cellular function); and an analysis of your intestinal bacteria levels. These tests are expensive. Then again, there are lots of “practitioners” out there with lots of snake oil to sell. Their “treatments” are often expensive, too, and many of them are not supported by any real evidence that they can help you. I don’t know about you, but I don’t have the money or the energy to waste on snake oil. Educate yourself!

      We will get better, and there are things we can do to help, but it will take time.

    4. Hi Dave,

      If this is for peripheral neuropathy, mine has completely wore off. I recommend taking B vitamins, but if you are worried, why not have it. It can eliminate your worries and other problems.

  33. Hello to all,

    I should have introduced myself better before initial posting. I am now in my 11th month of this injury and recovery. I was injured October 11th, 2010. I took 3 tablets (Cipro 500mg). Crutches and Wheel Chair for distance as needed. Currently use one crutch but limited time and usage of left leg/foot.

    The last 3 months I developed very subtle sensations in areas of my body that had not been evident before or had completely receded after the first week of the injury. I had believed that my injury though systemic was somewhat contained in my left lower leg and foot. However I have now realized that my hands,fingers, wrists, forearm, shoulder(near blade) neck,head,side of face are effected.

    Last few weeks, hands swollen some mornings, w/rigidity. Forearm painful,sciatic type pain, unable to use for a couple hours, restricted movement. Burning sensations that travel my arm to shoulder, to back of neck, back of head, and side of face. I have to have my cranium and neck adjusted by Chiro /Kiniseiologist. He has a lot of neurological education which greatly helps with all adjustments. including my foot. Scared me big time….unsure of what was to come next, if and when. I am just shy of a year, and these new creepy things occurring are alarming!

    I hightailed myself in for a glutathione IV push which helped within the time frame it was actually administered. providing some sense of wellness in my body, as well as the most severe part of my injury which is my foot,lower leg up to back of knee. So will do one per week, see how it goes. Had 3 so far.

    I take NAC, Fish oil, Magnesium Glycinate, calcium lactate, VitaminD3. Eat wild caught fish, fruits and veggies. I had tried to take a product to help with circulation in my extremities but was a disaster. After 5 days of getting worse as far as pain, overall well being, I thought Ah ha…look up the ingredients on the label. Bingo! sure enough there was something called xanthinol nicotate.

    It belongs to a class of chemicals called Theophylline Its toxicity is increased by erythromycin, cimetidine, and***** fluoroquinolones, such as ciprofloxacin. !!!!! It can reach toxic levels when taken with fatty meals, an effect called dose dumping.[22]

    Anyhow That was my first experience that this Fluroquinilone injury requires thorough investigation and caution concerning supplements.

    I also had tried a device that vibrates to help with circulation on the bottom of my foot. The Soul of my foot swelled so much within 1 minute of vibration….that I had a Dome that prevented my foot from laying flat on the floor. So that ruled out “Vibrational” stimulation, even though it was very pleasant during the application of it. Another example of autonomic nervous system gone amuck.

    I probably should mentionHow this Began: I went to Dr. on a Monday morning due to a night of Kidney pain, and fever. At his office i was given the Cipro and took my first tablet in his office. I waited approx 15 minutes to have my blood drawn for lab test. After blood drawn I paid at reception and asked “How Long before Drug starts being effective.” The reason i had asked that question was I felt something vaguely different. The next day after 3rd pill I started going down hill….evening called Dr. and burning tops of hands, forearm shoulder, foot, lower leg were burning. Thursday when Lab test returned I had a raised ANA titer !!! Very High… Sjorgens. Incredibly this is how fast my immune system went into revolt from having ingested this drug. Within a 15-20 min time frame…. Test repeated 4 months later still high…will redo within next few weeks.
    …I have strong faith in God, we will and do Prevail. I need to say adios for now….need to shower, get dressed, and greet the day.

    God Bless all of you and your families. Rene (california)

  34. Hi Lynn,
    I am so happy for your recovery. I hope to one day be able to overcome this hardship and spread hope as you are doing. I have been suffering with sideeffects such as high resting heart rate, weakness, muscle pani and joint popping, insomnia, anxiety, shortness of breath, etc. I was wondering if you were be able to provide me with the name of the doctor who has helped you.. You can email it to if you want or post.. I would sooo appreciate it. I have been having a hard time finding a doc that is even willing to consider helping me with this or at times they just havent had experience with it.. God bless!

  35. HI Nikki,

    Just wanted to thank you for the encouraging words you wrote to all of us. Your website is a safe and compassionate haven. I so appreciate it.

    Also I would like to share a couple things that may be helpful. TRANSDERMAL MAGNESIUM OIL, I bought on line. Good absorption into the soft tissue of body. I lightly massage into my my legs, arms, feet. Then wipe off residue after 20 minutes so fully absorbed. It is not oily, but leaves a residue similar to when you have been at the beach swimming, left you feeling you need to rinse off the dried salt.

    Also these Patches from a company on line called LIFE WAVE. I use the Glutathione patch. One per day on different acupuncture points that are in the directions. They are non transdermal. Falls into category of energetics. Helps body to produce more of its own Glutathione. It surprising has helped me with Pain.!! And sense of well being. I have been using for one month.

    I had posted this information before but it is nowhere to be found? So I am bringing it up again. It really has helped me significantly. There is good data and track record from users of these patches for different reasons. The first time I tried it seemed to improve my energy but stayed up too late. Then realized I had put in on late late afternoon, so tried it out in the morning. That worked fine.

    I had numbness in my face yesterday. Lips, and side of left nose, Jaw…..I get scared when it happens. This has been occurring more frequently last few days. I am in my 11th month of recovery. I think that maybe due to detoxification. Things shift, and new things come to the forefront that had been in the shadows before.

    Interesting point i want to make is that HANDS, WRISTS, FOREARMS, SINUSES, were areas the ORIGINALLY showed signs of trouble “THE NIGHT” I knew I was in trouble. I had only taken 3 pills in total. So just after 24hours……this stuff started. However, all these months my main and seemingly only location severly injured had been my Lower LEG and FOOT. Crutches 48 hours later and eventually wheel chair for greater distances. So now this new stuff creepin in so many months later…Makes me think that Detoxification is a reasonable possibility.

    Bye for today, getting dressed to greet the day! …Rene

  36. SOS. Every hour that passes I seem to be getting worse. Pain in arms, legs, feel battered…burned. This is the worse I’ve been in the 11 months of injury. I am super scared. Live alone.
    I just took some Vitamin C /buffered 2500 mg, used some transdermal Magnesium on my arms, hands, hips. For the last 7 days feel like I am fighting a bug/flu? But maybe this is detox? Because the only thing that I am doing that is different is the ONCE per week GLutathione infusion. 1200mg. I started this treatment to fend off new creeping changes that had begun over the last 6 weeks or so. Become more pronounced last couple days and now this horrendous torment. I was lucky not to have been in such torment till now. Any thoughts Anyone?
    I need to eat….

  37. Rene,
    Hang in there. If you do have a cold or flu, I’m sure thats whats caused the severe pain in your arms and legs. I’m around 11 months out also, and have had colds on two separate occasions that caused a severe relapse of symptoms (specifically arms, hands, feet and joints). Can’t really suggest what to eat, I know that nauseous feeling though. Just try to get a lot of fluids, and stay calm, it will pass.
    (Also, you may want to stop the glut injections for awhile).
    Good luck

    1. Thank you Tom for responding.
      By 6pm, my forearms eased up a lot so, I went to church service last night that is always of great comfort. Your suggestion to lay off glutathione IV for a bit may be a good idea. Thought the same…For the first time today I had a kind of trembling in my upper quad muscle in one leg. I thought I was making progress till the last 6 weeks….with the increase of new stuff. The last 4 weeks of Glutathione have helped my right foot which has been the most clear evidence of injury for 91/2 months….but the systemic injury is now being revealed. Oh, I do not have a cold, but clearly immune system is stressed. This is a mental/spiritual fight as much as a physical one. So I have to “decide” everyday to believe that I will recover even when it appears dark.

      I wear a patch that I bought online from Lifewave. It is “non transdermal” GLutathione patch. It got my attention in my research. Has helped me surprisingly with pain. This more profound extreme pain, it does not seem to address but does provide noticeable help. I actually rely on it daily. Switching location I wear it so as not to irritate skin from adhesive. Basically it helps the body to produce more glutathione on its own. The science behind seems to be legit. PRO Athletes use them too.

      Did you ever do Glut infusions, and for how long and what dose? How was it for you if you did? What did you go through or notice.

  38. Thanks Rene for all the info.

    I have a question about walking vs resting. Right now I’m able to walk around with out too much pain. How much resting (either sitting don or laying down) vs walking around are people doing? Is it better to rest the legs or give them some exercise?

    1. HI Dave, From my experience, movement is very important. However should be within a comfort zone so that you are no “overtaxing yourself” and creating more aches and problems that would cause you to have to completely abstain for weeks on end. Moderate and cautious. Example for me yesterday I went up a flight of stairs. I would say 30 steps. Yes I could do it, slowly, mindfully. Today My achilles tendon is burning some. Tolerable yes. But today I will not repeat. Maybe in 2 more days. Be super patient, because this is a long process. Several months…..beyond a year for many. Baby steps. Every 3-6 weeks will be small increments of improvement. We are more prone to injuries….Everyday is a test when you add something new. Whether that be the “TIME” or DURATION” or NEW MOVEMENT that uses the tendons, and flexors & extensors in the feet, the achilles tendon, the sole of the foot, the ball of the foot, calf…..The hamstrings.

      If Possible get some Physical therapy. You will do supervised movements to learn, and see what areas are behaving well or not. Then after they can do some manual body therapy to help with those tendons, and nerves that are jammed up so to speak. I actually have had my therapist work on the big peroneal, and tibular nerves, in my leg on several occasions. He would have me flex my foot several times back n forth while he applied a kinda stretch of those area with his hand. Gave some things to do at home too.

      God Bless, Rene

      1. Great advice, Rene. Movement is important. Good blood flow is essential, as that’s how cells receive the nutrients for healing and growth. Also, movement maintains and encourages proprioception, the communication between nerves and muscles. Movement is also important to guard against muscle atrophy.

        However, I think the advice given to chronic fatigue patients is appropriate for us, too. Exercise must be carefully balanced with rest. Because of the damage Cipro does to our mitochondria, many of our cells can’t produce much energy. If we stress the recovering cells too much, we can actually cause more oxidation damage and even cell death. For those of us who have been “mind over matter” exercisers in our previous lives, it can be very hard to self-regulate. It can be very tempting to overdo it on those rare and wonderful “good” days. Remember, your body isn’t like it was before: You will not, cannot, “build up” your muscle strength or fitness level right now. You cannot exercise your way to recovery. As Rene says, it will probably be many months before our cells have recovered enough to support any vigorous exercise.

        I love walking, but even on my good days I really have to limit myself. Even the gentle impact of walking causes real joint problems for days afterwards. Gentle cycling is tolerable, although one of my patellar tendons is irritated by even that. I’ve found swimming to be fantastic, soothing and gentle.

        The more I learn about Cipro-induced illness, the more similarities I see between our conditions, and fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Remember, the medical community has no firm explanation for what causes either of those conditions, though they suspect a variety of contributors, including toxic exposures. Doctors who work with fibro and CFS may be able to help us, too. For starters, see this website:

        Hang in there — be patient — we’ll get better! And keep sharing, please.


  39. Thank you Rene for the tip about the Life Wave Glutathione Patch. I have been using it and have found a big improvement in energy and in the ability to tolerate medications that were proviously impossible. This is huge for me as I have’nt been able to tolerate any antibiotics since the Cipro disaster. I am looking in to some of their other products since this worked so well for me.

    Take care and heal,

    1. Millie, You are very welcome! I am so happy to hear that it helped you too! That is wonderful. I am so grateful for the relief it provided me. One tip I must share with you, is be sure to rotate the placement of the patch. I wear it daily. After much researching I found others users had also worn it daily. My best placement and the only placement I used the first 2 weeks, became an issue due to the irritation of skin from the adhesive. SO….Even if you are very successful w/ one particular location, must rotate it with another location as offered in directions. Also though not stated in directions you can use the same point location on your LEFT side of body. This offers you a nice reprieve from adhesive irratating skin on hte right side point locations.

      God Bless,

  40. Diet
    What is everyone doing for diet?

    I know most of us are on organic meats and vegetables and staying away from gluten + dairy. Is anyone on the Gaps diet? This diet doesn’t allow for any grains. Are people eating grains?

    1. I eat sprouted grain products only (Ezekial) and try to avoid meat, dairy and sugar. Basically, for optimum health, you want to alkalize your diet as much as possible. That means a diet primarily consisting of green leafy veggies and alkaline water! Best wishes, Nikki

  41. Many of the effects of Cipro appear to be related to Vitamin B deficiency caused by Cipro’s eradication of good gut bacteria. These bacteria are essential in synthesizing B vitamins and making them available to the body. When you investigate “Vitamin B deficiency” you’ll find that it’s characterized by many of the same symptoms which plague us, including neuropathies, central nervous system problems, muscle and joint pain, insomnia, weakness, irregular heartbeat, and mental confusion. The primary sources of vitamin B12 are meat and poultry. Vegetarians are often deficient in B. If your diet is mostly veggies you must be sure to supplement well with the B vitamins. In order to help restore gut bacteria, so that your body can actually use the Bs, it’s important to take probiotics too. It can take several months just to restore gut bacteria after taking Cipro.

  42. Ummmm I have never tried it, but have come across it in my research as being of benefit. Not precisely for our type of toxicity but toxicity.

    1) One thing I will just put out there….is that I have noticed is that if I go too long between meals, no snacks….that my nerve pain and nerve weirdness that moves around seems to flare up, or worsen. Point being that maintaining stable blood sugar is important.

    2) I rubbed Arnica Massage Oil from WELEDA,over my limbs, shoulders, and neck, hands, at bedtime and it seems to really calm my system down. Sleep is more cozy. I have done this now 4 nights in a row and I like it a lot.

  43. I have done hit and cold therapy on my liver, and it seemed to help. It’s really a chore to do it right and you need someone to do it for you.

    I’ve also used arnica oil by weleda ( a favorite brand) and found it to be gentle and soothing.

    Blessings, Nikki

  44. It’s been a while since I posted. Thank you, again, to Nikki for this website. I believe it has contributed immensely to my recovery. I would have thought I was crazy and had no hope without it.

    I was floxed 5 months ago. Although I am 49 years old, I came into this in perfect health, fortunately. I took antibiotics about once every 5-10 years. So ironic… To recap: I have had the head to toe tendonitis (unable to crawl to the bathroom), Guillian-Barre (PN, extreme muscle atrohpy, and numbness), Stevens-Johsnons (huge sores) on my organs and mouth, metabolic acidosis, nephritis, thyroiditis, autoimmune hepatitis, heart condition, etc. etc. etc and all the “little” things we deal with as floxies such as suicidal thoughts, floaters, ringing in my ears insane diarrhea, etc. I am doing much, much better now and am able to drive, walk, start back to work full-time, and care for my family. I can’t give good advice on what to do. My best recovery has come from eating impeccably well. This was hard for a while because for a while my body became so defensive that I was allergic to everything except quinoa, potatoes, olive oil, and filtered water.

    I can say what I did that almost killed me. Eleven weeks out from my initial floxing, because of the Stevens-Johnsons and nephritis, my kidneys became infected. I was given Bactrim, which I had never had a problem with before. I only took one pill but after just that one pill all heck broke lose in my body. I have never been in so much pain. Although I was in the hospital for several days, I did not allow them to give me any further medication. My husband and I prepared my family for my death. I pulled through given the love and prayers of those close to me.

    So here are my questions for those of you who have recovered:
    1) Do you know who has oversight for the FDA? There must be a congressional committee of some sort. I can’t stand letting this happen to other innocent victims without trying to help in some way and the FDA has not been responsive. I just want to know who to report my story to that might just listen to constituents. If you have the contact information for them, please let me know.
    2) Have you ever been able to take any medications again? Which ones do you react to? It’s not that I want to go out and take any more medications, but I just want to know if I am probably permanently sensitized to all chemicals. Are you able to take any antibiotics? My immunologist said that I may eventually be abel to take myecins if I ever need them, but all others will most likely produce the same symptoms again.
    3) What do you do for insomnia? How far out from floxing did it start to settle down? I could heal faster and be more pleasant if I could sleep a bit more.
    If you are a new floxie, hold on. It will get better. Tons better. Warm thoughts to you all!

    1. Hi Joanne. Just when I think I’ve heard the worst that Cipro can cause I hear about someone like you. It’s so wonderful to hear that you’ve recovered to such an extent in five months, and I hope your recovery continues. I’m 4 months post-flox and about where you are, I think. My knees and hips hurt, PN comes and goes, arms and hands ache occasionally. Things change from one day to the next but generally I am getting better. Early on I had to wear braces on both knees and use a cane. I can walk a mile now unassisted, and while I don’t have much pain while walking I do have pain afterwards. My walking style can be kind of halting, depending on how bad my PN is. My thyroid is messed up, too, and I may have to go from natural support formula to pharma thyroid medication.

      I feel so fortunate that I’m retired and my kids are grown, as I honestly don’t think I could manage a job and family, just from an energy standpoint. So I really sympathize with your insomnia, which is a constant drag on your body and brain. I’ve managed for the most part with valerian, or a combination of valerian and melatonin. But if I have difficult sleep more than a couple of nights in a row I sometimes take 1/2 an Ambien. I was afraid to do that early on, but I’ve done it a few times in the last couple of months without problem, except maybe feeling a little foggy in the morning. I don’t know if that’s something you’d want to try. I had taken Ambien sometimes prior to flexing, so I was at least familiar with how it worked for me.

      I haven’t pursued anything with the FDA, and I think they’re unresponsive in large part because they have several areas of conflict of interest. If you remember the anthrax scares back in 2001, you’ll recall that the government was very concerned that, in the event of a huge anthrax attack, we would not have access to enough Cipro to treat the victims. If you go back to the news at that time, the government became involved with Bayer, and likely entered into agreements with them for increased stockpiling of anthrax. Additionally, after giving Cipro to a number of government employees and postal workers, the government began to learn of crippling and life-threatening side effects of the drug. The FDA has a lot to lose by acknowledging these side effects, and my belief is that they will stonewall and ignore and continue to call our side effects “very rare”. Very sad and frustrating that others may have to suffer.

      Thanks for your encouragement and taking the time to post news of your improvement.

  45. One more thing. Do any of you have trouble getting onto this website? I keep getting messages that either the website no longer exists or that my access is forbidden. I would be so sad to lose this website. It helps so many of us.

  46. Hi Joanne,
    I, like all of us, are very sorry that you got hurt….and very grateful that you are now in recovery. Adhere to your Faith, and prayers through out this journey… has held me even in the darkest of days. Along with educating myself as much as possible to stay out of harms way, and to provide treatments to restore and heal.
    The FDA seems to be corrupt. I know that a surgeon I met in Physical Therapy for his own injured and torn tendons in his elbows, tried to speak with the FDA and they would NOT speak with him whatsoever.
    2) Most drugs will have from now on different influences over you with respect to what would otherwise be normally expected. In many cases, some unwanted effects will appear. I have pasted some information for you to read which will be informative and helpful in your decisions. Its long but of great value. God Bless you Joanne, and I feel just as you do. I cant stand that we the public have such little protection. That it takes something like this to learn the truth about the “medical system”, FDA/Pharma…lack of eduction provided to Physcians regarding the Drugs…etc. Anyhow,……..

    Drugs that are have a negative influence in a severe floxed person are all statins, all neuroleptics, all drugs that modify or alter the inmune system, many blood thinners and anti-inflammatories, and many more. If you need to take them, watch out for side effects, adjust the dosage and talk to your doctor (just in the improbable case he wants to listen to you). Avoid if possible all other drugs with a clear toxic profile.

    You should also take into account that the impairment caused by quinolones, of some of the P450 liver pathways, may also impede the normal metabolization of some of the drugs that you have to take, or may cause another intoxication on you because of the undue levels that the new drug can reach in your body fluids.
    enzymes in the liver often metabolize medications so that the medication can be more effectively removed from the body. The biggest mistake that the medical class is making again is considering that the inhibition of the enzymes caused by quinolones takes place as long as the drug is ingested. Doctors and researchers believe (because they have not investigated counter wise) that activation of P450 enzymes return to normal once the quinolone is discontinued.

    That is a big mistake with serious consequences. After a floxing, the P450 inhibition can last for months or years, depending on the severity of the fluoroquinolone toxicity. Thus, there can be a “virtual interaction” between the quinolone and a new drug that a floxed person takes one year after being floxed. This can be difficult for your doctors to understand because they think that the quinolone is no longer in your body, and perhaps they are right, but crudely true, as the effect on the P450 pathway is still present.

    So, floxed persons can exhibit signs of drug “interactions” with his/her formerly taken quinolone when the liver damage interferes with the removal of another medication. For instance, ciprofloxacin taken in the past after a strong reaction can inhibit (prevent the activity of) one of the pathways that is used to eliminate medications from the body some years later. Some of the medications that use CYP1A2 for an elimination pathway are listed below. If CYP1A2 (another way of naming P450-1A2) is inhibited, and the dose of these medications is not reduced, the medicine could accumulate in the body to levels that could cause serious adverse drug reactions.

    1A2: acetaminophen (paracetamol), amitriptyline (elavil), diazepam, caffeine, chlordiazepoxide, clomipramine, clopidogrel, clozapine, cyclobenzaprine, desipramine, estradiol, flutamide, fluvoxamine, haloperidol, imipramine, mexiletine, mirtazapine, naproxen, nortriptyline, olanzapine, ondansetron, phenacetin, propafenone, propranolol, riluzole, ropivacaine, tacrine, theophylline, verapamil, warfarin, zileuton, zolmitriptan.

    3A4, 3A5, 3A7:Macrolide antibiotics: clarithromycin, erythromycin (not 3A5, NOT azithromycin), telithromycin; Anti-arrhythmics:quinidine (not 3A5) ; Benzodiazepines:alprazolam, diazepam, midazolam, triazolam; Immune Modulators: cyclosporine; HIV Antivirals: indinavir, nelfinavir, ritonavir, saquinavir ; Prokinetic: cisapride; Antihistamines: astemizole, chlorpheniramine, terfenidine; Calcium Channel Blockers: amlodipine, diltiazem, felodipine, lercanidipine, nifedipine, nisoldipine, nitrendipine, verapamil; HMG CoA Reductase Inhibitors: atorvastatin, cerivastatin, lovastatin, NOT pravastatin, simvastatin; Steroid 6beta-OH: estradiol, hydrocortisone, progesterone, testosterone; Miscellaneous: alfentanyl, aprepitant, aripiprazole, buspirone, cafergot, caffeine, cilostazol, cocaine, codeine, dapsone, dextromethorphan, docetaxel, domperidone, eplerenone, fentanyl, finasteride, gleevec, haloperidol, irinotecan, LAAM, lidocaine, methadone, nateglinide, odanestron, pimozide, propranolol, quetiapine, quinine, risperidone, NOT rosuvastatin, salmeterol, sildenafil, sirolimus, tamoxifen, taxol, terfenadine, trazodone, vincristine, zaleplon, ziprasidone, zolpidem.

    The floxed person only has reason to worry if his/her reaction has been severe. For mild and intermediate reactions, the inhibition of the P540 pathways returns to normal in some month’s time. Do not make any decision on your own, always consult your doctor and do as you agree with him. If you have to take any of the above listed drugs for an extended time, suggest to him to test you prior to and during the treatment, to detect possible overdosing effects.

    Differences in individual availability of P450 enzymes might very well be behind many susceptibilities to quinolone treatments because these enzymes play an important role in chemical sensitivity. Thus, those with a mutation of CYP1A2 could detoxify cipro at only 0.5%-20% of the normal capacity, resulting in acute hypersensitivities (not allergies) after a single pill.

    It is well known that in the Korean War, soldiers with G6PD deficiency were hypersensitive to an anti- malarial drug. Among healthy people there is a 40-fold variation in P450 1A2, the most important of the P450 enzymes necessary to detoxify quinolones and chemical substances. Many subjects suffering from multiple chemical sensitivity are now known to be P450-compromised. It seems possible that different reactions to quinolones can also be modulated by P450 availability. It also looks plausible that repetitive treatments with quinolones can impair the P450 pathway even for people that initially had a large metabolic capacity, so the patients tend to become more and more sensitive to quinolones with successive treatments.

    1. Wow, Rene, thank you so much for your intensive research and sharing this information with us. I’m going to print your posting for future reference and share it with my doctor. I’m very lucky to have found an M.D. who practices integrative medicine, who actually listens, and is intent on learning as much as possible about how Cipro works in the body. I think we all have had one overriding question: If Cipro “clears” the body in just a few hours, why do many of us suffer from various maladies for months, even years? You have given us important information for understanding that mechanism quite specifically, and in general you’ve re-emphasized the importance of a healthy liver. Thanks again, and best wishes to all for your recoveries.

  47. Thank you again, Rene, for the extensive and informative information. It makes so much sense. Do you have a reference for your sources? I would like to investigate further. I have shared your information with two of my physicians. One is a GI person who was himself floxed and now has Crohn’s disease as a result and numerous other “medication allergies”. The other is my neurologist who told me about another floxed young man he worked with who “was suddenly allergic to everything [meaning medications] for about a year”. The neurologist said he never could figure out why that would happen. The poison may be “gone”, but the damage from it remains.
    Have lovely day everyone! We are getting better! 🙂

  48. You are very welcome! You can read the PDF file called the FLOX REPORT. Google it. It is 177 pages of detailed and researched information regarding the complexity and severity of the injuries these class of drugs cause. Each of us have varying degrees of severity and not everything will apply to each of us. So do not take all of it to heart. I zoomed in on the information that gave me insight into what was most important for me to know and consider in all future treatments. I made copies of those pages and shared them with doctors who cared. That did not get much respect over at Cedar Sinai Neurological Dr……unless you are one of their peers they put up a wall. Its a red flag, a can of worms, dont want to get involved… dangerous territory.

    I must warn you that it is a very challenging document to wade through. Extremely helpful but heavy. I found myself needing a week in between each reading over several months. Caution!! For any of us that have been recently hurt. This must be read with an analytic mind and not in an emotionally fragile or weakened state.

    However it supplied invaluable information that armed me with confidence. I am not vulnerable to the medical communities claim of knowing what my injury is. They know ZIP. I prefer that they lay their EGO down and in great humility take the time that we all have to learn what these drugs have done. For the record my MD was an integrative doctor. Sadly he was just as ignorant about the dangers and it was he who gave me the CIPRO in the first place. For $20 I was given the bottle in his office on a Monday morning and by tuesday evening I was crippled (right leg/foot).

    My point is Please do not assume that these integrative Physicians dont make the same misinformed decisions. You must look up every ingredient in any Health supplement you are given as well.
    I had a nasty increase of pain when given a “health supplement” to improve circulation in my extremities. Low an behold there was a substance that after a bit of internet investigation revealed a surprising no no for me. I wrote about it in earlier post.

    I am thrilled that you have responded to the previous post favorably! I am so pleased to hear that you are open to learn what I did. The more you know about what specifically pertains to your injury the better. That your doctor is willing to learn is great! My understanding of our medical practices has forever changed which is a good thing. It isn’t medicine its just drugs and more drugs….
    God Bless

    1. Rene – I have many problems with the “Flox Report”.

      Though it was clearly put together by someone with an intense and honorable interest in bringing the dangers of fluoroquinolones to light, it lacks objectivity and scientific method. It relies heavily on self-reporting by a very small number of people, given the millions of prescriptions written for these drugs over the time period the report encompasses. It makes sweeping generalizations based on no real data. The author himself cautions: “The sources of information for elaborating the statistics of this report come from individuals that have collaborated, sometimes in an organized manner and other times rather spontaneously. The amount of data behind some conclusions is scarce some times, but that has not deterred us from attempting to make some deductions, all of them objective.” I question the ability of a fellow floxed person to make objective conclusions based on scarce data, obtained from a spontaneously self-reporting and very small group. The same author himself admits: “The statistics of this report have no objective value. They are a gross attempt to illustrate some facts that are better seen through some numeric figures.” Gibberish, really.

      The author doesn’t reveal, and apparently has no access to, important information about individual health, diet or nutritional status of the subjects he “studied” prior to or after their floxing. Though he characterizes most of them as “young”, “healthy”, and “athletic”, those descriptions have little true meaning. Anyone would have told you that I was both healthy and athletic (but not young!) prior to my floxing. I ate an excellent diet and maintained an active lifestyle. It now appears that, due to the fact that I eat very little meat and did not supplement vitamin B, my body was likely already compromised in the levels of B it could access, making me particularly susceptible to neuromuscular problems — especially considering that Cipro destroys all the important B-synthesizing flora in the gut. Likewise, I have had a very borderline thyroid problem for years — not low enough to supplement, but sometimes noticeable. The author presents no data with respect to the nutrition,or underlying health status of his subjects. In any group of people, it’s very likely that investigation will reveal previously undetected hormonal, nutritional, or allergic issues which, when exacerbated by the effects of Cipro, may contribute to the scope and severity of an individual’s response.

      The author also cautions early on in the report that people who are emotionally or psychologically vulnerable and fragile should probably not read his report. Sorry — anyone who’s dealing with the results of floxing is probably pretty vulnerable and fragile. To be presented with the author’s largely unsupported prognosis of “extreme injuries that last for many years, in many cases without any foreseeable end” is neither objective nor helpful information for those who are recovering.

      Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate T. Boomer’s intent — to bring the dangers of fluoroquinolones to light and confront an ignorant and skeptical medical community. But those of us who struggle daily with an uncertain recovery need real information, and it’s admittedly scarce. I’m no Pollyanna, but I question the value of Boomer’s “pseudo-research”, particularly his dire and frankly unsupported projections for recovery. Good luck to all in your return to health. Each of our paths will likely differ based on our unique physiologies, metabolisms, and lifestyles. Keep sharing!

  49. ONE more thing! PLEASe for anyone who has an UTI please use D-mannose powder. It works, is non toxic, safe for diabetics, and comes from the bark of a birch tree. Can be used safely for maintenance if you are chronic. Inexpensive too. No antibiotics, no drugs, no Pharma.

    1. The D-mannose really does work and I knew about it before taking the Cipro. Aarrghh! I so regret that because I was leaving the country when I got the UTI, I chose to go with the Cipro to make sure I “knocked out the infection.” Oh, hindsight . . .

      For those who work with a practitioner of Chinese herbal medicine, Ba Zheng Wan is also reputed to knock out UTI’s in women. My acupuncturist has told me that over 90% of the time it alone is effective. For the few women whose infection is not cleared by Ba Zheng Wan within 3 days, there is an antiseptic Chinese herbal formula that can be added. My acupuncturist told me she’s never had to refer a client on to a medical doctor for antibiotics for a UTI, as these herbs have always successfully cleared the infection.

  50. If the report has no value for you for the reasons you stated…that is certainly valid.

    My purpose is to share what has been of value to me, in the hope it is helpful for others.
    This report has provided information that has been profound in the care I have had and avoided. I was able to find valuable leads for further research. Tons of scientific data is out there concerning this class of drugs. The report is a great tool as a springboard.

  51. I’m posting because I think it’s helpful for us to share our recovery stories along the way, especially for those who are newly floxed and wondering what the future might hold. The first thing I would emphasize is that there appears to be no “typical” time frame for recovery, based on what you learn from this and other forums. Given the lack of real medical understanding of how fluoroquinolones cause damage, and why some people suffer more damage than others, we have to do a lot of guessing. It’s impossible to compare ourselves to another person, as each individual has a unique physiological makeup, health history, and underlying metabolic functions. It’s also important to stay positive and clear-headed, and not succumb to a “gloom and doom” mentality.

    I’m almost 6 months into recovery. I’d say that, based on what I’ve learned about the reactions of others, my initial floxing rated about 7 out of 10 — “10” being the worst accounts I’ve learned of. I had severe psych issues: insomnia, panic attacks, and depression. My knees and hips could barely support me standing, let alone walking. I couldn’t get out of a chair without assistance. I wore braces on both knees and/or used a cane for two months. My feet were constantly numb with “pins and needles”, and I had muscle pain and spasms from head to toe, as well as extreme muscle and general fatigue. Today my only real complaints are in my hips and knees. I’m almost 60, and had stressed my knees with years of running and skiing, so my knees were far from perfect to begin with. Sitting down and standing up from a low bench or chair (or toilet!), as well as using stairs, are the most troublesome things I do, but certainly not impossible. Bending and stooping bothers my hips. But last weekend I raked and bagged leaves, and have shoveled snow twice in the last week. Though I haven’t really experienced “cycles”, overdoing causes increased stiffness and pain. The recovery time from such overdoing is getting markedly shorter. I still tire more easily than I did prior to floxing, even without physical activity. All in all, I am very encouraged and optimistic.

    As I said, there’s no typical recovery or recovery time, so don’t assume that your experience will be identical to anyone else’s. For some it’s a much shorter road, and I think those people are probably less likely to post to forums like this. For some, it’s a longer, more difficult path to recovery. I think we all need encouragement and support, and wish you all the best in your own recovery, whatever it looks like.

  52. Hello everyone. I am a 42 year mom of 2 children. I was in good shape physically until i was floxed. It started on Oct. 9th. I took 3 500 mg cipro pills for a uti and all hell broke loose. My first symptom was severe pressure in back of head towards my neck. Also had neck stiffness/pain. My bones in my neck when I twisted my head sounded like shards of glass. Bones in shoulder blade would make popping sound. Went to my family doctor, you know how the story went. Since that intial incident I have had a heat feeling on my forehead and cheeks. My feet also sweat. Insomia as usual.

    As of current my neck and head do not hurt and the heat feeling in my face in gone. Still have the sweaty feet. Now I have a burning type pain in my middle and lower back. I have had two panic or anxiety moments. They scared me and I would cry, weird thing is after a good cry they would kinda back off.

    I am a new floxie and scared to death. I am not currently taking any supplements and I am kinda scared to do so, everything is so confusing. I did look up a local naturopathic doctor and plan to call on Monday for appointment.

    I could use support or advice, please help me.

  53. Tracy,
    Sorry to hear about your reaction (sounds alot like mine when it started). You will hear about a thousand things you should try, and to tell you the truth, each person is different so you will have to find out what works for you by trial & error. The one thing that I can say helped me, and several other floxies when we were “new”, is magnesium. It binds to the fluoroquinolone (which is why the prescription tells you not to take antacids or magnesium while taking it, because it binds to it and renders it ineffective). I know the anxiety and panic is the worst, just know that you are not crazy, and it will pass in time. Good luck

    1. Tom,
      Thank you for your response. I am off to see my doctor to get blood results back on hormone levels. When you where restless and sleepless at first what helped you sleep at night. Is ambien o.k. to use. Also, you have said you took GABA. Did it help you sleep? Should I see a different a doctor for restlessness?

      Thank you again for your time and concern.

  54. I just wanted to add an update.. I am now 19 months out. I originally posted at 9 months about my story. It only gets better. My chronic vision issues have disappeared. My vision therapy doctor is amazed that my peripheral vision has come back and i was originally diagnosed with ” latent hypertopia” after i took Cipro .. i waited on getting new glasses and i am glad i did.. It is gone.. Doctor has seen nothing like this. As far as my million ADR’s i had.. mostly gone except chronic back pain and stomach issues.. breathlessness from time to time and cold hands and feet from time to time.. I still get a bit anxious at times but nothing like before where i was seeing and hearing things.. could not stand just to have to make it through the day. I read one of the previous posts about people with anxiety disorders being predisposed to the HORRIBLE mental mania this drug puts one through and i totally agree. I truly believe that if you have had any previous anxiety disorder.. diagnosed or not.. it amplifies it to a level that is unreal..surreal and you really have to hang in there to not want to kill yourself.. It is unlike any anxiety i have ever experienced and i had pretty bad anxiety as a kid.. but like many said.. for years now it has been fine.. no meds or nothing. I do believe that Cipro hit your weak spots and if you are predisposed to anxiety.. that may be why it really wack’s out your mind.. It still haunts me at how long i was out of my mind.. what a nightmare..
    But i want to give hope.. I am going in for some tests on my back as i did previously have a back injury but it got worse after taking Cipro. Also i had H pylori infection after Cipro that i have been trying to kill off naturally for about a 15 mo now.. I am not bothered as much by my ” episodes” when they hit.. they do hit about twice a month but they get less and less .. Supplements actually work now where as at first they did not. I feel very lucky and just want everyone going through this .. ESPECIALLY the people who were hit very hard mentally.. PLEASE stay strong.. it is and will be i know for a fact the WORST thing i have ever went through..
    I only get on these sites every so often to keep everyone updated. I pray for you all to have fast recoveries and God Bless!..

    1. I also have to add that my Natural Doctor actually did the muscle testing on me.. She wanted me to tell all the floxies that she found HUGE toxicity in me!!. She stressed the importance of Molybdenum in diffusing the toxicity.. She had me on those for the longest time and i am still taking them during episodes.. Everyone i believe is hit worst in one area or another.. Mine was the Adrenals.. we worked hard on getting them right. .Once your adrenals are damaged however, she told me it is much more easier to get stressed out worse than before from everyday things.. so it will be a constant challenge on my part to keep my stress from getting too high and damaging them again. Anyway.. i had to share.. I do apologize as i see from reading the past posts that many of you have addressed me and asked questions.. I just have not been online in a while and check up here just to post in.. To be honest, i do not know what help i can be.. I tried many different things and the best was when i worked with a doctor of natural medicine who practiced muscle testing.. She was able to tell me what my body needed when it needed it. I found her through my local health food store which is a great place to get help and contacts to get you through this.. I also found my chiropractor and acupuncture through them. seems like when you make one contact.. they know of others that you can get additional help from.. Make some calls.. Ask around.. Help is available everywhere and i live in a rural farm town no where near a big city.. Big thing is do not be taken advantage of.. I had a women charge me $350 for one hour to consult with her.. then $6 per min for a phone consult to go over my test results which i also had paid about $100 for.. People are out there that will say they can heal you.. but at what cost.. In a floxed state you become very vulnerable.. I would have eaten dog poo if i read somewhere that it would counteract my reaction and probably paid thousands for a cure.. but no-one can guarantee results because it is not studied enough on what will work and what works for some.. makes others worse..etc.. I know i spent about $10,000 in one year on supplements and trying everything under the sun.. i could not believe when i went through all my receipts.. Thank god we had our income tax to use as well as our Savings.. ALL GONE>. Was it worth it.. i cannot answer that.. I do not know if anything i did made much difference besides acupuncture for my tremors ( took about 10 sessions and it did get worse before it got better) and working with the muscle testing.. I needed my husband and my father to be my voice of reason to decide whether a certain treatment seemed legit, fair and worth it.. as like i said.. i would have done anything.. my mind was crazy, body falling apart and i was grasping for any sense of reality or normalcy without having a logical thinking to help me on my path to healing. I tried all sorts of diets.. Wheat free/dairy free.. atkins.. no sugars.. high alkaline… did not feel any different. although i know i do not have any overgrowth of yeast which makes me feel good. I just know time and trying to think positive and picturing myself back to normal was what worked.. i ALWAYS made myself believe this was temporary and i had a bad Virus..this got me through from wanting to die.. and little by little . the days got better where it was working.. the mind is very powerful. i also did meditating .. picturing myself better.. etc. I do have to say that i had lobster a couple months ago and had it all over again,, a horrible episode.. believe i was floxed again.. then last week i had non organic pork.. wow.. another couple weeks of reminding me of the torture i went through 19 months ago!!> I guess just listen to your body .. We should all get some types of degrees for all the research we have done while floxed.. We probably know more about the human body than most!!. God Bless and keep you heads as far up as they will go.

    2. Lynn,

      Like you I have been hit by this mentally. It is hard to hang on some times. Family and friends try to understand. Would you mind giving me a call. It would mean a lot to hear someones voice that has gone through this. Call me anytime – 830-612-3486 or 210-260-9454.

      Thank You so much.

      1. Tracy,
        The mental anguish still haunts me from taking 4 doses of Cipro. I have made a decision not to contact anyone on the phone as it is VERY HARD for me to deal with mentally. I am one who is very sympathetic and get all involved and find myself crying again for that person and for what i have been through. So i can try to assist you as much as i can via email .. I know it is hard… TRUST ME.. i wish this on noone BUT HANG ON.. i promise that as much as it feels hard to remember what you were like before and that you will be like this for ever… IT GETS SOO MUCH MORE TOLERABLE>. I honestly still cannot believe i did not admit myself into a mental hospital as i really belonged there. the fear of them giving me more meds scared me enough not to. I cannot give you a “cure”.. i just took it day by day.. resting when i needed to .. went for jogs when my mind was going nuts. ate as healthy as i could.. tried to find a diet that i could live with and be good with without limiting too many of my favorite foods.. took the good days and then the horrible days.. It is a very slow process.. trust your body to heal..
        you can always email me at

  55. I was floxed 2 months ago. I was given Cipro for a UTI. Actually, I was given another antibiotic first that took care of the worst symtoms but an abdominal soreness persisted. So I went back to my primary care doctor and he gave me Cipro. Almost immediately I noticed a tingling in my right foot. However it it went away after a couple of minutes. Everttime I took a pill the same thing happened but not severe enough to call the doctor or even really alarm me. I also had diarrhea but the paper that listed the side effects (you know that thing that they staple to the bag they put your prescription in – endless with small print) said that might happen. Had I read much further down (as I did later) I would have seen the warning to stop taking the drug immediately in the case of “severe” diarrhea. Why that wording wasn’t given right after the initial diarrea wording I don’t understand.

    Then on the morning of the 4th day ,as I was getting out of bed, I noticed that the veins on my left leg were virtually poppong out of my skin. When I checked further I saw an indentation on the back of my leg from the top of my ankle to my mid-calf and a lesser indentatioin on my right leg. It was painful to walk. I immediately called my doctor but since it was a Saturday I only got the service. When his partner called back and heard my story and said to stop taking the pills and to “throw them away immediately”. I though that additional part was strange since doctor’s will usually say to stop taking the pills. There was something in the sound of his voice. I realize now that he knew that Cipro for a UTI was like (as I later heard), “Usng a cannon to shoot a fly”.

    Anyway, for the next several days I had one side effect after another – in addition to my sore tendons, I had cold, tingling and numbness in both hands and feet, dry mouth, pain in my jaw, heart palpiations, and eyesight issues (mostly seeing flickering light out of the corner of my eye). It got to the point that I would stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning because I was afraid to fall asleep. I knew that when I woke up I would have still another side effect to deal with. Finally, my tendons got so bad I had to go to urgent care because I could hardly walk. An orthopedist at Yale-New Haven Hospital gave me a boot for my left leg. Unfortunately, that only bad my right leg (affected but less so) sore. So basicsally I had to stay in bed for about 10 days.

    My primary was useless so I got on-line and researched. Mostly what I found to be helpful was vitamin B12. I took a lot. I heard the Cipro can cause a deficeincy of B12. Also, before taking it I had noticed some black and blue marks on my leg. This can be caused by low B12. I wonder now between my most probably being deficient in the vitamin and then taking Cipro on top of that, if that’s why I suffered these side effects (or at least partially so).

    Anyway, slowly but surely the symptoms subsided. Actually, the eye issues and dry mouth within days of my stopping the drug. My numbness, tinkling and cold in my extremities, as well as the tendon issues took several more weeks to clear-up.

    I have now switched to a virtually organic diet and use raw apple cider vinegar when possible in recipes, etc. Also raw honey, and organic yogurt from grass fed cows. They all have valuable nutrients. Frankly, I feel great and, as a plus, I’ve taken off some weight. I’ve also switched doctors; I now go to an osteopath.

    I’m 2 months out and virtually symptom free. Just occasinally some leg soreness. After reading some other stories posted here I feel extremely lucky and a bit guilty. It seems that I have fared better than some others. I hope they too find relief. Oh, and the real bitch of all of this, the original antibiotic that I was on did in fact clear up my UTI. The soreness that I felt was residual swelling that the infection caused due to the fact that I had had abdomnal surgery just 3 months prior (a fact of which my primary was aware). Both my gynecologist and a urlogist said that I never needed Cipro in the first place. I just needed time for my body to heal.

  56. This is my Cipro story, I am 14 months out. I’m writing some personal history, Cipro effects, and recovery..
    History: I’m a 34 year old male, previously very healthy. I played football in high school, and was relatively active in my 30’s (weight training, skiing, etc). My only known allergy was penicillin. I probably took a prescription antibiotic once every couple years, (I don’t have a good medical history of prescriptions recorded, but the last antibiotic I’m sure I took was a one week course of Avelox in 2007, with no known side effects). I’m married, and have a three year old son (2 at the time I took Cipro). I have worked in the aviation field for the last 15 years, and have had no major medical problems. I consider myself independent in most of my philosophies, and probably “old school” when it comes to matters of health. One thing I find very ironic, is the amount of “illegal drugs” I consumed in my youth with no permanent side effects, and now I’m faced with life altering side effects from a prescription antibiotic. I have found my life has permanently changed from taking Cipro, some for the worst, and some for the better. You see, in the past I was running through life on autopilot, I had no patience for anything, work, money, and insignificant problems consumed my life, and in basic terms you could have called me an a$$h*le.

    Cipro effects: In August of 2010, I visited a “family doctor” for a lower abdominal pain. I was concerned as it had lasted a couple weeks, and my profession involves exposure to high intensity radiation such as aircraft weather radar systems. The physician immediately prescribed two weeks of Cipro (500 mg per day, X2) for two weeks, suspecting a UTI. He also scheduled tests to confirm testicular cancer. I started the Cipro on 8/31/10. By the 3rd day I started experiencing side effects from the Cipro, severe anxiety, paranoia, brain fog, loss of appetite, fluctuating body temperature, and a general feeling my body was being poisoned. I was unable to contact my physician (as it was a holiday weekend), and because of my lack of judgment, and ability to reason, continued to take the prescription for another four days. I stopped seven days into the two week prescription, met with another doctor who confirmed I did not have testicular cancer, and told this doctor of my new symptoms. He said my original abdominal pains (which were now gone), were probably caused by a “tweaked back” and was “glad I had stopped taking the Cipro on my own, because it was poison”. I contacted my original physician back about the side effects, and he basically blew them off, and as you all have heard, said “Cipro could not cause them”. After 8 days (one day being off Cipro), all of my joints were extremely inflamed, cracking/popping, I had severe shooting/stabbing/pinching pains throughout my legs and arms, my ribs felt like they were being ripped apart by hot fish hooks, severe brain fog, anxiety, numb hands/feet, severe muscle aches, “electric shock” feeling in my legs, burning hands, stiffness, tendon pain, tinnitus, and was not able to walk without help. I missed the rest of the week of work, and when I went back, wasn’t much better. I would say my initial symptoms had me at about a “2”. (On a scale I use, 1 is your at the emergency room, 5 is severe symptoms effecting every part of your life, and 10 normal health). The first couple weeks were a complete blur. I am fortunate to have a lot of say in my daily work schedule, which afforded me the ability to keep my job. My severe symptoms lasted four months, and were a complete hell that only the people reading this can understand. I found myself unable to do common household chores, or pick up my 2 year old son. The mental effects of knowing your body is destroyed may be harder than the physical effects themselves. I am a very intense, and “hard nosed” person, and these side effects were destroying my life, my marriage, and my mind. I am not an “internet person”, (the only reason I have a facebook page is because of this), but thank god (and I’m not a religious person, but very spiritual) there is now information out there about these side effects. I spent countless hours researching everything that was ever written or put online about this. At first it scared the hell out of me, and I thought I would never recover. I do suggest to the newly “floxed”, research a ton, get all the info you can, make a plan, then turn your computer off. Four months in I actually talked to my wife about our future. One of my thoughts was to do something so drastic, that it would force the press to cover my story, and at the very least bring attention to this, as I seriously thought my life was over, (and I if I couldn’t raise my son, what is the point). Thankfully, I have the greatest wife that has ever lived, and she convinced me to keep fighting. If anyone gets to this point, and doesn’t have family to turn to, please call someone, anyone, me @ 303-956-7520. There is always something left, and something you can do, even if you are one of the people that has the most drastic side effects. I then reported my side effects to the FDA (Medwatch) which I recommend everyone do. I got a medical I.D. dogtag (stating severe “allergy” to fluoroquinolones). I’ve read the “Flox Report” too many times (which has very good info, but remember, all cases are different). I bought the Levaquin Tendonitis Solution book, and every other thing most of you have probably done. I did start taking Magnesium, and protein, one month in also. One of the best things I remember reading in my first three months of research was someone posted online, “If you can’t walk, roll out of bed, and crawl”. After talking to my wife at the end of month 4, I started a rehab workout. When I first started, I would do a few minutes on the treadmill, and my knees were so hot you could fry an egg on them, all of my muscles and joints hurt. I actually started working out with the bar with no weight, (which is a major blow to your mind). I worked out slowly, and carefully, with wrist supports, knee braces, shoe insoles, and anything else that would help my joints not come unglued. Within 8 weeks I noted a major improvement (60 or 70% recovery). In the middle, I did have a one week severe relapse of symptoms, but worked through it. Five months in I noticed my eyelids started uncontrollably twitching. They still do on and off to this day, not very noticeable, but very annoying. At 8 months I had a major 2 month relapse brought on by a cold?, which dropped me back down to about 50%. (I have had two colds in the last year, and both brought about a severe relapse of symptoms). Note* I have not been back to a tradition M.D. since the symptoms started, and have not even taken an aspirin, (just my philosophy now). I had seen a naturalist doctor about four months in, but they really weren’t much help, (they did confirm good liver and kidney function, and did a complete metabolic panel, which I do recommend doing at least once). After a year of hell, I now consider myself about 75% recovered on a good day (about 50% on a bad day or relapse). I have been fortunate to not have the complete laundry list of symptoms, but it is still a living hell. The brain fog and anxiety are a lot less, though my memory isn’t what it was. Most of the neuropathic pains are gone, and the muscle aches are a bit better. Still have the occasional numbness in my arms/hands. I still have the popping, cracking, sore, and weak joints, inflammation, twitching eyelids, and those occasional random pains. I still plan to try acupuncture, possibly ozone therapy, and plan to find a good homeopath. I consider myself fortunate. I have made a “to do” list for the future. I am still working out, and plan on running the Bolder Boulder (10K) next spring. I am not fully recovered, but am a little better, and know someday, I’ll be better than before.

    Some of the things that may have helped my recovery: tanning bed (if your not having skin issues), eat organic meat (not treated with antibiotics), only drink organic milk, juice, and natural spring water, drink Muscle Milk protein, drink plenty of Probiotics (Good Belly), stretch @ least once a day, work out (carefully), get a massage, meditate (positive thoughts)…. I never thought I would say that. Some of the supplements I have taken: (disclaimer, I’m not a physician, so I can’t recommend you take anything, also I have a soul). GABA, Cell Food, Magnesium, Vit D, Osteo Bioflex, Cherry (inflammation), Fish Oil, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Cinnamon, (helps w/ circulation), Theanine, Cayenne, Bilberry, Garlic, COQ10, Lutein, Cranberry, Ginko, Amino Acids, Protein (lots), milk thistle, Topical Magnesium, copper, Biosil, Wobenzym N, Tumeric & (valerian, melatonin, and St. Johns, for rest).

    I would like to thank countless people that I don’t even know for your support. Even if you haven’t had much recovery yourself, know that you are saving lives, take solace in that. Thank you Nikki (Surviving Cipro), Jen, David, Lori, Bob, Dr. Cohen, Bill, John, and others, I don’t know you, but I thank you, my wife, son, and soon to be 2nd son thanks you.
    Other than the supplements, workouts, and things I have mentioned above, the most important thing I can suggest is patience, recovery is very slow, and there will be “cycles”. Also, take this horrific experience, and better yourself, in any way you can. Believe me, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger. Take me… I’m not fully recovered yet, but I’m not such an a$$h*le anymore. Good luck, and “God” bless.
    Tom Olmstead

  57. I am going to stop reviewing fluoroquinolone posts, websites, and facebook groups for awhile. My recovery is going well (though not fully recovered), and I’m getting back to my job of “living”. I would still like to give words of encouragement to those who need it, as this reaction is long and nasty. So please contact me @ if I can help in some way. Good luck to you all, and thanks again Nikki.

  58. Hi, I just got floxed this past weekend and am trying to prevent damage before it occurs. Has anyone heard of detoxing with Borax? Once my illness progesses some more I will tell my story.

  59. May I add that I am already experiencing symptoms – pains and pops in joints, muscles, tendons, tickling, numbness, burning sensation, aches, wobbliness, clammy hands and feet, arthritic feeling in fingers (only 31) etc. I just would like to prevent them from getting even worse. Thank you.

  60. So sad to receive a call from my father-in-law today. He reported that my mom-in-law took a course of levafloxacin last week, prescribed by her primary care doctor for “a cold”, and woke up this morning “hurting all over”. “Mom” is 80 years and has been courageously battling Parkinson’s Disease for over ten years. My husband and I are devastated to think she may have to deal with what we all know can be crippling side effects of a fluoroquinolone.

    Though we don’t live nearby, we’ve kept my in-laws well informed about my flox experience over the past six months. I was unable to accompany my husband on his last visit to see them, due to my own mobility issues. They were aware that I could barely walk for over two months, and only with the help of knee braces and a cane. We speak with them several times a week and I’ve included them in email updates on what I’ve learned and experienced with Cipro. Of course I included them in my warnings to everyone to avoid fluoroquinolones at all costs. But as many of us were taught to do, they trusted their doctor. His rationale for prescribing levafloxacin for a cold was that “he didn’t want it to turn into a bronchial infection.” I’m so angry and sad, and just hoping that her side effects are blessedly few and short-lived.

  61. Happy New Year to all, and I hope this finds every Cipro Survivor much improved, or improving steadily. I was floxed at the end of May, 2011, so about 7 months ago. The first couple of months were hell, and I was convinced that my life would never be the same. At the end of four months, though I was getting around better, I was still unable to do much in the way of physical activity without pain both during and for days afterwards. About the end of September I began to see what I could identify as real improvement, and that improvement has accelerated through November and December. I can honestly say that I now expect a full recovery, something I just haven’t been able to hope for until now. I’m 60 and my knees were pretty shot going into this from years of skiing and running, so I don’t expect miracles when it comes to my knees. I do believe that I will have some level of continuing and irreparable tendon weakness in my knees and hips due to the Cipro, but I’ve been working an exercise/physical therapy/massage program that is helping so much.

    I just wanted to put out an encouraging word for anyone who might just be starting down the road to recovery. It is long and slow, and initially very discouraging. Please know that you can and will get better, and try to avoid people online who preach gloom and doom. They’ll just get inside your head and make you fearful and negative, and that mindset is not conducive to healing.

    All my best. And once more: You can and will recover! It may be a much slower recovery than you’d like, but stay positive — it will happen.

  62. First, let me say how comforting it is to find a site like this, and to be able to hear everyone’s stories. I was given Cipro a little over a month ago for a UTI, first as an IV drip and then 500mg 2x a day for 10 days.(This was at the ER…no insurance, no regular doctor, you all know the story) Had I known then what I know now, I never, ever would have allowed myself to be given such a toxic drug. Looking back, and having since spoken with a doctor familiar with all of Cipro’s horrible side effects, I can’t believe they gave me something so strong for a UTI! The doctor I spoke with recently was as confused, and told me that it should generally only be given for serious infections when nothing else has worked,and even then only under strict supervision. The look of concern on his face when I said the name of the antibiotic spoke volumes. My symptoms began about the last two days on the drug, but really became more intense in the few days following discontinuation. During the actual course, I had a headache, diarrhea,extreme fatigue, and felt “out of it”, but these were all considered “normal” side effects, so I didn’t worry much, even though I felt pretty awful. But toward the end, I woke up one morning with pain all over my whole body…I could barely move and had to drag myself into the bathroom. I am 36, with no prior health problems to speak of, and like almost everyone else on here, considered myself to be very healthy; I ate right, walked at least a couple miles each day, never smoked, drank only moderately, did yoga a few times a week, etc. I certainly had no problems with arthritis or joint pain…and suddenly I felt like I was 90 years old. Literally every joint in my body hurt, my ankles and knees were swollen, my joints were cracking and popping, and having to sit still for more than a few minutes and then get up was excruciating. But the worst symptoms, to me, were mental and emotional: anxiety and panic attacks with rapid heartbeat so bad I was afraid I would pass out or have a heart attack, depression and crying spells, and a feeling of what is usually called “depersonalization” – like the world around me was very far away, like nothing mattered and I was looking at my life from the outside in, like I wasn’t “present” in the moment. Very, very scary, an absolutely horrible feeling. I think a commenter above nailed it when they said that if you’ve had any past issues with anxiety or depression, the Cipro can bring them all back, and much worse. I suffered from panic and anxiety in my early 20’s, but had been more or less symptom- free for years, and was so proud and happy to have moved on and “beaten it”. I had no idea an antibiotic could trigger a relapse – I’d never even heard of such a thing! I was also so exhausted I could sleep 12 hours and still feel tired. During the last few days, the pain has subsided somewhat,the swelling is a little less, my energy level is better, and the depression is a bit better. I know from reading these stories that I may be far from “in the clear”, but I intuitively feel that I am recovering, if slowly, and that’s the main thing I want to share here. You read so many “horror stories” online that it’s enough to terrify anyone, and we need more hopeful stories! I realize that compared to so many others, I have a comparatively mild case of Cipro poisoning, but I still want to share what’s worked for me. And like someone else mentioned, I think we need more people who have milder cases (mind you,these “mild” cases are still awful!) to get on these boards and spread the word about quinolones, because only then will people realize how widespread the reactions really are to these drugs. So, a few bits of advice from my own recovery so far: If you can and insomnia’s not an issue,(it hasn’t been for me – quite the opposite, which hasn’t been so great either ) get plenty of sleep.Sleep is, I believe, the number one cure for any illness, including this one. I noticed a direct correlation between a good night’s sleep and how I would feel the next day.This is you body’s main way of repairing itself. Eat plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, “good” fats, and whole grains.For me, I’m not taking any pain mediactions – this might not be for everyone, but I really believe that letting my body heal with its own natural painkillers is best. Pain meds just somehow don’t feel “right” to me & I’m going to follow that feeling. Take it slow. Relax. Trust that you will get better in time. Your body has amazing abilities to heal itself! Time, time and more time is what it’s all about. Don’t freak out if you have a bad day after a few good ones…I did this, and I know it’s hard not to – we want so badly to be well, suddenly and completely, that when symptoms come back, it feels devastating. But remember they will get better and better, and that they will get progressively milder with time. With so many people reporting horrible effects after so long, it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that the VAST majority of people actually report complete or significant improvement with time. Repeat whatever mantra works for you – for me, I do deep breathing with (gentle!) stretching every morning, then look at myself in the mirror and repeat: “Every day I am getting better and better. I will feel healthy and normal again. I am strong and too tough for this, and I will beat it.” A little cheesy, I know, but it helps a lot! Follow your intuition…if something feels right for your body, do it. Try to move a little every day, even if it hurts. The more you move, the better, but don’t overdo it! Try to stay calm and don’t freak out too much…I had to stop reading the message boards at one point because I was just getting scared and obsessive, and that, I am convinced, is worse than anything for you! Be vigilant in paying attention to your symptoms but not overly so; every little twitch and pang, every time you feel down is not necessarily because of the drug! And last but not least, don’t be too strict with yourself…all of the really severely limiting diets, overdoses of supplements, etc just seem like overkill to me. Moderation in all things, including your recovery methods. Case in point – after avoiding alcohol like the plague since this started, I enjoyed a glass of wine the other night. Did wonders for my state of mind,calmed me down, and the pain seemed better, even the next day. Cut yourself some slack, there’s no need to cut out all of the good & yummy things in life as long as you have them in small doses. Relax as much as possible, stay positive, and keep the recovery stories coming! Best of luck& lots of love & healing to you all! 🙂

    1. Thank you…oh, how I wish I had someone like you around, lol. I have a similar case-derealization, anxiety, & physical pain, of course, but the mental being the worst. Thank you for the positive message…I do believe obsessing & worrying over every little thing that goes into & comes from our bodies is probably more damaging mentally, than the actual damage a little piece of chicken might do physically. I want some wine too =[ lol, but I’ll hold off on that for a while. We will get better! Thank God for this site.

    2. Can you update us on how you’re doing? The more I read about your case, the more I see it’s the most similar to mine I could find. I really appreciate it, thanks. =]

  63. Thank you, Vicky! I was floxed at the end of April 2011 and continued to make painfully s-l-o-w but steady progress. Just this month, have started to experience the accelerated and firm recovery Vicky is describing. I am starting to feel like myself again. I want to echo Vicky, “You can and will recover!” Have a year full of increased health, my friends! 🙂 Joanne

  64. Hi Vicky and Joanne,

    I was floxed in July 2011 and had the worst summer of my life as a result. However, I have also been making steady recovery and am feeling more and more like my old self. I did this with the help of a wonderful physical therapist and nutritionist. I’m posting because I want others to know that it does get better. I wish everyone a Happy New Year full of recovery!

  65. I am so glad to hear you are recovering, Cheryl! Each time I hear of a new person being poisoned by these mutagenic drugs, my heart breaks.

    I was hit hard psychologically (and every other way) by Cipro, but I believe that PTSD sets in when we see our suffering as futile and meaningless. This is not true. We are each one voice and together, many voices. Our experiences can help avoid future suffering. Your postings on this site offered great comfort to me when I could not believe I could ever be happy or experience any level of health again.

    I would like to share a letter with you that I sent to the FDA. I sent it to the e-mail of almost every staff employee at the FDA from the janitor to the directors. I also sent it to my Senators and Representatives. I realize it is throwing pebbles at a stone fortress, but I think even pebbles can add up (or at least be irritating) over time. The FDA a public agency and, as such, obligated to have a method for complaining. No one from the FDA has responded, but my elected officials have and are helping me push the FDA for a response. My elected officials are especially interested in the topic of antibiotics right now because of the recent tabling of a bill to stop the routine use of antibiotics on healthy livestock.

    I you are interested in writing to the FDA, make sure you copy your elected officials. The most important people to copy at the FDA are and . The address is:
    US Dept of Health and Human Services
    10903 New Hampshire Av
    Bldg 32, Rm 2346
    Silver SPring, MD 20993

    Here is my letter. I put all of my contact information with it as well, but I removed that here since I am posting to the internet. Best to you all! 😉 Joanne

    Food and Drug Administration Staff and Administration:

    I want to file a complaint against the FDA and need to know to whom your agency reports.

    In April 2011, I was poisoned by a prescription antibiotic, the fluoroquinolone Cipro. I was prescribed this “medication” for an uncomplicated, routine Urinary Tract Infection. After only 6 days of 250mg x 2 daily, I was suddenly hit with a host of symptoms. Within two hours I went from being a healthy, 49 year-old adult to someone mutilated from head to toe, fighting for my life. My life has changed irreversibly. I have medical documentation of partial paralysis, head to toe tendon damage, hearing loss, heart murmur, kidney and liver damage, erythema multiforme, extreme food allergies,…. The list of carnage goes on for a mile. I was initially told that these symptoms, especially appearing collectively, was “rare”. While this did little to help me, at least I thought I was just unlucky. Imagine my horror when I found that, even using conservative numbers, hundreds and hundreds of people are poisoned from fluoroquinolones each year with the same devastating and mangling result I endure. Not only are there countless scores of FaceBook, YouTube, and blogs on the internet from people with crippling stories almost exactly like mine (if not worse), there are many, many people I have met within just my local area that are suffering in this same way. And there is ample documentation to show that the FDA knows that these effects appear syndromically. The FDA knows the devastation caused by fluoroquinolones. Yet, the FDA allows these “medications” to be used in a flippantly casual manner by unknowing doctors with only a black box warning of possible tendon damage. Possible tendon damage implies a bad case of tennis elbow or, at worst, a rupture of the Achilles tendon. Nothing can explain my terror of suddenly having my body turned inside out and of having every tendon in my body as fragile as wet tissue paper. Nothing can explain the heartache of suddenly having to be fed like a baby by one’s eight year-old child or being unable to use the bathroom without the assistance of others. Although I have made improvements in the last seven months my chance of complete recovery, based upon expert information, is almost non-existent. It is virtually impossible for a system so universally broken to heal a system so universally broken, especially because this was a poisoning and not caused by trauma or disease.

    My second complaint is that MedWatch, as it currently stands, does not work as an accurate reporting system. It requires doctors to report on their own errors. If physicians recognized the error, it is doubtful they would have made it in the first place. My PCP (who is a conscientious physician but just did not have enough information on the effects of fluoroquinolones) reported to MedWatch that I was “recovered” only about 10 weeks out from the onset of my initial symptoms because I was no longer using a wheelchair full-time for ambulation. He simply could not believe that the plethora of symptoms I suddenly had could be caused by a drug. I have to agree that it is completely unbelievable that anything so dangerous would be out on the market. I could not have fathomed such flagrant disregard for the health and safety of the public if I had not had this nightmare thrust upon me and experienced it myself. The subsequent specialists I now see: cardiologist, nephrologist, endocrinologist, immunologist, orthopedist, GI specialist, neurologist, physical therapist, etc., feel they cannot report my symptoms to MedWatch because I was not under their care at the time of the poisoning and, so, cannot confirm the cause and effect.

    My third complaint is that there is no established first-aid protocol for those poisoned by fluoroquinolones. When I was poisoned, we called the Poison Control Center. They confirmed that the effects I was experiencing were caused by the Cipro but when we asked what to do they said, “Well, if you rupture, go to the emergency room.” This was not helpful. My doctor also prescribed NSAIDS. Not only should physicians be informed that NSAIDS and steroids are contraindicated, there should be intervention the includes the immediate administration of antacids or something to bind the remaining fluoroquinolone in an attempt to reduce damage.

    I cannot stand to have the life of one more person sacrificed to fluoroquinolones. They are too dangerous to be prescribed in a routine manner. They should only be used as a life or limb intervention.

    Please send me the immediate contacts and Congressional Committees to whom you report so that I may file a complaint. Ultimately, as a public agency, the FDA is responsible and culpable to the public. The FDA has failed in regard to safety and well-being. This needs to be documented, at very least. I want this to be documented. I am only one voice, but sometimes, as with the Holocaust, no one listens until there is a collective cry of many voices. That time is already here in regard to fluoroquinolones. Please listen.

    I await your response.

      1. Hi Chris. Regarding mental effects, mine were severe. During the course of Cipro I developed insomnia and (when I did sleep) bizarre dreams. This was followed within about ten days by severe anxiety, panic, and suicidal thoughts. I cried constantly. Of course I was also experiencing drastic physical deterioration (crippling joint pain and weakness; muscle weakness; numbness and tingling in feet and legs; all-over aches), but I knew I had to get a handle on the mental situation first. Personally, I went to a psychiatrist who gave me Ativan for the anxiety/panic. I only took a half-dose, and only once or twice a day, but it stopped the nighttime panic attacks. After a week or so, the doctor also gave me Lexapro for my continuing depression. My mental state turned around completely. I stopped taking any Ativan after two weeks. I continue to take the Lexapro. This approach may not be for everyone, but once I became suicidal, I knew I had to get swift intervention. Once my mental situation improved, I could look at my physical problems more rationally and without despair.

        Please understand that our guts are the source of much of our seratonin and other “feel good” neurotransmitters. The gut has been called our “second brain”. Neurotransmitters are synthesized from amino acids in the gut in a probiotic environment. Cipro destroys that environment. That appears to be the reason for the precipitous onset of psychiatric symptoms in many Cipro users. It’s important to replenish daily with a probiotic supplement that contains a broad range of bacteria, as well as a diet rich in amino acids. Undenatured (cold processed) whey protein is a good source of amino acids. I hope you can beat these mental issues quickly and move forward.

      2. I am suicidle at this point can you give me maybe a list of things to eat and drink i currently take xanax 0.25 only once to keep from jumping off a bridge i take alpha liporic acid vitamin c and d what else can i take thank you for responding

      3. Chris,

        Please, please, please hang in there! It will get better. It really will. I promise. I agree with Vicky, with all the life-threatening and painful things we face, the mental part is the hardest. (I also agree with healing your gut.) You can do it! I, too, was suicidal and slept only an hour a day about 5 minutes at a time. Every second feels like a million years when you are just trying to hold on. I set myself a date of two years out (2014) to review if I wanted to do myself in or not. I figured two years would give me enough time to know. I look back and can’t believe I even considered this.

        My liver was so damaged I couldn’t take anything, including valerian root and chamomile tea. I hope this not true for you. I did get some relief from full spectrum light. I live in New Mexico. So, even during the winter, I can be outside. My amazing husband held me while I cried and had panic attacks several times a day. His calming presence helped increase my endorphin level and probably serotonin as well.

        Time is the most important thing. Last night was the first night in 8 months that I slept 8 hours straight, but it has slowly but surely gotten better. The past 4 months I first slept 6 then 7 then 7.5 hours. I laugh many times a day now and look forward to the future. I am still healing but I can handle the disabilities now that my head is clear.

        You are strong, I know you are, even never having met you. You have made it this far this means you must have incredible inner strength. It will get better. It will! Sending warm and healing thoughts your way! Joanne

    1. Joanne,

      I think I speak for everyone when I say “thank you!” for taking the time to compose, articulate and share. Your efforts effect us all and it is my hope that your actions will inspire others to take their own steps in generating awareness and advocacy on this issue. Thank you, Nikki

      1. Thank YOU, Nikki, for this website! It has truly been a God-send for me in regard to my continued recovery!

        I would like to put a plug in for Nikki. I don’t know her. We’ve never met, but she has offered us all such a gift with this website. I know we are all worried about finances given the hit we have taken from Cipro, but I wanted to support the good work this website does and sent a donation to the Paypal reference on the left side of this page. You may want to consider doing the same thing, if you have not already. Just a suggestion, if you are able. Best of everything! 🙂 Joanne

      2. Its so hard to hang on i feel like i have amnesia i dont reconize things anymore i try to feel normal but my brain feels frozen i don want to live this way i even look at family and they look strange to me anymore i cry and cry i feel lik i am walkin around in a dream and i cant wake up have you gone thru this is this part of it

      3. Please read this article in today’s Wall Street Journal, regarding gut health and mental issues:

        As I’ve written here before, supplementing with high potency probiotics is essential in re-establishing gut health. As this article says, 95% of our seratonin is made in our guts; without adequate seratonin we can become dangerously depressed and anxious.

        This article also states that seratonin is necessary for repair of liver and lung cells. These things are all connected to our gut health.

        I believe, based on experience and research, that before any other therapies or treatments, the probiotic environment in the gut must be re-established. Cipro kills good gut bacteria, along with other bacteria. It’s very clear that we need gut bacteria for mental health, as well as the absorption and synthesis of nutrients and amino acids. I believe that most of the damage Cipro does is attributable in some way to a damaged gut environment.

      4. Yes, yes, yes, Chris. This is part of the Cipro reaction. Psychiatrists call that feeling of “not recognizing” your family “depersonalization”. You probably feel blank, removed, and numb. I felt exactly that way. I cried and cried, too. It’s very hard for friends and family to understand, but they are there for you.

        Cipro and Levaquin are both known to cause this kind of depression and depersonalization, as well as panic and anxiety. A psychiatrist should be able to understand this, especially if he/she takes the time to do a small bit of research on fluoroquinolones. The Peace Corps has had to send many workers home due to severe mental reactions to the drug Lariam, a fluoroquinolone given to protect against malaria. If you go to a psychiatrist, ask someone to help you find (online) and print some of this info to take with you.

        PLEASE UNDERSTAND: I’m not suggesting that you need to be on psychiatric medication long-term, or at all. But it may be the appropriate intervention RIGHT NOW. You cannot begin to take care of yourself physically if you are dealing with severe depression and anxiety. THIS IS TEMPORARY, BUT CAN BE DEVASTATING WHILE IT LASTS.

        Chris, last July 5 I texted my husband at 2:30 a.m. He had gone to visit friends a couple of hours away for the July 4 holiday, something we do every year. I stayed home because I was just beginning to experience the same kind of reaction to Cipro you’re having now. My text said “Don’t know how I’m going to make it. Terrified. Don’t want to live like this.” Of course, he headed home immediately.

        Six months later I am clear-headed and happy. I’m still dealing with some of the physical problems caused by Cipro, but I’m stronger every week. The early days were very dark, but they seem like a bad dream now. This will pass, Chris, I promise. Get whatever help you believe to be right for you. If nothing else, start with an antioxidant-rich diet, probiotic supplements, and plenty of pure water. Movement is good, if possible. Use whatever support systems you have. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

      5. Thank you vicky i been on 9 different anti depressants also went to mental halth ward for eight days none of the medications helped they caused severe tremors to the point i couldnt sit still for a moment i have tried every doctor gave them literature they still wont believe me tremors are eased up alot internal terror hasnt i will try the antioxitant and probiotics see if that helps does the depersonaluzationgo away on its own this has consumed me for seven months now i have lost my job and really no support here because no one believes me i was a healthy 49 year old women who loved life now not anymore i can handle pain just not this mental crap how does depersonaluzation go away

  66. Don’t know why one of my comments is “awaiting moderation”, but maybe it’s because it has an active link in it to another article. The topic of that article is vitally important to this who have been floxed, so I’ll try this:

    Please search for “A gut check for many ailments” in today’s Wall Street Journal. This article describes new research that links healthy gut bacteria, neurotransmitters, mental health, liver and lung health, and other systems. Since Cipro destroys gut bacteria first and foremost, this is very relevant to many of the side-effects Cipro users suffer.

      1. Chris, the visual problems and depersonalization last for varying times for each of us, and are definitely on the list of more difficult symptoms to live with, but please allow yourself to believe that they will go away. You will get better. For me, these symptoms were awful, for myself and my whole family (especially when I accused my 4 year old of conspiring against me, that was a real low… OMG!) but in truth, the worst part was the fear that these experiences evoked. I just felt terror, completely and utterly terrified, a living nightmare that made me feel very desperate, similar to how you are feeling now. So, you are not alone, and YES, many of us have been there and experienced these extremes.

        For me, these mental issues went away after H202, almost immediately, it was a gift from God for me. But I cannot diminish the absolute power of a strong and supportive family. If it were not for my husband and children, my husband most of all, I would not be here. That love and patience and compassion and empathy kept me hanging on, and I am so glad I hung on, because here I am, still struggling through the tendon damage, but believe it or not, I’m better off now than before I got floxed, because I have a much clearer and authentic take on my life now.

        Hang in there, do NOT EVER GIVE UP! You WILL get better. I will be thinking about you and praying for you, as will many others on this site, I’m sure.

        If you get truly desperate, call the suicide hotline, they are fabulous and really know how to support you, the number is 1-800-273-TALK.

        Blessings, Light and Love,

        Surviving Cipro

      2. Chris —

        Regarding your memory loss:

        I’ve mentioned that Cipro destroys the good bacteria in your gut. That bacteria is responsible for the manufacture or synthesis of vitamin B12 and other B vitamins. Vitamin B deficiency can cause central nervous system problems; Vitamin B 12 is particularly linked to memory disorders. If your gut’s still not healthy after all these months, you may have an ongoing vitamin B deficiency. Even if you’re taking large amounts of vitamin B supplements, they will not be properly synthesized and absorbed for use in the body if you don’t have a healthy probiotic balance in your gut. Rutger’s University has a Memory Disorders Project, which publishes its newsletters online. Google “Vitamin B Complex – Memory Loss & the Brain” to find their newsletter. Also, just google “Vitamin B12 memory loss”. You’ll find lots of information on this topic.

    1. Vicky i went to a homeopathy nutrionist and he is also chroprator he did blood work showed me it under a microscope and saw parisites and stuff that shouldnt be there i told him everything he gave me a tegimin to follow and what to eat and what to avoid he said i should feel the difference in two to three weeks so god willing this will work for me please keep in touch

  67. I am having some major issues this month. I posted my recovery story above as it has been about 21 months since i was floxed. I felt i made a GREAT progress with most of my symptoms abating at about 8 months and from there on till about 5 months ago.. I began having that vibrating feeling in my body followed by a bit of anxiety but brushed it off as stress and kept on going.. then the next couple months my stomach issues began where since November i have had no appetite.. nausea, soreness in my stomach. i began to think that i NOW had a disease however it is all like a huge nightmare coming back. I have cycled throughout this whole ordeal and each got less and less.. this is almost like i was floxed again!. I can only say that it began after a trip to NH and consuming my first lobster.. Then on Thanksgiving, i consumed shrimp?? I also was getting much dental work in also during these couple months and took ALEVE for horrible dental pain and i broke out in hives all over my mouth.. Do not know what caused what.. but this has been the longest and most horrible episode ever. i feel like i have made no progress and am just tired of this. Just needed to reach out to someone.. i am losing my mind again. it is happening all over again.. I used to get a couple days to weeks of panic from certain meds, supplements and such but this just seems like its been too long feeling like i am i the beginning stages of floxing again.

    1. Lynn,

      Hang in there and take a deep breath. Get your perspective. You are not starting all over, you are in a cycle. It happens. It won’t last as long as you fear. You will get better and when you do you will have improved on your overall recovery. I know it is inconvenient, but this may just catapult you to the next level of wellness. When this happens to me, I first get my fear and stress under control. Deep breathing will lower the stress hormones and meditation or prayer will soothe the mind. Then it is time to get back to basics: A TON OF SLEEP, clean food, clean air, clean water, clean relationships and a clean body. You can do this and even though it may feel like you are starting all over again, you are not, this is different. Hot baths with epsom salts, a nice essential oil treatment, warm tea or water with lemon, some fresh air. Cut the yuk from your diet, no caffeine, etc, and check the gut for yeast. Alkalize your water, read a good book. All the stuff you used to do. And for me, when i felt my last cycle coming on, I went in for a bag of Myers Cocktail with an H202 hit. Worked wonders. Shortest cycle ever. I totally ditched all the supplements too. Totally cleaned out my body from anything over whelming. Maybe you won’t take my advice because maybe it doesn’t feel good to you, but I know you will figure this out and you will get through it. Get on top of the fear, and the clarity will follow. Wishing you the best, Nikki

  68. Lynn — I posted this yesterday, but it didn’t show up, so I’ll try again. Hope you’re already feeling better!

    Because Cipro can affect your stomach/intestinal environment as well as your liver, many people find that they have sensitivities to foods, prescription and over-the-counter medication, and herbal products that never bothered them before. Remember, the Cipro is gone from your system; it’s not “cycling” through your system again. However, your stomach, gut, and liver may still be affected. I believe it’s often more helpful to treat ongoing issues as “reactions” to Cipro-caused sensitivities, many of which we never had before we took Cipro. Some of us had pre-existing minor sensitivities that have been worsened by Cipro. If you’re eating foods you don’t typically eat, or trying for the first time (like shellfish), you may be having a response due to Cipro-caused food sensitivities.

    Since the stomach/intestine are the first environment that Cipro changes, you may want to consider whether you now have a sensitivity to wheat/gluten, which causes digestive problems for many people. You don’t have to have full-blown celiac to experience some or many of the following reactions to wheat: (from a website called “solving the puzzle”)

    Skin problems (dermatitis herpetiformis)
    Joint pain
    Chronic fatigue
    Weight loss
    Iron deficiency (anemia)
    Tingling in the hands and feet
    Fertility problems and missed periods
    Canker sores in the mouth

    Our livers are responsible for ridding our systems of potent drugs like Cipro, and eliminating toxic oxidation debris (damaged cells) caused by Cipro. Cipro can overwhelm the liver’s initial ability to do this detox work, and then affect our liver enzyme balances for a long time. This means that the liver may now be unable process prescription medications, over-the-counter medications, local anesthesia, caffeine, alcohol, even herbal products efficiently, causing you to feel crappy. Again, this is a “reaction” caused by less-than-optimal liver function, rather than a “cycle”. If you were given anesthesia for dental work and took Aleve, I would suspect that could be a part of your current issues.
    Your liver may have a hard time getting rid of these substances.

    Remember, these reactions are temporary. It’s often difficult to isolate what’s causing us to feel crappy, and I understand the tendency to panic: “It’s starting all over again!” It’s not. Your body was impacted by Cipro, maybe changed forever. But stay calm and try to assess what you might be doing or eating that precedes a downturn. If you consider these “episodes” as reactions, it’s easier to regard them as temporary responses to certain things. Try to avoid things that are known to cause stomach, intestinal, and liver stress, even in people who haven’t been floxed. This will pass — hang in there!

  69. Lynn and all — Something else to keep in mind about post-Cipro diet and reactions.

    Most of us are now wary of any meat or chicken that’s not labeled “no antibiotics — ever”, due to the possibility of antibiotic residue in commercially available meats. Even before Cipro I was eating more fish, in part because it’s good for me but also because I like fish. What I’ve learned is that much, if not most, of the fresh and frozen fish readily available in the typical supermarket or restaurant is farm-raised, either in the U.S., or in China, Indonesia and Malaysia. Because the fish are raised in high-density “pens”, both fresh and saltwater, they are highly susceptible to infection from parasites and bacteria. To prevent this, antibiotics are added to the water these fish are raised in. This includes salmon, tilapia, catfish, shrimp and some mollusks.

    The healthiest fish or shellfish choice is fish labeled “wild caught”, which indicates that it comes from open water rather than a fish farm.

  70. I am 38 years old and have been ill for at least 2 and a half years: however I first noticed nausea and being unwell about 6 years ago – after I had my first UTI. I have always been healthy, eat right nerd, athletic, a marathon runner, and very active. Since the age of about 16 I was rarely if ever ill. I could count on one hand the number of times I actually was ill during about a 15 year period. Then I got my first UTI. I am allergic to Penicillin and several other antibiotics, so I was prescribed Cipro. Over the last 5 years I’ve had several UTI’s (1-3 a year), sinus infections, and dental work. Every time I was prescribed either Cipro or Levaquin. About 2 and a half years ago I started having extreme nausea episodes which included the urge to poo (not diahrrea, just needed to go several times). These episodes occurred about once every couple months but became more frequent, with eye/headaches, and a fainting/falling feeling (like the life stops inside of me). I did not start seeing any doctors about it until about a year after it all started. I have had CT scans, MRI’s, Ultra sounds, hearing and balance tests, EEG’s, EKG’s, blood test, Echo cardiograms, and even wore a heart monitor for a month. My symptoms have only multiplied with Sinus issues and head pressure along with eye light sensitivity and heart palpitations. I’ve had times where there was tingling in my legs and simply feelings of lifelessness within my body… like sinking feeling. I started getting pain under my left rib, developed a cyst on my right ovary (which has been removed in October of 2011 and although they say it is common, I don’t think it is normal and want to know the cause), and now I have pain in my left armpit and arm, sometimes in my right arm, in my neck (anywhere), in my legs/ feet, wrists, hands, etc. I have become extremely emotional and am tired… I’ve had bouts of insomnia. I’ve also had pressure off an on in my head and ears and eyes. I’m not even sure if this list of symptoms is inclusive, I feel like I’m nuts. The doctors have found only that I have a very low heart rate (due to my athletics), and a small arrythmia (the heart dr says my heart is super healthy and isn’t concerned). For some time my blood tests showed low white blood and low platelet count, but since then, they’ve come back up. I’ve also had low Vit.D, but it is back up too. The upper and lower GI found nothing, my test are normal and even beyond healthy. I’ve now started having nightmares (not often, but in the last month I’ve had two that made me think I was having a seizure or stroke with lots of noise). My latest doctor wants to treat my symptoms as anxiety and panic attacks (which I’ve recently learned is part of the Cipro and levaquin blessing).

    I do not simply want the symptoms to be dealt with, I want a name and a cause! (Besides, the warnings on the label for the anxiety happy pills scare me to death..literally … they can be fatal!)
    I haven’t had Cipro or Levaquin for a few months now (but like I said, I’ve been prescribed both of them off and on over 5 years). The last time I was on Cipro I had to stop because there was blood in my stool. My symptoms also get worse with my periods and my periods have been weird since getting sick (but my thyroid function is normal).

    Now I’m finding all of these people with reactions to them and I want to know… am I one of you…is this the answer?
    My mother has fibromyalgia and neuropathy… she was prescribed Cipro and Levaquin long before the symptoms occured. She was diagnosed about 25-30 years ago with the muscle problems. She too is allergic to other medicines and has a long history of health issues.

    It has affected my life so much. I cry often, especially when I have to tell my kids, “No, I’m sorry, mommy doesn’t feel good.” I simply don’t have the energy to play with them some days. We are afraid to make or commit to plans because I don’t know how I’ll feel. I have to wear sunglasses in church! I still try to excercise… I force myself some days but I’ve cut back from nearly 2 hours a day to 30- 60 minutes. (Yeah, I used to overdue it). I’m thankful that I still can move, and that I do have days that are good enough to do some normal things, but every day still carries a small reminder somewhere -somehow. I tend to get worse the more tired I am. Everyone, but the doctors has had a diagnosis for me… but here I am, still sick and having unexplained pain. Meditation helps, breathing helps, exercise still helps, and staying healthy helps (I use the apple cider vinegar, and pop vitamin/mineral supplements, vd, and b every day).

    WE are at a loss… have I been “floxed”?

  71. JBochman – So sorry to hear about your illness. A couple of things you mentioned got my attention. First, you report gut issues, like nausea, frequent elimination, and blood in the stool. I’m sure people on this forum are tired of me repeating myself, but it is crucial to understand what Cipro and Levaquin, particularly repetitive courses over several years, do to your gut flora — they wipe it out. Our gut is often referred to as our “second brain”. It has it’s own nervous system, called the enteric nervous system. When gut flora (bacteria) is decimated by antibiotics, that system goes down. Not only does this affect digestive health, it also affects nutrient absorption. The B vitamins in particular are synthesized and absorbed only in the presence of a healthy flora balance in your gut. B vitamins are crucial to your nervous system and skeletal muscles. Disruption of B vitamin processes in your gut can cause tingling, burning, numbness, transient muscle pain, muscle weakness and fatigue, and central nervous system problems. In addition, 95% of your seratonin is produced in your gut. Without adequate levels of seratonin you may experience insomnia, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks.

    If you’re not already, you need to work at rebuilding a healthy balance of gut bacteria through diet and supplementation with a multi-strain, high potency probiotic formula. Yogurt and apple cider vinegar will not do it. I read a study recently which found that without great attention to diet and probiotic supplements, mice NEVER recovered a healthy gut after antibiotics. Considering the amount of antibiotics you’ve taken over time, it’s likely your gut environment is devastated. Rebuilding can take months, but it can be done. Typical MD’s know very little about the devastating effects of antibiotics to the gut, or how to repair the damage. At most they may tell you to eat a little yogurt. A good clinical nutritionist or naturopath would be much more helpful in this regard.

    I wish you the best.

  72. thank you so much for your reply…it makes sense now that even though I’m taking so many vitamins, they aren’t being absorbed!. After reading your site, I did more research. My husband spoke to some pharmacists which convinced him too – he didn’t hesitate to go out and by my a highly potent pack of probiotics! I’m planning on visiting a wholistic or naturopathic dr soon (need to save some money). I’m also sending a letter to my “dr” with all the info that I’ve found, with the hopes that he’ll change his perspective of simply treating symptoms.
    Your website has opened my eyes and given me hope.
    thanks again

    1. JBochman,

      Look at this article by Mayo Clinic docs…”Musculoskeletal Complications of Fluoroquinolones: Guidelines and Precautions for Usage in the Athletic Population” One thing that stands out to me is that you are working out!!!

      I ran a half marathon barefoot in November, but since I took Cipro Jan 14-21, I literally ground to a halt with dull pain all over, and shooting sharp pains at random. Luckily, I only ran short sprints on day 3 of Cipro, and felt an immediate pain, which made me read the insert again, remembering the tendon rupture warning. I read the above paper, and took its recommendations to heart – no weight bearing activity until symptoms clear. I exerted myself yesterday a TINY bit, and ended up awake at 3 am in pain which brought me to tears. I just posted my full story under the Treatment and Doctors page on this site, if you need more info on symptoms and foods, etc. that help. I forgot on that post to mention that pastured local eggs have been a main protein source since this happened. Good luck to you!!! Get in a bath of epsom salts (2cups) for half an hour every day, and PUSH food sources of magnesium. The pills just don’t work. Spinach does.

  73. For JBochman, from my other post on this site…

    I have had great success with magnesium sulfate baths, increased magnesium from foods, CoQ10, Vit E and natural cod liver oil. I will say I think it is the baths-(both times I tried to skip a day, I ended up miserable – the first time with a newly stiffened knee, the second time, this am, almost a month since my first symptom while on the 3rd day of a 7 day, 500mg/2x prescrip., I couldn’t sleep due to excruciating pain in my right shoulder, elbow, and thumb joint. Some exertion, the first in a month may be at fault – does using muscles more than usual cause pain that makes you cry? It was more intense than any other so far – a deep burning pain that made me nauseated. It went away slowly as I went about my morning. ANY pulling of the joints was awful, I could only lay on my left side and place my arm in a right angle, aligned with my left. For some reason, that helped.

    It’s been a two-week push for me now with the nutrients…had bone broths at first, and will be restarting those, and have been drinking coconut water and whole raw milk. I gave up on the doctor, but made sure to restart cod liver oil, which I had dropped for surgery a couple of months ago, as he said the only recommendation he had was to supplement (D2!!! 50,000 iu/week!) – I declined, and went for the cod liver oil.

    Anything else I can do at home? I wondered if nightshades might have a neg effect, as I had eggplant the night before the worst of it.

    1. Nightshades are very acidic and can cause inflammation, which could definitely explain a worsening of your symptoms! I had eggplant a few weeks back and didn’t notice a big difference, but nonetheless, I’ve cut them out for now just to be safe.

      1. Thanks, Selene, I appreciate your response.

        I’ll try to track the pain and compare it with nightshade intake and prevent any further incidents.

  74. Hello, I am Chad, I’m 19 and I took Cipro 2 times a day for 6 days for a possible prostate infection, and then I started to noticed tingling in my hands and feet. My feet sometimes feel like they’re wet too. I felt extremely fatigued, confused, just didn’t know what was really going on. I called my doctor and he just told me to stop taking it and switched me to another antibiotic called “Sulfamethoxazole – TMP DS”

    I’ve been freaking out a bit because things are getting worse. I don’t know what to do. This is my 7th day. I’ve been taking like all of my Chorella tablets. And I went and took niacin and swam for 30 min, then sat in a sauna. I don’t even know if any of those will help I just know its good for detoxing.

    Please help me, what do I do?
    So I need to stop taking this antibiotic and just start focusing on saving my life? or what?

    1. Chad,

      I know this is a scary moment for you, hang in there and try not to panic. The best advice I can give you is to seek medical help from a doctor who understands neuro-toxic illness and the possible dangers of certain medications. Personally, I found a NMD and stuck with her. If your doctor acts like you are crazy or if he/she does not know what you are talking about, don’t waste your time or emotions, just move on. The next best advice I can give you is to take really hot (not scalding) baths with 2-6 cups of epsom salt. Soak in the tub for as long as you can (I would stay in for two hours sometimes) and let yourself sweat. The magnesium is beneficial on multiple levels in this situation. Soak in the tub often, up to 4 times a day. Sleep a lot and get some good moral support.

      You will likely be ok. Don’t let the fear lead you. Your symptoms are frightening, I understand that, but they are mild (in comparison) so far. Keep in touch with us here, so we know how you are doing, and continue to post questions and concerns so we can help you.

      Blessings, Nikki

  75. I’ve never actually written anything down about my Cipro experience. I didn’t keep a daily journal or anything, and I never had intentions of sharing my thoughts online. Well, here goes. I’ll try not to ramble.

    I’m about to turn 25, and I took Cipro in the Fall of 2010 for Epididymitis. Fun word to say, but not a fun experience! I was in pain from the Epi. for almost a month before I caved in to go to the doctor. And so it begins…I was prescribed Cipro 750mg 2x a day for 10 days. Most of my Epi. pain actually went away after 4 days, but a whole new kind of pain started at day 7. There was no way I was going to finish off that bottle of pills. I had all the typical tendon pains, most memorably behind my knees and on the right side of my hip. Walking was extremely annoying. I felt dead tired for a few weeks and just generally like I lived with a constant flu.

    So I felt a bit better for a month or so, then I suddenly experienced the worst 1-2 months of my life. This was at the very end of December. So one night I had this little headache on the right side. Well this headache was persistent (everyday) for the next 1.5 months. After the first few days, the headache became an intense right-eye ache. I always said it felt like it was “about to pop out.” My eye would hurt more when I’d look left-right. Extremely sensitive if I’d rub the area with my hand. This evolved into an entire face + head ache. It still seemed to linger on the right side, but this was a daily/nightly event. It felt very pressurized.

    Sleep was almost non-existent which wasn’t helping one bit. Whenever I’d lay quietly in the bed, I could very clearly hear my pulse, and feel the pounding rhythm throughout my head. It felt a strong pulsating, rushing motion in both temples. My mind would be working overtime when I’d try to sleep, like it was narrating all my thoughts in a super-fast, hallucinating dream state. I would have to get up and walk around the house. One morning I remember actually seeing large spiders on my bed. I stared a blinked a few times and they dissolved. That hallucination was odd since I don’t have arachnophobia at all. Also, when trying to sleep, the feeling of dizziness and pressure would maximize while lying on my back with the back of my head pressing on the pillow.

    Everything felt entirely hopeless. I wouldn’t want to do things that I normally would. I know my wife was a bit fed up with it all, but the accumulation of physical pain and mental stress was excruciating, and it was hopeless to be unable to relate with someone else.

    I remember feeling extremely dizzy upon standing, and my arms would feel cold. At times, I genuinely thought I was about to die, and one early morning, I finally begged my wife to take me to the ER. I’m someone who hates visiting the doctor, and before then I can’t even recall the last time I checked in to a hospital. I had a CT scan there, and a week later visited a neurologist for the first time. I had an MRI and MRA. Everything was normal with testing, and no resolve was found. I’m still a student, so I’ll be paying off these monthly bills for quite a while.

    I’d like to mention that I wasn’t convinced that Cipro could cause those symptoms at the time, so I had endless worry that something else was wrong. Even today, I still get this nagging feeling that something has been missed.

    After those 2 months of intense pain, I started feeling better…rather quickly actually. It was mainly due to the head pain/pressure alleviating. The vision changes progressed at a slower rate. Oh, well I forgot to mention the vision symptoms besides the pain. Well everything seemed localized to the right eye. I had blurriness, and my eye just felt “weird” in the dark. It just seemed like something was blocking my vision (but I could still see)…like looking through frosted glass. It’s hard to put into words. I would see these very tiny sparks of light that would flash (usually purple). These still happen every once in a while. All in all, my vision feels pretty normal again. When I exercise, it sometimes feels pressurized in my right eye. Also, my right pupil is noticeably larger than the left when I’m in a low-lit room. It reacts to night normally. I’m not sure if this was pre-existing, but I surely haven’t noticed it the 23 years before the medication.

    So everything I listed was brand new to me…all mysteriously after the Cipro doses, but the only Neurologist that I visited was really put off when I mentioned Cipro. He said the symptoms were impossible, and basically said “he’s the professional and I’m not.”

    I still don’t feel normal today, but I’d say I’m 90% there. I can live happily and enjoy life. I still have sleep issues, but nothing crazy like before. Being in the College of Design, I rarely get the sleep I need anyway because of the workload. The main thing that feels “off” today are these muscle tremors that seemed to really be noticeable in the summer of 2011. I hadn’t been working out during the Cipro times, and I picked up on these tremors once I started back. They’re only related to movement. When I look down my neck trembles. When I walk down steps my legs shake a bit. If I bend over my back will shake (or with crunches). This little trembling sensation happens almost anywhere in my body. Thankfully, it doesn’t really affect my life in ways that inhibit anything. I can still use a pen without making a scribbly mess. I don’t thing it’s visibly noticeable by anyone, it’s just an annoyance. It always gets my mind going and thinking though when I get those shakes a lot during the day. Stressful situations seems to make the sensation stronger, or if I’ve missed a lot of sleep. Heck, I was up 40 hours straight the past two days to prepare for a review, and I was quite jittery even though I felt calm.

    So I’m sure I left out things I wanted to say. It’s hard to look back a year and a half and just put everything into words. And speaking on remembering things, I just remembered that my thought process seems foggy. When I present at reviews, I just forget words that are typically easily in my vocabulary. But I’d love to hear if anyone else has the movement tremors. I’ve found it linked to fluoride poisoning. Oh yeah, and I went through a phase of random twitches in different spots. One persistent one (2-3 weeks long) was in my lower left abs.

    I apologize if I jumped around too much, but I wanted to include all the thoughts I was having.

    I played (then coached) tennis for about 12 years straight before Cipro. almost daily and all-year-round. My biggest goal is just to get back into optimal shape again. I look perfectly “fit,” but I feel I’m still a big step off from where I once was. I’m hoping weight training and finding more time for regular sleep will help rid myself of the tremors. I haven’t taken any pills or really done anything to purposely detox myself. If it’s not too late for that kind of thing, I’m still interested in that right now. I’ve made it a big note to myself to eat the healthiest I can and try to cut anything out of my life/diet with sodium fluoride (and increase the intake of foods that supposedly draw it away from me). My biggest fear is that somehow the tremors will get worse…or even the brain-fog. I always have a nagging thought that other issues could arise down the road that will be related to that one week of antibiotics.

    So I did ramble a little. This is a website dedicated to hope in recovery, so I want to finish off on that note. At one point in the deepest part of my pain, I really though that I was NEVER going to feel better. There was no indication that positive change was coming. But it did. It’s obvious that a lot of doctors will chalk it all up to anxiety, but don’t let that get to you. There’s a good chance your family will have a hard time understanding it all, because it really is one of those things you have to live for yourself to grasp it. Clearly you’re searching around on the internet if you found and read my post, but be careful how you manage the internet time. Searching just your Cipro symptoms will bring up the worst kinds of other diseases/problems, and that extra paranoia really multiplies the pain and insomnia.

    Keep on recovering (however slow it may feel), and take the initiative to keep your family members (or whoever) from taking quinolones if possible.


    1. Dear Jordan,

      Thank you for sharing your story. As you know, those who suffer need to hear stories about others. All of our stories are tragic, but there is always hope for renewal and it is so comforting to have that spelled out for you, especially when there are so few answers out there for us to cling onto. Now you are on the side of recovery and hope and faith, and your story will spread those sentiments to others who sorely need it. Thank you again, and I offer you my blessings,


  76. Headline from Reuters article today: Antibiotics no help against most sinus infections

    Cipro is prescribed so often for sinus infections — Please tell friends and family to “just say NO”!

  77. I am approaching my one year anniversary to my reaction to Avelox. Last February, I developed bronchitis triggered by an accidental aspiration. I was quite sick and was given 7 days of Avelox (1 per day). I had an acute and severe reaction after my third pill. Within two hours, my tongue was swollen, I had no muscle or bowel control and could not see (my eyes were scanning back and forth involuntarily), I was vomiting, shaking and suffered from severe panic. The reaction peaked quickly and I was not admitted to a hospital. The central nervous system damage and muscle fatigue lasted for two to three weeks. I could not see well and I had debilitating vertigo (dizziness) constantly. I had already been in treatment with a Naturopathic doctor (for a hormone imbalance) so I got in quickly to see her.

    She put me on:
    * Liver detox pills (not sure what was in them) – I took two bottles (VERY helpful – after the first bottle ran out, the vertigo returned within a day)
    * Lipoic acid
    * Pyridoxal 5 phosphate (activated B6)
    * She later added Ginkgo for circulation
    I was already taking magnesium, D3, and high potency multi and fish oil.

    Within two weeks, I was on crutches, unable to walk – my achilles. Today, the central nervous system issues are mostly gone (I get eye floaters and tinnitus still at times). The tendonosis (cellular damage to the tendon without inflammation) is chronic, however. I am making progress but very slowly. I cannot be on my feet for more than an hour. Walking over a mile is out of the question. I am 39 years old. I am just recently able to do a stationary bike a few times a week on a low setting.

    My naturopath has weaned me off everything but the Ginkgo, magnesium, vitamin D, fish oil and multi. I eat NO meats with antibiotics (I notice flare-ups in my achilles when I eat antibiotic treated meat or when I am sick).

    I filed a report with the FDA (, made a formal complaint against the pharmacy (I was never told of the black box warning) and told my prescribing Dr. what happened. My medial chart has now been “red-flagged” – as medication sensitive.

    I have had medication sensitivity in the past so I had genetic testing done to see what else I am sensitive to. Turns out I am sensitive to 25% of the medications on the market. Go here for more info:

    This document has been very helpful to me as I have searched for answers:

    This book promotes a gluten-free diet as the inflammation is at a cellular level:

    Tell everyone you meet. I have met many people who have tendon problems following fluroquinolones and never connected it. Who would? We have to educate people – we have medical choice.

    This is cellular damage – it takes time. Don’t give up.


      1. Nikki – I just want to add (it is now about 2 years later since my first comment) that I had improved to a point where I could function. The maximum I could walk at one time is about 1.5 miles -not great, but better than none at all. I have been very careful about what I eat. Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago, I ate shrimp at a restaurant. 48 hours later, I was experiencing a relapse. After some research, I discovered that 90% of our shrimp is imported from shrimp farms overseas where, yes, you guessed it, quinolones are the PRIMARY antibiotic administered. I have severe tendonosis in both knees now and am quite discouraged by this set back. I want everyone to know that they need to avoid shrimp like the plague if you have been “floxed.” Google shrimp farms and antibiotics and you will be as shocked as I was. Thank you for continuing this site.

        Are you having your readers sign this petition? Something has to be done.

        God bless,

  78. I’m on my 10th day right now. Seems like the tingling in my feet and hands is going away. My wrist and ankels were in alot of pain the past 5 or so days, now there doesn’t seem to be as much pain, but my calfs feel very tight.

    So from what I understand Cipro makes it to where your body can bearly make cologne. So looking up what can help make cologne (supplement wise) is Vitimen C and Lysine.

    I’m taking 2000 mg of Vitamin C a day whih is the upper limit, I know you’re not a doctor but do you think it would hurt to take more? And if so how much? Because I have read other people with cipro poisoning taking up to 5000 mg

    And I have not yet bought Lysine because I’ not familia with it. I know its an amino acid that’s in protien but are there any negavtives of taking it?

    And besides eating very healthy I’ve been walking in a pool and doing yoga and soking in a sanu and soaking in magnesium baths. All very carefully trying not to rupture my tendons.

    Any other supplements do you recommend?

    1. Hi Chad — Cipro does disrupt the collagen metabolism, which causes tendinitis. Vitamin C is essential for collagen production. The naturopath I worked with had me taking 15,000 mg a day for a couple of months, and then I gradually stepped the dosage down. (He did a residency at the Linus Pauling Institute, and is keen on the value of high-dose vitamin C therapy to repair and protect cells.) Vitamin C is water soluble — you’ll pee out whatever the body doesn’t need, so there’s no toxicity.

      A good way to get the amino acids important to muscle and nerve repair, and normalized immune function, is by using non-denatured whey protein. You can find it in a flavored powder form in a natural foods grocery or vitamin store. You want to use the non-denatured form, meaning that it hasn’t been heated to temperatures high enough to alter the amino acids during processing. A lot of the “body builder” formulas are not non-denatured, so look for those words on the label.

      I also took (and still take) alpha lipoid acid, which has been shown to help resolve the tingling (peripheral neuropathy). L-Carnitine is an amino acid which facilitates the transport of fatty acids into muscle cells, where they’re used to produce muscle energy. Personally, I had big problems with muscle fatigue and wasting, and the L-Carnitine helped me a lot.

      I always suggest a good probiotic supplement, with a wide variety of bacteria strains in very high numbers (billions). When the Cipro destroys the good bacteria in your gut, you can’t absorb many nutrients well, or even at all. So you can take lots of supplements and eat great, but until you restore the gut bacteria to pre-Cipro levels, you won’t get the full benefit of the nutrients you’re taking in.

      I swam or walked in the pool 5 days a week for three months. My orthopedic doc said that, when tendons begin to heal, it’s important to use them very gently, but USE THEM. This helps the new collagen align properly in the tendon matrix. My problem was overdoing things, which caused set-backs. This doc told me that he treats 4-5 cases of Cipro tendinitis a year, and that it’s not at all unusual for tendon healing to take 12-18 months. He continues to assure me that every patient he’s seen eventually heals. He DOES NOT EVER prescribe Cipro, nor does any other doc in this orthopedic practice.

    2. HI CHAD,

      Knowing what I know now, I would find a Naturopath of Environmental MD that does GLutathione IV drips and Vitamin C drips, at the very beginning, I would also get some NAC which is a sulfer based antioxidant and precursor to GLutathione. Will help with detoxification. Do NOT take any anti-inflammatory medication or steroids. Alpha lipoic acid IV are also very helpful.

      I think that the view point that you should have is that you have a systemic trauma from this drug, and that for the next 6 months or longer you must have patience, and remain cautious about strenuous activities. Running, jumping,…anything that stresses tendons in your legs, ankle, feet. The potential for the injury done by this drug is profound. Every individual is unique in just how exactly it manifests.

      I was surprised and alarmed that so many months later I experienced evidence of problems that had not shown initially.

      All of us are with you, and upset that you were given this drug.

      Transdermal magnesium is well absorbed through the skin into the cells. Ancient Minerals on line has different options.

      LIfewave sells GLutathione patches that can be worn on different chinese meridian points which will elevate your glutathione levels. they are online too.

      1. Glutathione is present in every cell in the body. Glutathione depletion is particularly damaging to the liver and the brain, impairing the liver’s ability to detoxify our blood, and creating central nervous system problems such as tremors and other neurological disorders. A website called pointofreturn has a very informative page dealing with how to increase levels of glutathione. From their home page, click on “education” and scroll down to find their section on glutathione. (I can’t link to it directly from this website.)

        According to the information there, both topical (gel/cream/patch) and oral glutathione are ineffective at significantly increasing glutathione levels in the body. IV glutathione is effective, but expensive and requires trips to the doctor. According to this site, non-denatured whey protein is a very good way of actually increasing glutathione production within the body, as it contains all the necessary precursor amino acids. This page also contains information about the limitations and dangers of cysteine and NAC. Very informative.

        From the “education” page you can also scroll down to “gut health”, also great information for anyone who has been adversely affected by an antibiotic.

        Hope this helps.

      2. Hi Kate,

        To be clear, the Lifewave Glutathione patch is non transdermal. It is an energetic stimulus that works similar to acupuncture. There is nothing transfered into the skin. It enables the body to produce or raise it’s own glutathione levels.

        God Bless, Rene

  79. I last posted here in April after having what seemed to be a toxic reaction to Cipro. I had been feeling better but my symptoms worsened in May and I reached out to a local ND. I was in search of some glutathione IV’s, so she referred me to another ND who did IV’s and as it turned out she was also an expert in tick-borne disease. She explained that what had happened to me may have been a Herxheimer reaction – the Cipro was killing the Lyme bacteria in me and releasing toxins as it dies which was causing my symptoms. It made perfect sense to me, except for the fact that I hadn’t had a tick bite or so I thought. She had me do a lab test with Igenex – the standard Lyme tests (Elisa or C6) were grossly inaccurate and of no use to her. The test came back negative – however it did show that I had Borrellia(Lyme) specific antibodies in me, which to her confirmed her diagnosis. (Why the test was ‘negative’ is a long story here in which I won’t elaborate on other than to say the CDC criteria for Lyme disease is a joke). I found this hard to believe as I did not recall any tick bite, but I later recalled a bullseye rash on my arm pit which is something sometimes found after a tick bite. After a few weeks of doubt, I eventually accepted the fact that I was not a Cipro victim but a victim of Lyme disease. I was started on a course of antibiotics and while overall I am much better, I am still battling Lyme. It takes a long time to rid you system of Lyme and I think I am getting close. I was also able to figure out that I was not the only one in my family with Lyme. One by one my wife and four children were diagnosed with Lyme. The CD57 test was what really helped us confirm their diagnosis. A low CD57 (a type of killer cell) is low it is a clear indication of Lyme. ( So perhaps there are others that are having a Herx and not a toxic reaction to Cipro. If so I recommend that you see a Lyme literate doctor and get a CD57 test and a Lyme test – not an ELISA or C6 – preferably from Igenex.

    This is an interesting post in which the Lyme doctor wonders if the Cipro toxicity that a lot of people
    suffer from in some cases are really Herx reactions to Lyme. My doctor thinks that the Lyme in me was in a somewhat dormant state and that the Cipro woke it up and promptly wreaked havoc. Make sure that if you do get tested for Lyme that you go to a Lyme-literate doctor. Most doctors have no clue when it comes to Lyme and most follow the CDC and IDSA protocols which are a joke. You need to go to a doctor that will do a clinical diagnosis and follow the ILADS protocol. Good luck everyone, happy healing to all!

    1. Hi Brian — I have a friend in New Hampshire who has been on a long road with Lyme disease. It took five years for him to get a clear diagnosis,. I understand that testing is improving but still not reliable. After five more years of trial and error treatment, he now seems to be fully recovered.

      The first thing I sought treatment for with my own Cipro reaction was severe anxiety, panic, and depression. The psychiatrist I saw was very quick to ask if I’d had a tick bite. He knew quite a bit about the way Lyme can affect the brain. (We don’t live in Lyme country, but people do travel. Also, the geographic boundaries of known Lyme tick infestations have been expanded greatly by disease specialists in the last few years. You don’t have to live in New England to be at risk.)

      Because I had no reason to suspect I’d been exposed to Lyme, we concluded that my problems (they went well beyond the anxiety) were a true Cipro reaction. I do believe that there are a lot of cases of Lyme that are mistakenly diagnosed, not just as a quinolone reaction, but as fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Your message is a good one: If you have any reason to suspect that you might have been exposed to a tick-borne infection, seek out a Lyme literate doctor who can help you get an accurate diagnosis.

  81. Hi Niki,
    I Believe you mentioned you went to the hospital with the flu once. Could you tell me what you allowed the doctors to use for medication (if any) while in the hospital?


    1. The only thing they gave me was tylenol, and it increased my pain levels exponentially. I haven’t tried to take Tylenol or anything over the counter since that night, but I somehow feel that I could tolerate it much better now. At the time, my CNS was FRIED, and any drug would have really hurt, as far as I am concerned, I was very close to death at that point. So please don’t use my experience as a measuring stick for your own tolerance levels 🙂 Nikki

  82. I thankfully decided to NOT take cipro after having serious ADRs from levaquin and avelox. I had it all….tendinitis, nightmares, hallucinations, joint pain, chronic fatigue, ADHD, nerve pain, fibromyalgia, vision problems, tachardyia, lymph node issues, adrenal exhaustion, every symptom I had at least a touch of, but I am not writing this to tell you about what they caused, I am writing to tell you I have recovered. The little bit of ligering neck pain was present before taking FQs so I cannot blame all of it on these drugs. It has taken 2 years to recover from being poisoned from the last full dosage and a year from taking only 2 pills (the doctors kept telling me it was the drugs making me sick) I am going to list the things that made a difference for ME. I went to a nutritional doctor who happened to be an EX employee of Johnson and Johnson (the makers of levaquin!!!!!!) I take high levels of C, mag+cal+6, Inositol+IP6, Vit E, milk thistle, Cell Food drops, Balanced Essentials liquid vitamin, D3 drops, garlic capsules, fish oil, probiotics, glucosamine joint therapy, epsom salt baths, hydrogen peroxide baths, rest LOTS of rest, ace bandages wrapped around weak areas, distilled water. I follow the Blood Type diet, recommended by the nutritional doc, I cut out sugar, caffeine and cows milk, HUGE difference in the pain and now no more IBS issues. I take only a high blood pressure medication, no other scripts. Now when I get sick I research and find healthy solutions instead of running to the doctor who gives another med to mask problems and make matters worse instead of helping me to heal!

  83. In addition to the main strategy of increasing magnesium (Epsom salt baths and food sources), I have found great relief (I think it wasn’t just a change in a cycle!) from beet/carrot juice, which I assume is extra potassium. My two worst days turned into a great day within hours of a big drink of it. Online, I found that magnesium maintains potassium in the cells…so it’s not a stretch that if my mag was depleted by Cipro, then potassium would likely be affected. Give it a try – see if it helps you.
    The only supplements I take are cod liver oil, vit E, CoE Q10. The magnesium helped the most, and potassium may be the second. The supplements are basically just in case – no change in symptoms that I can see, but they are all anti-oxidants and the cod liver oil is to increase D3 now that I’m not out running in the sunshine 1hr+ daily. Good luck to you, and push your doc to investigate depletion, but make sure you know which tests work. Serum potassium is not a good measure (use RBC, said one MD on a paralysis disease site) and I’d bet my mag lab today (serum) is not going to show the cellular level either. I’m just getting it to be sure my Epsom salt baths aren’t pushing mag too high.

  84. It has been about a month since I found this site and posted my first comments here. The pains in my armpits and neck have dwindled (still there, but not as often not as intense) and I haven’t had any heart issues for about 2-3 weeks. I’ve taken great strides to simply breathe through the anxiety and have been handling those things better. Indigestion is still there and nausea (especially at night). I started taking the probiotics about 2 weeks ago and stopped taking everything else so my stomache could absorb them (I stopped all my vitamins and supplements). I’ve always had a bit of nausea about an hour after taking vitamins, so I thought I should try to build the probiotics so absorbtion might go better. I’ll start the vitamins up again next week and see how it goes.
    My eyes still do their thing! and I’m always tired, but I feel better…the longer I’ve been away and off of the Cipro, the better I’ve felt. Little things are still hanging on but I know that I can handle it now… this website has helped so much and opened my eyes about medicine in general. I now understand my mother’s ailments and why they are so extensive, and I worry for my children… and want to avoid giving them any antibiotics!

    this has been an interesting journey.

  85. Hi Niki, and anyone who has at least a year of recovery,

    A few days ago while answering questions from a woman about my injury, I came to learn that her 7 year old son had a kidney operation, and was given Cipro for many months! I am still learning the details, however she said that he cannot walk, and is on Vicodin for pain and other pain medication.

    My heart sunk to the depth of my fear and I am just beside myself……The mother had no idea why, or what has happened to her 7 year old son. I sobbed in my car, and have been putting together a file of information to give her so that she can eliminate harmful things, and begin to do some helpful things for her son.

    My question is do you have any knowledge of any young children being injured by this drug? My understanding was that it was forbidden to give to the very young…whatever the crime has been done.

    Any thoughts, suggestions…..much appreciated.

    Sincerely, Rene

    1. Oh MY, I am devastated to hear this. Deeply disturbing and sad. I too could cry for this child and his mother. Yes, there are many horror stories of children being damaged by this drug. Too many. And generally speaking the fluoroquinolones are not prescribed to children except in the case of life threatening illness. I am so sorry for this family and I would love to take away their pain. I can only imagine.

      When I was the sickest, a few months post flox, I would lie in bed, suffering and praying for a miracle or death. It was awful. My soul was tortured, and so was my husbands. One thought that kept creeping through our heads was how grateful we both were that it was ME this happened to, and not one of our children. At the time, I didn’t believe I would be able to survive watching my child suffer to that extent, and yet I knew that I would if faced with it. Please let us know if there is anything we can do, as a community to support this family.

      Blessings to you, and thank you for caring for them,


  86. Oh Rene, I am just absolutely sick to hear about this. Here in NM we have an informal support group for those of us who have been floxed, but at least I am the youngest of the group and I am 49. Several times I have commented to those who know me that at least it is now “off label” to give to children. Too many children were been killed and maimed by this drug before the regulation change.

    Because the administration of Cipro to children is “off label”, the family has a strong case for a lawsuit, providing the administration was not a life or death situation. I spoke to several malpractice attorneys early on in my floxing. (Just so you know, I had never considered litigation of any sort before this. I’m just not like that.) All of the attorneys said I had no case but would if I had been a child or a kidney transplant recipient since these individuals are specifically mentioned as high risk group. No amount of money can make up for the maiming and torture of a child, but there will be unforeseen expenses. I will keep them in my prayers. ~Joanne

  87. Thank you for sharing your feelings with me.
    It is devastating. The mother does not yet know, understand what has happened. She is a bilingual mexican woman who manages a local restaurant where I get take out. She had not seen me for the last year and a half because of my injury. She gave me her email address, so that I can email her information, but need to get it from her again,…failed sending 3’xs. So I drove to the restaurant today and dropped off an envelope with information for her to have. I am hoping to meet with her outside of her job so that I can have a lengthy conversation with her. It is too much while she is at work….and I feel very protective of her and her son. Want to share all that I can, and have already given her the name of a Doctor who can be of help. I will make some calls to find out if glutathione IV’s are even legal for children so young? Dosages..etc. 7 years old! I dont know what do with my emotions, it’s like trying to absorb the ocean with a paper towel.

    For the moment, All I could share with her is that NO STEROIDS, or anti-inflammatory medication.
    Epsom Salt Baths, every other day if her son can handle it. Transdermal Magnesium Creme, Transdermal Glutathione creme..AND only organic Poultry & Meat. No sugar,….or Fluoride toothpaste. Or Chemically laden foods.

    Poor baby, she said she cannot rub his feet because they hurt too much. I dont want to overwhelm her, but be as informative, and even reassuring if possible, that there are things that can help and not harm him any further. But honestly, this is the worst worst thing that could ever happen. I dont know how she will be able to afford all that she will need. I did tell her that it would be a very long road as it has been for all of us. I will learn the details of his Kidney Surgery, …etc. I am very aware that there might be case for him,…First I want to help her with the recovery. Though I do have my eye set on finding out any legal recourse for her son.

    I would like to share also that I am doing better. I am using my cane for walking. I can now walk on a dirt path, at the park, for 1 &1/2 miles. I stop about 3x’s to stretch my injured leg, hamstring, and achilles heel, IT band, and rest. But this is very good improvement. I did 10 months crutches and wheel chair…to the cane for the last 5 months. The walking is just the last 6 weeks. I turned 50 late December.

    Anyhow, I will channel my best into what matters most, which is loving and helping others.
    All My best to you,

    PS. I have a print out about the dangers of Fluoroquinolones that I keep in my car. I give it out to people all the time. Today I met a lady who realized why her friend cant walk after taking Levaquin….she was grateful for the information and was anxious to pass it on to her friend

  88. Thank God for your message!s!! Between Avelox, Clindamyacin, and then CIPRO I’m a mess! but all that you wrote was right on the money! At least I know I’m not crazy to have these stupid meds have this affect. I’m meeting with a homeopathic to help me find a new plan to get well again. The nausea, vomitting, diarhea, and migraines/cranial pressure…not to mention the chronic fatigue the docs messed me up and so I need to NOW take control away from them. They were suppose to help but have me so sick there are days I can’t move.

  89. If you study the Governments’ pages about cipro, It specifically states the dangers of it if giving Cipro to children… Scientists, Medical experts KNOW its danger!!! It should never havebeen given to that baby. The mother certainly has legal rights here!!! The hospital was obviously ignorant of the Government’s studies and pharmaceutical warnings.

    Since I’ve been taking probiotics, I have been feeling better (less nausea)… but sometimes that feeling of “betterness” is deceiving. The cycle strikes in different ways. The pain in my armpit and other places return… for no reason. Oh, I’ve had my heart checked, they say it is in great shape… the pain is not my heart. Trying not to get down and discouraged when a symptom returns is really a challenge.

  90. I’m now ten months out from floxing. We’re having an early spring here in Colorado, and though I’m certainly not 100% recovered (I was thinking maybe 80%), I was feeling so good I thought I’d start getting the garden cleaned out. Long story short, I seriously over-exerted and am suffering the consequences.

    In my investigation over the last many months I learned that what tendon repair does occur after Cipro damage is not as substantial as the original tendon — it’s really more like scar tissue, and lacks the strength and flexibility of the original tendon. I believe that now. I now hurt in every joint, including my hands and fingers. My hips and knees were so much better, and now they feel about like they did about 5 months ago — not as bad as initially though, thank God. Even my feet are bothering me, which hasn’t been a problem for a long time. For a few days I think I had a pronounced, full-body inflammation response, including skin sensitivity, nausea, and fatigue. That’s mostly let up now, although i have re-developed a patch of eczema that I haven’t seen for months, which might indicate an immune system flareup.

    Just wanted to caution everyone against taking on more than your body’s ready for when feeling better. I’m trying to adjust to the concept that even with great improvement, I may never be fully recovered from this stuff. And, I just celebrated my 60th birthday, so maybe that’s a factor too! (Gee, ya think?)

    I’d love to hear from anyone who’s pretty far along in recovery and has experienced a simllar response to increased activity. I could use the moral support about now. Happy Spring!

    1. HI Vicky,

      I just saw this. I’m sorry you are having a cycle. It is so frustrating and hard. I can remember having them every few months for a while. I can tell you that each time I cycled, I got better faster each time, and each time I ended up stronger than before the cycle. So, as you may have read in my article about cycles, I am a firm believer that they are a blessing in disguise. Perhaps you will hang onto that notion as you work through this time, and it might bring you some comfort. Also, when your cycle is over, maybe you will report back and let us know if you are better than when it started? Just a thought. As you know, the more detailed feedback, the better, especially for the newly floxed who are frightened and need some reassurance that they will recover. This is scary for all of us! Hang in there! I know you will recover more quickly than you think! Blessings,


      1. Nikki, thank you for reminding us about cycles every so often – it really helps.
        My hands and arms have been so affected this week that I couldn’t hold the hard cover hymnal at church, or lift a water pitcher. It makes me want to cry, and I’m afraid that my kids are very worried as they watch me so unable to function. I”ve always been a bustling mom. I’m fighting tears now, because I’m 42 and I really want to be able to get back to strength before I age. I hope the tendons come back like before! My doc still gives me no advice, and I’m plugging along with my supplements and hope. Can’t skip an epsom salts bath (daily) without days of consequence.

  91. Vicky,

    I am so sorry to hear about your relapse. Don’t lose heart. I am 11 months out and had a similar experience about a month and a half ago. I was pretty bummed out since every bit of healing is so difficult. What did surprise and please me, though, was that the relapse only lasted about three weeks and the tissue felt even stronger afterward, indicating to me that my body is regaining some ability to repair more quickly, which is a good thing. I hope your re-healing is short. Happy birthday! (I just turned 50 myself. Smile.)

    How is your mother-in-law doing from the Levaquin? I hope her healing has been short. I think of all floxies frequently and their recovery.

    Best of everything!
    🙂 Joanne

    1. Joanne – Thanks so much for your kind encouragement. As you undoubtedly know, sometimes that can make the difference between a good day and a bad day. 😉

      My mother-in-law quit taking the Cipro she was prescribed as soon as she noticed problems. She doesn’t believe she has any lingering effects, but now she’s definitely aware of what Cipro can do. She’s scheduled to have deep-brain stimulation surgery (for Parkinson’s) in a few weeks, and antibiotics are routinely prescribed as part of the procedure. She’s told her doctors that she won’t take Cipro under any circumstances. Hooray for our side!

  92. 1/9/12 developed severe ankle pains after taking CIPRO. I continue to have symptoms of pain for the last 2 1/2 months. for the first few weeks, I had a painful rash, deep sighs, and mild sleep disorder. After 2 1/2 months, for the first time, last night I woke up at 4 AM and experienced my first ever panic/anxiety attack that lasted for 30 minutes, and it was horrible. I am 43 years old male and I wished my parents were around. I was 100 % health, strong, active and atheletic person. Heck, I used to run during lunch, and then hit the gym again in the evening. Now, I can hardly walk without crutches. In my entire life, I had taken antibiotics 2 times. The last was 8 years ago, when I took CIPRO. Looking back, it caused heel pain, but i thought it was due to my walking and shoes.

    Anyhow, I am really paranoid about what happened last night. I am afraid that it may happen again tonight. It is an horrible experience. I don’t know what I have done to deserve this. I have served the community, I have provided to charities, my whole life was dedicated to helping humanity and our beautiful planet. Now, I can’t even help myself.

    Someon please tell me how long these panic attacks lasted for you?

    Any response is appreciated.

    1. Dear CiproPoisoned,

      I am so sorry. I hear and feel your pain and fear. You did nothing to deserve this. This isn’t a punishment. You will see that, although down the road a bit. Of all things that have happened to me, and if you have been reading my site you will know I suffered extensive damage, the panic/anxiety/fear/paranoia/terror was perhaps the most debilitating. I would have to reread my journal (which I have never done) to see when it stopped, but I can tell you it didn’t last long, and I didn’t get it as bad as some people. I’m fairly confident that the episodes were just a few, but they were horrific. I actually thought the terror itself could kill me, it hurt so bad to be that scared. The episodes lasted anywhere from 15-60 minutes and I was pretty out of it. I know this isn’t everything you were hoping for in a response, and perhaps someone else will chime in and give you more of what you need. I just wanted to respond so you would know that you are not alone. This is not a forever thing, it is temporary. Hang in there.



  93. I found your site last night at 4 AM, right after the panic/anxiety attack. I read the stories for the next 3 hours non-stop. I will re-read what ever is here for a better understanding. Why did I get the anxiety/panic attack. I missed yesterday’s magnesium, and in the last 4 days, I began taking Motrin out of desperation, since my MRI from 2 weeks ago showed diffuse fluid around my various ankle tendons. Could the lack of magnesium and the addition of Motrin caused this? Anyone else with this horrible experience of Motrin and Magensium?

    1. motrin is an nsaid. my symptoms appeared 4 hours after taking advil and several days after my last dose of cipro. personally, i’m not sure i will ever take an nsaid again. if you were dumping the toxins at the time you took the motrin, it is possible that you dilated the vascular system causing a systemic response. of course, i am not a doctor, so this is just speculation. hang in there!

  94. Dear Nikki,

    Thank you for your time and efforts! I read your daily logs, and it looked like 3 months was the turning point for your aches. I have gone through other webpages and it seems that 3-4 months is about right time when tendons begin to heal. In fact, in one of the studies I looked at, it stated collagen deposition begins 100 days after tendon injury, so the time line of 3-4 months makes sense. The musculoskeletal stuff was frustrating and annoying, those nagging, nagging pains, but the panic/anxiety attack was something else. I am more scared now than I was 2 1/2 months ago. I am so afraid to see the sun go down today, even though, it looks cloudy for us here in Northern California.

    1. Dear CiproPoisoned,

      Where are you in N. Ca? I’ve read your posts, and I know how you felt with the anxiety. If I had not had my husband next to me in bed, reassuring me with his regular breathing, I might have flipped out completely. There were also several times I was afraid I was dying, not consciously, but just reactively like a child, because every cell of my muscles felt so melted and empty of strength. when you are used to being very active and strong, the panic, at least for me, was almost existential. You need to find a friend to help you through these night panics – right now, as you clearly seem afraid of the night. I’m 2 mos 2 weeks out, and I only occasionally have the fear resurface, although blank spots still occur while I’m speaking. Please find a friend, coworker, or neighbor you can lean on, or a good therapist to listen to your fear without judging you. It is real, and I’m certain it is Cipro induced. I felt high the second day of Cipro, and had visual illusions (alterations of movement and speed of real objects), and once that passed, the fear set in.

      Keep reading, it kept/keeps me going, and thanks for the 100 days info – I was getting very depressed about my current condition, and that gives me hope. Where did you find it?

  95. Hi Kate,

    I am in the East Bay, San Francisco region. Our poisoning seems to have started at about the same time. As for the 100 days when collagen begins deposition, I don’t remember the exact medical article, but I have read it. I am in the medical field, so I have access to just about every “trust” worthy article, and I have gone through tons of them to see how I can overcome this, and in the process support those that may suffer after me until the FDA gets it through its thick skull that these meds have a role in life and death situations, but not in the outpatient setting.

    This syndrome that we are experiencing IS NOT IN ANY ANY MEDICAL BOOK, and in fact, I have yet to find an article that even recognizes this syndrome. Most articles are myopic, and are fixated on specific symptoms. This short-sightedness makes sense, since every specialist in medicine can contribute from their perspective. In one sense, every field of medicine contributes some information, but none of them seem to tie it all together. I have seen better contribution from sufferers and advocates than I have seen from the medical field.

    Anyhow, I have gone through case loads of patients online, and 3-4 months seems to correlate well with when the toxicity makes a turn around. When you do notice the improvement, the improvement will be the opposite of how fast it seems to be healing now. It will heal faster than you expect, as opposed to how the tendons aren’t healing as fast as you are expecting now. I have known and have been in contact with individuals that once past the turning point have engaged in marathons. I know of one individual that within 15 days of being able to take 30 second steps she walked a 10 K marathon. I know of another individual that runs 50 miles per week within 9 months of suffering from the CIPRO toxicity. There is hope and the hope to return is time and physical activity when the time is appropriate.

    Some things for improvement that makes 100 % scientific sense, and you should consult your doctor to see if there is any contraindication for you to initiate any of these:

    1) High doses of Vit. C
    2) Daily Calcium at least 1500 mg
    3) Prenatal vitamin, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.
    3) Lean protein shakes from Nutrition stores like GNC (collagen is pure protein)
    4) Any food that contains Gelatin, as Gelatin is derived from Collagen. Gelatin, though not a perfect source of amino acids, has the EXACT proportion of amino acids for regeneration of tendons.
    5) AVOID ANY UNNECESARY ACTIVTY until the character of your pain changes from sharp, burning, and tearing pains to a dull pain. The dull pain most likely indicates weakness of tendons and lack of conditioning, whereas the other pain types most likely are due to ongoing damage. Remember, Fluoroquinolones damage the tendons, for what ever reasons it may be, and stress manifests and promotes further injury. Until you being feeling the dull pains, I recommend passive range of motion and stress on tendons as tolerated, which is far less aggressive than what your garden variety physical therapist or orthopedist will recommend. This is not your regular Tendonitis, so don’t do the regular physical therapy recommendations, until the tendon has regenerated and when you are ready to gain strength for the months that you haven’t used your tendons.

    As for the good news, I suffered no panic/anxiety attack last night. I tried to resist sleeping early and made myself as tired as possible before I hit the sack.

    * I am not making any medical recommendations here. Everything I write is in good faith to help those that my benefit. For details of your medical care consult your health providers.

    1. Thanks for the additional hopeful info – it’s funny you mentioned runners getting better. I ran a half-marathon (I run barefoot, which I think helped me with the potential achilles damage) at the end of November, and had to go cold turkey in mid Jan on/after Cipro. I literally can only manage a low activity mode at work/home – no distance or time walking, and relatively short times standing. I’ve been trying to find a source of acerola or amla for C, but have the rest of the stuff covered through foods and cod liver oil, raw whole milk, epsom salt baths, vit E and CoEQ10. You’re in the medical field…one major mitochondrial disease doc at a seminar I just attended knew exactly what I was talking about when I mentioned fluoroquinolone damage – my question to him was about the causation – do they affect the atp pathway? Some discussion followed on statins as well (depletion of coq10. A Mayo Clinic (Mederic Hall, et al) article on Musculoskeletal complications noted Mg, Ca, Zn chelation and flushing, and anti-oxidants vit E and CoQ10. The mito doc (Bruce Cohen) said that the the fluoroq. literally dump free radicals into the cells. Food for thought. He also mentioned something about “the red death” heat death or something…he said that the mechanism was akin to the chemo drug adriamycin.

      I took this to mean plenty of rest, tons of veggies and fruits/beans, and to continue the bone broths for gelatin/minerals until I feel normal.

  96. Hi there…first time posting here. I see that a Rene has already posted here so to avoid confusion I will shorten my name to Ren. To start, I have had to give myself a long time to heal before I could start posting on the various sites out there. I just couldn’t read the horror stories of what was already happening to me. But I have had a lot of help in getting the information up to now and am very grateful for it.

    I want to thank you Nikki for creating this site. Your positive approach here is a true blessing. I have visited a lot of other sites and it can get big and hairy with doom and gloom really fast. I also want to thank-you for your daily journal. I was able to connect so much with the craziness and pure mental and physical struggle to stay alive and stay positive. Thank-you for sharing your vulnerability and humanity. For me it helped to ease the aloneness of the experience.

    My story…I was put on Cipro for 70 days (2 x 500mg) for a bacterial infection. Age at onset 44. In hindsight, I have learned that my floxing started fairly early in the treatment but the symptoms were subtle and even though I brought them to the attention of the doctors I was dealing with, they were discounted with no relevance to the medication. I had no idea the absolute nightmare that was going to follow. I, like many others, put a lot of faith and trust in doctor’s education of the medications they prescribe. Despite all my efforts to protect myself, I wish I had done more and at times I toggle back and forth with self blame but always seem to find my way back to accept that I did everything I possibly could at that time. I have filed an investigative complaint into why the drug was prescribed in the first place and the length of treatment. At any rate, I accept that what’s done is done and it’s a journey about staying as positive as I can, looking forward to a full recovery and continuing to learn as much as I can.

    I have had a very severe reaction and have recorded over 130 individual adr’s of which at this time I deal with approximately 15-30 of them cycling through
    in a given day. They all have their cycling patterns, waxing and waning in strength and severity. Many of my initial issues were severe psychological and psychotic…intense fear of dying, feeling of being infected by a parasite, depersonalization, extreme dread/fear, depression/mania, irritability/rage, confusion, paranoia, intense urge to cry, brain fog, memory issues etc. I was in this altered state for at least 6-7 months and it was all about getting through the day. I honestly thought I would never work or be normal again. At that time, I also experienced extreme neuropathy in my extremities, lower legs, hands, groin, buttock, torso, etc.

    As the months unfolded, new adr’s accumulated. As we know, the nature is systemic. I have many CNS and PNS and other systemic adr’s…insomnia, nightmares, altered dreams, dry mouth, difficulty swallowing, a lot of vision issues, numerous heart issues, body temperature fluctuations, a lot of skin issues, sensitivity to light/sound/smell, teeth/gums, numerous gastrointestinal issues, frequency of urinating, sinus issues/sense of smell, various types of anxiety/burning/itching, flushing, muscle tremors/spasms, seizure like tremors, electrical spikes, various nerve type pains, hives, muscle/body weakness, numbness, tingling, vibrations, tendon pain/pulsing, spine/back/neck/joint pain, tinnitus rings, bone pains, weird cold/flu symptoms and many other weird individual reactions that I can or cannot articulate.

    It was extreme pain and suffering for many months, day and night but some sense of relief came throughout the day and I hung onto that. The great news..I eventually healed enough for a modified work return. I worked through the pain and nastiness as much as I could and took the time off when I needed it. I wanted my life back. It’s been a long hard road but now 14 months later, I have been back to work full time for a quite a while and take the time off when I need it. I totally lost what normal was but have regained that sense of self back. It’s still quite difficult for me day and night but overall I am getting my life back.

    It’s an absolutely crazy condition we are going through. The ups and downs, better than worse, then better, then more worse with reactions that keep coming and seems like there is no end in sight. I have reactions every day but they all have their own cycling patterns. When they cycle back, they can be as nasty as ever then wane away much quicker and they are also waning away for longer periods of time. Unfortunately, I still seem to get new reactions even 14 months later(althought very few now) but I still feel like I am healing every month which is the irony of this quinolone condition. I definately sense the patterns and cycling nature of this condition and for me I still feel the worsening of some of the adr’s when they come back (eg. tendons and joints etc).

    So I am not sure when this will all end and how it will work out for me but I refuse to let go of wanting and believing full health again. I am very, very grateful for the healing so far. I have gone from unable to work and function to being at work and slowly enjoying life again despite the struggling of ups and downs. I have come a long way and I hope my story also helps others see that healing can and will happen. Just believe it as much as you can. As we know, time is our best healer and I hang onto that proof everyday as I continue to go through this.

    My current support system and words of wisdom:

    I work with a NMD and am on supplements for support, most of which are mentioned in the many posts…Magnesium, B-complex, vitamin D, vitamin C, Multi-vit, Calcium, joint and tendon formula. I was taking oral glutathione but switched to a product called GlutaClear which is designed to help boost the body’s production of glutathione. I have recently started taking phytoplankton (curious if others have tried this and what they think). Disclaimer here as well. I am not a medical doctor advising you to take anything. Seek out an MD or NMD and see what will work for you.

    I have also switched my food source to organic products. I drink lots of purified water (reverse osmosis/carbon filtered etc). I eat as much raw as possible and am slowly gearing my diet towards raw food. I try to keep my body on the alkaline side..lots of raw food, juices, smoothies and super foods. I drink calming herbal teas and use passion flower capsules to help with the insomnia and anxiety. I use calming oils. I get lots of rest and for now my exercise is very light stretches and walks.

    Stay as calm and positive as you can. Reach out and build your support network..this site, spouse, family, friends, therapist etc…very helpful with the psychological reactions. If you are experiencing the psych stuff do whatever it takes to know that it is the chemical medication that is causing your reactions and it will pass and DO NOT act on them. Talk to people you can trust. Get medical help if you want and need it. Try to remember as much as you can who you were before the meds and know you will get there again. It will lift and you will feel like yourself again.

    I experienced a lot of fear and dread..really, really tough. If this is happening to you, do whatever you can to feel the light inside…soothing, calming music, meditation, breathing exercises, calming essential oils. My beautiful, blessed fiance would light white candles and keep bright fresh flowers in the house. Try to get lots of sunshine and walks while connecting with nature. Know that you are not alone, you are part of all of life and your being is far greater than the personality and crazy, painful reactions.

    When I was able to , I watched tv programs that were light hearted, humor filled and whatever made me feel a bit better. I read books and watched programs on healing. I wrote out affirmations and read them over and over. I listend to healing meditations. Another good one I read on here as well, is mediating on being your healthy self again. When I was unable to be on the computer my fiance went on and printed out positive success clips from the site and put them on a sheet of paper so I could read them and know people recover from this.

    Try to remember, although we have similar experiences and reactions the way and time our bodies heal wiill all be different. Even though it may not feel like it, your body and mind is healing. It wants to restore itself back to it’s healthy state.

    There are many things we can do to help ourselves be it alternative medicines, conventional medicines etc but the most important words of wisdom I can give is to always stay on the positive side and believe in your ability to heal yourself. I struggle with this myself but I am learning.



    1. Thank you so much for posting about the psych aspect of these symptoms….& letting us know that it gets better & I will feel like myself again. I have been searching for SOMEONE to say this…and address this. I hope you’re still doing well…thank you again.

  97. Dear Cipro Poisoned – When I read your post from March 26 my heart went out to you. It brought back my own memories of the severe panic and anxiety I suffered early in my Cipro poisoning. I was afraid of night, because even if I was able to fall asleep, I would awaken in a terror. For about a week I sat crying and virtually unable to even talk, deep in depression and despair. While I know this forum emphasizes natural approaches to relieving our symptoms, after one night spent contemplating suicide I chose to see a psychiatrist. He prescribed an anti-anxiety medication which worked immediately, and later an anti-depressant. I didn’t take the anti-anxiety medication very long — maybe a couple of weeks. But I continue to take the anti-depressant. That’s the only pharmaceutical I’ve taken since Cipro, and at some point I hope to gradually quit taking it. Of course, that’s just my personal choice and not for everyone. I hope your psychiatric issues pass quickly, as I know how frightening and paralyzing they can be. I know “hang in there” sounds trite, but these problems will pass. As Rene offered above, try to arm yourself with an arsenal of things that you find comforting — music, hot baths, DVDs — anything that helps you feel safe.

    I was poisoned 10 months ago and beginning at about month 4, I began to make steady, but slow, improvements I was basically on a pretty continuous upward trajectory until about three weeks ago. I overdid working in my yard and garden, which I think triggered a considerable relapse. I’m certainly not back where I started, but I’m having symptoms I haven’t experienced in months, and some symptoms that were much better have worsened. Though no one can tell us why these cycles occur, I’ve wondered if they’re related to the oxidation chain, where oxidative cell damage begins, and “spreads” to other cells in a chain-reaction fashion. The integrative medicine doctor I worked with early on felt this was part of the process, and had me taking lots of antioxidants including vitamin C, CoQ10 and Resveratrol. Apparently glutathione is the “master antioxidant”, but it has no real benefit if taken it orally. My doctor suggested non-denatured whey protein shakes, as the whey protein has the amino acids the body needs to produce glutathione. Of course, by about month 7 or 8 I was feeling so much better I cut back considerably on all the antioxidants. I’ve decided to start taking them again on the off-chance that at least part of the cycling is due to an increased level of oxidative cell damage beginning the chain-reaction cycle again. It’s worth a shot.

    Please keep sharing. Even if we have more questions than answers, we can still help each other by contributing what we’ve learned and experienced.

    1. Hi Vicky,

      Just wanted to wish you a quick turn around in this cycle you are experiencing. I know how disappointing it can be after a steady flow of improvement. I have been struggling through a rougher cycle myself for a few weeks. Increased physical activity is certainly the next challange in the healing stage. Right now I am still at the gentle stretching and walking stage. It’s great to hear you were able to get out in your garden to enjoy the day and test your body limits. I look forward to more activity myself. I guess it’s a bit of a learning game of where we are at and what we can do as we move forward. I wish you well.



    2. Hi,

      So the anxiety and panic attacks have become a daily phenomenon. I feel doomed, anxious and agitated. My hands are tremoring like I am withdrawing fro
      Something. I am just worried how long this will last for. It is strange that I didn’t have any CNS side effects for the first 2 months and 3 weeks and then it begins with a fury. Today, despite delaying for a few days I took a .125 mg of Xanax to put me to sleep. I almost went to the ER, but I didn’t think they would offer anything different. How long might this last for?

      1. Dear Cipropoisoned,

        This is the hardest part of our journey. I did not have any psychosis until 9 weeks out. Then it hit like wild fire. The first month was the worst with panic attacks several times a day with no predictability. By the third month I would have good days and bad days, but much improved. By the sixth month, I was back to myself.

        I hope you have someone in your life to hold you through these times. We are all pulling for you! You will make it through this and be even stronger than before. It’s hard to believe, but absolutely true.

        Healing thoughts,

      2. Hi Joanne, what did you do against the panic attacks? Doctor wants to give me antidepressiva but i don’t know if i should take it.

      3. Hi Cipropoisoned,

        I know how tough it is to have new symptoms appear weeks and months later. It is very common for this to occur. I know it can produce a lot of worry as well. Everyone is different, so it’s hard to say how long it will last for you. It can be weeks to months or longer.

        I went through a lot of the psych stuff as well and it was really tough for 6 – 7 months but remember this may not be the case for you. It might be milder and short lived. I know it is hard not to do, but try not to worry. I found worry, extra fear etc. made the symptoms worse. If you can, try to take comfort in knowing many others have gone through it and have gotten better.

        Do whatever you can to keep your nervous system calm and relaxed..breathing exercises, calming music, drink calming teas, funny movies. If you can, try to engage in the same things that always bring you happiness and joy. Stay as positive as you can and know that you are bigger than the cipro and will get through it.



      4. Have you tried Epsom Salts baths? Try a heavy dose (4-6 cups) in the bath, nice and hot, and you may be able to sleep and stay asleep. I’ve been taking daily (2c) baths for 3 mos, and have recently been experimenting with every other day, with 4 c. I stay in for at least 20 minutes. I sleep hard on the double dose – no night awakening. I remember night waking to be one of the first symptoms I had of toxicity (prob due to Mg depletion?).

      5. What about fluoridated water? If you are taking a bath in water that has fluoride, how can that be a good thing?

        I have been having seizures after taking cipro. It has been about 2 weeks since I finished prescription. Seizures started 2 days ago. I have a seizure history, although I have been seizure free for years. I am pissed the doctor did not ask or look at my medical history.

        I am looking for bullet points of what things I can do to detox and get this stuff out of my system. I see I should take quality probiotics, reduce stress, what else?

      6. Just a thought on brain/nervous system issues…cod liver oil for fat soluble vit A, D, K, butter or whole milk for butyric acid (short chain trig.), avocados for mg and excellent fats, coconut milk or oil for the med chain trigl. Good fats (not oils extracted from grains/soy, etc.) tend to equal good brain function for me. I also think that pushing potassium (and magnesium) would make a difference. I drink beet/carrot juice as desired, no idea why, but it helps all over energy, and coconut water when my muscles start hurting/twitching, getting wobbly.

  98. Hi Nikki,

    I hope you are doing well these days and I look forward to any future progress updates that you may post. I was wondering if you could share a bit more about the homeopathy treatment you had. I am 14 months out and am considering possibly giving it a try. I am wondering if it might be too late? I also want to learn as much as I can so there is little error in dosing and amount of time taken. I remember you writing about that. Did you ever get the name of the doctor that invented the cure? My NMD has found a cure out of Austria and it looks promising that she will be able to order it. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Also, did you receive all your Yuen method treatments from Dr. Yuen?



  99. Hi This is Rene,

    I just want to give an update about how I am doing. I was injured by Cipro, October 11th, 2010, it has been 18 months. I took 3 tablets in total of Cipro each 500 mg each.

    The last 3 weeks, I have been experiencing an increase of twitching sensations under the skin, in my limbs, torso, and left side of face. Sometimes this has kept me from falling asleep. I feel fearful when laying in bed at night because the twitching worries me of developing problems with my face…such as muscle function or dropped muscles….Anyhow, I am currently taking TAURINE which has helped calm this occurrence down. Because of the NEUROLOGICAL problems that I experience, we know for sure that the Gabba receptors of the Brain are over firing. This is the same pathway that Tourettes follows by the way. It is a kind of super mild tick like manifestation, that is not noticeable to others, though I certainly am aware of it, because I feel it. It comes and goes intermittently.

    I take (2) 500mg 2x’s per day of Taurine. This was given to me by my Doctor and is very helpful. I feel calmer all in all. Prior to taking it I felt so discombobulated. I think for those that are feeling jittery, or nervous, or jumpy, or have these weird neurological twitches, that are either super mild or more extreme……TAURINE can be very helpful. Sleep may also be more restorative as an additional outcome.

    God Bless All,

  100. Good morning, wonderful Rene!

    You are one of my heros. The bravery, faith, and dignity in your posts is always impressive and inspiring!

    I hope this is of comfort to you…. When I started having facial, arm, leg, and torso twitches and spasms at around 10 months out the neurologist was actually pleased and said this sort of thing often starts happening at around the half-way mark. Our beat up nerves are not just stabilizing but actually starting to try and re-grow healthy neuro-pathways. This information helped me relax into the annoyance and pain. Everything is a worry when you have been maimed so badly, but this might actually be a good sign! I certainly hope so. I truly think it is a good thing in my case although I know it can be hard to take heart when your face is jumping around.

    Thanks for the taurine tip. I do eat wild caught salmon 1-2 times per week as well as seaweed, which are both rich in this particular amino acid. For some reason, with the exception of fish oil and probiotics, supplements are not effective for me, although food sources are. (For me, lots of organic raw fruits and veggies are the closest thing to stem cells I can ingest. Smile.)

    Best of healing,
    😉 Joanne

  101. Hi Joanne, …Makes me very happy to know that sharing these details are helpful. YES, that is very comforting information that your Neurologist shared with you about new neuro pathways growing! Thank you for that wholeheartedly.

    I also eat lots of wild caught salmon,& green vegetables, organic apples, organic pinto beans, brown basmati rice.

    I take 10,000 mg Vitamin D3……though I took 20,000 per day during the the first 4 months of Cipro injury.

    I too have had to be very cautious with supplements. However every day, besides the Vitamin D3 from THORNE, I take Magnesium Glycinate, & Fish Oil. I also pray and keep my relationship with God foremost. It keeps me humble, and from believing that its in my control….which is exhausting and causes a great deal of stress and oddly more fear. It is so much better to be humble, about all of it, and trust in God. He gave us this beautiful body that is designed perfectly to heal and regenerate…so with a loving spirit we must love our way through this life and this hardship too.

    Hey do you still twitch? Isn’t that a funny question? Never thought I would ever ask such a thing, but there you have it.

    Big Smiles, Rene

  102. Good morning!

    The twitch for me is almost completely gone. Every few days I have a very slight twitch by my right eye, but nothing like before. I am having some other relatively mild neurological symptoms right now…. some stabbing sensations in my toes and fingernails, especially at night. When I was first floxed, I had Guillain-Barre where I initially had complete paralysis in my hands, wrists, feet, and ankles. The paralysis radiated up my arms and legs with less severity closer to my trunk. Needless to say, I had really poor circulation and as my circulation increases, my neurological symptoms seem to flair. Good pain, I think.

    We are making it through! Thank you, again, for your wisdom and strength.


  103. In the news, dated April 3:

    As this site has to monitor external links (and rightfully so), I won’t link to the specific article here. But google “Reuters fluoroquinolones retinal detachment” to see reporting of a new study done in Canada. Light sensitivity? Floaters? Other vision problems? Make sure you take this article with you to the opthamologist!

    And for all of us who have had doctors treat us like we’re crazy when we told them, “It’s the Cipro, stupid”, some vindication. Not all that satisfying, as I sit typing with braces on my wrists — my latest “unrelated problem”.

    1. I live in Canada and there has been a lot of news lately becoming public about the dangers of fluoroquinolones. Sad to see that it is always when enough people start becoming affected that media attention and studies develop but really good to see this information come out and wake people up.

      My eyes have been greatly affected with over a dozen reactions that are mostly mild and sometimes moderate. But, I can still function with them and see 20/20 at most times. I had a full eye exam last month and everything looks well so far at over 14 months out. My eye doctor totally believed me about the fluoroquinolones and the systemic damage it has caused me and she was well versed on their usage in our poultry etc. It’s funny how every practitioner I have worked with..eye doctor, chiropractor, natural md, etc all accept the reporting of these reactions but there is so much resistance in the conventional medical community. At any rate, I am grateful to be able to see well enough and hope that these media articles and news clips make a huge impact in saving others.

      Hope your wrists feel better soon.



    2. Wow. Thanks for posting. I had pain above my eyes and tracking issues while reading as a result of Cipro, extreme light sensitivity (mild, now) and my reading stamina is still only about 10% of what it used to be before Cipro. My eyes literally jerked at first. Now, it is just the pain, and I stop to prevent damage to the tissues.

  104. Hi Everyone,

    I am sorry I couldn’t respond to you wonderful people who have been so supportive. As I mentioned almost 2 weeks ago, out of the blue I began experiencing sever anxiety/panic attacks which began intermittently in the evenings and rapidly became a daily phenomenon; it was non-stop. People get anxiety/panic attacks, it lasts for a while and then it goes away; mine just eased and recurred.

    So, I couldn’t take it anymore, I went to a psychiatrist. He prescribed me Xanax, which I took a few times when the symptoms became unbearable. However, I am limiting its use. Xanax acts on the same receptors as the neurotransmittor GABA. Basically, what we are experiencing is the same phenomenon as withdrawl from Alcohol or Benzodiazapines. So, if I continue to use Xanax, the brain cells decrease GABA receptors and it may make the anxiety and panics worse, so I am trying to live through these attacks by sheer will power, breathing exercises and positive outlook, which may or may not be helping me.

    When I went to the psych. he mentioned of two physicians that were treated in his organization for CIPRO toxicity. I wanted to discuss my case with them. He contacted one of the affected physician’s who called me. His poisoning had occurred 12 years ago with CIPRO, and he went through the hell we are going, but he stated he is back to normal, and he said “it will get better”.

    Nevertheless, 2 weeks ago when the anxiety and panic attacks began, I noticed that initially I hated being around people. I was agitated, irritated and annoyed and couldn’t even tolerate my kids or my wife. Now, it has become the opposite, to maintain my sanity, I need to be around people and I want to interact with as many people as possible. Anyhow, I was so affected that I had no patience to come online or write a paragraph. So my apologies, if I didn’t respond sooner than you expected.

    I have tendonitis on my Achilles on both sides. The left side has healed about 85 %, but the right side is just as worse as it was 3 months ago, and today is exactly 3 months since I began feeling the pains. I want to thank everyone for their positive stories, it continues to provide hope that I can run again.

    1. Cipro Poisoned – I’m glad you’re back visiting this online community. It’s a wonderful resource, even just for venting, as we all understand what you’re experiencing. Going into 11 months post-Cipro, I find that if I make even a slight reference regarding my continuing issues to some people, their eyes glaze over. I suspect they’re thinking, “Oh God, not more of this Cipro talk!” To the casual observer I look fine and people have no way of knowing the lengths I go to in trying to live a “normal”, pre-Cipro life; or the accommodations I have to make to do certain things (esp. knees and legs); and the frustration of not knowing if or when a particular group of tendons is going to flare up and limit my mobility. On top of that, I was kind of a super-gal before Cipro, in the eyes of my husband, kids, and friends. I’ve always been very active, athletic, and strong. I rarely asked for help of any kind. That’s been a very difficult adjustment for me and my family. For me, the hardest part is blaming myself for taking the s**t. If we hadn’t been leaving the country for vacation two days later, I would’ve done much more investigation and looked for an alternative treatment (UTI). Under the circumstances, I just didn’t want to be dealing with an infection while traveling. Oh well, water under the bridge.

      But as I keep saying, I’m SO MUCH BETTER! I’m gardening this spring, but I do have to limit what I do, ask my husband for help with the heavy stuff, and find creative ways to get up and down. I’m walking as much as I want, though I usually have some stiffness the following day. I’m on my cruiser bike around town frequently, but for an old cyclist/racer it’s a frustration that this seems to bother my knees more than other things. I hope to cross-country ski next winter (there was no snow this winter anyway!). And not all my problems are Cipro-caused — I was starting to have some joint problems in the past few years. Cipro did definitely change the way the nerves and muscles in my legs interact, and that is slowly coming back.

      So come here to vent and complain and ask questions. And remember that friends and family simply don’t understand what Cipro can do, and they’re probably frustrated by their inability to help or offer solutions. Good healing!

      1. Dear Vicki,

        Thank you for your note of encouragement. Did you experience anxiety/panic attacks, depression? Did you take any meds for it? I am just going crazy. for the first 2 1/2 months I had no CNS side effects and then this stuff began abruptly following a few days of intermittent twitches in my calfs, thighs and elbows. I am very worried.

        Thank you for you information.

      2. Cipro Poisoned – Yes! My panic, anxiety, insomnia, and depression began almost immediately, right along with serious pain in feet, ankles, knees and hips. The anxiety and panic were paralyzing and terrifying, especially at night. I also remember sitting, staring, and crying inconsolably. My husband, who has to travel some for work, found people to come stay with me while he was away. These symptoms were so severe I consulted a psychiatrist. (I had already tried herbs like St. John’s Wort and Valerian, which had no effect.) The shrink prescribed Lorazepam, which is in the same class of drugs as Xanax. I took a very small dose, initially twice a day. It worked so well that very quickly I was only taking it at night. I only took it for 2-3 weeks, as I was wary of getting too dependent on it. After I quit taking it, my psych prescribed Lexapro for the depression, which was still a problem. Again, I really don’t like the idea of antidepressants, but I needed help.

        In addition to a direct effect on the central nervous system, Cipro can severely reduce the “good” bacteria in your gut. Those bacteria are essential in maintaining a proper digestive environment so that you can absorb nutrients from food. But just as important, as much as 95% of the seratonin your brain needs to “stay happy” is produced in the gut, not in the brain. A deficiency of seratonin can result in anxiety and depression. It wouldn’t hurt for you to take a probiotic supplement with a good variety and a high number of bacterial strains. Yogurt alone isn’t enough to help your gut recover from the Cipro. I truly believe probiotics helped me recover from the anxiety and depression.

      3. Next week will be my 4th month since I was poisoned by CIPRO. I am now beginning to see noticeable and encouraging improvement in my Achilles tendons. I am encouraged to see the improvement, but I am still suffering from anxiety and depression. I haven’t had a panic attack since the initial first week, ~ 2 1/2 months after the CIPRO posioning, which was 5 weeks ago, when the CNS toxicity manifested itself.

        Yesterday, a collegue at work told me I was being unprofessional about discussing and warning everyone about taking CIPRO, and her comment made me upset, whereby, I noticed the horrible twitches become worse, and this morning during a weekly conference I bursted into tears and I felt a panic attack occuring, which through extreme will-power I suppressed.

        I come here again and again to remind myself that I will improve, but for some reason the accepting part of my brain has shut its door.

        Nevertheless, I want to take this opportunity once again to thank everyone that have been taking their time to post encouraging notes. It is your positive feedback that is providing me hope to endure.

        Thank you everyone!

      4. To Vicky Green,

        I have just stumbled on to this site and I can relate to everything you have said. Its just amazing. Its been 1 year for me now…I’ve just developed mysterious carpel tunnel this week in both wrists too! I could go on and on. ugh-It’s such a boring story! Anyway I see that you took the cipro for a UTI-me too- but what I wanted to tell you is that I have figured out what we can do to naturally fight those UTI’s w/out antibiotics.

        I take NOW brand, powdered d-mannos, and 2 different pro-biotics, one is bio-K liquid and one is a pill form from renew life for urinary health. If you need any further info you can ask me. There is a good site that explains dosing-It’s not the brand I use but they give detailed advice. “Waterfall D-Mannos.”

        I am going to have to spend some time reading everybody’s advice. I have been fighting this like the rest of you here and I am grateful for all the positive support I’m seeing here.

        Have a good evening! 🙂


  105. Glad to hear that your family and friends are back in your circle, and you are able to feel good around people again – I understand how crazy it can get. IWatch out, I’ve had bad days here and there, and they sneak up when I start to feel tendon pain where it hasn’t been in weeks. I am not a volatile person, and I actually screamed and yelled, and slammed my hands on the furniture a couple of times and left the house to feel better – I think it has to do with the fatigue and frustration the pain causes. It can exhaust you before you know it, and can feel a lot like anxiety. I go straight for the bath, and that helps me feel better.

  106. I was prescriped Levaqun and prednisone on 4/2/12 for a sinus infection. I took the first dose about 9 pm and I was having an adverse reaction the next morning….but I wasn’t aware, but it did cross my mind. It felt close to panic….sweating,trembling,runs,rapid heart beat. I went bed and took the second dose later that night. I had nightmares of a nuclear bomb going off in my hands. I woke up with my left heel in pain and several toes numb and stinging. Muscles twitching everywhere. I knew I was is trouble then.I have quite a bit of knowledge about detoxing so I began utilizing all that I had at home and doing what I knew to do…’s been a tough week. It’s good to read posts of recovery. My prayers go out to all who are facing this… we have the victory in Christ….the body just has to have time to catch up. I know this is frightening….I just want to encourage your heart…don’t be afraid.

    1. Linda,

      I’m so sorry to hear about your pain and suffering, and I understand about the cataclysmic nightmares, so frightening. You will be in my prayers and thoughts. Please get magnesium into your system quickly, the Mayo Clinic sports docs thought that was the primary depletion caused by the drug, and I have had great relief. Epsom salt baths made the biggest difference, as I am afraid of oral supplements and lots of potassium in juices, as the magnesium and potassium work together.


  107. I am 24, male, fairly active, and a healthy eater. I am an illustrator and guitar player and this is terrifying. So far, it looks like my symptoms are mild compared to what others have experienced – but who knows since all the literature points to prolonged, delayed, and escalating side effects? I can’t tell if the symptoms are abating or not, so it looks like I’ll just have to wait and see as my doctor has no idea how to help and is skeptical that such side effects are even possible. So far it’s made my life more uncomfortable than painful, but the fact that it is spreading is very unnerving.

    I was prescribed a 10-day course as a preventative measure for a cat bite by a doctor who was completely aware of my history of tendon problems. I made the mistake of waiting 3 days before reading the potential side effects and freaked out when I saw “tendon rupture” right at the top. What the hell? Needless to say, I stopped immediately, despite my doctor’s assurance that I wouldn’t have any problems (even if I did, it would “only” be my Achilles tendon).

    It has been over 2 weeks since I started the course and by 2 days after stopping, my left elbow swelled up painfully. I could see and feel the tendons bulging out. The inflammation went down mostly, but it also spread to just about every tendon in my body. Walking is uncomfortable, going up stairs (I live on the 3rd floor!), lifting anything, driving, etc. It has drained me of energy, stiffened my wrists, knees, feet, etc. I have aches in my arms, hands, and legs. I also started to get numbness in my arms and feet, but a few doses of B12 seem to have curbed that. It seems to have caused a deficiency. The only thing that has relieved my aches and stiffness are Epsom salt baths, which I have had to do about 2 times daily.

    I guess I have been lucky so far, as the pain is minimal, but then again I’ve been doing my best to rest as much as possible for the last 2 weeks (I have really flexible work hours, on a break from school). The thing that aggravates me the most is the fact that I had already been dealing with similar problems, though more localized, for the last 2 years, but had made significant progress through new stretching techniques, prolotherapy, moderate exercise. I hope that this doesn’t completely jeopardize the progress I’ve made.

  108. HI EVAN, THE BEST thing you can do for yourself is continue with the Epsom Salt Baths!! The Magnesium absorbed through the skin is very very important for the cells. Also take some Magnesium Glycinate you can take up to 800 mg per day. If you get a loose stool drop down to 600 mg.

    I get mine from Vitamin Shoppe, the brand is KAL and the price is good for a big bottle. Ask them to honor the “online Price”. Also find yourself a holistic Doctor, Naturopath or Integrative MD who does the Glutathione IV’s. They are not painful but very effective for helping you systemically from the toxicity of this drug. If that is not affordable or available Please consider buying from LIFEWAVE online their GLUTATHIONE patch that is worn on the skin at different locations of your choosing which is the most effective. These will help raise the amount of GLutathione made by your body. This is safe, non toxic, and more affordable. Only Organic Poultry or meat if possible!! Get rid of your FLUORIDE toothpaste. ONLy non FLUORIDE!!

    As you can see, most Doctors are unaware of these devastating realities, but you are at some advantage in that you have found this website and can prevent further harm, and begin your recovery with all the information here. I am very sorry that you were given this drug, and should not have been given to any of us…..Now all you must do is recognize that you must take care of yourself with all the love and attention that is required. Yes it is wise to be vigilant and cautious, especially since your tendons are an issue. I was from the get go, the first week of my injury. I really did not want to risk any tears or ruptures…. After the 3rd tablet was when the trouble had started to show up….though clearly it was from the first pill.

    The first 4 months were very hard, and alarming….What I would have done differently was to get the Glutathione IV’s and Vitamin C IV’s the first weeks!!! Or the Patch from Lifewave. You can also buy transdermal magnesium from ANCIENT MINERALS on line.

    JUST think about feeding your body the best you can, you are feeding your cells for cellular repair. This is not over after a few weeks…..think in increments of 3 months….and KEEP a MEDICAL JOURNAL so you can keep track of what you are doing, how you are doing. DO NOT take any sterioids!! or ADVIL or MOTRIN for pain. This is a big NO NO.

    With great sympathy and compassion, I wish you well, and please know that you are not alone. There are many of us with varying differences but certainly shared experience and understanding.


    1. Wow, thank you for taking the time to write such a supportive response! I’m curious about the glutathione IV, and was wondering if you had any experience with Whey Protein Isolate? I read that it helps the body produce natural glutathione. As for the Gluta IVs, what kind of benefits did you experience from it? Would you say it reduced symptoms significantly? Did it reverse damage? I have pretty limited funds, so its definitely not something I can manage a ton of, is it something worth doing once or twice? Or do you have to do it several times to get benefits from it?

      Also, I’ve been loading up on about 3000mg Vitamin C, B12 – 3000mcg, some B complex, 2-3 pills Chelated Mag(250mg)/Cal(500mg) but its oxide+gluconate, apple cider vinegar throughout the day. 2 probiotics as well. I ordered a can of Whey protein isolate that should arrive next week.

      I feel like the circulation has been reduced to my extremities, because my feet and hands feel like the water in my bath is scalding when it’s really just warm. Also when I wake up in the morning my hands feel incredibly weak and numb. The numbness in my arms also seems to be coming back. Should I be upping my B12?

      I have a free consult with an ND later this evening, so we will see how that goes.

      Thank you for taking the time to respond,


      1. Evan, Up your dosage of Vitamin C to 5000mg. Buffered Vitamin C so not to irritate your stomach. Vitamin Shoppe sells a a really good brand NUTRICOLOGY that is buffered and easily taken in water. Each teaspoon is 2000 mg. If you get a loose stool decrease dosage.

        Be Well,


    HI Evan, Please go to these links to find yourself a a doctor who can help you with the IV therapies. Yes I would absolutely follow through with getting the Glutathione IV’s which are about $50 per infusion. If you could do only 2 then do it. It will help you, with saturating your cells which are in need of this very important antioxidant for detoxification. Then follow through with using the Glutathione Lifewave patch worn on different “meridian locations” to stimulate “your” body to raise it;s own levels.

    Surprisingly it also improved my overall energy, and helped with pain. Burning in my foot and lower leg. However the IV was very meaningful for my issues with peripheral neuropathy in my my arm too. I had weakness in my arm and hand/wrist. This is all neurological stuff which the GLutathione is very helpful for. It helps detoxify the cells from all chemical agents. There is a lot of oxidation/free radical crap happening. SO, change the terrain, by what you eat, and the IV therapies and patch. Change the terrain.

    I felt relief in my arm, and overall energy from the Glutathione. Click on the sites above, find a practitioner in your state and county. DO IT. This is no joke. You have an opportunity to start these things early. Your first weeks & months are the time to get on this.

    The whey is NOT efficient to get anything close to the levels you need. Any oral supplementation of so called “Glutathione” or Whey is a waste of money. Send it back unopened. Use the money elsewhere. This is a cellular injury….I dont want upset you, but the best you understand that the better you will be in embracing the therapies and care that you will be needing.

    There is no fix, there is only on going care, and a long process. Gradual healing. Which Is why I stress to think in intervals of 3 months, then see how you are. Keep up with the Epsom Salt Baths. Keep your body moving, without over stressing….movement is good and important. Rest, and peace, and leaning on God. Keep a sound mind, and spirit and decide that each day and night you are taking care with the upmost love and respect for your circumstance.

    Please check out the sites, and find yourself someone who has experience with IV therapies and call as many offices as you can. Speak with the office about what you are needing, and what they are charging for the IV’s. You will get a sense of their practice by the way the front desk is with you on the phone. Also many practitioners have websites which you can view, to read what there services and treatment are, and about the the Doctor. This is a project, but worthwhile, and you will succeed. You are the driving this from here on, by getting more informed, and learning. The doctors are not experts with these injuries, but you will be knowledgeable as much as you can be, by informing them about what the facts are. ie, NO STEROIDS or ANTI-IMFLAMMATORY MEDICATIONS……and they will work with you.

    Do not settle for someone you do not have confidence in. Trust your instincts, and you will find a suitable healthcare practitioner that “listens” and you can respect, and respects you. If you dont like them or dismiss that your ADVERSE REACTION from this antibiotic is even possible then “GOOD BYE”. You dont have time for that ignorance.

    Keep in touch, and all of us are here to help each other.


      1. you want to find a patch, not a pill, and that brand is not the best. keep in mind that supplements are not all created equally. blessings, nikki

      2. Transdermal gluatathione is ineffective, as the glutathione molecules in creams/gels are too big and unstable to make their way into cells. A company called Lifewave produces patches that don’t contain glutathione, but they assert the patches stimulate the production of glutathione. They offer no substantiation, and many people regard the company as a scam. Glutathione pills don’t survive the trip through the digestive system, so they don’t elevate glutathione levels. IV Glutathione is effective but relatively expensive, not widely available, and according to my research the benefits are short-lived.

        I believe the most effective means of actually raising glutathione levels is by nutritional sources and supplements that provide precursors to glutathione instead of the antioxidant in its pure form. By taking the precursors you give your body the building blocks to become its own source of glutathione. Non-denatured whey protein contains those building blocks and other valuable amino acids important for cellular health and repair.

      3. HI Usman, I took the precursor to glutathione called CYSTAPLUS fronm Thorne. I took 2 2x’s per day for several months. This helped with overall detoxification as does the GLutathione. This was very helpful, and the non-transdermal patch that I took from LIfewave helped me very much, especially with pain, and energy. Not the worst of the pain that I had, but the chronic burning, and overall aches in my body. It works on with the energetics of the body, by placing the patches on meridian points outlined in the accompanying booklet. I wish you well, in sorting through and finding what works for you.
        God Bless, Rene

      4. Yes , it can still be helpful. All of us have a systemic injury regardless of the various local areas in our bodies that suffer more dramatically like my lower leg and foot.

        God Bless, Rene

  110. Vicky i went to my doctor i cant stand the mental effects she put me on welbutin xl she said the anxiety and depression making me crazier did you take antidepressants

    1. I’m sorry Chris,

      I did not respond to this post because you addressed it to Vicky Green, who may not be on the site today. I’m sure she will respond when she next visits the site. I do believe she took anti-depressants, but I cannot say for sure. I did not take them and have no regrets. E3Live, color-puncture and H202 helped me the most with depression. Best wishes,

      surviving Cipro

      1. Thank you nicki and rene so much for answering h2o2 theres noone around here who does that im gonna try to hang on its getting tougher every day

      2. Yes, Chris. I suffered from serious depression and I took an antidepressant called Lexapro. It is in the class of antidepressants called Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs). Basically, it prevents reabsorption of seratonin (a neurotransmitter which is associated with “positive mental outlook”). The effect is to make more seratonin available for the receptors which deliver it to the brain. Personally, my experience with Lexapro was excellent, and I had no negative side effects. The depression cleared very quickly. As for stopping Lexapro, it’s important to have a doctor’s guidance in “stepping down” the dosage, until you don’t take it any more. Again, I had no problem with that. My experience was that Lexapro filled the gap during a time when my body was unable, for whatever reasons, to produce or utilize seratonin effectively.

        The other classes of antidepressants are monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAOIs), tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs), tetracyclic antidepressants (TeCAs), and serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). They all act in different ways, on different neurotransmitters.

        It’s very important to work with a doctor who understands how fluoroquinolones affect neurotransmitter production, and also a doctor who understands the differences in these drugs. You need to match a particular neurotransmitter imbalance with the appropriate antidepressant, or you could experience no positive effects, or even serious side effects.

        In my view, psychiatrists are the only medical doctors trained to understand the way neurotransmitters work in the brain. Many family doctors are happy to prescribe antidepressants, but they don’t really have the training to assess patients properly and monitor them responsibly.

      3. Vicky i took the anti depressant webutrin and once again the tremors were awful anytime my body gets a antidepressant in it from a doctor my body goes haywire buspar is anti anxxiety med and is the only thin that so far has stopped those horrifying shakes for a moments rest i read thru all the posts and im more confused then ever. The depersonaluzation is so bad that i curl up in aball all the timecrying my eyes out cause my own home doesnt look familiar my family doesnt look familiar this is horrifying and its been eleven months now

      4. Chris, have you been working with a psychiatrist? Who is prescribing and monitoring the meds you’ve taken? Your issues are clearly quite serious and incapacitating, and I know you’ve been dealing with them for quite some time. I hope you can find a psychiatrist who will take a thorough medical history, evaluate the medications you’ve taken, and help you find some relief. Such long-term psychiatric issues are significant and require the attention of a competent psychiatrist. I hope you find someone to help you. You’ll be in my thoughts.

    2. HI Chris, You may want to try 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan which helps with the Seratonin receptors. This is of course is a lot safer, either way if you find it helpful or not. I myself have never been on any Pharmaceutical Anti-Depressants, and have not been in a position where I considered them. I do Know that Wellbutrin does have a BLACK BOX WARNING though. SO even without your present issues it can be unacceptable for anyone.

      I would seek out a Naturopath and or someone who has experience balancing
      Brain Chemistry holistically for the reason that it is safer. However I undertand how overwhelming and frightening this may be for you when you just want peace.

      1. Rene, see my response to Chris above. I appreciate and personally adhere to a philosophy of using “natural” products whenever possible, too. 5-HTP and Tryptophan are both amino acids which serve as precursors to the body’s own production of seratonin. In theory that should make 5-HTP and Tryptophan helpful in combatting depression. But if the body’s ability to synthesize seratonin from those precursors is impaired, or if the ability to properly utilize seratonin is impaired, they are likely to be of little effect.

        We’re all wary of prescription pharmaceuticals at this point, I know. However, sometimes they are appropriate. Consider the fact that diabetes is the result of the body not producing enough insulin. Some people can acceptably control diabetes with careful attention to diet and exercise. But most Type 1 diabetics and many Type 2 diabetics have to take insulin daily, either as a pill or as an injection. Their body simply can’t do it. There’s no stigma attached to supplementing insulin where necessary.

        I understand that antidepressants are among the most over-prescribed medications today. But some people have a true, physiological deficit when it comes to neurotransmitter production, and for those people antidepressants can be life-saving. Naturopaths, whom I respect enormously, don’t have the expertise to deal with serious brain chemistry problems, and time is of the essence in treating serious clinical depression.

  111. Hi guys,

    I just recently started Epsom salt baths. I usually sit in there for 45 minutes. What I have noticed is that I do not sweat at all? Is that usual? Is it because I am in the water?

    Just so you know, I have it really hard to sweat even when I use to jog back in the days.


  112. Hi Usman,

    I think it depends how you were hit when you were floxed. My kidneys and liver were absolutely trashed. So I had a really difficult time processing any animal proteins. But milk never bothered my joints. Best, Joanne

  113. Hi Chris —

    I’m looking back at two previous posts.

    “chris says:
    January 19, 2012 at 4:17 pm
    Vicky i went to a homeopathy nutrionist and he is also chroprator he did blood work showed me it under a microscope and saw parisites and stuff that shouldnt be there i told him everything he gave me a tegimin to follow and what to eat and what to avoid he said i should feel the difference in two to three weeks so god willing this will work for me please keep in touch”

    “chris says:
    April 14, 2012 at 3:40 am
    Has anyone ever been tested for ep stein barr i have just come out possitive for i”

    Chris — I can see where you could be very confused. It appears you may have a number if different things going on. I would also caution you against accepting every practitioner’s diagnosis as accurate. I empathize with how desperate you are to find someone who can really help you.

    Have you ever heard the expression, “When all you have is a hammer, everything is a nail” ? Some practitioners tend to make the same diagnosis for everyone, without the clinical training or evidence to support that diagnosis. Then they recommend the same treatments for everyone, regardless of the ailment, because that’s the only treatment they believe in or know how to do. There are a lot of well-meaning practitioners out there who really don’t have much to offer. There are also a lot of quacks.

    I would recommend that you find one highly-qualified doctor who will listen to you and work with you. Then stop bouncing from one kind of treatment to another. That can be a waste of time, money, and especially energy. Good luck — we’re all pulling for you.

  114. I have searched high and low for a doctor in orange county new york that would help me thru this there is not one who belivedd a word i said i even printed out this blog to prove it and theystill dontbelive me they said they have run every test to man kind all my results have come back normal and told me to seek mentahealth i also did that and put myself in for eight days they drugged meup withmore drugs antidepressants donot agree with me i have horrifying tremors when i take them i read this blogover and over to try and find answers to heal myself each day is a nightmare i can handle pain but i cannot hande the mental part of this not recognizing my familyand home terrifies me not seeing right terrifies me anxiety all day every day is killing me i was a healthy energetic 49 year old women who had a wonderful jobamd now i cant even remember what i did two minutes ago ilost my job and it kills me i was so good at that job now i feel like a mental case… i know this blog is for success stories im sorry to hurt anyone elses recovery im just so tired after a year of it not going away that i have to just let go

    1. Chris — A few questions. How long ago did you take Cipro? What was it prescribed for? How long did you take Cipro, and at what dosage? And finally, have you ever been tested for Lyme disease?

  115. Hello. I hope and pray that everyone is improving. I’m fighting my uphill battle after being prescribed 5-days of Levaquin. I’m fortunate that my painful tendons have not ruptured as I was able to stay off my feet. I’ve experienced pain throughout my body. The cramping w/pain in my foot’s arch and hands, and swollen painful knees have been the worst..Also, the brain fog concerns me greatly, However, I have found supplements that are helping. You may know many or all of them already that others are using, but each person’s system is different . One person may be helped, another not being helped at all, and some may have a poor reaction to them. I am not involved in the medical nor homeopathic field.

    I take the following: 10 (1000 mgs) Vit. C (divided doses throughout the day); 3 grams Tylenol (divided doses – be sure to consider other sources of Tylenol you are taking such as in DayQuil-I believe the max. dosage is 4 grams per day); magnesium 400 mg; Sublingual Liquid B Complex for faster assimilation; 5 (500mg Glucosamine/250mg Chondroitin Sulfate) for help with joints – this will take a few weeks to see improvement;; 1 Omega-3 Fish Oil (80 EPA/120 DHA), and 2 Choline & Inositol (250 mg) for the depression.

    For “brain fog, I take 2 Tbsp. per day of Pure Coconut Oil. I’ve read that Levaquin passes through the blood brain barrier to harm brain cells. The coconut oil is one product that also crosses the blood brain barrier, and is showing great promise with mental problems such as dementia/Alzheimer’s Disease. It can be used in cooking or eating “straight.” For dementia/Alzheimer’s, I’ve seen that up to 5 Tbsps. per day is recommended. It has a relatively high fat content, but it is said to increase good cholesterol. (Re all the above, please do your research.)

    I have improved by taking these supplements.

    A pharmacist told me that the side affects from Levaquin can last for up to one year’s time. Thereafter, there is only “damage control” of what has already occurred. I wonder if any of you agree with this? After one year, have you experienced a new side affect that you contribute to the Levaquin toxin?

    I’ve gained weight as well from the lack of activity. Fortunately, I’ve found a healthy diet that helps me to lose up to 8 pounds per week (without hunger!).

    I hope this information will be of great help to you.

    Please stay strong! Don’t give up! God bless you.

  116. I just wanted to share something that’s going on with me currently. Despite my best efforts, I again ended up with a UTI, the same infection that Cipro was prescribed for last May. I freaked out when I realized what was happening, but I had been assured months ago by an acupuncturist/Chinese herbal practitioner AND a naturopathic doctor that there would be no need for antibiotics. They both offered me different formulas to purify the urinary tract and make it inhospitable to bacteria. So I started on those treatments, but three days later (when they were supposed to have taken effect), the symptoms were noticeably worse. If you’ve ever had a UTI that progressed to a kidney infection, you know that this isn’t good news.

    By the next day I realized I needed to go to my doctor (not the one who prescribed the Cipro, though). He confirmed the infection and said that, in his best opinion, once an infection is firmly established in the urinary tract, it’s not going to be dislodged or effectively treated with d-Mannose and Chinese herbs. He recommended antibiotics, something other than Cipro of course. I was terrified, but I also knew I didn’t want to end up with a kidney infection. I’m currently on my 7th day of a 10-day course of Bactrim, a sulfa drug. The first two days I had a headache, and very strong muscle aches in my hips, butt, and upper legs, not so much when I was moving around, but when I sat or lay down. I also had racing thoughts when I tried to go to sleep, mild anxiety. My doc asked me to stay with the drugs another 24 hours. By the end of the third day, the aches were mostly gone, and the headache was entirely gone. The anxiety and racing thoughts are gone, but I have had a little ADD — difficulty staying on task. Beyond that I’ve had no problems, and I pray that continues.

    I’m 11 months out from my initial floxing. This is by no means to be taken as an endorsement of Bactrim or any antibiotic for any of you. But I know that others of you are probably living in fear, as I was, of having a repeat infection of some sort, and wondering what to do if that happens. I did as much research as I could about Bactrim and other antibiotics last week before beginning my treatment. There are some pretty scary stories out there about reactions to EVERY antibiotic on the market, but none as long-term or serious as the tendinitis and other metabolic problems caused by Cipro. Based on what I’ve learned in the last year, I increased my probiotics, added B-complex back to my supplements, and I’m taking Milk Thistle and drinking dandelion root tea (to help the liver). Again, just thought many of you might have to deal with something like this at some point, and I know how terrifying the prospect of incurring new damage is.

    1. Thank you for the information! I am still suffering from the anxiety and depression. The Panic Attacks haven’t occurred in 4 weeks. May 9th will be exactly 4 months when I was sent to hell by CIPRO. The Achilles tendons seem to be beginning to heal, after ~ 4 months of mild improvement that made me feel like this horror was permanent. I haven’t used crutches for 4 weeks, and I can walk again despite the pain. The twitches continue to occur here and there; I have noticed the more active I am mentally and physically the more I feel those annoying twitches. Last night was the first night I had interrupted sleep, but didn’t wake-up to see what time it was. My usual pattern in the last 4 months was go to sleep at 10 wake up 12:30 wired, then somehow fall asleep then wake-up again 4 AM, and then toss and turn curse CIPRO and eventullay fall asleep and then wake up ~7 and then go to work. Prior to this I used to sleep around 11 PM and wake up 7 AM without any interruption!

    2. Vicky or anyone that can respond i have been taking cymbalta for the depression for two weeks mow and it seems to have made me more weaker and confused then ever does anyone know if this is normal just starting this antidepressant or is it making me worse because cipro has deetroyed me please respond as soon as possible

      1. Hi Chris,

        I saw your request to be responded to quickly, and although I never took anti-depressants because I heard they can make the condition worse or pro-longed, I understand that there are many people who have had very good results with such medications. It is hard to say if the drugs are making you worse, or if the FQ is running its course. This is one reason I did not feel inclined to take the rxs offered. Talk with your doctor ASAP, that is the best advice I can give you as someone who doesn’t do drugs. Many blessings on your journey, and please check in and let us know how you are doing and how else we can support you.

        Surviving Cipro

  117. Consider: Taurine which helps with the Gaba receptors & 5-Hydroxy-Tryptophan which helps with the Seratonin.

    Both from Thorne which is a good quality supplement. This may help you with the twitching, and allow you to have uninterrupted sleep. I take both and it has calmed the twitching, and anxiety, both had been moderate….stress made them worse……and I am so grateful for the relief these two supplements have given me.

    God Bless

  118. Hello everyone. Thanks for posting up what has helped you in the past. I was Floxed on March 10th 2012 and experiencing painful tendonitis in my arms, right writs, right fingers, back, chest, knees, and ankles. It’s only been a few months so I am hopefully that I can reverse things before I loose my job.

    I am already seeing a chiropractor, massage therapist, and acupuncturist. It has helped a little, but not a lot so far. I am also taking liquid glucosamine. I have purchased the Ancient Minerals Magnesium Oil online, it should be here very soon. Not sure this is enough on it’s own…

    I have read many of you mentioning a lot of other supplements, however it’s unclear if your taking them as a detoxification aid, or for specific ailments. Should I be looking at adding other supplements? Specifically homeopathic ones? I am extremely scared to take anything that might make me sick more than I am.

    Thanks for your insight

  119. HI, I think it would be wise for you to take 600mg to 800 mg of Magnesium Glycinate daily. Split dose AM & PM. Also take those epsom salt baths!!! Absorb that Magnesium into your cells, and get some relief. This is really basic, and effective, and important for all of us.

    Remember, the tendons, the nerves, and joints, and central nervous system are pretty traumatized, this is a systemic injury and so each of these supplements will have a systemic effect, to assist the body to handle all this OXIDATIVE stress. The terrain has been altered, and so we are introducing the material to help with the healing and detoxification, and the symptoms of aches, and pain.

    Take 10,000 mg Vitamin D3 effective and important for all of us. Immune system, bones, cells, many processes of the body are benefitted. Most people are deficient and very needed especially at this time.

    Vitamin C to 5000mg. Buffered Vitamin C so not to irritate your stomach. Vitamin Shoppe sells a a really good brand NUTRICOLOGY that is buffered and easily taken in water. Each teaspoon is 2000 mg. If you get a loose stool decrease amount. If tolerated can go up to 10,000 mg per day. Take what you can tolerate without getting a loose stool. Lower dose if that should occur.


    Check out these sites to find a Holistic practitioner, a Naturopath or Environmental MD that does GLutathione IV drips and Vitamin C drips, at the very beginning, I would also get some NAC which is a sulfer based antioxidant and precursor to GLutathione. Will help with detoxification. Alpha lipoic acid IV are also very helpful. This will make more effective difference for you, then the massage at this time. It is not painful, and can really help.

    There is no fix, there is only on going care, and a long process. Gradual healing. Which Is why I stress to think in intervals of 3 months, Keep up with the Epsom Salt Baths. Keep your body moving, without over stressing….movement is good and important. Rest, and peace, and leaning on God. Keep a sound mind, and spirit and decide that each day and night you are taking care with the upmost love and respect for yourself & circumstance.

    God Bless, Rene

    1. Hi,

      after 5 months of being on CIPRO, I am beginning to feel the burning sensations you had in your face and shoulder blades, whioch you described in one of your posts. Are you still suffering from those burnings? If not, how long did it take to resolve? How bad did the pains become?

  120. I was prescribed cipro eight months ago and it is just now that I am well enough to even look at these websites. I spent all afternoon reading this websites stories and am feeling more hopeful and it’s nice to be informed. When I first took the drug it was for a uti and sadly my dr was very dismissive to the first stmptoms I called in about after taking the drug which were back pain and diaharrea. I was told this was normal. I took five pills total. My fiancé at the time was out of state and by the time he got home I had been to the emergency room three times for stomach pain and a pinched nerve in my shoulder as well as burning ears and difficulty swallowing. I don’t think I slept for about three weeks. My insomnia was horrible and I had extremely disturbing nightmares. It’s difficult even remembering back to those first few months as they were so traumatic and I unfortunately did not have the support if doctors or family believing me. I was informed it was siquatera from fish which creates similar neurological symptoms. Im an artist and I couldn’t draw for three weeks as I mentally was fuzzy and confused. I had mris and blood work done and everything came back fine. Since then it’s been a slow recovery as my reaction was more psychological and mental then physical although the physical symptoms were and are still agravating. I felt numbness in my face and head and cranial pressure that was awful but worse was the numbness towards life and all the things that were once sacred. I wanted to die and would wake up with my heart pounding out of my chest with severe anxiety. Thankfully I have the ocean in my front yard and a few great friends within walking distance as well as a living boyfriend at the time who got me through the worst of the anxiety. I went to Mexico five months after getting poisoned to detox and while I can’t say honestly any foods helped more than others I sat in a sauna capsule twice a day and sweat and that helped significantly. I did yoga and meditation and epsion baths but honestly none of that helped as much as the week I spent at my parents watching movies and drinking tea. Through out my experience I never had a comfortable living situation and being somewhere you feel safe is key. It’s eight months later and while sadly my fiancé and I had to break up I am finally in a cozy one bedroom with a tv near the beach and magically the anxiety has stopped and I am sleeping through the night without my heart racing. Quiet and peace is really important. I am a yoga person and before this went three years at one point without a tv. But I have to admit that giving in and tuning out to happy movies is so cathartic to the mind!!! Books help as well as the ocean of course. I also got a mouth guard that helps for the tmh. My muscles all still fiery and most of my symptoms seem like fibro but I still can do all things athletic. The most frustrating physical part for me is the arthritic stiffness in my neck and cranial. Jaw pain and ear pain. My sensitivity to light I am happy to say is gone and I can draw very well again. I am now finally starting to work with a massage therapist and am investigating creams like arnica for my neck. I still have so much to try in terms of supplements. The only thing I have consistently done has been calcium magnesium. My body is by no means healed but it has gotten better slowly. Stretching is a must as well as walking. My mental state is getting so much better and that was the scariest part. Keep positive and as my friend says gratitude gratitude is so important!!! Even if it’s just for a few hours and tomorrow you want to fall back into anger or hopelessness. Going to Mexico to detox was an eye opener. There is suffering in the world sadly and while I was there in my spa daily it helped to go to town and realize especially while in a third world country that others are suffering too. I lost my fiancé over this and my job and I’ll say it– it sucks- but it could be worse and I try and keep hope it will get better. I am excited to try some of the new supplements I read about on this forum. Good luck everyone xo

    1. Thank you for your post. My anxiety, panic attacks began 2 1/2 months after suffering bilateral ankle pains due to CIPRO. it has been 2 months since the psych. Symptoms began, and there are days I feel normal, and then there are days when the horror begins all over. I have refused to take anti-depressants and I am beginning to think it is time to cave in, but then I read stories like yours and I feel perhaps I shouldn’t and I will get over this with will power.

      1. I’m glad to hear it. I’ve started to slowly come out of my depression. Its been about ten months and I feel the worst is over. Good luck!

  121. I just read this article: “Antibiotic’s Side Effects Catch Patients By Surprise” on the website for KMGH, Channel 7, in Denver (thedenverchannel). It’s a start.